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Haute Rogue Announces the Launch of a Mystery Gift Box Program

For one month only, each and every order will have a special mystery gift box included at no extra cost.

New York, NY, December 04, 2014 – Haute Rogue is an internet retailer bringing the newest and latest in fashion. With a solid following of haute gals all around the world, the e-tailer is constantly innovating and improving to keep the industry on their toes.

Everything that company does, from marketing to merchandising, arise from a constant dialogue with their customer. Haute Rogue curates clothes from fun and upcoming fashion designers and collaborate with local models and photographers to showcase the clothes through their magic lenses.

The idea of a mystery box came from the CEO’s conversation with one of the customer who was buying a dress as a present on the site. Because Haute Rogue puts a real emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction, that was a perfect opportunity to surprise her with a little gift box.

During the program, mystery box will include a cool piece of jewelry that can’t be found on the site so it’s always a “mystery” of what one will get with their package.

As a bonus, the retailer has free U.S. shipping on all orders with absolutely no order minimums. “Here at Haute Rogue, we are building a customer driven company that happens to sell cool clothes that gals want to wear”. Visit Haute Rogue for more details.

Anna M
Haute Rogue Inc.
123 Bowery Road
New York, NY 10002

Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo Sets Speakers Schedule and Adds Sponsors and Vendors

Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo on May 4, 2013 Adds Speakers, Sponsors and Vendors.

Austin, TX (USA), April 29, 2013 — The Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo announced today a full day of credentialed speakers, seven sponsors and more than 60 vendors for their Saturday May 4, 2013 event which will be held at 7601 Burnet Rd. from 10am – 8pm.

The Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo will feature Healthy and Natural Products, Services, Food, Snacks, and Activities. The Expo offer an educational and speaker series on numerous topics including; Diabetes, Healthy Living, exercise, the effect of sleep on health and other sessions from accredited speakers (see the seminar list here: http://mycityshows.com/cities-shows ). The event is sponsored by Austin’s’ Incubation Station which will be bringing its top portfolio companies, and other Austin area organizations and companies including; the Round Rock Express, Natural Grocers, The Living Clay Company, Capital Kitchens, Happy Hemp and Food Matters.

The Speakers and Session Topics will include:
Kim Wandle, Investor Education Coordinator, Texas State Securities Board. Kim has been employed at the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) for over 28 years. “Avoiding Investment Fraud”

Beth Boebel, faculty member at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts “Cooking, Spices and Disease Prevention”

Jennifer Mejias, B.S. Nutritional Science and Dietetics, American Diabetes Association Speakers Bureau of Central Texas “Food Is Not the Enemy: Foods to Keep You on Track with Diabetes without restricting your diet.”

“Dr. Mara Karpel, Licensed clinical psychologist and radio show host (Sunday at 7pm CT in Austin on 96.3FM & 1370AM and on the web – on live-stream & podcast: TalkRadio1370am.com.) ” Dr. Mara Karpel, will discuss her mind-body approach to avoiding burnout and improving caregiver wellness.”

Pam Grove, MS, RD, LD, Natural Grocers “Natural Foods for Optimal Health”

Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D., published educator and owner of Intellibed Austin
”Sleep: The Third Leg of Wellness” and” Vibration Rhythms for Life”

Maryum Mitchell, M.Ed. and BS, Associate Manager, Administration, American Diabetes Association “Resources Available from the American Diabetes Association for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics”

Julie Hutchison, Owner & Creator of Chocolate Shaman “Could Chocolate Actually be good for me?”

Janet Freedman, RN, Diabetes Education Program ”Intro to Diabetes”

Dr. Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), CAN “Avocado And Avocadon’t: Clearing Up What’s Wrong With Current Food Recommendations”

Austin Atkins, RRT, CRT, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. B.S. in Respiratory Care “How to motivate oneself in order to achieve a better, healthier life via fitness and health”

Sonja Das, The Bra Lady “Bad bra’s can be more than a pain in the neck.”

