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Financial Integrity and Legal Controversy: Inside ThinkStrategy’s Prolonged Battle

NEW YORK, 2024-May-20 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — ThinkStrategy Capital Management, a leading investment management firm, today announced a significant legal victory as all charges brought against it and its founder, Chetan Kapur, by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been dropped. This decision comes after a protracted legal battle where ThinkStrategy demonstrated the baselessness of the SEC’s allegations.

For over a decade, ThinkStrategy Capital Management delivered outstanding financial returns to its investors, consistently outperforming the market, even during the tumultuous periods of the Great Recession. The firm’s rigorous investment strategies and commitment to investor transparency have been a cornerstone of its operations.

However, during these challenging economic times, ThinkStrategy and Mr. Kapur faced severe legal and regulatory challenges, stemming from what has been revealed as a series of unfounded accusations by the SEC. These allegations were not only without merit but were also shown to have been influenced by improper motives, as detailed in recent legal proceedings.

“The dismissal of these charges is not just a victory for ThinkStrategy but for the integrity of the financial regulatory process,” said Chetan Kapur, founder of ThinkStrategy Capital Management. “We have always upheld the highest standards of compliance and transparency, and this outcome reaffirms our commitment to our investors.”

Despite the financial and operational challenges posed by these legal battles, ThinkStrategy continued to protect and prioritize the interests of its investors, demonstrating resilience and ethical management during periods of significant market stress. The firm’s actions during the crisis exemplify the dedication and sacrifice ThinkStrategy is willing to make to safeguard investor assets.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management wishes to express its gratitude to the legal team, its loyal clients, and all those who supported the firm through this challenging period. Moving forward, ThinkStrategy is focused on continuing to provide exceptional service and investment returns to its clients.


Former Uber Driver Creates Cryptocurrency Banq potentially Worth Millions

MIAMI, FL, 2022-Apr-27 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Meet Anade, he’s a Former Uber Lyft Driver turned Financial Data Scientist.

His company CryptoShare Banq is raising Funding on Wefunder below:

The Raise closes April 30. This could be the last chance for people to invest!

Almost Five years removed from getting people from one place to another. He is now getting people to Build Wealth using Cryptocurrency with his company “Cryptoshare Banq”.

Website here: www.Cryptoshare.App

“In 2018, after I gave up Uber I made a decision to build Wealth and help others in the process.

Our Target Market is the Creditless, Unbanked, and Underbanked (over 25% of US and over 70% in Latin America).

Almost a 3rd of the World do not access to basic Financial tools (debit cards, loans, savings & checking accounts).” ~ Anade

Cryptoshare Banq launched on Feb 1, 2022. Presently the company has raised $200,000 USD and has nearly 200 Users using the CryptoCurrency Banq!

Web site:

Invest here:

All investments Close April 30 2022!

Cryptoshare Banq is a Decentralized Financial System

Media contact:

66 W Flagler Street STE 900, Miami, FL 33130, United States

Accumeo Enables Enterprises to be Accessed Through Equity Crowdfunding

Accumeo allows members of the general public to engage in the investing process while also giving much-needed financing to emerging and established entrepreneurs.

Skåne län, Sweden | March 16th, 2022 — Accumeo enables the general public to participate in the Investing process while also providing much-needed funding to innovative businesses. With equity crowdsourcing, everyone may contribute to the growth of a company at the precise moment they need it the most. Entrepreneurs who have the best ideas often struggle to get the capital they need for their businesses to progress. Investors such as venture capitalists and institutional lenders such as banks may be reluctant to invest in potential concepts. They didn’t want another great business Economics idea to go to waste, so they did something about it.

For their part, individual investors are routinely excluded from the most profitable early investment rounds. Entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life should be able to connect via Equity Crowdfunding Sweden, according to them. Thus, investors may vote and reap the benefits of future dividends or initial public offerings (IPOs) or the eventual sale of the company in which they have staked their money on our platform.

