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Cole & Van Note Announces FPI Management Data Breach Investigation

Oakland, California, USA, 2022-Mar-05 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Cole & Van Note, a leading consumer rights law firm, announces today its investigation of FPI Management on behalf of its consumers/clients, arising out the company’s recent data breach. According to the company, the private information of a massive number of people may have been stolen in the hacking of its information network. It is currently unknown how many people have had their information used for criminal purposes.

If you received a notice of this alarming data breach and/or have transacted in any way with FPI Management, your information may already be in the hands of cybercriminals, making your urgent attention to this situation very important.

Cole & Van Note is ready to discuss your options and can be contacted at (510) 891-9800, by email at or through its  website by clicking below:

Cole & Van Note has been successfully handling consumer and employee rights matters since 1992. The firm has recovered compensation for millions of individuals and stands ready to help you get paid for your losses.

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Full Name: Scott Cole
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HazardHub and The Homeowner Alliance ( Announce Strategic Partnership

HazardHub, the USA’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, a 2020 Gartner Cool Company, and 2020 Lloyd’s Lab participant – announces a strategic data alliance with The Homeowner Alliance.

San Diego, CA/Chandler, AZ – USA | March 26, 2021 — HazardHub, the USA’s fastest-growing supplier of geospatial risk data, a 2020 Gartner Cool Company, and 2020 Lloyd’s Lab participant – announces a strategic data alliance with The Homeowner Alliance. HazardHub will supply HOA.COM with point-of-sale property data to both speed the application process while sharpening risk evaluation.

John Siegman, CCA of HazardHub says, “HOA is building a revolutionary platform that provides a superior level of service for homeowners and a better marketing opportunity for contractors and service providers. We are looking forward to adding HazardHub’s tools to their platform.”

Hazard Hub’s industry leading property and risk data provides a perfect tool to HOA’s nationwide network of certified contractors and the homeowners they serve.

Brandon Barnum, Chairman of HOA adds “We are on a mission to provide the most comprehensive suite of products and service to our network of contactors, service providers and homeowners. We are looking forward to adding HazardHub’s valuable tools through this partnership.”

Both companies anticipate an April roll-out of the partnership.

About HazardHub:

HazardHub is your insurance policy against property risk.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Man-Made. HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases spanning the most dangerous perils in the United States. HazardHub translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy to understand answers, providing easy to comprehend risk scorecards that are used to make real-world decisions.  Our team of scientists provides comprehensive, and innovative, national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property. With more than 30,000,000 results returned to the market, HazardHub is fast-becoming the industry’s go-to vendor for property and risk data.

To learn more about HazardHub please visit or reach us directly at

About HOA.COM:

HOA connects homeowners to trusted certified professionals that help them maintain, repair, or remodel their home. Their Certified Pros will get the job done right for a fair price. Guaranteed! They utilize one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes to give you peace of mind knowing you have hired a top-trusted Certified Pro. Learn more and sign up today at

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Clan Gordon driven to provide the best letting experience in Edinburgh for both tenants and landlords

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom, 2020-Jan-30 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — A LEADING Edinburgh letting agent has added a record number of properties to its portfolio in the last year – thanks in part to stronger legislation impacting the sector.

Clan Gordon, which focuses on high quality homes in or near the city centre, has seen its properties under management now exceed 500, growing by three per week on average – with 152 additional homes on its books in the latest 12 months to December.

The surging growth has largely been the result of switches from other letting agents where landlords were either unhappy with the level of service they were receiving or sensed a lax approach to the new regulations governing the sector.

Growth has also been driven by properties taken over from letting agents which have been forced to exit the sector as they were unable to meet the requirements of the new Letting Agent Code of Practice or, in one case, had been forced into liquidation.

Jonathan, who founded the business alongside his brother, Andrew, in 2008, believes it is a clear sign that the industry must continue to drive up standards – and that by protecting and respecting tenants, landlords can enjoy an improved and more profitable outcome.

He said: “It’s nothing less than a pivotal time for the sector – and with the approach Clan Gordon has taken we can only see our market share continue to expand.

“Edinburgh continues to see demand for long-term rental increasing while supply simply can’t keep up.

“While some landlords and agents may look to maximise short-term gain, a healthy relationship with the tenants, which we strive for at Clan Gordon, can produce a far better outcome for all parties. It creates fewer issues, cuts unnecessary turnover and typically results in a greater long-term financial return for the landlord.”

