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African Biosciences Ltd Partners with Nigerian Institute of Animal Science to Support Bioscience Research in Nigeria

New Partnership Helps BSc, MSc and PhD Research Students Perform Biomolecular Research in Nigerian Universities.

Lagos, Nigeria — African Biosciences Ltd. today announced a partnership with Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) to provide access to services of ABL.

This includes a launch the first ever all-in-one research packages for the Nigerian academic bioscience research community. African Biosciences Ltd. Research Project Package (ABL-RPP) provides a convenient package for molecular biology-oriented research projects and come with flat rate pricing directed at BSc, MSc and PhD students interested in serious and meaningful biomolecular research in plants, animals, humans and microbes. The packages provide project design service, one-stop access to reagents and supplies, lab-for-rent services where student performs bench work in our lab, contract research services where the company performs bench work, provision of up-to-date literature, and basic data analysis.

This service continues the vision of providing ground-breaking integrated bioscience research services through a unique research-design-to-data analysis platform to achieve bioscience research goals by addressing some key challenges of performing bioscience research in Nigeria. With this new service, African Biosciences Ltd. is positioned to be a key player in the biosciences research market by being a leading service provider to build technical capacity in biomolecular research in Nigeria and soon across Africa.

To benefit from flat rate pricing, students must meet some requirements such current enrollment in a degree program at an accredited University or tertiary institution recognized by the relevant authorities, approval by the supervisor or research committee, and meet project scope requirement ranging from 2 weeks of lab work for BSc projects and 1 month for MSc projects to 3 months of lab work for PhD projects. The company offers a payment plan to help with affordability, and package pricing allows groups of students to band together to get additional discounts. Academic departments can get bulk discount for groups of their students who sign up to use ABL-RPP and academic institutions who sign long-term Memoranda of Understanding to access this service receive even deeper discounts for their students.

Elaborating on ABL-RPP, Prof. Ikhide Imumorin, Co-founder and CEO of the company explained that eligible projects for flat rate pricing may include techniques from among the following: DNA and RNA extraction, PCR primer design, standard PCR, RT-PCR, Real Time PCR (qPCR), de-novo SNP identification, SNP genotyping, PCR-RFLP, Sanger DNA sequencing, basic bioinformatics and molecular data analysis. Additional charges apply to projects that require ELISA, Western Blots, molecular cloning, protein expression, in-vitro assays, next generation sequencing of DNA and RNA, genome editing, advanced bioinformatics and genome assembly.

This research project package is first of its kind in Nigeria for modern bioscience research and is part of the plan of African Biosciences Ltd. to provide comprehensive private sector solutions to life science researchers in Nigeria and Africa. For more information, contact us at:

African Biosciences Ltd.
88, Km 6 Ibadan-Ife Road
Ibadan, Nigeria

Nigerian Institute of Animal Science
Plot 1882 C13, Kabusa, Okanje District
Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

About African Biosciences Ltd.
African Biosciences Ltd. is an innovative life sciences company whose mission and goals are to provide easy access to bioscience research regents and supplies through an e-commerce platform, bioscience research advisory services, bioscience technical training, lab-for-rent and contract research services in state-of-the-art bioscience research laboratories in Nigeria and soon across Africa. It is the first and only vertically integrated biosciences research company providing a unique research design-to-data analysis pipeline to assist customers to achieve their research project goals. For more information, visit us at

About Nigerian Institute of Animal Science
The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science was established by the National Assembly Act No. 26 of 2007 under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a regulatory agency for Animal Science practice with powers to regulate all matters pertaining to Animal husbandry in Nigeria. Its mission is the regulation of Animal Husbandry practices for increased profitability to all Stakeholders’ and guarantee improved Animal Husbandry and Production Systems that will embrace environmental sustainability and ensure high quality and quantity of animal proteins to Nigerians. Its activities extend to professional, industry and social mandates. Find more information at

For questions or more information, please contact:
Mr. Calistus Igwilo
African Biosciences Ltd.
Poatson House, 4th Floor
142 Oba Akran Avenue
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 803 341 7102

A New natural treatment for female infertility caused by tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx helps women conceive without painful surgery

Tubal blockage caused by inflammation, and hydrosalpinx, which are commonly used to be treated with surgery, such as laparoscopy, now can be cured with a new natural treatment – Fuyan pill – a herbal medicine invented by Dr. Lee who comes from Wuhan Dr. lee’s TCM clinic. It gives the hope for the female infertility to be conceived successfully.

