Mental Health Magazine The Empowerment to Launch in Sacramento

SACPROS.ORG is preparing to launch a mental health magazine for the Greater Sacramento called “The Empowerment”, which will publish information on many topics relating to the mental health community. Articles of interest will include information on symptom management, alternative strategies, current approaches taught in the greater Sacramento area, health and wellness perspectives and many other topics.

According to SACPROS Network Director, Marilyn Washington “the magazine will create a new and positive image for people with mental health issues working towards their recovery and hopefully help eliminate some of the prevailing stereotypes about mental illness”. It will provide the ability for people with mental illnesses to express their opinions on all areas of their wellness and recovery, something they normally do not get to do in a public way. “SACPROS wants The Empowerment to be an uplifting voice in mental health community”, said Ms. Washington.

“The mental health community is larger than those who are already in the mental health system and who are highly challenged. It also includes a larger population of people who are currently in mainstream society, but who are struggling in their jobs or relationships, dealing with losses, or who are working through addiction issues. The mental health community might also include our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers who have never sought out support services”, said Terry Zick, Wellness Editor of The Empowerment. According to the statement published at press release distribution, the official launch is scheduled for June 2011.”We’re very excited,” she said,” about the launch of this magazine”.

The magazine will have an initial print run of 25,000 copies that will be distributed for FREE every quarter to schools, colleges, bus stops, coffee shops, local hospitals, mental health agencies, grocery stores, room and board homes, boarding care homes and police stations. In 6 to 9 months, SACPROS hopes to increase the copies to 54,000.

The Empowerment will also enable counselors, therapists, clinical Social workers, clinical Psychologists, mental health prevention specialists, educators, nurses, physicians & psychiatrists, hospitals and treatment centers and other behavioral healthcare professionals to promote their vital programs and services to the mental health community. The deadline for placing ads in mental health magazine for the Summer 2011 issue is May 15th, 2011.

About Sacpros Sacramento Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (SACPROS) is a leading Mental Health Resource Guide strengthening individuals, families and community with easily accessible information about available services in Greater Sacramento area.


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Brentwood, NY, March 29, 2011–As expected, financers wouldn’t be willing to give money to borrowers who have a faulty credit record. Alternatively, subprime car loans are a great rescue alternative in such situation. Subprime lenders offer loans to individuals having bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcy quarries. Bankruptcy car loans would classically come at a higher price. On the other hand, there’re a few ways to get lower rates. Having a savings bank account and staying present on it surely helps. Obtain a copy of the credit report and confirm all the accounts. Make sure any debts discharged off in the bankruptcy is not shown as unpaid.

Furthermore, the reasons that lead to bankruptcy greatly influence the decision of the lender. If the borrower’s financial slip-ups led to insolvency, then bankruptcy auto loan lenders may not be quite willing to compromise. Here, the borrowers will have to prove that they have learnt from past mistakes, and demonstrate actions taken by them to prevent such a situation in future. Particularly in such cases, it is advisable to get small loans like credit cards, and pay off bills regularly to demonstrate one’s repaying abilities.

Normally, due to the high risk involved for the lenders, bankruptcy car finance is provided for smaller durations, 12 to 48 months. So, per month installments may turn out to be higher than expected. So, it is suggested for borrowers to work out a monthly budget program, and work out how much they could afford to spend on the loan each month. Decide a car model based on the budget limitations. Used cars could be an economical alternative. Few lenders ask for collateral against the loan. Secured loans are a good option as they would be cheaper, and could be obtained right away. Furthermore, most lenders don’t agree to give unsecured loans for at least 2 years post bankruptcy. Else, one need have to give a substantial amount, around 20 to 30 percent, as down payment.

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AND Solutions Forms Swindon Alliance With Juniper Innovations

Swindon, Wiltshire, AND Solutions, Technical Writing specialists have formed an alliance with Supply Chain technology consultancy, Juniper Innovations, to help provide clients with greater supply chain control as well as user friendly documents for internal processes and training.

Simon Butler, Managing Director of AND Solutions explains “Juniper Innovations have range of off the shelf software and tracking hardware devices from warehouse systems, RFID software and forensic level tracking solutions, GPS trailer tracking and temperature monitoring devices, through to bespoke solutions from GPS/GSM hardware tracking units to website and backend office software.  Any business change such as the introduction of new technology benefits from well written, user friendly, client specific product support documentation so that company personnel understand how to use technology within their own environment, have quality assistance when they encounter difficulties, have higher technology adoption rates, use more features and functions that the technology brings and reduce time resolving questions they have.”

