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Edward Peng, an Alleged Spy For China May Have Ties To ANSI-ANAB’s Oversight Body

U.S. citizen spying for China shines the limelight on ANSI-ANAB Accreditation Board and International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Washington, D.C. – USA, October 4, 2019 — American Edward Peng was arrested in California for possibly spying for the People’s Republic of China, the Justice Department and FBI announced Monday. Peng was arrested after a sting operation in which he received what he believed to be classified information that was actually provided by a source working for the U.S. government.

According to U.S. Senate candidate Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC ( Peng’s arrest is an alarming example of China’s vast spy ring throughout the country which has expanded significantly shortly after a Chinese national took over the leadership role of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the oversight body of the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). See

For nearly five years Guberman had been calling for the Feds to investigate the China-led organization (IAF) which is shockingly over-seeing thousands of U.S. corporations as well as numerous government agencies risking the theft of potentially critical data associated with military, diplomatic, technology and national security of the United States. Incorporated in Delaware, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is under the leadership of Chinese national Xiao Jianhua.

Guberman said he fears classified information is increasingly at risk due to IAF’s over-sight programs on government agencies as well as its access to commercial technology, intellectual property, and personal data on millions of American citizens through its global network of certification bodies, some of which based in Iran, Palestine and other countries hostile to the United States and its allies, particularly Israel.

As the oversight body for the ANSI-ANAB Accreditation Board, IAF oversees some of America’s largest corporations, including Lockheed Martin, the leading manufacturer of military weapons and equipment. Reportedly, Lockeed Martin employee Lisa Gross was recently caught demanding certification bodies to be “accredited” by China-led IAF in order for a manufacturer to qualify for sub-contracting work with the aerospace giant. Lockheed has long been known for its anti-competitive practices and monopolization.

The 56-year-old Peng, allegedly dropped money and picked up classified information at hotel rooms in Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, and California. The suspect’s alleged ties to IAF’s Chief Executive Xiao Jianhua is unknown at this time. Jianhua is a native of Beijing and like all Chinese citizens is under control of the Chinese government.

“Through association with ANSI-ANAB, the China-led organization (IAF) likely has access to potentially critical data on U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Commerce (NIST), Homeland Security, and the FBI said Guberman.  He added, “The American people are appalled to learn The FBI’s forensic labs are audited and inspected by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) which is a sitting member of Communist-led IAF.”

Guberman has been dubbed the ‘savior of American quality’ particularly in the manufacturing sector because of his company’s decision to remain independent from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Guberman and supporters are fundamentally committed to bring back manufacturing to the United States, and provide quality oversight without interference from foreign-led entities with anti-American interests such as IAF.

In recent years the leadership of ANSI-ANAB reached out to Guberman in attempt to oversee his nationally leading registrar G-PMC, Group ( Guberman said he declined the offer because of ANSI-ANAB’s relationship with China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and its defiance of Israel. Guberman is Jewish and known in the political world for his outspoken pro-American views.

“Undoubtedly, China’s extensive spy network will continue to spread like a cancer across the country as organizations such as IAF are allowed to operate unchecked while our own government turns its back on the American people by allowing foreign-run organizations to over-see quality matters associated with federal contracts, manufacturing, military, technology, food safety, and most importantly national security” said Guberman.

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Daryl Guberman Video Tells World How ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney Paid $346,500 Annually for 2 Hours Work Per Week

The lack of ethics of ANSI is on full display and moves beyond the association’s links to hostile to the United State’s interest countries. Guberman-PMC shares in a new YouTube video how one ANSI Board Members makes over $350,000 a year, for not even one full day of work in a week.

New York, NY – USA, September 13, 2019 — Daryl Guberman, CEO and Founder of Quality Consulting firm Guberman-PMC has made it his mission to bring ethics, professionalism and patriotism to the American quality and standards world. This has put him at odds with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for a number of different reasons. The most recent is discussed in his latest YouTube video, where the unethical (if not criminal) “royalty” payments to ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney are explored. The new video is titled “ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney Paid $346,500 Annually for 2 Hours Work Per Week” and has immediately become a hot topic in the world of companies who use Quality and Standards registrars.

“No one can convince a normal, hardworking, American that anyone should make over $345,000 a year for two hours a week work,” commented Guberman, a true authority in the Quality field. “Especially in Quality where there is an expectation to be honest and responsible since the services being provided are so vitally important.”

Even more shockingly, despite the ridiculous amount of money being made by ANSI board members, the companies who turn to them for Quality certifications in the last few years have seen failure after failure. This certainly gives the impression that ANSI is simply in it for the money and not even concerned with doing a good job or appearing to do a good job.

