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Yamgo appoints two new directors to help with global expansion of mobile TV advertising platform

Mobile TV network Yamgo has appointed two new non-executive directors to its Board to help accelerate its
expansion and the development of its advertising platform. Experienced mobile entertainment executive Dave
Moreau and former Ernst & Young Managing Partner Trevor Denny join with immediate effect.
The Yamgo TV network streams live TV to mobile devices worldwide using 2.5G, 3G and Wi-Fi connections,
with an extensive line-up of Asian based entertainment channels, music, sport, movies, entertainment and news
Yamgo is available through mobile web, web and applications on multiple mobile OS including Android,
Apple, Blackberry and Symbian and more.
Dave Moreau is currently Chief Operating Officer of Livewire Mobile, Inc. Livewire provides digital
entertainment services, focused mainly on music, through Mobile Network Operators, OEMs and media
companies worldwide.
A journalist, he previously founded FoneStarz and was its CEO for eight years, successfully raising private
equity financing from Primary Capital Limited and taking it to exit when it was sold to Livewire in December
At Livewire he is responsible for product development, marketing, content, publishing and assisting with sales
and business development to customers around the world.
“Yamgo is a brilliantly run company with a focused, energetic and talented CEO in Ian Mullins,” said Dave
Moreau. “I am delighted to be joining the board as a non-executive director.”
Trevor Denny also joins Yamgo as a non-executive director, bringing his considerable financial experience to
the Board. Trevor is a Chartered Accountant who has held numerous senior management positions with Ernst &
Young during his successful career.
Trevor was Managing Partner of four E&Y offices and for over ten years was National Head of Audit for the
UK and Ireland, where he was responsible for running a £300m business with 2,000 staff.
For three years he was part of the Audit and Advisory strategy and policy setting board for Europe, Middle East,
India and Africa and had specific responsibility for running an offshore audit centre of 150 staff in India.
“I hope my experience and enthusiasm for Yamgo will help the CEO and his team with its growth plans across
Europe, India and beyond,” said Trevor.
Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins commented, “I am delighted to welcome Trevor Denny and Dave Moreau as Yamgo
Directors. Trevor is an expert in international business strategy and brings a wealth of experience from the
financial sector. Dave has a strong track record and considerable experience in the mobile industry and is well
versed in digital content services and mobile distribution. I am very pleased to have added two such high profile
appointments to the Yamgo Board.”

Help Spot and Avoid a Fake Mobile Phone for WCRD 2012

On World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2012, consumers worldwide are reminded that they have the power to make the right choice and avoid fake or knock off mobile phones.

“People can inadvertently purchase a fake or sub-standard phone, through no fault of their own, by trying to find a cheaper price for a phone – especially on the internet,” said Michael Milligan, Secretary General of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF).

“Everyone wants to be able to buy a product at a good price. But unscrupulous suppliers are exploiting that desire for a bargain to sell products that are not what they claim, or that are just poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. To help consumers identify and avoid these fake or knock-off phones, genuine manufacturers have created the www.spotafakephone.comwebsite.”

Most fake phones are counterfeit copies of genuine handsets, which steal intellectual property such as designs, technologies and trademarks to deliberately deceive consumers. Fake phones are also produced without government approval, safety testing or certification and are sold illegally on the world’s black markets.

“The global black market for fake handsets has grown rapidly over the past few years and is estimated to be in excess of 200 million devices every year,” Mr Milligan said.

“With counterfeiters imitating all facets of a phones appearance, including labeling, design and packaging, it can be hard to spot whether a phone is fake or genuine, so the mobile industry developed this website to help consumers identify fakes and make the right choice.”

“Often it is the sub-standard components, low quality manufacturing and poor performance that impact on consumers after they have already purchased a fake, especially in the area of consumer safety, and usually the consumer has no recourse with the supplier.”

“Another important benefit of buying a genuine phone is that original manufacturers stand behind the quality of their own products and provide important product warranties to consumers should problems arise after purchase.” Mr Milligan said

Consumers can do their part in helping to identify, report and avoid fake or knock off phones by going to: www.spotafakephone.com.


My Car Fashion Introduces Cosmetics for Your Car Turning Heads on the Streets

My Car Fashion introduces a funky new concept to car accessories for young, fun and fashionable people who love to customise and personalise their cars. It’s all about turning heads and being different and getting noticed on the streets.

Sydney, Australia, Monday – January 30, 2012 — My Car Fashion introduces a funky new concept to car accessories for young, fun and fashionable people who love to customise and personalise their cars. It’s all about turning heads and being different and getting noticed on the streets.

