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Decayeux Group Unveils “Walter” Mobile App at CES to Bring Social Networking to Secure Package Delivery

Walter Centers Combines Social Outreach and Vendor Services Around MyColisBox™.

Las Vegas, NV, USA — The Decayeux Group, the French innovators specializing in security products since 1872, will be introducing Walter, a new mobile security and social app, at CES 2019 being held here January 7-11, 2019. Walter has been developed as a support tool for MyColisBox™, Decayeux’s secure parcel delivery solution, but it also serves as a new social and concierge platform for college dormitories, offices, and residential buildings.

Walter is a mobile app that runs on your smartphone or mobile device to alert you when a package is delivered to a nearby MyColisBox for pickup. MyColisBox can be installed in offices, apartment buildings, condominiums, student housing, marinas – anywhere people need a secure, self-service location to receive packages. However, Walter is more than a delivery alert application – it also has been designed to help residents and co-workers connect and shop using MyColisBox as a social media focal point.

With Walter APP users can connect with others in their community to borrow and lend items, barter, and even receive goods from area businesses. The concept is to promote social cohesion by using mobile technology to connect people using the physical secure delivery system, MyColisBox, as a focal point for the building.

In addition to the app Decayeux has developed Walter BOARD, a digital notice board that allows users to post and share information in real time. Walter BOARD can be used to post items for sale, offer items to share, or to advertise goods and services provided by area merchants. It also can serve as a community bulletin board, alerting users about building services, events, and other notifications.

Rounding out the Walter offering is Walter PARTNERS, which is designed to connect merchants and service providers with MyColisBox users via Walter. Walter PARTNERS allows businesses to promote concierge services and use MyColisBox to deliver goods and pick up items from residents and connected users. For example, restaurants and grocery services can make deliveries via MyColisBox, or cleaners can collect and deliver dry cleaning using MyColisBox as a pickup and delivery point and using Walter BOARD to promote their services.

“With Walter we are paving the way to social delivery of merchandise and services,” said Stephane Decayeux, co-CEO of Decayeux Group. “Developing a mobile app such as Walter to support our secure MyColisBox brings social media and material goods together in a unique way, simplifying people’s lives while bringing them closer together. This is another example of societal transformation powered by innovative technology.”

The Decayeux Group will be demonstrating Walter and MyColisBox at CES at the Sands Hall in Booth 40534. For more information, visit

About MyColisBox
MyColisBox is a secure and connected parcel box delivery system designed to meet the needs of consumers in accepting online shipments and package deliveries. Ideal for residential and professional buildings, MyColisBox was specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s online shoppers, providing a secure pickup point accessed by a unique pin code sent via SMS message to the recipient’s smartphone. The solution is ideal for today’s busy consumers who can’t be available to sign for package’s. It also provides a new way to improve the customer experience by supporting specialty and concierge services that can be delivered right to the consumer’s building.

MyColisBox has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. It also has received the 2019 German Design Award.

About Decayeux
Founded in 1872, the Decayeux group was first a leader in the locksmith industry. Today, that tradition is carried on with its family’s sixth generation, whose passion, innovation, creativity and drive has helped Decayeux to become the leading European manufacturer of mailboxes, as well as high security doors.

For more information, contact:
Tom Woolf
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Mi Rancho® Celebrates 80 Years of Pure Tortilla Joy

Third-Generation, Family-owned Tortilla Manufacturer Celebrates Eight Decades of Success Delivering High-Quality Tortilla Products for Customers Across the United States.

San Leandro, CA, USA — Mi Rancho® (, the Bay Area innovator in the production and global distribution of premium tortillas and Mexican foods, is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019. The family-owned tortilla company was started in 1939 in the back of an Oakland grocery store. In 1954, Robert Berber, Sr., and Robert Berber Jr., purchased the store and began to focus on making tortillas using traditional methods. Today, the third and fourth generation of Berbers continue to operate Mi Rancho, continuing to expand and prepare the company for continued success and growth.