In addition, Accumeo is a symbol of growth and innovation. Entrepreneurs and investors alike may benefit from our knowledge, which allows us to focus on an unmet demand for investor access between entrepreneurial vision and investment access. Our executive team and board of directors have a combined total of more than a century of experience in both Crowdfunding and traditional corporate Finance.

The company is ready to bring the most promising new businesses to market as soon as they are ready. We invite you to join us so that we may share our vision with you.

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Trevise Bank Becomes the Most Trusted Bank in the Field of Wealth Management

Trevise Bank, which has been providing services to the people for years, has achieved the best results. It has now turned out to be the most trusted bank in the private sector and is known for its work in the area of wealth management.

Stockholm, Sweden | March 07, 2022 — There are many banks existing in the private sector that guarantee to offer the best services to the customers. But there are very few that stick to the words and offer the services that are best in the interest of the customer. In the private banking sector, Trevise Bank AB has proved itself by the work and by offering the customers services that are worth the money. This has made it achieve the title of the most trusted bank by the customers.

The bank is known for offering business banking services that can help the customers to run their business smoothly. It has been offering a wide range of services since the day it came into being. The bank that has been serving the customers for years has always stood by its words and offered the best financial solutions to the customers.

The bank offers property finances, to experienced developers by properly structuring the transactions. It also offers a solution in Trade finance that can maximize the opportunities in international trade and reduce the risk. In addition to this, the Investment bank offers various other services like Hi-Tech space for start-ups, hotel finance, and commercial finance. The bank has a team that is an expert in the area of the hotel and property sector. The main aim of the bank is to provide a leading solution, without getting hindered by any type of obstacles.

This is what Kim Leevy, Account Officer at Tervise Bank has to say, “At Trevise Bank AB, we aim to build a strong relationship with our customers. As we believe in building a long-term and valuable customer relationship, that is healthy. We as a team put in all the efforts that can give you the best results and make us stand true to all the expectations of the customers so that they are always with us. So that this strong working relationship never breaks. We continuously work to give the best results to our customers.”

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When It Comes To High-tech Electric Vehicles, Long Island Insurance Is A Need

Laura Adams MBA, an auto insurance professional, is asked concerning Long Island insurance and provides clarification.

Seattle, WA, USA | February 18, 2022 — There was a need for clarity on the restrictions for electric cars on Long Island, and auto insurance specialist Laura Adams MBA was approached to do so. She had this to say about it. People who are inexperienced with the intricacies of Long Island’s car and auto insurance policies are naturally frightened. The rules here are a little more intricate than they are in other regions.

It was up to’s Ms. Adams, a Long Island-based driver’s insurance expert, to give some simple answers to some challenging queries about Long Island’s high-tech electric vehicle driver’s insurance options. On this page, we discuss her distinctive viewpoint on the law in further detail.

There are a variety of options for automotive insurance for those who live in the region. Liability insurance and full coverage insurance may be used to categorize several types of insurance. In the event of an accident, personal injury, or damage caused by an uninsured driver, full coverage protects you. Liability only extends to things that happen outside of your control.

If you want to drive in New York, you must have at least third-party liability insurance. There’s no doubt about it: comprehensive insurance offers the best protection against the myriad of problems that might arise when driving.

Accidental death and bodily injury coverage must be doubled if more than two people are injured in the accident. If you are engaged in an accident that needs you to go to court, you will quickly empty your savings with this amount of money.

Your ZIP code, gender, age, vehicle type, driving record, and credit score all play a factor in determining your auto insurance costs in New York. Insurance premiums for electric cars are frequently cheaper since they are still relatively new. It’s possible that they’ll vary from one individual to another. Since there are so many options, the best way to figure out which is the most cost-effective for you is to do a price comparison online.

If you live on Long Island and want to lower the cost of your car insurance policy to save some money, you may want to consider placing a tracking device in your car. Insurers can now keep tabs on your driving habits thanks to cutting-edge technology. Black box monitors your speed, the likelihood of slamming on the breaks, and other factors. In order to determine whether or not you are a safe driver, the insurance company does this test. If you’re not careful, you may save money, but you could also end up paying more. Consider all of your choices before installing a black box. This technique may not be the most cost-effective if you work night shifts, since they will take into consideration your driving habits.

