AES International Opens for Business in Dubai

March 3,2011 – The new offices in Emaar Square, Dubai, are the home of AES Middle East Insurance Brokers LLC, licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy and Insurance Authority.

AES International aims to enhance standards in the Emirates by developing local regulation in line with that of leading UK-style financial controls.

Chief Executive Officer Sam Instone reiterated that AES International is working to change the international financial services industry from within by setting standards that exceed those required by regulators.

“There is a widespread perception that the Middle East, and Dubai in particular, is some way behind the European market in terms of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), training and competency, systems and controls and underlying business model,” he said. “

“Our team is committed to changing this perception and introducing change by importing higher technical competency, technology, compliance and business conduct in to the Emirates.”

The Dubai office is the latest addition to the AES International network, and the first direct branch office in the Middle East.

The group is headquartered at prestigious offices on the New Kings Road, London, SW6, with other branches in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Sweden.

In a competitive industry where brand and reputation mean more to a wealth management firm than size, AES International is taking great strides forward to build a name for reliability, professionalism and integrity.

The firm intends to run residential courses from a recently purchased 30,000 square foot international academy set in a landscape of lakes, sports fields and woods to meet this training requirement.

These courses will reinforce the day to day working of financial advisers around the world by keeping them up to date with the latest best practise, technology and investment strategies in the industry.

“The aim of AES International is to become the market leader in integrated service delivery to institutions, independent professional organisations, trustees, advisers (IFAs) and wealth managers involved in the international, offshore and cross-border markets.” said Mr Instone.

3300 East 4th Avenue,
Tel: 3058054112

International Services, Inc. Answers Missionaries’ Prayers with their Website,

Glen Allen, VA – International Services, Inc., a leading visitors health insurance agency, acknowledges that missionaries in the US and abroad are facing a lot of uncertainty. The US missionaries abroad fear the impact of ‘Obamacare’ on their policies, and foreign missionaries in the US are concerned with finding the right visitors health insurance to cover them and their families. This is why the company made their website,, available to help them with their options.

“I love doing God’s work, and I know that He is the Provider. We are far from home and concerned that our health insurance isn’t going to cut it when the time comes to make changes. I want to know that my family will be covered in case the worst happens,” says Kristi, missionary.

Many other missionaries share Kristi’s fears as a missionary to South Africa states, “When we were home on sabbatical we made sure to get all of our checkups, shots, and annual exams. We didn’t know if we would be covered for any of that once we got back to Durban.”

“Being a missionary in Germany is hard enough without the fear that comes with not knowing what to expect from our insurance company,” says Eric, a missionary with Word of Life Fellowship.

Missionaries all over the world are dealing with the same thing; the uncertainty of what’s coming. Change is coming and they don’t want the change to hurt their ministries.

Visitors health insurance may be the answer to their fervent prayers. With this type of health insurance you are covered while abroad no matter where you are or how long you plan on staying. Websites like iVisitorInsurance are insurance advocates that offer support, accurate quotes, and information on this type of health insurance and can even point you in the direction of international student health insurance for when your children attend school in a foreign country. Visitors health insurance, also known as visitors medical insurance, covers hospitalization, medicine for illnesses or chronic conditions, surgeries, and each patient is covered for up to $50,000 USD.

Doing the work of God is a calling that not many answer, but when they do they should have the chance at quality medical insurance without the uncertainty, confusion, and runaround offered by many US based insurance companies. To Provide Reliable Travel Insurance Information

Glen Allen, VA – International Services, Inc., a financial services company believes in providing reliable travel insurance with upfront information that travelers need. With this, they have put up a website,, which does not only provide travel insurance international from the underwriting of reliable insurance sources but also helpful information that travelers can expect in travel insurance.

Despite the incredibly shrinking world due to the increase in public data available on the internet, more and more people are finding less and less information available on their insurance plans.

“I pay $120 out of every paycheck for medical insurance, and I’m not quite sure about what’s covered. I can’t say whether or not I’m getting my money’s worth, and no one at the insurance company can give me a straight answer. I feel out of the loop, and I think I want to move companies,” says a very dissatisfied medical insurance customer.

Uncertainty should not be a standard with medical insurance coverage. People should not be asking, ‘what’s covered?’ or ‘how much is covered’. They should know even before the money is deducted from their paychecks.