After 80 years, Mi Rancho is producing more tortillas than ever and shipping a variety of organic, non-GMO and simply authentic flour and corn tortillas worldwide. Even though the company is producing more tortillas, the Berber family remains committed to age-old tortilla-making techniques and a philosophy of farm-to-table food production. Mi Rancho uses non-GMO, California-grown whole grain corn that is cooked, steeped, washed, and ground using an ancient Aztec process called nixtamalization. Mi Rancho continues to use traditional production methods such as nixtamalization to enhance the flavor and preserve the authenticity of its tortillas. For example, the corn masa is created by grinding the corn using hand-carved lava stones, just as tortillas have been produced for centuries. The company prides itself on their ability to combine old world authenticity and new world innovation to produce the premium and great tasting tortillas with efficiency, consistency and quality you can rely on.

While Mi Rancho continues to create tortillas in the time-honored way, the company also embraces innovation. Mi Rancho continues to work with retailers, restauranteurs, and industrial customers to meet their needs, and the evolving tastes of their customers. Mi Rancho also has an expanding research and development department that develops new products and works with new ingredients.

Mi Rancho has more than doubled in size over the past decade as they continue to cultivate new segments. After many years producing consistent, premium tortillas to discerning chefs, restaurants, and service outlets, Mi Rancho decided to expand further and make the same high-quality tortillas available to consumers in 2010. Today, Mi Rancho tortillas are stocked on grocery shelves across the United States. To keep up with the growing demand for Mi Rancho products, the company added a second manufacturing facility in Elk Grove, California, in 2018.

“We have seen Mi Rancho flourish since my grandfather started making tortillas on Seventh Street in Oakland. But no matter how we grow, we know that our success is rooted in our commitment to quality ingredients and traditional production methods to deliver a quality product,” said Manuel Berber, President of Mi Rancho. “Everyone who works for us is part of the Mi Rancho family so we all take personal pride in the company and its tortilla products.”

Manuel Berber has served as president of the company since 1992 and is the third generation to manage Mi Rancho. He is grooming his sons, Andrew and Alex, to take over as the fourth generation. Andrew Berber is currently working as Director of Business Development and Alex Berber is serving as Director of Foodservice Sales.

“We are extremely proud that Mi Rancho is celebrating 80 years of success as a family-owned company,” said Manuel Berber. “We have ambitious plans for the future, and I am confident that Andrew and Alex will continue the family tradition and our commitment to excellence for another 80 years.

Mi Rancho is already implementing plans for the next stage in the company’s growth. Over the next five years the company plans to build on its legacy of success with the introduction of new products and expansion into new markets.

For more information, visit Mi Rancho on the web at

Tom Woolf
Director of PR, Gumas Advertising

Schipper Design Grant Program Now Open to Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County Nonprofit Agencies

San Juan Bautista-based Schipper Design is inviting nonprofit agencies in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties to apply for Creatives for Community grants.

San Juan Bautista, CA, December 25, 2018 — San Juan Bautista-based Schipper Design is inviting nonprofit agencies in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties to apply for Creatives for Community grants.

“As we approach our third year of Creatives for Community, we are excited by the response we have had in the past and the overall success of the program,” said Kathy Schipper, Creative Director of Schipper Design. “We want to encourage any and all non-profits to bring us your marketing or design opportunity for 2019. We look forward to the engagement year after year.”

Creatives for Community is the brainchild of Schipper and stems from years of collaboration with nonprofits and her firm belief that nonprofits are an essential part of a healthy community, and deserve to have marketing materials equal to their for-profit counterparts.

“Here at Schipper Design, when we set out to give back to the community, we play to our strengths,” said Schipper. “The Creatives for Community grant program is one way of helping our local communities by doing what we do best — design. I want to invite other creative agencies around the county to participate and offer grants as well.”

