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Black-Owned FitTech Start-Up Aims to Fix Healthcare for African Americans

LOS ANGELES, CA, 2021-Sep-21 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — JunBugg Fitness Social Network, Wall Street’s “first and only luxury social media brand,” created by African American founder Louis Green, today announced the launch of its NextGen fitness website. Using computer algorithms, JunBugg integrate entertainment into health by sharing unique fitness solutions related to one’s body-type, that leads to better fitness results in least time — influencing success for a higher quality of life.

The start-up website boasts a sleek interface, vibrant logo, sophisticated font-type, and beautiful images, built on sophisticated software engineering. Through social engagement, members of similar health conditions and body-types share fitness strategies and medical solutions to get fit. JunBugg use algorithms that recommend relevant solutions to newsfeeds, the same technology that has allowed — TikTok, Netflix, and Amazon to be successful. The NextGen Search Database deliver relevant fitness matches for personalized training.

A personalized fitness solution, members engage, collaborate, and work as a team. Teamwork allows members to foster camaraderie, innovate, and better problem solve fitness and health obstacles. The bigger the network grows, the more cures that are created. Algorithms see patterns of successful fitness solutions, learns the most effective ones, and recommend them to newsfeeds. As solutions evolve and improve, the algorithm learns and thus recommend those.

The African American community was hit hard by COVID19, who stand to gain the most from JunBugg, for a higher quality of life. The platform is easily accessible and allows equal quality of health care while being affordable. The management of health conditions is the biggest benefit, and prevention of disease as opposed to disease treatment, by being fit through exercise and eating healthy. See boutique fitness solutions — https://www.junbugg.net

Unlike traditional social media services — TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, whose services are free, JunBugg’s boutique membership offerings range between $30 and $500 a month. Fees are comparable to other boutique studios and fitness services, such as — Equinox, SoulCycle, Peloton, and YogaWorks.

It’s all about fitness wealth and a higher quality of life. The first of its kind, JunBugg will forever change fitness and healthcare,” said Louis. “People are an amazing resource that’s never been used in this way — through the power of social media technology, to solve problems through entertainment.”

Media contact:

Louis Green
Los Angeles, Ca 90034


JunBugg logo

New Streaming and Radio Aggregator Social Platform to Launch at 2019 SXSW Tradeshow

Houston, Texas U.S.A., 2019-Mar-02 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Dousic Media Group (DMG), a Houston based Company with affiliated offices in Punjab and soon to be registered in Singapore, is set to launch its new Dousic Social Platform at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas between March 10th thru 13th, 2019, located at Booth No. 1239, Halls 2-5 in the Austin Convention, where the newly upgraded Dousic website and App will be unveiled.

Dousic is an interactive social media platform that engages users with a diverse discovery experience. In the Dousic community the public can personalize their content and creators can monetize their products.

“With Dousic we wanted to create a social media platform for people like photographers, models, authors and musicians, so that they have total control of their destiny by owning their brands and products via the website and the App. In addition, Dousic is a fully functioning social media platform giving users a wide variety of connectivity such as chat, audio or video calls, all in one convenient location”, said Michael Ferguson, DMG Executive Vice President/Founder.

DMG Founder and CEO, Brian Moore, emphasized that “the Indie Music Industry has been trying to find its footing for some time and from where I sit there is still a clear lack of understanding of how to ensure that Indie Creators get an even playing field and are being properly compensated. Accordingly, we have designed Dousic to give them back brand control and content ownership.”

Following on from SXSW, our future website and App enhancements will ensure Dousic is a place where Creators maintain full ownership and control, giving them stronger leverage when in negotiations with Record Labels.

Dousic’s Mission is to provide a global hub for an interactive and personalized entertainment experience. We are committed to helping Indie Creators reach their full potential.


Michael Dickens
Dousic Media Group
118 Vintage Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77070


Matthew S. Miklasz Promotes Authenticity as a Key to Living an Impactful Life

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media.

San Antonio, TX, USA, November 7, 2018 — Pastor Matthew S. Miklasz has witnessed the power of authenticity first-hand, drawing from both his theological training and his thirty years of coaching experience, where he has worked with both athletes and other pastors.

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media. To deal with these social pressures, Miklasz encourages people to turn to God and find their “normal.”

