Pair Options by, the First Trading Product to Enable Direct Trading Based on the Relative Performance of Stocks

[ London ]: Stockpair ( ) has announced the launch of the first everPair Options trading platform. Pair Options are a new category of market-neutral online trading products that are based on the relative performance of stocks. Pair Options trading is based on picking the best performing stock within a given stock pair (such as Apple/Google, Vodafone/BT etc.) therefore limiting the exposure to general market direction. Stockpair has taken elements from the professional Pair Trading strategy and turned it into a compelling, intuitive and trader-friendly product.

“What’s extremely valuable is that since you trade on the relative performance of two stocks, you’re essentially using a market neutral instrument,” commented Yoel Mann, Stockpair’s VP of Marketing. “What really matters is how one stock has performed against another, and not necessarily how it performs in absolute terms, so even if the market goes down, there is no affect on profits.”

The platform services the global community of traders, professionals and beginners. Within the fairly conservative financial industry, stockpair’s launch is a rare occasion on which a completely new product is to be introduced to the market, not to mention a product that simplifies a proven trading technique and makes a new effective trading paradigm accessible to traders of all levels of experience.

Stockpair is built upon a patent-pending pricing engine and an innovative visual interface which offers a unique, interactive trading experience. The platform offers Pair Options on more than 70 stocks from exchanges around the world, based on real time market data. The system enables taking decisions and making trades within seconds, allowing traders to quickly capture market opportunities.

“Trading in Pair Options has great advantages: comparing stocks is powerful; you can choose a risk strategy and begin executing trades. It is amazing how Stockpair were able to take a sophisticated product and make it so simple, keeping the real time accuracy and access to information that traders need,” says Tony Alvarez, one of Stockpair’s traders.

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About Stockpair
Stockpair™ is a proprietary trading platform for Pair Options – a new promising category of online trading products. Stockpair’s patent pending technology deploys advanced real time algorithms which enable trading in Pair Options. Stockpair creates a trader-friendly environment with a world class interface, streamlined user fund management procedures and data transparency. The company accepts traders from around the globe and is owned by a private investment group.


Yoel Mann
VP Marketing
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When Farmers Meet Designers: Growing Shirts!

Città della Pieve, Italy, 21st of March, 2011 – Is the perception of beauty man-made or is there such a thing as natural beauty? To find out, an Italian designer and an organic farmer came up with the idea of growing shirts, having nature design fashion. After a two year period of growths in the hills of Umbria, near the Tuscan border in Italy, the first harvest is ready for the catwalk.

When Francesco Mugnaini, a 31 year old designer who had previously been working in the busy city of Milan, met Sebastian Runde, a 41 year old Scottish farmer running an organic farm in Umbria, Italy, they merged their different backgrounds and experiences to come up with a rather unusual fashion project: let’s grow shirts. The unpredictability of nature was the seed for the idea, to plant and harvest shirts. The garments were exposed to nature’s forces by planting them into the ground and give nature time to do her unpredictable design process. The result is stunning and every single design unique.

The T-shirt was considered ideal, as it is one of the most simple garments existing, there could be no better for the project. It is unpretentious, simple, like an empty canvas on which nature can create its designs. Francesco designed a shirt which truly complements the body, idealises it even. “We aimed for a focus on the aesthetics created by nature, to offer a perception of beauty man would never be able to create. We produce beautiful shirts, but it is nature who makes them truly unique» says Francesco Mugnaini.

The materials used had to be of a kind which would react with the soil, the water or sunlight. Naturally no synthetic yarns could be used, as not to create a thread of pollution. After many tests, a high quality organic silk proved best and gave the most interesting results.

The silk shirts are produced by local craftsmen with great expertise. Sebastian Runde, as an organic farmer, is very passionate about his concern for the environment: “Producing the T-shirts abroad in a country with low labour costs was out of question. We looked for local recourses and were very lucky, indeed. We manage to produce a garment, which is 100% made in Italy. The yarns are coming from northern Italy, the shirts are produced locally in Città della Pieve.”

