Onondaga Nation and Brooklyn-based Ecologic Solutions Announce Green Partnership

MAR 31, 2011 /RTPR/ — Brooklyn, NY — Onondaga Nation and Brooklyn-based Ecologic Solutions today announced a historic, Native American-green business partnership to boost the company’s efforts to rid workplaces of toxic cleaners and replace them with sustainable alternatives.

Under the terms of the partnership, Onondaga Nation (www.onondaganation.org) has agreed to become the second largest shareholder in EcoLogic Solutions (www.ecologicsolutions.com), a leading supplier of natural, plant-based cleaning supplies for restaurants, hotels, schools, office buildings, and other commercial users. EcoLogic Solutions will use the investment to create jobs and expand current operations, while developing new products and approaches to eliminate harmful cleaning supplies from workplaces.

“EcoLogic Solutions is a company that shares our goals of a more sustainable planet, and a better, more holistic way of doing business,” said Jake Edwards, member of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs. “This is the first time we’ve invested in a U.S.-based environmental firm. When you partner with Onondaga, you partner for life.”

“When I founded EcoLogic Solutions, I looked to Onondaga values and sustainability as paragons for our business,” said EcoLogic CEO Anselm Doering. “That’s why I’m honored, and humbled, to make in this announcement today. It’s the fulfillment of a dream within a dream.”

Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard along with 30 other green businesses, EcoLogic Solutions manufactures soaps, detergents, degreasers, solvents, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and other earth-friendly cleaning supplies for the institutional marketplace using bio-based formulations that are readily biodegradable and non toxic to humans and aquatic life. The company, using groundbreaking technology and scientific advances, offers the most progressive, environmentally preferable commercial cleaners in the market today.

EcoLogic Solutions clients include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Whole Foods Markets, the Statue of Liberty, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Mario Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, the Durst Organization, and NBC Universal, among many others. It sells exclusively to wholesale markets at this time. EcoLogic Solutions’ products will be made available to Onondaga Nation citizens soon.

A sovereign nation on 7,300 acres south of Syracuse, Onondaga is a proud member of the Haudenosaunee (“People of the Long House”), an alliance of six Native American nations sometimes referred to as the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations. Other members include the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora nations.

“The Onondaga Nation and its people have a unique spiritual, cultural, and historic relationship with the earth and the waters, which is embodied in
Gayanashagowa, the Great Law of Peace,” said Jake Edwards. “It is the duty of the Nation’s leaders to work for a healing of the earth, to protect it and pass it on to future generations. This partnership is about making a better world for the generations yet to come.”


Contact Details:

EcoLogic Solutions
63 Flushing Ave Unit 267
Brooklyn NY 11205

Franz Wisner, fwisner@ecologicsolutions.com, 800-477-2577

Anselm Doering, anselm@ecologicsolutions.com, 917-805-3007

Jake Edwards, Onondaga Nation, edwardsje@verizon.net, 315-952-0412


Is There A Connection Between Housing Market Crash and Rising Medical Costs?

As millions of American homeowners know, the housing market crash was fueled by inflated home values and bank loans that were high above the equity or actual value of “underwater” homes. According to Trisha Lotzer, JD., health-care attorney and CEO of Physis, Inc., a similar threat for banks, borrowers and owners of many of the nation’s medical, dental, optometry and veterinary practices must be averted.

Like residential real estate, medical practices may be marketed and sold by brokers. Brokers in the business of selling medical practices commonly charge 7-12% commission. The commission alone can add $80,000 to $2,000,000 to the purchase price, depending on the size of the facility–and drive up the bank note accordingly.

