Rack Studs Limited Receives Platinum Rating in Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards Program

Rack Studs Limited, announced today that its Rackstuds were recognized among the best in the industry by the judges of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards program.

Las Vegas, NV, USA (September 28, 2015) — Rack Studs Limited, a NZ based manufacturer of rack mounting hardware announced today that its Rackstuds were recognized among the best in the industry by the judges of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers with vast professional experience.

Rack Studs Limited was recognized as a Platinum honoree.
“On behalf of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovator Awards, I would like to congratulate Rack Studs Limited on their Platinum-level honoree status,” said Cabling Installation & Maintenance Group Publisher Alan Bergstein. “This competitive, unbiased program celebrates the most innovative projects in the structured cabling industry. We are pleased to celebrate Rack Studs Limited’s Platinum status and recognize their contribution to the structured cabling industry”
Rackstuds™ are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts which are used to mount IT, Pro A/V, Security, and Telecommunications equipment in 19″ racks.

Rackstuds make it much easier to mount your gear because they go in from the front and provide you with a place to support your equipment while you spin on the lock nut. This makes inserting and removing Rackstuds much quicker and assists with mounting even heavy equipment as it no longer needs to be balanced in one hand!

Rackstuds are much simpler, faster, safer and very strong.

About Cabling Installation & Maintenance
Published since 1993, Cabling Installation & Maintenance has provided practical information to professionals responsible for the specification, design, installation and management of structured cabling systems in enterprises, data centers and campuses. Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s magazine, website (http://www.CablingInstall.com), email newsletters and webcasts help cabling professionals improve day-to-day operations and enable strategic planning for their networks’ optimum long-term performance.

About the Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards program
The Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards program reviews and recognizes the most-innovative applications of cabling and communications technology products and systems within the structured cabling industry. Platinum, Gold and Silver Honorees were announced at BICSI’s 2015 Fall Conference in Las Vegas on Monday, September 21, 2015. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards ranking included: innovation, value, sustainability, collaboration, and impact.

About Rack Studs Limited
Rack Studs Ltd, a New Zealand based manufacturing company has revolutionized the way that network equipment gets mounted in technology racks by releasing Rackstuds; a replacement for the common metal cage nut that has been the incumbent (and only) mounting choice for many years. Rackstuds are a universal replacement for cage nuts used to mount equipment in “19” racks with square punched vertical rails.

Media Contact:
Peter Stothers
Rack Studs Limited

Future Electronics promotes Susumu’s RG Series

Pointe Claire, Quebec (realtimepressrelease) September 28, 2015 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, promotes Susumu’s RG Series of thin chip resistors.

Susumu’s RG series, the best performing and most reliable thin film chip resistors in the market have gotten even better. The new URG series offers significant improvement in reliability as well as TCR linearity.

The URG series boasts the industry’s best absolute tolerance ±0.01%, and smallest TCR ±2ppm/°C, as thin film chip resistors. Because it is made of thin film, it maintains all the thin film advantages such as low noise (-25dB to -35dB) and frequency performance (up to 1GHz). In addition, the URG series shows superb linearity in TCR.

The RG series has excellent reliability and the URG’s reliability is even better. For example, the maximum drift for load life (+70°C, 2000 hours) is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.05%), the humidity bias (85/85, 2000 hours) drift is specified as ±0.05% (RG ±0.1%, refer to the graph), the temperature cycle drift (-65°C/+150°C, 100 cycles) is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.1%), and the high temperature exposure (+155°C, 100 hours) drift is specified as ±0.02% (RG ±0.1%).

The URG series is also highly stable under any environmental conditions including sulfuric atmosphere. The series is ideal for applications that require extreme precision and reliability such as precision industrial instrumentation, test and measuring instrumentation, automotive electronics, and laboratory grade scales.

For more information about Susumu, the RG series, thin chip resistors, low noise, or frequency performance, visit www.FutureElectronics.com

About Future Electronics

Future Electronics is a global leader in electronics distribution, ranking 3rd in component sales worldwide, with an impressive reputation for developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions. Founded in 1968, the company has established itself as one of the most innovative organizations in the industry today, with 5,000 employees in 169 offices in 44 countries around the world. Future Electronics is globally integrated, with one worldwide IT infrastructure providing real-time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of its operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Offering the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering capabilities and technical solutions through all stages of the design-production cycle, and the largest available-to-sell inventory in the world, Future’s mission is always to Delight the Customer®. For more information, visit www.FutureElectronics.com.