The first collection of RIGHT AS RAIN™ is harvested and up for sale on An array of utterly different silk shirts for men and woman. 100% designed by nature.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Francesco Mugnaini or Sebastian Runde, please call at: +39 0578 299 777, cell: +39 328 0812 442 or write an e-mail to,

Business Leaders Slashing Costs For Offices

March 21, 2011 – Flexibility is a common feature that many of today’s top companies are seeking for their business endeavors. They realize that the flexible company is going to be the one that can adjust to the changing realities of today’s macroeconomic environment and they want to be ready for the changes. They see that when we are looking at things from a top view, it is easy to see that the shifts are going to wear down and even eventually obliterate companies that are so structured and rigid in their practices that they do not feature the ability to shift with the times. Those of us who are serious about finding the best value for our money know that we have got to find ways to save for our companies that do not just lower costs, but keep us financially fit to the extent that we are getting more for the money we spend in the long run, too. That is why those who want to find office space are now looking to less traditional markets or at least less traditional locations within traditional markets. They want to be able to get offices that are going to reduce their rent while still providing them with the advantages that a good location should provide. This is by far the smartest thing we can do if we want a chance to get more for our money.

Of course, not all companies are going to find it wise for them to be renting offices at this time. For upstarts and those that need to slash costs rapidly, an office is merely going to add a challenge that they do not wish to deal with. For these businesses, it could be far more effective to have a virtual office instead. The advantages here are that they have a physical mailing address, a staff and all the features that an office they rented and hired staff for would have, but they do not bear the full brunt of the costs. That is certainly a very good thing and it can make a massive difference for those of us that are looking to get a solid value. If you happen to want to save in a big way, this is definitely a good thing because it can streamline the company finances fast.

To learn more about low cost physical offices, virtual and serviced office solutions, a visit to can be a great assistance.

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Simeon Howard
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Berkeley Square, Mayfair
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Save Planet by Planting fast growing trees

HomeFellas, 3.18.11- Global warming is booming as a big problem in the whole planet. Hence planting a tree has become a big responsibility for every individual. Since Earth Day 2011 is coming up on Friday April 22nd, it is our duty to plant a fast growing tree to make the world a better place. HomeFellas is providing excellent service by providing suggestions about the trees best suited for your area and by promoting the sales of fast growing trees.

HomeFellas have picked out 5 fast growing trees such as Royal Empress Tree, Hybrid Poplar, Muskogee Crape Myrtle Tree, October Glory Maple Tree and Cleveland Pear Tree. Most common benefits from fast growing trees are they provide shelter for wildlife and protection for us from freezing winds in the winter. They filter pollution from the air and prevent soil-loss erosion. They provide food and shade for all life. Also they help to recycle water.

To ensure a fertile future for your beautiful planet, HomeFellas provides appropriate planting zones for every fast growing tree. Royal Empress Tree which is the fastest growing tree in the US is recommended for planting zones 5-11. Hybrid Poplar which is an elegant shade tree will grow in the planting zones 3-8. Muskogee Crape Myrtle Tree which is a great flowering showpiece is recommended for the planting zones 7-11. October Glory Maple Tree which is the fastest growing maple tree is recommended for the planting zone 3-9. Cleveland Pear Tree which is a truly remarkable pear tree is recommended for the planting zone 5-8.

royal empress tree is really a miracle of nature. It grows easily about several feet in the first year and then about twenty feet in a year. Taking the green revolution to the homes of all, about a billion people from 190 countries are participating in the activities and celebrations that are held to support the planting of fast growing trees like Catalpa Tree and Royal Empress Tree.

About provides information about the fast growing trees offered by HomeFellas. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the fast growing trees planting zones and its benefits can be obtained from this website.

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Acquire easy, short term loan online with

Franklin Grove (March 20, 2011) – Payday loan express is UK’s leading online payday lenders that help you to get a loan within just few minutes. The company has been in the industry since the year 1999. The satisfied customers have only good things to talk about the fast and efficient service of pay day loan express.

The major benefit of Payday loan express is that the company focuses on transparency in their operations. The company aims at providing fast pay day advance loan by bringing about clarity in their dealings. They have partnership with the best lender network all over U.K.

