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Dog Training Bite Suite Is 100 Percent Safe

You aren’t repeating things, and repeating them again, and again, and again. If treats are the primary reinforcement in training your dog, then repetition is a close second. Dogs don’t learn obedience the first time you show them or the second and probably not the third. In order to learn, the dog must experience repeated lessons. You may get bored of the same lesson, but this repetition is crucial for your dog’s successful training.

After you have spent countless hours teaching tricks and obedience skills to your dog, you’re more than ready to put them to the test in a public setting. You know he’s got it, after all. But wait… unless your dog is trained to ignore distractions, it’s likely that all of your hard dog training work will seemingly fly out the window in a new or noisy environment.

Obedience training is an important part of responsible dog ownership. These techniques lay the foundation for a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog that is able to participate in family life at home without difficulty, and is able to feel at ease in the presence of other people. Here, then, are some dog house training tips.

Involve family members : Because dogs are part and parcel of the household, getting all other family members involved in training them is very important and beneficial in the long run. Family members should be familiar with the dog training method being used because they are able to continue training it even when one is away. They can also make observations about the progress made by the dog and give recommendations where necessary. It may even help relieve the burden of training the dog.

By subsequent my guidance and my strategies, you’ll be able to get your dog to become obedient in much less than two weeks. … and it normally takes only 15 minutes each day!

Number one: Start training at an earlier age. This will keep bad habits, which are difficult to break, from being developed. Also, this will keep bad behaviors that are just starting to form from developing into habits. Keep your training short and simple, though. Limit your training sessions to a few minutes every day. Remember to end your session on a positive note by way of praising him or spending time for play.

Learn that all dogs are trainable : All dogs need training irrespective of their color, size, breed or shape. With training of dogs becoming increasingly needful in the modern world, one needs to start training their dogs as early as possible.

Going through dog training successfully is a great achievement. You feel proud when your dog doesn’t jump on people, bother your guests, beg at the table or pull on the leash. However, what happens when you want to go for a vacation and it would be very inconveniencing to carry your dog? You wouldn’t like to leave your dog with someone who will not reinforce the lessons your dog has learnt over the years. Going through dog training in Memphis was never easy so you would like to leave your dog on safe hands.

You aren’t using reinforcement. Dogs are not purely verbal learners. They need reinforcement. Purchase a big bag of mouth-watering treats, and you’re in possession of your best training tool.Treats, the primary reinforcement in training, are essential. Another handy tool is a clicker to help reinforce the conditioning process. The clicker provides an immediate feedback cue that signals to your dog that he or she has done something right at a specific moment in time.

So the one thing i have learn for both of these behaviors is too socialize your dog. Your Australian Cattle Dog is instinctively aggressive.

“Marketing Manager Joins Shannon’s Pet Sitting Team”

Shannon’s Pet Sitting is happy to announce a new member of the team! Lauren Lenartowski officially joined Shannon’s Pet Sitting in July of 2012 as the Marketing Manager.

Carpentersville, IL – (USA), Thursday – July 05 2012 — Shannon became friends with Lauren Lenartowski on Facebook. Lauren had been posting her photography of the cats at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin. Shannon absolutely loved the spirit and essence of each cat’s personality that Lauren captured in her photos. The two soon became online friends & swapped message, photos, comments & jokes. In 2011 When Lauren lunched her own graphic design website “lalcreative”, Shannon was more than happy to help promote it. Later that year, Shannon was in need of some graphic design work & got in touch with Lauren to see if she was interested in the project. Lauren jumped at the opportunity to work with Shannon. Through working closer together Shannon got to know & like more things about Lauren’s background & personality. She realized this was the girl for the Marketing job!

Lauren is a graphic designer by trade. She started in the field in 2006 as a Graphics editor and later attended the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. After graduating Lauren worked at the Atlas Screen Supply Company and Ambria College of Nursing in their Marketing Departments. Lauren currently works full time at R.F. Technologies, Inc as their Marketing Coordinator. Over the years Lauren has performed just about every aspect in Marketing which includes: customer service, website maintenance, prepared trade show kits, Social Media Marketing via Twitter and Facebook, designing flyers, brochures, e-mail blasts, web banners , catalogs, flyers, booklets, direct mail pieces, web graphics and sending out direct mail/mass mailing pieces.

Lauren LOVES Cats!! She & her family are owned by 7 of them! So it’s was no surprise when she started volunteering at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL in 2010.

Lauren’s background makes her the perfect combination as the Marketing Manager:
* A Graphic Designer
* Marketing Experience
* Loves animals & is a cat lover to the extreme
* Thinks Shannon is the best pet sitter on earth & can’t rave about her enough

She is a fun & lively asset to the Shannon’s Pet Sitting team!

Since Lauren works full time during the weekdays for another company, she is most easily accessible through email. Inquiries regarding marketing, advertising, shows/expos, press releases or other news for Shannon’s Pet Sitting please contact Lauren at:

For more details visit and

Press & Media Contact:
Shannon Cole
Shannon’s Pet-Sitting
Carpentersville, IL – USA
(847) 987-4322

Local Pet Care Professionals Collaborate

With thousands of pet owners in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs it is no surprise that there are pet care providers popping up everywhere. Few pet care companies have been able to differentiate their services and successfully “specialize” in particular areas of pet care.