About Laura Adams MBA:

Laura Adams, sometimes known as “Laura the Finance Expert,” is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of finance, insurance, and small business. Every year since that time, she has helped millions of people via her award-winning writing, speaking, and hosting work as host of the top-rated Money Girl podcast.

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Qen Assets Have the Ability To Prove Its Finest Worth

QEN is a deflationary and reflective currency that was released on the Binance Smart Chain and is inflationary in nature (BSC). It is possible to earn passive income by holding the QEN token.

Singapore | February 08, 2022 — It was possible to communicate with one another through BlackBerry Messenger while maintaining a high level of security not available in today’s messaging services thanks to the use of PIN codes. In 2011, BlackBerry Messenger was shut off. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp treat the user’s personal data as though it were their own. The information may be sold to corporations so they can better target their customers.

It would have been shocked to see an advertising message arrive while the user was watching a video on Facebook; it was precisely what he had been looking for days and he quickly clicked on it and purchased the Qen token.

This does not seem to be an everyday occurrence. It’s possible that the user had a chat about purchasing the goods over Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, a subsidiary of the corporation in question. Adverts were provided to you based on the content of the debate you were participating in. That’s only one illustration of what may be done. By selling personal information, firms are raking in billions in profits. A multibillion-dollar industry has emerged, and huge corporations are vying for a piece of it.

If one is an American, you should know this little-known fact about large corporations, they owe $300 every year. Why? It’s because they earn a lot of money by selling information to other companies. Furthermore, this is an issue that affects individuals across the world, not just Americans. This is where the Qen Digital asset comes useful.

While the merchant may not feel this is against the law, others may. Unfortunately, they have no say in the matter. Why do they do it this way?

But don’t worry, for the Quentin and Qen messenger has sprung up in its place. Compared to the original BlackBerry Messenger, Qen Tokens Chat is a more secure version of it. Encrypted secret communications are used by the makers to allow the trader to safely explore the Metaverse. Users will be able to earn money by using the maker’s services to do business with large corporations, rather than just providing a safe chat platform.

About the Company:

QEN is a deflationary and reflective currency that was released on the Binance Smart Chain and is inflationary in nature (BSC). It is possible to earn passive income by holding the QEN token.

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OKY App & Prepay Nation Launch a Global Strategic Partnership to Support Financial Inclusion and the Digital Lifestyle

Prepay Nation and OKY App have entered into a strategic partnership to provide top-up for OKY app’s customers across the U.S.

Berwyn, PA – USA | January 06, 2022 — Prepay Nation, a global leader in mobile/Data top-up and recharge for prepaid solutions and OKY App an innovative and one-of-a-kind U.S.-based fintech platform designed by and for immigrants with the purpose of bridging digital and geographic divides and promoting financial inclusion for underserved communities, helping them to connect, thrive, and achieve prosperity have entered into a strategic partnership to provide top-up for OKY app’s customers across the U.S.

“This new partnership is a pivotal expansion of our prepaid productized remittances for cross-border e-gift cards, education, food, health, construction, and agriculture, to millions of customers across Latin America and beyond,” Says A.J. Hanna, CEO of Prepay Nation.

“We are transforming the way that people support their families back home, providing new options, better choices, convenience, and instant gratification, while helping them save time and money” continued Hanna.

“This partnership opens new channels for OKY users to top-up their account with cash, allowing them to participate in a digital ecosystem,” said Victor Unda, CEO of OKY.

“OKY understands the importance of ensuring immigrants can remain connected to their friends and families back home and has designed a platform that empowers them to remain a part of their lives enabling its consumers to buy from its one-of-a-kind marketplace by digitalizing cash at thousands of points of sale across all the United States.” continued Unda.

OKY provides its users with the ability to participate in e-commerce without the need for a bank account, credit, or debit card, which are factors that often keep the immigrant community from achieving their goals more efficiently by leveraging the digital economy.