Wuhan, CHINA, May 04, 2015 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — The Fuyan pill, based on ancient Chinese formulas for gynecological inflammations, which lasts for over 5000 years, is made from natural pure herbs without any chemical composition. According to the data from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, this natural herbal formula has cured hundreds of thousands women infertility who had suffered from tubal blockage led by inflammation, hydrosalpinx and their complications.

The inventor of this herbal medicine, Dr. Lee introduces: “This herbal medicine can cure inflammatory tubal blockage and hydropsalpinx without any other unpleasant procedures.” “Even for those had tried IVF to conceive unsuccessfully. Fuyan Pill also works on some of them when they try it as their last shot. According to our clinical cases, these diseases are commonly cured after three to four months medication. ” Dr. Lee says

Ada who had suffered from inflammatory tubal blockage for more than 3 years told us. “I had never been imaging that Fuyan Pill could work so fast that I got pregnant in third month medication. Well to be frank, taking the pills are not very pleasant experience, but doing these for 4 months is really worth my effort. I have been under a lot of pressure not being able to conceive, and I sometimes have even doubted the efficiency of this herb, because I feel nothing during the medication. However everything has changed after I got my ultrasound report after I finish 3 months pills. Dr. Lee has suggested me to take one more months pills after that in case it recurs and I have done as she’s recommended. The pill has made a huge difference and I am so grateful for what Dr. Lee has done.”

Chinese medicine owns outstanding sterilizing power to treat tubal blockage, especially, has special effects on hydrosalpinx. The pill can effectively cure these kinds of diseases without any side effects. It also contains prescription to clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, unblock the fallopian tubes and drive away the hydrops completely, which help to retrieve fallopian tube movements and clear the tube for the fertilization of eggs. Thus it could help patients conceive naturally without surgery. Patients could try pregnant after taking the medicine for 3 to 4 months.

Dr. Lee says, “Fuyan Pill has been widely used in our own clinic in China, the clinic states also show that it has been effectively cured women with inflammatory tube blockage and hydrosalpinx who don’t want to undergo surgery. It also has no postoperative problems, this really attractive for many women. So there are increasing number of women have benefitted from this magical medicine recent years. We really hope it could also help women infertility caused by inflammatory tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx from all over the world.”

About Dr. Lee Xiaoping and the herbal medicine:
Dr. Lee Xiaoping graduated from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She qualified as an herbalist 30 years ago and is a highly experienced medical professional. She specializes in the field of male and female reproductive and urinary system diseases. She has devoted 30 years to her clinic and worked on the formula of Fuyan Pill for years. The medicine has proven to be effective on treating tubal conditions. The formula is patented by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C) with the application number 201110031968.

For more details about DR. Lee and Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, please kindly view

Wuhan Dr. Lee
Telephone: +86-027-87105085

Chordoma Foundation Announces the Launch of an Improved Website.

World’s leading chordoma information resources now available.

Durham, NC March 29, 2012 – Since 2007, the Chordoma Foundation has been the only organization in the world dedicated to finding a cure for chordoma, a rare cancer that affects the neck and spine of people of all ages. The Foundation’s website has become the world’s leading source of information about chordoma for patients, families, researchers and physicians. To better serve all of these constituents, the Chordoma Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a newly designed website at

“For rare diseases like chordoma, vital information is often hard to come by,” says Josh Sommer, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Chordoma Foundation and a chordoma survivor. “Our new website will empower patients to more effectively navigate treatment, doctors to better manage their chordoma patients, and researchers to more easily study the disease.”

A new section for patients and families includes easy-to-understand information about chordoma and treatment options, a doctor database, an up-to-date list of open clinical trials, opportunities to participate in research, and a vast list of helpful resources.

“A patient’s initial treatment can have a major impact on their outcome and quality of life” says Sommer. “It is, therefore, critical to our mission that any newly diagnosed patient visiting our website come away with the information they need to get the best care possible.”

For scientists and physicians, the site features tools to facilitate collaboration and information sharing. A Researcher Directory lists over 150 colleagues and potential collaborators across the world, and a resource repository catalogues all publically available chordoma cell lines, animal models and datasets.

Chordoma is a relentless and difficult to treat bone cancer that occurs in the head and spine in people of all ages.  Since its inception in 2007, the Chordoma Foundation has systematically funded and facilitated research to develop new treatments, and ultimately a cure, for chordoma. More information on chordoma, the Foundation, and opportunities to contribute to this important research can be found online at


Deirdre Callahan, Development Coordinator

Chordoma Foundation

(919) 809-6779


First Images Of WWII German Submarine Sunk 68 Years Ago In Brazil

The U-Boat was located by the Schurmann Family in July 2011. Almost one year after locating the submarine, the Schurmanns joined efforts with deep sea diving experts to collect images of the U-513. With specialized technology, using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) the expedition made a 135 meters dive to film and take pictures of the wreck, for the first time in history.

