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Las Vegas has a New Artist Emerging and his Name is Jamishin

Jamishin (legally known as Timothy Hoper) has emerged from the streets of captivating Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently has a new single out now, (that is doing very well I might add)!. The music that has been produced by the S.McClain Music Group. You can check out the YouTube channel to listen to the new single.

Las Vegas, NV – USA | December 13, 2021 — The new music single produced by the S.McClain Music Group was released. The music of Jamishin has been recorded and produced by Shane “West Coast” McClain. It will blow your mind, once you listen to it! The new music is available for your listening pleasure on Youtube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer along with many other mediums. S. McClain Music Group’s YouTube account also has a sneak peek at the creation of this new urban musical masterpiece.

Since February of 2021, Jamishin has been working on the song. The singer is looking forward to sharing his smooth rhymes and melodic vibes with fans from beautiful Las Vegas, as well as a plethora of soon-to-be fans all across the globe.

This is what the rapper says about the creation of new music, “I would like to give special credit to a few people who have helped in making this new music such a success. My gratitude goes to Shane ‘West Coast’ McClain, Loren Roselynch, James Mays, Chappell Johnson, and, most importantly, my wife Samantha Torres. I remember her helping me combat the COVID-19, just the day before the release of my new music video.”

About the Company Behind the New Music:

S. McClain Music Group recorded and produced his new single, while Imaging ByChappell captured the magic in the making via video. S. McClain Music Group, Bungalo Records, and Universal Music Group have signed Jamishin to a deal.

S. McClain Music Group has two locations in the Valley: one in the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, and the other in Summerlin’s The Lake.

The company is made up of professionals who are concerned about the creativity of their artists. Shane “West Coast” McClain, the company’s founder, strives to create music that is indicative of himself and his generation. He admires artists who are often overlooked by the general public but very in tune with the streets.

About Jamishin:

Jamishin, who resides in Las Vegas, gave us his debut single in 2020. He is Las Vegas’s very own best new rapper, who is presently associated with S. McClain Music Group and Bungalo Records and Universal Music Group.

For more information, please visit

Press & Media Contact:
Shane McClain
S. McClain Music Group
+1 702-350-2036

Veronica Vitale Strikes Duet with Bootsy Collins Next to “Silk Sonic” by Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak

Out November 12th, A game-changing song against Racism, Social Media Woes and the protection of father-daughter relationship.

Atlanta, GA – USA | November 11, 2021 — While the Parliament Funkadelic and once James Brown Legendary Bassist holds the “special guest” seat on Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak latest release “Silk Sonic”, the Multiple Award-winning singer-songwriter and producer Veronica Vitale has released her new music single “Nobody is Perfect” with funk master Bootsy Collins.

“An Evening With Silk Sonic” album and “Nobody is Perfect” dream-like ballad are coming out the same day, giving Mr. Bootsy Collins the chance to float between two worlds, and have a foot in the United States of America and Europe at the same time. Two generations bridging the gap between the past and the hyper-future.

“Silk Sonic” Resurrects Soul and generously leans into a project that calls for nostalgia and hearts and vintage vibes appeal, citing Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown as influences, Mars epitomizes modern soul and R&B with his sultry and smooth vocals, with funk, reggae, and Motown elements. If Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars merged the duo’s unique sounds transporting the smooth and sultry energies of 1970s soul and 2000s R&B into 2021.

On the other hand, “Nobody is Perfect” is insurgent and ground-breaking. It’s unconventional, Avant-pop, unique and it’s something You haven’t heard before but the Music is always soothing and tuneful to the soul. Veronica Vitale takes a deep exploration into lyrics, music composition and storytelling. She doesn’t just write typical songs about love or heartbreak. Vitale touches different issues and tells many different stories with unsettling chord progressions and a passionate “genderless – liquid – fluid” music choice.

The end of Nobody is Perfect is carried by yet a second duet between Veronica Vitale and an extremely complex, artfully crafted guitar solo by Patrick J Hamilton. This closing of the track truly makes you feel like you are floating in some unknown cosmos of deep space and in the end, we return to earth with a few spoken words by Veronica. You will then realize this is deeper than just a duet but metaphorically the last letter shared between a Father and Daughter. Veronica Vitale promotes the unique idea that we should bring our entire selves into the workplace and fix the mess inherited from a generation that will go down in history for being lazy and entitled.

