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Credit Resources Helps People to Improve their Credit Score

Credit Resources becomes the company that is helping to improve people’s credit scores. This program that has been launched to give the best results.

Calgary, AB – Canada | January 03, 2022 — Credit has become the necessity of time. People rely on credit to support themselves in financial matters and enjoy the various other benefits offered by it to the users. But most of them fail to get the maximum benefit out of it, as they have bad credit history. The Credit Resources program is something that gives you effective results and helps you enjoy all the benefits offered by credit companies and banks. Credit Resources have turned out to be the leading company that helps users enjoy the benefits of amazing credit. The company launched its recent program that will guide the users through strategic ways to improve their credit scores.

The company has introduced its users with the 4 effective ways that can help them improve the score of their credit reports.

* The company helps the users to report their rent payments to Equifax for a 50-60 point boost in 90 days. This can help you improve the chances of getting financial help easily. Your car loans and other loans get approved easily.

* The next thing is they help in removing the negative items from your credit report. This will boost the credit score and allow you to enjoy extra benefits.

* After this, the company also helps in settling their debts in collections to stop those harassing phone calls.

* Lastly, the company also issues Visa so the users can start learning positive spending habits. This will help them live a life that is financially very stable and stress-free.

Credit resources reviews show that the program has been very successful and have received the support of the people. This has opened various opportunities for the people all around and helped them have an excellent start. The users just need to be sure that they complete all 4 steps. You can begin by reestablishing your credit score and enjoying the benefits. This also allows you to afford things even if they seem out of your budget. When the users are unable to afford things in cash, then they can enjoy it with the help of a good credit, by carefully using it.

The Credit Experts of the company will assist you in moving forward by providing you with credit knowledge you have never had before. If you’re well-versed in a subject, you’ll probably have no troubles in that area. The main purpose of the program is educating people about credit, and making sure you have the correct materials and answers is crucial to your success. You can enjoy this service for free if you become a member of the program. Users can also receive help from the professionals who will review their credit reports and write dispute letters on their behalf.

You can check the information about the credit resources on https://creditresources.ca/

Press & Media Contact:
Credit Resources
7920 42 Street SE,
Calgary, AB T2C 2T5
+1 (833) 424-0579

Leaf Credit Solutions Helps Companies Build Business Credit and Secure Funding

Bloomfield, New Jersey-based Leaf Credit Solutions has expanded its services to include Business Credit Asset™. The program is a proven, step-by-step system to help companies build business credit and position themselves to secure trade credit and funding.

Bloomfield, NJ (USA), October 05, 2012 — Leaf Credit Solutions of Bloomfield, New Jersey, recently rolled out a business credit and funding development program to help companies nationwide gain greater access to trade credit and investment capital. The program, called Business Credit Asset™, uses a step-by-step approach to help companies solidify their financial standing, so they can build a business credit history, obtain lines of credit and position themselves for loans from banks, angel investors and other outside funding sources.

“Business credit is such an essential component of operating a successful enterprise,” said Aazim Sharp, chief executive officer of Leaf Credit Solutions. “We are very excited to be able to help small businesses build their credit, so they can gain access to the credit lines and capital they desperately need.”

Participants of Business Credit Asset are assigned a personal credit consultant to guide them through the business credit building process that focuses on three main areas: establishing credibility with major credit agencies, creating a credit file and building a business credit history. The program represents a proven credit-building system that offers a variety of benefits, including:

* multiple vendor lines of credit and business credit cards
* credit-reporting files with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax
* strong business credit scores within 120 days
* creative solutions for funding any kind of small business

The Business Credit Asset program presents a valuable and much-needed opportunity for today’s small businesses. Many business owners rely solely on their personal credit and funds to start and grow their business. Once these are exhausted, the owner has very limited access to other funding sources. Consequently, about half of all businesses do not make it past the first five years. However, with Leaf Credit Solutions’ Business Credit Asset program, companies can empower themselves with the financial wherewithal they need to succeed.

