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Mian Airforce Offering Highlights and Facts Of Canadian Airforce

MianAirforce is a blog about the Canadian air force, which focuses on the latest news and updates as well as the heroic sacrifices made by its members in the service of their nation.

Toronto, ON, Canada | February 07, 2022 — Mian Airforce is a blog site highlighting the news and updates of the Canadian airforce and their gallant sacrifices for the protection of the country. Despite the fact that both the armed forces and the ordinary police are tasked with protecting their nations, the operations of the armed forces are mostly unknown in most countries. Many individuals have made up myths and stories about the armed forces, many of which are still accepted by the great majority of people today. Defending the truth and clearing the airways of damaging information is what we’re doing right now as we dispel these myths. Mian Airforce focuses on these matters and unearths the striking facts. MianAirforce is also about aviation, aerospace and military from providing courses and consulting services as well as writing services. They are helping human mankind. It is a life-changing to become soldier and putting life out there to protect the country.

As a result, many think that the military lacks empathy for the rest of humanity. In reality, this is not the case at all. There is a direct civilian counterpart for practically every military job. Since military leadership skills are needed on a daily basis and may be used in a variety of civilian settings, the Canadian military’s leadership qualities are especially in demand. About 80% of all military jobs in the United States and Canada are in non-combat positions. If you’re interested in working as a medical officer or dental technician or an HR manager or a chaplain or even a chef or a musician, you’ll find many jobs accessible in the health care industry.

In contrast to its southern neighbors, Canada continued to stay out of the war while being directly affected by it. A month after World War II began, they joined the Allies on their own will when they realized that Nazi Germany posed a grave threat to the very existence of Western civilization. There was nothing wrong with what they were saying all along.

The present Covid pandemic has caused a serious challenge for the aviation industry, which is a tricky one. However, despite the fact that pilots like you and me and other aviators are in great demand, their salary accounts for less than two percent of their whole earnings. It’s possible that passengers don’t realize how hard pilots work since they aren’t obligated to reveal their salaries. All these hard truth and more, all are highlighted in the blogs of Mian Airforce.

About Mian Airforce:

Mian Airforce is a blog devoted to reporting the newest news and updates from Canada’s airforce, as well as their brave sacrifices in the sake of national security. Not only that. It’s about aviation, aerospace and military.

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SkyRFID strengthens support for U.S. customers with the completion of assets and management transfer from Canada to the U.S.A.

SkyRFID Inc. announces new USA incorporated firm, SkyRFID, LLC

Lansdowne, Virginia, United States, 2022-Jan-19 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — SkyRFID Inc. recently completed the transfer of assets and management from Canada to the U.S.A. advancing the support of U.S. customers, including the U.S. government. Long-time technology and equity partners, Geoff Dewhurst and Tim Shinbara, received approval from their respective Boards to continue the 30+ years of SkyRFID development, fulfillment, and operations from within the U.S. in early 2020 and founded SkyRFID, LLC in Lansdowne, Virginia in November of 2020. For SkyRFID, Inc., 2021 was a winddown and dissolution period. The two partners will continue to operate SkyRFID, LLC with Mr. Shinbara being named CEO and President and Mr. Dewhurst retaining Chief Architect duties and responsibilities.

Having merged the talent and resources from Mr. Shinbara’s ventures and experience into SkyRFID, LLC the firm will now be headquartered and operated from Lansdowne, Virginia, U.S.A. The Canadian dissolution transferred all assets from Ontario-based SkyRFID, Inc. to the new Virginia-based SkyRFID, LLC.

All Global Sky Partner channels conveyed to SkyRFID, LLC as well as current contracts, purchase agreements/orders, and projects which will all be subject to US and Virginia laws and policies as applicable.

SkyRFID, LLC continues the decades-long operation of solving asset management challenges, covering more than 135 countries. Solution integrations will continue to include NFC, RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi, and IoT-based communication protocols and may support further interoperability with mobile cellular protocols such as GSM, GPRS, HSPDA+, 4G-LTE, and upcoming 5G protocols.

About SkyRFID, LLC
SkyRFID, LLC, the leader in Dynamic Asset Management, has become the “go-to” resource for security and tracking for real-time management of high-value, critical assets.

Having 30+ years of continuous improvement toward providing full scope capability, SkyRFID’s differentiation is realized in our consistent and reliable quality, optimal-cost hardware components end-to-end real-time tracking and reporting solutions; all which include our global consulting team supporting multiple industry verticals.

With its established global network of engineers, consultants, resellers, and system integrators, SkyRFID has become the premier partner for developing, implementing, and managing enterprise solutions.