The latest Letting Agent Code of Practice and Letting Agent Registration introduced by the Scottish Government is seeking to increase professionalism in the sector.

It means that both landlords and tenants can challenge poor practice – and enforce it through a tribunal if necessary. Agents must now ensure all owners and managers are trained and have a qualification at (or at the equivalent of) Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level 6 or above.

As a Firm of Surveyors which has been regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Surveyors) since they started almost 12 years ago, Clan Gordon already met all of the requirements of the new Code of Practice and goes above and beyond this by ensuring all employees – not just managers – are qualified to this level.

Across the new properties, the letting agent took over 12 properties from CMC – after it went into liquidation. A further 20 properties switched from an English agent unwilling to join the new Letting Agent Register. A total of 50 transferred from an Edinburgh agent also unable to meet the new requirements.

A further 70 new properties are the result of switches from other agents, or from new landlords altogether.

Jonathan added: “We’re driven to provide the best letting experience in Edinburgh for both tenants and landlords.

“That means we already go the extra mile. We believe that the vast majority of landlords are looking for an honest, open and efficient service and are pleased to see these efforts to try to drive up standards across the board in the sector.

“We are super proud of the growth in our portfolio of managed properties and with our fantastic team and the philosophy we have put in place we aim to see our success – and reputation in the sector – continue to soar.”

Clan Gordon is one of Edinburgh’s leading letting agents, is RICS and ARLA accredited – and is dedicated to raising standards in the private rented sector for landlords and tenants.

For more information on Clan Gordon, visit

Contact details:

Jonathan Gordon
Clan Gordon Ltd
Unit 1,
1 Carmichael Pl,
0131 555 4444

Office Sharing Space Plans New Opening

AllOffice.Space is pleased to announce the opening of a new flagship office space in Toronto’s North York at 5200 Yonge Street, set to open winter 2019.

Toronto (ON), Canada — Continuing its revolutionary office leasing and rental spaces, AllOffice.Space is pleased to announce the opening of a new flagship office space in Toronto’s North York at 5200 Yonge Street, set to open winter 2019.

A new approach to offices and office space, AllOffice.Space offers a chance for small businesses and startups a dedicated office space with all the necessary amenities without the overhead that normally comes with an office rental.

Interested customers can select between a dedicated office space, part time private offices, a shared desk or a virtual office with a mailing address, no PO boxes here. Leasing options range from short to long term with longer leases offering a discount.

AllOffice.Space also offers the use of conference rooms, reception services and complimentary services. Janitorial services are also included as a part of the rental agreement.

As a part of this new opening, AllOffice.Space is offering early bird incentives for those who are interested in leasing an office space.

“This is another step for Toronto and the entrepreneur communities that are consistently popping up. It is a real chance to get started running and without the debt that often comes with establishing a solid business,” said Chris Allen of AllOffice.Space.

North York is a bustling location with a thriving community of entrepreneurs. The opportunities afforded for new business are stellar, and the possibility of saving precious capital by leasing a shared office space is ideal.

AllOffice.Space has office locations throughout Canada and every major cities within the U.S. Floor plans, pricing and other information is available on the website. Visit for more.

Media Contact:
Chris Allen

Small Businesses Can Now Turn to AllOffice.Space for El Paso Office Needs

Small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for office space in El Paso can connect with AllOffice.Space to find exactly what is needed.

El Paso, TX, USA — Many small businesses and startups often have a hard time finding the small space they need to launch their company. AllOffice.Space connects property owners and those looking for small spaces. The new real estate office in El Paso is the latest addition to a growing number of locations around North America. This newest location is located in the Wells Fargo Plaza, 221 N. Kansas Street.

“We looked at El Paso and saw the area is growing. We especially saw how this border town is welcoming new businesses to the community. The combination means new business owners are headed there,” said Chris Allen, Director of Sales & Marketing for AllOffice.Space. “It’s just a natural fit for us.”

Starting a small business from the ground up has enough headaches, he said. Finding a place to conduct business should not be one of those problems. However, many startups find real estate companies and landlords are simply not willing to take a step out on faith and lease to an untried business concern.

AllOffice.Space connects small office space to the people who need it. Mr. Allen said this can be a freelancer, a small business that has just started, but needs more room or someone with a business idea who needs a place to work away from the house.

