Get a Luxurious Bathing Experience

Bella Bathrooms Ltd, March 12, 2011 – In this modern world, having a luxurious home with a stylish bathroom has become a fashion. You can buy high quality bathrooms suites at cheapest price from Bella Bathrooms Ltd. It is an online bathroom showroom providing all bathroom furniture and fittings at cheaper price. You can choose from 1000’s of bathroom products from Bella Bathrooms Ltd.

A bath tub also called as baths is one of the bathroom tools used in modern bathrooms to wash your body. It is a large open container in which water can be filled so that soaking in the bath is a better way of relaxing and enjoying after a hard day. Generally children loves to play in the bath, so bath also becomes a part of most of the modern bathrooms nowadays. Bella Bathrooms Ltd is having a numerous range of baths starting from just $79 that may beautify any traditional or modern bathroom.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd are having a wide selection of baths including steel baths, Acrylic baths, Shower baths, Whirlpool baths, Corner baths, Roll Top baths, Cast Iron baths, Double ended baths, free standing baths, Small baths and a range of bath panels to suit. To have a luxurious bathing experience, Whirlpool baths are the best option to choose. Along with providing a luxurious feeling, Whirlpool baths are also helpful in improving the health and well being of the users. This model is designed to provide hydrotherapy, which has been recognized as having substantial health benefits. This type of bath will give the user a better relaxation by reducing the stress effect, improving blood circulation, reducing heart rate and hence relieving your muscles.

Majority of the baths supplied from Bella Bathrooms Ltd are of whirlpool bath type like corner whirlpool bath. Bella Bathrooms Ltd provides Aquaestil quality baths having 6 jet whirlpool baths at an offer price of £279. They are having over 300 whirlpool baths in stock and also having 50 baths and whirlpool baths on display. Bella Bathrooms Ltd are having best service engineers from a standard manufacturing company to fit whirlpool systems to any standard bath and to provide quality service across the UK.

About provides information about the Bathroom suites and accessories offered by Bella Bathrooms Ltd. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the various models of the Whirlpool baths and it prices can be obtained from this website.

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Pick the Best Gaming Mouse

Users looking for the best gaming mouse require proper direction and information about it. The increase in the number of mouse in the market has made it difficult since the clients do not know what to select. For this reason has offered them various types of reviews on the different types of gaming mouse in the market in order to guide them in making the best decision by selecting the one that is suitable to their gaming needs.

Some of the mouse they will encounter include the Razer Naga mouse and the Logitech G500 mouse. These two come with different features that makes them suitable for different users. They will also encounter other types of mouse from Razer such as the Mamba and Logitech such as the Logitech G5 and be provided with the features of each to allow the users to compare these features in order to select the best gaming mouse. The other type of mouse they will encounter include the Cyborg RAT 7 gaming mouse.

When reading the reviews on the Razer Naga and the Logitech G500 mouse, they will encounter information such as the functionality this device, the types of features they come with as well as the pros and cons that comes with using each of them. The reviews will also inform the users the best ways and situations in which these devices can be used in order to enable them determine whether they are suitable for their needs and to decide the one that is the best gaming mouse to enhance their gaming experience.

The best thing about it is that they will be provided with the information that is not only reliable but also unbiased. The information is provided after the reviewers have used the different mouse in their gaming in order to ensure that nothing about them has been left out. Besides, the reviews, the clients will find the feedback from clients that have used the information on the site to find their best gaming mouse.

About is a website that offers the users the guide they need to select the best gaming mouse for their needs. It has been offering clients comprehensive information that is not only well researched but also provided in an easy to understand manner for their clients to have an easy and less stressful way of finding out about the best gaming mouse as well as the new ones that are available in the market. The users will benefit from unbiased yet detailed gaming mouse reviews for devices such as the Logitech G500 and the Razer Naga to allow them save money and time.

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Shower Doors Makes Your Bathroom More Stylish

Bella Bathrooms Ltd, 03.12.11- Today every one prefers to have well designed bath rooms which are beautiful, durable and highly functional. A full bathroom must contain four essential elements such as bath tub, shower, toilet and sink. To make your Bathrooms a peaceful place or a glamorous spot is based on your selection of the bathroom accessories. Bella Bathrooms Ltd, an online bathroom showroom is supplying luxury, complete bathroom suites & accessories at affordable prices.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd which was established in 2005 by James Chapman and Graema is providing a high quality and well designed bathrooms at a low cost ranging from $200 to $10,000. Bella Bathrooms Ltd are having a wide collection of bathroom suites, showers, shower cubicles, shower enclosures, bathroom sinks, bathroom taps, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets along with a selection of bathroom accessories.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd supplies high standard and guaranteed Shower Doors which are starting at a range of just $109. The shower door is a necessary tool in most of the modern bathrooms to keep the water away from the bathroom floor. Bella Bathrooms Ltd is able to provide a perfectly matching shower door, depending on the size of the opening and need for the door to open.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd expected to open a new 3000 square foot bathroom showroom in Darlington which will have a display of about 40 shower doors and shower enclosures. They are also having over 100 shower trays to choose from. A stock of about 500 shower enclosures and shower doors are just taken from Manhattan showers. For website imaginary of showering products, Bella Bathrooms Ltd has just built photography studios which will be used for their own purpose. By making a striking deal with Mira Kohler, Bella Bathrooms Ltd offers the best prices and services for a full range of shower enclosures and shower doors to the UK market.