Media Contact

Martin H. Gordon
Director, Corporate Communications
514-694-7710 (ext. 2236)
Fax: 514-630-2671


Mumbai to Host the 3rd Edition of World Tea & Coffee Expo™ 2015 from 1st Oct 2015

Exclusive Pavilions from SL Tea Board, Tea Board of India and Participation from Coffee Board of India. Hi Level Conference & Workshops to determine trends, address issues related to the sector and impart skills.

Mumbai, India, September 26th, 2015 — Enhancing business opportunities in the Tea & Coffee sectors, the World Tea & Coffee Expo (http://www.worldteacoffeeexpo.com) is to be held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai INDIA from 1st Oct to 3rd Oct 2015. This 3-day trade fair is India’s only International show dedicated to the Tea & Coffee sectors and provides the perfect environment for the hot beverage industry to meet face-to-face and develop real business opportunities. The Current edition – which is the 3rd – has 50+ Exhibitors from 6 countries including Pavilions from Tea Board of India and Sri Lanka Tea Board as also participation from Coffee Board of India. On display are New-age Tea & Coffee Products and Brands, Vending Solutions, Premixes, Machineries, Retail Chains, Technologies, accessories, ingredients, Certifications etc.

The Expo offers huge potential for appointing Distributors, Bulk orders, joint ventures, franchising, networking, knowledge-sharing, meeting government officials, marketing alliances and overall branding. WTCE has become the platform for the launch of new and exotic tea & coffee products. The WTCE is thus a must-visit show for Tea Garden & Coffee Estate owners, Tea & Coffee Distributors/ Retailers/Wholesalers, Hoteliers/ Institutional Caterers, Restaurateurs & Café Owners, Importers & Exporters, Hotel Supplies Dealers, Purchase Managers of Large Offices & Retail Chains/ Mass Grocers/Supermarkets/Malls, Packaging professionals, F & B/Catering Managers, Dieticians / Nutritionists / Food Professionals, Chefs & Cooking Experts and Tea & Coffee Aficionados.

Says Priti M Kapadia, Director, Sentinel Exhibitions Asia P Ltd, organizers of this unique Expo, “Cutting through a plethora of food and food processing shows and focusing purely on the tea and coffee segments, the WORLD TEA & COFFEE Expo has established itself as the official Industry show with just two editions under its belt. The Expo shall emphasize the prospects of the Hot Beverage sector by showcasing exotic products and technological innovations in this important sector.”

An integral part of the Expo is a High level conference by Industry leaders, academicians and policy makers and also workshops by Tea & Coffee experts. The Conference theme of TEA & COFFEE INDUSTRY: THE ROAD AHEAD with sub themes of “DRIVING INNOVATION, DRAINING RISK FOR BETTER QUALITY AND YIELD” and “TASTE & HEALTH WITH TECHNO TREND” shall address issues dogging this sector and set out a road map for the speedy growth of the tea & coffee industries. The Workshops shall impart skills on important topics like “Usage of Tea & Coffee in Main Course”, “Tea & Coffee Service Etiquette”, “Cooking with Tea”, “Types of Tea / How to Correctly Brew, Taste & Consume Tea” etc.

For further information please log onto http://www.worldteacoffeeexpo.com or call on +91 22 28625133 or email to info@worldteacoffeeexpo.com

Press & Media Contact:
Mitesh M Kapadia
Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd / Sentinel Advertising Services
B-603, Samajdeep, Near Bhanu Park/Seasons Restaurant
Adukia Road, Off S V Road
Kandivli (W), Mumbai 400 067 India
Mob: +91 98205 03876
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Fax: (022) 28625133

Is Believing Enough or Do You Need Hope and Oxygen, Too?

Surviving divorce, raising children and starting over is something Katie Kelley Detmer understands all too well.

San Antonio, TX (USA), September 25, 2015 — Katie Kelley Detmer is an emerging author and speaker looking to touch those around her with a message of faith, family and hope. Detmer always wanted to write, but it wasn’t until after her divorce, the loss of her parents and being a mother of three children that she gained the courage to share her personal story of love, struggles, faith, hope and courage.

