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Racing Towards Retailization: WishKnish and InstantAccess.io Bring Down Usability Barriers to True Blockchain Adoption

Washington, DC, USA, 2018-Jan-08 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — What does the average retail user think about blockchain technology? A few words that frequently come up are: confusing, abstract, scary, complicated, overwhelming. Not exactly wide adoption territory. But one innovative company hopes to change that.

Any great technological revolution goes through stages, each with its own unique challenges. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and yet it’s already rearing to change the world. However, before it can “grow up”, it has to be accepted by the harshest audience of all: the average retail consumer.

So, how does one make the average consumer fully understand blockchain tech? If you ask Alisa Gus, CEO of WishKnish (https://wishknish.com) – you don’t.

“When you get into your car in the morning, do you need to understand the principles of internal combustion in order to get your engine revved up? I don’t think so,” Alisa says. “Neither do you need to understand how SSL encryption works in order to make a secure e-commerce purchase. Any great technology has to fit transparently into your routine so that you use it successfully without thinking. That is what needs to happen to blockchain tech before it can be fully embraced.”

WishKnish, the social, gamified marketplace platform startup based out of the Washington, DC area, has been making great strides in bringing much-needed usability improvements to the often complicated process of obtaining and transacting in cryptocurrencies – virtual tokens encrypted using a secret hash and decentralized across multiple distributed “ledgers”.

Last month WishKnish announced a key partnership with UK biometric security firm BioSSL to replace the convoluted and oft-problematic “private key” used to unlock cryptocurrency wallets, with army-grade biometric security measures and other layers of authentication.

Michael Kapoor, former managing partner at Propeller Venture Capital and newly minted COO of WishKnish is no stranger to untangling the usability struggles commonly encountered in this nascent space. “If you’ve ever lost your private key, your tokens are as good as gone,” Mr. Kapoor says. “This level of risk is simply unacceptable for the average user. This is just one example of the evolutionary challenges we are addressing with the WishKnish platform.”

Now, the ambitious team is staring off 2018 by partnering with InstantAccess.io, a usability startup based out of Berlin, Germany that helps users save time filling out form online by maintaining their own private, secure repository that can be easy tapped into with a single click. Previously stored form fields can be updated across the entire network, making changes easy.

“It’s as simple as logging in via Facebook or Twitter – just click the icon, authenticate, and the necessary data will automatically be sent to the app,” explains Eugene Teplitsky, CTO of WishKnish and Alisa’s partner. “Since our goal is to accommodate a wide range of storefront communities, we anticipate a broad need for information that users could potentially exchange with them, from the mundane – like shoe size or dietary preference – to more complex, harder-to-remember details – like blockchain wallet addresses. InstantAccess.io will save users a ton of time, and shave off another layer of usability barriers between blockchain technology and full adoption among retail users.”

“We are super excited about the partnership with WishKnish as we believe blockchain technology is becoming widely adopted by everyday users”, says Rick Chen, director at InstantAccess.io. “Our aim is simple, we want the InstantAccess app to save users time, make their life easier, especially in adopting new and exciting technologies like blockchain.”

The future for retailization of user-facing blockchain marketplaces has never been brighter.

About WishKnish Corp.
WishKnish (https://wishknish.com) offers businesses, affiliates, and non-profits a decentralized marketplace platform for launching gamified, socially-engaged storefront communities equipped with the tools to turn regular users into super-fans and evangelizers while streamlining coin-agnostic e-commerce and fulfillment, as well as offering advanced blockchain-as-a-service tools to meet enterprise clients’ needs.

About InstantAccess.io
InstantAccess is an app that saves all kinds of user information/preferences securely and privately. Users can then re-use this information online and offline with just one click. From emails to shoe sizes to blockchain wallet addresses, InstantAccess makes it easier to access services.


WishKnish Corp.,
P.O. Box 2160, Reston,
VA 20195
(202) 800-2663

SAMANA Moves to Le Souk San Francisco Located at 1465 Custer Avenue in San Francisco

A ‘souk’ is a North African word for a marketplace (usually open-air), equivalent to a Persian bazaar, flea market or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities.

San Francisco, CA, May 25, 2015 — A ‘souk’ is a North African word for a marketplace (usually open-air), equivalent to a Persian bazaar, flea market or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities. Le Souk SF is filled with antiquities, folk art, ethnic and graphic arts, along with furniture, home decorative items, mostly, but not exclusively, from Asia and other ports of call. This, coupled with an extraordinary exotic outdoor garden resplendent with vertical gardens, trees, plants , outdoor sculptures and unusual planting vessels, creates a magical environment rarely found.

All located under one roof are several businesses including: Gil’s Upholstery; Khatriya Armstrong Collection; La Follia; Living Green Planscape; Richard Gervais Collection, and the latest addition SAMANA.

SAMANA’s now sole owner Sandy Martinez reminds her customers of her relocation to a wonderful warehouse named Le Souk SF in what is now BECOMING known as the new Garden District in the Bay Area: located at 1465 Custer Street, SF. Her store features unconventional furnishings, decorative accessories, lighting, garden ITEMS, and gifts brought in from around the world. She features exclusively enhanced designed objects created by SAMANA artists.

SAMANA caters to the eclectic, the bohemian; and has an unconventional approach to interior design. It’s about what’s personal, what’s meaningful, what”s fun, and what’s provocative. It’s about what feels good, looks great and, simply is “you and no one else.”