About provides information about the products and services offered by Bella Bathrooms Ltd. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the various designs of the shower doors and it prices can be obtained from this website.

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The process of searching for an all inclusive holiday is not straight forward. Performing a search on one of the major tour operators’ websites will return results that are infiltrated by B&B and half board options, and many of the flights and hotels options are not shown at all. There isn’t a website in the UK that is dedicated to searching for every possible all inclusive holiday until now.

Two brothers have launched a unique travel business designed to make the process of booking an all inclusive holiday as streamlined as possible.

Tom and Peter Warsop have developed Alihoco, the UK’s first one-stop-shop designed to help holidaymakers source the best priced, all inclusive holidays without the red tape and hidden costs.

Peter Warsop said: “Our clever system not only searches for every all inclusive package holiday, but also automatically searches every budget airline and hotel directly, so that we can give our customers the widest choice of all inclusive holiday packages on the market at the best possible price. Added to that, because we understand that peace of mind is equally as important as price, every single holiday is ATOL protected.”

Tom Warsop said: “Searching for a holiday always starts off as a fun exercise, but after an hour or two on the internet what starts out as an exciting and enjoyable activity can quickly become an onerous and frustrating task. I have had the experience of finding what appeared to be the perfect holiday package only to discover that that price advertised does not exist or that there are hidden costs that increase the price dramatically. Because of this our new website has a ‘No Hidden Extras’ policy which means that the price you see is the price you pay.

“By streamlining the process of searching for every all inclusive holiday our customers not only save time, find a holiday that perfectly matches what they are looking for, but also save money. On average one of our dynamically created packages is more than £100 cheaper per person than the equivalent package holiday.

“Alihoco customers who don’t want to book online can use our UK-based call centre or even pop into our offices,” he added.

For further information about Alihoco’s all inclusive holidays log on to or contact the company’s UK-based call centre on 0800 004 2525 .

Name: Tom Warsop
Phone: 08000042525
Country: United Kingdom

Black Dog Promotions To Open Office In Austin, TX

Public relations and social media marketing firm, Black Dog Promotions announced that it will be opening a new office in Austin, TX.

Tempe, AZ /Austin, TX, March 12, 2011 — Public relations and social media marketing firm, Black Dog Promotions ( ) announced that it will be opening a new office in Austin, TX.

Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Promotions commented on the expansion to Austin, “For years we have attended the South By Southwest (SXSW) music, film and interactive conferences and have discovered great Austin based companies such as Gowalla and Socialsmack and of course many great bands. We have developed relationships with several local companies and it just made sense to open an office in the great city of Austin.”

The company will expects to announce a manager and location of their new Austin office in the next few weeks and be in operation by May 2011.

About Black Dog Promotions:
Black Dog Promotions builds “Buzz”. They use their blend of publicity, viral marketing and social media to generate massive exposure for companies, websites, causes or events. They have a broad network of media contacts and social media connections that generate broad based exposure. Details on the company’s services can be found at

Press & Media Contact:
Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe AZ, 85284 – USA

The PB Reality Show to Sell Bikini Calendar and Donate All Proceeds to Charity

he PB Reality Show announced today that it will sell the printed version of its online calendar with all proceeds going to charity.

San Diego, CA, March 12, 2011 — The first major reality show to hit the beaches of San Diego, The PB Reality Show ( ) announced today that it will sell the printed version of its online calendar with all proceeds going to charity. The calendar features 12 of the most stunning models of Southern California, who are actually a part of the show. Jim Lawlor, the the show’s creator and executive producer, picked Photocharity as the charity of choice, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless youth of San Diego.

Lawlor, locally known as the PB Millionaire, has a natural affinity for helping the homeless here, particularly because he knows their plight firsthand. When he arrived in San Diego some 20 years ago, he soon ran out of money and often had to sleep on the beach. Despite having a degree in business, Lawlor found it difficult finding work and had to resort to painting houses as a means to get by. It was serendipitous that he came up with an idea for protecting his eyes while spray painting. His patented goggles have since made him millions, which gives him the ability to give back to the community as well as devote time to his reality TV production.

The PB Reality Show is essentially a “backstage pass” to his nouveau riche lifestyle of living in a castle, his VIP access to San Diego’s nightlife, and the making of a bikini calendar. Viewers will get to see all the behind-the-scenes drama, including the cat-fights, as beautiful models vie to win their spot in the calendar. Various competitions will be held throughout the spring and summer to qualify contestants for the “Miss Pacific Beach Contest,” which awards a Grand Prize of $3,000. The winner will also be involved in promoting the show’s various charities.

