Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna” – 1.02 App for Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®

March 3, 2011-LOS ANGELES, CA – Smartoonz® has launched “Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna” 1.02 App for Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®. The App is based on the successful TV Series “Monkey See Monkey Do™”

“Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna™” is an easy to use interactive fun App for the whole family. Monkey loves interacting with his fans, and with six entertaining screens he can do exactly that! users can play with him, tease him and even take a picture with him.

The new app, developed by Snappsi and produced by Smartoonz, offers fun 3D animation, which is triggered when interacting with Monkey: Users can poke Monkey, tickle him until he asks them to stop, offer him bananas, rock him in his Hammock until he falls, tease him with a fly etc. Talking to Parrot will make him repeat everything user say in order to wake up Monkey… they can also create their own picture with Monkey or his Friends, send it by email, share it on Facebook and save it to Library. Last but not least, users can watch fun clips from the TV show.

Application Highlights:
* Offer Monkey bananas
* Tickle him until he asks you to stop
* Poke him in the head until he falls
* Press the Snake button to invite Snake, touch Monkey’s leg to avoid him
* Create a postcard of you with Monkey. Save and share the postcard with your friends and family.
In App full upgrade:
* Talk to Parrot who will repeat everything you say in order to wake up Monkey…
* Turn your phone to rock Monkey in his hammock until the hammock spins, and Monkey falls…
* Upset Monkey by dragging the fly to his ears, legs, hands and face…
* Create a postcard of you with Monkey or any of his friends. Save and share with your friends and family.
* Watch some fun clips from the TV show.

Device requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (3G+)
* iOS 4.0 or higher
* 104.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
“Monkey See Monkey Do – Savanna” 1.02 is Free and available exclusively at the Apple App Store worldwide in the Entertainment category. In App full upgrade available for$0.99 USD.

App Links:
App Store:
Monkey See Monkey Do website :
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Twitter: @monkeyseeyou
Smartoonz website:

Contact info:
For press inquiries, promo code requests, and any other questions, please contact

Monkey See Monkey Do™ is a colorful, upbeat CG animated kid’s series which encourages children to engage with the show’s characters through dance. The show is successfully broadcasted by major TV channels, including Playhouse Disney LATAM, PBS Kids Sprout, France 5, TVA, TVO, Knowledge, Minimax, Hop!, PBS Thailand.

Contact Details: Smartoonz LTD.
10717 wilshire boulevard, suite 405
Los angeles, ca 90024
Tel. +13235225747


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Medical treatment in Israel is more affordable than in many other countries across Europe

[Tel Aviv, Israel] – March 3, 2011 – With the cost of health care becoming a larger and larger topic in the United States during recent times, many people are now finding out that key medical treatments they need may even be too expensive with decent health insurance on their side. The fact is, the costs of health care are reflective of the way that an economy is built and this is very much the case in countries where the health care system is in disarray, as it is according to many experts in the US today. Countries that have begun their development with an eye towards certain values do manage to achieve their goals in terms of developing quality health care systems that are affordable. Chief among these nations is one country in the Middle East that has been surprising the world with the quality of what it offers both to its own people and those who travel there. The facts line up to show that medical treatment in Israel is more affordable than in many other countries across Europe and in the United States, as well. As more and more people learn this, the curiosity grows because health is certainly one topic that is bound to be intriguing to people from all walks of life.

A new web destination has emerged for those looking to learn more about what is happening in Israel in terms of its ability to offer exceptionally high quality health care today. The site,, goes into a great deal of depth in covering exactly what makes the treatment in Israel so incredibly valuable to so many people from around the world. Israel’s amazing ability to take care of its own and those known as ‘medical tourists’ who visit the country today, is covered in detail. By coming to understand why the cost of care is both of greater quality and offered at a lower cost, people gain a valuable level of insight into what all they stand to gain if they choose Israel as a destination for many of the important surgeries that it can offer them. Many have discovered that their lives could be changed for the better in a single visit wherein they received life changing surgery.

Those wishing to learn more should certainly take the time to visit “ where they can learn a great deal from the in depth coverage of Israel’s medical care offerings today.

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Chemplast Sanmar Wins Prize For Its Industrial Garden

The “Industrial Garden” of Chemplast Sanmar at Karaikal was awarded the 1st prize at the 16th Annual Flower Show held here. Experts from the Agriculture Department and the Karaikal College of Agriculture, adjudged Chemplast Sanmar’s spread of green around their plant as the best in the “Industrial Garden” category. The annual event recognizes individuals, households, farmers and industries for their efforts at greening their surroundings.