“After years of research, finally we watched this historical moment. We first saw a shadow then gradually the images became very clear, the submarine is almost intact and whole as if she was placed there to sleep” said Vilfredo Schurmann leader of the expedition.

“The ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) did several dives and with every new image we celebrated this great feat” says David Schurmann, the film director.

It all began in 2001 aboard their sailing yacht “Aysso”, when the Schurmanns a well-known sailing and expedition family in Brazil, was told of the story of a German submarine, sunk in 1943 during WWII in the waters of Southern Brazil.

Vilfredo and Heloisa Schurmann where hooked on the mysterious story and started researching the facts in the National Archives in Washington – USA, Berlin – Germany and in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

They were granted a license from the Brazilian Navy, and obtained the support of the Santa Catarina Government and UNIVALI University and were sponsored by TOTVS, CPE (Coastal Planning & Engineering) and FUGRO BRAZIL to further the search.

A team of 35 professionals (all volunteers) which included divers, oceanographers, retired officers from the Brazilian and USA Navy & Air Force, archaeologists, historians, filmmakers and the last surviving member of the USA airplane responsible for the U-boat sinking aided on the search.

After 2 years and 18 expeditions at sea, operating Side Scanning Sonars and Magnetometer, on July 17th 2011 on board their adapted sailing yacht “Aysso”, the Schurmanns located the exact position of the sunken submarine.

On March 8, 2012, aboard two ships, the expedition led by Vilfredo Schurmann and a crew of 20, filmed for the first time in history since her sinking 68 years ago, images of U-513. The U-boat is considered one of the WWII submarines sunk furthers away from Germany during battle.

The underwater footage of the U-513 was made with a ROV model Sea Eye Falcon Marine, capable of operating up to 300 meters deep, assigned and operated by FUGRO BRAZIL.

S/V “Aysso” and M/V “Thunder” anchored at the location, launched the ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) and with sonar-aided navigation (similar to a ship’s radar – working under water) located the submarine.

The recordings were performed with the ROV camera itself. For best results, HD 3D cameras were also mounted in housings to captured images of the submarine.

Support: Santa Catarina Government and UNIVALI University

The U-513, under the command of the German captain Karl Friedrich Guggenberger, had the mission to sink any enemy vessel on the route between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. She had already torpedoed three ships, including two Americans and a Brazilian.

The U-Boat-513 sank on July 19th, 1943. Lieutenant Roy S. Whitcomb was on a PBM-VP-74 flying-boat bomber on an antisubmarine sweep and spotted the surfaced U-boat. He ordered the attack. Captain Guggenberger on the deck of the submarine saw the approaching plane, he knew there was no time to submerge and began a counterattack. Whitcomb’s dropped six 225-pound bombs depth charges and the U-boat absorbed the full impact on her hull.

The U-513, 76 meters in length sunk immediately with its 46 crew. 7 men who were on deck where the only survivors, among them the captain Guggenberger.

The Schurmann Family is the first Brazilian family to circumnavigate the world on a sailboat and the only Brazilian family to have done it twice. A household name in Brazil, the Schurmann Family has been active around the world through their online school program, as well as their films and TV programs.

In 1984 Vilfredo, Heloisa and their children left their home, their work and school and set off from Florianópolis, the capital city of the State of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, to pursue their dream: circumnavigate the world on a sailing yacht.

Their children, Pierre, David and Wilhelm, were 15, 10 and 7 years old. On this first adventure, the Schurmann Family spent 10 years at sea.

In 1997 the Schurmann Family began their second great adventure Magellan Global Adventure. The goal was to retrace the route sailed by Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet, the first complete circumnavigation of the planet. For this adventure, apart from the parents only their son David Schurmann and Kat, their 5-year-old daughter went along. Magellan Global Adventure was followed by more than 1,5 million people, from 44 countries. Every month the adventure’s filmed reports, broadcast internationally, had an average of 40 million television viewers in Brazil and many more around the world. After 30 months, the Schurmann’s yacht returned to Brazil.