Like real estate agents, the job of the practice broker is to get the seller the highest selling price possible. Unlike real estate agents, however, brokers are often the only ones who value the practices they have for sale–giving them a built in incentive to inflate the value of practices and increase their commission. Ross Landreth, MBA, explains that the problem occurs when a practice is arbitrarily valued, purchased and financed at $1,500,000, but only has an actual fair market value (per USPAP approved valuation standards) of $850,000. This could mean that the practice does not cash-flow at $1,500,00 and that the new purchasers would have to raise the price of services in order to maintain profitability and pay back the bank note. This increase in the cost of health care does not increase the earnings of the practice owners or physicians but is passed along to patients and insurance providers.

Practice brokers often rely on the recent sale price of one practice in a particular speciality or location as the basis for assigning a value for other practices in that area. So, even if the broker resists the temptation to increase the selling price to increase the commission, the inflated value of one practice perpetuates the cycle. Thus, eventually, higher health care costs are necessary in all practices in the region in order to make them profitable enough to enable the owners to pay back the bank loans on the collectively inflated prices.

Changes quietly went into effect this month that may require those applying for SBA loans to submit an independent valuation.

Contact Details: 7150 E Camelback Rd. #444 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
866.517.9998. ross@physisinc.com or trisha@physisinc.com

Great New Website Reveals Showcases Weight Loss System that Works by Hypnosis!

A fabulous new website has been launched that promises to reveal the ultimate system for weight loss. With the slogan “Undiscover Your Slender Beauty”HypnosisForLosingWeight.com is, as its name suggests, a site that showcases hypnosis as the effective method for weight loss.

The author of this incredible weight loss system is Simon Warner. Simon has explained the idea behind the website.

“Essentially I have created the site to offer my weight loss system – Make me thin! It is the ONLY system that will truly work for people who finally want to lose weight. I say “finally” because all of the other systems have failed them.”

HypnosisForLosingWeight.com contains lots of information and reveals how most of the usual plans don’t work.

“We all know that low fat food, low calorie or low carb diets don’t work.” Simon says. “My method does work and I am so sure of this that I offer a 100% guarantee. I am making the world thin, one by one!”

The system is so popular and compelling that it has even been the subject of a report on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when Judy Lederman spoke about using hypnosis for weight loss. She recounted how she went to a hypnotist as an alternative to the ineffective diets she had been on before and thus went from weighing 224 pounds to an incredible 129 pounds. This is sure proof that Hypnosis for weight loss really does work.

The system is delivered in eight CDs with each CD containing the techniques necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming slim. The technique includes NLP and hypnosis teaching. The clients will get the same techniques they would if they had in person hypnotherapy with Simon yet at a fraction of the cost necessary for such consultations. The system comes with comprehensive instructions in the way of a manual.

Of course it is not the first time we have seen NLP being used in self help guides but its surely the first time we have seen it put together with hypnosis techniques like this in such a comprehensive manner.

The guarantee offers the customers a 60 day trial period. If they do not see a difference inside this period they can send the system back and get a full refund. This truly is the weight loss system people have to use. They can get slim for good!

For more information please visit www.hypnosisforlosingweight.com

Simone Warner
Avda. dels Furs, 17-C 3.15
Jardines del Soll II
03730 Javea, Spain
Tel: 0034 695235426

Motorcycle Riders Choosing Greener Solutions Today

[Grants Pass, Oregon] – March 31, 2011 – Many fans of motorcycles these days are making their own contribution to a greener world simply by virtue of the fact that they are choosing to ride a bike over a car, truck or other large vehicle. Due to their size, motorcycles naturally consume less power and this much is obvious to most people, but the fact that they also have greener options available to help enhance their reduced impact on the world around them might not be. One way that today’s riders are choosing to make a difference happens to be in the type of motorcycle batteries they decide to use, as well as the types of chargers that they employ for these types of batteries. By making certain choices, they are able to reduce the amount of effect they, as a rider, have on the ecology that they are a part of. The simple decision to use more environmentally sound batteries is making a big difference that might not even be noticed for quite a long time, but is definitely going to have an impact on the planet. Now that today’s biker fans have so many options, deciding on the best possible choices can certainly have quite a large effect.