In her debut novel Hope & Oxygen, Detmer touches readers and shares her motto of: “It is never as bad as it seems and even though it may be hard, it’s never impossible.” Detmer’s book is geared to women and single mothers, however, fathers will be able to connect to many of the personal journeys Detmer shares such as learning even if something seems dark, impossible, you just need to take the first five minutes…the first step and keep going. Detmer talks about how single parents, wives and husbands need to focus on the first few days, weeks or months and not focus on fives years out from the goal.

“My book covers the seven-year journey I took in getting back into the work force and the dating scene after my divorce as a single mother of three children. It wasn’t easy raising my kids on my own. I had to learn how to balance my life while making sure I kept my focus on myself, my kids and what I wanted to achieve at work,” shared Detmer. “My journey had many ups and downs. I made mistakes, and sometimes people in my life were not honest with me, and I had to protect my kids from it all the best I could.”

Hope & Oxygen is a true story and starts with Katie Kelley Detmer’s earliest memories of a chaotic event that she survived without a blemish. Well, sort of. Detmer’s life has been a series of unexpected events and obstacles that she has had to hurdle. From getting divorced to dating a man sometime after who was trouble but seemed wonderful at the time, and later watching her children go through challenges, including her son being told he wouldn’t be a football player; miraculously, Detmer has always landed on her feet.

“My book isn’t about my ex-husband or why my marriage failed but rather a story about starting over with three kids and traveling down that unchartered path that so many woman travel. I didn’t want this to be a negative or dark book but rather a book of hope laced with plenty of humor even though at the time it may not have seemed funny” said Detmer. “Sharing the trials and tribulations about ‘that guy’ I dated after my divorce was critical to my book as so many woman I have met over the years have ‘that story’. Things don’t always end well in relationships, including marriages. Yes, sometimes an ex can be awful and painful, but my story isn’t about those things. It’s about picking yourself up, dusting off the bad memories and starting over. I want readers to know that things aren’t always that bad and with hope and oxygen, all things are possible.”

Hope & Oxygen takes readers full cycle throughout Detmer’s journey and the tiny opportunities that come along to keep her moving forward through it all.

“Everyone can tell you it is impossible, but it’s not. We do need companionship, be it family, friends or a special person in our lives,” commented Halo Publisher Lisa M. Unima. “I believe it was faith and the importance of her children that helped get Katie through it all. Women email her to share their stories, and that truly shows the inspiration Hope & Oxygen gives readers.”

You can purchase Hope & Oxygen through Halo Publishing’s website (http://halopublishing.com), Amazon and B&N.

Katie Kelley Detmer is the proud mother of three children. She grew up in New England, went to college in Boulder, Colorado and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is an outside enthusiast and has traveled the world cultivating lifelong friendships and memories.

Hope & Oxygen by Katie Kelley Detmer, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 9781612443690; Price: $14.95

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647


New Book Release – A Warrior’s Guide to Self-Defense, by Kyle Swinehart

A Warrior’s Guide to Self-Defense, by Kyle Swinehart, is a self-defense guide that increases your chances of surviving vicious life and death situations.

Bloomington, IN, USA (September 26, 2015) — Former Marine Corps infantry machine gunner and martial arts instructor Kyle Swinehart’s A Warrior’s Guide to Self-Defense is a practical self-defense guide targeted towards the untrained individual who desires to embody a warrior mentality, and learn how to survive a violent assault with the principles and strategies of close quarters fighting.

This is not a style of martial arts; these fighting tactics are extremely violent in nature because they were born on the battlefield, and designed for combating the most savage and deadly encounters in real world scenarios. It combines human biological instincts with self-control to form a completely fluid fighting strategy that is perpetually changing based on your threat and the environment around you.

In this warrior’s manual, you will learn how your body responds in an emergency, and what you can do to prepare yourself for violent combat. Kyle will describe the advantages of embracing the chaos, and how to respond to being assaulted. You will learn about the systems that allow your body to function, and the most effective way to target these systems on your enemy and successfully shut them off during a physical confrontation. Kyle will use simple physics to demonstrate the importance of speed in motion, and how to produce these effects with your body in the most efficient way. You will learn about his Spartan Defense, a close quarters maneuver that will maximize your offensive and defensive capabilities. He will also cover the various ranges of fighting in combat, and the safest way to traverse between them. You will also read about several of the most quick and effective methods of quickly taking your opponent down in close quarters, and the best strategies for fighting multiple opponents. This self-defense guide also contains numerous escape and evasion tactics Kyle learned in the Marine Corps infantry.