Payday loan express brings a sigh of relief to people in need of short-term financial requirements. The company thus offers a payday loan that is not only fast but also very secure. The company takes a number of safety measures that include physical, electronic and procedural protections in order to preserve customer personal details.

The overall process of getting a payday loan from this company is modernized, keeping in mind the needs of 21st century. The company has a very simple procedure to procure a loan. All you need to do is just file an online application form. Once you get approval, the loan amount will be deposited in your bank account in an hour. On reviewing your application form the company can help you to get loan up to $1500.

On one hand where this company safe guards the interest of genuine customers helping them to get fast payday loan, on the other hand it prevents fraud applicants by verifying their identity. The company is dedicated to dependable borrowing and provides customers with consistent service.

Even a person with poor credit history or having an unpaid loan can easily procure a loan form Payday Loan express. However in most cases the company advices to settle existing debts before applying for a new loan.

The company also features a number of edifying articles related to fast pay day loan. This helps their clients to know more about them and how they provides easy and proficient online loan. If this was not enough, they have introduced repayment calculator to their home Page. This feature ensures correct calculation of exact repayment amount on their loan.

The implementation of various online security procedures by Payday Loan Express has reduced fraud and thus they are able to offer a quick and brilliant service to their customer.

About Payday Loan Express:

Since 1999, Payday Loan express offers fast online loans to their genuine customers. Payday Loan Express is one of the leading companies in UK providing online payday advance loans. This company has been an expert in offering quick short- term credit to people all across the untied kingdom. I will recommend this company to all those people in need of short term credit. You can contact Payday loan express at:

Address: PO Box 933
Franklin Grove IL 61031
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Use Standard Brand Paints for Your Home

HomeFellas, 3.20.11- Painting plays a prominent role in making your loving home more attractive and impressive. To get the best possible outcome, you need to know about the quality, colors available and variety of paint brands. The higher end types of paints are usually costlier than other paints as they are more durable. HomeFellas suggest you to paint your home with paint brands like Behr vs Dutch Boy. behr paint is one of the leading manufacturers of paint in the world. It was founded by Otho Behr in 1947. The company is based in Santa Ana and California. Home Depot is the exclusive retailer of Behr paint.

A lot of different paint brands are available in the market. It is important to understand the differences between them. If you are looking for a more expensive brand, HomeFellas suggest you Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams that is suitable for you. But if you opt for a less expensive paint, then Glidden vs Dutch will pay you a great deal less. Majority of the paints will fade to some extent eventually, but the fading will be less emphasized when you choose an expensive brand like Benjamin Moore.

Paint brands like Dutch Boy vs Behr which are sold at one major retailer is right for those who are not looking for longevity. Usually builders will prefer cheap paints as they have to buy in large quantities at affordable prices. Instead home owners and interior decorators will prefer better quality paint brands as they are more particular about longevity.

The top 5 best paint brand listed by HomeFellas are Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Dutch Boy and Glidden. Benjamin Moore is considered as the best overall paint brand in the painting industry and having customer-friendly retail store operators. Sherwin Williams is considered as the best quality paint brand. Behr is considered as a best big box store paint brand. Dutch Boy is considered as the best value paint brand which is one of the most recognizable brands in the market. Glidden is considered as the best economy paint brand.

About provides information about how to select the paint brand for your home offered by HomeFellas. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the top 5 best paint brand and its benefits can be obtained from this website.

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Get Sexy Lingerie for different occasions

Lingerie has a way of making any woman special regardless of their size, shapes and their preference. They will find a number of these pieces that are not only sexy, desirable but also sensual to make them feel wonderful about themselves thus exuding the confidence that makes them even more desirable on the outside.

Classic Lingerie understands that a woman needs to select lingerie that is not only comfortable but also stylish. For this reason it has stocked a wide variety of lingerie pieces for all sizes and shapes, ranging from the petite to the lingerie plus size. Women will not have an easy time getting the pieces they want and those that best fit their profiles in order to enjoy the benefits that come with wearing them.