Females especially love to dress up their mobile phones with jewelry, colour and anything bling, and Lisa Thornquest, Managing Director of My Car Fashion found a gap in the market for females to be able to do this with their cars also.

3D My Car Fashion EyeLashes with new 3D Crystalised EyeLiner for your car headlights have proven to be the most popular products. They come in pink, blue, purple or silver to suit all cars and sparkle in the sun. It’s the perfect way to give your car personality and customize them.

“Originally our target market was for females aged 18-30s, however our customers have proven that age holds no boundaries or limitations. A wide variety of women love our products up to the age of 65! …for anyone daring to be different and stand out from the crowd. One of our customers even bought a pair of EyeLashes to dress-up their farm tractor called Betsy, saying she needed a makeover. Beauty Therapy and EyeLash extension businesses are especially mad for them.”

Proving popular My Car Fashion ( http://www.mycarfashion.com.au ) have branched out into other unique 3D bling products, all of which are quick and easy DIY to apply adhesives that won’t damage your car. They also have 3D My Car Angels, Devils and Paws that suit all car types and have introduced a quick and easy DIY product that promotes your business/website in 3D classy chrome called My Car Branding.

“In today’s environment we’re constantly looking for new ways to be individual and express our identity and personality… our cars have fashionably become an extension of ourselves. We’re now into branding our own vehicles with stickers, decals, ornaments, contrasting paintwork, jewelry and anything car bling.”

My Car Fashion products are very affordable ranging from $9.95 – $49.95 available from http://www.mycarfashion.com.au.

My Car Fashion is “Streetwear for your car” that’s edgy, racey, fun and flirty with a difference, for those that want to get creative on the streets, be individual and unique, get ready for the ride…wink wink.

Lisa Thornquest, Sydney
Managing Director
Facebook:: My Car Fashion

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa Thornquest
My Car Fashion Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
+ 61 401 677 003

Apple Ipad- A Powerful Computer In Your Palm

Apple iPads are the most demanded gadgets of twenty first century. These wonderful gadgets come with such extinguished features that they attract the attention of one and all. Recently Apple has come with Ipad2, the newer version of iPad. Most of the people had opined earlier that the new widget is not much different from the previous one, if you have thorough test of features and the looks. The newer gadget is more powerful if we only talk about features and application. It bears 9.7 inches retina display that emanates brilliant hues in pictures of the mobile phones. This latest widget, due to this special feature, caught the fire around the world. And now its readily available at afford able prices in on line and off line mobile phone stores in UK mobile phone market with ipad deals. You can pick out any such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free phones from an on line mobile phone retailers OK UK market. Market is flooding with such on line retailers which have iPad Deals. These deals are the best way of getting handset at cheap rates. All these deals are prepared in such a way that you get what you want.

Price under deals are subsidized in such a that you may not feel burden on your pocket. As for Ipad contract deals, they are cost effective as well as fetch some really fantastic free gifts for the buyers. All the well known network providers such as O2, Orange, Three, T-mobile, Vodafone, Virgin etc have several popular deals so as to seduce people buy latest ipad from Apple. The free gifts coming with contract phone are also working as bait. That’s why more and more customers are gearing towards contract phone deals.

The customers of today are enough smart to understand what is their need and how they can get maximum benefits for their bucks. Let it be made clear that if you get this tablet with contract you are handed out talk time, unlimited text messages, network connection and mobile phone Internet. All are free of cost. To grab these offers you could sign a contract paper with the service provider of your choice.

Due to slashed price and free incentives ipad contract phone are unbeatable as for the price of gadget in a showroom. If ipad first version is repleted with several multi media features such as iWork 2010 office software, e- reader etc then its scion is more sophisticated in technology. Its retina display is laced with fingerprint, scratch resistant oleophobic surface, multi touch input method, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and three axis gyro sensor. Besides, it has all the latest features such as loudspeaker, 3.5 jack, memory up to 64 GB storage, but does not facilitate you to use micro SD memory card. Even though it does not have GPRS and EDGE, still it provides you high speed Internet access with 3G and WLAN technology.

Mobile Phones- Chatting With A New-Fangled Dimension

When there are numerous troupes who draw closer in meadow then antagonism is foreseeable. To triumph such breed of rivalry makers, traders and shopkeepers recommend doohickeys at contemptible cost as customer can acquire them with no snag. Perhaps, they propose gratis offerings akin to Sony LCD TV, DVD player, gaming console, Laptop or something else. In verity, all and sundry proffer offerings at their individual stage as principal network operators of UK counting Vodafone, Virgin, Orange, O2, Three and T-Mobile put forward free indenture for more than a year with purchase of each mobile phone. Folk’s requirement are escalating day by day, consequently doodad makers like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Acer, HTC and Apple are conjoining all the multimedia facial manifestation in one mechanism to endow with enhanced piece of paraphernalia. Furthermore, they are promoting those on gung ho value. If you necessitate a proficient thingamabob and you are scheduling to procure then you just need to rummage around throughout the souk. UK mobile phone souk is the accurate podium where you can single out a dexterous widget among marvelous Mobile Phones.