Speaking about the challenges towards this success, S Palaniappan, Plant Head, Karaikal explained that the main difficulty was in working with the salty soil, especially since the tsunami. “While Karaikal is an agricultural belt, the soil in Keezhavanjoor is salty post-tsunami.  The judges were able to appreciate the additional efforts that have gone in, to set up and maintain the garden.”

The Karaikal plant of Chemplast, which has a green belt of over 16 acres, also houses over 3500 trees. The support and active participation of the local community, has helped in the process. Chemplast acknowledges the support of the local community and traditional know-how with the organization’s will and inclination towards the cause of environment, which has helped in the task of dealing with a difficult terrain.  The casuarinas and Korean grass, a welcome sight at the plant, are testimony to these efforts.

Chemplast has won this recognition from the Puducherry Government, several times in the past few years. This is the 7th time that they are receiving an award in this category.

Chemplast Sanmar Ltd., a part of The Sanmar Group, is one of the largest PVC manufacturers in India. Committed to its vision of “Integrity and Excellence”, The Sanmar Group has been taking various efforts towards protecting the environment, besides its principles of zero-liquid-discharge to safeguard against pollution. Chemplast Sanmar, Mettur recently received two awards for zero-liquid discharge while Flowserve Sanmar was commended for environment health and safety by CII. By receiving an award for its “Industrial Garden” now at Karaikal, Chemplast has reinforced its commitment towards the environment, yet again

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Apple iPhone 4 – The gadget transformed the way we communicate

Apple iPhone 4 is one of the best smart phone launched in the market last year. The gadget is loaded with outstanding features and have great looks that makes the handset a complete package. The gadget can be bought at cheap rates through various Apple iPhone 4 deals that are available on several mobile shopping portals. There the user also get the chance to compare the deals. You can get these deals with the leading network providers of the UK such as O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin and many others.

The gadget comes loaded with jaw dropping features, it has a 3.5 inches LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen with a 640 x 960 pixels resolution that features Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Three-axis gyro sensor and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off. The gadget is available in the market in two memory variants that are 16GB and 32GB that are coupled with a 512MB RAM, the buyer an get the one that is best and is satisfying his requirements. The gadget comes with an integrated 5MP camera featuring autofocus, LED flash and video capability that is capable of giving excellent pictures and HD quality videos. The gadget also has a motion sensing games in it that are very interesting, the user can also download many of these games from the internet. The gadget works on 2G and 3G both and with the help of which the user gets speed interet. You an listen to your favorite songs on the inbuilt music player. There are many applications too in the gadget.

The handset is available in the market through various Apple iphone 4 Deals

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Jim Palmer, aka ‘The Newsletter Guru,’ Reveals Secrets of Customer Retention in his latest book, Stick Like Glue

February 27, 2011 – Jim Palmer’s latest book, Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond With Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More!, is dedicated to what is probably the most effective insurance policy against an economic downturn: customer retention. In fact, by building everlasting bonds with their customers not only can businesses tide over economic difficulties, but also make the most of the good times.

“Businesses are often oblivious to the fact that they are sitting on a gold mine”, says Palmer, as they continue to focus solely on acquiring new customers. He is quick to point out the several advantages of focusing on strengthening existing customer bonds, including the fact that it’s cost-effective and “a 1% increase in customer retention generates a 7% increase in profits.”

“Why is customer-retention so important? Two words: Lifetime Value. Every customer represents the potential for cumulative sales, long-term sales, and new-customer referrals,” Palmer says.

Like with his widely acclaimed previous book The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life, Palmer has once again made a conscious effort to keep things simple, ensuring that the strategies spelt out in his book are equally easy to follow and implement.

“No matter how much your customers like you, they’re really buying the solutions you offer, and they’re buying to eliminate their pain points. Remember that your product or service must be of some benefit to them and make their lives easier and/or more enjoyable and potentially relieve some of their pain.”

However, according to Palmer, standing out in the eyes of customers nowadays, has become even easier thanks to the dismal standards of the average customer service support.

Published by Success Advantage Publishing and available online in paperback through Amazon and, the 177 page book is continuously garnering positive reviews.

About the Author: Best known internationally as “The Newsletter Guru,” Jim Palmer is the go-to resource for smart, effective strategies for maximizing the profitability of customer relationships. He is the founder and President of Custom Newsletters, Inc., parent company of No Hassle Newsletters, No Hassle Social Media, and The Newsletter Guru’s Concierge Print and Mail on Demand Service.

Jim Palmer greatly owes his reputation as a preeminent authority on newsletters to his “No Hassle” newsletter templates that have endeared him to hundreds of clients around the world. Offering both free newsletter templates and a custom newsletter template that caters to a wide variety of businesses and professionals, helping them make their customer relationships more profitable. No Hassle Newsletters is recognized as a preferred vendor for B2B newsletter templates by Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™.