Vendors for the May 4 event include: The American Diabetes Association, AOMA /graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Arbonne International Representatives, Atlas Holistic Wellness Center, Austin Gourmet Imports, Avery Ranch Chiropractic, Bath Planet by Paradise, Bolo Patisserie, Bunkerskin Medical Aesthetics, CapTel Captioned Telephones Representatives, Chick – Fil – A Austin, doTERRA Representatives, Dr. Mara Karpel, Drink Daily Greens Representatives, Essential Bodywear, LLC, The Georgetown Pecan Company, GoDance, Golden Waters of Tea, Good Pop, Greenling, Happy Hemp, Intellibed Austin, It Works! Global Representatives, Juice Plus Representatives, Laurence Egle CFP, Life Span Global Representatives, Lifestyle Transformation Fitness, The Living Clay Company, medifastcenters.com, Merritt Wellness Center, Nana Moo, Natural Grocers &Vitamin Cottage Austin Representatives, Novo Corp. Representatives, NYR Organics Representatives, o Baby! Originals, O3 Skincare Representatives, OLD FACTORY SOAP COMPANY, Powers Family Wellness, Rita’s Water Ice Representatives, The Round Rock Express, Sue Castle Bio-Mat representative, The Chocolate Shaman, The Hearty Vegan, The Jelly Queens, Thrive Life Representatives, Treasured Earth Foods, United Healthcare Community Plan of Texas Representatives, Wondercide/Holmes Integrated Pest Management and Yoga Yoga & Natural Epicurean. Incubation Station Portfolio Companies represented will include: Austin EastCiders , World Peas, GoodSeed Burgers, Primizie Snacks, Thunderbird Energetica, Sanderson Foods, Dude Products, Raven + Lilly, Criquet and Verb.

Portions of the gate receipts, and food and monetary donations will be accepted benefiting Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the Food Pantry which provides meals to home-bound and underprivileged families and individuals throughout the Austin. For a limited time, discount admission vouchers will be available on the http://www.MyCityShows.com web site. Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family. Discounted admission is available with Food Donation.

The Expo will be hosted off of Burnet Road, at the Wozniak Community Center, the Gymnasium and on the grounds of the campus of the St. Louis School (Across from the Northcross Mall at 7601 Burnett Road, Austin, TX 78757) on May 4, 2013 from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

Health information and educational sessions will be offered from 10am – 5pm with speakers including educators from the American Diabetes Associations, Registered Nurse Educators, and a biometrics expert.

Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family or appropriate food donation to the Food Pantry and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

About My City Shows:
My City Shows is an Austin, TX based Event Management Company focused on bringing unique personal contact events to communities which benefit local vendors and charitable causes.
Through our community friendly events, local vendors of products and services can have the opportunity to meet with new prospective customers and consumer have access to local suppliers of goods and services in a convenient venue from which they can sample and buy from local vendors while also assisting local non-profits.

About Incubation Station:
Incubation Station is an accelerator for market-validated CPG (consumer product goods) companies. We give entrepreneurs access to vital resources needed to succeed, including dedicated mentorship from industry experts and entrepreneurs, as well as the education, connections and growth funding required for companies to achieve optimal success through rapid and sustainable growth.

Incubation Station Portfolio companies participate in an intensive, 12-14 week mentoring program designed to maximize commercialization and success. Our goal is to make Austin “the place for consumer product companies” by educating and connecting entrepreneurs who want to effectively start-up and compete in this market. Select portfolio companies profiles follow.

About Happy Hemp:
Happy Hemp is an Austin, TX based company spreading the gift of good health in the form of raw and toasted hemp seeds. Happy Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious and delicious foods on earth. Just a sprinkle of Happy Hemp elevates any meal to super-food status by adding nutty goodness and a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and essential amino and heart healthy fatty acids to any meal. Happy Hemp is more than just a seed, it is a way of life. Life is short– live happy! http://www.happy-hemp.com

Press & Media Contact:
Michael Romanies
FUEL Marketing and Sales
P.O. Box 201269
Austin, TX 78720 – USA
(512) 832-9995

XCALIBUR Shoes Invade Uptown Dallas Fashion Center in the West Village

Luxury Footwear Brand Targets Dallas.

Dallas, TX (USA), December 12th, 2012 — The crown jewel of Texas fashion and luxury goods, Dallas now hosts the XCALIBUR Shoe line, expanding to include Uptown Dallas in its list of regional retail and department store locations. Demerara, an upscale men’s and women’s retailer within Uptown Dallas – West Village, located on 3699 McKinney Ave., is now carrying the top-selling sneakers as its flagship shoe.