You will learn how to be a hard target, what to do when someone is following you, and how to survive being kidnapped. It also includes various methods of escaping the most common enemy restraints. Kyle also teaches what your objectives are when you are assaulted with a deadly weapon, and how you must respond to being seriously injured by your attacker. This incredibly informative self-defense guide is packed full of tactics and knowledge that can potentially save your life, be helpful in real world scenarios. http://www.KyleSwinehart.com

Genre – Self Defense, Attacker, Protection, Assault, Deadly Weapon, Warrior, Mentality, Life, Death, Survival, Marine, Fighting, Tactics

This book is very informative and useful for protecting yourself. No matter the situation and personal limitations, this book walks you through how to handle yourself and don’t go down without a fight. After reading this book, while I never hope to have to use it, I definitely am more knowledgeable about what to do and what not to do. ~Jayne Wonge

Short book, but great information and well written. ~Jamie Baynes, Amazon Top Reviewer

I would give this book to my friends or my kids to understand what they need to do to go to a new city or out of the country on their own. I would have them practice the techniques like the information on speed being more important than working on a hard hit so they would see the importance of the information, but Kyle is correct. And, if you want to see why he’s right, just watch movies from Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or about the Ip Man. They all emphasize the same things. ~Cat Jennings

The ebook version of A Warrior’s Guide to Self-Defense ISBN 9781622878994, published by First Edition Design Publishing (http://www.firsteditiondesignpublishing.com), is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 98 page print book version, ISBN 9781622878987 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Kyle Swinehart

Industry Veteran Carlos Rodriguez Joins Prepay Nation to Lead USA Division

Prepay Nation has welcomed chief operations and business development executive Carlos Rodriguez to their team as President of Prepay Nation USA.

Berwyn, PA (USA), September 24, 2015 — Prepay Nation, a leading provider of cross-border micro-value and prepaid mobile airtime transfers, has welcomed chief operations and business development executive Carlos Rodriguez to their team as President of Prepay Nation USA. Rodriguez will be responsible for overall company growth in the US market, helping to expand Prepay Nation’s international airtime transfer and value transfer services nationwide.

With technical expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit, Rodriguez has over 27 years of delivering results through innovation, common sense management and a “Make it Your Own” approach. He has created customer loyalty by delivering excellence and providing leadership. He most recently served as Chief Operating Officer at *Blackstone where Rodriguez oversaw 275 employees throughout the US and Caribbean, that generated over $375 million in annual revenue.

“My goal is for Prepay Nation USA to become the industry leader,” said Rodriguez, “and to take the business to the next level of growth.” Rodriguez, part of the core team that brought international Top-up to the United States, said becoming President of Prepay Nation USA was the perfect match. “On the distribution side, I worked with Prepay Nation as a vendor. I am thrilled to move over to the vendor side, and work closely with Anurag Jain, CEO of Prepay Nation, who I have known for many years through the business.”

“Carlos was part of the core team which built one of the biggest airtime and prepaid distribution organizations in the United States. They were one of the first ones to sell airtime electronically and still hold the patent for that. Carlos is very well respected in the prepaid and telecom space. His experience in the telecom industry, building and managing a large organization and his deep understanding of prepaid distribution were the main factors in hiring him for this position,” commented Jain.

Prepay Nation has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years. “This is the time for us to have the right processes in place and an organizational structure that supports the growth we have had and which we anticipate over the next few years. Carlos will be the right fit to put that in place because of his wealth of experience and knowledge,” concluded Jain.

About Prepay Nation:
Prepay Nation is a growth company in the business of enabling the transfer of small values from one person to another (P2P) across international borders. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to send value in the form of international airtime. With over 200 mobile operator partnerships in 94 countries and diverse distribution channels spanning over 175,000 locations in the US, Canada, Europe and Middle East, Prepay Nation provides a valuable service to expatriates who financially support their loved ones back home. Prepay Nation’s unique business model, scalable multi-currency processing platform, and global interconnectivity with mobile operators and other digital service providers provides instantaneous and no-fee value transfers for consumers and a significant revenue opportunity for distributors.