One thing that many are coming to learn is that they can help the environmental causes they care about by choosing low pollution and low waste decisions. Caring about ecological issues is something that is not uncommon among bike fans since they are often out in natural areas with their bikes and thus come into more frequent contact with the environment around them than a typical car driver might. Even a fairly undramatic change, such as switching to a rechargeable motorcycle battery can make a huge impact on the amount of waste that is produced. Especially since a single nickel metal hydride battery can last as much as one thousand times longer than an alkaline battery. This is a very large change, but it is not expensive to make so it makes sense for many bike riders today.

If you are interested in learning more about green battery options for motorcycles, boats or other vehicles than a visit to http://www.impactbattery.com/ can help you see more of your options. You can also call toll free 1(866)668-3163 between 8 AM and 4 PM Pacific Standard Time to speak with someone in person.

Contact Info:

Impact Battery, A Division of The Benevolence Group
Darren Somerville
2088 Robinson Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527-9282


ANACORTES, WA, MARCH 31, 2011: The award winning horticulturists Sharon and Andrew Cooper from Queensland, Australia go public with their top secrets on how to easily grow a vegetable garden that provides maximum nutrition at a minimum price. Their newly released book, Our Vegetable Garden Secrets, is a simple, practical and complete source of information that provides all you need to know about preparing soil, caring for plants, protecting from disease and pests, and as a result, growing vegetables that are 40-60% more nutritious than their supermarket alternative.

Our Vegetable Garden Secrets has the support of the highly regarded Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, and in his foreword its executive director Professor Robert Graham writes: “Our Vegetable Garden Secrets marries the joy of gardening and the benefits of growing your own produce – a real plus for anyone wishing to take control of their health and help reduce the risk of contracting serious illness”. A portion of the proceeds of the book will go to support the Foundation’s life-saving research.

As parents, as well as people touched by serious illness in their own family, Sharon and Andrew Cooper share the universal concerns about nutrition, risks such as obesity and diabetes and the effects of chemicals on future generations. “We want to share hundreds of strategies, perfected over years of professional experience, for everything from soil preparation and natural pest control to the selection of your Superfoods for planting,” says Sharon. “We show you how to grow nutritious food without special tools or ingredients and how doing this reduces your chances of heart attack, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other degenerative diseases ”.

This book gives practical ways to protect the health of your loved ones by reducing chemicals and increasing antioxidants in their food. Gardeners of every skill level can benefit from Our Vegetable Garden Secrets, but the most benefits will be reaped by the first time gardeners. They have to make a lot of choices, need to learn a lot about gardening as their plants grow, get sick, need their attention, and the amount of information can be just overwhelming at first. Now they can confidently follow the path that Sharon and Andrew drafted for them, and get all necessary information from one source, on time, and on budget. With over 130 color images Sharon also provides free garden designs and after-purchase support to her clients.

Our Vegetable Garden Secrets is available online at www.OurVegetableGardenSecrets.com

Contact Details:

Chelso Pty LTd
92 Kureelpa Falls Rd
Queensland 4560
Phone 61 7 5476 4014
Email: forest.blooms@bigpond.com.au

Don’t Let The Easter Bunny Forget Your Pup This Year

Bitch New York introduced the largest online collection of Easter themed dog clothing, accessories and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

New York City, NY, March 31, 2011 — Specialty dog retailer, Bitch New York ( http://www.bitchnewyork.com ) introduced the largest online collection of Easter themed dog clothing, accessories and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes at BitchNewYork.com

The spring birds twitter that the Easter Bunny has stocked up on candies and is ready to hit the town. Are you ready to commemorate this Easter with your little canine friend?

Egg hunting with your pup wearing a spectacular white satin dress with full gathered skirt is just what you need to show a proper “salute to spring”. Canine preservative-free Easter egg treats and yogurt bunny head cookies will make up an ultimate pet Easter basket that can fill your doggie with the joy of blessing.