Over the past two years, 20+ nonprofits from Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County applied for the grant. One nonprofit from each county was chosen — Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, Homeless Services Center, and R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Parks Foundation were among some of the organizations selected.

In this yearly program, each nonprofit receives 30 hours of graphic design time and personalized attention from the design and account management staffs. Schipper takes the lead in creative direction, but otherwise steps aside, thus promoting leadership-building among the account managers and allowing for unique relationships to form between designers and the clients.

To apply for the Creatives for Community grant, applications open on Jan. 1, 2019, and closes Feb. 28. Send an email to to receive an application.


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Daryl Guberman Answers the Question “Why Does G-PMC Support the Make American Again” Movement in New Video

Daryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC have made it clear recently that not only are they both pro-America and pro-Israel, which has always been upfront, but that they also completely endorse and support the #MAGA movement. Guberman turned to YouTube to answer those who have asked why.

New York, NY, USA, December 24, 2018 — A person doesn’t have to be a political genius to realize that the enemies of America operate in many different areas, including the business world. And that this is something to be taken seriously. When it comes to ISO Quality Registrars, Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC has been loudly denouncing how the major international and even based in America, organizations have the most suspect of foreign national ties. Recently, Guberman’s campaign to educate, and when necessary expose, all of the shady alliances in the ISO world, has taken a new turn with him clearly, and strongly, endorsing President Trump’s “Make American Great Again” or as it’s more commonly known, #MAGA movement. Some have wondered why Guberman has taken this position, which inspired him to answer in his latest information-packed YouTube video, “So why Does G-PMC Support the Make America Great Again Movement?

“We were asked to join both the IAF and ANAB, to make Guberman-PMC part of one of these associations,” remarked Guberman with some intensity. “As a Jewish-American business leader how could I do this when both of these organizations are packed with anti-American and anti-Israel elements, with China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and even North Korea. That’s like asking me to spit on my beloved American flag. So we thought it was impossible to not be more clear about our position and to show we are #MAGA to the core.”

In the video, Guberman goes into great detail about the questionable foreign ties of the IAF and ANAB, showing photos and other evidence that this is not something being imagined, but real. And definitely opposed to the idea of “Making American Great Again”, it is fact the polar opposite. The hope in spreading this information far and wide is that the many business owners who don’t realize who they are supporting choose to instead work with the America-based Guberman-PMC or even the ones that did know, come to their senses, and cut these ties before any potential harm is done to their business, the quality of the work they put our, whatever may be, and certainly their reputation.

As long as supplies last Daryl Guberman is offering a free MAGA baseball cap to anyone who writes him an email or gives a call requesting one, so they too can show open support for the winning idea to “Make America Great Again”. Not only is the hat free, but the generous Guberman is even paying for the postage.

A free phone consultation is also available for any businesses wanting to bring on the American owned and operated company to satisfy their quality needs in an ethical way.

To learn more about Guberman-PMC and what they have to offer be sure to check out

Press & Media Contact:
ABAC Headquarters (US)
41 Madison Avenue, 31st Floor, Manhattan,
New York, NY 10010-2202 – USA
+1 212-726-2320

Meet The President

New Sisters-Founded and Run Business, Pests Out Now, Offers Unique Non-Toxic, Non-Invasive, Compassionate Approach to Pest Control

Pest extermination — everything from ants and cockroaches to rats and raccoons — is a tricky business.

Watsonville, CA, December 2018 — Pest extermination — everything from ants and cockroaches to rats and raccoons — is a tricky business. You want to get rid of them, but you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, poisons or traps. Well, two sisters with extensive experience and training in the healing fields, have a non-toxic and compassionate solution.

Pests Out Now, which was founded in 2017 by sisters Marilyn and Patricia Smith, is a unique non-toxic, non-invasive and compassionate approach to pest control that doesn’t use toxic aerosol sprays, chemicals, poisonous pellets or traps. The sisters, who both have extensive experience and knowledge in various wellness practices with people, use elevated frequencies of Universal Light to treat significant, life challenges in health and well-being, and now with pest control.

