Splash our and treat your special four-legged animal as you would do with your child, with Dog toys and new Dog beds from Online For Pets.

A new survey has shown that pet owners consider their pets like humans, even setting up a social networking profile for them.

The survey revealed that over 140,000 dog owners and plus 120,000 cat lovers had set up a Facebook page for their beloved companion.

Treating them similar to humans even extended to letting them share their bed, celebrating their birthday, buying them a cake for the event, and pampering them at pet spas.

Perhaps the bed sharing is a little far and instead you can show them how much you care with luxurious quality Cat beds ; their role as a family member will be just as cemented.

So show your furry friend how much you care and shower them with gifts and indulgences, they are totally worth it.

Online For Pets have an extensive range of products that are perfect for your pooch and with our wide stock range you are bound to find a style that will suit your pet.

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But even though our prices are low all products are only of the highest quality!

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