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Just For Diabetics Website Offers Hope for Pre-diabetics, Type 2 diabetics, and the Overweight


Research shows that the best time to take action to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes is when you are at the stage of managing these conditions.

Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018-Nov-06 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — November is world diabetes month. When people are diagnosed type 2 diabetic, the first line of defense is the use of prescription drugs in order to manage the diabetes. But what victims of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are not aware of is that research performed by Just For Diabetics website founder, Ernest Quansah, shows that when patients are managing their pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, it is the best opportunity for them to reverse it and be weaned off the prescription drugs. The research results are evidence based. Many doctors and institutions now agree that this is the case. Recently, the University of British Columbia, in conjunction with Pharmasave, a drugstore chain, began offering obese people and type 2 diabetics a diet plan aimed at reversal of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The cost of their plan is $500 a month. The diet plan calls for no consumption of refined sugar, potatoes, fruit, fruit juices, sweet drinks of any kind, rice, bread, and consumption of cooked vegetables for lunch, cooked chicken breast for dinner and so on. Many of the participants are seniors, the overweight, or obese. After several thousand of dollars spent, many participants lose weight and their doctors take them off their diabetes drugs.

Quansah’s program includes a specialized diabetes exercise regime along with vitamin therapy and a carefully designed tasty menu cycle. He himself completely reversed his severe case of type 2 diabetes after compiling this program, which was the culmination of thorough research. This research included the advice of several physicians. Quansah, founder of Just For Diabetics and the author of Diabetics Journey says: “For several years, I have been educating people about how type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes can be reversed through the program offered on my website. Now we see that one of Canada’s finest Universities and a drug store chain are doing the same.”

The website, justfordiabetics.com offers a free weight-loss program, a free diabetes reversal program, as well as an inexpensive paid program. The extensive program includes a full menu regime, exercise videos, tutorials, in addition to a cooking video demonstration, all for less than $180. Quansah wisely suggests that those on the program be monitored by their doctors.

Quansah’s research and findings have been published in the WebMD Diabetes magazine in the article “Secret recipe: How a Chef Cured His Type 2 Diabetes”, as well as on the WebMD website. There is hope for reversing pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes (the type that does not require insulin injections,) and for overcoming being overweight.

“Misinformation about type 2 diabetes is rampant. For diabetics to heal, they need a complete change of attitude and way of thinking. This means, they should not just accept managing their condition, but rather, understand that they can be healed. Further, complacency about pre-diabetes leads to full-blown diabetes, which can lead to heart disease, blindness, liver failure, impotence, limb amputations and early death,” cautions Quansah.

Quansah has been asked to be guest speaker at the Diabetes and Healthcare Conference being held in Helsinki, Norway, in November 2018 and to be keynote speaker at the Diabetes Care Conference being held in Malaysia in May of 2019. His speech topic will include how to help diabetics heal and resultantly reduce healthcare costs.

“What makes me so convinced that type 2 diabetics can be reversed? It’s my own success story. There is no evidence found in any part of the world that shows that type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed. With this conviction behind me, I wanted to offer the same possibility to the countless victims of pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and those who are overweight, through launching justfordiabetics.com. My personal success in being cured is documented in my autobiographical book, Diabetics Journeyand encapsulated by this chart,” says Quansah. (The chart showing the before and after results of Quansah’s blood sugar tests is given below.)

The numbers in this chart represent blood sugar count in millimoles per litre (mmol/L).



Ernest Quansah is a type 2 diabetes Lifestyle Strategist, diabetes educator, keynote speaker, and the author of Diabetics Journey. He is the founder of Just For Diabetics.

He is available for radio, press, and TV interviews, as well as speaking engagements.

Diabetics Journey ISBN-13: 978-0994767035

available at Amazon

Website: https://justfordiabetics.com/

Media Kit: https://justfordiabetics.com/media-kit/

Email: ernest@justfordiabetics.com


Diabetic Cooking Never Tasted So Good

Author Matthew W. Miller’s newly released cookbook, “Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking” is special because it is written by someone who knows the challenges of diabetic cooking with a disability.

Fredericksburg, VA (USA), July 15th, 2015 — When you live with diabetes, you quickly realize your immediate family lives with it, too. Author Matthew W. Miller’s newly released cookbook, “Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking” is special because it is written by someone who knows the challenges of diabetic cooking with a disability. Think you cannot manage diabetes and cook due to a disability or have never cooked before? Think again! Matthew has gathered favorite recipes from friends and family that are easy, simple, taste wonderful and user friendly.