Using techniques developed over many years of experience and instruction, Pests Out Now relocates pests to a neutral area away from your living, work or backyard seating areas. These critters, no longer pests, live independently in harmony with nature in a location that doesn’t interfere with your daily activities, never to return to your home or office.

“We enjoy and have fun with our work. It makes the little irritations in life what they truly are — little. However, when it comes to our commitment to you, we are serious,” says Patricia and Marilyn. “Our intent is to provide a service that will make you want to tell everyone about us — because you were treated with such respect. We relocated your pests with little effort and no pain to you. Everybody wins and your life is now a little more pleasant because of us. The bottom line is: You are the reason we are in business, and we want you to be happy.”

The business came about when the sisters were commiserating about their mutual ant problems, Marilyn in her bathroom, Patricia in her kitchen. Neither of them wanted to use harmful chemicals or other drastic measures to solve their ant problems. They both had more than 15 years experience using universal energy to help people heal life challenges and decided to use this to relocate the pests.

As master teachers, healers and communicators, they realized that they could use the techniques and methods they had trained for and practiced for more than 15 years to relocate pests. They are both trained and certified through Soul Power Institute as taught by Master Zhi Gang Sha.

They experimented on their own ant infestations using Universal Light and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the ants were gone within two days — and never came back! They tried experiments on other pests and again discovered that their method worked just as effectively for removing small animals as well as bugs, all without harming them or the environment.

That’s when the idea for a business was born. “This could be a great business — A compassionate approach to pest control!” they said to each other. The result was Pests Out Now.

How the service works

Modern science has verified that elevated frequencies of light have a strong effect upon the material world. They use the term “Universal Light” to represent the high frequencies of energy used in their pest-relocation services. Universal Light resonates with all of life, and has a nurturing quality that is very attractive. Humans, plants, animals — even pests — are drawn to the light’s nourishing properties.

When Universal Light is directed to an area, pests move to this area and make it their abode. The healing quality of Universal Light draws them in, and welcomes them to their new home. Their home is pleasant, and they are quite content to remain there — except under conditions that may disrupt their home, such as flooding, digging up the ground, or changing the landscape, etc.

And, you don’t have to be at home for the service since everything is done remotely.

The initial service is customized just for you to create a pest-free environment using Universal Light. This approach to pest control is compassionate, non-toxic, and non-invasive. Without harm, pests are relocated to a neutral area which is a more suitable location for both the client and the pests.

The initial service is only $125 per infestation, after completing a brief survey. Pests Out Now follows up by email after 3 days to monitor the success of the service, with another follow-up 30 days later.

How the survey works

The survey provides Pests Out Now with necessary information to assess the nature of the pest infestation. This includes

•The type and severity of pest infestation

How severe are the infestations

•The duration, and seasonal or other characteristics of your infestation

•Affected living areas of your property

•The home’s location

Specific requests to resolve the infestation.

Upon receiving the completed survey PON requests Guidance about the type of Universal Light required , and the number of session needed to completely resolve the infestation. (delete next sentence)









• Mice and rats

• Squirrels

• Racoons

Other pests will be considered, depending on the type of pests, infestation and severity. Contact Pests Out Now if the survey does not cover the issues outlined above.

About Marilyn and Patricia Smith

Sisters Marilyn and Patricia Smith were born and raised in Watsonville, California. After high school their paths diverged, Patricia attended the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, Portland Oregon, while Marilyn attended the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, as well as St. Mary’s in Moraga, both in California.

Marilyn became an educator, including as a Resource Specialist Program teacher and school administrator. Patricia worked as a registered nurse and hospital administrator, as well as stints with Amnesty International and as a healer in India for four years.