Guberman hopes that by telling the world ANSI’s secrets that this will help break up their near monopoly, something which would do wonders for US companies in both performance and in their security. Another area where ANSI fails due to their close work with Chinese, Arab and other rivals of the United States and Israel.

Stay tuned to both Guberman-PMC’s YouTube channel and website to stay connected with the latest news.

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Daryl Guberman Exposes the Very-Likely ANSI Tax Fraud Exploring Ridiculous Salaries of ANSI Board Members

The Common wisdom is when looking for the truth about a company figure to follow the money. Quality expert Daryl Guberman does this in his new video “ANSI Tax Fraud: Analyzing The Outrageous Salaries of ANSI Board Members” and the revelations are shocking.

New York, NY – USA, September 12, 2019 — There are few things more outside the American way than having a monopoly. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a monopoly by almost any estimation, something which, along with ANSI’s ties to questionable foreign entities, has sent off every red flag industry experts like Daryl Guberman of Guberman-PMC hold dear. Guberman has followed up his ongoing investigation, research and efforts to expose the truth about ANSI with a look at the obscene salaries ANSI management and associates are paid. Guberman’s new YouTube video “ANSI Tax Fraud: Analyzing The Outrageous Salaries of ANSI Board Members” shines a light on ANSI’s misuse of funds to help make its upper level extremely wealthy in very unethical ways.

“We believe in fair competition and doing real work for the money we are paid,” commented the passionate Guberman. “We knew that the ANSI salaries were likely sickening but the full details along with the other very negative facts surrounding ANSI is truly beyond the pale. Thinking about how even some of the FBI, Google, and the Department of Defense have been compromised by ANSI is frightening for someone who loves this country.”

ANSI doesn’t even make an effort to conceal how much they are scamming, with Board members making $350,00 or more a year (at least one making over $700,000 annually) for just two hours a week of work!

It’s no surprise ANSI has responded very poorly to Guberman sharing this information, with Board members calling Guberman and Guberman-PMC, leaving very hostile messages.

No signs are showing of ANSI making changes in these areas for the better. Facts would seem to back up the idea that the quality concerns ANSI (and the affiliated group ANAB) are responsible for are also failing in a big way. Reports keep coming out that serious quality concerns have struck companies using ANSI/ANAB for certification causing losses of money, time and reputation.

Guberman calls on business leaders to subscribe to his YouTube channel for the latest news.

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Guberman-PMC Reveals How ANSI Ripoffs Taxpayers of Millions Using Loopholes to Overpay Board Members

ANSI drops to new low insulting normal working people and those who love America, by paying Board Members outrageous amounts of money for next to no work.

New York, NY – USA, September 9, 2019 — It is an unarguable fact that quality certification association ANSI’s board members make jaw-dropping amounts of money, that they don’t even pay taxes on, working just two hours a week. The association has tried to keep this concealed but Quality Expert Daryl Guberman has done his utmost to raise awareness of these troubling facts. Using YouTube as a platform to continue to break down the long list of issues with ANSI, and why the association is very likely not just unethical when it comes to finances but also a national security threat, Guberman is doing his best to make quality registrars trustworthy again. Guberman’s new video, “How ANSI Ripoffs Taxpayers To Pay Board Members Millions” backs up all these assertions with facts that can be easily confirmed.

“A look at the tax reports for 2016 shows how ANSI gives their board members royalty payments, which are not taxable and amounting to many hundreds of thousands of dollars each for only two hours of work a week,” remarked Guberman. “This is enough to make a person’s skin crawl who cares about America and the quality standards and companies are held to. We can only guess why they aren’t being investigated.”

ANSI are so arrogant people in their inner circle have even openly called the royalty payments they give themselves as “money laundering”. As disturbing as this already is, Guberman also reminds viewers of the new video how deeply entwined ANSI is with China, and a long list of other openly anti-American states and nationals.


Guberman, founder and CEO of Quality Certification experts Guberman-PMC, is the complete opposite of ANSI and related efforts like ANAB anf the IAF. Guberman is a proud Jewish-American who supports the President in the need to Make America Great Again and recognizes working with countries who oppose Israel is also a terrible idea for American patriots.  Guberman has led, and will continue to lead, the campaign to educate which Quality Registrars can be trusted and which should be avoided.

Expect the videos from Guberman and Guberman-PMC to stay on schedule as he shares his voice and experience in the field of Quality to a growing audience. Anyone with question or questions, or who would like to bring Guberman-PMC on board for Quality Consulting, is encouraged to contact the firm at any time.