Lawlor plans to use the show’s popularity to bring even more awareness to the causes closest to his heart. “Viewers get drawn into the show with all the sexy models and get hooked by the ensuing drama,” he says. “Once we get the audience’s attention, we can then bring their awareness to important issues, like the homeless problem here in San Diego.”

San Diegans have a lot to look forward to in the comings months, as The PB Reality Show ( ) is in full-force with filming, casting calls, competitions and jaw-dropping bikini contests. Beginning April 1st with the “PB Scavenger Hunt,” the show will be filming at least one major event or competition each month. In fact, one model will be rewarded for selling the most calendars, thereby raising the most money for Photocharity ( ).

The calendar is priced at $19.95 and can be purchased by visiting the show’s website at

Press & Media Contact:
Behnaz Salimian
The PB Reality Show – Public Relations
San Diego, CA
(858) 822-8693

FBMaxed Launches Guide on How to Use the New Facebook iFrames to Create Fan Page Templates as FBML No Longer Works

Facebook Marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to the huge growth that Facebook has undertaken in the last few years. Social media experts confirm that facebook fbml fan page creating system which is been used till the day will no longer works after March 11th, 2011. Facebook is going to use iframe and iframes templates to develop professional facebook fan pages for business people. Facebook maxed which is to be released on March 10th (the day before the facebook fan page system change fbmaxed will be out.) can help people to discover how to use the new facebook iframes. With the advent of iFrames and the HTML5 framework, social media experts can make use of this door to new adventures and possibilities with these tools in the making of professional Facebook page.

To change the marketing world variety of tools and strategies are being used by Internet marketers so to lead their niche. Facebook is one of the easy ways to market and advertise a product or website by socializing it. Creating and monetizing facebook pages using FBML was the easiest option till the day. But with recent changes at Facebook FBML is no longer valid. To create pages developers have to follow the iframe system now. So far, facebook maxed is the only Facebook Page system that utilizes both the iFrames and the dynamic HTML5 framework together. FBMaxed makes sure that people who use it stay ahead of the curve and even declares that it will future proof their Facebook Page by virtue of its customizable templates. The fbmaxed review shows that the teams even doubles as mobile websites and have been tested on Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad!

With the help of fb maxed, a facebook fan page now can have professional HTML5 videos, different photo galleries and multiple pages on one facebook Page. The system also allows users to place PHP email contact forms and lead capture opt-ins to promote sales pages, product or service landing pages and reveal splash pages. The fbmaxed team promises that they will provide webinars every few days to their users to guide them through the system. FBMaxed combines the best of what both iFrames and HTML5 can do for a facebook page and packages it into a complete system with three templates that’s easy to use and highly customizable. More details can be found at the website

Spartacus blood and sand, a must watch show!

Newcastle (March 11, 2011) – Spartacus: Blood and Sand is one of the most talked about TV series produced by the Starz Network. The show is a historical drama of the Roman period.

The show revolves around Spartacus, a capable but untamed warrior, who along with his wife is imprisoned by the Roman Empire. There is lot of blood, violence and the characters showing off their cultured body. Spartacus: Blood and Sand is one of those show that has tried to portray Roman Gladiators as accurately as possible. Looking at the fitness of the actors, their costumes and the sets just transport you to that era. If you are one of the dedicated followers then is the site for you. Here you can chat with people who are fans of the show. You can even take part in discussions about the different aspects of the show.

Have you every thought, which exercise the actors do to look so hot. The latest thread going go on this website is the spartacus workout is the answer. You get cutting-edge circuit schedule will strip away fat and define every possible muscle in your body namely abs, chest, and arms, and with each passing day your fitness level will increase. The workout is the set of 10 exercises that is formulated by experts in the industry. Start now and you will get six pack abs like the actors by summer that too for free without any hidden charges. By this following this regime you will be in the best possible shape. Wow!

There is everything you need to know about the workout schedule on this website, graphic representation of each exercise, how many times you need to repeat them. This workout will do wonders for you. The result of your hard work is visible in just few weeks how ever it requires totally commitment. You can even make new friends in this forum, who like you, are also following the circuit training. In case you have any questions, leave a post and you will surely get your answers. What more, you can download the Spartacus workout to your iPhone or iPod. And spartacus forum makes sure that no matter what; you never miss your workout. So are you ready to take the Spartacus transformation challenge?

About Spartacus forum:

This website is a forum for all the spartacus blood and sand lovers who are always glued to the television when the show is on. With the help of this website you can talk about anything you like about the show. There are different discussions that give information to the viewers that are both entertaining and enlightening. I am sure this website will certainly take you to the Roman Era. To get in touch with the company, you can contact them at the address or phone number given below:

21 Butterburn Close Newcastle
Zip Code: NE6 5LG
Phone: 07860963920