Being a warrior with a cause, She is aware that those born into the chaos of a post-9/11 landscape have only known survival, a state of “war” with violence auto-playing their whole lives and she wants to do something about it. The Track “Nobody is Perfect” Speaks Volume about all these elements.

Who is Veronica Vitale?

Born in Italy and artistically grown up in the United States between Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle Washington, ultimately moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Veronica Vitale is a piano player, music composer, film score composer and visionary producer. She has single-handedly reinvented the musical landscape since 2016, mixing disparate soundscapes into a new genre of music, uniquely its own, recording the sounds of the world herself as well. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the old school generation and the future generations to come, and if her “liquid-fluid” new approach to music wasn’t enough to stir the awareness of a more tolerant, less label-oriented generation, Vitale’s androgynous style and fierce eco-consciousness has certainly earned her credit too.

“Nobody is Perfect” comes a month after the release of spine-chilling, mind-blowing music release “TRANSPARENT” released on 24 September 2021, a song that stands against bullying and abuse of power, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, where the artist cuts her last layer of skin to turn invisible as the official music video plays-out.

“Nobody is Perfect” is another Powerful Shout out by Veronica Vitale, calling for “More Real skin” “Body Positivity” “Body Confidence And Self Esteem”, the Italian artist speaks loudly against misleading beauty filters and The Complicated Truth Behind Instagram And Body Image Woes, meanwhile she also stands against racism, fixed stereotypes and discrimination.

“We are not numbers, likes and followers, our art goes beyond all of that, our art belongs to the One,” says Veronica Vitale during an interview on Billboard.

Press & Media Contact:
Michelle Maynard
Atlanta Film Company
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New Release Title “Closer” Artist Marietta Grant Collaboration with Sean Kingston

Artist Marietta Grant collaborated this time with Sean Kingston with her latest single.

Fort Worth, TX – USA | November 03, 2021 — Marietta grant Contrary United States of America reside in Fort Worth Texas a native of Chicago Illinois Singer Songwriter Marietta Grant new release.

Title “Closer” is released on October 28, 2021. New single Title It’s a party released October 20 2021, & I AM ME October 3, 2020. Her new single release “THATS WHY” on December 23 2020.

Marietta passion for music what’s discovered listening to other artist Dianna Ross & Supreme & Musician Sade Smooth Operator.

Marietta is interested in working with other artists. Marietta had an awesome interview with Billboard, Complex.

She is a wonderful renowned artist named “Marietta Grant”, launched her latest track “Closer “with Collaboration with Sean Kingston” she has a gentle voice and strong heart, Marietta Grant is bringing her unique style of music to other. Her track “It’s a party” is meant to soothe the anxious soul with its soft melody.

Her track “THATS WHY” is inspired by the struggles people are going through because of the pandemic. Tell them do not give up, to keep striving in these hard times. Because it causes so much anxiety”, the track offers a calming cadence that will have listeners shutting their eyes and feeling relaxed.

Marietta lyrics promote wellbeing for others, allowing them to forget their troubles for a moment. Marietta Grant clear meets her goal of wanting to inspire people with her music as well as offer healing. “Closer” is available for download on streaming platforms worldwide.

About Marietta Grant:

“Marietta Grant” hails from the Illinois, Chicago. Marietta has been an inspired by artist “Dianna Ross”. She wants to dedicate her music to help people with to enjoy and assisting them through difficult times. Marietta talent for singing and help others is already gaining her a fan following. They are able to take a deep breath and relax as they listen to Marietta music. Marietta also has albums available for download as well and plans more music projects in the future. Marietta has an amazing Instagram and Tiktok following of and going up. She has also recorded a song with Sean Kingston.

To listen to more of her music, or for interested parties to reach out to Marietta Grant for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below:

Performance Warm up:

Social Media Links:

* Facebook –
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* I AM ME –

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Marietta Grant
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Veronica Vitale Announces “Transparent” New Music Single Against Bullying

IVEE International Recording Artist, speaks up on Abuse of Power.