“Being the ‘normal’ that God created you to be is an incredible step towards realizing your full potential and positively affecting the people who surround you. Great freedom and confidence emerge when we live according to who God created us to be,” Miklasz explains.

“I want people to discover the deep conviction that God created them uniquely and that He loves them very passionately,” says Miklasz. “When we live with these two convictions, it allows us to impact lives in greater ways. The more authentic we are, the more authentic our worship is, the more authentic our relationships are, especially the deep inner relationship with God.”

With the encouragement of his eldest daughter Angela, Miklasz decided to share this message with the world by penning his first book, “A Normal Guy.”

On his book, Miklasz comments, “I hope to share what I really believe, my deepest convictions. Through my Christian walk, I have journalized many impactful moments about insights and teachings from God that informed my writing process,” comments Miklasz.

“This is such an important read today and for future generations,” adds Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “We should each be able to embrace our ‘normal’ selves, and Miklasz is equipping readers with the tools to do this.”

The book launch events will be held at the following dates and locations:
Saturday, December 1st, Holiday Bazaar Thorp High School – Thorp Wisconsin 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Saturday, December 8th, The Grounds Coffee Shop – Cokato Minnesota 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Friday, December 14th, Dassel Public Library – Dassel, Minnesota 10a.m. – 12p.m.

For more information about Matthew S. Miklasz visit www.halopublishing.com. “A Normal Guy” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million in Paperback for $13.95 and as an e-Book for $6.95.

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa Michelle Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176,
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647

Racing Towards Retailization: WishKnish and InstantAccess.io Bring Down Usability Barriers to True Blockchain Adoption

Washington, DC, USA, 2018-Jan-08 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — What does the average retail user think about blockchain technology? A few words that frequently come up are: confusing, abstract, scary, complicated, overwhelming. Not exactly wide adoption territory. But one innovative company hopes to change that.

Any great technological revolution goes through stages, each with its own unique challenges. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and yet it’s already rearing to change the world. However, before it can “grow up”, it has to be accepted by the harshest audience of all: the average retail consumer.

So, how does one make the average consumer fully understand blockchain tech? If you ask Alisa Gus, CEO of WishKnish (https://wishknish.com) – you don’t.

“When you get into your car in the morning, do you need to understand the principles of internal combustion in order to get your engine revved up? I don’t think so,” Alisa says. “Neither do you need to understand how SSL encryption works in order to make a secure e-commerce purchase. Any great technology has to fit transparently into your routine so that you use it successfully without thinking. That is what needs to happen to blockchain tech before it can be fully embraced.”

WishKnish, the social, gamified marketplace platform startup based out of the Washington, DC area, has been making great strides in bringing much-needed usability improvements to the often complicated process of obtaining and transacting in cryptocurrencies – virtual tokens encrypted using a secret hash and decentralized across multiple distributed “ledgers”.

Last month WishKnish announced a key partnership with UK biometric security firm BioSSL to replace the convoluted and oft-problematic “private key” used to unlock cryptocurrency wallets, with army-grade biometric security measures and other layers of authentication.

Michael Kapoor, former managing partner at Propeller Venture Capital and newly minted COO of WishKnish is no stranger to untangling the usability struggles commonly encountered in this nascent space. “If you’ve ever lost your private key, your tokens are as good as gone,” Mr. Kapoor says. “This level of risk is simply unacceptable for the average user. This is just one example of the evolutionary challenges we are addressing with the WishKnish platform.”

Now, the ambitious team is staring off 2018 by partnering with InstantAccess.io, a usability startup based out of Berlin, Germany that helps users save time filling out form online by maintaining their own private, secure repository that can be easy tapped into with a single click. Previously stored form fields can be updated across the entire network, making changes easy.

“It’s as simple as logging in via Facebook or Twitter – just click the icon, authenticate, and the necessary data will automatically be sent to the app,” explains Eugene Teplitsky, CTO of WishKnish and Alisa’s partner. “Since our goal is to accommodate a wide range of storefront communities, we anticipate a broad need for information that users could potentially exchange with them, from the mundane – like shoe size or dietary preference – to more complex, harder-to-remember details – like blockchain wallet addresses. InstantAccess.io will save users a ton of time, and shave off another layer of usability barriers between blockchain technology and full adoption among retail users.”

