Be Healthy By Keeping Your House Clean

HomeFellas, 3.19.11- For many people, cleaning their homes or offices is not enjoyable. But it is very essential to clean our homes because without cleaning we are prone to sickness frequently or it may lead to the production of mold or rodents in the house. Mostly people in some countries used to clean their houses from top to bottom once in a year which would take place in the first warm days i.e. during the spring season and hence it is called as Spring cleaning. To achieve a desired effect in cleaning, HomeFellas gives a proper preparation and best planning for spring cleaning.

It is better to have a house cleaning checklist before starting the task. If you don’t have enough time to cover the house cleaning checklist, you may seek any help from one of the best house cleaning services. HomeFellas is offering top rated listings information about local home services contractors.

Try to get organize all the cleaning work inside the house by looking in every room and work outside the house. Then work out the tools and resources required. Finally if your house is cluttered, get it out from your house or think about some new storage containers if you need it. It is easier to clean and maintain a house with less clutter.

HomeFellas offers some tips to be followed in house cleaning. Use best quality cleaning products for house cleaning. When low quality chemicals are used for cleaning, there may be an environmental impact. A house cleaning schedule must be followed. Kitchen cleaning and especially the oven cleaning is the toughest job. It is better to use the cleaning supplies to spray, spread or pour the product on tough grime and grit and let it work for as long as it needs to soften up that dirt. Windows can be cleaned easily when there is no direct sunlight on the glass. For carpet cleaning it is better to leave it to a professional carpet cleaning service or you can rent the machine. Along with the house cleaning, gutter cleaning should be done for a pleasant look.

About provides information about the house cleaning offered by HomeFellas. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the tips for house cleaning and house cleaning schedule can be obtained from this website.

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Florida Securities Fraud Lawyer Investigates Odyssey Properties Secured Note Claims

TAMPA, FL – Scott Ilgenfritz, a partner with the Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP, law firm in Tampa, Florida, is investigating potential claims by investors who were sold secured notes issued by Odyssey Properties III, LLC, and other “Odyssey” limited liability companies. The other “Odyssey” limited liability companies affiliated with Odyssey Properties III, LLC, include Odyssey Residential II, LLC; Odyssey Diversified VI, LLC; Odyssey Diversified VII, LLC; and Odyssey Diversified IX, LLC. The “Odyssey” limited liability companies issued secured notes which were sold to investors to provide capital for real estate development projects undertaken by the “Odyssey” entities or their affiliates.

Beginning in November, 2006, Odyssey Properties III, LLC, began selling secured notes through a private placement offering of the notes. Odyssey Properties III, LLC, notified the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) that it intended to sell $28,500,000 of the secured notes. The broker/dealers that sold the Odyssey Properties III, LLC, secured notes to investors include Odyssey Securities, LLC; Allen & Company of Florida, Inc.; Capital Financial Services, Inc.; Calton & Associates, Inc.; and VSR Financial Services, Inc. Odyssey Residential II, LLC, notified the SEC that it intended to sell $13,500,000 of secured notes through a private placement offering. Each of Odyssey Diversified VI, LLC; Odyssey Diversified VII, LLC; and Odyssey Diversified IX, LLC, informed the SEC that they intended to sell $20,000,000 of secured notes.

Investors to whom these secured notes were sold may have sought yields on a fixed income investment which were higher than those available on traditional fixed income investments such as U.S. Treasury bonds, tax-free municipal bonds, and taxable bonds. The sales presentations made to potential investors may well not have disclosed the risk associated with the secured notes or the illiquidity of the secured notes.

On August 2, 2010, Odyssey Properties III, LLC, filed a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Tampa, Florida. The filing of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Odyssey Properties III, LLC, could adversely affect investors’ receipt of interest payments and the repayment of principal on the secured notes.

The securities arbitration and litigation attorneys of Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP, represent investors across the nation who have been victims of the negligence or fraud of stockbrokers, broker/dealers, and investment advisors. The firm’s securities arbitration and litigation attorneys have in excess of sixty years experience in representing institutional and individual investors seeking to recover losses caused by the negligence or fraud of financial professionals and their firms.

About Scott C. Ilgenfritz
Scott Ilgenfritz is a securities arbitration and litigation lawyer, and in 1997, was designated by The Florida Bar as a Board Certified Business Litigation Specialist. He has achieved an AV® rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory – the very highest peer-review rating in the legal profession, for professional ability and adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, and diligence.

Scott C. Ilgenfritz, Esq.
Board Certified Business Litigation Specialist
403 E. Madison Street, Suite 400
Tampa, Florida 33602
Telephone: 813-225-2500
Toll Free: 800-775-0005 Best place to buy building technology products

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Client contentment is very important to that is why it offers product warranties. If in an unlikely event the product you pick up does not conform to the specifications then you can return it for a full refund. accepts payment by bank transfer or you can pay in place as well. Products are dispatched immediately after the payment is received. has a great deal of know-how in the field of technology products building. No doubt is so recommended.

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repugnant email lookup – sojourn an email superscription scout or lookup easily

Reverse email lookup is a great tool to know about measure unseen email message in your inbox also regularly you could access stable with a small fee or even liberate. hold appendix to revealing the identity of the email sender, you could also locate the sender easily. It helps a lot especially when someone is trying to discomposure you also wants to advance anonymous.

The first place you should look is the email provider to see if you could find any useful leak. Depending on the provider company, sometimes you could effectuate a free reverse email lookup directly from the email provider website.

There are numerous people prospect companies again websites plenary thanks to the internet. Some of them make you able to gather constructive information about the owner of an email address. You could also treasure other individual information related to the email address in that these sites.

If the email address belongs to a somewhat paltry company, you could get some contact ammo about their website thanks to “whois” services. This dirt include full name and sophistication address of the owner of the website, their phone number, contact email addresses, server IPs and so on. You could reality the owner or the webmaster since phone or email, also sweat them about the offensive emails relating to their company.

If you couldn’t find the information you need via the mentioned methods, you should use services of a unalike email website. You could usually good their elementary explore services for free. The clue provided to you through these searches may include ISP, the name and IP inscription of the email sender, etc. if these data isn’t enough for you thence you are offered an possibility to landing the humungous report through a one time or lavish subscription fee.

As an advantage of being a fragment of these separate email lookup sites is that you could further run email searches to gem the email address of someone you are looking for, including a wandering friends or relative, an old classmate, or else. Once you become a member of these services, you could travel as profuse searches as you want every time of the year!

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There are so many options available when purchasing a new range cooker it can be difficult to decide which one would suit you best.

The choice of colour is extremely important to complete the whole look and decor of the home, whether it is an ultra-modern and contemporary vibe you are going for, or a more homely traditional feel.

Britannia Living can help colour guide you when buying the range cooker, by revealing what the top favourites and popular picks were in 2010.

Even though stainless steel ranked the highest in the colour chart, it was closely followed by Black range cookers . Britannia Living also received orders for a variety of colours including apple green, pink and Windsor blue.

Consumers who wanted more of a traditional style kitchen opted for stainless steel, whereas those who preferred a classic look were torn between choosing cream and matt black.

The colour depends greatly on personal preference and whether you want your range cooker to blend into the rest of the kitchen theme and colour palette or stand out.

If you have a cream painted kitchen, you could have one of Britannia Living’s Cream range cookers installed, so that it blends in beautifully with the kitchen cabinets; or alternatively you could have the black, so that the cooker stands out and provides a feature point.

Visit Britannia Living today and let the experts guide you in purchasing your quality range cooker, or simply Freephone 08000731003 .


Since 1995 Britannia has been one of the leading suppliers of premium kitchen appliances, offering a variety of classic and contemporary range cookers, built-in ovens and hobs, cooker hoods and accessories to suit any kitchen.

All Britannia appliances are manufactured to the highest quality standards – ideal for any lifestyle and designed to make cooking a pleasure!

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Leading online transport marketplace uShip is today launching the “green transport Network,” a campaign to help van drivers go ‘green’ through reduced emissions, affordable CO2 offsetting and cost-saving sustainable business practices.

The Green Transport Network ( provides an easy and verifiable way for sole trader transport companies to easily calculate their carbon footprint (based on Defra’s latest multi-delivery carbon methodology), offset their mileage through JP Morgan Climate Care and discover other ways to reduce costs. Couriers and drivers can also sign up to become carbon-balanced green transporters on uShip.

Currently, there’s a lack of clear information on fuel-efficient driving techniques and inconsistent and unclear methodologies for calculating CO2. This has made it challenging for delivery drivers to understand their individual carbon emissions impact and then take action. The Green Transport Network, with support from The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and the Prince of Wales’ Mayday Network, is believed to be the first site of its kind dedicated to providing this typically under-represented audience the ability to take immediate eco-action.

Over the last decade, the UK’s van population has boomed by 38% to 3.24 million vehicles — and is 8 times the number of registered HGVs. Defra estimates that vans represent 14%, or about 17 million tonnes, of the UK’s 121.8 million tonnes of freight transport CO2 emissions. And that 10-15% of the time, vans drive empty, resulting in half a million tonnes of wasted carbon emissions.

David Sergeant of Preston-based DPS Transport is a uShip Power Provider (uShip ID: Goldwing1969): “One of the biggest reasons I reduce my carbon emissions is to help me save on my fuel costs. I use biodiesel for my vans, and this cuts my CO2 by 50%. It’s also a lot cheaper at around £1 per litre, and this helps me be greener in other parts of my business, like offering my customers biodegradable bubble wrap. It’s more expensive than the normal wrap, but many of my customers tell me how it’s something that they appreciate. uShip also helps me run more efficiently because it helps me find extra loads along my route so that I keep my van full. I see customers trying to be more eco friendly, and showing that my business is taking steps to reduce my environmental impact helps me win more customers and earn repeat business.”

“With 1 of every 3 van miles being used for the collection and delivery of goods, vans make a significant contribution to the UK’s economic activity. Reducing empty running, along with the use of low carbon vehicles and fuels will help reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. An initiative such as the Green Transport Network provides a vital tool and information source that helps van drivers reduce their impact and become more aware of how to participate in the solution,” said Greg Archer, Managing Director of The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

“Logistics and transport are such huge contributors to green house gas, so uShip feels a continued responsibility toward greening our entire organisation. That’s why we’re proud to initiate the Green Transport Network as an extension of uShip’s ongoing environmental commitment that involves shipping customers, transporters and our internal operations,” said Matt Chasen, CEO and founder of uShip, the leading online website for moving hard to ship items.

uShip’s carbon offsetting activity builds on an inherently green transport business: Customers needing to move large items are connected with extra space in delivery vehicles that are already making the journey. This results in fewer unnecessary vans on the road and reduced emissions in the air.

Since 2006, 25,000 shipping customers have offset the CO2 impact of their deliveries on the uShip marketplace, representing 26 million offset miles by transporters ” equal to 65,000 trips from London to Edinburgh. The most significant growth in demand for this service was in 2010, when 10,000 shipping customers offset 673 tonnes of carbon from their uShip deliveries, representing 10 million offset miles by drivers. Further, uShip offsets 100% of its internal operations, including business travel, data centres, and utilities, verified through uShip’s existing U.S. partnership with TerraPass, a carbon offset retailer that also enables transporter and shipping customer contributions. Today, uShip has 5,000 carbon-balanced transporters signed up through TerraPass.

Notes to editors

For further information please contact:

Kate Hinton, for uShip, MB: 07714 708416 /

Dean Jutilla, uShip, MB: 0800-098-8022 ext. 133 /

uShip is believed to be the leading online website for helping relieve the stress and high cost of moving hard-to-ship items, such as cars, household goods, boats, freight, heavy equipment, pets and more. Since it was founded in 2004, the uShip marketplace has attracted £125 million in business transactions, 1 million customers and 200,000 service providers. The company aspires to be the greenest online transport marketplace and currently operates a carbon-neutral business. uShip operates globally with localized functionality in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, European Union, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Along with providing shipping customers the ability to offset carbon emissions caused by their deliveries, uShip also gives transporters the opportunity fund a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created from their vans and lorries, and in doing so, balances out their contribution to global warming.

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is an action and advisory group, established in 2003 to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels and to help ensure that UK business can benefit from that shift. The partnership of around 200 organisations is drawn from the automotive and fuel industries, the environmental sector, government, academia and road user groups as well as other organisations with a stake in the low carbon vehicles and fuels agenda. It is part-funded by grants from the Departments for Transport and BIS. uShip are a member of the LowCVP, which was consulted on the content of the website and sources of information.

The Mayday Network is a collaboration of businesses taking action on climate change and resource depletion. In a non competitive space, Mayday businesses work together and with partners to seek out and promote the best solutions to the major environmental challenges we face. When taken to scale these new innovations contribute to creating the pathway to better ways of working and to a sustainable future in which businesses can prosper alongside a healthy environment and society. These tried and tested business solutions are stored on the free-to-access Mayday Journey.

JP Morgan ClimateCare is a leader in high quality carbon offset credits in the UK. It helps lower business emissions and individual carbon footprints through credible, verified carbon reduction projects that offer a genuine way to act now.

TerraPass, Inc. launched in 2004 to help individuals and businesses reduce carbon dioxide by working directly with carbon reduction projects, providing revenue to dairy farms, landfill gas installations and other projects that yield carbon credits. To date, it has helped remove over 400,000 tonnes of CO2. uShip is a Blue Badge Partner and has participated in TerraPass’ award-winning program since 2006.

Data Sources:

1. Dept for Transport (2010) ‘Road Freight Statistics 2009’

2. Commission for Integrated Transport (2010) ‘Vans and the Economy’

3. TerraPass

4. uShip internal data logs and site statistics

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Book Sparks Conversation About Skin Color and Making a Difference

The Color of People, Labuda hopes to spread a message that all skin tones together make a beautiful world and that each person is unique, just the way they are supposed to be.

Valley View, OH, March 19, 2011 — “An array of colors is supposed to be beautiful, something to be appreciated,” says author Scott Labuda. “You don’t see a painter using only yellow, for example, when he creates something,” he said, “but, when it comes to different skin colors, misunderstandings often occur which creates many problems.”

And so, with his soon to be released book, The Color of People, Labuda hopes to spread a message that all skin tones together make a beautiful world and that each person is unique, just the way they are supposed to be.

“I learned at an early age that I was a story teller and this is a story I have been anxious to tell,” Labuda said.

A native of Seven Hills, Ohio, the author graduated from Trinity High School before earning his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from John Carroll University. After college, Labuda worked with disadvantaged youths at Covenant House in New York City and Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in Chicago. He also lived in several other cities, including Los Angeles, before moving back to Ohio in 2002.

Labuda said The Color of People is a simple book with a simple message. “The color of one’s skin is neither arbitrary nor accidental. It is, instead, part of God’s perfect plan. Each of us is born with the perfect color of skin, selected for us alone, by God Himself,” Labuda said, “I hope to spark conversation among people about how they look at themselves and others. I want people to know that they can make a difference.”

Labuda is a member of Mensa International and the Screen Actors Guild. He currently owns and operates an extraordinary smoothie bistro in Strongsville, Ohio, which he founded with his brothers. Labuda is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys snow skiing, rollerblading, motorcycling and working out.

To order The Color of People, visit Halo Publishing International at

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
5549 Canal Road
Valley View, OH 44125 – USA