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AMCA, The ‘Gold Standard’ of American Quality Expands Internationally

America’s gold standard of quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector storms into international markets.

New York, NY, USA | September 27, 2021 — AMCA (, the first pro-American quality certification program for U.S. manufacturers is spreading its message across the globe. Today, the inspiring company announced its ambitious plans in making U.S. manufacturers more competitive in the global marketplace by utilizing the country’s superior technology, innovation and talent diversity from around the world.

According to an AMCA spokeswoman, the company launched its ‘Buy American Movement’ campaign to promote U.S. manufacturers, machine shops and other industrial suppliers nationally and internationally. The campaign focuses on AMCA’s growing reputation as the Gold Standard of American Quality as seen at

AMCA founder Donald LaBelle said the United States is unique in attracting some of the greatest talent in the world within the manufacturing sector, including entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, quality managers, research & development, and other skills. “These highly capable and incredibly ambitious people, combined with the American spirit, bring tremendous value to the country. America must become a larger producer of high quality, innovative products and technologies without relying so much on imported goods,” said LaBelle

AMCA’s global marketing campaigns has two critical missions according to LaBelle. The first is to further expand AMCA’s reputation as America’s gold standard in quality certification of US-based manufacturers. The second mission, to attract unique talent from all over the world to join forces with American manufacturers in effort to increase production.

LaBelle concluded, “The vision is to utilize quality as the foundation to innovate new products, improve profitability, maximize production efficiency, and increase exports of U.S. goods.”

US-based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors, exporters and other industrial suppliers can submit an application for AMCA quality certification as well as ISO certification at

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About AMCA:

AMCA is the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified ensures your company is recognized for quality, reliability and integrity far above ISO certification schemes. AMCA is internationally recognized as the ‘Gold Standard In American Quality’ within the manufacturing sector. AMCA certification symbolizes the best in American Quality & Innovation. AMCA is the ‘Gold Standard’ of American quality in the manufacturing sector. Learn more at

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AMCA Certification: The ‘Gold Standard’ of Quality For U.S. Manufacturers

AMCA’s bold pro-American quality certification program challenges ISO’s foreign standards in the U.S. marketplace.

Boston, MA – USA | September 14, 2021 — In memory of 9/11, on the 20th anniversary of one of America’s darkest days, AMCA announced launch of its new pro-American quality certification program at

Founded by Donald LaBelle, AMCA was developed as a customized quality certification exclusively for U.S. based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors and other industrial suppliers. The certification comes at a much needed time as fake ISO certificates are flooding the market overshadowing legitimate ISO registrations.

According to LaBelle ISO certificates are easily faked because there is a serious lack of true oversight. Any unethical person or seedy organization can legally print up ISO certifications of any standard, slap on bogus accreditation seals, and sell them like candy to naive businesses,” said LaBelle.

“I’ve seen numerous manufacturers using fake ISO certificates they purchased online without meeting any of ISO’s compliance guidelines,” said LaBelle. He added, “It was shocking to see even numerous federal government contractors landing multi-million dollar contracts using an ISO certificate they purchased online from a mail order ‘certificate mill.’ They literally received the certificate overnight.”

AMCA was not established to replace ISO certification as the they are different standards that compliment each other. AMCA focuses on revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing sector and increasing the global competitiveness of American made products. Whereas ISO certification is based on ‘international standards’ with no preference to the United States. In contrast, AMCA is boldly pro-American adapting the ‘Buy American Act’ into its standards, among other requirements for certification.

US-based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors and other industrial suppliers can submit an application for certification at

About AMCA:

AMCA (American Made Customer Accredited) is the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified ensures your company is recognized for quality and integrity independent of ISO’s foreign certification schemes. Companies certified to AMCA standards are over-seen and accredited by their own customers… making AMCA the only truly impartial accreditation in quality certification. AMCA is the ‘Gold Standard’ of American quality in the manufacturing sector.

Companies that qualify can apply for certification at

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Jammu City to Get ‘Smart’ Makeover

JMC signs MoU with SMVDU under Smart City Project.

Jammu, India, August 28, 2021 — Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) to serve as a foundation for developing highly informed quality landscape projects across Jammu city.

The MoU was signed by Avny Lavasa in her capacity as Commissioner, JMC & CEO Jammu Smart City and Nagendra Singh Jamwal, Registrar, SMVDU.