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Jim Palmer
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International Services, Inc., a leading visitor health insurance agency, announces the new and user-friendly interface of their website With the social and political unrest in the Middle East, the genocides in Sudan, and bombings at US Embassies, traveling anywhere abroad can be far more dangerous than years past. No matter where you go, the chance of personal injury, whether slight or life altering, is there hovering over you, taking a little bit of the enjoyment out of your travels.

The revamp of the website’s interface is aimed at helping families or individuals to navigate through the website easily for a better experience in finding the most suitable visitor medical insurance.

If you’re a visitor to the US, you should still consider the need for medical protection against the possibility of illness or injury. offers a wide choice of Visitor Insurance for USA travelers. These plans are underwritten by various companies like Chartis, Nationwide, and Lloyds. According to International Services, Inc., making sure that you and your loved ones have the medical coverage you need while visiting another country gives you the peace of mind.

“Traveling abroad used to be about seeing the world and getting a taste of life in other countries. Today it’s about finding a vacation spot where there are no bullet casings in the sand,” says a wary vacationer near the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Though the fight for medical coverage equality is an ongoing one in the United States, there are many health insurance programs that are made available for visitors to the US, whether they are here for a season or making plans to stay. Even if you are already covered medically through an insurance company in your home country, you may not be covered for travel abroad.

“Many people assume that because they pay for medical and health insurance at home, the insurance will cover them no matter where they go. This is not always the case,” explains Taylor, an insurance rep.

With websites like, you have the chance to search for trustworthy visitor health insurance coverage. You can be covered no matter where you are, or where you are going. Great Flight Simulator Download

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Exemplary information provided by helps it to draw numerous visitors each day. All its posts will work wonders for you. can also link you to the website of flight simulator download. Now that’s really amazing!! is a treasure trove of flight simulator download. This website can help you out in choosing the best flight simulator game amongst the brand fight. understands that privacy online is important to users of its website particularly when conducting business. This declaration governs its privacy policies.

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iPhone 5 Deals : The wait is going to get over very soon

There are many rumors and speculations about the arrival of iPhone 5. This is going to be the next generation Apple mobile phone. But, it will certainly be the one that will be remembered by the generations to come. Very recently the company has brought out iPhone 4 in white. And, one more gadget in th form of iPad 2 is expected very soon from the stable of Apple. Considering all these factors it can be expected that the much awaited Apple iPhone 5 will be out very soon.

In most of the cases it has been observed that Apple has refrained from bringing the newer handsets as completely different from the earlier ones in terms of the features and applications. That is the reason it is expected that the latest iPhone will not have the features strikingly different from the earlier ones. But, yes it will certainly set right right the glitches that were experienced earlier. In any case it is going to set new standards in terms of the design, look, battery back-up, newer applications, entertainment features, camera specifications and everything else. What will add some more steam to the yet to be launched handset will be the iPhone 5 deals.

These iPhone 5 offers will certainly enable the users to have cheaper handsets. If you can have cheap iPhone 5, then it is almost a certainly that the users will go for it over all the other competitors. It is quite expected that all the network companies in UK are going to bring tot he table some fabulous deals. So, get ready for a iPhone 5 contract that will also bring free gifts and services along with the handset.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab deals – great opportunity to fetch grandeur device

Samsung Galaxy tab is present in two of the awesome colors which is none other than that of black and grey. The functions which can be operated nicely on this fabulous device are Full HD video playback,7h movie playback, TV-out, image/video editor, thinkfree Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Adobe Flash 10.1 support etc. Integration over the websites as like Google Search, Maps, Gmail,YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk and Picasa integration can be done at the faster internet speed as it has GPRS, EDGE and 3G into it. Various harmonies can be enjoyed through its MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263 player andMP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player. Have fun with your own Galaxy Tab.

samsung Galaxy tab Deals are the pocket friendly agreements enabling us to fetch this big and broader device on the service networks of Vodafone, three and talk mobile. All the guys and girls who want to update themselves in the advanced technology must buy this amazing Samsung device which shows all its operations on the screen length of 7 inches. Viewing all the operations in this wider screen gets non comparable because Gorilla glass display makes its more watchable as it gives clear visualization.

You can have it in sim free kinds or in the pay as you go forms if you do not want to take it on the contractual basis. Though there is not so much difference in the cost rates among all the three kinds but still buying it in contract form is somehow better than the other two as you will get free data of 3 GB along with the free connection which is missing in PAYG and sim free. For getting a contractual Samsung galaxy tab you have to pay flexible amounts between the range of £199 to £499 , for pay as you go the amount which has to be paid is £529.99 and for sim free you need to make the payment of £646.8.

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