If you’re traveling to the US, having an insurance will save you from the confusion of medical coverage, and the possibility of huge out of pocket costs. International travel insurance is medical coverage without trip cancellation coverage, and is offered by many international underwriters, so you can take your time researching your options and getting all the facts before paying and US. For information international travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits see the following website. Websites like, provide international insurance information that includes what is covered (typically hospital visits, common illnesses and conditions, and surgery), when coverage starts, and how much coverage will cost.

With the increasing uncertainties travelers face, medical insurance should not be one of them.

“They are providing a service to people all over the world. These people love to travel and visit family and friends, but do not love the idea of dealing with the confusion and high costs of medical insurance. I appreciate that, a lot,” says Bill McGee an avid traveler.

International Services, Inc. Addresses the Urgency of Finding Legitimate Visitors Health Insurance

Glenn Allen, VA – International Services, Inc., a leading visitors health insurance agency, acknowledges the fact that there are people traveling in and outside the US are looking for a reliable and trustworthy medical insurance while they are on a trip. This is why with International Services, made their website available to travelers for providing a one-stop channel for accessing different types of travel health insurance.

Hundreds of millions of people per year visit the United States. Many of those find themselves hurt, injured, or sick while visiting these shores, and many of them are without a way to pay for medical services. Unfortunately, being unable to pay for your medical coverage puts a monetary strain on the government, the hospital, and the people in your family. Who wants to carry that burden with them when they can carry visitors health insurance and pay for medical expenses using legitimate health insurance?

What is visitors health insurance? “Visitor Health Insurance plans are designed by health insurance companies to cover medical expenses that result from a sudden illness or injury occurring while visiting the United States…” explains information on the website This health insurance also covers visitors on a short trip, or visitors applying for US residency or citizenship.

Visitor’s health insurance offered through provider sites like cover emergencies, accidental death and dismemberment, prescriptions, dental, and clinic or hospital fees. provides easy access to different travel insurance, with underwriting from renowned international insurance providers such as TravelGuard, International Medical Group, and HTH Worldwide. The website also carries different security logos to help interested travelers identify the legitimacy of their website, such as the BBB accreditation, McAfee Secure, and Comodo IdAuthority.

Health insurance is important no matter where you are from or where you are going. If you get hurt or sick while visiting family, they are left with the burden of caring for you and paying your medical expenses. If you carry visitors health insurance you can relieve them of that burden and allow them to enjoy your visit more.

“No one wants to come to the US to get sick, but it happens. It can’t be planned for, but at least you can carry insurance with you that will provide you with the coverage you need to get help from professional medical providers,” says Donna, a licensed practical nurse from Scranton, PA.

Despite the many ups and downs in the American health and medical sectors, hospitals, clinics, private practices, and other medical and health professionals are stepping up to take on the increasing need for recovery and understanding. Visiting the US shouldn’t mean that you’re headed for disaster, especially if you take the time to visit internet sites like and get quotes on visitors health insurance.

Everyone should be covered medically, but it’s up to them to take the necessary steps to make sure it happens. No matter where you live.

NRIOL.NET Updates Visitors Insurance Comparison Engine

NRIOL.NET, a leading visitors insurance website of International Services, Inc., has upgraded its insurance comparison shopping solution making it faster and easier to procure medical insurance for visitors & immigrants.

The latest release of the software on its website includes additions of plans to the portfolio, streamlining the comparison shopping process and improved presentation of plan information. These changes are reflected in the international student health insurance & visitor health insurance comparison engines.

“There have been numerous changes in plan benefits, exclusions and rates for 2011 and our timely new release is proof of our commitment to our clients and our underwriters,”said Chiranth Nataraj, President & CEO of International Services, Inc.

Keeping with the general trend in the insurance industry, the visitor travel insurance premiums for 2011 have increased; and there has been a significant increase in premiums in the senior age bracket of 70 years and above. The good news is that a few plans are still available for travelers with well controlled stable medical conditions; they can obtain coverage for sudden and acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

It is a well known fact that Senior US citizens are not covered by Medicare during their travel overseas (page 6 of the US Passport states that Medicare/Medicaid does not cover for healthcare costs outside the U.S.). Prudent travel cancellation insurance shoppers can compare plans on NRIOL.NET and obtain the right level of overseas medical coverage and protection for their non-refundable trip costs.