From Classic Lingerie, they will get a wide selection of these items in terms of designs and color. They will also find lingerie made of a wide variety of materials ranging from naturals to synthetics so that they can have a wide variety to select from. They do not have to worry about the selection because they will find the staff that is not only experienced and knowledgeable but also polite and pleasant to help them in finding the sexy lingerie and garments that best meet their needs. They will be guided on how to select the different pieces of sexy lingerie for different occasions such as their honeymoon, a night out and other special occasions.

They will also encounter a number of tips and tricks on how to select the best lingerie for different occasions. They will also be informed on how to pull together the perfect and sexy look with these pieces of sexy lingerie and how to best take care of them in order to make them last longer and be functional while maintaining their style and luster. Men are also not left behind as they will find a guideline on how to pick sexy lingerie or costume for their better halves.

Those buyers who want to get the sexy lingerie and sexy costumes need not to worry because they will be presented with great prices. The prices vary according to the type of lingerie that the clients want and they will also stumble upon great discounts on various items. Although these prices are low, the quality of this sexy lingerie is not compromised. Buyers will be assured of high quality material as well as high quality workmanship and finishing.

About Classic Lingerie
Classic Lingerie has been in the business of offering clients high quality sexy lingerie and sexy costumes of all designs and colors. It has been in the business for quite a long time and caters for different types of people ranging from the petite to the lingerie plus size. Besides the lingerie store, it has been offering clients different types of information about the pieces of lingerie, the buying guide as well as tips on how to take care of them. The buyers are presented with an easy to use website that makes it fun to find the information about these pieces of sexy lingerie and to purchase them.

Company Name: Classic Lingerie
Address: Online Academy, 2nd Floor, 145 – 157 St John
Street, London, United Kingdom EC1V 4PY
Zip Code: 20500
Phone: 619 532 6784

Plan and Care Your Lawn

HomeFellas, 3.19.11- Life will be stressful for a person who has intensified focus on family, work and money. There must be a time to relax to keep your mind fresh and energetic. Having and maintaining a beautiful, weed-free lawn that is dark green and lush is a best option to relax for a stressful person. As housing market is booming up again, a good looking lawn adds value to your property. Lawn care is not a simple task; you need to get advice from landscape experts. To get a desired effect many things are involved to accomplish your landscaping design. HomeFellas is providing super easy and fast estimate for your lawn care along with one for free Lawn care.

With dedicated lawn care experts, HomeFellas is using Scotts lawn care products which are having a high standard of consistent quality. It is sure that having a beautiful landscape will flush out all our worries from our mind. Before starting to do landscaping, it is better to have some landscaping ideas. First you have to choose the design of your lawn from lawn designs gallery. You need to begin with a plush green lawn having a base of rich dark top soil.

Standard fertilizers and needed nutrients must be used for lawn. Some trees and shrubs are good choice and can be planted in different areas of your lawn. Regardless of the amount of space available, you can create a wonderful lawn by following these HomeFellas landscaping ideas.

For proper maintenance of your lawn, you must be aware of Spring lawn care. When the lawn is wet and spongy, nobody should walk on it. Your footprints may cause damage to the grass root zone; it will take a month for it to naturally repair. So, keep off the grass. Aeration is very much needed for a lawn to look healthier. This can be done by giving it a good raking. Before using any kind of lawn feed, be aware of the crab grass and pull the weeds they can produce the seeds. Before spraying a high standard Scott’s lawn care fertilizer, overseed the lawn as a whole. Finally your lawn mower is ready for the cutting season. Follow HomeFellas landscaping tips for greenish lawn.

About provides information about maintaining your lawn offered by HomeFellas. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the Scotts lawn care products and spring lawn care can be obtained from this website.

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Create The Perfect Business Card With Avanti Printing

March 19, 2011 – Professionally Designed Business Cards Can Be Powerful and Versatile Marketing Tools. To Leverage Their Full Potential Though, You Also Need Excellent Printing Services

Success in business often depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to make new contacts, to promote his/her company’s brand effectively, and to convert prospects into loyal customers with as little effort as possible. Business cards are the perfect tools for that, since they are affordable, portable and readily accepted anywhere on the globe.