About 17 years ago both discovered the teachings and methods of Master Zhi Gang Sha, both becoming, after intensive training and instruction, Master Teachers. Marilyn is working full-time as a Master Teacher, traveling to other states and countries to do consultations, teach and train. She is also the author of the book “Gratitude: A Key to Happiness,” and narrated Master Sha’s audiobooks “Soul Communication.” and “ Soul Wisdom”

Patricia, after years in nursing and the medical profession, met Master Sha in 2001, training intensively with him, also becoming a Master Teacher as well as opening her own chronic pain and healing consulting service, Patricia Smith Consulting. One of the catalysts for this, prior to meeting Master Sha, was healing from a server injury using Qigong a holistic system of coordinated body posture, movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, healing and spirituality.

Their career paths converged with Master Sha and now with Pests Out Now, which follows the precepts of Master Sha’s teachings including helping people, reconnecting people with their souls and aligning of the soul, heart, mind and body, to uplift every aspect of life.


Email only:


Marci Bracco Cain

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Original, Interactive Multi-Media Show ‘Celebration ’69’ features Live Music, Vintage Images, Trivia Quiz Exploring the Pivotal Year of 1969

The year 1969 was a momentous one for music, popular culture and world events.

Salinas, CA, December 10, 2018 — The year 1969 was a momentous one for music, popular culture and world events. Richard Nixon became president, Charles Manson went on his murderous spree, the Woodstock Music Festival raised its freak flag to half a million blissful hippies, man walks on the moon, The Beatles released its classic “Abbey Road” album and the dark side of the ’60s showed its face at the Rolling Stones’ disastrous concert at Altamont Speedway.

These six iconic events form the framework for musician/actor Mark Shilstone-Laurent’s original, multi-media, interactive show “Celebration ’69,” which opens Feb. 8 and 9, 2019, at The Western Stage’s SprigFEST 2019, at Hartnell College in Salinas.

The show will also be performed March 8-10 and Aug. 7-9, 2019, at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel. Other shows are being planned in venues in Monterey County, said Shilstone-Laurent.

“I think it’s going to be a pretty fun show, especially for the Boomers. It really is unique,” said Shilstone-Laurent, a longtime local actor and musician, who has taught speech at Hartnell since 1996. “There was so much going on musically and historically in 1969. The music acts as a transition between these six iconic events. I’m trying to make it feel like a party. It’s not a play, it’s a party.”

Each section is illustrated with photographs and other images projected on a background screen, with Shilstone-Laurent providing narration and leading a five-piece band playing popular music from that year. “It encapsulates the whole year in one two-hour show,” he says.

The opening number, Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times” perfectly summarizes and sets up the show, with music from, among others, The Who, Moody Blues, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Santana, Fleetwod Mac, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin, Elton John, Chicago, Michael Jackson, the Jackson Five, as well as, of course, the Rolling Stones, providing the soundtrack of that year.

Shilstone-Laurent uses many black and white photographs from his “oldest, dearest friend” from high school, rock lensman and journalist Stephen Robert Caraway, who passed away in 2015, but left a treasure chest of iconic images from rock ’n’ roll’s biggest stars from as far back as 1967. He said the show is a memorial to Caraway’s photos as well as his spirit that never really lost track of what the ’60’s tried to be all about — peace and love.

Joining Shilstone-Laurent, who is the lead singer and plays guitar, in the band will be drummer Rod “The Mod” Wilson, bassist Jeff Covell, guitarist Justin Noseworthy, and lead guitarist Dustin Carroll. Making a special guest appearance during the show will be a close friend, Randy Thayer.

In addition to the six iconic events that provide the framework, audiences will learn about countless other major happenings that made 1969 such a unique year: Edward Kennedy severely damages his political future by driving off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island; a giant oil spill fouls the beaches of Santa Barbara and a polluted river in Cleveland literally catches fire, giving birth to the environmental activism movement; the largest anti-war protests in American history take place in November and December; police raid a gay bar in New York City — The Stonewall Inn — and for the first time meet fierce resistance, giving birth to the gay rights movement; “Star Trek” airs its final episode and “Sesame Street” its first, and on and on. All told, quite a year.