SkyRFID assists at any or all levels from technical design to implementation of hundreds of RFID, sensor, and IoT technology projects each year, using its Global Sky Partner channel of over 500 companies in more than 135 countries to service local implementations and support.

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For sales information contact SkyRFID, LLC at +1 571-512-5262

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Tim Shinbara
19309 Winmeade Drive, Suite 900
Lansdowne, Virginia, 20176
+1 (561) 512-5262

Taking Higher Education to Higher Heights

Top national colleges enrolling in Aquiline Drones’ online drone pilot certification course.

Hartford, CT – USA | October 29th, 2021 — College students and adult learners seeking to engage in a high-tech, hands-on, upwardly mobile field of study, now have a unique educational opportunity offered by community colleges across the nation in partnership with Aquiline Drones. Specifically, the American drone manufacturer and technology company has developed a comprehensive online drone pilot certification course that primes students of all ages to become drone service providers and business owners.

In Connecticut alone, more than half of the state’s community colleges have adopted the exciting curriculum, including Capital Community College in Hartford, Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, and Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson with many other schools soon to take flight.

“We are proud to begin this new alliance with Aquiline Drones, our neighbor in the same city,” said Capital Community College’s CEO Dr. G. Duncan Harris. “Capital is committed to providing our students with opportunities in up-and-coming, high-growth industries and this course gives them an exciting opportunity to take their education to new heights.”

Students are required to enroll in two specific classes to earn their commercial drone operator certificate: “Introduction to Commercial Drones” and “Cloud Connected Drone Operations”.

Since the instruction is entirely online, students can work at their own pace. Each course takes approximately four months to complete. Scholarships may be available for qualified students.

For program highlights, visit:

“Due to the growing demand of drone use cases nationwide, we’re excited to deliver this exceptional technology to our college students now so that they are better prepared for the transportation means of the future,” said Diane Bordonaro, Chief Regional Workforce Development Officer for the Capital-East region of the CT State Community College system.

“It is my goal to institute Aquiline Drones’ ambitious curriculum into every Connecticut state college by the start of the 2022/23 school year.”

Graduates of the drone certification program will have a deep understanding of how to navigate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and the necessary training to obtain the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot license. Most importantly, these courses arm them with solid entrepreneurial skills that allow them access to a field of countless industries currently serviced by drones, including real estate, construction, farming, public safety, oil and gas and energy and utilities among others. Further, the program helps teach participants how to establish and operate their own commercial drone business.

“Not only are we offering an exciting high-tech journey with these compelling new courses, but we are also priming students to enter a rapidly accelerating industry now growing at a 13.8% rate annually with a potential market of $127 billion. We are creating limitless job opportunities in this rapidly growing space!” said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones.

Colleges and universities interested in adopting Aquiline Drones online courses into their curriculum can send an email inquiry to:

About Aquiline Drones:

Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) is a progressive American drone manufacturer and cloud solutions company located in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Barry Alexander, AD’s core management comprises highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, IT gurus, military personnel (including veterans), and business strategists.  AD delivers a vertically integrated blend of products and services. These include an aviation cloud for commercial drones, U.S.-based drone manufacturing, drone “maintenance-repair-overhaul” (MRO) services, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for large enterprises and governments, a superior line of Spartacus drone products, a robust UAS training academy, and the country’s first ‘drone-on-demand’ service enabling customers to order drone services through a proprietary mobile app. AD’s full spectrum of technological solutions is widely applicable across countless industries and environments for superior, real-time data processing and insights.

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Press & Media Contact:
Alisa Picerno
Aquiline Drones
750 Main Street, Penthouse Suite,
Hartford, CT 06103
United States
+1 860-869-1509

Leading International Entrepreneur moves into Royal Circles

Toronto, Canada, 2016-Nov-19 — /EPR Network/ — In January of 2016, and in Amman, Jordan, Edward Bayanoti, an international businessman with interests in Property, Real Estate and Defence married Her Royal Highness Princess Aisha bint Hussein, sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan and daughter of Princess Muna al-Hussein and King Hussein. The couple had been married in Canada since December 2015.

Her Royal Highness Princess Aisha bint Hussein is the sister in law of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.

Although dated for a while prior to the marriage, unfortunately the marriage did not work and so in July 2016, according to the Royal Hashemite Court, the couple divorced, while the divorce proceedings are still on going in Canada, but expected to be finalized sometime in 2017.

Edward Banayoti currently resides in Europe, mainly between the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland. Edward Banayoti is known to be a trusted voice by so many heads of states, and many royal families.

