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Online Admissions Open for Instrumental Music, Dance, Singing and Arts Aspirants

Meenakshi, is a Woman Inspiration and a Mompreneur awardee and a former IT professional, presently running Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts successfully since 2015.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India | May 31, 2022 — Meenakshi, is a Woman Inspiration and a Mompreneur awardee and a former IT professional, presently running Art Splash Academy of Fine Arts successfully since 2015. Art Splash Academy is a winner of Best Educational Start up, Difference maker in Arts and Best E-School Awardee. Art Splash trains students on Trinity College London based Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Rock & Pop vocals, Drums, Indian Music, Carnatic Violin, Flute, Mridangam, Carnatic vocals, Hindusthani vocals, Light music or film music, Bharatnatyam, CSTD Certified Jazz dance, Arts, Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Acrylics, Yoga, Tabla, Zumba etc.

They started their operations online since 2018. Most students join them through their existing customer references and also new joinees from abroad. Thanks to social media for this.

Their teachers are well experienced to plan lessons and theory and make it reach students in a systematic way. This came as a major advantage. Not only did they get new customers but also retained them. Not only do they learn but they are given opportunities to perform and exhibit their learning on stage and live concerts time to time. In the case of abroad students they perform online live on Facebook or YouTube and various platforms. Students are encouraged and trained to be performers.

Their online presence has helped them reach out to many countries including Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, US – California, Texas, Australia, UK, France, UAE and more…

Their clients include Junior, middle and high school Students, under graduates, working professionals like Doctors, Architects, IT professionals, Businessmen, Home makers, Corporates, Schools, gated communities and more…

They train kids, teens and adults on vocals, dance, instrumental music, arts and more. In most cases they follow western syllabus recognized by Trinity college London and Indian syllabus for the carnatic style. They provide best training on Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Violin on Western syllabus and Bharatnatyam, Carnatic vocal, Violin, Mridangam, Tabla on Indian style. They also train Hiphop, Jazz and special choreography for corporate events and occasions. They provide zumba and yoga sessions for fitness as well. In Arts exclusively wider range from sketches to acrylic to Tanjore art or Kerala Mural to coffee painting and more are offered to learn.

Many customers abroad enrolled kids for the summer or winter camps on a regular basis during their vacation. They always requested online classes as the kids and parents got the comfort level with Art Splash. Many were impressed with the crash courses like Robotics, Aeromodelling and Animation that were all fruits of Meenakshi’s love for science and are available as custom made programs.

A 24hr support system has been kept in place to manage the time differences at different locations that they serve. A technical support system during the sessions have helped to keep zero downtime.

Art Splash is looking forward to serve more students with art passion.

For more information, please visit | Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 87544 85092

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Jae Cleo Releases His New Single “Contagious”

With Jae Cleo releasing his new single Contagious, he’s looking for the balance that will put him in the pop genre but showing the fans that he has an R&B appeal.

Spokane, WA – USA | April 03, 2022 — From an early age, the Spokane, Washington native, Jae Cleo knew that music was his true love. His parents often found him listening to the same music influence they did and because of that influence Jae Cleo picked up the guitar and began his personal rehearsal time at home. It was then he really developed the capacity to learn music from both an instrumental and vocal standpoint. Jae Cleo’s commitment to his music became more of a passion rather than a pastime.

With Jae Cleo releasing his new single Contagious, he’s looking for the balance that will put him in the pop genre but showing the fans that he has an R&B appeal. Produced by Marco B and written by Courtlin Jabrae, Contagious has bass line that is infectious, with raspy voice letting his leading last know that she’s “Contagious”

Jae Cleo is currently finishing up an 8 song EP Executive Produced by LeWayne Battle of Bully Park Records and his executive producer Kimberly Buck. With music videos in the works. He has collaborated with several accomplished producers, musicians and engineers and continues to produce music.

Jae Cleo signed a management deal with Underground Hits Production who’s current roster includes GENE$I$ MORIAH, Ye Ali, The TrackKillers, Kristina Danielle, Scales, and Sheldon Body Jr. He has been focusing on this musical project that is sure to secure him a spot as a new-age, urban pop, game changer. His musical influence includes music legends ranging from Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake,, John Lennon, and Bruno Mars all of which he credits for helping him discover his vocal path. With a promising career ahead of him, Jae Cleo is expected to reintroduce pop music to this upcoming generation.

Contagious (Official Video) by Jae Cleo –

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Fastest Growing Digital Music Entrepreneur and Music Producer from India – Sarvesh Mishra aka Sarvinarck

Sarvesh Mishra Popularly known as Sarvinarck is an Indian Musical Artist from Uttar Pradesh, who is best known for his music creation, besides being a Musical artist, he is a Music Digital Marketer and Consultant as well.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India | March 10, 2022 — Sarvesh Mishra Popularly known as Sarvinarck is an Indian Musical Artist from Uttar Pradesh, who is best known for his music creation, besides being a Musical artist, he is a Music Digital Marketer and Consultant as well. He was introduced to the music industry with making lofi versions of the hindi and English songs. He releases his soundtrack on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Hungama and many others.Fans Love his Lofi versions of the songs and make reels on it which gets viral.

He is such a social media influential character who never fails to surprise his audience with breathtaking captures, IGTV videos, and all the IG contents. He has been able to earn a good online reputation for his creations through Instagram. He has a great personality in the field of digital marketing in social media handles as a trendsetter and as a tastemaker.

As a young digital creator, Sarvinarck has already reached a milestone in his digital marketing life since his new Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than ten million users within a short period of time like few months. It pretty much briefs how talented and creative is Sarvinarck when it comes to creating content.

Today, Sarvinarck is on the right path in his digital marketing life. In addition to that, he confirmed that he has a plan to go beyond and do something more for the community from his talents and experiences. He has a deep-rooted vision to go for a new venture and start a new organisation in order to support Instagram micro-influencers with his top-secret tactics. It will be a piece of great news to the emerging community to rank higher in Instagram search results, attract target audience and earn profit through it.

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R&B musician Holiday Releases His New Song Goodnight

R&B musician Holiday, who has been likened to “The Weekend,”. According to his website, the song “Goodnight” is from an upcoming album that will be released in the second half of 2022.

Los Angeles, CA, USA | February 23, 2022 — Holiday releases a dark, soothing, and melancholic R&B single ‘Goodnight’. The release features beautiful piano progressions with vocals that will grasp the listener. ‘Goodnight’ will hook listeners in with it’s lyrical depth and intricate wordplay.

Drawing inspiration from one of his previous lovers, Holiday, the R&B singer is able to craft songs that are sympathetic to the audience while also serving as a therapeutic exercise for himself.

Holiday launched a New series of EPs last year and have been steadily expanding in popularity and garnering recognition.

Holiday embraces every component of R&B in his song Goodnight that is currently trending in new releases, while also injecting his own unique flare that distinguishes his music from the rest of the competition. The album delivers downtempo beats, hard basslines, and a unique flow that will have people reminiscing. Undoubtedly, the album has the ability to resonate with the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that will pull at the listener’s emotions. Holiday does an outstanding job of keeping the track refreshing and engaging through his powerful lyricism, strong, voice, and atmospheric elements.

‘Goodnight’ is a complete single that will sit well with any R&B music aficionado as it is engaging, unique, and motivating.

This Best song was produced by ODDZ, who can be found on Instagram at It’s a love tale about the loss of a friend or lover that’s told via music.

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TaniA Kyllikki Is A Lyrical Genius With New Album, “Why Chapter One”

If the listeners love the famously known singer Adele, they will really love the stunning new album from the UK London-based singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki.

London, United Kingdom | February 11, 2022 — If the listeners love the famously known singer Adele, they will really love the stunning new album from the UK London-based singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki. Released on January 30, 2022, “Why Chapter One” has already gained a lot of attention. This stunning album filled with heartfelt lyrics based on actual life events from TaniA Kyllikki’s own experiences will truly touch many people’s lives. Domestic emotional abuse, miscarriage, having hope, finding forgiveness, learning to love yourself, and finding love again, this spectacular album covers it all.

TaniA Kyllikki has been Independently releasing music that has gained over 4 million streams and views between many platforms it has been since 2021. New about her song release has been supported and published in over 40+ music magazines and blogs since the start of 2021. The 3X Grammy Award Winning R&B Hit-Maker NeYo presented her single “Remind Me” to the world. TaniA Kyllikki is becoming the most potent female force to be reckoned with in the independent music industry.

In March 2021, TaniA Kyllikki wrote and released her song “WHY,” about emotional and physical abuse. This song was supported and published in over 40+ music Magazines and blogs to help raise awareness of domestic abuse. The music video reached over 157k on YouTube and over half a million on Spotify. TaniA Kyllikki was put on the cover of the “New Music Times” Magazine in May 2021. This song was the inspiration behind the writing and production of her new album “Why chapter One.” In June 2021, 3X Grammy Award Winning R&B Hit-Maker NeYo, reached out to TaniA Kyllikki, asking if she would like him to present her next single to the world to help her get more discovered. This intro of NeYo presenting TaniA Kyllikki’s song “Remind Me” is available on all of her social’s. This song showed a more fun side to TaniA Kyllikki, showing how versatile an artist she is. This song, “Remind Me,” was also remixed by Award-Winning London-based DJ Jo Paulo. It is another successful release gaining impressive growth of a million streams on Spotify between the original and the remix version.

While continuing to release singles throughout 2021, TaniA was also very busy writing and recording her album with her Fiancé Garry D. Hairston. He is a very talented musician, record producer, and songwriter with many years of experience in the music industry, including TV Appearances playing for established gospel artists.

“Handle with Care,” her first song off the album, gives the listeners a real glimpse of what’s to come. Her lyrics start with, “I’m going through emotions, questioning your motives, do you really love me, are you here to stay?” being completely vulnerable to her other half, she’s crying out, saying as the song progresses, “I know, I know, I know you’re trying, God knows you’re trying to reassure me, God knows I’ve hurt you, just please handle with care.” Cleverly, TaniA Kyllikki says, “I am being transparent I am damaged from my past relationships, when it comes to my heart, please handle with care.” Yet she’s also seeing it from her other half’s respective, how he must feel being on the receiving end of her past trauma, yet he remains patient and loving her all the same. Many can relate to this, who hasn’t suffered from a broken heart Being left with trust issues.

The rest of the album is filled with songs that are relatable to people’s lives in one way or another, making TaniA Kyllikki a lyrical genius.”

With her 5 octaves, a vocal range that reminds the listeners of one of the greats and songs were written in such a way they become eternal, and it doesn’t surprise her album, “Why Chapter One,” made the “Top 100 Amazon Hot New Releases In Pop Albums, at no. #27 in the first week.” Being the only independent artist among the likes of major signed artists. Then TaniA Kyllikki was placed on the cover of another popular magazine, “PREMIERE One,” for their February 2022 issue. All of this is a huge accomplishment for TaniA Kyllikki, who is grateful to be able to touch people’s lives through her music.

About TaniA Kyllikki:

Wanting to help others heal by using her own pain as inspiration for her album, The rising singer TaniA Kyllikki wanted to create a soulful Pop R&B album that would help inspire, heal and uplift her listener’s to overcome their own personal battles in their lives.

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Peter Jackson Previews New Album With Trey Songz-assisted Single & Video “Mountain Valley”

Rising Toronto Rapper Announces New Smash Hit with Trey Songz.

Toronto, ON, Canada | February 08, 2022 — Back in 1967, legendary Motown singer Marvin Gaye released one of his biggest records of all-time. The classic duet “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” peaked at #3 on Billboard’s US charts, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999, and remains a key staple in Gaye’s celebrated catalogue.

On Feb. 11, with the support of Virginia-born contemporary R&B singer Trey Songz, Canadian recording artist Peter Jackson looks to recreate the song’s success with his own new modern day take on the hit. “Mountain Valley,” produced by KeanuGoinStoopid, JBat, and Pilot Beats, is the first of several new singles on the way to support Jackson’s next album, slated for the second quarter of 2022.

The song is about believing in yourself, and remembering that no matter what you dream of, no mountain is too high. It’s a testament to Jackson’s self-made success in the entertainment business, and his ability to overcome the obstacles that have been thrown in front of him, no matter how big the challenge.

“This record means a lot to me,” said Jackson of the release. “It started as just a gift for my mentor and friend, but he saw it as a lot more, and wanted to see it come to life for me. I’ve spent this last year working on myself and bettering my life. Music will always be first and foremost to me, but I had to get my mind, and soul correct. My mentor helped me do that, so, in return, seeing this song come out as the album’s first single and really succeeding means absolutely everything to me.”

Known for his intense work ethic—in the studio, boardroom, and on the road—Jackson has spent the past few years touring Canada and Europe with some of the biggest artists in hip-hop, and performing at some major events on the national stage. He served as the supporting act for 50 Cent at the 2017 Calgary Stampede, performed alongside Fetty Wap at the 2019 Grey Cup celebrations, and was on a Canadian arena tour as the supporting act for international icon, Snoop Dogg. 2019 also saw Jackson headline his first solo tour across Canada, while also doing 22 shows across Europe with Fetty Wap that same year.

Along with the new single, “Mountain Valley” will be released with video support directed by Shawn Thomas of Canadian Film Coalition. The vibrant and energetic clip was shot over the span of a few days between Los Angeles and Malibu, California, and comes as Jackson’s first visual offering since tapping Jim Jones for “Fell” back in February 2021. “Fell” followed Jackson’s single and video for “If It’s You” (featuring Fetty Wap) which has been viewed over 1.1 million times to date on YouTube.

Jackson’s new album In God’s Hands will be his first project since releasing his 23 & A Half EP in June 2020. Along with Trey Songz, it will feature 2021 BET Hip Hop Award-winner Yung Bleu, and more.

“Mountain Valley” is available now for pre-save and pre-order on digital streaming platforms. The single will be available everywhere on Friday, Feb. 11, while the video is expected to drop Wednesday, Feb. 18.


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The Money Doesn’t Get to the Artists in the South African Music Industry, as Has Been Shown

South African music is in a state of stalemate at the moment. Local music made up half of the country’s music scene 10 years ago. A fourth of what it was in the past is gone. In the second part of our series, we examine how the money was used after being raised.

Mposa, KwaZulu, South Africa | February 07, 2022 — For the great majority of individuals throughout the world, the music industry represents fame, fortune, and dominance. As a whole, though, it is often acknowledged to be opaque and litigious. Developing a vibrant indigenous economy in South Africa would need more openness and accountability. Anyone who has control over the company’s financial resources has considerable power. Confusion and uneven reporting, together with a lack of accountability for money generated, have all contributed to the downfall of the Latest South Africa Music industry during the last decade.

Since 1933, the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), based in Switzerland, has regulated the global music industry. Except for South Africa, where the Recording Industry of South Africa manages the vast bulk of music royalties, it is in charge of the administration of Africa’s music performance royalties (RISA). Various organizations in South Africa are tasked with gathering information and reporting on it: In addition to SAMPRA, RISA/RAV, Latest Naija Music 2022 Mp3, and SAMRO, which all collect royalties for music performers, there is a slew of other organizations that do the same for published music creators and publishers.

There are several ways to earn music royalties, including broadcasts on television and radio, live concerts, online streaming, and music in places like restaurants and bars. Redundancies and misunderstandings are common because of the reporting and collecting network complexity.More money is given to administrators of collecting societies and three foreign record corporations (Sony, Universal, and Warner) than to the outstanding South African artists who make the single irreplaceable component of this system, which is why this is the final conclusion with the Latest Amapiano 2022 Download.

This statistic is based on the total number of plays views on YouTube and TikTok and the total number of searches and downloads for the song’s YouTube and TikTok videos. As opposed to actual royalty rates, these figures are likely lower since they are based on online algorithms. According to contractual agreements and royalty agreements, various companies may be qualified to receive royalty payments. The record label, the publishers, the copyright holders, the performers, and their managers, executives, and agents are all included in this group of organizations.

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Raspy-voiced Pop Rocker Gianna Minichiello Set to Drop a New Single ‘When is it my turn’ February 14th

Gianna Minichiello a Singer Songwriter from SW Florida set to release her first single of the year called “When is it my turn”.

Naples, FL, USA | February 07, 2022 — Gianna Minichiello a Singer Songwriter from SW Florida set to release her first single of the year called “When is it my turn”. After a successful year in 2021 her music being streamed in over 150 countries and #1 song “Dearly Loved” hitting over a million streams, she is hopeful to keep the momentum up. Reminiscent of the greats like Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, or Stevie Nicks, Minichiello’s sound is equal parts classic Rock, progressive, with that Pop feeling. And that powerful voice is put on full display with her forthcoming song “When is it my turn.”

Energetic song with a powerful beat to it, the song takes full advantage of Minichiello’s rasp with aggressive lyrics about being in the shadow, and being overlooked by someone. Written and Produced by Gianna Minichiello, Co-Produced by her younger brother Giulian Minichiello, includes Industry big hitters such as Kent Slucher, drummer from Luke Bryan band. “When is it my turn” is my first song that I Produced with my brother, at only 16 years of age to pull off such and amazing production on the song I was truly impressed said Gianna.

This song is about feeling like you are this novelty item in the display window that no one buys, this beautiful item that everyone can’t help but notice and admire but no one goes out of their way to purchase it. It rests on their minds and eventually moves down the line as new thoughts come in, but somehow it gets stuck. In the back of their minds where I stand unknowingly till I see them stare.

This song is about being sick of waiting around for something to happen, angry about how you swore off being the first one to approach and realized nothing is happening now that you aren’t the first one, Said Gianna.

This song is my angry song. I’m tired of making myself feel creepy because of how I dress or how I act and I’m angry that I pressured myself into feeling like that. Let this be the song that pulls you out of your head. That brings your power back. This is my angry song and I welcome all of you in to share in this feeling. I decided to release this song on Valentine’s Day because if you’re alone on this day, feeling upset, etc, here’s a song to make you realize someone was too scared to ask you out. Someone’s got you in the back of their mind and they’re doing everything they can to stop thinking about you.

Pre release its on the 10th if you wanna amp yourself up for Valentine’s!

A growing wave of fans have followed her over the past six years, when she got her start by posting covers on YouTube. Attracting the attention of industry insiders, she has had the opportunity to work with Top Producers and Musicians in the Industry. Gianna is in the works of releasing an EP next. Set to release in next few months.

“When is it my turn” is set to drop wide across all streaming platforms on February 14th, Pre-release on Itunes February 10th.

To listen to Gianna Minichiello’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:

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New Single “Not One More” By Long Time Gun Violence Prevention Advocate Pastor Jackie L. Jackson

A song is coming from new talent, Pastor Jackie L. Jackson. He addresses gun violence, including murder, suicide, and unintentional shootings, in his new single, “NOT ONE MORE.”

New York, NY, USA | February 01, 2022 — New artist Pastor Jackie L. Jackson is a “GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION ADVOCATE”. He is a GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION ADVOCATE AND SPEAKER who is a SURVIVOR of GUN VIOLENCE. In his new song  “NOT ONE MORE,” Pastor Jackson addresses not only street violence but also the taking of lives due to the use of guns, whether it be murder, suicide, or an unintentional shooting, among other things. NOT ONE MORE is written by Pastor Jackson and produced by music industry veteran Gerald A. Wiggins.

He is a member of the Cincinnati Police Department’s God Squad, a group of clergy from many faiths who are on call 24 hours a day to comfort the families and friends of gun violence victims. When it comes to getting his message over to people, Pastor Jackson uses the term “NOT ONE MORE.”

Pre-orders for the single “Not One More” may be made right now if you’re interested in March 11, 2022, in all its worldwide incarnations. A radio and in-person City to City Memory Tour will soon cover the Midwest, South, Southwest, Northeast, and Atlantic Coast regions. It’s part of Pastor Jackson’s Radio Tour to bring together national and local gun violence prevention advocacy organizations for a 30- to 60-minute live “We Have To Make A Change” radio or in-person lecture on action and solutions.

One of the most important goals of the radio tour is to encourage the families of victims of gun violence to call in and honor their loved ones by announcing their names or by providing memorial objects to be placed in the National Gun Violence Memorial, which is located in the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

About Pastor Jackie L. Jackson:

Pastor Jackie L. Jackson, a new artist, has been named a “GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION ADVOCATE,” dedicated to preventing gun violence. Pastor Jackson’s latest new single, “NOT ONE MORE,” addresses not just street violence but also the loss of life caused by the use of weapons, whether via murder, suicide, or an accidental shooting. Pastor Jackson’s latest release is now available.For Several years Pastor Jackson has been on call to comfort the grieving family members and friends of victims of gun violence.

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Ortinel G’s Trap Song Microwave Offers a Great Warning

It is an unsettling message to both rap culture practitioners and the wider public to be wary about their own identities. Ortinel G’s trap song Microwave is an ominous warning to rap culture practitioners and the broader public.

Perth, WA, Australia | February 03, 2022 — A trap song by Ortinel G, Microwave serves as a warning to both rap culture participants and members of the general public, asking them to be careful about the foundations upon which they establish their own identities.

Ortinel G, a Congolese-Australian Christian Rapper noted for his Christian rap performances, is a well-known artist. Ortinel G’s music has a unique objective of creating music that combines important theological topics with trap-style music to change society and preach the promise of Christ to a world that is desperately in need of it. Because he is an artist, he is involved in every step of the creation process. They work very closely to make sure that every tune and rhythm he hears is precise as he envisions it.

More than merely praising God, his music gives him a voice to speak out against injustices in the church and the wider world. Southern trap hip hop artist Ortinel G is well-known for his unique style and freestyle that flow effortlessly. His rapping technique is also famous. An artist to keep an eye on, Ortinel G has a positive message in his songs that you should keep an eye on. His works on Christianity & Culture is intriguing.

About Ortinel G:

Ortinel G is an Australian Christian rap artist of Congolese heritage. Ortinel G has made it his mission to introduce deep theological themes into trap-style music, with a particular emphasis on making music that incorporates profound theological issues into trap-style music to impact society and communicate the hope of Christ to a world in desperate need of it. As a result of his artistic experience, he is involved in every stage of the creative process.

Instagram: @ortinel_g

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