Shilstone-Laurent has been a longtime performer in the local theater and music scenes. He has taught speech since 1977 and at Hartnell College since 1996. He has also owned a job listing service for jobs in television news, which he sold in 2013. A Salinas resident, he and his wife Adrienne, who works for the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and is a former local news anchor, have three grown sons.

Along with live music, narration, projected images, and guest appearances, the show will feature a Beatles trivia quiz for the audience, making it more of an interactive experience.

“I want to make it interactive, so I encourage the audience to sing along all night and hopefully people will jump in and make it a party,” said Shilstone-Laurent.

For more information and for additional dates go to, or email Shilstone-Laurent


Marci Bracco Cain

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Weatherby Consulting LLC, Leading Florida-based Vacation Rental Consulting Firm, Adds Financial Analyst Gil Nuss to its Team

Weatherby Consulting LLC, a leading vacation rental consulting firm based in Florida, has announced the hiring of Gil Nuss as a Financial Analyst.

Miramar Beach, FL, December 03, 2018 — Weatherby Consulting LLC, a leading vacation rental consulting firm based in Florida, has announced the hiring of Gil Nuss as a Financial Analyst.

Nuss graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in business finance with a concentration in real estate.

In his free time, Nuss enjoys playing golf and basketball and spending time with friends and family.

“I enjoy getting to see vacation rental businesses from different perspectives and enjoy learning from everyone I come into contact with!” says Nuss.

About Weatherby Consulting

Weatherby Consulting provides strategic transaction advisory services, vacation rental consulting an expert accounting services to create opportunities and solutions in the highly competitive vacation rental and resort management industries.

Founded in 2013 by vacation rental industry veteran Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting is the preeminent provider of consulting services in the vacation rental industry with more than 100 buy-and-sell transactions and more than $200 million in sales of vacation rental companies throughout his career.

Based in Miramar Beach, Florida, Weatherby Consulting delivers high-impact results, provides partner-level attention and implements solutions tailored to address every client’s unique goals and objectives.

Weatherby Consulting has worked with industry leading clients in more than 200 resort markets across North America and beyond. With more than 18 years of industry and accounting knowledge, Weatherby Consulting provides rapid, strategic advice to assist our clients with purchase-and-sale transactions, profitability consulting and vacation rental specific financial reporting.

With an unwavering dedication to both the short- and long-term interests of your company, our services are designed to identify underlying issues, provide straightforward answers, and create solutions that will achieve the maximum financial benefit and a competitive advantage for your organization.

Their services include:

1. Transaction Advisory Services — This service line includes the purchase and sale of Vacation Rental Companies, our primary service line.

2. Vacation Rental Consulting — We provide consulting services focused on creating sustainability, efficiencies and increased profits.

3. Accounting Services — We provide expert-level accounting services and financial reporting to more than 30 companies across the U.S.

4. Partnership Opportunities — Weatherby Consulting is willing to partner with Vacation Rental Companies to more effectively manage certain business operations and substantially increase the value of the business.

Weatherby Consulting, LLC

755 Grand Boulevard

Suite 105-275

Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

Toll-Free: (888) 304-1405

Fax: (888) 304-1405



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Fulham Offers EliteControl Bluetooth Mesh LabKit for Fast, Easy Evaluation and Development of Wireless LED Controls

Self-contained EliteControl LabKit makes it easy to understand and test wireless Bluetooth mesh lighting control systems.

Hawthorne, CA, USA — Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has just released a new Bluetooth Mesh LabKit to make it easy for OEMs to quickly test and evaluate wireless LED controllers for commercial lighting systems. The LabKit comes ready to use, complete with Fulham’s Bluetooth mesh mobile commissioning application.

The EliteControl Bluetooth Mesh LabKit is a self-contained, 120V unit. The LabKit includes a Fulham LED light engine, a Fulham SmartBridge Bluetooth controller, an EnOcean wireless Bluetooth switch, and an Apple iPad loaded with Fulham’s controller software. Using the LabKit, the user will have a fully operational Bluetooth mesh LED control system in minutes.