Contact-Details:, the original monthly subscription box with an emergency preparedness theme, celebrates its successful 1st year anniversary on February 20th, 2015

Atlanta, GA, February 02, 2015 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — was the first monthly subscription box service geared towards emergency preparedness and survival gear planning available on the internet or elsewhere. combines a comprehensive and innovative line of emergency planning products with an educational aspect that cannot be found anywhere else. Each month has a theme (ie: Fire, Water, Food, Protection, and etc.). They strive to find unique items that are quality made in the USA, highly functional, and extremely durable. Food is always the most popular and important item to have in a cache of emergency supplies. Therefore, special attention was paid to make sure the entire long term shelf stable food line is the best in the business. They succeeded. Their food line is unmatched because it is great tasting, fast cooking, low in sodium, and highly nutritious. Even gluten free and other specialty diet options are available to all customers.

The website has proven to be of tremendous value to families and individuals on their search for independence and freedom from reliance on other people or the government in case of any emergency or survival scenario. “This is a cutting edge Internet site far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Ryan Bowersox, Co-Founder of “We have received a humbling amount of compliments on the concept and product itself. We expect tremendous sales growth in year two through our newly designed, convenient, and user-friendly website.”

“The response from all our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Companies talk all the time about customer service and it seems to be just lip service. Customer service is a lost art. We really strive to make each customer happy. We have never put turning a profit ahead of doing the right thing for our customers. We have countless testimonials on our website about how we are succeeding in all our goals. We are just so pleased that our little idea has been of such use to people, and it’s so exciting. We can’t wait to see what year two and beyond brings.” said Scott Setter, President. has grown by leaps and bounds because of the great value it offers its customers. The company has a very intelligent and hardworking team of people in the greater Atlanta area. The concept and website have been featured in many publications, most notably the Winter 2014 version of “Survivor’s Edge” Magazine. The company’s website at contains additional information on the program and how to sign up.

In the Spring of 2015, will launch its new product called “The Mini.” It is designed for all those subscribers who cannot afford $39 per month and need a more economical option. It will have free shipping as well.

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Safeguard yourself with best pepper spray from

Texas (May, 2012) – In today’s time, where crime is on the high even in peace loving regions of the world, it is important to be full-equipped to handle any unforeseen attack on one’s safety. If you are seeking an effective means to protect yourself then you should buy pepper spray offered by

The website is a premium company that sells a wide range of best pepper spray available in the market. With the help of pepper or mace spray you can take immediate action rather than depending on others to rescue you from a threat full situation. Pepper spray is not only portable and inexpensive but also effective means to protect yourself from lurking threats.

The company has an expert team that works day in and out to bring to you the newest the self defense products and technologies at affordable prices.

The best pepper spray introduced by the company is the Wildfire Pepper. This is a very effective and completely non-lethal weapon against the attacker.

Another offering of the company is the Mace Pepper Spray Foam, which has an extremely high grade 10% inflammatory agent. The effect of such sprays on the attacker can be dramatic but are not permanent. On using this spray, the attacker would cough, choking, feel nausea and even temporary blinded. This amazing self dense spray is available in two different sizes with a flip-top safety cap.

The company ensures that the self defense product purchased through them has Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate. Apart from this, for order above $75, you can avail free shipping from the company. also sells other defense products like steel throwing stars, electronic pocket whistle, mace flashlight alarm, kubotans, defense DVD and videos. If you have any query concerning the pepper spray or the working of the company you can go through the FAQ section of the website.

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The website leads the way when it comes to buying different high quality self defense products on the net. On the site you can buy defense products such as steel throwing stars, pepper spray, telescopic steel Batons, stun guns, hidden cameras, mace screecher alarm and a lot more. I strongly recommend this website if you want to take care of your safety. For any additional information or clarify a doubt, contact the company at the details

Address: Dallas Fort Worth Texas
Phone: 817 763 0523

Pioneer Services – Mega Merry Giveaway’ to make holidays brighter for lucky winners

Pioneer Services will make this holiday season one to remember for eight service members and their families thanks to the Mega Merry Giveaway, a sweepstakes just for active-duty or career-retired service members and their spouses. There will be four winners of $1,000 and four iPad winners—one winner of each from each military branch.

“The Mega Merry Giveaway is our way of thanking those who serve for all they have done for our nation, and in a way that captures the season’s spirit of giving,” said Karen Von Der Bruegge, chief marketing and retail operations officer for Pioneer Services. “The best part—other than the chance to win a thousand dollars or an iPad—is that there is no obligation and no strings attached. All they have to do is be on active duty, career-retired, or a military spouse, and they can enter to win. It really is that easy.”

