Teenager Summer Abroad: Continues To Grow In Popularity

[Philadelphia, PA] – March 5, 2011 – Many teens today are looking for ways to be able to ramp up their efforts to get into good schools by getting the kind of life experience that will help them exceed the expectations for people their age. Towards this end, a number of students are looking to experience a Teenager Summer Abroad where they will be able to maximize their time out of school and do something positive at the same time. By staying with host families and attending classes in extremely popular places like Alajuela, Costa Rica or Marbella, Spain, teens are able to experience life in a different culture and spend time with other teens while learning to speak Spanish in a much more fluent fashion than their peers who have only taken courses in an English speaking high school. With second languages being such a big priority among educators today, this advanced way to learn Spanish is proving popular with many high school students. In addition to their time spent learning in a classroom setting, teens will also be able to visit a number of local attractions where they can experience more of what the country of their choosing has to offer.

AmeriSpan is one company that offers these types of experiences, helping teens discover life in other parts of the world in a safe and more affordable way. Speaking about their Costa Rica and Spain Teenager Study Abroad programs, AmeriSpan co-founder John Slocum was recently quoted as saying, “In spite of the economy and the news emenating from the Middle East, we are receiving more applications from High schoolers planning to go abroad this summer. The most popular destinations are Spain and Costa Rica.” Indeed, many experts agree that recent events only highlight the need for more transcultural experiences among today’s youth as our world continues to evolve into a more global economy where one nation’s concerns rapidly become another’s. Teens experienced in other cultures are said to be better able to understand the events they hear about in the media, as well.

Those who would like to learn more about AmeriSpan’s Spain Costa Rica Teenager Study Abroad offerings should visit the company’s website to learn more at www.AmeriSpan.com or call 800-879-6640 if in the US and Canada or in other nations, 215-751-1100. Visitors can get a free catalog, find scholarship information or even book easily online.

For more information visit: www.amerispan.com

Contact Info:

John Slocum
AmeriSpan Study Abroad
1334 Walnut St., 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
800-879-6640 ext. 306

IVA-Individual Voluntary Arrangement

IVA also known as individual voluntary arrangement is a legal and binding agreement that has the capability of making an individual debt free in a span of five years. Most people are battling with debts and it is only with the help of an IVA that they attain financial freedom.

If you are on the brink of bankruptcy, there is no doubt that you need immediate help in clearing your debts before things get out of control. This is where an IVA comes in since it legally protects you from further interest charges which only service to increase the debt amount. In order to qualify for this type of arrangement, a nomination has to be provided and a proposal for paying off the debts drawn by the practitioner. These are then sent out to creditors and they have to vote on whether or not they agree to the stipulations provided in the proposals. Debt advice ensures that you receive all the privy information needed to make an informed decision as well as formulate the proposal on your behalf in order to ensure that it is accepted by creditors. In this case, at least 75% of all the creditors have to agree to the proposal in order to guarantee that you get the much reprieve and it is up to them to ensure that this is provided.

After debt advice has secured the IVA on your behalf, the nest step is to start paying off the debt in accordance to the stipulated agreement. During this time, the creditors have to cease sending you letters, calling and paying you regular visits. Once you manage to clear off the agreed amount, then the remaining debt is cleared off and this is what makes you debt free. As mentioned earlier, this plan will ensure that you achieve this end in a span of 5 years at most and what is more, any interest charged on the unsecured debts or any other debt has to be frozen. In order to ensure that you are not forced into bankruptcy, then Debt advice will ensure that you stick to the agreement reached. It is for this reason that time is taken to evaluate your financial status in order to ensure that the agreement reached upon augers well with your financial status and does not put excessive pressure on your finances.

Debt advice has helped transform the lives of hundreds of UK residents by providing IVA solutions that. This is by ensuring that they clear off their debts within an agreed time span and hence, eliminate the possibility of being thrown into Bankruptcy . These services are provided by trained practitioners who understand the IVA world and work towards delivering tried and tested techniques to deliver effective results and solutions. Compared to the possibility of getting declared as bankrupt, this is the best alternative to most UK residents and it is precisely for this reason that Debt advice is considered one of the most efficient and reliable ways of ensuring that this end is met. Why battle with excessive debts when you can clear it within 5 years?

For More Info Visit: http://www.chilterndebtmanagement.co.uk

April College Scholarship Deadlines Are Quickly Approaching

Getting into college is a very involved process and sometimes the most component is ignored. This is taking note of the deadlines for various scholarship forms. It is imperative to stay organized, keep a list of these and then be sure to abide by the dates listed. According to Dee Cohen, licensed social worker and owner of Socialworkprograms.org , “I have had many counseling sessions with students who expressed extreme frustration that they submitted their admission applications on time but missed out on some important scholarship deadlines that were good fits for their accomplishments. “

There are numerous scholarship programs that the government, corporations and private institutions award. Each one has a different requirement for gpa minimum, ending date of application process and other criteria. For those unsure of what to study, there are numerous Social Work Programs that qualify a graduate for a variety of positions. The April scholarship deadlines are approaching and here are some to be keep track of closely.

The Morgan Stanley scholarship program is for American students who wish to study in a Japanese university. It grants two scholarships worth $7,500 each. Juniors and senior students who are interested in taking up economics and international finance are the ones eligible for this scholarship. The applications for this scholarship are collected and screened by the US-Japan Bridging Foundation and the Association of Teachers of Japanese. The application deadline is on the 8th of April. An applicant has to submit an application form to the Bridging Project Clearinghouse in the University of Colorado.

For those with an interest in health, the Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship should be considered if you are under twenty five, will be an incoming freshman or are in your first year of college now. There will be two different essays required. One covers the question of why a healthy lifestyle is important in school. The other asks one to describe their career plans, goals and personal ambitions. The award is five thousand dollars.

Another program with an April Scholarship Deadline is the Ronald C. Harrell Scholarship for engineering students. This is founded in 1918 by the North Carolina Society of Engineers. It grants North Carolina lucky students two thousand dollars each. The deadline for submission of application is on the 23rd of April.

Other scholarships due in April include the Seabee Memorial Scholarship for military programs on April 15th, Oregon Medical Education Foundation Scholarship due by April 1st and the National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships which has a deadline of April 4th 2011.

These scholarship programs are just some of the numerous ones available. When you visit Ms. Cohen’s blog, you’ll also find out more about male nursing scholarships as well as how to apply for left handed scholarships and scholarships for minority women. Cohen advises one to think out their interests, family tree and associations in order to broaden the search to find additional funding to further one’s education. At http://www.SocialWorkPrograms.org many resources are listed for available scholarships and educational programs.

Some Puppy Teaching Guidelines

Some puppy owners consider that teaching their dog is just a piece of cake. What they presume is after a handful of periods they will understand all their commands and obey them. This is all false, for the reason that if your dog is not educated in the appropriate manner there in no way that he or she is going to find out what they are being taught. They are not people so you can’t expect them to find out promptly. It wants a good deal of passion and dedication to train a canine. It is always excellent to have a pet that obeys you, simply because it turns into so significantly less difficult to management them. It is not crucial to scare them, all you have to do is discover how to train them very first and then you can get started out.

It is not only needed to train to behave in front of your friends and spouse and children members you will need to be ready to control them when other dogs are all-around. Oftentimes canines and pups tend to misbehave if they see another dog in their vicinity. So if they are trained you will be able to tackle them easily. If you don’t know how to go about the whole approach you can buy books on this subject or you can get dog coaching tips on the net. Once they are skilled you will be ready to get the most out of them.

There are some efficient dog instruction ideas that you can follow to make instruction your pup genuinely simple. it is usually improved to start out teaching them when they are younger, as this will guide them understand and try to remember. A canine that usually displays disobedience, have to be skilled with the appropriate tactic. Failing to do so might cause far more challenges in the lengthy operate.

Aggressive and dominating behaviors are common traits in an untrained dog. If your dog displays aggressive habits these kinds of as biting, it’s finest to phone on the enable of a qualified dog coach. Dog attacks are more common than you believe, accounting for practically fifty percent of all household insurance claims and leading to 1000’s of injuries and fatalities a year.

Every single circumstance varies. Your k9 might only have a slight behavioral issue such as sitting on the sofa or digging up the backyard. From time to time essential puppy teaching may possibly will need to be re-introduced to preserve your canine disciplined. It’s uncomplicated to property train a puppy when he has previously been through the method as soon as. However, property education a dog really should be ongoing to enable manage your dog’s discipline.

There are a lot of distinctive approaches to train your canine. A person of the most efficient dog education strategies is clicker education. With all teaching even so, the key is persistence and persistence. Education can get tiresome because it involves tons of repetition, but it’s significant to educate commands over and more than once again right until it turns into an inherent habit. Your dog will not master a command by heart soon after a couple of repetitions, perhaps not even just after 10 or 20 occasions. Don’t give up, the much more you drill, the extra your dog will get it.

LAN Systems Receives WBENC Certification as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

LAN Systems, received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Greater Women’s Business Council certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Norcross, GA, March 05, 2011 — LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta IT Consulting firm, received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Greater Women’s Business Council certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

The WBENC certification for women-owned business is the most recognizable and sought after certification of its kind. WBENC’s national standard of certification consists of a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business, application process, detailed notarized affidavit, a site visit and final determination by the Certification Committee.

“Becoming WBENC certified is an important step for LAN Systems. Although our industry is traditionally male, we prove that women excel at technology,” said Mary Hester, Chairman and CEO. “As a female engineer, I know how important it is for women to be involved in science, math, engineering and technology initiatives. Our WBENC certification will help us promote that message. We are delighted to join the family of WBENC companies.”

By including women-owned businesses among their partners, corporations and government agencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity. Many of the Fortune 500 companies have women’s business development programs, including 80 of the top 100.

About The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council:
The WBENC is recognized as the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States, WBENC is a resource for more than 700 US companies and government agencies that rely on WBENC’s certification as an integral part of their diversity programs. For more information, please visit http://www.wbenc.org.

About LAN Systems:
LAN Systems is a leading Atlanta Computer Support company that provides people-focused IT solutions. As technology experts, LAN Systems helps companies make the most of their existing IT investment and choose the right solutions to fuel growth. LAN Systems is a leading provider of IT Solutions for growing businesses in the Metro Atlanta. For more information, visit: http://www.lansystems.com

Press & Media Contact:
Lauren Maxwell
Business Development Manager
LAN Systems
6015-D Atlantic Blvd
Norcross, GA 30071
770 662-0312

Britannia Cleaning Services Offer Business And Commercial Cleaning In Gloucestershire

From office carpets to fire damaged buildings, Britannia Cleaning Services of Cheltenham are the only cleaning company that you need to rely on for your commercial cleaning needs.

Gloucestershire, UK, March 04, 2011 — This privately owned and family run business has been established in the Gloucestershire area for many years, priding themselves on the quality of work at the best possible prices, with a long list of satisfied and loyal customers who continue to use the team at Britannia to take care of all their cleaning needs and requirements.

Britannia Cleaning Services are able to offer all types of businesses and industry niches a rewarding cleaning service, with their main business types including:

* Builders Cleans
* Fire and Flood Damage
* Pub / Club / Restaurant Floor And Carpet Cleaning
* Office And Business Carpet Cleaning
* End of Tenancy cleans
* Hard floors cleaning, stripping and re-sealing

Keeping your workplace clean, fresh and above all safe has to be a priority for any business, no matter how big or small, so make sure that you give Britannia Cleaning Services ( http://www.britanniacleaningservices.com ) the chance to keep your company working in a clean environment.

Fire and Flood Damage:
Britannia Services are insurance approved contractors with 20 years experience of cleaning in preparation for restoration of commercial domestic properties.

Hard Floor Cleaning:
Britannia Services offer hard floor cleaning initial treatments, regular main and periodic cleaning of all hard floors and surfaces.

Britannia Cleaning Services have a large team of trained people ready to tackle any cleaning job for your business, with state of the art equipment and knowledgeable employees that know how to get the job done quickly, effectively and efficiently, so drop them a line on 01242 250001 or visit their website – http://www.britanniacleaningservices.com

Press & Media Contact:
Gareth Evans
Britannia Cleaning Services
69 Rowanfield Road, Cheltenham Road,
Gloucestershire, GL51 8AF UK
01242 250001

GroupFlier Rolls out Tech Cocktail, Public Texting Group to Follow SXSW Action

Becomes official Texting App for Style X.

Austin, TX, March 04, 2011 — At next week’s South by Southwest SXSW 2011 event, attendees can follow the latest news and updates by signing up to receive text messages from Tech Cocktail, GroupFlier’s newest public group texting service of curated texts. To join, people can also simply visit http://groupflier.com and click “Public Groups.”

Group texting service GroupFlier ( http://www.groupflier.com ) also announced it’s the official group texting app for Style X (pronounced “Style By”), connecting fashion designers and the musicians who are acting as their models at SXSW, running March 11-20, Austin, TX.

Style X includes a pop-up retail showcase that will serve as the official shopping experience of SXSW with dozens of brands from around the country bringing the latest designs in screenprinting and design, women’s, menswear, streetwear, swimwear and accessories. Also, Style X will host multiple fashion shows, each celebrating a different segment of style.

“South by Southwest is a one-of-a-kind convergence of the creative industries and being connected is essential,” said Joah Spearman, Style X’s executive producer and co-founder. “With GroupFlier, fans of music, film, interactive and now fashion will be able to stay connected with their favorite creators and what’s happening throughout the conference and festival.”

To create a free texting group for South by Southwest (SXSW) and Style X, visit:

Tech Cocktail is the third free group texting service open to the public. Most recently, the service rolled out the messaging group dubbed “Egypt4Peace,” which sends SMS texts on news and tweets made by Google marketing executive and Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim.

A free service, people can join Tech Cocktail in two different ways:

* Go to http://groupflier.com/join/TCSXSW
* Text TCSXSW to (617) 394-1386

About GroupFlier:
GroupFlier’s mission is to empower clubs and associations of all types, through free group texting and content curation for SMS. The service is compatible with all cellphone devices and platforms, whether it be a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or old Nokia, as well as supporting any service plans by AT&T, Verizon or a phone card. GroupFlier also offers an iPhone app for group creation. Soon to follow are more advanced iPhone, Android and RIM clients that will enable a richer information experience.

All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Press Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal
MediaPR.net, Inc
Austin, TX
(401) 349-3369

Want to convert wmv to mov? Convertwmvtomov.com can help

March 2011 – Convertwmvtomov.com has won high esteem and admiration by providing a truly inimitable wmv to mov converter. This company has great deal of proficiency in the field of wmv to mov conversion. One thing I extremely revere about its converter is that it is easy to download. No wonder it is so recommended.

Convertwmvtomov.com definitely knows in and out of wmv to mov conversion. The converter brought in by this company is very user-friendly. Convertwmvtomov.com is currently offering a free trial; it provides a guide to use the converter as well. The main features of its converter include convert videos and audios to all popular formats; support converting TIVO videos; convert HD and camera AVCHD videos to common formats; extract audio from videos as m4a, wma, wav, mp3, aac, ac3, ape, mka, ogg, etc; make video compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android phones, PSP, etc.; crop video to create perfect video with different screen size; trim your video files to convert your favorite movie clips; add special effect to your video such as Gray, Emboss, Negative and Old film; add text or image as watermark to coin and color your video files; add and edit subtitles with .MKV as source file plus plug-in subtitle in SRT format to your video; merge more than one file into a single one; capture pictures from video and save as jpeg and bmp files; configure output video/audio settings such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate to produce exactly the wanted video/audio for mobile devices and set video brightness, contrast, saturation and volume as you like; support batch conversion, to convert more than one file at one time; the pregame size is only 10MB and takes only few minutes to install and offer life-time free upgrade plus technical support service.

Convertwmvtomov.com considers clients contentment above everything else that is why it offers a money back guarantee. If in a rare event there is any problem with the converter then the company will be more than glad to refund your money. This offer is valid for a period of thirty days. wmv to mov converter provided by Convertwmvtomov.com is perfect; I am positive you will not have to utilize this option.

Convertwmvtomov.com offers one of the best converters for converting wmv file to mov format. Its converter is cent percent clean which means you do not have to worry about installing plug-ins or uninstalling incompletely on your computer. Convertwmvtomov.com has definitely made the entire process of conversion fast and easy. Now that’s really amazing!!

About Convertwmvtomov.com
This company can without doubt help you out in experiencing video conversion, editing and production like a pro. If you would like to convert wmv to movyour wmv file into mov format quickly then get its converter right away. I am certain the converter brought in by this company will bring in wonderful results. If you would like to get more information about its converter then please drop an e-mail at Yahairagnr@gmail.com.

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1212 Cambridge Place
Towson, MD 21204

Become a Golf Guru Fast with the Right Lessons

Golf is one of the most popular ball games that are found all over the globe with a high number of fans. There are lots of things that happen in the field that one should know especially if one has a genuine interest of the game. GolfWorld is a very useful company that ensures individuals get to know all the latest and important golf news. This is where one gets to know information on the pro players as well as anything else significant in regards to golf. This is usually released in a timely manner so that one does not have to deal with stale news they cannot even use. The news is also presented on a regular basis for one to be well informed and never miss anything that happens in the golfing industry.

The company also has numerous training golf videos that one can use to learn more about the game. Here one gets practical experience as they watch all the latest techniques they are supposed to use when playing. There are numerous videos available where it is not possible to view all of them at once thus one can look for the ones that will help them out and watch the others later to enhance the gaming skills. This is especially beneficial for beginners who don’t have an idea of what goes on in the field as they can learn a thing or two to showcase their skills when playing. The videos are made in such a way that they are easy to use and understand meaning they can be used by anyone without a problem.

In addition to this, GolfWorld goes a step further to provide a number of golf lessons that one can use to be more familiar with the game. This is usually divided into various categories according to the level that one is comfortable with so that everyone can benefit. These help one to learn all the basics of the game as well as the tricks that are used to become a successful player. Here one also gets expert advice on the best equipment to use to ensure individuals enjoy the game to the fullest without any frustrations.

About GolfWorld

GolfWorld is a reputable company that offers all the information one needs when it comes to golf. Here individuals get the latest news on what is happening in the golfing industry. The company goes a step further and shares a number of golf videos that one can use to get more insight on the game. One can also get golf lessons to improve their swing and become better players. To benefit fully from these details please visit: www.golfworldblog.com


Author : Buddy Ringlow
Address:1 Cemce Rd.,
Wilmington, DE 19808