The Family members are: Vilfredo, Heloisa, Pierre, David, Wilhelm and Kat Schurmann (d. 2006).
They have released 4 best sellers in Brazil and one box office hit documentary film: Books
• Em Busca do Sonho (2006) Portuguese
• Momentos De uma Aventura (2001) Portuguese/English
• Um Mundo de Aventuras (2002) Portuguese
• 10 Anos No Mar (1995) Portuguese

Films & TV
• O Mundo em Duas Voltas (The World in Two Round Trips) 2007 (Film)
• Em Busca do Sonho (Film)
• Magellan Global Adventure (TV Series)
• Schurmann Family 20 years (TV Series)


Innova Biosciences Launches Unique Covalent Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit

Innova Biosciences, inventor of ‘Lightning-Link®’ the world’s easiest to use antibody labeling technology, is pleased to announce the launch of InnovaCoat™ GOLD: a revolutionary kit for the covalent conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies, proteins and biomolecules.

Cambridge, UK, February 20, 2012 – Innova Biosciences (Cambridge, UK), inventor of ‘Lightning-Link®’ the world’s easiest to use antibody labeling technology, is pleased to announce the launch of InnovaCoat™ GOLD: a revolutionary kit for the covalent conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies, proteins and biomolecules. This innovative new technology provides significant advantages over traditional passive adsorption methods and continues in the tradition of the original Lightning-Link® procedure, offering benefits such as 2 minutes hands-on time, 100% antibody recovery and ready-to-use antibody-gold conjugate in just 15 minutes.

Commenting on the launch of InnovaCoat™ GOLD, Dr Nick Gee (CEO of Innova Biosciences) said: ‘Innova Biosciences is very proud to be recognised globally as the leading provider of high quality, yet remarkably simple, conjugation technologies. Our revolutionary new product, InnovaCoat™ GOLD, is the only technology in existence that enables ultra-stable covalent conjugation of antibodies to gold nanoparticles and it overcomes many of the problems associated with traditional passive adsorption methods. We look forward to supporting scientists and in vitro diagnostics manufacturers with the rapid development and enhancement of gold based diagnostic assays.’

The first kit in this new range is the InnovaCoat™ GOLD 40nm gold particle kit, one of the most popular particle sizes, with other sizes and nanoparticles to follow in the coming months. The launch marks the start of an exciting period for Innova Biosciences that will see multiple new product launches, particularly into the in vitro diagnostics market, and will fortify Innova’s position as the leader in antibody labeling technologies.

About Innova Biosciences Limited: Innova Biosciences is a growing, dynamic business based in Cambridge, UK. At the core of Innova’s business is Lightning-Link®, an innovative technology that simplifies bioconjugation for R&D applications, drug discovery and diagnostics. The expanding Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat™ portfolio is sold to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Innova Biosciences invites anyone with an interest in antibody labeling or gold nanoparticle conjugation to please visit their website for further details,

Mathew Taylor
Algorythm Solutions Ltd
10 Torkington St
Lincolnshire PE9 2UY
+44 (0)773 403 2112


Ribbon Cutting & Launch of Breathmobile® in Alameda

On Friday, January 20, 2012, the Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. (PJCCE), in partnership with the Alameda Boys & Girls Club and Alameda Head Start will host a special ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, 1900 3rd Street in Alameda as it launches services of the PJCCE Breathmobile®, a 33ft pediatric mobile asthma clinic, in the City of Alameda. The press conference and ceremony will start at 10:00am and will include members of the Alameda School Board, City elected officials, Alameda Head Start representatives, Alameda County representatives, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Light refreshments will be provided.

Event: Breathmobile ® Press Conference & Ribbon Cutting
Friday, January 20, 2012
10:00am – 10:30am
Alameda Boys & Girls Club
1900 3rd Street, Alameda

Asthma rates for children in the City of Alameda, and particularly at Alameda Point are high in the 0-5 age group. Many families do not have insurance to access regular asthma health care,” says Washington Burns, MD, Executive Director of the Breathmobile. “We are happy to be partnering with the Alameda Head Start and Alameda Boys and Girls Club.” Dr. Burns was contacted in 2011 by Daniel Javes of Alameda Head Start, after Javes concerned about asthma rates in Head Start children, had heard about the work the Breathmobile was doing at schools in Oakland. Javes contacted Dr. Burns and said that the Boys and Girls Club would be a perfect site in Alameda to see children with asthma. Javes suggested he should contact George Phillips, Executive Director of the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, which he did. “The Breathmobile fits right in with our other health care initiatives like our dental clinic.” says George Phillips, the Club’s Executive Director, “It allows us to offer convenient access to services they might not otherwise use and will help us realize our goal of instilling healthy lifestyle habits in the children of our community.”

