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Pensioners Suffering As The Money Runs Out, Says Debt Solutions Company Trust Deed Scotland

A new report reveals that pensioners across the UK are being left penniless as their money disappears every week in a whirlwind of bills, says Debt Solutions Company, Trust Deed Scotland.

An income of £207.15 per week is typical for most pensioned couples, but a report by Standard Life shows it goes straight back out the door as £207.24 is spent on food, fuel, housing and transport.

The report highlights rising inflation as the reason why the average pensioner has difficulties making ends and are being hit hard – many are having issues even affording a new pair of shoes, a holiday or a present for a grandchild.

While the Consumer Price Index remained the same in September at 4.5%, the Retail Price Index was hovering at 5.2% and threatening to rise again. Pensioner have a fixed income that doesn’t change from month to month, and that combined with inflation and large energy rises from utilities companies means turn some have turned towards credit cards to make ends meet.

A spokesperson for Scottish Debt Solutions Company, Trust Deed Scotland, said:
“According to Age UK, British pensioners are the fourth poorest in Europe, with the worst off set to lose up to 22% of their household income because of cuts to local authority services and changes to the tax and benefits system. This report highlights the dire position our parents and grandparents are in. At a time when they should be relaxing after a lifetime of working, they are pinching pennies and worrying about what the future will hold for them.”

The day before Standard Life published its report, the Institute of Fiscal Studies issued a warning about how ‘real’ inflation was hitting pensioners much harder than younger age groups.

“The Insolvency Service reported the fastest rising group of people claiming insolvency is pensioners,” said the spokesperson. “They are six times more likely to go bankrupt or take out a debt solution such as a Scottish Trust Deed or Debt Arrangement Schemethan they were just a decade ago. The number of people entering retirement with unpaid debts has increased, and when combined with increased life expectancy, the recession and limited options to increase income when you retire, it adds up to a lot of older people in real trouble”.

According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service the average unsecured debt of newly retired pensioners is £21,370 and few have any savings at all. Once all the bills have been covered, there’s just £85 left at the end of the month.

“There are numerous reasons why pensioners are entering retirement in debt,” said the spokesperson. “Previous good house values led to many people remortgaging for home improvements or to loan to children or grand children for house deposits. There’s also the issue of divorce, where one partner will often buy the other out of their share of the property by extending their mortgage. And then some people are marrying and having families much later in life or having second families in their fifties.”

“For many life as a retiree in today’s world is just as expensive as it was when they were working, but now they have less income to live on.”


Friedman Global Announces James Cross Joins Research Team

Friedman Global, a leading supplier of financial services has recently announced that James Cross has joined the company’s research team. With more than a decade’s worth of experience, he will be very critical to the growth of the business as well as the continuous rise of the company.

“Friedman Global has increased revenues for the past couple of years and improvement of the organizational foundation is a testament to that rate of growth,” said Michael Stone, COO of Friedman Global. “James Cross’s passion and knowledge makes him an invaluable member of the Friedman Global team.”

James Cross will be assigned to making analysis and forecasts on trends of the economy, other than observing developments that will in turn affect the economy as well as the investors. Besides giving critical information to Friedman Global’s clients, Cross will be monitoring all the products of the company.

“One of the most important things to note as of recent is that analysis of the market has now become very important for investors,” said Mr. Cross. “There are no words to describe my excitement in joining a firm that has a global reach and a commanding presence in the industry.”

Friedman Global has hundreds of customers that are being serviced for more than millions upon millions of requests for information on an annual basis. James Cross will be joining the company in the best time possible as Friedman Global has shown a record-setting development and growth due to its new product lines. Before becoming a member of Friedman Global, James Cross was an economist. He started his career at an early age and spent more than a decade in one of the most prestigious brokerage companies in the US.

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People Who Invest In Property May Suffer Losses With Wrong Property Insurance

The majority of individuals mistakenly think that getting insurance for a single family dwelling they rent to tenants is the same as getting insurance for the house where they live. Irreverent insurance coverage is not just wrong. In the event proper policies are not obtained, people might perhaps be taking a chance for their home not to be covered.

Acquiring property insurance policy on a dwelling you own and you use it to live in, you will need a contract which is called a ‘homeowner insurance policy.’ Securing insurance on a house (or a property) you own but you do not live in, you need to have a policy known as ‘dwelling fire insurance policy.’ Policy coverages, underwriting guidelines, rates, are similar in structure. The one main coverage that is similar is the ‘Dwelling Coverage.’ The two contracts will cover the ‘dwelling’, or the actual structure of the home.