Bitch New York provides high class Easter pet clothing and treats made of organic and natural ingredients. Go to http://www.bitchnewyork.com to find more Easter ideas for your pet!

About Bitch New York:
Bitch New York is home to “the hottest trends in canine couture!” We keep up with the latest pet fashion by seeking out the newest designer dog apparel and most unique designer dog accessories we can find. Give your dog that special “something” that will separate your pal from other pets. Find a unique selection of designer dog clothes, personalized engraved name tags, crystal dog collars, dog bling, dog carriers, designer dog bowls, and more from Bitch New York. Let your doggy buddy know how much you care. Visit us online at http://www.bitchnewyork.com

Press & Media Contact:
Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions / Bitch New York
2005 Merrick Rd. #227
Merrick, NY 11566

Prepay Nation Launches Breakthrough Partnership With Globe

Globe brings International Mobile Top-Up service to Filipinos abroad through Prepay Nation’s multinational distribution network locations.

Philadelphia, PA, March 31, 2011 — Prepay Nation, ( http://www.prepaynation.com ) one of the fastest growing providers of direct account refills for international prepaid mobile operators, has announced a breakthrough partnership with Globe, a leading telecommunications services provider in the Philippines. The partnership enables overseas Filipinos access to instant International Mobile Top-Up (IMTU) service through Prepay Nation’s retail distribution network throughout North America and the Middle East, allowing them to purchase airtime for prepaid mobile phones of family and friends back home instantly and securely.

“We are pleased to provide our customers particularly Filipinos abroad with another convenient service from Globe. With this partnership, Globe will be able to meet the demands of Filipinos in North America and the Middle East for reliable communications services that keep them connected with their families and friends,” said Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO of Globe.

The Prepay Nation network reaches over 50% of overseas Filipinos in the US and the Middle East Gulf region through a well-establish network of over 150,000 retail outlets. This unique network facilitates the access and convenience Globe customers need.

Prepay Nation’s growing interconnectivity network ( http://www.prepaynation.com ) connects mobile operators in over 45 countries globally. “We are very excited about this collaboration as it continues the expansion of the Prepay Nation network and adds diversity to our distribution channels,” said Jessica Bishop, VP of Prepay Nation. “This value added service extends the availability of instant International Mobile Top-Up to Filipinos living in North America and the Middle East, enabling them to stay connected with their loved ones back home.”

About Globe:
Globe is a leading full-service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services which include mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet, and managed services. Its principals are Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom; both acknowledged industry leaders in the country and across the region.

About Prepay Nation:
Prepay Nation is a fast growth company in the business of enabling micropayments from one person to another across international borders. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to transfer values in the form of international airtime remittance. With mobile operator partnerships in Central America, South America, Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, and a varied distribution channel spanning the US, Canada, and Middle East, Prepay Nation offers its innovative services to expatriates who financially support their loved ones back home. Prepay Nation’s unique business model, highly scalable processing platform, and interconnectivity with mobile operators, allows for instantaneous and no-fee transfers for the consumers and an opportunity to generate significant revenues for the distributors. For more information please visit http://www.prepaynation.com.

Press & Media Contact:
Fady Sahhar or Sarah Feidt
XtraGlobex, Inc
1800 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA
fady.sahhar@xtraglobex.com / sarah.feidt@xtraglobex.com



Halo Publishing International Expands Author Services

New Publishing Options Include eBooks and Spanish Translations.

Valley View, OH, March 31, 2011 — Halo Publishing International ( http://www.halopublishing.com ) authors now have the opportunity to offer their original work as an eBook or Spanish language publication. For nearly a decade, Halo Publishing International has been helping authors throughout the world launch their original books. This year, the company is expanding to offer creative clients these two new services.

Halo Publishing International is an independently owned publishing company dedicated to helping individual writers self-publish books. More than a publishing company, Halo (Helping Authors Launch Originals) is a community that passionately believes in its authors and their messages. With offices in the United States and Mexico, the company specializes in designing, producing, publishing, and marketing books for independent authors.