The Breathmobile®, the first of its kind in Northern California is owned and operated by PJCCE and is a 33 ft. Winnebago RV outfitted with the latest equipment to function as a pediatric mobile asthma clinic. Inside the van, there are an intake station, a small waiting space, a testing area for vital signs including Oximetry, allergen skin testing and spirometry, and an exam room. On board are two computer systems, the first has a health risk assessment system for asthma, and a screening module for pre-diabetes, and the other system is a state of the art electronic medical records system called “AsmaTrax.” Asthma and allergy specialists on-board include Pediatric Allergists, Registered Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists. A video system is also on board to play educational videos and CDs. Services are provided in English and Spanish, and are available at no cost to children and families. The Breathmobile® will also provide services at the Matheson Head Start in Alameda Point.

The Breathmobile’s® mission is to reduce the effects of asthma among economically challenged families by providing a sustainable, accessible asthma management program that will focus on regular preventive care, thereby shifting families away from acute episodic and emergency care.

There are other Breathmobiles® operating throughout the US, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Baltimore, University of Alabama, and Phoenix, Arizona. All of these units form a national collaborative organization linked by a computer system located at USC to study and improve the effective treatment and management of asthma. Collaborative studies of Breathmobile® units in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Orange counties in Southern California show a dramatic 73% reduction in Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations of asthma children being served by their Breathmobiles®. In its two years of operation, the PJC Breathmobile® has shown significant decrease in emergency room visits from 122 to 2, asthmarelated hospitalizations from 63 to 1, and school absences from 351 days to 17.

“There are so many diseases that we cannot control, but asthma is a controllable disease,“ says Dr. Burns, “By having the Breathmobile®, we can drastically reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations, school absenteeism, reduce medical costs, and decrease morbidity and mortality of asthma by teaching patients how to control their children’s asthma. We are also increasing children’s academic performance.”

Founded in 1995, the Prescott Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. works to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families in the West Oakland community through a broad range of wellness, education and cultural programs, and resources delivered in a safe, welcoming, respectful environment. Prescott Joseph Center partners with organizations and agencies to deliver services and referrals within the community. Located in the Prescott district, also called the Lower Bottom,” of West Oakland it is a center for community services, education, culture and development. Prescott Joseph Center for Community Enhancement has a three-fold mission to: promote the individual self-esteem of citizens in the community through education, skill training and cultural programs, thus supporting healthy families and economic self-sufficiency; promote the on-going renewal of community spirit among West Oakland residents and to organize and promote community activities that facilitate economic, social and cultural development within West Oakland community.

For more information, about the Breathmobile ® of Northern California, please contact Washington Burns, Executive Director at 510-290-1476 or e-mail: You may also visit the Breathmobile® website at:


Hawaii: Home to One of the Most Amazing Volcanoes in the World

Mauna Kea typically is a volcano on the island of Hawaii. Standing four,205 m (13,796 ft) above sea level, its peak is the actual highest point within the state of Hawaii. Though, a great deal of the mountain is actually below water; whenever calculated from its oceanic base, Mauna Kea typically is over 10,200 m (33,500 ft) tall-significantly taller than Mount Everest typically is above sea level. Mauna Kea is regarding a million years of age, as well as has thus passed the actual many active shield stage of lifetime hundreds of thousands of many years ago. Within its present post-shield state, its lava is a bit more viscous, resulting in a steeper profile. Late volcanism has as well provided it a lot rougher appearance compared to its neighboring volcanoes; contributing factors include the particular construction of cinder cones, the particular decentralization of its rift zones, the actual glaciation about its peak, plus the weathering effects of the prevailing trade winds. Mauna Kea endure erupted four,000 to be able to 6,000 many years ago. Based on the USGS, because of January 2012, the Volcanic-Alert Level typically is “Normal”.
In Hawaiian mythology, the peaks of the island of Hawaii usually are sacred, plus Mauna Kea is actually the actual most sacred of every. An historic legislation permitted just high-ranking tribal chiefs to be able to go to its peak. Historic Hawaiians living found on the slopes of Mauna Kea relied on its extensive forests for food, plus quarried the dense volcano-glacial basalts about its flanks for tool creation. When Europeans arrived within the late 18th century, settlers introduced cattle, sheep and game animals, several of which was feral and even began to be able to damage the actual mountain’s ecology. Mauna Kea is ecologically separated into three sections: a great alpine climate at its summit, a Sophora chrysophylla-Myoporum sandwicense (or simply mamane-naio) forest about its flanks, and also a particular Acacia koa-Metrosideros polymorpha (or simply koa-?ohi?a) woodland, now mostly cleared by the actual previous sugar industry, at its base. In recent many years, concern over the particular vulnerability of the native species has led to court situations which currently have forced the particular Hawaii Department of Land and in addition All-natural Resources to be able to eradicate just about all feral species about the mountain.
Alongside its significant altitude, dry environment, plus stable airflow, Mauna Kea’s summit is regarded as the actual best sites within the world for astronomical observation, and also one of several most controversial. Because the creation of a great access road within 1964, thirteen telescopes funded by eleven nations have been designed at the particular summit. The actual Mauna Kea Observatories usually are used for scientific research across the actual electromagnetic spectrum from visible light with radio, and comprise the particular largest these center within the world. Their construction about a “sacred landscape”, replete with endangered species and additionally ongoing cultural practices, continues to be a topic of debate and additionally protest. Research are generally underway in order to determine their effect found on the summit ecology.
Mauna Kea typically is one of five hotspot volcanoes which shape the island of Hawaii, the actual largest and also youngest island associated with the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. Of many of these five volcanoes, Mauna Kea typically is the actual fourth oldest and additionally fourth many active. It began because a preshield volcano driven by the Hawaii hotspot about one million many years ago, and also became extremely active during its protect stage until 500,000 many years ago. Mauna Kea registered its quieter post-shield stage 250,000 with 200,000 many years ago, as well as is currently dormant.
Mauna Kea typically is over three,200 km3 (770 cu mi) with regard to volume, and so massive it and its neighbor, Mauna Loa, depress the actual ocean crust below it by 6 km (4 mi). The volcano continues to slip and also flatten beneath its own body weight at a rate of less than 0.2 mm (0.01 in) per year. A great deal of its mass lies east of its present summit. Mauna Kea stands four,205 m (13,800 ft) above sea degree, really 35 m (110 ft) high compared to its neighbor Mauna Loa. Calculated from its base found on the ocean floor, it rises over 10,000 m (33,000 ft), significantly greater compared to the particular elevation of Mount Everest above sea level, and additionally is the particular highest point in the state of Hawaii.
Like just about all Hawaiian volcanoes, Mauna Kea has been created by the particular Hawaiian hotspot, as the actual Pacific tectonic plate has relocated over a hotspot within the Earth’s fundamental mantle. The actual Hawaii island volcanoes are really only the latest evidence of this procedure which, over 70 million many years, has built the particular 6,000 km (3,700 mi)-long Hawaiian Ridge – Emperor Seamount chain. The prevailing, though certainly not completely settled, view typically is that the particular hotspot happens to be mostly stationary inside the planet’s mantle for much, in the event that certainly not almost all of the Cenozoic Era. Though, whilst Hawaiian volcanism is well-understood and extensively studied, right now there remains no definite explanation of the system that causes the actual hotspot impact.
Lava flows from Mauna Kea overlapped throughout complex levels alongside all those of its friends during the course of its growth. The majority of prominently, Mauna Kea is built upon elderly flows from Kohala to the actual northwest, and in addition intersects the base of Mauna Loa in order to the south. The actual original eruptive fissures (rift zones) within the flanks of Mauna Kea were buried by its post-shield volcanism. Hilo Ridge, a prominent underwater rift zone structure east of Mauna Kea, had been once believed to be a part of the volcano; nevertheless, it is actually at this point understood in order to be a rift zone of Kohala that happens to be impaired by more youthful Mauna Kea flows.
The shield-stage lavas which built the actual massive key mass associated with the mountain happen to be tholeiitic basalts, like all those of Mauna Loa, created through the particular mixing of main magma and also subducted oceanic crust. They happen to be covered by the particular oldest exposed rock strata on Mauna Kea, the post-shield alkali basalts associated with the Hamakua Volcanics, which erupted between 250,000 not to mention 70-65,000 many years ago. The latest volcanic flows tend to be hawaiites and even mugearites: they tend to be the particular post-shield Laupahoehoe Volcanics, erupted between 65,000 as well as four,000 years ago. Many of these changes inside lava composition accompanied the particular slow reduction of the provide of magma with the summit, which led with weaker eruptions that afterward gave option to isolated episodes associated with volcanic dormancy. The Laupahoehoe lavas are far more viscous and even contain more volatiles compared to the actual earlier tholeiitic basalts; their thicker flows significantly steepened Mauna Kea’s flanks. In addition, explosive eruptions have built cinder cones close to the summit. Many of these cones tend to be the the majority of recent eruptive centers of Mauna Kea. Its present summit is dominated by lava domes and even cinder cones up to 1.5 km (0.9 mi) within diameter and even hundreds of meters tall.
Scoria and cinder cones on Mauna Kea’s summit inside wintertime
Glacial evidence on Mauna Kea, outlining terminal moraines (“m”) and even till (“w”)
Mauna Kea is actually the actual only Hawaiian volcano alongside distinct evidence of glaciation. Synonymous deposits most likely existed on Mauna Loa, however, have been covered by later lava flows. Despite Hawaii’s tropical place, during the course of many past ice ages a drop of only a degree inside temperature enabled snow with stay at the particular mountain’s summit via summertime, triggering the particular formation of an ice cap. There are three shows of glaciation that have been recorded within the last 180,000 years: the actual Pohakuloa (180-130 ka), Waihu (80-60 ka) plus Makanaka (40-13 ka) show. Many of these have extensively sculpted the summit, depositing moraines along with a circular ring of until and in addition gravel along the mountain’s upper flanks. Subglacial eruptions built cinder cones throughout the actual Makanaka glaciation, almost all of which happened to be heavily gouged by glacial action. The particular most recent cones had been built between 9000 as well as 4500 years ago, atop the glacial deposits, although 1 study indicates which the endure eruption will currently have been around 3600 years ago.
At their maximum extent, the actual glaciers extended from the summit right down to between 3,220 not to mention 3,800 m (10,500 and also 12,500 ft) of elevation.[23] A little body of permafrost, less than 25 m (80 ft) over, had been found at the actual summit of Mauna Kea before 1974, and also could still be present. Tiny gullies etch the summit, formed by rain- and even snow-fed streams that flow only in the course of winter melt and additionally rain showers. Found on the windward side associated with the mountain, flow erosion driven by trade winds has accelerated erosion inside a way synonymous to this on more aged Kohala.
Mauna Kea is actually dwelling to Lake Waiau, the highest lake within the Pacific Basin. At a great altitude of 3,969 m (13,022 ft), it lies in the Pu?u Waiau cinder cone and in addition is truly the only alpine lake inside Hawaii. The actual lake typically is pretty little plus shallow, with a surface community of 0.73 ha (1.80 acres) as well as a depth of 3 m (10 ft). Radiocarbon dating of samples at the base of the lake indicates it ended up being well-defined of ice 12,600 many years ago. Hawaiian lavas are generally typically permeable, preventing the formation of ponds due with infiltration. Here, either sulfur-bearing steam changed the particular volcanic ash with low-permeability clays, or alternatively explosive interactions between increasing magma and groundwater or alternatively surface drinking water (phreatic eruptions) formed exceptionally fine ash which also would lower the permeability associated with the lake bed.