“A lot of businesses started at someone’s house. Apple started in a garage. But even Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak needed a true business address,” Mr. Allen said. “AllOffice.Space does not want anyone to have to work out of a garage forever. We believe small businesses deserve a professional address. That address can be enough to change a maybe into a yes when trying to line up business deals.”

Many of the spaces AllOffice.Space lines up are already furnished. Some allow a new business to bring in what is needed. The whole idea is to match an entrepreneur to exactly what he needs to be a success.

“We know business does not move on a 9-5 schedule. That’s why our offices are open 24/7/366. We put Feb. 29 in there for Leap Year,” Mr. Allen chuckled. “When you are ready, we are ready.”

For more information visit http://www.AllOffice.Space/el-paso or call 1.866.481.2327. Someone is always ready to help.

Media Contact:
Chris Allen

AllOffice.Space Opens New West Coast Location

San Diego, CA, USA — Already well-established in Toronto and New York, AllOffice.Space is pleased to announce their newest facility in San Diego, Calif. This represents their first foray into the west coast, with additional expansion planned in the near future.

AllOffice.Space is an office leasing specialist company. They specialize in small businesses and startups that are looking for an office but cannot afford the rent or lease in a full building. The company offers flexibility in size and leasing options to suit almost any sized business.

“We were born out of necessity. Large cities have premium prices for office spaces and locations, so many smaller businesses are out of luck when trying to establish themselves or work with clients and the public. By offering a physical office they can work from, businesses are able to grow and flourish,” said Chris Allen of AllOffice.Space.

The San Diego location is the first of what the company hopes will be many on the West Coast. It has been a work in progress for some time but now the company has a solid foothold and ready to serve more clients.

“We knew the West Coast had plenty of options available for us, but we could not find the perfect location. This particular space came available in San Diego, and we took it as quickly as we could. Now that we have established ourselves firmly in California, it is only a matter of time before we can expand further into other states. AllOffice.Space is eventually looking at a location in every state in the union,” continued Allen.

The San Diego location is at 350 10th Ave. San Diego, Calif. Interested parties looking for the perfect office for their business should visit the website.

“We can schedule an appointment to walk through our facility in San Diego as well as answer questions. We can also discuss our other locations if there is interest in them as well,” said Allen.

Learn more at AllOffice.Space.

Media Contact:
Chris Allen

HomeOpenly Reaches 147 Million US Properties with Aggregate Real Estate Savings

Menlo Park, California, 2018-Apr-10 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — HomeOpenly continues to leverage the latest Internet technology in its effort to make real estate process less costly and more transparent. With its latest release HomeOpenly aggregate savings database now outperforms aggregate savings offered by the Redfin Corporation, a well-known online savings broker. HomeOpenly now advertises savings for more than 147 Million residential properties across the United States.

HomeOpenly works to transform real estate process with an OPEN Marketplace as the first platform of its kind to advertise closing costs savings to consumers without referral fees. The final output for its service are widely-accepted, current and fluid real estate closing commission rates and services defined by local competitive markets. HomeOpenly is estimated to help save US residential real estate consumers anywhere $10-15 Billion each year in closing costs by allowing competitive local real estate agents an opportunity to fairly represent a much greater number of real estate consumers nationwide.

The start-up operates an algorithm that is free from the influence of any referral fees revenue – all local results provided to users always match their best options. With its platform now successfully running on a national scale, HomeOpenly becomes a cost-saving alternative to referral fee brokers, such as Redfin. HomeOpenly actively advertises actionable and current savings in all 50 States.

“Redfin Corporation is heavily dependent on referral fees for revenue; the same independent agents who wage 30% of their commissions back to Redfin can freely advertise at HomeOpenly,” said co-founder Dmitry Shkipin, “we run our platform as an open system built on fair advertising methods to challenge all major referral fees models with genuine Internet principles and innovation.”

HomeOpenly allows real estate agents to comfortably participate in an OPEN Marketplace and to advertise competitive commission rates, service levels for a specific transaction price range, flat fees, quickly opt-in, or modify service advertisements at any time. Home buyers and sellers send their own leads requests to agents they like and HomeOpenly forwards these leads directly without any middle-man fees involved. These features, together, make up for the best and the most effective platform for home buyers and sellers to find and connect with competitive local agents for their real estate transactions.