Carpentersville, IL (USA), Saturday – June 23rd, 2012 — With thousands of pet owners in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs it is no surprise that there are pet care providers popping up everywhere. Few pet care companies have been able to differentiate their services and successfully “specialize” in particular areas of pet care. In June 2012, Shannon’s Pet Sitting & Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting decided to combine forces, but did it in a way that allows them still maintain their own individuality in the pet care industry.

Shannon’s Pet Sitting specializes in pets with behavioral problems, medical needs & senior pets. With her background as a certified veterinary assistant specialized in Cardiology, Internal, and Emergency Medicine combined with her intuitive instinct of animal behavior, Shannon is able to recognize medical and behavioral concerns.

In late May 2012 the pet care veteran of 15 years became over whelmed while working a full time day job and trying to manage the increasing demand for her “specialized” pet care service. She determined it was necessary to delegate the daytime administrative aspects of the business. Through the small “pet” business-networking group Shannon co-founded, “PetNet”, she was able to consult with fellow business owners. Sally Kazanis of “Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting” offered support in assisting Shannon until the position had been filled.

Mustang Sally knows her way around horses, dogs, cats and other domestic pets, intuitively! Animals always respond to her calming nature in a positive way. She has worked with countless horse breeds as well as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, and other exotic pets. As an owner and caretaker of horses and pets, Sally understands and works with pet owners to eliminate the anxiety of leaving their cherished family members in the hands of another person. Sally’s love for horses comes through touch because she is a certified Equine/Canine Masseuse. She received and completed her training under the instruction of Mary Schreiber, Founder of Equissage Round Hill, VA in 2000.

Shannon offered Sally the position as her “Administrative Assistant” on a permanent basis. Not only is Sally able to assist Shannon with the administrative aspects of her business, when Shannon is unavailable Sally also serves as her “back up” sitter. Sally is able offer her services with Shannon’s consent under her own business of “Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting”. Therefore maintaining her individual identity in the industry.

Both companies are bonded, insured, certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. Through their combined efforts as pet care providers, they are able to maintain the one-on-one personalized service that their clients have grown accustom to and love. While at the same time, growing and expanding their businesses through team work thanks to the power of networking.

Shannon’s Pet Sitting ( ) & Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting service the Chicago Northwest Suburbs of: Carpentersville, Dundee, Sleepy Hollow, Algonquin, Gilberts, Elgin, South Elgin, Lake In The Hills, Barrington, Tower Lakes, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Streamwood, Hoffman Estates, Cary, & Fox River Grove, Illinois.

Shannon’s Pet Sitting: (847) 987-4322

Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting: (708) 309-1316

Press & Media Contact:
Shannon Cole
Shannon’s Pet-Sitting
Carpentersville, IL – USA
(847) 987-4322

American Pet Association Accreditation to Local Pet Sitting Service

Shannon’s Pet-Sitting received the only Business Approval that includes Humane Treatment of Animals, Cleanliness and Safety of Facility AND Ethical Business Practices of the Owner and Employees.

Carpentersville, IL (USA), Thursday – February 23, 2012 — The American Pet Association was founded in 1991. The goal is to provide education and services that result in more humane treatment of companion animals in the homes and back yards of the average American.

A great addition to the APA in 2010, and the pet community in whole, is their Business and Product Approval Departments. Pet Owners asked, What products can I trust? What businesses are going to treat my pet properly? What businesses are reputable?

* Business Approval is designed to allow pet owners to know, nation wide, not only which pet businesses they can trust their pets with, but which businesses use ethical, safe and fair business practices.
* Product Approval allows pet owners to know at a glance which product is not only safe and effective for their pets, but that they will not be wasting their hard earned money on a product that is ineffective.

Shannon’s Pet-Sitting of Carpentersville, IL was one of the first businesses to receive this accreditation and has been with the APA since October 2009. Owner Shannon Cole, was awarded the prestigious APA 5 Star Approval and to date is the only pet business in the state of Illinois to hold this accreditation. Her membership packet is the one featured on the APA’s website.

“There are more businesses and products than ever and it is hard to know as a pet owner who to trust. With APA Approved, you know the business or product you use is committed to a higher standard and you can use them with confidence” – American Pet Association

Over the years Shannon’s Pet-Sitting has built a strong reputation and rapport with the local veterinary clinics and in the communities working with multiple animal rescues and non-profit charitable organizations by participating in community fundraising events and donation programs.

One customer reported about Shannon’s Pet Sitting ( ), “Shannon’s been taking care of my cats for years. I’ve always been happy with her service, but didn’t think much about it. This Thanksgiving however, my kitty got sick two days before I was supposed to go away! She had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and would be ready to come home the day I left! I called Shannon and she took care of everything. including my worries!! She picked Connie up from the hospital (which was a half hour away), brought her home, made sure she was alright, administered her medicine AND kept me updated the whole time. All this at her busiest time of the year! Because of Shannon I was able to go home without to much guilt, and know that my kitty was in very good hands! I unconditionally recommend Shannon! “- Jennifer Wright

Providing care in the pet owner’s home specializing in areas of pet sitting that include pets with behavioral problems, medical needs, and senior pets – Shannon’s the next best thing to you!