The areas of collaboration outlined in the five-year agreement cover the landscape planning and design works, essentially envisioned at transforming Jammu city as Smart City under the flagship Smart City Mission of the Government of India.

As per the MoU, the highly experienced faculty of School of Architecture & Landscape Design, SMVDU, shall provide services with respect to site appraisal and suitability, site planning, landform and grading, surface drainage design and water management, irrigation design, open space design – hard and soft areas, planting design, landscape structures and features, garden furniture design, illumination design, graphic design and signage, tendering services, periodic inspection and evaluation works.

On the other hand, JMC shall provide, inter-alia, detailed requirements of the project; property lease/ ownership documents, where applicable; site plan to a suitable scale, showing boundaries, contours at suitable intervals, existing physical features including any existing roads, paths, trees, existing structures, existing service and utility lines and such lines to which the proposed service can be connected.

“JMC is obliged to give effect to the professional advice of the University,” the MoU reads.

Speaking on the occasion Prof Ravindra Kumar Sinha, Vice Chancellor, SMVDU said that the professionals and technical experts of SMVDU are being encouraged to engage in institutionalized consultancy with different government departments in UT of Jammu and Kashmir. “Besides Architectural Landscaping and Design, we are collaborating for projects pertaining to Civil works, Heritage conservation, Energy conservation, public health, and establishment of industrial biotechnology parks,” he said.

“JMC has embarked upon development of public spaces of Jammu City under Smart City Mission, by way of beautification, and improved aesthetic looks while keeping up with the unique identity of the city,” said Avny Lavasa, after signing the MoU. She said this initiative would go a long way in well guided, quality, and timely execution of the projects by leveraging the expertise and domain knowledge of SMVDU.

Head, Department, School of Architecture & Landscape Design, SMVDU said that SMVDU shall be assisting JMC in execution of Commercial and Mixed-Use Space project. “Some of the spots in residential, commercial and open areas have been identified and proposed for development across Jammu,” he said.

Pertinent to mention here that a wide range of projects for area-based landscape improvement of Jammu city are being executed under the Smart City Plan (SCP) approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Govt of India.

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Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is Building their Team

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is known as one of the best Atlanta HVAC companies to work with.

Atlanta, GA – USA | August 13, 2021 — Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is known as one of the best Atlanta HVAC companies to work with. What is less known is that they are one of the best HVAC companies to work for as well. Luckily, you can find out how great they are since they are currently hiring technicians and installers for residential HVAC systems.

What Moncrief Offers:

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning views its technicians and installers as more than just cogs in the wheel that keep things spinning. They value their employees as people and work to support them having the high quality of life they deserve.

All workers are paid an honest, hourly wage and when they work overtime, they are paid accordingly. Moncrief provides a generous tool allowance, medical insurance, and 401k enrollment. There is no pressure to make sales or upsell clients, minimal on-call duty requirements, and a full schedule all year long.

As a result, Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning sees minimal turnover amongst their staff. If you are looking for a company that truly values you and offers the benefits that make it not just another job but your career for life, submit your application to Moncrief today.

About Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning:

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is an Atlanta-based HVAC company that serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Their focus is on delivering quality, sustainable solutions to HVAC problems, as well as expertly installing new systems.

For more details, please visit

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Royal Caribbean Awards Handling Specialty its Largest Fixed Price Contract in 58-Year History

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 2021-Jul-05 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — To have recently landed a project that can be identified as a company’s largest fixed price contract in its long history is reason enough to celebrate, but when it’s with a corporation who is intimately familiar with your work and company values, that validates an organization’s processes from sales and engineering to manufacturing, installation and service.

Handling Specialty made history in 1995 when it was contracted to produce the underwater stage lift system for Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio, in Las Vegas. The ‘O’ show continues to perform 2 shows per night after 24 years on the original Handling Specialty lift systems. It is an extraordinary engineering feat from a world class SME located in the heart of Niagara, in Grimsby, Ontario.

Since that monumental moment for the company, several underwater stage lift systems have been designed, built and installed into multiple theatres including the City of Dreams theatre, which runs The House of Dancing Water show in Macau. This epic undertaking gained Handling Specialty a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Handling Specialty is the world leader in underwater theatrical spectacles, and is installing systems all over the world. They are also flown to remote vacation locations to provide highly skilled technicians to repair or maintain these multi million-dollar systems efficiently to ensure that the show(s) go on.