The sophistication and elegance of sneakers: Rather than producing sneakers with artificial leathers, sacrificing comfort, quality and durability, XCALIBUR ( http://www.xcaliburshoes.com ) uses premium calfskin leathers with sophisticated sleek designs that attract the attention of fashion-forward shoppers and astute collectors.

Premium quality, design and comfort define the Los Angeles-based XCALIBUR Collection, with handmade wears comprised of the finest leather materials imported from Italy. The XCALIBUR Collection artfully combines exquisite handcrafted lace-ups, loafers, boots, sneakers, comfort and dress shoes, making the choice selections a desired men’s footwear brand.

Each shoe has been meticulously designed under the direction of the experienced design team and insightful leadership of its Chief Creative Officer Vijay Freeman, who continues the classic men’s footwear legacy that has been a family tradition since 1960.

For more information, visit http://www.xcaliburshoes.com.

MEDIA: High resolution photos available by contacting Vijay Freeman at xcaliburshoes@gmail.com.

SOURCE: Off The Rip Productions

Press & Media Contact:
Vijay Freeman
The XCALIBUR Collection
Dallas, TX – USA

ASOS Promo Code 2012

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asos coupon

Diamond Jewellery Market Growth in East

05 July 2011 – /RTPR/– Recent figures suggest that the market for diamond jewellery in the near future is expected to be driven by increased growth in India, China and the Gulf.

These emerging Eastern markets have demonstrated significant growth in the past few years, with diamonds proving increasingly popular as both a luxury item and a long-term investment.

By 2015, it is predicted that India, China and the Gulf will equal or surpass the market share of the US, which currently stands at 35 to 40 per cent. In 2010, India and China were already up 31 and 25 per cent respectively.

However, with worldwide reserves of diamonds at an all-time low, this new growth in Eastern countries means the balance between supply and demand is set to become more mismatched than ever; forecasts warn that demand is likely to outpace lower levels of diamond supply for many years to come.

With diamonds only getting rarer, it’s likely that the value of diamonds will continue to ascend on a global scale in the same way that gold and silver prices have already, increasing the natural treasure’s worth in the long term.

Although diamond prices have already begun to reflect the imbalance between supply and demand, the view that diamonds are an ‘investment vehicle’ that has the potential to grow – or at least remain the same – means customers are continuing to buy.

When compared to the inflated prices of gold, diamonds also – for the time being – pose a more affordable alternative in an unsteady economy.

It is yet to be seen how the rising value of diamonds will affect the production and/or prices of popular jewellery brands, popular in both the East and West, which feature diamond-encrusted pieces in their collections. For now, however, fans of Pandora jewellery and the like need not worry.

Visit the Jewel Hut, one of the UK’s leading jewellery websites, today to view an extensive collection of diamond jewellery.

Contact Details: The Jewel Hut: http://www.thejewelhut.co.uk
95 High Street
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Tel. No. 01384 78431
E-mail: luke.mcnaney@thbaker-watches.co.uk



Sekonda Watches Party on TV’s Popstar to Operastar

05 July 2011 – /RTPR/– The party is nearly over for ‘Popstar to Operastar’ contestants Joe McElderry and Cheryl Baker but it never stops for Sekonda watches.

Over the past five weeks, Sekonda has showcased its colourful range of Party Time watches in its role as official show sponsor of ITV1’s singing competition.

In that time, the eight celebrity contestants have been whittled down to finalists McElderry and Baker, who will compete against each other to be crowned the winning ‘Operastar’ on Sunday’s final show.

Although the final curtain will come down on ‘Popstar to Operstar’ for another year, fans of Partytime won’t have to wait that long to see their favourite Sekonda watches return to the screen.

The new series of ‘Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model’, which commenced on Sky Living on Monday (04 July), will feature the modelling hopefuls sporting Sekonda Partytime watches as part of one week’s challenge.

Sekonda watches’ starring role in Living’s fashion show follows last year’s photo shoot, which saw contestants wearing Casio Baby-G watches and led to show winner Joy McLaren being selected as an official brand ambassador.

Although it is not yet known whether this year’s winner will enjoy a similar deal modelling Sekonda Partytime watches, the brand itself is sure to benefit from another turn in the TV spotlight.

Each Partytime watch boasts a bold, single colour strap with a glittering stone-set bezel, providing a colour for every party any time of the year.