Kennesaw, GA – USA | September 07, 2021 — Produced by Visionary Vanguard Records in the United States of America and Exclusively Distributed by Amadea Music and State51 Conspiracy in United Kingdom, “TRANSPARENT” is the new music single by Artist and Executive Producer Veronica Vitale that everyone is waiting for.

“Revenge is sweetest when it’s served up cold, and Veronica Vitale knows what She’s doing” – says Michelle Maynard Visionary Vanguard Records Spokesmen – “Well, you picture it, You’re the high school class’s leader, your school’s most feared bully, the centre-stage prom queen who teases the outcast, the outsider to the bone, and nearly 10/15 years later You eventually find yourself facing a titan, no longer the shadow, the little quiet girl with the glasses, but a Titan who speaks up like Veronica Vitale herself, an internationally respected artist and music producer with some remarkable relentless charisma and super talent, whose lightness and authenticity poised her for stardom already in 2017, c’mon! I mean, seriously, can you imagine? Do you really want to be that kid who pissed Veronica off? I don’t think so – Not right now ‘cause She’s coming atcha like a dark horse, a bounty hunter. Now it’s her time.”

Veronica Vitale announced on Wednesday that she would be dropping her brand new single, “TRANSPARENT,” on Friday, September 24, ending her 2 months-long social media hiatus.

Veronica Vitale has been mum on social media since June this year, only posting Stories on her Instagram from time to time. Vitale’s upcoming record is said to be one of her most personal projects to date, influenced by her memories and scars in middle school.

“It’s very difficult to suffer and fade into a lesser version of yourself” – says Vitale. “I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t do anything to help myself, but realised I could speak out against bullying through music. The idea of bullies draining the life and joy out of their victims kept playing on my mind for years, and again, when you become a public figure it doesn’t get any better, you are exposed to trolls, random haters and of course cyber bullying, people just feel entitled to hate and despite you. So I began to write a song with this theme and it is called TRANSPARENT. My bullies were making me into a ghost of myself, and it was very painful to feel. I want “TRANSPARENT” to become my signature’s song. I want it to be the Grand Opening to my new music production and revolution.”

With a new album and single right around the corner, fans are incredibly excited about their “IVEE” return to the music scene.


Press & Media Contact:
Michelle Maynard
Visionary Vanguard Records
Kennesaw, GA 30064
United States
+1 404-519-7213

Serious Voice Uplifts Black Woman With A New Project Titled ‘Beautiful’

Recording Artist from CHH community releases new music project with an approach that may surprise her fan base and provide all listeners with a new perspective of her sound.

Brooklyn, NY – USA | September 07, 2021 — Brooklyn recording artist Serious Voice is back with a stellar new project dubbed “Beautiful”, affirming women, showing the bravery it takes to accept their insecurities but stand in the strength that only they as women can bring to social issue family, and business and doing it all while singing like never.

Brigitte James known creatively as “Serious Voice”, is an award-winning artist that has been working on several projects over the last year including her talk show “Success Stories with Serious Voice” that is broadcasting in six cities nationwide with many more to come. Serious is putting the finishing touches on her documentary titled, “Rap Queen”, but Serious could not keep her music fans waiting any longer! She had to give the people what they have been waiting for, going on five years. BARS!

Serious has taken some of this time to perfect her craft of lyricism and is ready to present her sophomore project to the world. “Beautiful” drops on all platforms on September 9,2021 and features several talented high-octane rap queens and showcases Serious Voice in a new light.

If you were to go back and listen to Serious’ debut album Shofar you will immediately recognize the stark difference in the artist she was and the artist she has become. “I had to grow as a rapper, and I am more conscious of what’s going on around us here in this country and abroad” Serious shares. Shofar was released under her label Serious PPL Music in 2016 and executive produced by MooreBeats. Serious garnered a placement on Spike Lee’s, “She’s’ Gotta Have It” with worship song “WOAH”, toured across the country for an entire year performing “Anthem” a fan favorite off the same album.

“Beautiful” has been a labor of love and patience. With patience and determination “Serious Voice” has birthed a multi-track album that is fitting of its title “Beautiful”! This album celebrates the beauty in being a black woman. It captures the beauty in learning to love and accept yourself for exactly who God created you to be. This album celebrates the beauty there is in having faith and spirituality while trying to remain grounded in all aspects of life.