This latest win for the company is the accumulation of an almost 20-year relationship designing and building for Royal Caribbean International. “This project began 2.5-years ago with technical sales and conceptual engineering leading the charge to win this prestigious venture,” says Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty and the lead sales associate on this project. “We cherish our relationship with Royal Caribbean and with a revenue stream via new builds, service, and dry dock overhauls that will last over 10-plus-years, we understand what it takes to keep our customers happy.”

Handling Specialty’s turnkey solutions for Royal Caribbean includes conceptual engineering and contract settlements to full design including all electrical and hydraulic networks, custom stage flooring, installation, training, commissioning and on-going MRO.

“Experience goes a long way in winning a project as large as this,” Beach goes on to say. “Deploying professionals and skilled technicians to Finland over the next 6 years to install our equipment will be a challenge, but we’ve completed similar scenarios many times before.”

In March of 2021, Handling Specialty sent a team of technicians to Barbados where they quarantined on the Allure of the Seas for 14 days, one of the Oasis class of ships, and then performed planned maintenance on the ship’s underwater stage lift equipment. This same group of people went on to Spain where they completed similar work on Harmony of the Seas. Freighting the parts and flying people to these locations during a pandemic and successfully completing the work ahead of schedule is another nod to Handling Specialty’s abilities to organize massive projects and perform the work without interruption. It also speaks to the quality of the people working at Handling Specialty, and the lengths they will go to, to see a job through.

“Having worked together for almost 20 years on our Oasis class ships, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Handling Specialty again.” – Christopher Vlassopulos, Superintendent SLVR & Architectural Lighting for Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises, says.

The financial impact on the Niagara-based company is a welcome one. Entertainment industry builds have been scarce through the pandemic and to come out the other end with a project of this size is a boost to company moral and another nod to Handling Specialty’s impressive track record designing and building stage lift systems for the entertainment industry.

Beach says of the future, “I feel certain that Handling Specialty will continue our relationship with Royal Caribbean International and international ship yards for decades.”

Since 1963, Handling Specialty has been exclusively dedicated to the custom design and manufacture of your material handling systems & equipment for demanding applications. We are the premier source for made to order lifting, tilting, rotating and traversing equipment for clients seeking innovative solutions, exceptional professional support, world-class credentials and unmatched experience.

Understanding the Various Uses of Forklifts and How they are Utilized

Forklifts primarily used in big companies and industries by trained professionals for lifting, moving in knock down rebuild projects, and organizing a lot of heavy materials and sometimes other equipment.

Victoria, Australia | May 17, 2021 — A small business or a large company has one thing in common: inventory. Crowded warehouses are a working hazard, especially when all two-dimensionally accessible space has been utilized. That’s when the precious third-dimensional space comes into play. The appropriate machinery will be needed in order to stack inventory to the top of any warehouse and thus fully utilizing all available space.

Buying a forklift is not as easy as it may seem. A lot of research and logistics have to be done before anyone can successfully purchase a forklift. But let’s will get to all that later. For now, lets get to know what a forklift is and the purpose of one.

Electric forklifts are big industrial vehicles/ machines that are used for several things. Their build is very similar to that of a small car, just that they’ve got two big metal forks or prongs attached to the front of them. They use chain links and hydraulic presses to be able to lift and lower such heavy items. Some newer models currently make use of gas tanks to provide extra strength to the forklift.

They are primarily used in big companies and industries by trained professionals for lifting, moving in knock down rebuild projects, and organizing a lot of heavy materials and sometimes other equipment. They can mostly be found in warehouses, where they are stored for easy access and maintenance.

These machines can be hazardous if not used safely and adequately by industry professionals. The appropriate checks and inspections must be carried out before attempting to use them. So, before anyone even thinks of climbing that thing, the first step to be undertaken is an inspection. Usually, this should be done by the rental company, but for good measure, it would help if a forklift driver inspected it one more time prior to driving the thing. Take a good look around the vehicle and make sure it is free of any external hazards that might obstruct it from doing its work correctly.

The dangers of misusing a forklift may end up in fatalities. The actual forklift purchasing process is a lot simpler than operating one. Discuss with one’s warehouse workers and let them provide feedback and advice or even allow them to decide on the type of forklift that is needed. As employees are the ones to operate the machinery and are experienced in stacking the warehouse, they should have a better idea on what type of forklift is more ideal.

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Society’s Reliance on Gas Heating Services and its Effects in the Current Landscape

There has been an impressive rise in the awareness and understanding of how gas heating services can positively impact the home and the homeowner.