With the EliteControl LabKit you can configure and manage wireless control zones. The Fulham controller app allows users to set up a new lighting project that can encompass one or more floors of a building. Zones made up of a group of Bluetooth mesh devices such as fixtures, sensors or switches are used to define controlled spaces on a specific floor or even within rooms. Custom configuration scenarios can be created using the Fulham app and stored for office spaces, restrooms, etc., to simplify controller commissioning.

Once the zones are configured, the LabKit can be used to connect and control the lighting system. Luminaires can be added to each zone as needed and the LED engine will flash to show connectivity has been established. Once connected, the dimmer switch included in the LabKit can be used to test and control the zone lighting infrastructure.

“We wanted to offer a simple Bluetooth commissioning and evaluation kit to show customers how easy it is to set up a Bluetooth mesh control network,” said Alvaro Garcia, Senior Director, Product Management, for Fulham. “The EliteControl LabKit is ideal for understanding Bluetooth mesh for smaller projects, as well as for demonstrating and testing other Bluetooth mesh wireless LED devices.”

SIG qualified Bluetooth mesh is rapidly gaining momentum as the preferred approach for wireless LED lighting control. Bluetooth is an open standard so any qualified device will interoperable. The mesh architecture also is highly reliable with built-in failover and Bluetooth-enabled luminaires can be added or removed without disruption. Bluetooth mesh also is secure and highly scalable so it can connect thousands of nodes, and it provides a full stack communications platform so it can become the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).

For more information, visit

About Fulham
Fulham Co., Inc. is a leading global provider of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, lighting controls, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the Europe, China, India, and the UAE. For more information, visit, @FulhamUSA or @FulhamEurope.

Media Contact:
Andy Firchau
Marketing Manager
Fulham Co., Inc.
Phone: +1 (323) 779-2980, ext. 1252


Ciel & Terre Completes Two New Floating Solar Projects in California and Colorado with Others Under Construction and Planned in U.S.

New Floating Solar Projects for Walden and Salad Cosmo Use Manmade Ponds for Cost-Effective Solar Power Using Ciel & Terre Patented Floating Photovoltaic Technology.

Petaluma, CA, USA — Ciel & Terre USA (, innovators in floating solar power systems, today announced the completion of two new floating solar projects. A municipal floating solar project in Walden, Colorado, and a private floating solar project for Salad Cosmo in Dixon, California, are producing cost-effective solar power to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Other larger projects are under construction and planned in the U.S.

The Town of Walden, Colorado, faced a challenge with rising energy costs, and by partnering with Johnson Controls on a performance contract, which was supported by Colorado Energy Office, Department of Local Affairs, and GRID Alternatives, the town installed a 75kW floating solar system with Ciel & Terre technology capable of potentially completely powering the town’s drinking water facility in certain months. The $400,000 project included a town-wide energy audit and a $200,000 investment from the town. Estimates are that Walden will save $10,000 per year in energy costs.

“The floating solar array is a milestone for the Town of Walden and highlights the potential for Colorado’s overall energy efforts,” said Rowena Adams, Performance Infrastructure™ account executive at Johnson Controls. “It was a practical choice for Walden given the surrounding bodies of water and the town’s energy resiliency efforts at the Town Water Treatment Facility, as well as the desire to conserve water and minimize algae growth. At Johnson Controls, we are always looking for sustainable environments to work with and Walden has become a prime example of what can be achieved through strong partnerships.”

“We were excited to be a part of Colorado’s first floating solar installation,” said Jake Bobrow, Project Manager for GRID Alternatives. “Having installed many ground and roof mounted systems, we were also delighted with how easy Ciel & Terre’s system was to assemble and install.”