The title track “Beautiful” is an anthem that reminds us to tell one another often that you see the beauty in them, not only in the physical but in your acts of service and love. On your worse day “Beautiful” will make you look at things with a more positive attitude encouraging you to find the beauty in even the most challenging situations.

“Hear Me Roar” is a powerful collaboration between six amazing women from all different backgrounds and walks of life. This song celebrates women in a way that recognizes their strength but also allows for them to be the gentle, nurturing and emotional creatures God created women to be. The ladies go from a prospective of being the backbone of their families, acknowledging their flaws and but standing strong in their beauty.

If you are looking to add some positivity, beauty, faith, and positive self-affirmations to your playlist be sure to download “Beautiful” by Serous Voice on all platforms September 9, 2021 and join her in celebrating her project release September 11, 2021 in Richmond Hill, NY.

For more information, please visit

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Ye Ali Signs Management Deal with Underground Hits Productions and (PM) Pacific Music Inc.

Underground Hits owner D.B. Baldwin and (PM) Pacific Music Inc’s Prince Howard team up to manage producer, songwriter and artist Ye Ali.

Los Angeles, CA – USA | August 10, 2021 — Underground Hits owner D.B. Baldwin and (PM) Pacific Music Inc’s Prince Howard team up to manage producer, songwriter and artist Ye Ali. Howard and his team including Gia Williams, co-owner of (PM), Chief Operating Officer, and President of A&R, and Anthony Truss, co-owner of (PM), President of Business & Creative Affairs, will handle the day to day activities.

“Ye Ali is one of the most prolific producers that I’ve met,” says Baldwin, “Ye has his pulse on what’s hot and happening today. His music production skills are incredible, his writing skills are second to none and the previous Traphouse Jodeci projects show his creativity beyond measure.” Ye Ali’s production credits are impressive having produced and wrote for Chris Brown, Jack Harlow, Tory Lanez, Roddy Rich, Eric Bellinger, Joyner Lucas, Fetty Wap, Chika, WiFisFuneral, and JAHKOY.

Prince Howard is the founder of Pacific Music Inc specializing in Publishing, Management, Marketing, Consulting, and Administration. His roster of clients are generous as he has been appointed the Director of A&R: MIME Music Publishing. Howard brings his publishing experience to the table and will continue to seek opportunities for Ye Ali in the writing and production world. “With a client like Ye, we are making sure every opportunity to write and create are sought out and strategically planned for his career.”

Underground Hits Productions specializes in Marketing, Management and Film. In 2020 UHP worked directly with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, assisting in securing opportunites for the only African American driver in the sport.

Ye Ali is preparing to release his new project staying on pace with the previous Traphouse Jodeci release. Both Williams and Truss who formerly held a position at Sony/ BMG, will be assisting in positioning Ye Ali’s project, which was coproduced with Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter Troy Taylor. Ye Ali will be making a digital footprint in today’s music providing what listeners and fans are longing to hear.

Underground Hits Productions
+1 646-868-2788
info[at]ughits[dot]com / pacificmusicinc[at]gmail[dot]com

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D. Baldwin
Underground Hits Productions
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Sky’s The Limit Artist, True, Releases New Female Anthem, WTFYM

August Alsina And Jeremih’s Opener Has Taken Center Stage with New Hit Single.

Atlanta, GA – USA | May 10, 2021 — R&B/Pop Artist True returns from the lows of a cheating ex with a baby and the depression of family losses, to find strength in being a frontline worker and gives her fans one of her most emotional and inspiring masterpieces to date, WTFYM. Showing pure determination in her return to music, True is officially back with a new single that’s going to have all the women saying, “WTFYM?”. She has a renewed focus on loving people, being in tune with her music, and giving her fans what they’ve been wanting.

Imagine finding out that your boyfriend got another woman pregnant and you have to go into the studio to record new music. You would be saying WTFYM too! True starts the song in a nice, melodic but serious tone singing, “You’ve been playing, playing around on me”, and you hear the influence of Tina Turner in her voice as she lures you into the story while asking yourself, “Girl what did he do?”. True mixes flawless tones, a broad vocal range, and a touch of rap-singing before belting out “WTFYM? Just doing you how you do me!”.