For more information, visit

Press & Media Contact:
Shannon Cole
Shannon’s Pet-Sitting
Carpentersville, IL – USA
(847) 987-4322


National Pet Month runs from 2 April – 2 May and is the ideal time to show your pet how much you care.

The month aims to promote responsible pet ownership and make people aware of the benefits that having a pet can bring, as well as allowing owners to celebrate their four legged friend.

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A new online ‘one stop shop’ for owners of large and giant breed dogs has been awarded ‘Young Business of the Year’ in the 2011 Surrey Business Awards.

Launched in September 2010, Big Dog World is based near Dorking in Surrey. Delivering nationwide they supply everything for large dogs, including premium dog food and treats, large dog beds , collars, harnesses, and coats, tough toys and chews, health and grooming products and training accessories.

Managing Director Neil Stanton started the business after struggling to find suitable products for his own dog, a 13-stone Newfoundland called Elvis.

Mr Stanton said “To be recognised in these awards so soon after starting up is extremely encouraging and feels like a real achievement. The business is growing rapidly and our range of products is expanding every month. We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products, especially from small independent manufacturers.”

“Since our launch, we have received huge support from large dog owners across the UK. Customer service is our number one priority, so its really pleasing to hear all the positive feedback and have a 100% customer satisfaction rating.”

Category judge Sarah De’lacy from Surrey Research Park said “Neil particularly impressed me with his passion and determination to succeed, and the thorough research he did on his market.”

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Dog Teaching Information For Maximizing Your Puppy’s Potential

This is for protection of your puppy and the safety of the other puppies in the class. Necessary beforehand are a Bordatella Vaccination (variety of kennel cough) and a unfavorable stool sample.

The stuff you teach them at house…

Home coaching must get started the day you provide your pup household. That doesn’t necessarily mean training requirements to be intensive correct off the bat. At this stage in training, you really should get the job done with your puppy in brief spans of time (5 to 10 minute sessions). From there just easily bump up the time.

Dogs and puppies are immediately discovering from birth…

At initial their entire world is smaller. What they discover comes from their mother, the other puppies in the litter, and their atmosphere. By the time they are prepared to be sent on their way to new loving houses, they have discovered a cast total of points. All of this from their mom, litter-mates, and their atmosphere. Hopefully, if the pup come from a mix-breeder, the pup has had a very good foundation set for potential mastering. That is why it is very good to obtain a puppy from a educated and respected breeder.

Leaning comprises a lot of variables:

Best way to train dogs made easy!

Having said that, you can’t just give your canine any treat that catches your curiosity. In choosing the proper puppy coaching treats, you will have to take into consideration elements these kinds of as size, texture, flavor, and coloration. Indeed, you read that ideal color can make a significant difference exactly where dog instruction treats are involved.

Choose treats that are just small enough to devour in a single chomp, even if you are instruction a puppy belonging to a substantial breed, like a Rottweiler. If your dog performs exceptionally effectively in a coaching session, you might give him various items of the deal with at as soon as. This is more advisable than giving him an exceptionally big deal with as a “jackpot” reward.

The treats you choose ought to be gentle without being chewy. You want to make certain that your dog can swallow the treat quickly so that you can transfer on to the next lesson. If you decide not to buy particularly formulated dog teaching treats, hot dogs are most likely the most successful and healthiest option. It could possibly assist to feed your canine only a compact quantity of food previous to a teaching session. This will make the puppy education treats all the additional interesting and make your canine perform more difficult to earn them. You also want to bear in mind that also substantially liver consumption can lead to loose bowel movement in your canine, so refrain from providing him also considerably liver treats. And just like yours, a dog’s overall health is essential as effectively. You thus have to make guaranteed that the treats you select do not carry as well very much calories. Soon after all, a healthful puppy is a pleased dog.

When a puppy begs, regardless of whether its at the dinner table or when individuals are snacking all around the tremendous-bowl, it can be very frustrating not only to you but to your friends also. If you phase back and get a search at what leads to begging it is pretty easy. Begging starts when someone provides a canine a flavor of “folks food”.

The number 1 rule is DO NOT reward the habits. This is least difficult to begin if you are starting with a new pup, but you can do issues with older, a lot more established canines. Essentially if you deliver a dog a taste of whatever it is that you are eating even though it is staring with people depressing eyes, it will grow to be an addiction that is incredibly complicated to break. I realize that it is very tough to not give your most effective pal anything that you uncover scrumptious. Following all, this is your most loyal companion. (Don’t notify your wife or husband this, rule amount two)

Coupled with the number 1 rule is DO NOT give your dog “persons food”. If you follow this assistance on your own it will steer clear of the dilemma from building in the first spot. You must also not resort to dipping into the canine deal with bag to reward a begging conduct. This will build the addiction just as well as people meals will. Following suggestions such as this will lead to a inherent sort of “lifestyle” canine instruction that will make factors very much simpler for you and your canine.