Salad Cosmo USA, a family-owned bean sprout producer in Dixon, California, has made an environment commitment that includes using recyclable packaging, composting waste products for use in the fields, and irrigating with waste water. As part of that commitment, Salad Cosmo wanted a sustainable energy solution for production and hired Sky Power Solar of San Ramon, California, to install a 600 kWp floating solar plant using Ciel & Terre’s floating photovoltaic technology.

“Placing a solar system on our farm land would have reduced the yield of our agricultural products that we need from that land. And in summer time the temperature of the panels does not rise on the water as much as it would on the land, and that improves the solar panel efficiency,” said Masahiro Nakada, CEO OF Salad Cosmo U.S.A Corp.

“The Ciel & Terre solution enabled Salad Cosmo to utilize the surface area of the pond, saving land for more productive uses. The system is easy to install and well-engineered,” said Bob Winn, President of Sky Power Solar. “We look forward to doing more of these projects.”

“These two installations demonstrate that floating solar has become a compelling energy solution for both municipal water treatment and private industry anywhere in the U.S.,” said Eva Pauly-Bowles, Representative Director for Ciel & Terre USA, Inc. “With demand for solar power continuing to rise and available real estate becoming more expensive, floating solar is the ideal solution for anyone with a manmade pond or body of water. It’s cost-effective, quick to install, easy to maintain, and offers a variety of environmental benefits. Floating solar is no longer an exotic niche in the US, but a rapidly growing sector of the solar market. Ciel & Terre USA has other larger floating solar projects under construction and planned across the country.”

Deploying a floating solar array on manmade bodies of water improves energy production by keeping the solar system cooler. At the same time it reduces evaporation, controls algae growth, and reduces water movement to minimize bank erosion. Floating solar arrays also make optimal use of pond surfaces, providing clean solar energy without committing expensive real estate or requiring rooftop installations.

About Ciel & Terre
Established in 2006 as a renewable Independent Power Producer (IPP), Ciel & Terre has been fully devoted to floating solar PV since 2011. The French company pioneered Hydrelio®, the first specific and industrialized system to make solar panels float on water, with criteria such as cost-effectiveness, safety, longevity, resistance to winds and waves, simplicity, drinking water compliance, and optimized electrical yield.

Ciel & Terre has floating solar installations in Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Taiwan as well as the United States. The company has its United States headquarters in Petaluma, California.

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Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union Promotes Montero and David to New Executive Roles

County Federal Names New Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Experience Officer.

San Jose, CA, USA — The Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union ( today announced the promotions of Jennifer Montero and Divine David to new executive roles.

Jennifer Montero has been named Senior Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer. Jennifer has been serving as SVP/Organizational Development. She has extensive knowledge in the field of human resources management and specializes in high-growth operations and restructuring. Jennifer previously served on County Federal’s Board of Directors. In her expanded role, she will be responsible for providing strategic leadership in all human resource functions, learning and talent development initiatives, and special programs. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Jose State University.

Divine David has been promoted from Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer to Senior Vice President/Chief Experience Officer. Divine has a long history in banking, having worked with San Francisco Federal Credit Union, Provident Credit Union, Golden 1 Credit Union, and Bank of the West. In her new role, Divine will be responsible for enhancing the member experience and improving membership services. She holds a Management degree from Golden Gate University.

“Both Jennifer and Divine have been instrumental in helping us maintain the standard of excellence that members expect from County Federal” said Rebecca Reynolds Lytle, President and CEO of County Federal. “Expanding their roles allows us to have an even greater impact on the member experience and help us improve and expand our financial services.”

About Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union
For more than 65 years Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union has been helping county, city, and school employees and affiliated organizations with financial services to help them realize their dreams. In addition to maintaining a passionate commitment to provide knowledgeable financial solutions to its members, County Federal also maintains an extensive community outreach program, providing educational support through its scholarship program and dedicating time and resources to a variety of regional non-profit organizations. County Federal offers a comprehensive line of financial products and preferred rates and is committed to empowering, enriching and enhancing members’ financial lives.

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Media Contact:
Marilyn Avalos
Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union

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