Work from Home Scams on the Rise – Authorities Launch Crackdown

Sydney, Australia, 4th March 2011- Recently there has been a big rise in the number of Work from Home scams, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hard to spot. Authorities have launched a crackdown in America with over 90 claims launched

Before the internet became established you would often see adverts in the classified section of the local paper which claimed to be able to show you have to earn $1000 per day stuffing envelopes. Now the scammers have moved online and it’s the perfect place for them to operate, as they can remain largely anomous.

Most people can see through a scheme offering you obscene amounts of money for simple data entry work or sending emails, but recently Tom White, owner of, one of Australia’s leading Work from Home websites, has noticed an increase in the number of highly sophisticated and convincing online money making scams.

These are usually glossy professional looking websites that use slick copywriting, video testimonials, money back guarantees and convincing screenshots ‘proving’ how much money people are making using their system.

Whilst some of the schemes are out-and-out scams, many of them use hype and inflated promises to sell you a basic guide or video collection that claims to show you how to make a fortune, but in reality doesn’t help you launch a work from home business or earn any money at all.

In America the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has recently started a crackdown on websites making false promises and unsustained claims. In recent days the FTC has launched 90 new enforcement actions in a bid to shutdown these schemes:

David Vladeck, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection said “They’re targeting people who are vulnerable financially because they’re out of work, or they don’t have enough work, they’re deeply in debt, and what these scams do is aim to take the last dollar out of their wallets.”

Tom White, owner of, was recently contacted by one person who had invested over $11,000 without seeing a single cent in return and knows of many others who have been the victim of online scams.

These scams and false promises damage the reputation of the work from home industry, which is unfortunate as there are many genuine home business opportunities available in Australia. Thousands of Australians have created successful home based business or have home based job or are extra cash by completing genuine paid surveys.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular because it offers flexible hours, more time to spend with the family and an opportunity to secure your financial future.

If you want to work from home and start your own home business, it’s important to do your research carefully. Follow the checklist below to avoid make money online and home business scams:

• If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is – walk away
• Trust your gut instinct – it’s probably right!
• Search on an established work from home website that only features genuine Australian work from home opportunities
• Check to see if there is a phone number on the website. If you can find one give them a call and talk to the person running the business. If there’s no number the alarm bells should start to ring!
• Ask them to give you the contact details of other people who they are currently working with and verify the details with them
• If you need to pay money upfront, get a clear understanding of exactly what you will receive – is it an actual ‘turnkey’ home business or is it simply a guide or plan?

ABOUT is one of Australia’s most popular Work from Home websites and contains information and advice to help people secure a genuine work from home job or start a home based business. Tom White, the owner of is a home business owner himself and is passionate about helping others enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Tom White
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