Learn more about Daryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC at

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Getting The Most Cash At The Scrap Yard

Houston, TX, USA, 2019-Aug-16 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — You are probably looking for a scrap yard nearby and got to this page, please click the below link if you searched for a scrap yard near me and need a nearby recycling company. Local scrap yards

Scrap Yards Nearby

Scrap yards are local metal recycling centers, they purchase metals including iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum & lead.

They will also buy electronics, appliances or cars to dismantle them and sell the steel mill or larger scrap brokers. If you would like to learn how metal is recycled view our article How scrap metal is recycled to learn more.

The metal that scrap yards generate will get melted and reused, that being the case they are a must for our environment.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the most cash from your metal when recycling:

1. Research.

Knowledge is power, and this is the case even at the scrap yard.

Whatever kind of metal you are going to sell will need to be graded by the scrap yard.

As an example, insulated copper wire or any other copper will be (#1 or #2) depending on a combination of the gauge of copper, insulation type, copper coatings including tin, silver & shellac.

If you have scraps such as plate, sheet or any other for it will depend on if the copper is painted or has other metals attached to it.

#1 copper that has no insulation or coating will always be worth more than #2 copper, that’s why you need to know what you have before you call or go to the scrap yard.

2. More is better.

Bringing larger amounts of weight to the scrap yard will give you more negotiating power.

So figure you have a huge amount of aluminum, the scrap yard is going to really want your business more than they would from someone bringing in a small pick up load.

Local recycling centers make their profit by the ton working on any where from $50 to $400 depending on how much they have to invest in the metal.

By gathering a large amount of weight you maybe able to get $100 more on a ton of your scrap then if it was 500 lbs. and 4 trips to the yard not to mention you save on fuel, also keep in mind that when at a yard there is a 50/50 chance of getting a flat so unless you have $500-$600 or more worth of scrap metal its just not worth it.

3. Separate Your Scrap Metal.

Prior to going to the scrap yard, separate all your metal.

By doing this you will get better scrap metal prices which is an important key to getting the most money for your scrap.

Some pointers:

  • Use a magnet to separate magnetic metal (ferrous) which is worth less than non-magnetic metal non-ferrous metals click to learn more.
  • Sort your ferrous metal into a tin/steel pile.
  • Sort your non-ferrous metal into into other piles such as copper, brass and aluminum.
  • Also sort any metal by cleanliness. Example: Clean aluminum blocks will be worth more than a aluminum cylinder head which will have a metal valve cover, steel valves, springs and steel studs.

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How is scrap metal recycled

  • Metal Recycling How Scrap Metal Is Recycled
  • Scrap metal recycling is one of the largest industries in the Country
  • For the original post please visit How Scrap Metal Is Recycled

Dallas, TX, USA, 2019-Aug-01 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Metal Recycling is the process of reusing old scrap metal to manufacture or fabricate another item, this can be done over and over again with the same metal that was once used in a bridge 100 years ago can be the same metal that is now used in the car your driving today.

Video courtesy of The Discovery Channel


Types Of Scrap Metal:

There are many different types of scrap metal you will encounter in the metal recycling process.

Typical metals include iron, aluminum, brass, copper & stainless steel, of these scrap metals copper is the most sought after and is part of scrap metals classified as non ferrous, non ferrous meaning no iron or minimal iron present and non magnetic “Iron is magnetic”, non ferrous metals include copper, brass and aluminum.

Where these metals can be found:

  • Iron can be found in most anything including cars, heavy machinery, structural steel & more.
  • Aluminum can be found in Aircraft frames and parts, automobile engines, heads and transmissions, commercial window frames and window frames.
  • Brass can be found in water meters, ammunitions, fixtures, faucets and plumbing supplies.
  • Copper can be found in washing machines, automobiles “engine harness, alternators & starters, electrical equipment, electric motors and transformers.
  • Stainless steel can be found in the food and restaurant industry prep stations, chemical plants for storage of chemicals and many other products.

The Scrap Yard:

Once the metal is gathered it will find it’s way to the local metal recycling center “Scrap yard” where the metal will be unloaded usually using a crane with a magnet or hydraulic grapple attachment, smaller pieces of scrap metal can be unloaded by hand. It will then be separated and then shredded, torched or made into smaller pieces by any other means necessary.

The scrap will then be separated into different piles and non ferrous metals will be further separated into various categories.