Prepay Nation is a global leader in the new digital lifestyle enabling millions of people around the world to stay connected at home and away.

The partnership benefits OKY App and its customers by leveraging the extensive Prepay Nation global network of brick and mortar and digital channels.

Prepay Nation helps in connecting brands like OKY App to distributors and resellers by enabling the Latin American and other Diasporas in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East to prepay for productized remittances by topping up their OKY App account.

About Prepay Nation (PPN):

Prepay Nation (PPN) is a global leader in domestic and cross-border airtime/data top-up and recharge, digital gift cards, bill payments, and productized remittances. Prepay Nation utilizes its innovative B2B and B2B2C Value Top-Up Marketplace and Technology Hub to enable over 4 Billion consumers around the world to stay connected to their friends and families and participate in the new digital lifestyle. With connections to over 500 Mobile Network Operators in 150 countries, consumers can simply charge and recharge their prepaid mobile, IoT, Amazon Cash, and now OKY App accounts anytime and from anywhere. Prepay Nation offers a diverse network of partnerships with over 275,000 locations across N.America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and a variety of online and digital applications globally. Prepay Nation enables its partners to generate increased foot traffic, higher site visits, more transactions, incremental revenue, and stronger customer loyalty.

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Credit Resources Helps People to Improve their Credit Score

Credit Resources becomes the company that is helping to improve people’s credit scores. This program that has been launched to give the best results.

Calgary, AB – Canada | January 03, 2022 — Credit has become the necessity of time. People rely on credit to support themselves in financial matters and enjoy the various other benefits offered by it to the users. But most of them fail to get the maximum benefit out of it, as they have bad credit history. The Credit Resources program is something that gives you effective results and helps you enjoy all the benefits offered by credit companies and banks. Credit Resources have turned out to be the leading company that helps users enjoy the benefits of amazing credit. The company launched its recent program that will guide the users through strategic ways to improve their credit scores.

The company has introduced its users with the 4 effective ways that can help them improve the score of their credit reports.

* The company helps the users to report their rent payments to Equifax for a 50-60 point boost in 90 days. This can help you improve the chances of getting financial help easily. Your car loans and other loans get approved easily.

* The next thing is they help in removing the negative items from your credit report. This will boost the credit score and allow you to enjoy extra benefits.

* After this, the company also helps in settling their debts in collections to stop those harassing phone calls.

* Lastly, the company also issues Visa so the users can start learning positive spending habits. This will help them live a life that is financially very stable and stress-free.

Credit resources reviews show that the program has been very successful and have received the support of the people. This has opened various opportunities for the people all around and helped them have an excellent start. The users just need to be sure that they complete all 4 steps. You can begin by reestablishing your credit score and enjoying the benefits. This also allows you to afford things even if they seem out of your budget. When the users are unable to afford things in cash, then they can enjoy it with the help of a good credit, by carefully using it.

The Credit Experts of the company will assist you in moving forward by providing you with credit knowledge you have never had before. If you’re well-versed in a subject, you’ll probably have no troubles in that area. The main purpose of the program is educating people about credit, and making sure you have the correct materials and answers is crucial to your success. You can enjoy this service for free if you become a member of the program. Users can also receive help from the professionals who will review their credit reports and write dispute letters on their behalf.

You can check the information about the credit resources on

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Why ANB Blockchain is the Next Blockchain of the People

Blockchain technology is a need but access is only given to few. Therefore, ANB blockchain is providing access to everyone and not only one by lowering the gas fees and providing a Scan, Testnet, Wallet, and DEX-bridge-Multichain in one chain.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom | December 28, 2021 — ANB Blockchain (Access Next Blockchain) will set its launch to the public. ANB Blockchain is a product of a community that had been into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, for almost 6 years on trading and experiences combined, the community behind this blockchain project lose a lot more than gaining.