Richard Knight from Juniper Innovations continues “the alliance is strong because AND Solutions have Technical Writing and IT business analysis skills in the core sectors we work in, for example manufacturing and logistics. They have worked with companies such as Maersk Sealand, Motorola, Boots plc and Huawei Technologies.  This helps us all to understand client problems faster and help put the best and highest quality solutions together more effectively.”

Having practical solutions in areas such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistics industries is important because of the criticality of time, cost and quality.  For AND Solutions this means not only helping put Juniper Innovations’ technology solutions in place, but also helping an organisation’s personnel adopt them faster and get more from them.  Simon Butler elaborates “sometimes this means writing documentation in a style and language that local people can quickly grasp using site specific terminology, or it could mean using a variety of communication methods from online help, printed brochures and procedures or quick reference guides.  Plus well written documentation also enables the development of a well structured training package, providing better trained staff able to support the products to the best advantage of the company and that of the end user.  The bottom line is both the technology and local user documentation will help people perform more effectively and use technology intuitively.”

The resulting aim for the alliance is to help supply chains gain greater control through cost management and reduction, quality improvements and being more productive and efficient.  Both businesses have offices in Swindon, but support client projects in the UK and throughout Europe.  Additionally, between them they have support offices in Europe, China and the United States allowing greater client support around the world.


About AND Solutions

AND Solutions is a Technical Communication Consultancy, staffed entirely by Technical Communication professionals, each with more than 10 years’ experience and with expert knowledge of the Technical Publications industry.  All consultants are corporate members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators and are bound by that body’s Code of Professional Practice. AND Solutions’ consultants have worked in a wide variety of industries, producing Information Products such as Product User Guides and Manuals, System Administrator Guides, Contractual and Requirements documentation, Development and Test information.  For more information visit


About Juniper Innovations

Juniper Innovations helps you to improve control in your supply chain & organisation.

Receiving our specialist advice, creativity, innovation and products you can improve by: increasing on-time deliveries, completing more customer jobs, reducing fleet and labour costs, measuring performance and quality, increasing warehouse shipping reliability, having accurate inventory records, reducing product loss and asset theft, plus protecting maintenance, field & lone workers.  More information can be found at

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Somerset, U.K – (March 27, 2011) – Anamchara Detox Retreats is one of the top most centres in providing a retreat all over U.K. With the packages offered by the company you can detoxify the body and improve your wellness in a matter of just one week.

The centre provides their clients a number of retreat packages. The seven day detox program here includes colonic irrigation, juice fast, yoga and meditation, Pilates, nutritional talks, raw food training, aqua classes, walking, a wide range of massage therapies. There are also some special programs catering to women having trouble conceiving. And the best part is that all this is available in five star comforts. Most of the retreats are held in the beautiful county of Somerset, UK.

The team of Anamchara Detox Retreats comprises of qualified and skilled professional trainers, chef, therapists, Healing practitioner, acupuncturist and shiatsu massage therapist from around the world. The Anamchara Detox Retreats provides their clients with trainers familiar of sacred therapeutic techniques. A pioneer in yoga retreats U.K, all the exercises here are done under the supervision of professional yoga teachers. They all together would make your seven day retreat an experience of a life time.

You can navigate through the site and even follow them on Facebook. You can sign up and receive Anamchara’s holistic therapy newsletter for absolutely free. They give you tips, e–books on food recipes and inform about their special offers.

The Pilates classes at Anamchara Detox Retreats are headed by Karen Boyle. Pilate is a 100 years old exercise method requiring full coordination of body, mind and spirit.

At Anamchara Luxury Yoga Retreats are conducted under the guidance of Karen Stone, the founder of Anamchara Detox Retreats. yoga retreats ensures that individuals- whether a regular at meditation or beginners receives the full benefits of the classes. Yoga derived from Sanskrit is about 5000 years old ancient practice of brining together the mind, soul and the body.

Yoga retreats are ideal locations for people who want peace, privacy and a clam ambiance. At these yoga holidays you can enjoy the natural beauty along with working on your over all wellness.

The Yoga Retreats help to attain a balance between nature and self. Yoga Retreats at Anamchara encourages you to discover a world of divine care in beautiful location.

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