“Co-founded a year ago working in a team effort with key help from early adopters, friends and fellow Internet companies, HomeOpenly now delivers the best aggregate advertised savings in the US, far outperforming savings offered by Redfin, without any referral fees to anyone,” continued Dmitry Shkipin, “this information directly benefits our users and encourages independent local real estate agents to list their best rates. The best part of our platform is that it only takes few minutes for home buyers and sellers to acquire local agent results without any strings attached – the user experience is 100% unbiased and secure.”

HomeOpenly is the first online platform rapidly allows real estate agents across the United States to effectively compete locally on 0% referral terms. HomeOpenly is built to advertise savings, however, the platform does not lock anyone into any referral agreements or specific rates, instead, competitive market guides the process. HomeOpenly acquires organic users with local search index results and generates revenue with independent advertising, real estate data analysis and optional premium services.

HomeOpenly is maintained in the heart of Silicon Valley as an Internet platform designed to promote lower cost of homeownership in the United States by generating an unbiased real estate match experience for all users. The service operates on its patent-pending model that allows users to advertise and receive the best local real estate agency savings information absolutely free. HomeOpenly can easily be found online at (

Contact-Details: HomeOpenly, Inc.
325 Sharon Park Dr. #416
Menlo Park, California 94025
(650) 281-6962

Banks Tighten Commercial Real Estate Lending and Interest Rate Hikes Are on the Horizon Says the Fed; Opens Window of Opportunity for Alternative Financing

Ascend Capital Partners steps in to fill the void, says Managing Partner Eric Fedewa.

Washington, DC, USA — Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellen testified that the Fed will likely continue its plans to implement federal funds rate hikes and balance sheet normalization measures in order to gradually raise short and long-term interest rates.

This, along with the May release of the Fed’s senior loan officer survey, highlights a “closing window of opportunity for affordable financing from commercial lenders,” according to Eric Fedewa, Ascend Capital Partners Managing Partner. The senior loan officer survey indicates that there will be a tightening in traditional lending practices for the commercial real estate sector.

With these factors in mind, Fedewa said Ascend Capital Partners can fill some of the void in traditional financing for commercial real estate by offering financing alternatives such as inexpensive institutional debt, bridge financing, and equity.

“The Fed’s May report concurs with the tightening trends we’ve been observing this year in traditional lending for commercial loans. The need for alternative financing is clear,” said Fedewa.

“The tightening of traditional lending sources comes at an inopportune time for investors as the new administration is trying to heat up the U.S. economy,” said Fedewa, noting that a tightening of monetary policies on behalf of the Fed could raise lending costs for alternative and traditional lenders alike.

“The strengthening economy is creating demand, yet traditional financing practices have tightened. Unfortunately, the window in which alternative lending sources can provide inexpensive financing could be limited as potential Fed rate hikes loom on the horizon,” he said.

Ascend Capital Partners has expanded its financial service offerings and added several new offices with strong teams of financial experts in prime market areas.

“We’ve expanded our Washington, DC area headquarters and are adding offices in Boston, New York City, Sarasota, Florida, Austin, and San Francisco. We’ve added new professionals to the D.C. team who are all top performers in their fields and can provide a broad range of services to our present and prospective clients,” he said.

“We’re not only assisting our customers with financing, but we also offer consulting and strategic advisory services,” said Anne Brensley, an attorney by trade who heads up the firm’s advisory business:

Brensley has been successfully facilitating financial deals, directly providing equity, and consulting on complex real estate matters for the past ten years.

“We’ve been able to assist in changing government attitudes towards projects, walking developers through rezoning issues, and helping owners ‘right-size’ their capital structure. Ascend has seen an unaddressed need for bridge funding with EB-5 projects, and we’ve helped our clients utilize an array of specialized funding vehicles to get their projects completed,” she said.

Ascend Capital Partners provides financing options as well as advisors in several different areas of the commercial real estate financial sector.

For instance, Fedewa and Jud Villa worked together in Florida funding commercial loans. Villa is also an expert in single family home, “fix and flip, and fix and hold” deals. “We have so many ways to assist our borrower/clients, but helping them make smart choices and matching them up with financing,” said Villa.