With Christmas approaching, it’s likely that Sekonda will continue its sponsorship of ITV shows over the festive period following annual slots in 2009 and 2010, which won the watch brand even more fans in the run-up to Christmas.

A wide range of Sekonda watches, including the Partytime range, can be viewed at the Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watches website.

Catch the finale of ‘Popstar to Operstar’, sponsored by Sekonda, on Sunday 10 July at 8pm ITV1. For more information on where you can next catch Sekonda on TV, visit thewatchhut.co.uk.


The Watch Hut: http://www.thewatchhut.co.uk

95 High Street
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Tel. No. 01384 78431
E-mail: luke.mcnaney@thbaker-watches.co.uk


Pandora Jewellery Line Launches Online Mag

Jun 22 2011 /RTPR/ – The Copenhagen-based jeweller behind the Pandora bracelets range is set to venture into online publishing to help it to stay in contact with its millions of customers worldwide.

The first issue of the online magazine will launch on 20th June 2011 and will be sent to the 1.6 million members of their website-based Pandora Club.

The magazine will feature behind the scenes insights into the brand, fashion shoots, style tips and the stories behind customer’s purchases of Pandora jewellery and bracelets. Published six times per year, the magazine will initially launch in an international format which the company eventually hopes to be able to adapt with local content such as special events and promotions.

The launch of the magazine marks an important step in the evolution of the company. Since the UK launch in 2006 the company’s product range, which now includes rings and watches, has been selling at a phenomenal rate. The company has managed supply and demand successfully, due in large part to its integrated designs, manufactures and distribution.

Founded in 1982, Pandora jewellery is today sold in more than 55 countries on six continents through over 10,000 points of sale, including more than 450 Pandora branded concept stores as well as online from stores such as thejewelhut.co.uk.

Whilst the financial projections were made successfully, what could not have been seen is the way in which consumers have taken the brand to their hearts. Pandora braceletshave become very different from a standard jewellery product; it has taken on a life of its own and has become a part an important constituent of the lives of its wearers. This symbiotic relationship has created many repeat customers who have made their charm bead collection an integral part of their lives.

Mikkel Berg, executive marketing director, quoted in a recent Marketing Week article, said: “This magazine rewards our customers’ loyalty and gives new opportunities for them to share their thoughts with each other and the company.”

To ensure that you get your copy sign up online on the Pandora website atwww.pandora.net. For more information on Pandora jewellery, visit popular UK jewellery site the Jewel Hut at http://www.thejewelhut.co.uk.

Contact Details: The Jewel Hut – http://www.thejewelhut.co.uk
95 High Street
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
Telephone no: 0138478431
E-mail: rich@thbaker.co.uk


Boden Wins Loyalty Award

Jun 09 2011 /RTPR/ – Boden, the multichannel retailer of apparel and accessories, emerged victorious as the CRM/Loylty category winner of Marketing Week’s second Engage Awards. Announced at a glittering ceremony at the Grosvernor House Hotel in London, members of the Boden team were delighted by the recognition by judges and peers for their innovative CRM efforts.

The award-winning “Love Story” campaign featured personalised mailing, addressed to a customer’s first name with a J Loves logo at the front. A fold-out spread was completely unique to each customer based on their shopping history and life story with the brand.

The back of the catalogue featured further personalisation, with product recommendations based on analytics. These were further complemented by personal emails with further recommendations and additional integrated material.

Overall results for the catalogue mailing delivered a near 30% uplift in response. Engage Award’s judges were impressed, commenting “A great example of marketing with a personal touch.” Praising the quality and relevance of personalisation they added, “Strong customisation made it highly engaging and drove strong results”.

Boden’s campaign fought off strong competition in the face of O2’s Priority campaign and Innocent Drinks’ Innocent AGM to claim the Winner’s award. Further shortlisted entries came from Coca-Cola, Cravendale, Fiat, M&S and More Than amongst others.

Now in its second year, Marketing Week’s Engage Awards received even more entries than last year, which were judged by judged by a host of well know industry professionals including Mark Choueke, Editor of Marketing Week, Will Abbott, Marketing and Communications Director, Freesat, Lauren Branston Director, Public Affairs & Communications, Coca Cola, Craig Inglis Director, Marketing John Lewis, Richard Reed CEO Innocent Drinks and Phil Rumbol Founding Partner 101.