True is an all-American R&B/Pop recording artist, musician, model and actress. Born and raised in Youngstown, OH, the young starlet was introduced to her talents at the tender age of three. Officially launching her professional career in 2010, True kept herself active in the local scene, performing at lounges, community events and opening for national acts such as Jeremih, August Alsina, and Mario. To date, the ambitious artist has performed at many notable regional events such as the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Ohio Entertainment Awards and the Cleveland Film Fest.

WTFYM is the first release of her full summer album which is projected to being the female anthem of 2021, and with her joint forces with Sky’s the Limit Entertainment, the Sky truly is the Limit for True!

Follow True on all social media platforms:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok

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Boscoreale and Metropolis USA Forge Friendship Set in Stone

Boscoreale, Italia | April 13th, 2021 — Boscoreale City Seal was just recently engraved in the heart of the Superman Brick of Fame in Metropolis, Illinois, United States brought to the States thanks to the personal efforts and far-sightedness act of Italian – American artist originally born in the lands of Vesuvius, who grew up as world citizen: Veronica Vitale and film Director Patrick Hamilton.

(Caption: Jim Hambrick Founder of the Superman Museum with Veronica Vitale, Patrick Hamilton)

Today, this little Italian town located in the Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio, under the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, is stepping to the forefront as for the first time in history a sensational international covenant of friendship has been forged between the City of Boscoreale, Italy, the Super Museum and City of Metropolis Illinois, United States of America.

Notwithstanding the fact that many Frescos and Ancient Villas of Boscoreale buried and preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD (43-30 BCE) are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, no-one before today, suggested or has attempted to take the Boscoreale City’s Seal (Stemma del Comune di Boscoreale) overseas but Veronica Vitale, which also is a visionary music executive currently based in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California.

This inspiring story of fortitude and gratefulness to one’s motherland unfolds over the course of the expedition on – the – road “25.000 Miles Across America” and the making of the documentary “Inside The Outsider” undertaken by the Italian artist and her husband, American film director Patrick J. Hamilton.

Along the way, the young couple came across a very surprising and unexpected meeting with Mr. Jim Hambrick, his daughters Morgan, Jessie Jane, Karie and the world famous Superman Museum officially opened in 1993 in the Man of Steel’s official hometown of Metropolis, Illinois on Superman Square. And so, one afternoon in June 2019, this remarkable group made of pop culture enthusiasts, and proactive patrons of today’s heritage for the sake of tomorrow’s generations, carried out a project of “Friendship City” with positive blessing from the Mayor Billy McDaniel and Mayor Dr. Antonio Diplomatico.

“We were so pleased and honored to meet Veronica and Patrick. They have stayed in constant contact and we feel like we’ve made lifelong friends.  I couldn’t be happier about the collaboration  between the two cities.  It is nice to know that we have a piece of our town in Italy and your city has a piece here. My Father Jim Hambrick is running for mayor in the upcoming election voting happens on April 6th 2021. His goals are to extend the Superman theme throughout the city and improve the quality of life for both residents and visitors while our goals with the museum are to preserve and honor Superman and all the historic relevance of the memorabilia.” – says Mrs Morgan Hambrick

“Some People say: – “Bloom there where you’re planted” – but If we stick in the same pot of soil where we were planted, we’ll remain nothing but contained little bonsais as opposed to the great trees we were meant to become. I go instead with “Don’t forget your roots. This is where flourishing occurs.” My hometown Boscoreale, for one thing,  (which means “Royal Groove by the way…) had no faith in me however I never left it behind. I never forgot it. I grew up in an place of great oppression and strife for my dreams, here there’s a great dispute between envy and hubris and a certain “know – it – all” attitude that doesn’t bring out younger talents, but suffocates them until eventually they all fade away. Despite it all, I never forgot my roots, my background and the place I come from. I don’t think it was easy for Clark Kent either. He was a journalist who was laughed at, bullied, and mocked for his talent and yet, He would still wear the superman suit to do good. “Do good to others and every man can be a Superman.” People need to understand that Dreams lift us up and transform everything that surround the Dreamer, into something better but dreamers also must remember that “The ‘Amazing’ can only be created by facing fear, risk, failure and great opposition during the process.  – says Veronica Vitale

The day She received her tribute on the Brick of Fame located on Superman Square, Veronica asked for the Boscoreale City’s Seal to be added first, and that never happened before in her town local history. Today, April 10th 2021, a prestigious lava stone panel carved out of volcanic land from the Vesuvius, was placed at the entrance to the Town Hall and City Council of Boscoreale followed by a bone-chilling inspiring statement placed at the very bottom of it – “If you stop believing in heroes, the hero within you dies.