Leaf Credit Solutions’ asset-building program is facilitated by a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use platform that allows users to track and accelerate the stages of building business credit. They can log in, track their progress and take the necessary next steps. For each step, participants can read explanations and watch short videos to help them achieve their goal. Since the system is integrated with business reporting agencies, they can also access real-time information about their credit file, credit score and trade lines as soon as they are created. In addition, participants will receive advice on how to best capitalize on their business credit to secure the cash and trade credit needed to support their business activities. They can also take advantage of educational e-books that discuss how to start a business, prepare a successful funding request, and obtain venture/angel investor capital.

For more information, please visit http://www.leafcreditsolutions.com. Or contact Jody Mitchell at (800) 818-6358.

About Leaf Credit Solutions:
Leaf Credit Solutions specializes in providing professional credit improvement services to both individuals and business clients. Its service offerings for individuals include credit repair, credit building, credit inquiry removal and debt settlement/negotiation. The company helps consumers dispute inaccurate, misleading or unverifiable information on their credit report, so they can raise their credit scores, qualify for lower-interest financing, gain approval for major purchases, and increase their amount of available credit. Leaf Credit Solutions focuses on 100 percent of the factors that comprise a person’s credit score unlike most other credit repair firms that address only about 35 percent. The company helps the average client’s credit score increase 80-150 points within the first 60 to 90 days. Business clients can use Leaf Credit Solutions’ credit-building services to enhance their ability to secure trade credit, loans and other financial resources. The company also educates individuals and business clients about their rights, so they can effectively navigate the credit industry. Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, Leaf Credit Solutions serves clients nationwide.

Press & Media Contact:
Aazim Sharp, CEO
Leaf Credit Solutions
72 Burroughs Place, Suite 301
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 – USA
+1 (800) 818-6358

Pageonce Offers Three Easy Financial Fitness

Resolutions for 2012. As Americans resolve to start fresh in 2012, many want to improve their financial fitness.

Palo Alto, CA, Monday – January 30, 2012 — As Americans resolve to start fresh in 2012, many want to improve their financial fitness.

From tackling debt and saving more to just getting organized, Pageonce, the popular daily personal finance service for mobile devices, provides simple advice and a powerful tool to help Americans take control of their money and bills.

“Money is cited as one of the leading causes of stress in America.2012 is the year to take the fear out of finances,” said Guy Goldstein, Pageonce CEO.

“Americans have the power to take back control, and technology is here to help. If you can reduce financial stress, you can actually relax and enjoy life more.”

Resolutions for Financial Fitness:
Tame debt and improve credit. Start by changing how you use credit cards. The average American household has nearly $15,000 in credit card debt.

Regain control by paying off the card with the highest interest rate first and as quickly as possible. Utilizing less of your available credit will boost your credit score, which is often reviewed by lenders, landlords, car companies and even employers. Also, pay your bills on time to improve your credit score.

Start paying yourself. With all of life’s daily expenses, saving may seem impossible. Make it a priority to pay yourself a percentage of your monthly income, which is automatically put into a separate account. Once it’s done, you won’t even miss it. Make this money accessible by keeping it in something like a money market account.

Simplify your finances. Take advantage of technology to streamline your financial life. Set up electronic bill pay, track accounts online, and reduce the stress of managing finances.

Consolidate credit cards and bank accounts, and get rid of paper clutter with online bill pay. If you have a smartphone or tablet, use it as a financial tool that gives you remote control anytime, anywhere.

About Pageonce:
Pageonce is dedicated to simplifying everyday finances. The Pageonce Money & Bills service offers clarity and control over all accounts in one single place, automatically organizing bank and credit card accounts, tracking transactions, paying bills, and sending real-time alerts. With more than 5.5 million users in the U.S. and Canada.

Pageonce is available free on iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7 and the Web. Launched in 2008, Pageonce is a top-rated app in the finance category, the recipient of Android Editor’s Choice award and an Apple top app of 2010 and 2011, and is featured in the iPhone and iPad App Starter Kits. Privately held and based in Palo Alto, Calif, Pageonce is funded by Morgenthaler Ventures, PitangoVentures, and Silicon Valley angel investors. For more information, visit https://www.pageonce.com.

Please direct any press or media inquiries to press@pageonce.com.

Press & Media Contact:
Alon Huri
Palo Alto, CA
972 55 5697064