Blockchain technology is new to the public eye and it is complicated to learn especially if you have little knowledge about it. People only hype the financial aspects of it in economics but never mention the risk factor of it upon the scenario. This means that as a blockchain you have a right to take control and responsibility for the project being deployed within your chain but most blockchain technologies right now never take that measure. Allowing rug-pull projects deployed on your chain is a bit unethical reason is always advised to “DYOR” or “Do Your own Research” but still, as a blockchain, you have the right to protect your investors.

Blockchains has different purpose different functions and vision so thus ANB Blockchain.

ANB Blockchain is layer 2 with an enhanced architecture and security.

IBFT (Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant) Consensus Protocol, Bonsai Tries Data Storage, Advance Proof-of-Stake is Proof-of-Authority, Permission-less, On-chain Governance and has the Lowest Gas Fee nearly Zero.

ANB Blockchain will reshape the future of blockchain technology and implement the real use of blockchain technology. For blockchain is a system and a platform where people can develop projects that are useful, companies can deploy tokens to support their company’s financial status quo. ANB Blockchain encourages everyone to learn the right use of blockchain technology and make it meaningful full with a purpose.

ANB Blockchain is ready to set. ANB Testnet, Scan, Wallet, and DEX-Bridge-Multichain projects are almost done and can be used by January 2022. ANB Blockchain will have its ICO and IEO to place the ANB Coin in exchanges. SInce ANB Blockchain is for the community, the ICO amount set for the public is 30 million.

Hence, ANB Blockchain is a community blockchain from which you can benefit. Support ANB Blockchain for this is your way to trade. Access is given and access is already granted. Let us bring ANB to exchanges so that we can have a blockchain that has a heart for the community and has a vision and plans for everyone.

Twitter: ANB Blockchain (@anbblockchain) / Twitter

Medium: @anbglobally|Medium

LinkedIn: ANB Globally | LinkedIn


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ANB Blockchain
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How Care Ultima Became America’s Most Trusted Health Solution

Care Ultima becomes the most trusted healthcare solution for American citizens. Irrespective of your status of health insurance you can become a part of care ultima and enjoy the benefits.

Chino Hills, CA – USA | December 13, 2021 — Care Ultima, becomes one of the most trusted healthcare companies for American Citizens. There are many people around there who haven’t availed of any kind of health insurance plan, so this can be the best solution for them.

Care Ultima is basically a virtual health clinic, including the entire family, all for less than $1/day…Incredible! You can enjoy the benefits of Virtual healthcare, be it business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals of any other profession, Care Ultima is the best company of its kind in the world!

Whether you have health insurance or not, every American needs to join Care Ultima! The company offers different benefits to different individuals, be it a mother or children. You can always check the benefits and opt for them.

This is literally the best option for anybody to get quick and easy access to top-rated physicians 24/7. You are charged less than $/1 a day and give the entire family access to doctors 24/7. This makes it fit into your budget as well. Licensed doctors are available in minutes via the online, phone, or mobile app, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Care Ultima allows your phone or video access to the top doctors, no matter where you are!

It’s possible to get a yearly subscription for less than $1 each day. There are no co-pays and you can use the service as much as you like. They offer the entire family at no extra charge. You can easily get the membership of the company by registering yourself without any restriction of age or gender. This process gets completed in hardly two minutes and then you can enjoy the benefits.

Non-emergency ailments such as colds and flu, sinus infections, allergies, and more can be easily treated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Care Ultima also boasts a network of experienced pediatricians to help out your young loved ones. Every Mother needs Care Ultima as there’s nothing more comforting than having experienced pediatricians practically on speed dial 24/7. They are the ones who will guide you by just a phone call or via video calling.

The company has specialized pediatricians who take care of any issue related to children. They treat the children with non-emergency conditions like flu, pink eye, stomach ache, and more. Care Ultima proves an effective way to avoid unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits.

In addition to virtual doctor appointments, care ultima provides you with drugstore discounts, health and wellness information, and free 24/7 email or smartphone app access to doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, dentists, dieticians, and more. Hence, Care Ultima is literally the future of healthcare, for no additional cost!

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