Victoria, Australia | May 17, 2021 — Humans are definitely a species that has become increasingly used to creature comforts of technological design and intent. Throughout history, there have been a tremendous amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis surrounding human evolution and the improvement as a species. This is especially true in terms of the self-serving aspects of all of this ongoing advancement and enhancement. There are many different innovations and enhancements that have been introduced over the years, all of which are important and valuable in and of themselves and which have their own key role to play in enhancing and improving the world around us and the human experience in this world.

Think of heating services around the globe, for instance. A seemingly simple innovation, heating services have been through many evolutions over the years, all of which have been designed and intended from the ground up to function and thrive as a foundational basis for how humans are able to navigate the world around us in the most comfortable way possible. Life at home especially has been fundamentally and exponentially improved time and again through the ongoing evolution of heating services around the globe.

Gas heating services continue to gain momentum

There is quite a lot to be said about the fact that heating services continue to gain valuable momentum all the time. In the specific case of gas heaters, there has been quite an impressive amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis surrounding how gas heating services are able to continuously advance and improve. As a result, gas heating services continue to gain valuable momentum even, and especially, now. And this is largely expected to be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how gas heating services are able to advance and improve, not only now but well into the future and beyond.

Why this continues to go from strength to strength

Enhancement and improvements around gas heating services (and heating services in general, for that matter), there is still so much left to discover and explore. All in all, the root cause of why gas heating services continue to go from strength to strength is that they wanted the most efficient and convenient ways for individuals to introduce a heating service into their home without having to pay an obscenely high amount to be able to maintain it.

The future for gas heating services and the homes that utilise them

There has been an impressive rise in the awareness and understanding of how gas heating services can positively impact the home and the homeowner. Over the years, this response and understanding has become more impressive all the time and as modernity steps into the future and beyond, it is likely that it will continue to do so for many years to come. The future for gas heating services in the homes will continue to gain valuable momentum now and well into the future. This is just the start.

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HVAC Professionals Give Simple Tips On How To Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Despite the pandemic raging all around, cold and flu season is still very much a concern.

Atlanta, GA – USA | January 12, 2021 — Despite the pandemic raging all around, cold and flu season is still very much a concern. It may seem impossible to avoid getting sick, and in many ways whether or not one gets sick is a matter of chance.

However, there are things one can do to keep healthy and lower the likelihood of having to deal with common seasonal respiratory illnesses.

Tip #1 – Clean or Replace The HVAC System’s Air Filter

“This is probably the number one thing that people can do in order to not only maintain indoor air quality, but to make sure their HVAC system works efficiently,” says Frank Mutz, CEO and President of Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning.

Why should people change their air filters regularly?

“A clogged air filter affects indoor air quality in two ways. First, the air is not adequately cleaned of dust, dander, and other allergens and pollutants. Exposure to these particles can affect health. Second, a clogged air filter prevents adequate air flow throughout the house. This prevents the HVAC system from doing its job properly.”

How often should people change their air filter?

“It depends on several different factors, but generally one should follow the instructions that the HVAC system’s manufacturer has provided. Different filters need to be changed at different intervals. Some filters are disposable, and some are not. One thing is clear, though: if one can’t remember the last time the filter was changed or cleaned, change it as soon as possible!”

Tip #2 – Control Indoor Humidity

“Fall is when the weather starts to get a little chilly and the air starts to get very dry. For this reason, humidity becomes a problem, but not like it was in the summer. In the summer, it was too humid, but in the fall and winter, it’s too dry! Cold and flu viruses love cool, dry air. If the air in the home is too dry, the indoor air quality gets worse.”

What should be done to make sure humidity levels are controlled properly?

“First, check the home’s humidity levels. One should see between 30-50% humidity indoors, regardless of the weather. Second, make sure the humidifier is working properly. If one doesn’t have a humidifier, it is highly recommended to invest in one. Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning installs humidity control systems as part of our services.”

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Atlanta residents for over 120 years, providing top-notch HVAC repair in the Atlanta metro area. Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning has offices in both Atlanta and Roswell. Visit to learn more!

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Getting The Most Cash At The Scrap Yard

Houston, TX, USA, 2019-Aug-16 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — You are probably looking for a scrap yard nearby and got to this page, please click the below link if you searched for a scrap yard near me and need a nearby recycling company. Local scrap yards

Scrap Yards Nearby

Scrap yards are local metal recycling centers, they purchase metals including iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum & lead.

They will also buy electronics, appliances or cars to dismantle them and sell the steel mill or larger scrap brokers. If you would like to learn how metal is recycled view our article How scrap metal is recycled to learn more.