About JP Boden
When he could not find what he wanted in the Johnnie Boden started a clothing business. Boden’s grown in leaps and bounds since the first range took shape on Johnnie’s kitchen table back in 1991. The company is now turning over £200 million a year and employing 800 staff. More than 200 womenswear styles are on offer, as well as extensive ranges of menswear, babyweargirls dresses and boys clothes. Boden launched operations in America in 2002, Germany in 2007 and Austria in September 2009.

Contact Details: Boden UK
PR Manager
Boden House, 114 – 120 Victoria Road
NW10 6NY

Boden’s Innovative Catalogue Campaign Pays Off

Jun 09 2011 /RTPR/ – Clothing retailer Boden reported a doubling of response on its latest enquirer conversion campaign in Summer 2011. Investment in an integrated multichannel approach to enquirer mailings with high level of personalisation paid off with improved ROI compared to past campaigns.

In May, Boden mailed Royal Wedding themed postcards to its enquirers, each featuring a personalised URL leading to a tailored micro site. Visitors were able to enter a competition to instantly win £1,000 worth of Boden clothing. Those that weren’t lucky enough to scoop the prize were awarded with a 15% off discount and automatically deep-linked from the micro site to the relevant Boden web page based on their catalogue preferences and gender.

The thorough approach with creative integration from start to finish paid off, boosting both engagement and sales. Matthew Finn, Assistant Marketing Manager at Boden, commented “Despite the higher initial costs we experienced almost double the response rate.” He went on to thank digital printers Howard Hunt and insight partners Celerity for their support in putting the campaign together.

Mr Finn now plans to roll out similar features to more tactical campaigns in the future. “We’ve seen declining response rates for enquirers on traditional mailings”, he says, sighting personalised integrated campaigns as a way to boost enquirer engagement and conversion.

This success follows hot on the heels of Boden’s catalogue campaign that was awarded Marketing Week’s Engage Award in May. The “Love Story” campaign featured personalised mailing, addressed to a customer’s first name with a J Loves logo at the front. A fold-out spread was unique to each customer based on their shopping history and life story with the brand. Overall results for this catalogue mailing delivered a near 30% uplift in response.

About JP Boden
When he could not find what he wanted in the Johnnie Boden started a clothing business. Boden’s grown in leaps and bounds since the first range took shape on Johnnie’s kitchen table back in 1991. The company is now turning over £200 million a year and employing 800 staff. More than 200 womenswear styles are on offer, as well as extensive ranges of menswear, boys clothinggirls clothing and babies clothes. Boden launched operations in America in 2002, Germany in 2007 and Austria in September 2009.

Contact Details: pr@boden.co.uk
PR Manager
Boden House, 114 – 120 Victoria Road
NW10 6NY
0845 677 5050


Emporio Armani S/S 2011 Collection Available at TheWatchHut.co.uk

May 10, 2011 /RTPR/– Make sure you spend your time stylishly this summer with a watch from the new Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2011 collection, available now at the Watch Hut.

New Emporio Armani watches are just waiting to give your wrist a style overhaul, over at the UK’s largest watch website.

Famed for its sexy and youthful appeal, Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani brand is one of the most recognised fashion labels on the worldwide market today. Its clothing and accessories output is trendy, smart and cool – and its watches are no exception.

This season’s brand new Emporio Armani watches don’t fix what isn’t broken, providing the brand’s fashion-conscious followers with an extensive choice of sexy, sophisticated designer timepieces that complement the existing collection.

Key trends include the continuing popularity of black and white ceramic models, sporty yet smart chronograph bracelet watches, and contemporary takes on classic leather strap dress watches.

All-new Emporio Armani watches can be viewed on the Watch Hut’s dedicated brand section or within the ‘Latest New Models’ category.

The UK’s largest watch website is home to some of the world’s leading designer watch brands, including another hot Armani off-shoot, Armani Exchange. With over 6000 watches available from more than 60 popular watch brands, the Watch Hut is a one-stop destination for the best in wrist style.

To view Emporio Armani watches, visit the Watch Hut at http://www.thewatchhut.co.uk.

For further information, please contact Luke McNaney at luke.mcnaney@thbaker-watches.co.uk or on 01384 467592.

Company: The Watch Hut
Website: http://www.thewatchhut.co.uk Street address: 95 High Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands