A New Authority on Gas Conversion is Lowering Gas Bills Everywhere!

Sacramento, Ca – March, 23 2011 – One thing that most car owners can depend on is the price of gas never standing still. So many factors go into determining the price of gas, that one single economic, political, or social event across the world can send the price of gas skyrocketing. That is why it’s time for the average person to begin to find out the wonderful technologies out there that can be used to reduce their gas bill.

That is why we are proud to announce the launch of hhogaskitwizard.com, by Jason Tyler a renowned expert on gas conversion techniques. We have combed through the gas conversion industry to find the best products related to gas conversion, and have them reviewed by our expert mechanic team. Each of these products has been tested by our team to ensure an accurate and unbiased review. Top among these is the Simple Water Fuel conversion guide that has gained a reputation as one of the best sources of information in the industry. The reviews provided will give you an in-depth look into the pro’s and con’s of each of these products, and we are committed to helping our customers make an informed and environmentally friendly decision.

The march of technology is constantly producing an endless source of wonders for us, and a lot of them the average person doesn’t know about. It is possible to reduce your gas bills using the very substance that covers most of the Earth. So now is the time to come visit us at www.hhogaskitwizard.com, and found out exactly how to.

http://www.hhogaskitwizard.com is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest, and most up to date information about products related to the gas conversion industry.

Jason Tyler
HHO Gas Kit Wizard

Advanced Polymer Trading Launches New Web Site; Improves on Performance, Information and Accessibility

Reflecting its dynamic focus and the need for excellent online representation in the digital age, APT has launched its new web site which improves on performance, has better information and easier accessibility and navigation.

Advanced Polymer Trading (APT), an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber, plastics and petrochemicals, is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site. Following a period of consultation and redesign, the new web site improves on performance, has better information and easier accessibility and navigation.

Improvements to the web site are on several fronts. The improved performance comes due to technical changes in the underlying software which powers the web site and simultaneously it offers APT greater flexibility for content management. The redesign has ensured that better and clearer information is available online to past, present an future customers as well as perspective investors or employees. One of the key emphasis of the new design is to ensure east navigation and accessibility. The majority of the site’s rich information can be found with just one or two clicks.

“A solid, accessible online presence is essential in today’s business environment” said Mr. Hamid Amiri, APT’s Managing Director. “APT has always been a flexible and leading edge company, this is reflected in our redesigned web site.”

2011 has been an excellent year for APT so far, in January APT entered into an agreement with Mitsui Chemicals Europe to market, sell and distribute Mitsui’s adhesive resin ADMER. ADMER adhesive resin is a functionally modified polyolefin that serves as a tie layer in multilayer applications including steel pipes. To kick-off the agreement Mitsui Chemicals Europe joined APT at ArabPlast 2011 and provided pre-sales support and technical advice on ADMER.

About Advanced Polymer Trading FZC

Advanced Polymer Trading FZC (APT) is an international trading company in plastic, rubber and chemicals serving a diverse range of industries including the automotive industry, packaging industry, construction, road and building material sectors, paint, resin and adhesive industries, pipe, medical, agriculture and the shoe & leather industries.

Advanced Polymer Trading FZC
19th Floor, Festival Tower
Dubai Festival City
Dubai – UAE

Tel: +971 4 293 2608
Fax: +971 4 293 2525

Website : www.advanced-polymer.com
Email: info@advanced-polymer.com

Press Contact:

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Media & Publishing Division (http://www.artsec.com)
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Bingo Sites Drawing In More Players With Increase In Free Play Offers

[London, UK] March 24, 2011 – Marketing is a huge part of any industry today, whether it is online or off, but consumers are not normally the ones that get much good from their interaction with marketing. Ads might be entertaining for a few moments, offering catchy jingles or an amusing image or quip, but they rarely offer consumers much in terms of value. Instead, ads are designed to get the consumer to take action with the least amount of time spent deciding on whether they should or should not. The web is certainly changing things in this regard by introducing a new concept that is not at all foreign to those who market in social media. The concept of offering consumers value up front is definitely something the web has honed to a very effective point in a surprising industry: online bingo. This is the one industry that has taken the concept of offering their target customer base something of real value to the customers first. This approach has led to a large number of first class free bingo sites where players can try out a brand’s product without needing to spend a cent. This is the way that bingo sites are offering their players something for free and leaving the decision to join or not up to the individual player.