To acquire cheap mobile phones, you can go for money-spinning schemes. There are plentiful mobile phone deals obtainable in souk which can effortlessly be availed with uncomplicated progression. If you fancy most advantageous assistance for your hard earned wealth then dead bolt the accurate deal. So you have to rummage around prior to securing a scrupulous deal. Since penetrating is a variety of method that lend a hand to acquire apposite pronouncement. For probing, you can go to souk or get rally round from online web portico. Internet is a vast resource where you can unearth mammoth affluent web sites which are fine preserved and supply the most recent information with uncomplicated tick. Web portals are of colossal employ; those not only assist to dig up comprehensive information but in addition facilitate to buy with simplicity and console. So, if you are looking for the best mobile phone deal in the souk then you can simply check all the latest best mobile phone deals among the prevailing ones in the market such as contract deal, pay as you go deal and sim free deals which are on the offering from an assortment of prime service providers in the UK mobile souk with some gorgeous gratis gifts.

Latest News on Blackberry Phones and HTC Phones

MOBILE PHONES – Cheap Mobile Phones Free Offers With Best Deals

The evolution of mobile phone has flooded the global mobile phone market with numerous mobile handsets and with mobile phone deals these handsets are easily available.

Mobile phone, A word that is self explanatory, the importance of which in every human life does need to be mentioned here. Over the period of time the mobile phone has secured a very important place for itself in our lives. We all need it to stay connected, to get entertained, to do office works, to do every possible thing that one can imagine except natural things. Since its inception the mobile phone has changed a lot and a lot of high end features and applications have been incorporated.

The simple communication tool has changed into the high end smart phone with all the ultra modern features and applications that are able to perform multifarious activities. Companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Eriksson, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, LG and other manufacturing companies are following the rule of “innovation” and producing something new with every handset that they launch.

These new mobile handsets are pretty expensive but are easily available with mobile phone deals uk . There are various types of deals with which the latest and high end smart phones are available for free or at a dirt cheap rate.

In UK there are various types of deals like contract phones with free gifts deal, pay as you go phone deals, SIM free deals and SIM only deals. These deals suit all types of subscribers. However the most preferred deal in UK is the contract phone deals with which there are irresistible freebies and tariff plans which helps a lot to get more and more subscribers.

The other deals also have something unique and beneficial to offer to the subscribers. The growing number of manufacturing companies and network companies is resulting in rapid growth of competition in the market. This competition is forcing the companies to push their limits and create and offer new things in every given opportunity and the companies are not leaving any chance to impress the subscribers with something new and lucrative.

In fact, you buy a mobile deal and go home with products like home appliances, laptops, HD TV, gaming consoles, mobile accessories, mobile insurance and much more which comes for free with the network connection. Therefore now getting a good handset with great free gift is just a few finger clicks away with numerous online shopping portals. ”

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Mobile Phone Deals Are Becoming The Greatest Need For Hi-Tech Gadget Users!

Mobile phone service providers have stretched out their wings beyond mobile phone market. You can find these Mobile Phone Deals fabulously working with other hi-tech gadgets as well.

Not only mobile phones are growing in number rapidly but hi-tech devices like laptops and tabloids are also coming in good number in the marekt. These devices are best for business professionals and tech savvy people due to their portability.

They help them in business operations and help to connect with the world at ultra fast speedthrough internet connectivity. But, to have cheap internet connection and to have it while on the go, one have to go for service providers.

The Mobile Broadband Deals are generally offered by mobile phone network providers under mobile phone deals. Apart from mobile phones, network providers are selling cheap phone deals to buy and use devices like tabloid, TVs and many more. To get hands on best phone deals, one has to put some efforts by himself. For that, online web portals will play a great role for you. There are various mobile phone websites, which provide latest and fresh data for comparing various mobile phone deals.Along with mobile phones, the tabloid market is also growing at an ultra fast pace. Mobile phones and many more such hi-tech devices are becoming a great need for people nowdays.

These devices are contributing a lot to upgrade the living standards of people and connection with the outer world. The mobile phone manufacturers are bringing such New Phones that were never seen before. In simple words, huge devices are shrinking day by day but can perform multitasks at one go.But to avail these amazing devices at affordable price, nothing can be better than mobile phone deals. These deals are playing a very vital role in people’s life to enjoy such beneficial but expensive gadgets at very cheap price.