To read more, visit http://www.prepaynation.com

*Blackstone is a registered trademark of Blackstone Online

Press & Media Contact:
Brian Fox, Corporate Communications
Prepay Nation, LLC
1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300
Berwyn, PA 19312 – USA
+1 (416) 648-9133


New Book Release – Quantum Times, by Bill Diffenderffer

Quantum Times, by Bill Diffenderffer, tells a tale of visitors from Other Parallel Earths to our Earth, with intentions both cautionary and piratical.

Columbus, OH, USA (September 25, 2015) — Bill Diffenderffer’s Quantum Times peels off the cover of our world (at both the physical and the political levels) to point at the strange and dangerous forces creating the times we live in.

Quantum Times is a ‘hard’ Syfy novel about the good and the bad that can come to our planet over the next thirty years as our technology innovations are realized. Its story lines are written from the headlines of our world’s newspapers showcasing global terrorism, rogue nation states and political and economic inequality. It projects a world at risk of destroying itself with its ever more powerful technology flowing down to increasingly dangerous nihilistic leaders.

Borrowing from the ‘Many Worlds’ theoretical physics theory, in Quantum Times our Earth is visited by “aliens” from three other worlds – all of which turn out to be ‘Other Earths’. Yet these Earths are different from ours: their histories developed differently. These Other Earths are more technologically advanced than ours, particularly in their understanding of how to manipulate reality through understanding the latent power of “consciousness”. They arrive just after North and South Korea have destroyed each other with an exchange of nuclear missiles. Our world is on edge.

These Other Earths each have their own reasons for coming. One comes to help us avoid our potential for destruction, one comes like a pirate to first create chaos and then feed off of the opportunities presented, and one comes to further its own empire building dreams across all the Earths. What isn’t clear to our political leaders is which is which. Each claims to come to help us.

As the story develops, one of the Other Earths arms our Earth’s terrorist groups with more powerful weapons. These are used to destroy the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and threaten the Capitol in Washington. Powerful bombs are set off in London and New York City and there is an escalation of terrorist acts everywhere.

Excellent and well described and engaging storyline. I found the quantum theory multiverse description intriguing. Well worth reading and provoking. ~Nik Psevdos

I really enjoyed this book, I will watch for sequel. ~Barbara Fiehn

Good, taut SF novel that takes new age beliefs and places them firmly within the halls of science. Philosophy and physics co-mingle within the plot of this high stakes thriller for the future of this Earth as we learn that there are as many Earths as history has provided opportunities for clan/state clashes. Rather than create new realities in an alternate timeline, new Earths are created where the losers prevail. Now our Earth is a juicy target for the others. It’s a good tale and implied first in a series. ~Suzanne Reuss

Genre – Syfy, Quantum Physics, Terrorism, Consciousness, Many Worlds, Politics, End-Of-World

The ebook version of Quantum Times ISBN 9781622879755, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 334 page print book version, ISBN 9781622879748 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Bill Diffenderffer

5th Annual Botanicals Online Art Competition Announced

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces their 5th Annual “Botanicals” Online Art Competition for the month of October 2015.

Jupiter, FL, USA — Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces their 5th Annual “Botanicals” Online Art Competition for the month of October 2015. 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion into the Gallery’s November 2015 online group exhibition. The gallery encourages entries from artists, regardless of where they reside to apply to this competition by submitting their best Botanical and Floral art. Botanical art will include flowers, herbs, leaves and plants.

A group exhibition of the top ten finalists will be held online at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery during the month of November 2015. Awards will be for 1st through 5th places. Also, 5 Honorable Mention places will be awarded. In addition, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries, Special Merit and Special Recognition awards will also be given as well. The submission process and the deadline will end on October 27, 2015.

Winning artists of the “Botanicals” Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 70+ press release announcements, 75+ event announcement posts, extensive social media marketing and distribution, in order to make the art world aware of the art exhibition and in particular, the artist’s accomplishments. In addition, artists shall also receive a digital Award Certificate, Award Ribbon, Event Postcard, Event Catalogue, Press Releases and “Leveraging Your Success” marketing materials if they place in this exhibition.

Interested artists should provide the gallery with your best Botanical and Floral art now or before the October 27, 2015 deadline. For more information and instruction on how to apply online, here is the link http://www.lightspacetime.com.