“I wanted to dedicate this moment to the Youth of all generations, past and present, for them to live by justice, truth, and courage as global citizen, inspired by undying hope. Also, because Italy and small towns are still struggling with the pandemic aftermath, I personally funded the co-patronage of this event in the same way that my tribute was funded by the Superman Museum in Metropolis, Because we are all forward-thinking people, from first to last, from Morgan to Jessie to Patrick,and all of us. I’m very happy for the support of local talent such as journalist Alina Cescova, and Pasquale Malvone as they face big daily battles as journalists too. I truly wanted to make something of “mine,” something intended and seen as “ours” shared as one world community to build, defend and raise. May this be ground for a first stone to be laid rather than casted, to build up rather than tear down. It takes a village to raise a child after all.” – says Veronica Vitale

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Global Artists First
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“Prismatic Dojo” Gains 2 Million Streams by Loyal Fanbase Support and Genuine Shares

March is the Color Therapy Month and “Prismatic Dojo” just went viral from Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and East Coast USA. It is the latest music experiment by Artists and Producers Veronica Vitale and Patrick Hamilton.

Los Angeles, CA – USA | March 04, 2021 — March is the Color Therapy Month and “Prismatic Dojo” just went viral from Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and East Coast USA. It is the latest music experiment by Artists and Producers Veronica Vitale and Patrick Hamilton. PRISMATIC DOJO “THE ALL COLORS THEORY” is a contemporary experiment between color gradients and music frequencies brought together to heal the mind and soul. Every volume collects the tales of different shades of color.

As we suggested in many other articles the best way to support these artists is to go on Spotify, follow the link and listen to it all the way throught! Here’s the direct link

Prismatic Dojo is now surprisingly playing in many art and yoga center, gym, thai resturant and meditation groups, even shared on whatsapp and zoom calls for those facing lockdown restriction yet in search of peace and serenity. It was even shared in many color theraphy groups and celebrated beause of the month of March is known as color theraphy month.

Prismatic Dojo has gained 2 million streams thanks to the loyal fanbase built over10 years career by the italian artist Veronica Vitale, and the latest social media tools now available such as IG STORIES, influencers Support, Reels and Viral Content Share on Facebook, in addition to the countless people met during the filming of her new documentary “25000 Miles Across America” which is aimed to be released on the Exclusive Amazon Prime Tv Series.

Fun Fact is that every piece of music was composed in a room filled with color changing screens and LED lights to provide a variety of colors to change the vibe of the room completely. It is an original spontaneously performed musical masterpiece, recorded live without any pre-existing score or prior rehearsal. It’s a journey and a work of art that starts right at the door of the Soul’s Chambers and fits perfectly in the field of positive psychology. Artist Veronica Vitale and Patrick Hamilton head straight for “the zone” an area that people only enter when their passion sets them into a euphoric trance. In this place you experience the flow state where an artist talent is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. The artist is fully involved, and immersed in the essence of the “flow”; characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, and often resulting in the transformation of one’s sense of time – while truly enjoying in the process of the activity. Prismatic Dojo is familiar to the Chromesthesia Concept but different in understanding how rather than a color influence on an already existing sound how this color itself influences the production of a complete new music of music. Simply put, rather than sensory influence, how does it effect sensory creation.