Free Gifts With Mobile Phones Fruitful And Money Saving

There are coming several new mobile phones in the market. The entry of these new mobile phones have created tough competition among the manufacturers of mobile phones. To overcome such competition most of the cell phone have now several offers with the purchase of latest mobile phones but Free Gifts With Mobile Phones are very famous. Reputed and major network providers in alliance with manufacturers in UK are offering contract mobile phones with free gifts. Some of the popular free gifts are: 42 inches LCD TV, Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, Coffee machine, juicer mixer, fashionable and trendy clothes, mobile phone accessories and myriads of home appliances. Due to a whole range coming free with mobile phones, these have become very popular in market.

Mobile phones networks like Virgin, Vodafone, 3, T-mobile, O2 and Orange offering free laptop with mobile phone under contract deals in lieu of a definite monthly charge. Most of contract deals are found in 12 months to 36 months contract period. You can choose what you need. Free gifts given with this type phone is like an incentive so as to more and more customer are lured into buying Mobile Phones. Buyers like them too , owing to so many opportunities and offers only in one plan.

Free TV with mobile phone is also there at your disposal in UK market, only if you strike a contract deal. Several popular handset of top brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Apple are all available under mobile phones with free gifts schemes. Due to easily accessible and cheap these deals are getting more appreciation in UK market. You too can log on such web portals which offers such free gifts with new mobile phones.

Mobile phones- Now it’s more than the communication

Mobile world is completely filled with the highly featured device in a vast range. In UK, one can find the mobile phones through the unlimited mobile phone deals at the pocket rates.

A huge competition is there in the global mobile industry and it is becoming very tough day by day. To win this competition, all the brands are coming up with their highly featured gadgets. Several manufacturers like Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, etc. are offering the highly featured gadgets with the advanced technology continuously. Unlimited mobile phone deals are available in UK market with the great offers and the free gifts by the major networks.

Users can go for any kind of gadgets from simple to highly sophisticated ones and from the cheap to the expensive ones. Ten years back, mobile phones were only the source of communication through texts or calls. But now these offer you the best communication as well as great multimedia features for your entertainment. Now you can enjoy the face time video calling features on mobiles. You will also enjoy the best photography experience with the high pixel cameras that can give the life like images.

Cheap mobile phones are offered through several deals like contract, pay as you go and Sim free. These deals are offered by the major networks like Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, Three and O2. Users can get any kind of gadgets through these deals with the best network. Exclusive offers like free calls, cash back offers, free data allowance etc. are also offered to attract the customers.

Amazing free gifts like Laptops, MP3, DVD player, digital camera, Nintendo Wii, iPod classic etc. are also offered to the users through the latest mobile phone deals at cheap rates. One of the most efficient and the easiest ways to go for the mobile phones at reasonable rates is through online shops. Here one can easily compare various plans and features of the gadgets to find the best one.


Over the period of time technological advancement has changed the way the mobile phone was used and viewed. The current era is an era of communication. We all need to stay connected with each other all the time. Connection is the key word in today’s world. We not only need to stay connected with our near and dear once but for professional and business purposes also we need to stay in high alert through various communicative devices.

The basic communication device that is available in the market and we all are subscribers of it is the mobile phone. It is a device which we all use, due to its necessity and usefulness the mobile phone market is booming on a day to day basis. The simple communication device is now an all in one portable device that is used for multifarious works.

A portable music player, camera, communicator, pocket size computer the mobile phones is the most popular electronic item they can be found in everyone’s possession. The credit for this revolution in mobile phone industry goes to the manufacturing companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericson, Nokia, HTC, LG and such other companies which are launching new models which are loaded with newest technology on a day to day basis.

The mobile phones pay as you go is a necessity as well as a style statement these days. The latest technology is available with hottest designs. This communicative device is also a source of great entertainment with various types of high-end features and applications. High mega pixel camera, multimedia player, FM radio, high resolution colour screen, expandable memory, downloadable games, internet access, Wi-Fi are only some of the features that the high end mobile phone have these days.

The growing competition in the mobile market is forcing the manufacturing companies to expand their horizon and to bring something new every time. The result of this is that the subscribers has multiple options to choose from and in UK through mobile phone deals one can get their favourite mobile phone handsets for free or at a nominal cost. To top it all even great tariff plans and attractive incentives are also offered with the mobile phone deals.

Thanks to necessity, growing competition and technological advancement that the mobile phone has become very easy to acquire and with online shopping option these amazing mobile phones are at your doorsteps. ”

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