2B Scientific Announce New Tool for Apoptosis, Flow Cytometry and Microscopy

2B Scientific, a leading UK distributor of life science reagents announce a new tool for scientists working in the field of apoptosis, pSIVA – Polarity Sensitive Indicator of Viability and Apoptosis from IMGENEX Corporation.

Oxford, UK, January 17, 2012 – 2B Scientific, a leading UK distributor of life science reagents announce a new tool for scientists working in the field of apoptosis, pSIVA – Polarity Sensitive Indicator of Viability and Apoptosis from IMGENEX Corporation. This new tool for apoptosis, flow cytometry and microscopy is the first reversible probe for detecting phosphatidlyserine (PS) on plasma membranes. The reversible nature of the probe differentiates it from previous products which are all characterized by irreversible binding. This new capability opens up types of analysis previously unavailable to scientists.

pSIVA is an annexin based, polarity sensitive probe for the spatiotemporal or kinetic analysis of apoptosis and other forms of cell death. The new probes reversible binding enables researchers, for the first time, to detect transient PS exposure which is associated with both normal physiological processes as well as reversible or rescuable apoptosis cell death events.

Passing comment, James Bernard CEO of 2B Scientific said, “We are delighted to announce the availability of another novel and innovative product from IMGENEX that will provide our customers with an analytical advantage over traditional apoptosis probes, pSIVA novel binding capabilities will allow scientists to analyse and quantify new aspects of apoptosis previously unattainable to researchers.”

About the company, 2B Scientific is a specialist distributor of immunological reagents to the UK life science market. 2B Scientific take a novel approach to life science reagents distribution and provide a wide range of products including antibodies, PCR and flow cytometry reagents, proteins, kits and life science consumables.

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Kraff Eye Institute First In Illinois To Offer Laser Cataract Surgery

The most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States, cataract removal, is now being performed at the Kraff Eye Institute using the latest technological advancement; the Alcon LenSx® femtosecond bladeless laser. This latest advancement, which provides unprecedented precision to cataract surgery, is offered at Kraff Eye Institute. With the use of a multifocal lens or the correction of astigmatism there is NO additional cost to the patient for the use of the Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser.