Besides acting as a means to convey your company name and contact details, professionally designed business cards can entail numerous other benefits, especially with respect to branding and sales. And when used properly, they genuinely become one the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal.

Since the visual characteristics of your business card is what “sells” your name and compels prospects to hire your services or buy your products, the quality of the printing is just as vital as the quality of the design. That said, make sure your business card is legible, with a suitable font and proper sized characters, and that the tint, style, and texture you choose for the paper fully match the color of the ink. A subtle, tastefully done color printing job can have a great effect even for a business card, so don’t hesitate to opt for something like that if you find it appropriate.

When designating your contact information, include your fax number, e-mail address and URL (if necessary), and whenever possible, try to include your company logo as well. Be careful no to overcrowd your card though – a very common mistake these days! As with many other things, less is more when it comes to designing business cards, so try to stick by this rule for a neater look and better overall visual appeal.

Irrespective of the design you choose for your business cards, you will need an experienced company to take care of the printing. For maximum professionalism, best quality of execution and highly competitive prices, consider turning to the services of Avanti Printing – a leading commercial printing company headquartered in Irvine, California.

About Avanti Printing

Since its inception in 2004, Avanti Printing has been offering a wide variety of printing services, including business card printing, brochure printing, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, postcards, and more. Besides the assorted offer, Avanti Printing also handles custom printing jobs and strives to educate the public on effective marketing via its regularly updated blog.

For additional details about the company, as well as its offer of services, please visit

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Avanti Printing
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Epoxy Flooring Contractor Enters the National Scene

Warren, NJ March 19, 2011 – High Performance Systems Corporation, located in Warren, New Jersey is proud to announce it is expanding its operations. This company started back in 1988 as a family run operation by Jeffrey Smedley. He is a lifelong entrepreneur in the protective coatings industry. Their operations include resinous flooring systems for the food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries throughout the eastern USA.

Some of their tasks include seamless flooring to meet some of the most stringent standards of the USDA and FDA as well as EPA standards to protect our environment and improve food safety standards as set by HACCP. In addition, they install clean rooms for pharmaceutical manufacturer to ensure quality standards that allow for the highest of quality medicines for human and animal consumption.

In addition, they also install restaurant flooring for both the dining public, as well as the kitchen staff. In keeping with their overall goal of food safety and the overall quality of life for the public in general they also install non slip flooring in many locations as well. Some of their clientele includes the likes of Merck Pharmaceuticals, Schering Plough, Con Edison, Prudential Insurance, Met Life, Griffin Industries, Valley Proteins, Darling International, just to name a few. Their territory is quite vast as their projects cover not only the New England states, but continue throughout the Mid Atlantic and Sun Belt region to include Tennessee.

In an effort to better serve the public they have added websites specific for various regions, but their main site is located at

Some of the various task performed include epoxy flooring, seamless flooring and virtually any concrete repairs that are a vital part of the installation. They have quite a reputation for serving the food processing flooring industry in particular as highlighted at and pharmaceutical floors located at . They also have a very strong following in restaurant floors located at

If you take the time to visit their website at you will find an endless wealth of information to further illustrate the tasks and industry they serve. This site includes many detailed pictorials, videos and serves as a great reference guide for the protective coatings industry as a whole.

In closing, their mission statement may sum up their company mindset and better explain their rise to prominence in the industry.

“Our mission is to provide our customer with a well designed application. That will not only function long term, but at a fair value for their long term benefit. To constantly pursue continuing education to provide our clientele with the very best installation, that will meet or exceed their expectations.

Contact Information:
High Performance Systems Corporation
22 Hillcrest Blvd, Warren NJ 07059
Phone: 800-928-7220

Jeffrey Smedley has been in the protective coatings industry his entire life. At the age of 50 he is currently president of High Performance Systems Corporation. HPS serves the entire eastern USA. They specialize in the food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.
Please be sure to visit a few of their sites at: High Performance Systems