“I love to share with my fans what did I do to go viral on internet especially when it comes about music and particular projects like this one. First thing I involved my entire instagram community which counts close to 50 thousand followers, IG Stories and Reels which are a very powerful tool and of course my loyal fanbase on Facebook. They were all very happy when we released on every music platform, especially Spotify as it seems to be the go to of all generations. My fans text me every day about the good feelings they get listening to Prismatic Dojo, especially the ones from the United States. I started from scratch 10 years ago in the States and now, as Italian myself, it’s really uplifting to know that so many people around the Globe are listening to my music and our efforts. I’m looking forward to set a few dates in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Paris and Milan as most of my audience comes from these beautiful areas” – says Artist Veronica Vitale.

“One of the interesting things we keep hearing from people is how their favorite color tends to be the same favorite color in sound! Another funny thing is to go to some Thai Restaurant and find our music playing in the background. The other day at the gym, that’s what happened, people were training listening to our music!” – says Artist Patrick J Hamilton

“While recording, We were walking through some sort of dream, an alternative reality, Music of an almost other-worldly beauty brought us in this spiritual world made of fantasy, dreams, where everything is possible” – says Veronica Vitale.

Prismatic Dojo is recorded as a whole concept but divided in 2 minutes track and presented to you like a passage, chapters. From night to dawn, form red to blue, from celtic ancient ages aand old legends to whales floating in deep oceans. From tales of star-crossed lovers and exile, to soldiers singing gregorian chants and hymns like Hail Holy Queen ( “Salve Regina” ).

Some of the Healing Frequencies In this Music Work

* 174 Hz relieves pain and stress.
* 285 Hz heals tissues and organs.
* 396 Hz liberates you from fear and guilt.
* 417 Hz facilitates change.
* 528 Hz for transformation and DNA repair
* 639 Hz reconnects you with your relationships.


* Purple Volume 1
* Green Volume 2
* Orange Volume 3
* Blue Volume 4
* Red Volume 5
* Yellow Volume 6
* Platinum Volume 7

Follow Prismatic Dojo Here:

For more details, visit

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Prismatic Dojo by Pop Star Veronica Vitale Hits New Records in Frankfurt and Buffalo

Veronica Vitale celebrates 10 years music career by releasing over 150 tracks and 10 albums in less than 1 month together with american film director Patrick J Hamilton.

Atlanta, GA – USA | March 4, 2021 — Veronica Vitale is an International Recording Artist and Cinematic Music Composer who gave rise to a groundbreaker “genre-defying” Avantgarde Pop and Liquid Music. Veronica Vitale is also a Multi-laureate with a 3rd University Degree in Systems Science and Quantum Consciousness Music Executive and Global Citizen, She’s a bit of a dark horse in the Italian Music Scene. Her “Outsider” Story kicks off in Germany as she signs her first Record Deal abroad her own country rather than entering the dead-beat circle of Italian Talent Shows (2009/11).

Veronica Vitale debut album “Nel mio bosco Reale” (i.e “Throughout my Royal Grove”) was a significant hit, reaching Top New Comer Artist Chart in Germany as well as leading to the Top10 Amazon Chart Deutschland in 2011 along with Stars like David Guetta, FloRida, Sean Paul In 2016, She debuted in Cincinnati as Executive Producer for the Music Industry, Film Production & Entertainment while working alongside with Bootsy Collins and King Records, where ushers her top-shelf project “Inside The Outsider” In 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic, Veronica releases web sensation “Hymn To Humanity” a Prayer for Hope before funding “Artist United ” a relief NPO for Artists all around the World She has been endorsed by some of the most influencing names in the industry such as Bootsy Collins Parliament-Funkadelic, The Mad Stuntman, Stelvio Cipriani, Joe Jackson, Boyd Grafmyre, Ervin Laszlo, Fernando Jones, Linda Clifford, and many others.

Her latest music project comes out to be the hottest proposal the indie music industry ever had in the recent years. The title is “Prismatic Dojo” also known as “The All Colors Album Theory” out now on Spotify (Links Below!) which is to be considered a contemporary experiment between color gradients and music frequencies brought together to heal the mind and soul. Every volume collects the tales of different shades of color. Every piece of music was composed in a room filled with color changing screens and LED lights to provide a variety of colors to change the vibe of the room completely. The word “Dojo” literally means “Place of the way” in Japanese. It’s a hall or a place for immersive learning and meditation.

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* Blue Volume 4 –

* Red Volume 5 –

* Yellow Volume 6 –

* Platinum Volume 7 –

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