The metal that scrap yards generate will get melted and reused, that being the case they are a must for our environment.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the most cash from your metal when recycling:

1. Research.

Knowledge is power, and this is the case even at the scrap yard.

Whatever kind of metal you are going to sell will need to be graded by the scrap yard.

As an example, insulated copper wire or any other copper will be (#1 or #2) depending on a combination of the gauge of copper, insulation type, copper coatings including tin, silver & shellac.

If you have scraps such as plate, sheet or any other for it will depend on if the copper is painted or has other metals attached to it.

#1 copper that has no insulation or coating will always be worth more than #2 copper, that’s why you need to know what you have before you call or go to the scrap yard.

2. More is better.

Bringing larger amounts of weight to the scrap yard will give you more negotiating power.

So figure you have a huge amount of aluminum, the scrap yard is going to really want your business more than they would from someone bringing in a small pick up load.

Local recycling centers make their profit by the ton working on any where from $50 to $400 depending on how much they have to invest in the metal.

By gathering a large amount of weight you maybe able to get $100 more on a ton of your scrap then if it was 500 lbs. and 4 trips to the yard not to mention you save on fuel, also keep in mind that when at a yard there is a 50/50 chance of getting a flat so unless you have $500-$600 or more worth of scrap metal its just not worth it.

3. Separate Your Scrap Metal.

Prior to going to the scrap yard, separate all your metal.

By doing this you will get better scrap metal prices which is an important key to getting the most money for your scrap.

Some pointers:

  • Use a magnet to separate magnetic metal (ferrous) which is worth less than non-magnetic metal non-ferrous metals click to learn more.
  • Sort your ferrous metal into a tin/steel pile.
  • Sort your non-ferrous metal into into other piles such as copper, brass and aluminum.
  • Also sort any metal by cleanliness. Example: Clean aluminum blocks will be worth more than a aluminum cylinder head which will have a metal valve cover, steel valves, springs and steel studs.

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How is scrap metal recycled

  • Metal Recycling How Scrap Metal Is Recycled
  • Scrap metal recycling is one of the largest industries in the Country
  • For the original post please visit How Scrap Metal Is Recycled

Dallas, TX, USA, 2019-Aug-01 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Metal Recycling is the process of reusing old scrap metal to manufacture or fabricate another item, this can be done over and over again with the same metal that was once used in a bridge 100 years ago can be the same metal that is now used in the car your driving today.

Video courtesy of The Discovery Channel


Types Of Scrap Metal:

There are many different types of scrap metal you will encounter in the metal recycling process.

Typical metals include iron, aluminum, brass, copper & stainless steel, of these scrap metals copper is the most sought after and is part of scrap metals classified as non ferrous, non ferrous meaning no iron or minimal iron present and non magnetic “Iron is magnetic”, non ferrous metals include copper, brass and aluminum.

Where these metals can be found:

  • Iron can be found in most anything including cars, heavy machinery, structural steel & more.
  • Aluminum can be found in Aircraft frames and parts, automobile engines, heads and transmissions, commercial window frames and window frames.
  • Brass can be found in water meters, ammunitions, fixtures, faucets and plumbing supplies.
  • Copper can be found in washing machines, automobiles “engine harness, alternators & starters, electrical equipment, electric motors and transformers.
  • Stainless steel can be found in the food and restaurant industry prep stations, chemical plants for storage of chemicals and many other products.

The Scrap Yard:

Once the metal is gathered it will find it’s way to the local metal recycling center “Scrap yard” where the metal will be unloaded usually using a crane with a magnet or hydraulic grapple attachment, smaller pieces of scrap metal can be unloaded by hand. It will then be separated and then shredded, torched or made into smaller pieces by any other means necessary.

The scrap will then be separated into different piles and non ferrous metals will be further separated into various categories.

The Steel Mill:

When ready the scrap metal will be loaded onto trucks that will haul it off to it’s final destination, “the steel mill” or aluminum foundry etc. where the metal will be recycled and melted into new iron/steel plates, blocks, beams etc. the metal is melted by high voltage electrodes, flux and other chemicals maybe added to purify/clean the metal, pressurized air may also introduced to help achieve high carbon steel which is much stronger than cast iron.
Other metals maybe introduced in very small amounts as well such as nickel, chrome or molybdenum to make an even stronger high strength steel such as chrome moly steel or 4140 steel.

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American Scrap Metal