Studying Abroad In Costa Rica: Cuts College Tuition Bill

[Philadelphia, PA] – March 14, 2011 – Today’s college students are often looking for ways to lower the cost of their college tuition. In the present economy, there are not too many ways to do this, but one way is surprising for many students to learn. By studying abroad, many students are able to actually lower their college bills significantly. Those attending a 4 year college pay an average of $9,700 per semester for in-state tuition. When they choose to attend a Costa Rica Study Abroad Program instead, their costs drop to $9,000 per semester. The monetary savings itself is significant for many students, not including the enhanced cultural experience. However, for those paying out of state tuition, the savings jumps dramatically, making a semester in Costa Rica in an incredible savings of up to 75%. These costs include not only tuition, but room and board, airline travel and other expenses, as well. Not only does this give students the advantage of having a multicultural background that a growing number of employers find highly attractive, it means that they will have a superior grasp of Spanish, if they choose Costa Rica to study in, which is certainly an advantage in today’s world. Bilingual students have been shown to earn more over the course of their careers, especially in the United States where Spanish is rapidly becoming more prevalent.

In addition to the savings, many college students are just now learning that the myths they have heard regarding studying in other countries are actually far from true. Federal financial aid, for example, can certainly be used to pursue College Study Abroad. In an increasingly more global economy, students with international life experience are definitely viewed as highly competitive by more and more companies. According to industry leader AmeriSpan’s co-founder John Slocum, “One of the biggest myths out there is that studying abroad costs more than a regular semester. Prices are comparable to in-state tuition at a public institution but the savings are huge compared to out-of-state or private college tuition. Morever, financial aid can be used for studying abroad including travel costs.” On top of this, scholarships are available to help students who might otherwise not have the means to pursue this course of study.

For those who would like to learn more about AmeriSpan, it’s programs and opportunities for Study Abroad Scholarships, a visit to can provide much more information. In addition, the company can be reached by phone at 800-879-6640 for those in the United States and Canada or 215-751-1100 for those in other countries.

Contact Info:

John Slocum
AmeriSpan Study Abroad
Phone: 800-879-6640 ext. 306
1334 Walnut St., 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Sac-Bott has completely redesigned its website to be bigger and better than ever!

The UK leading manufacturer and supplier of Workshop equipment and Storage requirements has launched a fresh new design that has just been launched to make the site much more readable and simple to navigate around.

With the blocked categories you definitely know how to get the information that you need and now there is a quick and easy enquiry form on the front page – if you have any questions for the friendly sales team to answer; simply fill it in within a matter of minutes.

The ordering process is straightforward and trouble-free to use so you can keep tabs on how much your total is and with 10% off all orders over £150 you’d be a fool not to take advantage of such a fantastic discount.

Sac-Bott’s workplace organisation and storage solutions are only of the highest value and functionality which means that even though it has a new site, you still get the same quality brand.

No matter what your specific needs or tastes are, Sac-Bott has vast array of different sizes and ranges to suit your needs and you can even adjust them according to what you want to use them for.

Most importantly, the group, which are based in Southampton, can help you to maximise the space that you already have to take full advantage. The products are designed to deliver the most effective workplace and storage equipment results.

Established for over 75 years, all of the Bott product range is manufactured at a state of the art facility in the UK.

As a licensed retailer, their reputation is built around the key service criteria of total quality, minimum response times, value for money and reliability.

The firm can scan literally thousands of product ranges including Bott Workbenches workshop cupboards and cabinets, Bott Cupboards, drawer cabinets, Bott racking, bin shelving and tool storage.

And they can recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your need based on price, excellence and availability.

So check out their brand new website today or call 01794 835615 for all your Workshop equipment and Storage requirements.

Juniper Innovations Launch New GPS Tracking Hardware For Vans, Cabs And Trailers

Swindon, Wiltshire, Juniper Innovations who provide supply chain tracking and authentication products have launched a new GPS tracking device, the AT220.  Suitable for council transport, refuse collection vehicles, transport, logistics, construction & maintenance companies the device can be used on vehicles ranging from small vans and cars through to buses, plant equipment, HGV cabs and stand alone trailers.

Introduced as a way to provide a competitively priced product with a good range of functionality  the AT220 when wired up to a vehicle’s engine will monitor and record information to help control fuel usage including engine start/stop, mileage and distance recording, driving reports such as increased/decreased acceleration, sharp braking and engine idling.

Using Juniper Innovations’ GPS tracking software, supply chain and security control can also managed with Geofences to understand or be alerted by movements into and out of sites and areas specified by times of the day and night, plus records showing when vehicles or trailers arrived at and departed a site.

The range of AT220 features also includes integrated antennas for simple and quick installation, compact size being approximately cigarette packet dimensions, internal back-up battery option for continuous operation, GPRS (TCP or UDP), SMS PDU and SMS text modes, IP67 rated weather-proof enclosure, motion sensor, auto-sensing of engine status (stopped/running) from power feed, CANBus integration, simple and flexible user configuration by RS232, SMS or GPRS, remote diagnostics by GPRS or SMS plus a 3 year warranty included as standard.  Other technical specifications can be found on Juniper Innovations’ website at

The GPS tracking hardware device also comes with a standard data package and web based reporting software.  Juniper Innovations also offer integration with any organisation’s existing systems to help improve supply chain control.  For more information visit the Juniper Innovations’ website at

About Juniper Innovations

Juniper Innovations helps you to improve control in your supply chain & organisation.

Receiving our specialist advice, creativity, bespoke or off the shelf hardware & software products, you can improve by increasing on-time deliveries, completing more customer jobs, reducing fleet and labour costs, measuring performance and quality, increasing warehouse shipping reliability, having accurate inventory records, reducing product loss and asset theft, plus securely protecting maintenance, field & lone workers.

Juniper Innovations provide products that track and authenticate inventory and products at shipment, pallet and product level.  Their solutions include a warehouse management system (WMS) and RFID middleware as well as RTLS and GPS tracking solutions.

CosMedocs Improves Your Self Confidence, 03.14.11- Recently cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in the market owing to beauty conscious of both men and women to look young always. CosMedocs, a specialist in non-surgical cosmetic treatments in London are producing rapid results in looking young. By using the expert surgeons and ultra safe & modern facilities cosmetic surgery with CosMedocs is effective and safe that provides a very natural result.

Many women opt to go for a breast enlargement (breast implants) to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem by restoring their young look. Some patients who recovered from breast cancer or some accident victims who have also undergone a mastectomy will usually decide to go for a breast implantation. Breast implant, London remains the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in U.K. CosMedocs offers a Breast implant that is a process in which an artificial body part like silicone is used to alter the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. The size and shape of the breast can be selected by you in breast implant.

Along with breast implants CosMedocs offers body fat transfers to improve the size and shape of breasts. CosMedocs provides a free consultation through online regarding the options available and the steps followed in breast implant. By using modern surgical methods and improved technology in Breast Implant, London CosMedocs is providing better post- surgical results.

Breast augmentation is usually done to balance a difference in breast size or as a reconstructive technique following surgery. To enhance the size of small breasts or to restore fullness, breast augmentation is the correct option for any adult women. Sometimes to correct sagging breasts, a breast lift may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. The split muscle breast implant, an advanced technique in breast augmentation is performed in CosMedocs in which surgical morbidity was reduced. It results in a quick postoperative recovery and a more natural three-dimensional appearance of the breast without affecting any function. The success of this procedure depends on the skill of the surgeon as accurate placement of the cut is absolutely necessary for the overall best result.

About provides information about the various treatments offered by CosMedocs. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the cosmetic surgery for breast implants and for breast augmentation can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit:

Car Money Fast – Online Source to Acquire Student Car Loans

Brentwood, NY, March 14, 2011–You will surely need of having student car loans and getting an accommodation for it would prove beneficial for credit ratings. An auto lender wants to see such people who are able to do payments on time and pay off the loans easily. In short, such types of car loans would help you in getting any kind of mortgage or any other loan too. Student car loans like any other external piece with certain terms and conditions to follow.

Be careful while getting agreed to the demands as you then do not want to regret on what you did. Generally these companies including the one that are accommodation companies shows they will provide you with the accommodation but that’s not whole truth. These companies just give you the hint of accepting the credit of these car loans for students. So much ample credibility is found quite loaded and may get removed. To find out about the whole domineering agreement and that you were not aware or rather informed of it after completing paying off the accommodation is quite loathsome and not an easy task.

It is great to find a student car loan lender which has an acceptable identity, car, constantly till the end. It can be appropriate to ask your ancestors that whom they want to take out loans with as they will accept the accomplished account of the one who lends the money and are the original nobleman and way they were treated. If you go and ask your ancestors about their loans then you might find it would be, maybe it would be an act of consideration for you to get an accommodation from the lenders. This will surely add a kind of surety. You might be advised to get an affordable rate of interest as your ancestor was related to the lender.

The administer might feel car loans for student to be imitative but make sure that you do not get carried forward and speak up all of your accommodation details. Despite having these car loans for acceptance you could get good advice on it in near future and not agreeing to the agreement can spoil your credit.

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Contact Us:

Car Money Fast
2937 Wayback Lane
Brentwood, NY 11717
United States



Lancashire based home department store are amongst the UK’s leading experts and suppliers for shower enclosures and shower valve parts. The online superstore has one of the best ranges of bathroom products in the country, including baths, showers, toilets and radiators.

‘Helping everyone afford luxury’ is s mission statement and they offer a wide selection of shower and bathroom products at competitive prices. Customers benefit from 100% secure shopping, a fast and efficient delivery service, free delivery offered on orders of over £65 and a 30 day money back guarantee.

They are also currently running their biggest ever warehouse clearance with over 50% off certain product ranges.

Trueshopping’s luxury shower valve range comprises traditional and modern, concealed and expose valves, and a choice of single outlet, 2 outlet and 3 outlet options to operate overhead showers, slide rails, body jets and bath spouts. Prices range from £13.99 to £145.00. There are options such as the Minimalist Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Valves, Concealed Thermostatic Triple Shower Valve 2 Outlet and the Trueshopping Dual Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve.

Meanwhile, when it comes to shower cubicles and shower enclosures, never has a wider or better choice of stylish and attractive items ever been available online in the UK. Trueshopping’s extensive range has been specifically designed to be ultra-practical as well as very easy on the eye.

Trueshopping offer shower enclosures and shower cubicles at exceptional prices. The range includes quadrant enclosures, offset quadrant enclosures, ‘D’ shaped cubicles, square enclosures, walk-in showers and wet room enclosures.

The designs make the best use of the space available, incorporating all the latest bathroom accessories and come in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes. From ultra-modern contemporary shower enclosures with curved and triangular screens or sliding doors to elegant traditional square screen shower enclosure, Trueshopping’s shower catalogue is all-inclusive.


At you will find a huge range of products, including garden and outdoor equipment, showers, tools, heated towel radiators, full bathroom suites and heating and plumbing accessories – we’re launching new products all the time!

With years of experience we are based in Lancashire in the UK, and we are able to offer considerable discounts on our products due to our low overhead costs. We have no expensive shops, showrooms, advertising or brochures. We just concentrate on offering exceptional quality goods at affordable prices, delivered with unrivalled customer service – we really do go the extra mile to help our customers.

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Doremisoft AVCHD Video Converter 4.0.4 Is Released For JVC/Canon/Panasonic/Sony AVCHD Camcorder

Since Apple’s iPad is promoted, Tablet is in the hot. Continuously, Motorola developed Xoom, Blackberry gave us PlayBook, HP TouchPad and Samsung Glaxy Tab. To meet AVCHD Camcorders Users’ needs to convert AVCHD video files for enjoy avchd (.mts, .m2ts) video files with these new tablets, Doremisoft Studio developed an AVCHD Video Converter for all Windows users (Windows 7 included).

This AVCHD Video Converter is with powerful AVCHD converting, editing, importing and transferring features:
AVCHD Converting Feature: Convert AVCHD Camcorder video(.mts, .m2ts) to Common video(MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, etc ), HD video(HD WMV, HD MOV, HD MP4, etc) and video supported by other applications & devices.
AVCHD Editing Feature: Crop Video: Crop video to remove the unwished sides of your movies, such as black bars and select a right zoom:(Original,Full,16:9, 4:3)
Clip Movie Length: Clip the length of your AVCHD video to only convert your favorite parts from your AVCHD movies. And Support multi-clipping
Edit Vieo Effects: Easily change video contract, saturation and brightness and apply special video effects to video: Old Film, Emboss, Gray
AVCHD Importing Feature:Enables to convert AVCHD video to iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Windows Media Player, Windows DVD Maker for future editing, playback or burning
AVCHD Transferring Feature:Convert Video to campatible video with iPod (iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch), iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Sansa, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, Samsung Glaxy Tab and so on
More features at:avchd video converter

Mac users, don’t disappointed. There is also a Mac AVCHD Converter:

About Doremisoft Studio:
Located in Shenzhen, Doremi Software Co.,Ltd.has extended its business worldwide and is consistently dedicated to satisfy customers with diversified consumer software products and services.Ever since its foundation,Doremiosft has become one of the world’s leading multimedia software providers of digital video and audio conversion solutions.

Contact Information:
Janet Xu
96727 New York, NY

Xerafy and Tego Partner to Provide Rugged High Memory RFID Tags

Partnership brings together a combination of unique expertise with Tego’s high memory IC and Xerafy’s small & rugged transponders that perform under harsh environments to deliver UHF data storage solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Dallas, TX, March 16, 2011 — Xerafy Ltd, a global provider of passive RFID-on-metal tags, ( ) and Tego, ( ) a leading provider of high-memory RFID technology, announce a partnership to offer high memory ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID leading edge solutions for aerospace and defense, manufacturing, oil and gas and process industries. The new XL series high memory tags are compatible with ATA Spec 2000 and SAE AS5678 specifications for the aerospace RFID initiative.

“Xerafy’s one of a kind RFID tags open the doors of some of the most challenging applications out there,” said Timothy Butler, CEO and President of Tego, Inc. “In typical industrial environments, real-time access to databases isn’t guaranteed, especially at remote locations or when data is provided from partner systems. Xerafy’s XL tags allow information to be stored with the part throughout its life-cycle.”

“Tego’s IC is a facilitator of high memory RFID that transforms asset management and reduces the costs of life cycle management,” said Dennis Khoo, CEO of Xerafy. “Xerafy has been an advocate that size does matter and together with Tego, we are able to provide our customers a compelling value proposition to ensure availability of information about an asset at all times and in all conditions.”

About Xerafy:
Xerafy is committed to bringing customers the world’s smallest and most durable passive UHF RFID-on-metal and RFID-in-metal tags qualified and tested to meet extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. Xerafy’s innovative packaging technology offers the automotive manufacturing, aerospace, energy, IT, and construction market, an affordable, durable, high temperature smart tags that can be easily be attached to or embedded in metal assets. With these tags, customers can achieve automatic tool check in/out, MRO, WIP, process control and logistics. Xerafy is headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains sales and support offices in Dallas, Texas, Washington, DC and Shanghai, China.

Learn more about Xerafy by visiting us at:

Xerafy and the Xerafy logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerafy in the United States and other countries.

About Tego, Inc.:
Founded in 2005, Tego, Inc. is a provider of high-memory RFID technology. Its breakthrough technology enables a whole new generation of RFID applications that go beyond simple identification and provides rich information about tagged assets throughout their life. Tego’s tags, software and system design provide new solutions to address vertical applications and markets that include asset tracking and management; industrial maintenance, performance management; safety, security and authentication; regulatory compliance and supply chain management. Tego, Inc. is based in Waltham, MA. For more information, visit

Contact: David Puleston, , Phone: +1 770-330-1467.

Press & Media Contact:
Kelly Stark
Senior Marketing Manager
3102 Maple Ave, Suite 450
Dallas, TX 75201 – USA

GroupFlier CEO Morris Panner to Speak at South by Southwest (SXSW) Panel

“Where Fashion and Technology Meet”

Austin, TX, March 16, 2011 — Group texting service GroupFlier today announced its CEO Morris Panner will be speaking at the South by Southwest SXSW 2011 event Style X on Saturday, March 19 at 3:45 p.m. to discuss the growing link between fashion and technology.

GroupFlier ( ) also announced it’s the official group texting app for Style X, connecting fashion designers and the musicians who are acting as their models at SXSW.

South by Southwest is introducing its first-ever style showcase celebrating emerging talent in the fashion industry. The event, called Style X (pronounced “style by”), will be held on Friday-Saturday, March 18-19 in the Austin Convention Center and is free and open to the public.

“SXSW interactive may be ending and most of the tech startups and web gurus who populated the panels and networking rooms are packing up and headed home, but GroupFlier is sticking around and putting their group texting service to work with musicians and fashion designers participating in SXSW’s first-ever fashion showcase, Style X,” said GroupFlier CEO Morris Panner.

“Technology is playing an increasingly more significant role in the fashion industry and I’m excited to have Morris on board for this panel,” said Joah Spearman, Style X’s co-founder and executive producer. “Group texting is an exciting frontier in the tech industry and GroupFlier stands out because it truly offers something that creatives, from musicians to fashion designers, can utilize to build their fanbases and businesses.

Along with the three dozen emerging designers from all over the country, American Apparel, Keds and New York barbershop Frank’s Chop Shop are special exhibitors. Among these emerging designers is Austin’s own Chelsea Jones, whose line Toxophilite is debuting at Style X. She plans to use GroupFlier to connect with her budding fanbase.

“I’ll be fully introducing Toxophilite at Style X so it’s important for me to connect with my customers and start building a following long after SXSW is done,” said Jones, a graduate of the Savannah College of Arts and Design.

Similarly, musicians participating in Style X will be able to tap into the service as a way to communicate with bandmates and fans alike. Kent Zambrana, the lone Austin member of L.A.-based indie band Letting Up Despite Great Faults, plans to use GroupFlier extensively.

“My bandmates and I have already started using GroupFlier to stay in touch while we’re 2,000 miles apart. It’s been a great way to continue developing our plans for SXSW and make sure we get the most out of the festival,” said Zambrana, whose official SXSW showcase is scheduled for 7:45 p.m. at Karma Lounge at 119 W. 8th St.

Joining Morris Panner will be executives from Square, Go Try It On, and Lyst. Also, Syuzi Pakhchyan, author of “Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting,” will make an appearance.

To create a free texting group for South by Southwest (SXSW) and Style X, visit:

About GroupFlier:
GroupFlier’s mission is to empower clubs and associations of all types, through free group texting and content curation for SMS. The service is compatible with all cellphone devices and platforms, whether it be a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or old Nokia, as well as supporting any service plans by AT&T, Verizon or a phone card. GroupFlier also offers an iPhone app for group creation. Soon to follow are more advanced iPhone, Android and RIM clients that will enable a richer information experience.

All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal, Inc
Austin, TX
(401) 349-3369

Recycle In Style At Home And In The Office With Paper Recycling Bins

PaperyRecyclingBins have the perfect solution with a range of recycling products making it much more fun and easier to recycle.

Gloucestershire, UK, March 16, 2011 — Recycling in the home or office can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are operating in small spaces or simply have loads to recycle, but have the perfect solution with a range of recycling products making it much more fun and easier to recycle.

Making recycling easy in the home or work place is the number one priority of and they aim to achieve this by designing and developing long lasting and clever products, with the majority of the items they design and manufacture containing up to 70% recycled fibres, meaning that you can recycle your own waste in products that are also recycled!

Their range of recycling products includes:
Office Recycling Bins – This range of environmentally friendly recycling bins have been designed to help you achieve recycling targets and your ISO 14001 credentials. ( ) All these products contain up to 70% recycled fibres and are made in the UK.

Home Recycling Bins – The Home Recycle Unit consists of three 18 litre bins mounted above a supporting ‘base unit’ which contains a 17 litre pull out storage draw (total storage of 71 litres). In order to minimise the distance between manufacturer and distributor, the Home Recycle Unit is produced in the UK.

Desk Top Recycling Trays – Designed to take A4 paper, flat pack ready for assembly, overprint available (minimum 1,200). Manufactured in the UK and made from up to 80% recycled fluted board, the Desk Recycling Tray aims to create a product with a low carbon footprint. ( ) From our manufacturing site to our storage and distribution centre is only 99 miles.

Big Green Bin – This product offers a low cost and effective entry into any waste paper recycling initiative, whilst enhancing the office environment by being a practical and fun to use product. The re-usable ‘Green Bin Liners’ prolong the life of the bin, whilst enabling the contents to be easily removed and identified as ‘Recycled Waste’ rather than ‘Landfill Waste’. ( )

Check out the website by visiting to check out all of the amazing recycling products this leading company currently have to offer!

Press & Media Contact:
Andrew Bartle
Acorn Office Products
Gloucestershire GL16 8RE UK
01594 810610