“Having diabetes can feel overwhelming, then you layer this with a disability and cooking seems impossible. I have a disability (cerebral palsy) and I wanted to write a cookbook that makes cooking feel easy and include tips for overcoming obstacles such as exercising by walking up and down stairs or how to remember the difference between low and high blood sugar quickly,” says Matthew. “One of the best ways to help manage diabetes is to know where you can go for more information and help. This is why I included a diabetic resource list at the end of the cookbook.”

In “Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking” (published by Halo Publishing International), Matthew shares some irresistible family recipes, all of which are kid-friendly and simple to follow. His hope is to encourage people despite having a disability that excurse and eating healthy is possible without having to join a gym or hire a dietitian.

“I wrote my second cookbook Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking as a tribute to my late father, Wayne O. Miller, and for all those dealing with diabetes,” says Matthew. “My father encouraged me to exercise and lose weight, and to make this a life-long goal.”

Matthew also advises those with a disability to start making recipes with the fewest number of ingredients. “People with disabilities might need more time to learn how to cook and will probably make a lot of mistakes when cooking something. Just remember it is okay,” says Matthew. “Also, to help prevent diabetes it is important to learn about healthy eating and exercise early in life, and this is something I talk about at the beginning of my book. My hope is to keep people from never giving up on excurse and cooking.”

“Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking” not only has some of Matthew’s favorite recipes, but also those of family and friends. The goal of this unique cookbook is to let people know they are not alone in overcoming obstacles in their lives when cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. “Together we can combat diabetes,” says Matthew.

“There really isn’t a cookbook that helps those with a disability,” says Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “Not to mention a cookbook that can also be used by parents with children who have diabetes. Matthew W. Miller has written a cookbook that does all this and so much more. He definitely embodies a person with determination and has overcome many obstacles in his life, including getting his master’s degree despite having cerebral palsy.”

You can purchase “Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking” through Halo Publishing’s website (http://halopublishing.com) and Amazon. Also available through major distribution.

Matthew W. Miller has mild cerebral palsy. It took him longer to learn to cook. He currently works as a sales associate at Wal-Mart. Before that, he was a cashier. He has also worked as a special education teacher, teacher assistant and substitute teacher. He is a graduate of Culpeper County High School and earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in education from Germanna Community College. He has a BS degree in special education and an MA degree in human relations. During college, he volunteered his time as a peer academic adviser, a student grader and gave presentations on transition planning in special education and test-taking strategies. Like his mom did, he likes to bake desserts.

Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking by Matthew W. Miller, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 9781612443775; Price: $16.95

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647

Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo Sets Speakers Schedule and Adds Sponsors and Vendors

Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo on May 4, 2013 Adds Speakers, Sponsors and Vendors.

Austin, TX (USA), April 29, 2013 — The Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo announced today a full day of credentialed speakers, seven sponsors and more than 60 vendors for their Saturday May 4, 2013 event which will be held at 7601 Burnet Rd. from 10am – 8pm.

The Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo will feature Healthy and Natural Products, Services, Food, Snacks, and Activities. The Expo offer an educational and speaker series on numerous topics including; Diabetes, Healthy Living, exercise, the effect of sleep on health and other sessions from accredited speakers (see the seminar list here: http://mycityshows.com/cities-shows ). The event is sponsored by Austin’s’ Incubation Station which will be bringing its top portfolio companies, and other Austin area organizations and companies including; the Round Rock Express, Natural Grocers, The Living Clay Company, Capital Kitchens, Happy Hemp and Food Matters.

The Speakers and Session Topics will include:
Kim Wandle, Investor Education Coordinator, Texas State Securities Board. Kim has been employed at the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) for over 28 years. “Avoiding Investment Fraud”

Beth Boebel, faculty member at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts “Cooking, Spices and Disease Prevention”

Jennifer Mejias, B.S. Nutritional Science and Dietetics, American Diabetes Association Speakers Bureau of Central Texas “Food Is Not the Enemy: Foods to Keep You on Track with Diabetes without restricting your diet.”

“Dr. Mara Karpel, Licensed clinical psychologist and radio show host (Sunday at 7pm CT in Austin on 96.3FM & 1370AM and on the web – on live-stream & podcast: TalkRadio1370am.com.) ” Dr. Mara Karpel, will discuss her mind-body approach to avoiding burnout and improving caregiver wellness.”

Pam Grove, MS, RD, LD, Natural Grocers “Natural Foods for Optimal Health”

Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D., published educator and owner of Intellibed Austin
”Sleep: The Third Leg of Wellness” and” Vibration Rhythms for Life”

Maryum Mitchell, M.Ed. and BS, Associate Manager, Administration, American Diabetes Association “Resources Available from the American Diabetes Association for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics”

Julie Hutchison, Owner & Creator of Chocolate Shaman “Could Chocolate Actually be good for me?”