“We are super excited about the partnership with WishKnish as we believe blockchain technology is becoming widely adopted by everyday users”, says Rick Chen, director at InstantAccess.io. “Our aim is simple, we want the InstantAccess app to save users time, make their life easier, especially in adopting new and exciting technologies like blockchain.”

The future for retailization of user-facing blockchain marketplaces has never been brighter.

About WishKnish Corp.
WishKnish (https://wishknish.com) offers businesses, affiliates, and non-profits a decentralized marketplace platform for launching gamified, socially-engaged storefront communities equipped with the tools to turn regular users into super-fans and evangelizers while streamlining coin-agnostic e-commerce and fulfillment, as well as offering advanced blockchain-as-a-service tools to meet enterprise clients’ needs.

About InstantAccess.io
InstantAccess is an app that saves all kinds of user information/preferences securely and privately. Users can then re-use this information online and offline with just one click. From emails to shoe sizes to blockchain wallet addresses, InstantAccess makes it easier to access services.


WishKnish Corp.,
P.O. Box 2160, Reston,
VA 20195
(202) 800-2663

MintShow Debuts New App at TechCrunch Disrupt with New Twist on Social Media, Using Gamification to Motivate Members

New Online Community Lets Users Share Moments In Time to Achieve, Share, and Celebrate Personal Accomplishments.

San Francisco, CA, USA — At TechCrunch Disrupt being held here this week, You Are a CEO, Inc., will be introducing the MintShow app and online community in Startup Alley. MintShow offers a new approach to social networking by using gamification to encourage MintShow community members to share personal achievements. MintShow also promises to provide a unique opportunity for brands to reach target consumers by areas of interest and accomplishment.

Unlike other social media networks that use comments, shares, and likes, MintShow celebrates Moments IN Time (MINTs), using High Fives, CompliMints, and ReMints that allow members to share their everyday accomplishments and encourage other members. MintShow posts are organized to motivate, inspire, or educate, and use specific Showrooms to target posts by area of interest and achievement. Showrooms cover a wide range of topics such as health and fitness, nutrition, parenting, travel, inspiration, nature, and entrepreneurship. The beta version of the MintShow mobile app is now available for iOS and Android.

“The social networking market is worth $11 billion dollars and the self-improvement market is worth almost $10 billion and until now, no one has found a way to bring the two together,” said Michael E. Parker, founder of You Are a CEO. “With MintShow we have created an environment where members share positive moments in time to help them focus on personal achievement, without the negatives such as offensive posts or cyberbullying. This is a unique blend of social networking, self-improvement, and gamification, and beta users have already shown us that they love the concept. We are delighted to be able to debut MintShow at TechCrunch.”

Parker sees a number of commercial possibilities for MintShow. Custom advertising can be offered in the context of improved health, wealth, career, and relationship. Advertisers also can create their own showrooms to highlight products and services. Eventually, MintShow also will have a shopping option where users can click to purchase.

The concept behind MintShow is based on behavioral science. Research shows that to achieve personal goals requires motivation which is driven by small wins and positive reinforcement. For ongoing success, achievement has to become a habit triggered by brain’s subconscious. By sharing moments of inspiration and positive reinforcement, MintShow promotes the release dopamine to the brain, creating a positive experience that helps develop a habit for success.

Beta users can sign up by downloading the MintShow app from the iTunes store or Google Play. MintShow is also available on the web at http://mintshowapp.com.

About You Are A CEO
You Are A CEO is a product development company that provides tools to help individuals take charge of their lives and live a self-achievement lifestyle. You Are A CEO offers books, seminars, and other tools to motivate people to become the CEO of their lives, empowering them to achieve their dreams by changing their mindset. Beyond knowing where to find the right information, success requires you to apply that information and feel empowered to overcome obstacles along the way.

For more information, visit http://www.youareaceo.com.

Tom Woolf, Director of PR
Gumas Advertising
(415) 621-7575

Real Estate Tech Academy Website Has Now Been Launched

Attention, realestatetechacademy.com was launched Friday August 1 at 8am PST. Real Estate Tech academy provides step by step video tutorials on how real estate agents can optimize technology, saving time and money in everyday language.

Las Vegas, NV, August 12, 2014 – Real Estate Tech Academy has officially launched their technology training website realestatetechacademy.com . The site went live Friday August 1 at 8am. It is designed to teach active real estate agents how optimize and simplify technology in their business. The first module, Social Media For Real Estate, has been in high demand for years. As technology has multiplied, the entire real estate process is changing with great speed and is often complex. Real Estate Tech Academy is the industry’s leading training resource.