Online enrollment and instant insurance ID card fulfillment have been very popular on; a vast majority of the company’s clients embrace the secure online purchase and fulfillment mode. Within a few minutes of the purchase the insurance ID card and certificate are available for online download.

“Sports teams that spend seasons abroad are at an increased risk of injuries and contracting diseases. Medical coverage abroad is necessary for sports teams. If your team doesn’t offer international medical insurance, you should consider getting it on your own; or asking the team to provide it. Group Enrollment for teams is so affordable that there is no reason to overlook protection,” says Pallavi Sadekar at International Services, Inc.

According to Chiranth Nataraj, CEO of International Services, Inc.: “Coverage shouldn’t be limited to where you live; it shouldn’t have boundaries at all.”

Watch Live NBA Games Online

If you are a basketball fan then I’m sure you are watching the 2008 NBA playoffs with great interest. But what if you didn’t manage to get tickets, or don’t have the right sports channels on your television to watch your favorite NBA team? Luckily, it is now possible to watch live NBA games online.

By downloading a satellite TV for PC software you can watch NBA games and get 3000 channels and stations to your PC for half the price of your monthly cable or pay TV subscription. These channels are from all over the world, and work from anywhere in the world. You will even be able to watch stations and channels that aren’t available in the U.S or on your premium cable, pay TV or pay per view subscriptions and connections.

Some of the channels available and stations are CNN, CBS, MAD TV, ESPN and all similar popular television stations. These even include premium stations and previously extra channels from other cable or satellite TV suppliers.

You get all this for around $50, that’s a measly 3 movie tickets or one night at the pictures or cinema and of course is much cheaper than the price of NBA tickets, travel and accommodation. This one time fee includes the required software, subscriptions and memberships. No more to pay and you are set for life with free updates and upgrades.

Completely legal, with no annoying adverts or advertising, premium player, excellent navigation and guides available on site, unlike some of the competitors who will support their sites and service with intrusive advertising and annoying ads.

It’s very easy to set up satellite TV for PC, just download and watch live NBA games online straight away. After the initial cost of the software you are basically watching satellite TV for free.

The better your home entertainment system, and the better your PC, the higher the quality of your TV viewing. The quality of viewing will be determined by your computer configuration, graphics cards, memory and the like – so a good computer is suggested. Beware of satellite TV for PC providers who will also charge a monthly fee or subscription cost as you should be able to get this software for a one time fee.

Make your site elegant with trendy and readily available templates

March 03, 2011 – If you have been hassling with designing your site, there is a new and trendy way you can get it complete in the blink of an eye. This is through purchasing templates that are already predesigned. Perhaps you have been avoiding this idea and you have been paying in the past at a cost that made a big hole in your pocket.

Now, The High Convert Templates is offering a 12 package of templates you can choose from. You can blow the final whistle of the design you want used in your site by making an affordable deposit that will give you instant access to numerous templates that are artistically designed to suit the needs of vast range of clients.

The attractive and elegant designs will help you make huge savings as you do not require the minisite designers. You will also have time to do other things since you will not have to be delayed by the designers.

If you are an avid `do it yourself’ enthusiast, High Convert Templates will allow you to make a site giving a sight to behold. Once you make the deposit, you will have access to a load of templates which you can download and paste your information. You can also use the templates available in the site. The runners of the site bestow copyright ownership to their clients immediately they purchase templates.

If you want to make several minisites, you are not limited on the number of places where you can use the templates. The PSD file format which the templates are designed with make it possible to customize the sites to the tastes of the user. There is also a guide on how you can edit contents of the templates to bespeak your needs. In a nutshell, this will be your one stop site building destination.

For more information visit:

NBA Review Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers rallied from a fifteen point second quarter deficit to defeat the Boston Celtics. The Lakers got close by pounding the ball inside to Gasol, Bynum and Odom. Then Kobe Bryant finished the Celtics off with his fourth quarter shooting. The highlight for the Celtics was Ray Allen making two three point shots to take the all time lead in three point field goals made over Reggie Miller who was at the game announcing for TNT.

The Lakers badly needed this game for their own psyche. Even being the defending two- time champion, getting beat and beaten badly by top tier teams another top team would not be good for their confidence. When they got down by fifteen there was sense of here we go again. You could see the look of concern on their faces and there body language was terrible. Even Phil Jackson looked worried which never happens during the regular season. But the Lakers did not panic, they stayed with the plan to get the ball inside to their big people Bynum and Gasol, who were lot more aggressive in this game, and they finished at the rim. In their last meeting with Celtics both were “punked” all over Staples Center. It also helped that the Lakers began to knock down some jump shots, which loosened up the Celtics’ zone, I mean man to man defense. The Lakers began to defend like they did in the finals. They challenged the Celtic shooters and controlled the boards. Bynum played a big role in each category. As many injuries as he has suffered the last three years, He can still be very effective because of the size, strength and length. I’m sure the Celtics would not mind seeing that Carmelo for Bynum trade. They would easily go through the Lakers if that did occur.

Kobe Bryant who played the facilitator in the first half getting the Lakers front court involved and saving energy for the second half. It also didn’t hurt that he was guarding Rajon Rondo, daring him to shot, which he did and most of the time, he missed. Kobe did not have to expend energy guarding Rondo. Kobe went to the Black Mamba attack mode in the second half and especially in the fourth quarter. The six minutes of game time rest to start fourth quarter was huge him and for the Lakers. He abused both Von Wafer and Ray Allen when he returned. A lot of credit should go to Shannon Brown others for allowing Kobe to rest for that long. This could be the signature win that spurns to the Lakers to play well for the rest of the season and win another championship. Or it could be just another win that lets the Lakers know they can flip the proverbial switch when they want to, and will flip it only in the play offs when it’s needed. Time will tell.

The Celtics started the game well. They were defending, hitting the glass and shooting lights out. Something changed after Ray Allen hit the career go head three point goal. It’s as if all the energy left the Celtics and the building. But unfortunately there was over three quarters left to play and once they got the large lead in the second quarter it went downhill from there. Normally when the Celtics get up by fifteen it’s like twenty-five points because they play very good defense. Not being at full strength to begin with, little big man Nate Robinson got hurt early and Paul Pierce still weak from the flu. The Celtics seem to tire at the end. That does not include the foul trouble that Allen got into.

The Celtics were forced to play Von Wafer who hadn’t played much all year. He did an admirable job early knocking down shots, but defensively he was no match for Kobe Bryant who is a handful under the best of circumstances. Wafer was like a squirrel going against a black mamba snake. He had no shot. Not having Shaq hurt the front court. KG, Big Baby and Mr. Mean himself Kendrick Perkins were all spent at game’s end. They were the main reason they got outrebounded by the bigger and longer Lakers front court. Shaq could have at least beat on Gasol and Bynum and soften them up. But even with all that going against them they had a chance to steal it at

Parents And Educators Finding Ways To Boost Student Math Scores Easily

[Truro, MA] March 2, 2011 – The media has been abuzz with issues in the United States public education system that are deeply affecting children who are need to be prepared for a new global world where hi tech jobs are a big part of the world wide economy. Children who are in classes that are too large for the number of teachers provided and underfunded schools are two of the biggest complaints from parents, but educators are firing back and stating that parents are not taking an active enough role at home in their children’s education. When kids fall behind in math scores the problems are not just with their future job potential, it also affects their ability to manage their finances and understand the complexity of common arrangements such as mortgages or other loans. This is why many are advising parents to get math worksheets in order to help kids, learn right from home, the kind of math skills they need in order to be truly proficient. Parents are reporting that this is an easier way to help their children because such educational aids are giving them more direction than simply going through the typical homework that gets sent home.

Often, early childhood is where kids begin to struggle in math and parents, too, have had this problem so they are not always sure how to help. Teachers suggest that the basics be covered most thoroughly since these building blocks are essential to fully understanding all of the processes involved in math even at higher levels. In some schools, teachers are buying multiplication worksheets to send home with students where families just can not afford to invest much in their kids’ education. Solutions abound and this approach is proving to have positive results in giving kids a constructive activity that is actually building their own skill level at the same time. By doing the problems over and over, kids are more easily able to conquer their own fears about math and parents can easily help guide them through the process due to the easy instructions and examples provided. This is helping more parents take an active role in helping their child to master math even if they themselves still battle math related fears.

Those who want to learn more about these educational tools can visit where they can learn about the options in these math aids to help children succeed.