Those who qualify can enter on the company’s Facebook page at, or at, which is also where they can find complete rules and details.

“We are incredibly excited for the winners to be selected December 11,” added Von Der Bruegge, “because that is when we will find out who is going to have a very merry holiday season on behalf of Pioneer Services.”

Pioneer Services, the military banking division of MidCountry Bank, provides financial services and award-winning education to members of the Armed Forces. For more than 25 years, Pioneer Services has been a leader in military lending, offering military loans,retail lendingVA loansCertificates of Deposit, savings accounts, and award-winning financial education programs through a network of offices and on the Internet. Pioneer Services is proud to support military families and communities through a variety of partnerships, programs, and sponsorships.

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Hike Metal Announces HIKE30 Series Commercial Patrol Workboat 2011 Expansion Line

July 2011 Wheatley, On., Canada — /RTPR/ — Hike Metal, the Preferred Custom Commercial Workboat supplier to the Police, Sheriff and law Enforcement Departments around the world, has announced their 2011 HIKE30 Series Commercial Workboat line expansion. Our HIKE30 Series Workboats are known as the “Workhorse” of the Commercial Boatbuilding Industry “Heavy Duty Workboats”. For 2011, Hike Metal has expanded the HIKE30 Series in 2 ft increments out to 38 ft, and every one of our 30 Series Workboats comes with our 10 year written warranty. We maintain the flexibility to customize to desired lengths.

The different working environments of the variety of law Enforcement Agencies around the world require flexibility in length, and we launched our 2011 HIKE30 Series to meet their demand. Our 25 plus years of time tested and proven precision engineering and production processes for the manufacture of our HIKE30 Series allowed us to standardize our 2 ft increment extended builds. There is quite a difference when you compare the vast patrol, search and rescue conditions in the Florida Keys or along the coasts of the Caribbean and South America to that of the rivers, lakes, bays and harbors of the world, and we know, because we deliver to them all.

Our streamlined and proven Hike Hull with its 18 degree modified V, precision engineered reverse chines, Lift Strakes and its low coefficient of drag is standard on all HIKE30 Series. We manufacture one of the most agile Workboats in the industry, and our precisely engineered Hike combination brings theHIKE30 Series 30 – 38’s up on plane and up to top speeds quickly, just like a Quarter Horse, and in a variety of sea, lake, river and harbor conditions.

The HIKE30 Series 10 year warranty is the Commercial Workboat standard for Hike, and our patented and proven “Harmonic Vibratory Stress Relief Process”; a process performed during the structural welding, that minimizes the inherent weld distortion, cracking and residual hull stress found in conventional boat and shipbuilding manufacturing processes. Our patented process consistently delivers extended service life. Every weld is performed by our highly skilled welders, who are all Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certified.

Our Hike Metal ship and boatbuilding factory manufactures a variety of Workboats outside of the Law Enforcement Industry, which bolster our over-all Custom Commercial Boatbuilding performance. We are also a preferred supplier to the Fire Departments around the world for their Fire-Boats, like the heavy duty 90′ NFPA Type III Fire-Boat recently delivered to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD), and the 90 ft Custom Class “A” Fire-Boat delivered to the Baltimore City Fire Department. We build many types ofCustom Commercial Work-Boats, such as “Self-Righting” Search and Rescue Boats (SAR) and Hovercraft for the Coast Guard and Custom Jet Boats like the 49” RIB delivered to the Blue Heron Company this July 4 th weekend for their Toberbory and Flower Pot Island tours, they even christened it the “Flower Pot Express”.The Hike Team takes pride in every boat, ship and vessel we build and deliver,and we’re proud to expand our rugged HIKE30 Series work boats to meet the demands of the Law Enforcement Agencies who protect and preserve our water ways around the world, and we provide every bit of personal safety and protection for them in every Workboat we deliver.

Hike Metal specializes in unique and complex high quality projects ranging from Coast Guard self–righting SAR’s, Vessels and Hovercraft, Fire and Police Department Fire Boats and Patrol Boats, Car and Passenger Ferries, Tug, Tow and Pilot Boats, RIB Boats, Fishing, Diving and Research ships. We are Master Ship and Boat builders.

Our modern waterfront shipyard and factory is strategically located on the North shores of Lake Erie, facilitating the complete construction of vessels up to 100 ft under climate controlled cover while enabling a full program of sea trials prior to delivery. Hike has delivered many turn-key custom commercial steel and aluminum boats and ships to governments, municipalities and private sectors around the world, including the USA, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Middle East.