The first module available is called Social Media For Real Estate. With over over 50 videos and nearly 15 hours of tutorials, any real estate agent will learn Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Hootsuite like the pros, to convert contacts to clients.

The founder of Real Estate Tech Academy, Daren Phillipy, shared how he came up with this concept “The demand for real estate agents to be efficient in their technology is at an all time high. As a real estate coach, I am continually being asked by other real estate agents how to set up and use their technology. I help each agent, individually one-on-one, teaching them how to use their technology. Even though the agents loved the training, they were challenged in duplicating the things I taught one-on-one. They also want more time to work with me. Real Estate Tech Academy creates a place real estate agents are taught on their own time, and they love it!!!”

The first real estate technology training module available is the Social Media For Real Estate. It consists of over 50 step-by-step training videos providing nearly 15 hours of tutorials. The platforms taught in the Social Media For Real Estate Module is: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Hootsuite. Each section teaches real estate agents how to set up and use each tool with simple instructions, pointing out key features of each platform and demonstrating powerful and valuable tips and tricks that will help each member how to use social media like the pros.

Social Media For Real Estate is priced at an introductory rate of $10 a month. Founder, Daren Phillipy said, “I designed the price for complete affordability. These tutorials are made so real estate agent can access the module whenever they want, as a reference when completing their tasks, just as if I was there for them or whenever they want me.” This way they can afford access to the training for months or even years.

About Real Estate Tech Academy
Real estate Tech Academy is based out of Henderson, Nevada was launched online by Daren Phillipy in August 2014. Real Estate Tech Academy teaches real estate agents how to use technology in their real estate business. It is a web based company that provides step by step video tutorials covering many different areas of technology in the real estate industry. To learn more about Real Estate Tech Academy visit http://www.realestatetechacademy.com

Daren Phillipy
Real Estate Tech Academy
1034 Twin Berry Ct
Henderson, NV 89002

A Cinematic Extravaganza From 3D to Web Series from Afghanistan to Venezuela – 5th Annual New Media Film Festival

Los Angeles in June, a cinematic extravaganza – New Media Film Festival held at The Landmark Theatre W. Pico Blvd. LA, CA. 112 New Media Films/Content from 25 Countries. 35 World, 8 US & 17 LA Premieres. 20 Categories, $45,000.00 in Awards. Judges from Pixar, FOX, Marvel & More.

Los Angeles, CA (USA), June 02, 2014 — Los Angeles in June, a cinematic extravaganza – New Media Film Festival held at The Landmark Theatre W. Pico Blvd. LA, CA. 112 New Media Films/Content from 25 Countries. 35 World, 8 US & 17 LA Premieres. 20 Categories, $45,000.00 in Awards. Judges from Pixar, FOX, Marvel & More.

Declared “worth the entry fee” by MovieMaker Magazine and hailed for making “the cutting edge accessible” by Huffington Post, The New Media Film Festival celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. The 2014 edition of the festival will showcase 112 films from 25 countries. www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com

As noted by NMFF attendee and fan Oscar Nomiinee Sally Kirkland, “The New Media Film Festival hasn’t just passed the crucial festival benchmark of five years, which is a lifetime in Hollywood. The programming has taken storytelling to a new level through technological innovations we couldn’t even imagine a few years back.”

While many festivals have stuck with old-school programs of shorts and features, the NMFF exhibits a stunning diversity of emerging media across 20 categories, including Digital Comics, 3D, and mobile content. At the same time, the festival also tips its hat to film history. At the closing ceremony, John Carpenter will present Roger Corman with the coveted Legend Award.

Highlights of this year’s line-up include:

Turn It Up / Dir. Robert Radler (LA Premiere) — The history of the electric guitar, from its invention in the 1930s to its golden years, right through the phenomenon of the Guitar Hero video-game and digital guitars of the future. Hosted by Kevin Bacon, the film features interviews with B.B. King, Slash, Les Paul, Robby Krieger, Paul Stanley, Skunk Baxter, John 5, Jerry Cantrell, Nancy Wilson and many more…

Curio Shop / Dir. Eric S. Anderson (World Premiere) — A Post-apocalyptic Acid Western. Everything and everyone in this world is broken…Even time. Directed by Emmy-award winner Eric S. Anderson (Dexter, Six Feet Under) and shot by DP David Stump (X-Men, Batman Forever), the show stars Christopher Sweeney, Brittany Slattery, Robert Scott Crane.

