Orlandoescape.com Launches New Website Design

Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, Orlandoescape.com has launched a new website design featuring an even more extensive listing of Orlando’s top hotels and vacation deals.

Orlando, FL (USA), Friday – December 30, 2011 — Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, Orlandoescape.com has launched a new website design featuring an even more extensive listing of Orlando’s top hotels and vacation deals. Visitors to Orlandoescape.com will find all the information they need on Orlando hotels, vacation packages, vacation rentals, travel tips, attraction tickets and much more.

“For more than 10 years we have worked hard to provide visitors to Orlandoescape.com with the most up-to-date information on the best travel deals in town,” said Sunil Govind, president of Orlandoescape.com. “Visitors to our newly revamped site will find that Orlandoescape.com is easier to navigate than ever before, and the listed package deals have both the pricing and the amenities that our customers are looking for.”

As Orlando hotel specialists, Govind and his staff provide listings and links to hotels in the following areas:

* Bonnet Creek Hotels
* Hotels near Universal Studios
* Hotels on International Drive
* Hotels near Disney World
* Hotels in Lake Buena Vista
* Hotels in Altamonte Springs
* Hotels near UCF
* Lake Mary Hotels
* Marriott Village Lake Buena Vista
* Orlando Convention Center Hotels
* Orlando Airport Hotels
* SeaWorld Orlando Hotels

Orlandoescape.com ( http://www.orlandoescape.com ) also features a weekly blog on things to do in the Orlando area, plus descriptions of Orlando golf courses, tour packages and shopping destinations. For additional information on Orlando vacation packages, travel deals and advice on where to go and what to do in and around Orlando, visit the Orlandoescape.com website.

About Orlandoescape.com:
Launched in 2001, Orlandoescape.com is the #1 Internet site for Orlando, Florida, featuring the top Orlando vacation deals, travel articles, and links to related sites.

Press & Media Contact:
Sunil Govind, President
424 East Central Boulevard, Suite 274
Orlando, FL 32801 – USA

Orlando Florida

harlequins enigma Releases Time Dance (Liberty Mix), Available Shortly on Major Mp3 Stores

harlequins enigma release a new professionally remastered version of their favourite dance track from octagon volume 2 – night pulse and the silhouette of dr. voodoo.

Bergen, Norway, Wednesday – December 28, 2011 — Harlequins enigma release a new professionally remastered version of their favourite dance track from octagon volume 2 – night pulse and the silhouette of dr. voodoo. It is of course “time dance.” This version goes under the name “time dance – liberty mix.” Time dance was remastered at last drop mastering by Nathan Allen at the end of November 2011. The dance track time dance was composed by åge riisnes & his brother ståle. harlequins enigma have high hopes for the single, and hope the dance scene will give it a chance.

Åge drew inspiration from early 80s/90s+ hits in his heart & had a nice period in 2009 where many of the “skyscrapers” came to life. A romance had much to do with parts of it. In his early ophidian period, he was influenced by a vast number of artists. including amiga artists atjazz, øistein j. eide – boom jinx, jesper kyd, bjørn lynne and others. In addition, he had a nice collection of audio cd’s early in his career like Jean Michel Jarre – Chronologie, Vangelis – Blade Runner, Pink Floyd – The Wall, Limp Bizkit, Korn, P.O.D., Kate Bush, Yello, Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, Røyksopp, Kitaro, tons of the best Billboard music and classical pieces from Beethoven ( http://www.harlenia.com ), Grieg, Wagner & others. They were all part of his root elements. He also had an early heavy metal period with favourites at the time: Metallica, Motley Crue, King Diamond, Ratt, Whitesnake, Rainbow, The Clash & more, plus he grew fond of Kenji Kawai’s Ghost in the Shell soundtrack among others, as his roots were made from early 1990’s to the next millennium. Night pulse & the silhouette of dr. voodoo is based on heartbeat b.p.m. – but much of it drew juice from manga metal etc.

Harlqeuins enigma informs that this single is an interruption in their holiday from music. So it is time for them to relax for some months, that will lead them to piece of mind and to the summer of 2012, until you hear from them again musically. Their homepage will hold important messages, and all stores will be open. And they would like to greet all fans of the band, and invite everyone for a close listen to their new beauty.