By treating their customer base with respect and offering genuine free entertainment, bingo has managed to become one of the most popular past times on the web in the present day. All of these free offers have also given rise to an ‘industry within an industry’ as sites pop up to help bingo fans get the latest scoop on what all of the bingo sites are offering in terms contests, bonuses and, of course, free online bingo. Sites such as the UK’s popular Bingo Hideout offer their visitors a free resource that connects them with the best offers happening in the bingo scene online and also provides in depth looks at many top sites so that players can learn about them from the perspective of fellow players. This is definitely giving players the advantage when it comes to finding excellent ways to be able to improve their online bingo experience without spending a single pound.

Bingo fans or those curious about the world of online bingo can visit http://www.bingohideout.co.uk to learn more about the state of online bingo today.

Contact Info:

Bingo Hideout Media Relations
Office 2344
PO Box 6945
United Kingdom.
Phone: +44 845 299 0223
Email: media@bingohideout.co.uk

Saving Money On Workable Office Locations Now Easier For Global Companies

March 24, 2011 – Many in business now realize that the economy is not yet done changing. The long wave economic shifts that began happening a few years ago are still underway and that means that companies have got to be prepared for the tidal changes that are affecting each and every market around the globe. Those who run companies are having to be smart about things. The changes in how spending is done are perhaps the most dramatic now, with low cost alternatives being valued more highly than ever before as companies attempt to reign in the excessive spending that was a hallmark of the early 2000’s. Now the same companies are considering ways to save. Upstart companies, too, are looking for sensible ways by which to reduce their costs and that means that they are thinking it could very well be time to consider a virtual office as a low cost alternative to more expensive office set ups that could quickly use up their capital for starting a successful venture. Most of us realize that things are bound to get complex when the economy is shifting, but cost conscious solutions work for companies at every level, and at every age. This is why so many are looking online for the best solutions to their needs.

Your City Office is one place where companies are now finding not only virtual solutions, but physical real estate solutions, as well. With the availability of cheap office space in so many markets across the world today, many companies are going global with increasing rapidity. This means that those who want a chance to be able to lower the price of the things they need most are going to have to try and find solutions in terms of the offices they rent or consider renting. They know it is not going to be easy to get the best prices, but that with a solution like the Your City Office web site on their side, things can progress more quickly than they might otherwise. These important changes can definitely lend a lot of value to those of us that know we have to cut costs while still expanding. This is where the markets are moving to, according to many economic observers.

Those interested in finding the best values in virtual and physical offices should visit http://www.yourcityoffice.com/ to learn more about the choices they have today.

Contact Info:
Simeon Howard
+44 (0) 207 887 4566
2nd Floor Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square, Mayfair
London W1J 6BD


Right Casino Media, a UK based online casino portal operator, today launched their latest website LiveCasinos.co.uk. The site’s primary goal is to independently help players find reputable live online casinos whilst providing exclusive bonuses and background casino information.

The website, tailored towards the UK player market, was designed to specifically help players looking to find a trustworthy casino in the live dealer niche. It contains exclusive live casino bonuses, live dealer galleries, specific game video insights as well as independent reviews written by actual live casino enthusiasts.

“The goal of LiveCasinos.co.uk is to provide players with a one stop shop for their live dealer needs, whether that is reviews, dealer photographs or just to find out how it all works. Upon approaching the industry noted the lack of portal websites which currently advertise in this niche, we feel our website now fills the previous gap” commented Michael Charalambous, Managing Director of Right Casino Media limited.

Live dealer casino gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling industry, with over 90 live dealer casinos launching in 2010 alone. LiveCasinos.co.uk, which currently features 12 live casino sites, helps users know which are fully regulated by a government body and those they can trust.


LiveCasinos.co.uk is an independent live casino review site, operated by Right Casino Media Limited, a registered company in England and Wales. Right Casino Media, launched in 2010, provides impartial casino reviews and subsequent advertising solutions to trusted and reputable online casino brands.

Media Contact Information

Name: Michael Charalambous
Address: Suite 7, Ripon House,
35 Station Lane,
City: Hornchurch
County/State: Essex
Postcode/ZIP: RM12 6JL
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.rightcasinomedia.com
Email: share@rightcasinomedia.com
Phone: 07725343456

COPD Insurance to Manage Your Lung Problems

Dania Beach, FL – 2/4/2011: First Preferred Insurance is a leading insurance provider with best of the agents who can offer a variety of plans that can definitely meet all your needs and provide a better coverage in most of the health conditions like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol etc. For COPD patients, they can present perfect coverage plans combined with unrivaled benefits and also at affordable prices.

COPD is generally a lung disease, which is mainly caused by the coexistence of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This is a progressive disease because over time the symptoms get worse making it extremely difficult for the patient to have a normal life. The worst situation with this disease is that the symptoms include coughing which develops thick mucus, wheezing and shortness of breath which can be a little tougher deal for the patient as well as their family members. So this is a chronic condition that demands a regular attention and care. This makes it critical to have a proper COPD health insurance at the very beginning stage of the disease.

But when you already diagnosed with COPD and not having insurance in your hand, you are in a difficult situation just because of your “pre-existing” condition. This disease demands a consistent prescription and when you are left without a proper insurance coverage, can really affect your monthly premium and worsen the situation further more. If you currently don’t have health insurance for COPD you must look out for some of the reliable insurance providers around and make it sure that they can help you to have access to a lower cost health care.

There are many good insurance plans available at First Preferred Insurance which can give you extra prescription benefits and have included many comprehensive prescriptions with good monthly deductibles to help you pay very little out of your hand. Most of the people might have gone through this difficult situation of getting denied, all because you are infected with COPD. But having the right plan can save you from spending thousands of dollars for treatment and surgeries. Additionally this insurance can act as a cover for unexpected accidents or illness. The shortness of breath and wheezing are mainly due to the environmental factors and treatment should be continued lifelong. There are chances of undergoing some surgeries for removal of damaged lung parts or even complete transplantation of lungs.

About First Preferred Insurance

First Preferred Insurance is one of the leading insurance providers, which can help you to have a guaranteed approval with most of the health conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. With many years of experience and best of the agents you are assured to have quality medical insurance safe in your hands. They offer affordable COPD insurance plans to individuals. The COPD insurance plans come with lot of benefits for the patients.

For more information, visit: http://firstpreferredhealthinsurance.com/copd-insurance


First Preferred Health Care LLC,
485 South Federal Highway,
Dania Beach, FL 33004

Choice Respite Strategies Looking for Professional Trained and Talented Caregivers

March 24, 2011 – Choice Respite Strategies, a “private-duty” personal care provider available to all adults in the Toledo Ohio area, currently has openings for caregivers.

“If you are looking for a career that is truly about making a difference in the lives of others, we’d like you to consider becoming a part of our team,” said Angela R. Swolsky, the company’s manager.

The company, which is continually seeking the highest of quality caregivers is considering applications in the following areas:

• Home Health Aides
• Companion Caregivers
• Art Therapists

“so, if caring for others is what you’re about, we’d love to hear from you,” said Ms. Swolsky.

For further information, please visit http://www.crsllc3164.com and fill out the forms under the “Caregiver forms” tab.

For further information, please contact:

Angela R. Swolsky
Choice Respite Strategies LLC
5055 Enterprise Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43612
Phone: 419-290-2265
Email: publicrelations@crsllc3164.com
Website: http://www.crsllc3164.com/