Why We Ride / Dir. Bryan H. Carroll (Special Screening) — An inspiring adventure into the world of motorcycling, told by those who live life to the fullest on 2-wheeled machines.

Galapagos 3D / Dir. Martin Williams (Opening Night) — Taking us on a voyage to the stunning Galapagos islands, award-winning producers Anthony Geffen and Sir David Attenborough push 3D technology to its limit in order to meet the unprecedented challenges of filming its unique species and environments.

Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story / Dirs. Mike Ambs, Paul Foyder, Regino Roy III, Whitfield Scheidegger, Greg Shewchuk — A stop-motion animated film based on the popular Disney parks Vinylmation collectible franchise.

We Hear Your Voice / Dir. Rafi B — International pop stars and icons unite with a musical message of hope and to make a charitable contribution to the lives of children around the world.

Wildfire / Dir. Stephen G. Smith (World Premiere) — Directed by Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen G. Smith, Wildfire explores our relationship with civilized and wild fire.

All films have Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and participants.

Tickets as well as passes including the Roger Corman Legend event can be purchased directly at:

Susan Johnston – Founder/Director New Media Film Festival:

Susan speaks all over the world on New Media, Social Media and Incremental Monetization in the Digital Space, sharing her wisdom and knowledge to empower filmmakers to take their careers to the next level.

BECOME A SPONSOR – EMAIL US info@newmediafilmfestival.com

Press & Media Contact:
Jan Janielson
New Media Film Festival
2355 Westwood Blvd. #381
Los Angeles, CA 90064 – USA

Zoli’s Virtual Fans Catapult New Single “Like A Star”

Hungarian pop sensation ZOLI launched his latest single “Like a Star” this week on the shoulders of virtual fans across the globe.

On Aug. 8, ZOLI concluded a Facebook contest where fans voted “Like a Star” to the first of three singles released – a unique, fan-focused approach that is paying off.

ZOLI’s work is a soulful pop-fusion. A trained jazz singer, classical pianist, songwriter, and a pop idol in his native Hungary, ZOLI formed his own record label, Z Music Entertainment, in 2012 and works with an international team, including noted LA-based mixer Rudy Haeusermann (K$esha, Hanson, En Vogue and Tupac).

“Making music has to be a fun process,” ZOLI said in a recent interview. “And using tools like Facebook (www.facebook.com/zolimusic), my website (www.zolimusic.com), Jango, electronic polls, online contests and email to include my fans was very new and exciting.”

“Admittedly the hardest part of this kind of development is trying to keep the personal connection in a virtual world,” ZOLI said. And while it is the reaction of live audience that inspires him, social media and the Web transcends borders and brings ZOLI’s work to the wider world with this latest release.

Contact Details: Brad Runge, Managing Director
Z Music Entertainment
1112- Budapest
Beregszasz 64
(P) +36 70 234-9839
(E) brad@zmusicrecords.net
(W) www.zolimusic.com
(Fb) www.facebook.com/zolimusic
(T) www. twitter.com/zolimusic

“How I Created $100,000 in Revenue in One Year with Social Media” Released as an Ebook

Randy Walker, the tennis publicist and social media marketer, announced the publication of his a new instructional ebook “How I Created $100,000 In Revenue In One Year With Social Media.”

New York, NY, February 14, 2013 – (Straight Line PR) – Randy Walker, the tennis publicist and social media marketer, announced the publication of his a new instructional ebook “How I Created $100,000 In Revenue In One Year With Social Media.”

The ebook, available for purchase for an introductory price of $8.99 here: http://www.amazon.com/Created-Revenue-Using-Social-ebook/dp/B00B3WGKPS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1360600743&sr=1-1&keywords=Randy+Walker+Social+Media, lays out some of the strategies and social media methods that Walker has used to gain in sales, new client and networking success via social media, primarily with Facebook and Twitter.

“I found that I really enjoyed and became very animated in tell people me secrets to my business success with Facebook and Twitter with friends and colleagues so I decided I write it down and make it available as an ebook,” said Walker. ”I can assure you will see an increase in sales and business activity and new clients with at least one tip or method that you will pick up from this book.”