The Steel Mill:

When ready the scrap metal will be loaded onto trucks that will haul it off to it’s final destination, “the steel mill” or aluminum foundry etc. where the metal will be recycled and melted into new iron/steel plates, blocks, beams etc. the metal is melted by high voltage electrodes, flux and other chemicals maybe added to purify/clean the metal, pressurized air may also introduced to help achieve high carbon steel which is much stronger than cast iron.
Other metals maybe introduced in very small amounts as well such as nickel, chrome or molybdenum to make an even stronger high strength steel such as chrome moly steel or 4140 steel.

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American Scrap Metal

Quality Authority Daryl Guberman Gives Compelling Evidence Why Guberman-PMC is a Much Better Choice Than ANAB

There are many things to consider when a business chooses a Quality Consultant and ISO registrar. Some of these factors are both little known and shocking. Daryl Guberman of Guberman-PMC sheds a spotlight on this topic in a hard-hitting new YouTube video.

New York, NY – USA, July 19, 2019 — Guberman-PMC has set the bar very high when it comes to Quality and Manufacturing Consulting and ISO registrar-related services. Unfortunately, many businesses make a very poor choice and rather than going with Guberman-PMC end up falling into the trap of working with a competitor like ANAB. The big problem with this, as recently (and continually) exposed by Daryl Guberman, Founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, ANAB is affiliated with the IAF who are all led by a Chinese national, and even worse have ties with a long list of anti-American and terrorist-supporting nations. Guberman delivers this information, and more, in his latest video, “Daryl Guberman-CEO answers a question about the benefits of using G-PMC registrar compared to ANAB”, which is sure to wake up many viewers in the business world.

“It’s a shock but a true shock is better than a pleasant lie when we relieve ANAB has ties to some of the evilest nations on the planet Earth,” remarked Guberman. “We are talking about not just their Chinese national leader but also Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and just about every ‘conflict mineral’ state you could name. We are talking about a complete lack of pro-American spirit and an association totally void of ethics.”

In addition to these clear issues for any business with even a small love for the United States of working with ANAB or the IAF rather than the patriotic, United States-based Guberman-PMC, which even goes above and beyond to hire veterans whenever possible, the services provided by Guberman-PMC and ANAB are far apart from each other. Guberman-PMC pride themselves as being a phone call, email or text message away seven-days a week, while on the other hand, customers trying to contact ANAB most often get voice mails and long waits for responses. Even Daryl Guberman himself is available every day, including Sunday, for a customer in need. This kind of service is unheard of in the Quality Consulting world, outside of Guberman-PMC.

For companies considering bringing Guberman-PMC on board or making the switch over from ANAB, its recommended to take a few minutes to watch some of Guberman’s videos on the topic and then set up a free phone consultation to see how they can help.

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Guberman-PMC Celebrates Success Providing 7-Day a Week Support to Customers Especially During Audits

Quality and Manufacturing Consultants Guberman-PMC believe in puttingtheir all into showing support for their clients whenever needed, even more so during a stressful time like a Customer Audit. They are the rare firm where even the CEO is available seven days a week.

New York, NY – USA, July 19, 2019 — There’s a certain irony in the fact that the quality consulting industry has many companies, with a lack of concern with the quality of support they provide, stacked on top of thin ethics. Daryl Guberman has over 30 years working in the world of quality and take a completely different approach, He is the Founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, LLC, Quality and Manufacturing Consulting experts who recently celebrated the fact that their United States-based, registered and certified, patriotic firm makes its professional team, including Guberman himself, available to clients whenever needed seven days a week, This benefit and willingness to prove Guberman-PMC has “skin in the game” is discussed in the latest Guberman-PMC video, “G-PMC Supports Customers During Customer Audits”, that can be seen on YouTube, a platform Guberman has used to educate both businesses and individuals on the need to make wise, ethical decisions on who they use for their Quality certification needs.

“I have been on the other end of things and been disappointed myself when turning to a Quality Consultant so I knew when we launched Guberman-PMC over eight years ago, I would never attach my family name to something with such disregard for clients,” commented Guberman, “We want our customers to know we are there for them and can be trusted to provide next-level support and service when they need us most, even if it is on a Sunday.”

Guberman-PMC offers Quality Consulting that covers areas like ISO 9001 – Quality Management System; ISO 16949 – Automobile Related Products; ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System; ISO 13485 – Medical Devices; AS 9100 Rev C – Aerospace Industry; GMP 2015 – Good Manufacturing Practices; VOB 9009 – Veteran-Owned Business; CWOB 9009 – Woman-Owned Business; MOSB 9009 – Minority-Owned Small Business; ARM 9009 – Firearms and Armoring Systems; CAN 9009 – Medical Cannabis Testing; and many more.