The FIRST laser of its kind in Illinois and the only laser approved by the FDA for cataract surgery, the LenSx bladeless laser arrived in August of this year at the Harlem location of the Kraff Eye Institute.

LenSx utilizes a femtosecond laser which has been used to perform Lasik surgery since its FDA approval in 2001. By using this latest advancement of ophthalmic lasers, the surgeon and patient have an alternative to the mechanical cuts used in traditional cataract surgery while ensuring the highest-precision surgical incisions. This technology brings both safety and precision to the surgeon and the patient. (See Fact Sheet for additional details.)

Dr. Manus Kraff, the founder of the Kraff Eye Institute, has been performing cataract surgeries since the 1970’s. He now offers the LenSx laser procedure to cataract patients who meet specific criteria for the surgery. Since August of this year, Dr. Kraff has performed numerous successful cataract surgical procedures with the aid of the revolutionary Alcon LenSx femtosecond Laser.

“We are proud to offer the most advanced eye care technology in Illinois and the world to our cataract patients,” states Dr. Manus Kraff. “By adding computer control to the three steps of cataract surgery, the LenSx Laser ensures the highest-precision surgical incisions. The LenSx Laser is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients.

“We are thrilled to have this new technology available to us. Prior to this, cataract surgery was performed by hand with blades or needles,” he explains. “With the LenSx Laser, we are able to perform surgeries to more exacting, individualized specifications not attainable with other surgical methods. Most importantly, patients recover quickly and have great satisfaction with the outcome,” concludes Dr. Kraff.

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Established in the 70’s, the Kraff Eye Institute has been one of the foremost authorities in ophthalmic eye care. Drs. Manus and Colman Kraff have pioneered surgical procedures like phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, Lasik vision correction and now the LenSx Laser cataract removal. Both Dr. Kraffs have spoken at major universities and conferences worldwide on cataract and laser refractive surgery, served on numerous medical advisory panels and boards with Dr. Manus Kraff having served on the medical advisory board of the LenSx Laser Corporation since its inception.

With two offices in the city, the Kraff Eye Institute has been bringing the very best in eye care to Chicago for over 35 years. For more information about the LenSx procedure or to schedule a consultation, call: 773-777-4444. Visit


Advanced Liquid Logic Licenses Patents, Creates Collaboration With CEA-Leti

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, SEPTEMBER, 27 2011 – Advanced Liquid Logic announced today that it has signed a license and collaboration agreement with the French research institute CEA-Leti. The agreement provides Advanced Liquid Logic with worldwide exclusive access to CEA’s portfolio of patents related to digital microfluidics.

Advanced Liquid Logic co-founder and Dr. Michael Pollack said, “This agreement puts our company in a clearly dominant position with respect to the intellectual property surrounding digital microfluidics.” Co-founder Dr. Vamsee Pamula added, “the accompanying collaboration with a very active and highly competent group of researchers will provide us with key technical resources to help address both today’s and tomorrow’s technology challenges.” Advanced Liquid Logic has set up a subsidiary company in Grenoble, France to help manage the collaboration and to provide an initial position to address market opportunities in Europe. CEA-Leti employee Dr. Cyril Delattre will join the company and manage Advanced Liquid Logic’s French subsidiary.
“The combination of Advanced Liquid Logic’s intellectual property position and their readiness for market made them the ideal partner,” said Dr. Laurent Malier, CEO Leti. “We expect that our complementary skills, expertise and intellectual property will be very useful going forward. This partnership with Advanced Liquid Logic offers an industrial solution that will help us develop applications bases on microfluidics for many sectors”.

Advanced Liquid Logic previously acquired intellectual property from Nanolytics and Core Microsolutions. The company now owns or controls over 45 issued patents related to their proprietary, electrowetting-based digital microfluidic technology.

About Advanced Liquid Logic
Advanced Liquid Logic, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is commercializing its proprietary “Digital Microfluidics” technology in a spectrum of life sciences and clinical diagnostics applications. Digital microfluidics enables precise and flexible manipulation of microdroplets using electrical fields and therefore avoids the need for pumps, valves or microchannels required by competing technologies. For more information please visit

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About CEA-Leti
CEA is a French research and technology organization, with activities in four main areas: energy, information technologies, healthcare technologies and defence and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. CEA-Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. As a major player in MINATEC campus, CEA-Leti operates 8,000-m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards. With 1,400 employees, CEA-Leti trains more than 190 Ph.D. students and hosts 200 assignees from partner companies. Strongly committed to the creation of value for the industry, CEA-Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,700 patent families.

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