Rob Merkle and Vince Lane round out the Ascend commercial real estate team. Lane has been a real estate developer, and also has expertise in high tech and international business. He splits time between Austin and San Francisco. Merkle heads up the New York City office, where he has worked for years and overseen billions of dollars in deals in and around Manhattan.

In college, Merkle played football for The University of Notre Dame. He said: “I know about teams, and this is a great one. We cover some of the most dynamic markets in the country, and our people are aggressive and seasoned professionals.”

“In markets like San Francisco and Austin, there’s a huge need for the type of innovative and alternative financing that Ascend offers. Banks are not lending, but we’re picking up the slack,” said Lane.

“We have sources which include debt funds, private equity, hedge funds, and our own managed funds,” said Fedewa. “With our decades of expertise, we will assist in finding the most efficient capital stack for your project.”

For inquiries or information about Ascend Capital Partners financing and advisory services, visit the new website — — or call: (703) 982-0609.

Media Contact:
Eric Fedewa
Ascend Capital Partners

Blumenfeld Group Awarded Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Chairman’s Circle-Diamond Level

The Blumenfeld Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ San Diego Central office has been named to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ esteemed Chairman’s Circle-Diamond Level for 2016.

San Diego, CA, USA — The Blumenfeld Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ San Diego Central office has been named to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ esteemed Chairman’s Circle-Diamond Level for 2016.

In addition, the Blumenfeld Group placed among the top 10 San Diego County teams for transactions and top 20 for sales volume in 2016.

The Chairman’s Circle Diamond designation is presented to the top one-half of 1 percent of agents in Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ national network of sales professionals, based on closed transactions. The team was honored for its achievements recently at the brokerage’s national sales convention in Phoenix.

“Joel and his team have exceled by focusing on providing a superior level of service, credibility, and complex understanding of San Diego real estate,” Branch Manager Brent Consedine said. “As specialists in residential properties throughout San Diego County, their personalized approach to real estate has earned them the prestigious Chairman’s Circle Diamond award. It is well-deserved.”

“The tools and training provided by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties are best in class, and the brand recognition is simply outstanding,” Joel said. “As a San Diego native, I am motivated to help sellers and buyers in all of our neighborhoods. Our team loves playing a role in helping our achieve clients the American dream of homeownership.”

Joel employs social media, plus mobile and online advertising to communicate with clients and to promote their properties. He keeps up to date through continuing education and by studying current market statistics and trends. In his free time, he works in underprivileged communities, enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and supporting local organizations to carry out the best advice he ever received: “What you give you will get back tenfold.”

To work with the Blumenfeld Group on the sale or purchase of a home, call 619-508-2192 or visit

About Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties proudly supports nearly 3,000 sales associates in close to 60 offices spanning the Central Coast to San Diego. In 2016, our expert agents assisted nearly 12,500 customers in selling or buying a home, with a total closed volume of more than $12 billion.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., and a member of HSF Affiliates, LLC. For more information, visit To learn about career opportunities, call 858-523-4940.

Media Contact:
Glenn Grant

IPX 1031 Launches Free 1031 Library Portal and APP

Placing everything related to 1031 exchanging at your fingertips.

San Francisco, CA, USA — IPX 1031, the nation’s largest tax deferred exchange facilitator, today announced the launch of their free 1031 Library web portal and mobile app for investment property owners. The portal and app were specifically designed as a streamlined, customer facing platform for 1031 Exchangers to evaluate their suitability for an exchange, perform property diligence and analysis, ask a quick question of a 1031 expert, or monitor their transaction online.

The new application, available for free through the Apple App and Google Play stores, features multi-dimensional real property oriented analytical tools, educational tutorials and wizards which allow Exchangers to communicate easily with their transactional coordinator and monitor their entire 1031 exchange process from the palm of their hand.

“We’re always looking for ways to save our customers time and empower them before, during and after their 1031 exchange. Usually that centers on our ability to interact with them during the exchange process, but it can also mean providing timely access to information, diligence and expertise” said Jennifer Keen, Executive Vice President of Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. “The new app and portal will include some never before seen analytical tools and wizards which will help prospective Exchangers to pre-assess their transactions, educate themselves on the process, as well as manage their transaction online.”

For more information on the 1031 Library app, visit

About IPX 1031
(IPX 1031) Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. is the largest facilitator of 1031 exchanges in the country and has locations nationwide. They provide their customers with a wide range of tax deferred exchange services. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Thomas Bottenberg