Andy Stanton
Hike Metal Products Ltd.
324 Milo Rd. RR 2
Wheatley, ON N0P 2P0 Canada
(519) 825-4691


Sydney Security Services- Gold Crest Security

Security is a critical component of your business which is best left to carefully chosen professionals. For a obligation free security assessment and quote please contact your Gold Crest Security Client Manager on 1300 137 339 to discuss how working together we will ensure the safety and security of your business.
Professional references are available upon request as a testament to their reliability, resourcefulness, and the overall quality of their work.

Are your Security needs being met?

Gold Crest Security represents 75 of Sydney’s highest profile public venues with more than 360 security personnel with some of our clients having been with them in excess of 10 years.

Why? …because Gold Crest Security sets industry standards in all things security. Managers are available 24/7, and that’s 365 days per year. Gold Crest Security rates are competitive, and  training is second to none. They should all be conscious that the security officer is often the first person clients meet, therefore they are the first impression of your company or venue. They have individual training that allows our people to specialise as ‘Meet & Greet’ personnel. This ensures those first impressions are always positive. Remember first impressions last!

“100% Guarantee that if they are not 100% satisfied with our staff and we can not fix the problem to their satisfaction they are free.” is the motto of the company.

Gold Crest Security provides high-quality public relations security personnel to the Hotel and Club industries.  They  provide security staff ie Concierge staff and security guards to high rise apartment.  In addition Gold Crest Security also provides security staff to Shopping Centres, Car Yards, and all other forms of public venues.

Contact or call today to arrange a no obligation meeting at your location.


Denver, CO – March 2, 2011 – The Military Housing Assistance Fund and Military Connection today announced an alliance focused on increasing homeownership for military members, civilian military employees, and qualified veterans. While roughly two thirds of all American families own their homes, it is a sad fact that barely a quarter of military families are homeowners. As the shared mission of each of the non-profits is to benefit military members and veterans, positively impacting their lives and their finances, joining forces to increase awareness of both benefit programs makes perfect sense.

Military Housing Assistance Fund (MHAF or USMHAF) exists for the sole purpose of assisting military members and qualified veterans to better afford the purchase of a home. This is accomplished by channeling donations from private individuals, government entities, and foundation grants, to individual home buyers from any branch of the military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves. The funds are a true gift and need never be re-paid.

The Closing Cost Gift Program is not to be confused with seller funded Down Payment Assistance programs such as those that were once offered by Nehemiah grants, Ameridream, Genesis or others that were prohibited by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. The free gifts funds are for closing costs or moving expenses that may not be covered by seller concessions in a particular purchase transaction. Military home buyers are not restricted to VA Mortgage Loans. FHA loans can also be used, as well as USDA Rural Housing Loans, which is an alternate way to achieve 100% financing in eligible rural areas.

For Debbie Gregory, CEO of Military Connection, the alliance represents a way to further benefit the thousands of members of the Military Connection family. “ is proud to announce our alliance with MHAF” said Gregory.”We are always looking for ways to honor and assist our men and women in uniform, past and present, as well as their families. There isn’t any better way to show our appreciation for their many sacrifices than by helping them to become homeowners.” Likewise, Errol Anderson, Managing Director of Military Housing Assistance Fund, is pleased with the new alliance. “Our mission is to help more of our military realize the American dream of home ownership” said Anderson. ”That’s the least we can do for them considering what they do for us”.

Both Anderson and Gregory emphasized that a key benefit to the Closing Cost Gift Program is that there is no cost to apply, no cost if approved, and no costs after the fact. There are no costs to the military member or veteran whatsoever.

Founded in 1999, Military Connection is a woman-owned business located in Simi Valley, California, assisting military member, veterans, and military charities, with a special emphasis on education resources, job placement, and career assistance for qualified veterans. A virtual job fair, directory of employers and live job postings are prominently featured on the site, as well as tools such as military pay charts, COLA calculators, education assistance, and free or heavily discounted resources exclusively for military members and veterans. Military Connection Charity Connection supports military charities including Toys for Tots, Operation Homefront, the Red Cross, American Breast Cancer Foundation, and many others. Site:

Founded in 2004 by military veteran and Founding Member William Dugger, MHAF has from day one sought to help expand housing opportunities for military families. MHAF is one of the very few non-profits in this country that gives 100% of the donation it receives to the intended beneficiary in the form of a gift never has to be repaid. MHAF is well on its’ way to accomplishing their organizational goal of helping at least 1200 military families for Calendar Year 2011. Site:

For additional information contact: Errol Anderson 720-932-8049