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Governor Pritzker: Please Pardon Luna, the Coyote, and Allow Her to Return Home

After a Year Full of Misery, Governor Pritzker Could Start 2021 by Making the Land of Lincoln a Bit More Humane and a Little Less Corrupt.

Tinley Park, IL – USA | February 23, 2021 — As a new year begins, Tinley Park resident Tomi Tranchita continues to grieve for Luna the Coyote, the lone survivor of an illegal and brutal seizure by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) in April 2019. Luna’s three pack mates died as a result and elderly Luna is languishing at a facility in Indiana while Tranchita continues to battle IDNR in the courts.

IDNR Conservation Sergeant Joshua Mooi, who had moved near Tranchita, orchestrated the raid that initiated the isolation of Luna and separation from Tranchita. IDNR’S explanation is because she had inadvertently forgotten to renew a $25 state permit, yet her facility has been federally licensed the entire 13 years of its operation.

“Mooi knew that none of my coyotes posed an imminent danger to anyone. He interviewed our neighbors, learned they had no complaints whatsoever about the coyotes and examined state and federal licensing and permitting records. Yet, he arrived at my home at the crack of dawn with a rifle slung over his shoulder,” Tomi Tranchita, who called her Wildlife Educational Program and Refuge, Happy Coyotes: Truths about Peaceful Coexistence.

Tranchita videotaped the seizure of her coyotes, who had never experienced inhumane treatment, but rather greeted visitors with wagging tails. According to her, “I offered to get any state permits needed. I begged to crate the animals, as they were crate trained as part of her USDA emergency plan, but Mooi insisted on having the coyotes chased, cornered, and shot with tranquilizer darts — but refused to wait for the tranquilizer to take effect —supposedly he was in a hurry to leave on vacation that afternoon. So, they then used cruel chokeholds.”

For reasons that bewilder and dismay Tranchita and some 50,000 petition signers, the Illinois agency prevails in insisting she have a fur-bearing mammal breeder permit, and since last spring, a hound running area permit. The hound running area permit, not required by the IDNR of any other wildlife facility with coyotes, is the issue currently before the federal court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Luna, whom Tranchita rescued as an orphaned pup, still lives, but spends her days in constant fear of everything, relieved only by rare visits from Tranchita, her only bonded human. “We are pleading with the Governor and others with political power to remedy this tragedy that should have never occurred, especially over a little red tape. By pardoning Luna, Pritzker could help improve Illinois’ politically corrupt reputation,” Chicago Alliance for Animals Executive Director, Jodie Wiederkehr.


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Wildlife Safari Africa, The Nairobi National Park Tour and Masai Mara Safari

NAIROBI, Kenya, 2019-Nov-28 — /EPR Network/ — The best and most popular areas in Africa for safaris are East Africa precisely Kenya which offers vast plains and roaming packs of extraordinary beasts.

Many travelers come to Africa in search of the “big five”: buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants and rhinoceroses. The chance to get close to these animals in their natural habitats is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but your trip to the Africa is anything but a trip to the zoo. Safaris can be physically taxing and strenuous, and you may not see all the animals you expected. Since most safari destinations are in developing sub-Saharan nations, travelers must take certain safety and health precautions. If you’re planning a safari (or just dreaming about it), be as prepared as possible. Get some good guidebooks, talk to friends who’ve been to Africa and research, research, research. We’ve outlined some important safari basics, from choosing a destination to getting vaccinated, to help you start planning a successful African adventure such as short trip to the Nairobi National Park which can be booked online through or through their Online booking Platform

According to the popular magazines tour visits to Kenya to the park within the city have greatly increased due to proximity and easy booking platforms from Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya. Group travel is made easy because of the flexibility of timings.

Follow the links for book and pay options

Option 1: 6am – 11am – Nairobi National Park Morning Tour

Option 2: 2.00pm – 6.30pm – Nairobi National Park Afternoon

Option 3: 6am – 3pm – Nairobi National Park, Elephants, Giraffe and Lunch at Carnivore

Option 4: 10am – 6.30pm – Elephants, Giraffe, Lunch at Carnivore and Nairobi National Park

Option 5; 6am- 1pm – Nairobi National Park and Elephant Orphanage

Option 6: 6am – 3pm –Nairobi National Park, Elephants and Giraffe (without lunch)

Option 7: 6am – 11am – Nairobi National Park Morning tour including park entry fees

Cost Includes:

• Game viewing drive,
• Transport pick up and drop off from hotel / Airport
• Lunch where applicable on the package
• Entry to Giraffe center with applicable package
• Entry to Elephant Orphanage with applicable package
• Safari Driver guide

Not Included in the published price are government park entry fees as follows:

– Entrance fees of US Dollars $43 per adult and USDollars $22 per child – Nairobi National Park
The above fees Are paid by strictly credit card at the point of entry on the same travel day. No cash is accepted.

Amboseli National park is featured in their August – December Promotions
Holidays are everybody’s ideal way to relax and see the world. As our guests get to experience the wildlife and other products we have to offer such conservation is of outmost important. We support conservation by preferring to prioritize Eco-lodges and thereafter the other camps and Budget Camps as well. The Amboseli National Park is very near Nairobi about 3 hours drive one way.

At these eco-facilities you will be able to learn more about how important they are to secure the existence of the local environment and how you are directly helping the local community by choosing to stay in such an accommodation.

2-Day Amboseli Trip
Amboseli Safari Package

WildlifeSafaris that feature Masai mara By Road Safaris

It’s very important to get yellow fever certificate while entering Kenya and if possible have a prepaid VISA which saves you time at the busy Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Also Pre-book your Taxi from Nairobi Airport for your hotel transfer.

Welcome to Nairobi, Welcome to Magical Kenya.

About Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya is established in Kenya, incorporated in 2004. Its core business is safari packages and day tours complemented by air travel. It has a well-established wealth of experience in arranging memorable tours and safaris and has established a client base who provide with repeat business year after year. Join us on facebook, twitter and youtube. Safaris in Kenya may be tailored to the tourist taste and can extend to Tanzania and Uganda. Browse and read reviews on trip advisor page and one can also book from trip advisor link.

For further information and reservations, contact;
Claudia Kabui
Mobile : +254-(0) 722-370833 (Kenya)
Sales: + 254 (0) 710-729021 (Kenya)
Website: | and

Discover Homing Pigeon Training and Races through the New Homing Pigeons Facebook Fan Page

Quebec, Canada March 2, 2012 –The Facebook fan page of Homing Pigeons World has been opened to the public recently in order to provide facts, news and information about homing pigeons through reviews, tips and much more. Following links posted in the site as well as dropping by every now and then will educate breeders, owners and interested individuals about their care and potential.


Homing Pigeons World is the home of the most valuable and well-gathered information that provides articles at a regular basis regarding racing pigeons and how owning one can benefit a person, especially a pigeon trainer and racer.


Pigeon racing is a sportwhich requires thorough training among domesticated birds. Known as intelligent birds who have been used for a very long time for carrying and delivering messages and the ability to return to its home, a pigeon race’s main objective is to measure the amount of time that a pigeons takes in coming back to its home as well as the rate of speed that it has compared with other competing pigeons. It has been a very long tradition for many countries.


With the popularity of domesticated or homing pigeon’s race, a lot of people have grown a fascination towards owning one and include their birds in races. Thus, there has been a very active sale of homing pigeons everywhere. This then called for a higher standard of choosing not just any pigeon but one that is in perfect health, care and condition so that they can perform well in pigeon races.


The Facebook fan page is a reach out step for in tapping a wider audience when it comes to the free information and tips that they are sharing.


To know more about homing pigeons, what they eat, how they are taken care of and what can an owner do in boost its performance in races, visit the Facebook fan page and get daily updates at




Jimmy Lecours
2250 Avenue de Vitre

G1J 4A4 Quebec, Canada


Jimmy Lecours

2250 Avenue de Vitre

G1J 4A4, Quebec, Canada



Launching the newest ranges of pamper products for your feline friend!

Since pet accessories got a place in the commercial market, it has been seen that the thrust of the market has always been on the dog owners. Those who owned cats seemed to be left behind in the whole rush for such pet accessories. O2 Cats launched in the market changes the whole scenario. This is one place which provides all the necessary requirements for all those who own cats and care about them. This also comes home by debunking the myth in the world of pet lovers that cats do not need care and attention. These pampering ideas seemed to be the exclusive domain of the dogs.

The official website of the company shows that the whole ranges of products that are available at their stores are exclusively meant for cats. Cat owners have always been quite concerned about the Cat Beds that are made available for their feline friends. Since cats are quite choosy about where they are resting one needs to be extremely careful when choosing the cat beds. An O2 cat provides some of the greatest varieties when it comes to these cat beds and baskets, depending upon the size and breed of the cats.

This company has also made it to the news and hit popularity amongst cat owners and cat lovers because of how they have brought cat condos and cat trees to the limelight. While most cat owners do use cat beds and sofas for the health of their cats cat exercise is often overlooked. Cats love to climb and that is exactly why they hang out in the trees and tower tops. Cat users have always been concerned about their cats’ safety on these heights. Cat Condos and cat trees come as a welcome break from the daily worries of the cat owners. These are towers meant for giving the cats opportunities to climb up a height with platforms every few inches.

This website is indeed a one step stop for all those who have been on a lookout for their cats’ requirements. There are other great cat products that are available from cat litter boxes to cat scratching posts and feeders.  It is possible for one to order from home and get their products shipped to their residence. The time of delivery would not even take more than 7 business days. The website keeps offering different discounts and other such offers. This is a great way for all cat owners to keep ensure that their feline friends are getting the best.

For more details Visit:

Galia & Ivan LLC

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The Best Pet Sitting Service in Los Angeles

January 03, 2011 – While you are away from home, gone are the days where you used to worry about who will take care of your pet. At Sitter4Paws, we strive to offer you a service that is one of a kind! From pet sitting to dog walking, covering the greater Los Angeles area, you can trust Sitter4Paws to offer you and your best friend, a five-star service. Our services are displayed in our brand new website that is easy to navigate and fun to browse.

When you have gone to work, it makes sense to leave your dog in the hands of the experts, since they will help your dog get the exercise and the “potty” break he deserves. It’s pretty good to have your dog a bit tired by the end of the day since excessive idleness and boredom can lead to destructive behaviors, which are often seen in many dogs. Our Dog Walking services help stimulate your pet in many different ways. Do not lock your dog inside since it needs the socialization experience. Leave it with us!

And if you are a new customer, we welcome you with a new coupon that will give you a FREE visit (a $18 value) right in our website You can take advantage of our fantastic pet sitting rates and give us the chance to transform your pet’s routine completely. Your dog requires that special attention from the experts. Our dog walkers are professionals in their fields and would definitely offer you professional dog walking services at very friendly rates. Your pet will never be bore and alone again! We offer your pet custom personalized services, since we recognize that each pet is unique and may have special needs that have to be nurtured.

If you are going out of town for some days, we can help you take care of your pet. Whether nightly walks, feeding or proving medicine, Sitter4Paws will make sure your best friend feels taken care of while you are not there. Our pet sitting services are outstanding and we cater for both dogs and cats combined.

We offer your pets company through the night. We also offer overnight visits at a very affordable rate. Our pet transport service is available if you would like to have your pet taken anywhere, anytime!

Our rates are competitive. No other player comes close. As compared to the exceptional quality we always endeavor to offer, our pet sitting and dog walking rates are the most affordable in Los Angeles!

Our fully insured and bonded company gives you peace of mind that you are protected in the event of a casualty. After entrusting your pet to us, you will definitely notice the difference. Our reviews on Google Maps are all 5 stars, and that by itself is a testimony of what we have always excelled our customer’s expectations. Our Blog will also give you get all the insight information that you need to understand your furry friend.

Through our site, you can check our rates and also choose the number of visits that you would like our professional pet sitters and dog walkers spend with your pet.

Visit our website today at and check what we have to offer. We will be glad to answer all the questions you may have regarding pet sitting. Feel free to contact us on the following:

Company Name: Sitter4Paws

Company Locations : 3949 Veselich Ave Los Angeles, CA 90039

Company Contact: Alexandra Alvarez

Company Email:

Company Phone: 323-316-0673

Consumers Saving On Pet Medications Even In Down Economy

December 11, 2010 – The recent problems with the economy have left a lot of people and their pets hurting when it comes to finding ways to pay for even the most basic necessities. These days, pet owners go to extreme levels to be able to take care of their pets and in many cases, with the ‘jobless recovery’ in effect, this can be tough to do. That is why consumers are now opting for discount petmeds when they can as an alternative to having their pet go without the needed medications such as flea treatments, de-wormer and pain relief for arthritis. With web based businesses such as PetMed Outlet filling the crucial role of offering these needed pet supplies at a reasonable cost for even the most cash strapped consumers, those who are losing their homes to foreclosures and other economic threats do not need to fear losing their pets, as well.

With flea season coming earlier and earlier in many parts of the country, those with dogs are trying to fight the infestations early, before they get a chance to take hold. With Frontline Plus for dogs being the number one choice for so many consumers around the world today, it is comforting for many dog owners to know that they can find these and many other parasite treatments online for far less than they would have to pay in a standard retail setting. This, combined with the convenience of home delivery, is making it easier for dog owners to be able to give their pets the needed protection against fleas, ticks and a range of other parasites that can infect them with diseases that can be difficult and costly to treat.

Those pet owners who are working through difficult economic times finally have a place to turn when they need to get irreplaceable medications and do not want to settle for off brand medications when a low quality medicine could endanger the life of their pet. Pet industry experts say that as more consumers shift to the web to fill their needs in terms of quality medicines, more pets are likely to get the treatments they need to live longer, healthier lives as a result of the drop in prices.

Pet owners who want to be able to save on important medications can visit the Petmed Outlet website at to learn more about saving on medications their pets need.

Visit and get your dogs tail wagging

For the best quality cat beds , dog toys and dog training leads around, is the place to buy.

The online pet store has some fantastic offers on all its pet supplies, so you are just one click away from nabbing that barmy bargain.

Get you paws on reputable pet accessory brands for dog training leads or a dog toy, such as, Lupi, Boomer, Coachies, Per Corrector, Sporn and Clix.

Whether you are looking for a bed for your pooch which compliments you decor, an indestructible dog toy or the right product to train your dog with, we have them all. And for your feline friend we have a huge range of scratchers and unique toys.

We are 100 per cent based online. Prices have dropped on all specialised items, the perfect chance for pet lovers to start planning Christmas presents in advanced.

All products are only of the highest quality at low prices to suit everyone’s requirements and needs. Bust most importantly, they are affordable.

There is a wide range of dog supplies available so why not treat the family pet and distract them away from chewing your couch or shoes! are dedicated to offering their customers transparent delivery charges, fast delivery service, a no hassle return policy, customer satisfaction and the acceptance of all major debit and credit cards. And there is free shipping on all orders over £50.

The customer can track their order to check if it has been dispatched; to see how long it will be until it arrives.

To find more information about the products available via the site you can contact by emailing View all pet supplies today, at

Educational Games.

Whehey Publishing Finds a Market in Educational Games.

The Museum Tour catalog is full of the latest educational games. One of the latest to be included is the award winning “Pencil Play Pals Pencil Games,” activity book that’s published by Whehey Publishing under its Pencil Play Pals brand.

The latest Museum Tour catalog is now making its way to mailboxes along with its online version at This year sees the arrival of the award winning activity book “Pencil Play Pals Pencil Games.” A unique activity, and arts and crafts book published by Whehey Publishing. You’ll find it in the Educational Books and Software section.

In this book children discover that making a game is as much fun as playing it. All they need are some pencils and some odds and ends from around the house. Kid friendly instructions on how to make and play the games are presented by the Pencil Play Pals animal characters. However, there are several pages of ready-made game pieces to get the fun off to a quick start.

Whehey Publishing’s owner—Simon Chandler—said “What better way for children to learn than when they think they’re simply having fun? And in this economy parents will be happy for their children to learn that fun games don’t have to be expensive games. They can be made from recycling simple household items and a few pencils.”

You can also see more information about this book and others in the series at

A winner with parents.

Pencil Play Pals Children’s books (Published by Whehey Publishing) are still a big hit with children and their parents.

The National Parenting Center identifies the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience. Through consumer oriented testing it solicits evaluations from parents and their children. The products with the best results are awarded The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

A Seal of Approval was awarded for both “The Pristine Pig,” and “Pencil Play Pals Pencil Games.” These are just two of the titles (Published by Whehey Publishing) in the Pencil Play Pals children’s books award winning series. You can read a product review on both books by visiting The National Parenting Center’s website. “Pencil Play Pals Pencil Games” was awarded in the Kits and Crafts category and “The Pristine Pig” was awarded its Seal of Approval in the children’s books category.

If you’d like to purchase either of these titles and judge for yourself just visit the Pencil Play Pals website at

The Hunting Broker Provides New Options for Hunters and Outfitters Alike

The Hunting Broker is a membership site designed to provide the best hunting opportunities for hunters and the best value to hunters and outfitters alike.

Clackamas, OR, September 17, 2010 — The Hunting Broker ( ) was founded as a full service hunt consulting company to pair hunters with pre-qualified hunting outfitters and guides. The Company provides access to high quality guides and outfitters throughout North America. In order to provide assurance to hunters, the Company requires that all of the outfitters represented submit to their “Outfitter Quality Assurance” questionnaire.

Most hunting consultants charge their outfitters a percentage of each hunt they book, much like any manufacturer’s representative or commissioned sales person. The Hunting Broker has changed that model to provide outfitters a different option. Outfitter members pay an annual fee, plus donate a hunt every five years for their disabled hunting program and member giveaways. In return they receive benefits which include guaranteed hunt purchase if a hunter cancels their hunt and trade show representation nationwide.

On the other side of the coin, hunter members of the Company pay a small annual fee of $50 and in return receive benefits which include guaranteed hunt deposit returns, entry in to monthly hunt giveaways, and support for the Company’s disabled veteran and children hunting program.

For questions regarding all your hunting needs, please call – 503.956.5071. Or visit their website at

Press & Media Contact:
Bob Russell
The Hunting Broker
Clackamas, OR 97015