The consulting firm is happy to offer a free ten-minute phone consultation to discuss ISO compliance or certification, or any other needs a company may have that Daryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC could help meet. An appointment can be made by calling 203-556-1493 or sending an email to

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Guberman-PMC Stands Proudly as the Only Independent Quality & ISO Consulting Firm Free From Foreign Entanglements

Guberman-PMC registrars gives their quality-concerned customers a long list of benefits without the drawbacks of working with quality and ISO companies affiliated with foreign associations of dubious ethics and actions. In a new video Daryl Guberman breaks the main benefits down clearly.

New York, NY – USA, July 18, 2019 — What should a company look for in a quality consultant and ISO registrar? That is a very good question answered by the founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, the nations’s leading independent quality and manufacturing consulting company and the only one that has remained free from joining quality associations with ties to extremist foreign, anti-American, countries. In exciting news for new businesses or for those wanting to make a smart move from the quality company they are currently working with, Guberman delivered a good overview of the criteria of what to look for in a quality consultant to work with and why Guberman-PMC meets those standards in the new YouTube video, “GUBERMAN-PMC AND ITS BENEFITS – INTRO – “A” – UNDER THE GUISE OF QUALITY”. The video has been met with enthusiasm since there’s certainly a void of reliable and trustworthy information in this area.

“I’m not interested in taking a ‘salesy’ approach to attracting customers but just offering the best in service we possibly can offer,” remarked Guberman. “The reason why Guberman-PMC is so important is because we are the loan force that is working outside of the box of the Chinese-national led the ANSI and IAF associations.”

According to Guberman-PMC, the IAF has had a series of huge failures that have cost their clients both money, respect and something even endangered lives. Top this off with the IAF and ANSI being not just ran by a Chinese-national, a country that is clearly not an American ally, but also contains even more hostile to American interest nations like Iran, Russia, and Pakistan.

Guberman than gives details about hundreds of recalls does under IAF and ANSI’s banners and companies being given “F” ratings by the Better Business Bureau for quality concerns.

Guberman-PMC never has and never will have these kind of problems, because they are passionate,, experienced and devoted to quality, pouring their heart and souls into their work. To help companies learn how Guberman-PMC can help a company meet their Qualiy and ISO needs, the quality consulting experts are offering a free phone consultation by appointment.

Learn more information about Guberman-PMC at

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Pro-American Business Leader Daryl Guberman Stands With President Trump & ABAC Against Socialist ANSI-ANAB & IAF

The battle between pro-American quality accreditation associations like the ABAC and the entrenched China-led, poorly operated quality organizations like the ANSI-ANAB & IAF couldn’t be more serious. Expert Daryl Guberman sheds light on this concern in new YouTube video.

New York, NY – USA, May 20, 2019 — Quality certification is a very important area for a business or organization to be concerned with. When this kind of accreditation is being handled for American companies, including those in the defense industry, and even very important government institutions, by quality association that may be American-based on paper but are led by a Chinese national, the dangers are quite chilling. Standing up against this is quality consulting expert Daryl Guberman, who has over 30-years experience in the industry, and eight years as head of Guberman PMC, pro-American quality accreditation company ABAC and the POTUS Donald Trump. Guberman recently addressed the multi-pronged, anti-American dangers of ANSI-ANAB and the IAF in his latest YouTube video, “Pro-Americans Trump, Guberman-PMC & ABAC vs ANSI-ANAB, IAF & Socialism”. This is well beyond a thousand videos Guberman has made in an effort to educate both companies unaware of the nature of the associations they may be a part of, so they can change their course to one that is more sensible and ethical and the public in general.

“We are talking about some of the worst forces in the world today coming behind the ANSI-ANAB and IAF, a lack of respect for democracy and the free market, pro-socialism and communism, anti-Americanism and antisemitism,” remarked Guberman. “It is close to unbelievable that this goes largely ignored but we are doing our best to point companies and people towards a pro-American alternative for quality certification in the ABAC. We know President Trump supports these efforts. China is a clear enemy of the effort to Make America Greater Again.”

Guberman-PMC offers quality consultation covering nearly every major area a business could cover. This involves a serious look at quality that carries real value and not just “going through the steps” for image’s sake. The rebuilding of America and America’s companies relies on their quality being taken very seriously and it is a job Guberman-PMC is not just authorities on but are also completely passionate about.

The invitation is always open to both discuss quality concerns, new projects or for evidence concerning the exposes led by Guberman by reaching out to him directly through Guberman-PMC.

For more information be sure to visit and watch his latest YouTube video here.

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