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is Light Space & Time’s intention to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these worldwide artists. The art gallery website can be viewed here: http://www.lightspacetime.com.

Media Contact:
John R. Math
Light Space & Time Online Gallery
118 Poinciana Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458

New Book Release – Swiss Recipe To Happiness, by Stephan Bosshard

Swiss Recipe To Happiness, by Stephan Bosshard, is his story of becoming King, “Pretzel King” that is, and his recipe for success and happiness.

Miami, FL, USA (September 24, 2015) — Stephan Bosshard’s Swiss Recipe To Happiness is the story of a Swiss businessman who thought he had fulfilled his dreams, but then realized that on the way, he had lost sight of his real goals. He let go of what he had achieved, sold his company and regained what he had lost: his freedom. His autobiography, which reads like a suspenseful novel, is a great success story with heart and soul. And he has found the recipe to happiness. – The man is Stephan Bosshard

Although Stephan Bosshard was born (on August 6, 1960) and raised in Switzerland, it wouldn’t be quite appropriate to call him the typical Swiss.

Due to his not exactly carefree childhood, he took his life into his own hands quite early and began to dream of true happiness.

He found it – not where one might expect, in his success and wealth, but in the subtleties of daily life. He learned from experience that true happiness consists of love, leisure time and good health. On the zenith of his career – around the turn of the Millennium – he decided to let go. He sold his life’s work, the famous “Pretzel King” business, at a profit. For the time being, that spelled a Happy End to his earlier chase after happiness.

Today, Bosshard lives a happy, contented life – with his wife and their dog GIGI – away from any common daily routine, in Switzerland and on his yacht in Florida. He is convinced that on the way he has found his “Recipe for Happiness”.

Swiss Recipe to Happiness, is a great read, the author did not get over descriptive keeping with a good page turning pace. This simple entrepreneur lived his life to its fullest and worked his butt off to enjoy his success A simple yet, riveting account of his very spontaneous and exciting movements in his business and his travels around the globe. Fun and uplifting in every way. ~Keith Maling Amazon 5 Star Review

Genre – Autobiography, Self-Made Millionaire, Love Story, True Story, Adventure, Travel, Success, Happiness, Satisfaction, Goal Achieved, Survivalist

The ebook version of Swiss Recipe To Happiness ISBN 9781622879502, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 358 page print book version, ISBN 9781622879496, and hard cover ISBN 9781622879489, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Stephan Bosshard

New Book Release – A Wild Spring in Yellowstone, by R. E. Janet

A Wild Spring in Yellowstone, by R. E. Janet, takes you on a photographic adventure into the wild and wonderful experience that is Yellowstone.

Lafayette, LA, USA (September 24, 2015) — R. E. Janet’s A Wild Spring in Yellowstone – The Flash Adventures Series, #1 follows John and his Labrador Retriever, Belle, into Yellowstone National Park whose many natural wonders and a few possible dangers can make for a thrilling adventure.

John is thrilled to be out west. He can’t wait to see the sights, hike the trails, and take pictures with his new camera. But on their first day in the park, everything changes in a flash. What happened?

John and Belle find out really quick that they aren’t alone. The beauty of this park has a dangerous side too. And what is up with this camera? Can they make it back safely, with the park teeming with wild animals? But how? What will they find…or…what will find them?

Back in 2008, I visited my first national park and became absolutely hooked! Since then, I’ve traveled to many national parks in the United States. I hope to see them all one day!

My family and I love to spend time outdoors and enjoy watching nature change with each passing season. I took up photography along the way, and now, I always have my camera ready. Because of our love of nature and the national parks, I became inspired to create The Flash Adventures Series. I hope you enjoy John and Belle’s adventures as they find out where photography will take them! Enjoy the Journey! R. E. Janet

I must say I enjoyed reading this it was an easy read and one that I would read again. ~Sean Talbot

A good book for children who are beginning to read chapter books. It gives just enough information about Yellowstone National Park to keep their interest without being dull or too overwhelming for them. ~Librarian at York County Public Library


Genre – Yellowstone, Adventure, Flash, Magic, Wild, Camera, Wolf, Alone, Boy, Dog, Spring, Animals

The ebook version of A Wild Spring in Yellowstone ISBN 9781622879670, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 58 page print book version, ISBN 9781622879663, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
R. E. Janet