Beginning April 15th, Halo will introduce the production of eBooks for fiction books to be available on Kindle and ePub readers. Halo’s new imprint company, Halo Publishing Internacional, ( http://www.halopublishing.com ) will publish Spanish language books and eBooks. Authors interested in producing a book in Spanish can get assistance with translation, production, printing and distribution. Hola Publishing Internacional will work with Vibra TV, located in Mexico City, to produce Spanish commercials that will introduce the new line of books.

“Halo is dedicated to providing the best available self-publishing resources and keeping up with new technology, which allows authors to present in a better modern way,” said Halo Publisher Lisa Umina. “We are making these changes in order to better serve our authors.”

“Trying to become a published author can be a difficult and lonely process, but it doesn’t have to be,” said Umina, an award-winning author herself. “The Halo Team has developed a dynamic approach to publishing. We are committed to ensuring that our authors retain the rights to their work and guide them, step-by-step, through the publishing process.”

During the past 10 years, Halo has established itself as a leader in the self-publishing industry and has helped countless authors realize their dreams while bringing the best of self-published books to a worldwide audience.

Visit Halopublishing.com or call 877-705-9647 for information.

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
5549 Canal Road
Valley View, OH 44125


Enjoy Gaming Experience with the Best Leveling Guides

To get the best of the online quest game and enjoy going from one level to another in the easiest way, Valentina Corp offers different leveling guides enabling players to choose the most suitable wow leveling guide for their needs. This makes the gaming experience more enjoyable and exciting with the simplicity one gets by going from one level to another.

Most people find it difficult going from one level to another when it comes to playing quest games. This makes it essential for them to have the right in-gaming leveling guide which allows them go from one level to another in the shortest time possible. Valentina Corp is a company that is very helpful to such people since it provides wow leveling guides for different games. These guides have a number of helpful add-ons that makes it possible for the player to finish the different levels successfully. These add-ons are meant for specific purposes which enhances the effectiveness of the games.

This company caters for those individuals that are well experienced in the quest games and those that are new to these types of games. Here one can find the type of wow leveling guide they are looking for without much struggle. The best thing about these guides is that they are easy to install ensuring that you get all the directions you are in need of when playing a particular game. Most of the quest games are usually very entertaining once one knows where they are going and how they are going to get there. Without a good guide the game can be very overwhelming taking a lot of time and causing very many frustrations.

In addition to the wow leveling guides Valentina Corp offers the best mining leveling guide that anyone can ever get. Considering the fact that mining requires a lot of skills and techniques in order to get from one level to another, the guide offers all the relevant information that helps in mining. Another popular leveling guide that is offered by the company is the alliance leveling guide. This guide has all the information that one needs in order to finish the game in the shortest time possible. It also offers all the tips and tricks that one can use to play the game effectively and enjoy every single level and task. These guides are also available with bonuses making them worthwhile and more effective.

About Valentina Corp
Valentina Corp is a company that offers different leveling guides which ensures that players enjoy playing by going from one level to another in the shortest time and simplest way possible. The company offers many world of war leveling guides which are highly reputable because of the efficiency they showcase. These guides have a number of add-ons which simplify the particular game that is being played. They also have additional bonuses that they come with making leveling more exciting. With these guides players are able to discover the fun and excitement of quest games. For more information on these guides visit http://wowlevelingguide.org

Author: Valentina Cabezas
Street Address: 2287 Godfrey Street
Phone Number: 503-633-6235
Fax: 503-633-6235


If you’re looking for the right engagement ring then you may have already spent a good few months looking around for one. Maybe you haven’t maybe you’ve gotten lucky and you’ve already found a really nice, yet expensive engagement ring. If this is the case you should have come to the Beautiful Company. At the Beautiful Company we have a vast array of different things from diamond engagement rings, right the way through to diamond earrings. So whatever you’re in need of you can be sure to find it here at The Beautiful Company.

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