Janet Freedman, RN, Diabetes Education Program ”Intro to Diabetes”

Dr. Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), CAN “Avocado And Avocadon’t: Clearing Up What’s Wrong With Current Food Recommendations”

Austin Atkins, RRT, CRT, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. B.S. in Respiratory Care “How to motivate oneself in order to achieve a better, healthier life via fitness and health”

Sonja Das, The Bra Lady “Bad bra’s can be more than a pain in the neck.”

Vendors for the May 4 event include: The American Diabetes Association, AOMA /graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Arbonne International Representatives, Atlas Holistic Wellness Center, Austin Gourmet Imports, Avery Ranch Chiropractic, Bath Planet by Paradise, Bolo Patisserie, Bunkerskin Medical Aesthetics, CapTel Captioned Telephones Representatives, Chick – Fil – A Austin, doTERRA Representatives, Dr. Mara Karpel, Drink Daily Greens Representatives, Essential Bodywear, LLC, The Georgetown Pecan Company, GoDance, Golden Waters of Tea, Good Pop, Greenling, Happy Hemp, Intellibed Austin, It Works! Global Representatives, Juice Plus Representatives, Laurence Egle CFP, Life Span Global Representatives, Lifestyle Transformation Fitness, The Living Clay Company, medifastcenters.com, Merritt Wellness Center, Nana Moo, Natural Grocers &Vitamin Cottage Austin Representatives, Novo Corp. Representatives, NYR Organics Representatives, o Baby! Originals, O3 Skincare Representatives, OLD FACTORY SOAP COMPANY, Powers Family Wellness, Rita’s Water Ice Representatives, The Round Rock Express, Sue Castle Bio-Mat representative, The Chocolate Shaman, The Hearty Vegan, The Jelly Queens, Thrive Life Representatives, Treasured Earth Foods, United Healthcare Community Plan of Texas Representatives, Wondercide/Holmes Integrated Pest Management and Yoga Yoga & Natural Epicurean. Incubation Station Portfolio Companies represented will include: Austin EastCiders , World Peas, GoodSeed Burgers, Primizie Snacks, Thunderbird Energetica, Sanderson Foods, Dude Products, Raven + Lilly, Criquet and Verb.

Portions of the gate receipts, and food and monetary donations will be accepted benefiting Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the Food Pantry which provides meals to home-bound and underprivileged families and individuals throughout the Austin. For a limited time, discount admission vouchers will be available on the http://www.MyCityShows.com web site. Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family. Discounted admission is available with Food Donation.

The Expo will be hosted off of Burnet Road, at the Wozniak Community Center, the Gymnasium and on the grounds of the campus of the St. Louis School (Across from the Northcross Mall at 7601 Burnett Road, Austin, TX 78757) on May 4, 2013 from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

Health information and educational sessions will be offered from 10am – 5pm with speakers including educators from the American Diabetes Associations, Registered Nurse Educators, and a biometrics expert.

Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family or appropriate food donation to the Food Pantry and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

About My City Shows:
My City Shows is an Austin, TX based Event Management Company focused on bringing unique personal contact events to communities which benefit local vendors and charitable causes.
Through our community friendly events, local vendors of products and services can have the opportunity to meet with new prospective customers and consumer have access to local suppliers of goods and services in a convenient venue from which they can sample and buy from local vendors while also assisting local non-profits.

About Incubation Station:
Incubation Station is an accelerator for market-validated CPG (consumer product goods) companies. We give entrepreneurs access to vital resources needed to succeed, including dedicated mentorship from industry experts and entrepreneurs, as well as the education, connections and growth funding required for companies to achieve optimal success through rapid and sustainable growth.

Incubation Station Portfolio companies participate in an intensive, 12-14 week mentoring program designed to maximize commercialization and success. Our goal is to make Austin “the place for consumer product companies” by educating and connecting entrepreneurs who want to effectively start-up and compete in this market. Select portfolio companies profiles follow.

About Happy Hemp:
Happy Hemp is an Austin, TX based company spreading the gift of good health in the form of raw and toasted hemp seeds. Happy Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious and delicious foods on earth. Just a sprinkle of Happy Hemp elevates any meal to super-food status by adding nutty goodness and a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and essential amino and heart healthy fatty acids to any meal. Happy Hemp is more than just a seed, it is a way of life. Life is short– live happy! http://www.happy-hemp.com

Press & Media Contact:
Michael Romanies
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Austin, TX 78720 – USA
(512) 832-9995

Exercise Trends That Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

Advanced Orthopedic offers guidance on mitigating potential risks of recent health trends

Denver, CO, February 20, 2013 — Each new year brings a renewed desire to get healthy and active. However, Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists, Denver’s premier orthopedic practice for those determined to be active, warns of new exercise trends that may actually be hazardous to your health.

“Exercise and fitness trends are great at getting people active, healthy and engaged. But, they could also be harmful,” warns H. Andrew Motz, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists. “It is critical that people approach these exercise options carefully to avoid ending up in our offices.”

Some of the recent health trends that the physicians at Advanced Orthopedic have identified as potentially harmful include:

1. Barefoot running advocates argue that the human body began running without shoes and that wearing shoes actually prevents foot muscle development. However, as this fitness trend continues to take off, runners could be risking injury by too quickly shifting to a new running style. Runners may experience stress fractures, shin splints and increased soreness in the calves as a result of not properly transitioning to this new running style and attempting to change their gait.

Instead of tossing your running shoes, Advanced Orthopedic recommends focusing on how your foot lands as you run and working to distribute the impact of each step throughout your entire foot, rather than mainly your heel.

2. High intensity circuit training classes have taken the fitness world by storm. But, the high intensity nature of these types of activities can pose increased injury risks if people try to do too much too fast. Without proper training and easing into an activity, even the most elite of athletes can suffer an injury.

If a high intensity workout is what motivates you to stay active, take part in a class that lets you move at your own pace and remember to take the crucial time at the beginning of your workout to warm up and stretch. Also, pay careful attention to form. Many times in these fast paced workout environments, in an effort to keep up, individuals struggle to maintain good form and end up hurting themselves.

3. For the right individual, yoga is a great way to de-stress and workout, but that does not mean it is the fitness trend for everybody. First-time yogis trying a more advanced class or pose could overextend their muscles aggravating them, even pulling a muscle. Yoga is all about stretching, but if you do not listen to your own body you could harm yourself.

If you are giving yoga a try for the first time, or even as you advance in your yoga practice, take it slow and come out of a pose if it is too difficult and you feel your muscles begin to shake and fatigue.

4. Spin classes are an excellent way to get a great cardiovascular workout, but many enthusiastic instructors may incorporate too many gyrations while on the bike. Incorporating squats, hovers, push-ups, hip thrusts, jumps or one-foot spins are not always appropriate to be performed on a bike. These types of moves can risk shoulder and knee injuries.

Remember that these extra movements are merely suggested options, not required and not recommended. Simply riding a bike at the appropriate intensity and incline level can be a productive workout.

5. At first glance, the exercise items being sold on TV may look like a fast, easy way to get in shape—but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Whenever you bring a stationary piece of equipment into your home to augment your workout regimen, it is important to make sure you have taken all the proper precautions to ensure its safety.

Not properly securing punching bags or pull-up bars could cause injuries if they come loose from the wall during a workout. Additionally, a new abdominal or weightlifting machine may look like the quick fix on TV, but individuals should always slowly ease into a new activity to reduce unnecessary strain and stress on joints and muscle.

6. The Kinesio Taping® Method, an exercise trend seen frequently in the 2012 London Olympics, is applying highly elastic athletic tape to muscles in an effort to reduce pain and inflammation and support muscles in their normal, day-in and day-out movement.

However, it is certainly not a cure for tired or overused muscles. Kinesio tape can be helpful to ease muscle aches and pains, but is not advised as a replacement option for orthopedic treatments due to a torn meniscus or rotator cuff, for example.

“Exercise can help you lose weight, reduce risk of disease and prolong your life. But it should be done thoughtfully,” explains Dr. Motz. “A good rule of thumb is to listen to your mind and body—if it looks too good to be true, it probably is; and if you’re feeling shaky or overwhelmingly fatigued, you could be putting yourself at serious risk of injury.”

For other injury prevention guidance, visit Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists at www.advancedortho.org/sports.html.

About Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists:
Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists is the premier orthopedic practice for those determined to be active. Home to the top doctors in their fields of expertise, Advanced Orthopedic educates, prepares and supports patients from diagnosis through recovery. Active in innovation, Advanced Orthopedic offers a full continuum of care – from physical therapy to non-surgical options to advanced surgery – for orthopedic injuries and conditions ranging from knees, hips, shoulders, backs, hands and feet. As the premier orthopedic provider, Advanced Orthopedic strives to return patients of all ages, at all levels of activity and who have a variety of orthopedic conditions to their peak performance.

Molly Koch
Communications Strategy Group
3225 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colo., 80206