Dwelling Fire or Home Insurance – What is The Appropriate Policy For You?

Homeowners insurance is typically less costly and involves extra coverages than dwelling insurance, considering other important things like the insurance credit score of the people applying for insurance, geographical area of the subject property, conditions of the home in question are almost the same.

A property could be entitled to homeowners insurance contract as opposed to dwelling fire policy in certain situations such as the following:

1. The applicants are living at the home to be insured. As an instance Daniel may purchase a home but as a result of poor credit score, he decides to entitle the home under his brother’s name Sam. With this scenario Dan will not be able to acquire a homeowners insurance policy. With that in mind, Dan needs to have his brother get a dwelling fire policy to protect the structure of the home, and Dan must obtain a renter’s policy, to cover his personal liability & the content of the house.

2. The property is not vacant for over 60 consecutive days. Cindy and her husband Jacob decided to sell their residence due to separation. The husband moves out of the home to live with his parents, and Cindy likes to move to share place with with her father. The house is presently on the real estate market, and has been vacant for longer than 60 days. As a result of this vacancy a new dwelling fire policy is needed and the existing homeowner insurance policy is not providing the correct coverage.

3. The property is not used primarily for commercial purposes. Any commercial use with personal homeowners insurance should be marginal. Stacey has just acquired a two story building. She wants to reside in the unit upstairs and make the downstairs as her flower shop business project. As a result of of prominent commercial activities are carried out on primary basis, then a commercial insurance policy should be maintained (neither homeowners nor dwelling fire insurance is relevant.)

4. The house is 4 residential units or fewer, owner occupied dwelling. Mat Lopez purchased a 4 unit residential dwelling. At the start he resided on the complex; and consequently, was qualified buy a standard homeowners insurance contract. After some times, he finally decided to leave to a different place, consequently making him disqualified for having homeowners insurance protection of the first property. A dwelling fire insurance will be needed.

An experienced and licensed insurance agent must be able to assist you. Despite that, keep in mind that a full disclosure of the detail regarding ownership, occupancy, besides purpose of property is all very important when you want to obtain the wise recommendation.

Author is affiliated to the main provider of dwelling insurance in Chicago. For more info concerning good homeowners insurance please call Insurance Navy 608 S 5th Ave Maywood IL 60153 (708) 338-1111.

MLDEX Market Development Training Program

18 July 2011 – /RTPR/ – The Market Development Training Program hosted by the Headquarters of the MLDEX, was held in Melbourne, Australia in the week of 12-19 June 2011.

This program was designed as a forum for the exchange of best practices in the development and regulation of capital markets presented through a series of lectures, roundtables and case studies. Senior experts from different International Regulatory Agencies and the Capital Markets Board (CMB), as well as speakers from the region shared their insights on capital market development, enforcement, and examination of market participants. The Program also explored responses to crises and market abuses, provided observations comparing and contrasting approaches by regulatory systems around the world, and highlighted international best practices.

The presenters used real-world examples of market abuse and inefficiencies to explore the regulatory, statutory, and other tools that capital market regulators need to address.

Besides CMB representatives, many international exchange representatives and market professionals attended the event that was also sponsored by MLDEX.

Contact Details: Melbourne Derivatives Exchange
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Bourke Street 600,
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia


A Strong CV Is Key To Avoiding Graduate Under-Unemployment

May 17, 2011 /RTPR/ – Following the news that more than half of all graduates are either out of work or stuck in menial jobs some six months after leaving university, Guardian Jobs are today stressing the importance in preparing a good CV to give you the best chance of success in the jobs market.

A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that 52% of last year’s university-leavers, that’s 15,655, were unemployed or under-employed six months after graduating.

20%, that’s 59,000 graduates, had no job this year, the highest amount in a decade and double when the recession began in 2008. Worse still, it’s estimated that some 55% of 2011 graduates will be unemployed or under-employed six months after leaving university.

A spokesperson for Guardian Jobs said today “These findings and predictions by the CEBR do make for rather grim reading. It really highlights the importance graduates must make in making themselves appear employable on their CV, which is after all, the first form of contact employers will have.”

To help graduates get the right job, Guardian Jobs have partnered up with The Fuller CV to offer a free CV checking service that promotes the message ‘just say no to bad CV advice’ and highlights the importance of getting your CV checked over by an expert.

To browse Guardian Jobs extensive selection of graduate jobs, and for advice on how to best prepare your CV for the jobs search, visit the Guardian Jobs website.


Notes to editors

Guardian Jobs has been the market leader in recruitment across the quality press for almost 20 years. With an audience comprising high quality jobseekers, Guardian only list the highest calibre vacancies in sectors that include Media, Education, Government, Graduate, Secretarial, Charities, Marketing, Social Care and Arts among others.

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Get Started with Obama’s Home Affordable Refinance Program and Avoid Foreclosure

The main matter is that numbers of homes are now no longer worth what is owed on them. The mortgage installment has jumped to such a great rate under the adjustable rate mortgage and as going to get refinanced with the bank, homeowners are finding they do not qualify due to the home’s value has decreased from the current market conditions. As they can’t have enough money for installments, many of the homes wind up in foreclosure.

Through Obama’s refinance plan, you could stop foreclosure on your home through the home affordable refinance plan. Essentially, through this plan, the lenders are in fact allowing you to refinance an accessible home loan to as much as 138 percent of the home’s actual value. What this means for you is that you could get into a fixed-rate mortgage and no longer have to worry concerning your rate jumping.

As it has been set up to help out those who are having trouble making their payments, to get eligible for the program you must not have been more than 30 days late on any of your installment in the previous year. Not only this, you even be working and be up to fully document that you have the means to make the new payments. If you’re unable to, you mightn’t be equal to stop foreclosure on your home in the future. The best thing concerning this plan is that it is the first that has been set up for homeowners who do not currently live in the specific property. It could be a vacation home or an investment property and you can still qualify. Other programs will require you to live in the actual property you are trying to refinance mortgage.

The home affordable foreclosure alternatives programs are planned to stop foreclosure from happening to so many people. The truth is that there are number of individuals whose lives have been upset because of the current economic conditions and the housing market. If you are having complexity paying on your mortgage, you may be very surprised to realize you could save your home through qualifying for this particular program. Also you have the chance to check several plans.

About Us: is leading companies providing services in mortgage refinance and loan modifications for struggling homeowner who are having hard to meet their monthly payments. This program was launched by Obama administrative was intended to help homeowner by modifying their existing term to make more affordable and save their home.

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Obama’s Home Affordable Refinance Program Is One Of The Best Assistance

Essentially, there’re two major categories for which this program might not be of any assist:

  • Homeowners who have enough earnings and make their installments in time
  • Homeowners who no longer have earnings because of unemployment.

Obama’s home affordable refinance program would be a great assistance to the homeowner who is qualified to apply for it.
Below given are eligibility criterions necessary to get into the home affordable plan:

  • Primary residences, no investment or second home owners
  • The homeowner should have last 12 months of suitable mortgage payments.
  • The payable amount should not be less than 105 percent of the current market value of the property.
  • Homeowner must be able to show a stable income source in documents.

In case you do not qualify for this program, you may be considered for home affordable modification program. Here are some guidelines for the same:

  • You need to be the primary resident of the assets with a mortgage of less than $729,750 on your first mortgage.
  • You should disclose necessitate that shows why you’re suffering from overdue payments.
  • This program allows home owners even with they are presently postponed in making sensible installment.
  • The terms of the loan are extendable up to 40 years. This makes it very easy for the homeowners to pay back the amount.

You could even be a part of the most popular program under HARP program, which is making home affordable program. All you need to do is complete the required formalities and forms and apply for it. Ensure you go throughout the terms of the program, and see if you’re qualified for the plan or not.

About Us: is leading companies providing services in mortgage refinance and loan modifications for struggling homeowner who are having hard to meet their monthly payments. This program was launched by Obama administrative was intended to help homeowner by modifying their existing term to make more affordable and save their home.

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### World recognized economic trend forecasters

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Real Business Recovery: The Insolvency Experts For Your Business Debts

Real Business Solutions are a dedicated team of corporate insolvency experts who have many years experience dealing with businesses who need corporate insolvency expertise and advice for their business.

With their own experience in running businesses the team can relate to each of their clients concerns and will spend the time and energy getting to know their customers and discover the wishes you need for the future of the business. From here the team will build you a structured plan of action and offer the best possible business solution for your company.