Walker will discuss his methods on how he uses a Facebook profile and a fan page to promote products, businesses and websites – discussing types of content, the time of day and frequency of when to post, as well as the nuances of Twitter for business, including how to gain followers, to get retweeted and what kind of promotional content you should post.

To order the book, click here: http://www.amazon.com/Created-Revenue-Using-Social-ebook/dp/B00B3WGKPS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359055427&sr=8-1&keywords=Randy+Walker+social+media

Walker, a resident of New York, was a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) and is a graduate of New Canaan High School in New Canaan, Conn., and the University of Georgia. In attention to numerous entrepreneurial pursuits, he also conducts coaching sessions in social media and runs social media programs for companies. He can be reached at RandolphSWalker@gmail.com or you can contact him via his book’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/HowICreated100000InRevenueInOneYearWithSocialMedia?fref=ts

PR Distributed by Straight Line PR (http://www.Straightlinepr.com)

Randolph Walker
New Chapter Media
1175 York Ave
Suite #3s
New York, NY 10065

Tweeting for Business: Experts Connection Webinar Offers Course in How to Use Twitter to Build Your Business

Social Media Expert Neal Shaffer Offers Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Build Successful Twitter Marketing Campaigns for Any Organization.

NOVATO, Calif. (August 7, 2012) — This month, Experts Connection for Business (http://www.experts-connection.com/business.aspx) will present Neal Schaffer, social media strategist and author of “Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing Twitter,” who will share his expertise into how to apply Twitter as part of any strategic marketing campaign. The webinar, entitled “Twitter for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing Twitter,” is hosted by NETSHARE® (http://www.netshare.com), and scheduled for August 21, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. ET, (1:00 – 2:30 p.m. PT).

Twitter continues to be one of the most powerful most misunderstood social networks. While many marketing professionals are still struggling to perfect their microblogging strategy, Schaffer has been designing successful marketing campaigns for clients for a number of years and will provide specific strategies and a step-by-step approach to show how to get the most out of Twitter for sales and marketing.

Among the insights Schaffer will share are the Twitter secrets used by major brands. The instruction will include:

– What opportunities Twitter provides to business;
– How Twitter is currently being used within corporations;
– How to build an effective Twitter marketing strategy;
– How to include Twitter as part of a broader marketing program;
– Understanding hash tags, Twitter chats, and how to build a following;
– Examples of successful Twitter campaigns; and
– Twitter tools that are available to make Tweeting more efficient.

“Social media levels the marketing playing field so any business can compete effectively,” said Katherine Simmons, CEO of NETSHARE and host of the Experts Connection webinar series. “Neal has designed winning Twitter campaigns for global companies, and we are fortunate to be able to share his expertise through Experts Connection. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to learn how to harness Twitter and social media for effective marketing.”

The Experts Connection teleseminar series allows business professionals to connect with experts in a wide range of areas, gathering information about business-critical topics presented with an eye toward the practical, not just the theoretical. Experts Connections recruits the most knowledgeable specialists to address problems facing small companies, multi-national corporations, B2B, B2C; businesses of any size serving any market. The cost of the seminar is $100, and access is provided via web and telephone. For more information, visit the Experts Connection online at http://www.experts-connection.com/business.aspx.

About Neal Schaffer
Neal Schaffer helps organizations strategically leverage and maximize return on investment from social business. He is currently Senior Vice President of Social Media Strategy for Social 5150 and Vice President of Social Media Strategy for Green Dream Social, as well as the author of two books on LinkedIn and the soon-to-be-published “Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing Twitter”. Neal is a frequent speaker at media events sponsored by ABC and CBS and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Yahoo! and the American Express Open Forum. He also has counseled Fortune 500 companies and celebrities with nearly one million social media fans.

NETSHARE (http://www.netshare.com) is a confidential, membership based organization dedicated to providing executives across all disciplines and industries with quality $100K plus job lists. NETSHARE also offers networking opportunities and a community of peers for the exchange of strategic information related to job search, professional development and best practices. NETSHARE has been recognized by Fortune and Forbes magazines as the best online destination for executive positions.

Annette DiSano
(415) 883-1700

Tom Woolf
Woolf Media & Marketing
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