Contact Info:

Math Worksheets Center
PO Box 1107
Truro, MA 02666

Phone: 5083492588

Tulsidas Khimji Pvt. Ltd. Implements Logi-Sys – An ERP Solution for International Logistics

Adopts Softlink’s Logi-Sys for managing its global logistics and accelerating growth

Mumbai Feb 23rd 2011: Softlink, a leading solution provider for the logistics industry, today announced the selection of Logi-Sys, a comprehensive solution for logistics solution provider, by Tulsidas Khimji Private Limited (TKPL) for its software upgrade. Companies, including Agility, DB Schenker, LP Group and many more large and medium logistic companies are turning to the solution, which seamlessly integrates their operations, to reduce costs, speed time to market and improve collaboration.

An ISO 9001:2000-certified company, TKPL is a leading global logistics solution provider and well known specialist with proven record of integrity and reliability in global logistics. They are one of the oldest Custom house agent and IATA Agent in India and specialize in customized Supply – Chain logistics solutions. The company has extensive worldwide agency network, which enables it to provide freight forwarding and Global logistics. One of the early pioneers, TKPL provides a range of services from air and ocean logistics to multimodal, consolidation, NVOCC, Customs brokerage, warehouse and consultancy. TKPL offers reliable, consistent and cost-effective logistics solutions with a clear focus on customer satisfaction as the key to its success.

“With Logi-Sys, we will be able to support a multi-pronged logistics process to set ourselves apart from our competitors and provide more value to our customers,” said Mr. Hemant Bhatia, Director, TKPL. “Logi-Sys will play an instrumental role in helping us collaborate more effectively with our customers and to achieve new levels of service customization, which will lead to a high percent of reduction in time to market for our customers. We have had a long association with Softlink and know them to be reliable and proficient technology partner.

All the top solution providers in the logistics scene were in the fray to bag the prestigious contract. The various software vendors were put through stringent evaluation process before the finalizing of deal. A panel of personnel from the IT, operations and finance department was entrusted the task of evaluation. One of the most critical assessments was of the accounting module as the operational accounting is crucial for sustaining the financial health in a logistics company.  One of the factors that turned the tide in favor of Logi-Sys apart from the quality was the fast delivery time. The software can be quickly deployed and can be made operational within a short time.

Logi-Sys will automate TKPL’s entire activities right from international freight forwarding to Customs clearing, financial accounting and sales and service. An ERP for logistics, Logi-Sys will provide improved productivity, control and visibility within the organization to enable effective decision making. The modular design of the software gives the flexibility to the users to pick and choose as per their business needs. The intuitive and unique architecture of the software makes it highly user friendly. The industry experience of Softlink has been leveraged in the design of Logi-Sys to provide distinctive benefits to the logistics service providers.

“Staying several steps ahead of the customer expectations calls for deep understanding of their requirements, domain knowledge and constant monitoring and maintenance of quality of the software.” said Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink. “With Logi-Sys, logistics service providers can execute their processes successfully, reducing costs, improving innovation and quality and responding with speed and flexibility.” He further added.

About Tulsidas Khimji

Tulsidas Khimji Pvt. Ltd is the flag ship company of the TK Logistics Group, one of the oldest Custom house agent(CHA) and IATA Cargo agent in India with its head quarters in Mumbai and branches at 13 other locations in India. The company caters to customized logistics requirements of our customers. They specialize in customised Supply – Chain Logistics solutions. TK Logistics Group also has large warehouses at strategic locations in and around the port.

About Softlink

Softlink was established in the year 1992, with the sole aim of simplifying operations of organizations in the logistics industry worldwide through highly specialized software products and solutions. Softlink is a leading product company which exclusively provides software solutions across the logistics sector to Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers and 3PL companies along with Exporters and Importers. Softlink has a presence in every major city in India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Softlink’s products are used by more than 60,000 users in over 3,000 organizations. Softlink’s clientele include organizations like DHL Express, TNT India, FedEx, Videocon, Times of India, The Future Group, ABG Shipyard, Onida, Parle Products, Moser Baer India, AFL Dachser, Nippon Express, DB Schenker, Kuehne + Nagel, Agility etc. Key PSUs and Government Departments like Air India, Indian Oil Corporation, Dredging Corporation of India, and Embarkation HQ benefit from Softlink’s products.

For further details please contact

Abhishek Tripathi

Phone: (0) 9821585856,


Please visit for more information