Album distributor: zimbalam. time dance (liberty mix)
Estimated time of arrival: shortly/in transit.
Availability: major mp3 stores

Harlequins enigma homepage: http://www.harlenia.com

Press & Media Contact:
Age Riisnes
harlequins enigma
Bergen, Norway – 5353
twitter: http://twitter.com/h_enigma

New Bridge Laundromat & Dry Cleaners Opens Its Doors 24 Hours a Day Five Days a Week

New Bridge Laundromat & Dry Cleaners located in Bergenfield, NJ has opened their doors 24 hours, five days a week to better serve their customers.

Bergenfield, NJ, Wednesday – December 28, 2011 — New Bridge Laundromat & Dry Cleaners ( http://www.NewBridgeLaundromat.com ) has opened their doors 24 hours, five days a week to better serve their customers, announces owner Steven Porada.

As the owner, Steven Porada is always talking with customers, looking for feedback as to how he can make their laundromat experience, a better one. One of the most frequent requests he got was to open the store earlier or keep it open later. The laundromat used to open at 7 am and would close its doors at 10:30 pm with the last wash at 9 pm. When customers told him to extend his hours he would jokingly say “I might as well be open 24 hours,” and that is exactly what happened.

New Bridge Laundromat used to open its doors at 7 am which did not leave customers enough time in the morning to do laundry, get the kids to school and make it to work on time. Now that this laundromat is open 24 hours a day, five days out of the week, customers have the option of coming in at 5 am or 6 am, spending two hours on laundry, and still having enough time to drop their children off at school and make it to work – an option many customers now prefer.

For those who prefer doing laundry in the evening, the last wash time was not always convenient either. They would explain that by the time they got home from work, ran errands, cooked, cleaned, ate dinner, helped the kids with their homework and put them to bed it was already 9 pm or 10 pm, and they had missed the last wash. With the store now open 24 hours starting Thursday night and going into Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday into Tuesday morning, there is no last wash and they can get all of their duties done, including laundry.

In the past, patrons were only able to make it to the laundromat on Saturday or Sunday because their busy schedules did not allow for them to come during the week. With the extended hours, the bottleneck that usually occurs before the last wash and the over crowding that occurs on Saturday and Sunday has almost been eliminated. Now that customers have the option, they come early in the morning or late in the evening during the week and free up their weekends for quality time with their families.

New Bridge Laundromat & Dry Cleaners is a local, family owned business that caters primarily to the Bergenfield, NJ community and surrounding towns of Englewood, Dumont, Teaneck, Tenafly, Bogota, & New Milford. They provide residents of these towns with a clean, comfortable, convenient, and affordable place to get their laundry and dry cleaning done. For more information you can visit their website at http://www.NewBridgeLaundromat.com

Press & Media Contact:
Steven Porada
New Bridge Laundromat & Dry Cleaners
97 New Bridge Road
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Dentist San Diego Can End Pain, Infection and Discomfort With a Root Canal

San Diego, CA – Dec 29, Dream Smile dentist san diego office specializes in general dental services, emergency dental services and cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Ocean Beach and Clairemont.

san Diego dentist says that you can save your tooth and avoid a lot of pain by doing a root canalal sooner rather than later.

Why would you want to consider a root canal when there are other types of treatments that are available? One of the main reasons to consider a root canal is because it is going to help save the tooth, unlike an extraction in which you’re going to lose the tooth altogether.

As far as the exact treatment that is going to be done when you need a root canal completed, that is going to differ to a certain extent depending on your particular needs. In most cases, it is going to require that the dentist drill a hole down through the infected tooth in order to remove any type of infection that is existing, including the pulp tissue (nerve). After that, the tooth is going to be sealed with a crown and it will be indistinguishable from the other teeth in your mouth.

When you mention a root canal to people, they are immediately going to think about the pain that is associated with the procedure.

When you use Dream Smile Dentist San Diego for your root canal, you will find that the procedure is not as bad as what many people think. Not only is it because they take care of you in a way that is going to benefit you the most, it is also because of the type of treatment that they do differs in some cases from the way that another dentist San Diego may do.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Dream Smile for your dental needs.

One of the reasons why you would want to consider having a root canal done at Dream Smile Dentist San Diego, is because they are able to take care of that process in a single visit in many cases. If you were to go to another dentist in order to have a root canal done, you will usually find that it takes multiple visits and a considerable amount of pain that is associated with it. Because the root canal is done in a single treatment you will also enjoy the fact that you will save a considerable amount of time and frustration as well.

When you choose Dream Smile Dentist San Diego, you also have a relatively painless procedure and although it may cause a little bit of discomfort, it is not going to be anywhere near the type of discomfort that most people associate with root canal therapy. Quite simply, it does not deserve the bad reputation that it has because when it is done properly, you can be in and out of the chair relatively quickly and with a minimal amount of pain.

If you are having any difficulties with your teeth, including the need for a root canal, you can call on Dream Smile Dentist San Diego to take care of the problem for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a chipped tooth, need a root canal or if you just need to have regular cleaning done on your teeth, they will be able to take care of it professionally and painlessly.

Contact your San Diego dentist for any kind of dental treatment you need.

SanDiegoDreamSmile.com provides information about San Diego dentists who are experts in emergency dental and general dentistry such as a root canal to relieve your dental pain.

For more details visit: http://www.sandiegodreamsmile.com

4501 Mission Bay Drive, Suite 2E
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: 8582706626
Email: fray@sandiegodreamsmile.com

Credit Repair Services – How Am I Going To Benefit?

These services are often a group of lawyers and paralegals that will work to remove negative information from your credit report. Primarily they are going to use the fair credit reporting act as a basis to have the negative information removed.

This piece of legislation requires that the bureaus investigate a consumer’s credit report if they file a dispute. To file a dispute you must write a letter to each bureau in which you identify the item you are challenging.

The bureaus will then investigate, they will contact the lender and asked them to verify the balance, the account, and the dates on the debt. It is very common for lenders to not verify an account when the bureaus contacts them, this is because it cost lenders even more money and often they have no way to get any return investment on verifying your account.

Two Important Things

1. Roughly 80% of all investigations result in the removal of an item from your report, regardless of how accurate or inaccurate the item is. This is because once a lender sells your account to a collection agency they no longer have any legal grounds to contact you or collect on that debt. Therefore when the bureaus contact them they are only going to spend money to verify your debt and instead won’t verify it.

2. Unfortunately getting the bureaus to investigate isn’t as easy as just sending a letter, this is why many people turn to a professional lawyer to ensure that the bureaus follow federal law. However Congress has not helped your cause because they have given the bureau’s power to first decide that a dispute is valid before they will investigate it.

We have a difficult time trying to comprehend why Congress would do this, because it surely isn’t in the consumer’s best interest. The bureaus only spend money when they investigating a dispute and are forced to investigate disputes because of the earlier aforementioned fair credit reporting act.

The bureaus have been fined over and over again by our federal government for not investigating disputes, yet Congress decided to give them the power to decide if it’s valid before they have to investigate? In other words the bureaus are going to avoid investigations at all costs because there is no return profits or even potential for correcting a report to generate any income for the bureaus.

Often your dispute letter will be responded to with a letter that asks you for more information about the item, this is going to happen regardless of the need. This is simply a stall tactic and an attempt by the bureaus to get you to give up and just live with the negative items on your credit file.

You are going to need to stay persistent or higher a credit repair service as they will file the disputes on your behalf and have the legal resources to ensure that the bureaus do investigate. Additionally these lawyers can also help you settle any outstanding debt and ensure that these items will either be removed or can be removed once the debt is settled.

Make sure you fully research each service as many will vary widely in the features, benefits and costs. You should expect to have a lawyer on your side however a paralegal will typically do most of the work. Your costs should not exceed $50 per month with about $100 upfront or retainer payment.

For more about credit report repair services or for more about how to correct credit report visit us you can also call 800-251-3505 for a free credit consultation.

New Delhi Budget Hotels Modern And Advanced in All The Way

New Delhi easily quantity that was caught the charm of tourists with the exciting intellectual or emotional admiration blend of primeval and quality of being current. Many foreign tourists come to New Delhi and get so cause to be interested by its beauty that it becomes hard to control for them to leave the city so most of them notwithstanding plan to usually on a surface or the ground here.Hotels in New Delhi are basically far-famed for its roomy rooms and 24 hours best services.

The visitors usually value more highly to stay in the budget hotel in New Delhi as they are very much possible to buy and experiencing physical well-being at the same time. Even the quality of being light enough to be carried to local destinations makes the budget hotel in New Delhi a fine thing chosen or selected to easily commute to the places.

Tourist guidebooks are very common with the concern to or concerning the affairs of other nations (other than your own) language tourists as they provide them accurate or delimited details about the sites.

Hotels in New Delhi example we taken as New Delhi Ramada Plaza is fully provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose with all the modern facilities .Some of them provides very good customer services which itself will make you begin to experience feelings of love towards with New Delhi. While think about in a particular way the facilities provided by them it is worth act of spending or disbursing money the bucks of a life time.

So, if you are planning to visit Delhi, then do not forget to book in advance because these hotels are always in demand. Avoid last minute hassle and book your hotel now on online or direct calling.Visit for more information- luxury-delhi-hotels.ocm

Contact: Subrato Mukherjee
Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd.
403-404, Thapar House, N-161 Gulmohar Enclave,
Community Center, New Delhi – 110049, India
Tel : +91 11 49814981
Fax : +91 11 49814999
Email : info@heritageindiajourneys.com

India Wildlife Tour: Golden Chance to travel across for the wildlife enthusiasts

India is one of the most adorable countries where travelers love to squander their admirable vacations. The country has embraces with tremendous picturesque beauty, superb climate, marvelous lures, etc. Amid all the marvelous lures the inimitable wildlife is one of the remarkable features of the nation that allows travelers to take pleasure of tremendous jungle activities. The Wildlife Tour of India offers you remarkable chance to have a nearer look at the prosperous and different flora and fauna. On this tremendous tour in India vacationers will have the unforgettable and pleasurable experiences for lifetime.

Wildlife Tour in India, a stimulating journey where traveler will travel around the terrific natural beauty and wildlife heritage of the nation. The country is an abode to an immense assortment of bird and animal species. Let us discuss three of the most admirable lures of India Wildlife Tour.

Ranthambore National Park: It is a major tiger reserve today which was earlier used as the hunting spots for the kings of Jaipur. The park boasts of its wildlife that comprises a huge population of tigers, chital and sambar. It as well provides prosperous and diverse flora and fauna. Once you start travelling around this park, you will come across meadows, forests, hills, lakes and rivers. Aside from the tigers one can as well travel around the wide assortment of birds, reptiles, mammals, etc. It is as well acknowledged for the electrifying adventurous sports for example like rappelling, trekking, jeep safari, nature walk, etc. After cherishing your favorite adventurous sports one can as well have a look on the historical lures like Ranthambore Fort, Padam Talao, etc that will make your Wildlife Tour in India more mesmerizing.

Gir National Park: Positioned in the state of Gujarat in India, Gir National Park amongst the most significant protected areas in Asia as it is the home for the Asiatic Lions. Spread on 1412 sq km of landscape, the park is wrapped with deciduous forest, perennial ravines and grassy meadows therefore creating apt atmosphere for growth in the population of birds, crocodiles and wild beasts. This park is the only destination to see the Asiatic Lions in the wilds; thus it should not be missed during your India wildlife tours.

Contact: Subrato Mukherjee

Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

403-404, Thapar House, N-161 Gulmohar Enclave,

Community Center, New Delhi – 110049, India

Tel : +91 11 49814981

Fax : +91 11 49814999

Email : info@heritageindiajourneys.com

Rajasthan Tour: explore the sequential land of spirited traditions

Rajasthan is a Rajputana Land of people who are courageous and gallant, people with a militant lifestyle around whom grew the most tremendous legends of romance and gallantry. There is a certain conjuration about Rajasthan Tours which is unique by any other spot in the world. It is a land of pinnacles; everything here is inanimately exquisite, impressive and engrossing. It is jammed with chronicle, art and acculturation that go back several centuries.

Rajasthan is a land where the pique and beatnik is so overwhelming that it incites even the most seasoned vacationer. It has justly been called an immense open air museum where the souvenirs of a golden past has been cautiously conserved for the benefit of the travelers. It has something for almost every sort of vacationers, for those seeking for a dynamic, action- jammed vacation there are loads of places which permit one to cherish the great outdoors, there is trekking, there are horse and camel safaris through desert sands or along the aravallis-the oldest mountain range in India, take a majestic Rajasthan Tour and live like a maharaja or squander a passive and quiet holiday in one of the several off-beat spots in historic towns, wildlife lovers can spot tigers and others rare species in assorted wildlife sanctuaries.

Rajasthan comprises in itself the nature altering from lustrous sands to scraggy ranges to dainty landscapes. You can detect the most luxurious places, terrorization citadels, patterned gardens, fantastic temples and multihued havelis during Rajasthan Tours each of which represents as an architectural masterwork. The consummate state is scattered with the fibs of the gallantry and romance.