Guiding you through each step of the business insolvency procedures in a clear and transparent manner, the team can make sure you know all of the options available to you and are on call 24/7 to answer any of your queries or questions.

They also have an extensive knowledge and understanding of personal debt problems which you may encounter and will not charge any upfront fees to you. Any fees that are charged throughout the whole process will be clearly explained in detail before you sign on the dotted line.

The team deal with business bankruptcy, law, business recovery, business debts, insolvency and business problems, pre pack administration, asset finance, official receiver, statutory demand, winding up order, invoicing factoring, cash flow problems and business debt restriction.

The team will act quickly and effectively to resolve your problem. If you have cash flow problems and have creditors pressing to be paid you need to take urgent action to see the right business help and advice on what your options are for moving forward.

During the telephone conversation they will conduct a small conversation surrounding the issue to get an outline of the problems you have encountered. They will have one of the experienced practitioners visit you either at your home or business to discuss your issues and concerns.

They will obtain a greater understanding of the issues and what you as a director face and the available options and implications of each course of action. This is all free advice and you are not committed to take our advice or pay for it.

You can call the insolvency practitioners today on 08002316040.

They can help you find a solution to the problem.

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Possible £2.7bn Bill for PPI Reclaim Compensation

The Financial Services Authority has announced that compensation for mis-sold PPI reclaims could reach as much as £2.7bn and involve 2.75 million people in the UK. Complaints regarding PPI reclaims are expected to rise to over 550,000 per year for the next five years, with compensation for PPI reclaims varying from £900 – £1,800 per person.

The FSA found ‘wide and deep evidence of weakness in PPI sales’ over the last five years and warned lenders they have until December 1st 2010 to adopt a new set of rules that deal with PPI reclaim complaints, key features of which include:

If the customer would not have bought the policy in the first place, the PPI premiums plus interest should be reimbursed.
If the customer was persuaded to buy a premium with a single up-front payment instead of a regular premium policy, the customer should be reinstated to the position they would have been if they had done.
Dan Waters of the FSA said: “The rules are the culmination of months of hard work and now, with these measures, we look forward to consumers being treated fairly whether they are buying or complaining about PPI. Since we took over the regulation of PPI we’ve carried out 24 investigations and three thematic reviews, issued warnings, halted the selling of single premium PPI with unsecured personal loans, visited over 200 firms, and handed out some very significant fines.”

Lenders up in arms about new PPI reclaim rules

Many have argued the new PPI reclaim rules are unnecessary and disproportionate, with lenders waging a behind-the-scenes campaign to stop the new regulations from being instated.

However, the FSA is adamant the new rules are necessary given the behaviour of some lenders when faced with dealing with PPI reclaims. Some lenders have been automatically turning down almost half of the PPI reclaim complaints they receive with others have been rejecting every single one. Of those customers who had their PPI reclaims rejected, 1 in 3 turned to the Financial Ombudsman Service for help and 80% had their complaints upheld. Such is the extent of the problem, last year the FSA instructed lenders to open up 185,000 rejected PPI reclaims and review them.

For claims comparison site,, the behaviour of the lenders is nothing new. “The new FSA rules are incredibly welcome, For years lenders have been mis-selling PPI insurance alongside loans to everyone they could. Often they knew the premiums to be unnecessary or that the customer would be unable to claim on the policy because they were exempt from doing so when they took them out. Sometimes they didn’t even bother telling the borrower they were adding a PPI premium. Customers had no idea they even had an insurance policy.”

The spokesperson added; “The numbers of people coming to us for help with PPI reclaims has risen dramatically over the last 12 months and some of the stories we are hearing are quite shocking. It’s quite obvious the lenders are banking on people being disillusioned and put off when they repeatedly reject their PPI reclaims. That’s why many people need a helping hand from companies like ours to deal with the tactics of these unscrupulous lenders who have simply instated a blanket ban on dealing with PPI reclaims regardless of the merit of the customer’s case. Luckily we understand PPI reclaim law and aren’t so easily put off by the tactics of lenders”.

The Competition Commission is also expected to announce a ban on selling PPI policies at the point when someone is granted a loan. Some lenders however have realised the game is up and have already stopped offering polices, including HSBC and Lloyds.

But it’s all too little too late for the millions of people who were caught and still face a battle to get their money back.

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Tel: 0800 043 2027