Experience the absurd lifestyle of aged epoch rajas-maharajas by picking a citadel and heritage hotels of Rajasthan. There are loads of hotels in Rajasthan that provide you with the most superb facilities and you can live your life giant. Udaipur has such a prosperous history that enthralls every traveler who visits this city. The imperial city has hotels which serve to all sorts of travelers according to their needs. Heritage Hotels in Udaipur has a class of their own as they are distinctly different from other heritage hotels in India. Most of the traveler’s love to live in Udaipur Hotels as these hotels gives you a golden chance to live like kings throughout your holidays.

Contact: Subrato Mukherjee

Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

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Community Center, New Delhi – 110049, India

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New Delhi Best Hotels- Renowned Hotels of India

New Delhi Best Hotels is incredible and indescribable by words. It is not only National capital but it’s also an entertainment city for travelers. Every day several actors visit here for promotion its movies and other shows. This luxury city is not less like a paradise. Luxury Hotels in new Delhi furnished it by ultimate services.

The city of Delhi also takes cover some of the best luxury hotels circuitous route the world. Delhi Luxury Hotels are a standard, typical of comfort and luxury. Widely known and esteemed around the world for the inter-mixture of traditional Indian kindness in welcoming guests or strangers and state of art amenities, luxury hotels in Delhi provide very good; services and all comforts that first class travelers search. Hyatt Regency Hotel Delhi is a five star deluxe hotel, which is located in the center part of the city. Among all other hotels, it provides fine and dashing facility to the leisure and business time travelers. The cordial reception and warm welcome brings happiness on your charming face and that’s a reason visitors came here again and again.

New Delhi Best Hotels offer services like extravagance and profusion accommodation and usually have a wide impressive display of rooms to choose from. Well fitted out with what is necessary with a mini bar, fast and easy right to enter to internet and audio visual mediums activity that is diverting and that holds the attention at their disposal makes their stay a blend of royal affectedly genteel and contemporary facilities.

In spite all of that, you can also visit lots of monuments here like Qutub Minar, India gate, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Metro Train, Zoo, and many more.Visit for more information- luxury-delhi-hotels.com

Contact: Subrato Mukherjee
Go Heritage India Journeys Pvt. Ltd.
403-404, Thapar House, N-161 Gulmohar Enclave,
Community Center, New Delhi – 110049, India
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CPR Vital to Surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Get Your CPR Certification at American Healthcare Institute

When Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strikes, Being Prepared is Critical. Everyone needs to be familiar with the latest American Heart Association latest CPR guidelines and be prepared for the situation

Woodbridge, NJ, December 29, 2011 – Every year 300,000 people in the United States alone experience out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, the experience will claim the lives of 92% of these victims. A victim’s best chance is usually revival through bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Bystander CPR within the first 4 minutes can double or even triple a victims chances of survival, but less than one third of victims will receive the life saving procedure. That’s why companies like the American Healthcare Institute offer Premium Online CPR certification programs both on and off the web.

In a critical situation where someone’s life hangs in the balance, the best chance for survival can be had by a clear understanding of the best CPR practices to date. CPR is going to help a victim’s odds in all cases, but the most up to date information possible boosts the odds of survival still further.

That’s why it’s important to choose a training program like the Premium CPR Online Certification Program by the American Healthcare Institute. A Program written by American Heart Aassociation (AHA) trained US Board Certified Physicians to comply with the best standards set forth by organizations including the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, OSHA, U.S. Dept of Health Services. American Dental Association, U.S. Dept of Education and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) standards.

Their most up to date training program is currently their Premium Online CPR Certification Program, which was released October 24, 2011. Their CPR certification program, like all their lifesaving programs, are developed by a team of U.S. Board certified and licensed physicians who work to make sure every program imparts the skills users need to save lives. The number of victims of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest could be reduced by over 50% if all victims were attended to by a properly trained bystander within the first 4 minutes.

A leading provider of online CPR, First Aid and BLS certification, the American Healthcare Institute develops their lifesaving courses through rigorous study and testing to insure that clients receive the highest quality learning experience and most useful training possible. They work hard to keep all programs compliant with all current guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association, Red Cross, ILCOR and others. The procedures clients learn in programs from organizations like the American Healthcare Institute save lives.

About American Healthcare Institute:
American Healthcare Institute is specializes is providing state of the art CPR and First Aid training. All certification programs at American Healthcare Institute follows the American Heart Association suggested training guidelines and strictly adhere to the latest ILCOR/ECC guidelines. American Healthcare Institute has certified professionals across the United States. The course are designed to meet the needs and demands of busy professionals.

If you’d like to know more, or schedule an interview reach out to Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace
American Healthcare Institute
P.O. Box 1163
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(888) 868-5666