What’s behind the name? SAMANA comes from Sanskrit , India’s mother language. The word has several meanings – one being that of Hindu wandering monks who emphasize and individualize “ unconventional” ways on their path to enlightenment.

Under this inspiration, we at SAMANA try to bring untraditional inspirations that may brighten up your home, office and favorite spaces.

About the owner of SAMANA – Sandy Martinez:
Sandy was born in Argentina, the end of the world in her opinion. She grew up with the travel bug and it was only a matter of time before she started exploring the rest of Latin America. With a knack to adapt easily to other cultures, she expanded her horizons pursuing adventures in other parts of the world. Purchasing beautiful things and “buying without guilt” as she puts it, came as a natural consequence….. SAMANA was born and ironically the chosen name for her store mirrors her “unconventional” life. Phone: 866-901-1871, 415-642-1056 email:info@samana.us http://www.samana.us/

Richard Gervais Collection
Richard Gervais began traveling and shopping in Southeast Asia in 1968 while vacation traveling there with a college friend from the Philippines. Intrigued and enamored by the interesting never-before-seen folk art, handicrafts and ethnic items abounding there, they decided to open an export/import business together. They immediately began shopping and exporting from the Philippines, and shortly after added Bali, Java, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Tibet, Nepal, and eventually India, Sri Lanka and Brazil as ports of call.

The first location was a boutique shop opened on the cable car line on California Street. Since then, locations have enlarged and changed to the current location in ‘Le Souk San Francisco’ on Custer Avenue. New shipments continue to arrive and the collection still comprises and interesting and unique array of new, vintage, antique, and even ancient art and artifacts that attract Richard’s eye and aesthetic sensibilities. Phone: 415-642-1056 email: Inquiry@RichardGervaisCollection.com www.RichardGervaisCollection.com

Living Green Design:
Davis Dalbok, founder, runs a multi-faceted business. Under his guidance, his company has been creating notable gardens throughout the Bay Area and beyond for more than 30 years. Living Green represents some of the industries’ finest lines, including Luciano Antiques, Wijaya Classics Lighting, Gladding McBean Ceramics, and Nature’s Treasures — Minerals and Fossils. At his new location at Le Souk SF, Davis has transformed a former functional storage yard into a thriving exterior landscape nursery and sculpture garden. Living Green now displays garden-oriented water features, garden amenities, and cutting-edge vertical living walls. Within weeks of inhabiting the new space, birds and dragonflies have found a new home in this lively oasis. This new venue captures the spirit of what Living Green has always been about: using beautiful plants and soulful objects to create outdoor living environments that are both well-appointed and spiritually grounding. Phone: 415-864-2251 email: info@livinggreen.com www.Livinggreen.com

Gil’s Upholstery Inc
Established in 1985, Gil’s is family owned and operated and has provided the very best in upholstery services for private residences and the top interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gil’s Upholstery specializes in Re-Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Custom-Made Furniture, Outdoor, Residential and Commercial Upholstery. The owner, Gilbert Herrera, takes pride in creating and sustaining authentic relationships with his clients, a key component to Gil’s Upholstery success. With his two sons, Anthony and Marcus, working by his side, along with a team of expert upholsterers, Gil’s Upholstery continues to execute one-of-a-kind work for clients. Gil’s work has been featured in Elle Decor several times and can be seen at some of San Francisco’s most prestige homes and establishments. Look for Gil’s Upholstery Inc. on various social media outlets. Phone: Call Anthony 415-290-9320/ 650-291-5473 email: gilsupholstery@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/gilsupholsteryInc?Fref=ts Instagram: http://instagram.com/gilsupholstery_inc/ Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM Saturday 10AM – 3pm

La Follia Floral Design Landscape
La Follia event and floral designer, Thierry Chantrel, received his degree from Ecole Speciale d’Architecture des Jardins in Paris. He began his career working with “Decoration Florale, ” one of the top Parisian decoration firms. While with them he had the opportunity to work for an exclusive list of clients and their discriminating friends, as well as the major companies in the fashion industry, such as Givenchy, Valentino, Ricci, Hermes, and many others. Thierry Chantrel now has his Atelier in San Francisco. His clientele reads like a who’s who of Bay Area society and his flowers have graced venues and homes throughout the city, the wine country and the Peninsula. He was honored with “Best of Show” for the San Francisco Landscape and Garden Show and he is regularly featured in Bouquets to Art. He is a familiar face on the lecture circuit and is a favorite of Bay Area garden clubs. His decorative furniture has been featured in Architectural Digest and in the book L.A. LOFTS by Barbara Thornburg. Thierry designs beautiful arrangements for weddings, events, or parties based on your specific needs and desires, and at the same time imbues your floral decoration with the style and classical tradition that has earned him recognition as one of America’s Top Florists (Elle Décor). His work can be seen in Vera Wang’s Vera Wang On Weddings and in Mallory Samson’s Outdoor Weddings: Unforgettable Celebrations in Storybook Settings. By appointment only. Phone: 415-551-2310 email: Thierry@Thierrychantrel.com www.thierrychantrel.com

Le Souk SF, 1465 Custer Ave, San Francisco 94124, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am- 4pm. SAMANA located at LE SOUKSF 1465 Custer Ave | San Francisco | 94124

Marci Bracco
Carmel, CA 93923

New App From DST Market Services puts Mutual Fund Marketplace on a Smartphone

“TreeSwing” Makes Investing Accessible And Fun For New Investors

Kansas City, MO, March 08, 2013 – TreeSwing is a mobile brokerage service sponsored by DST Market Services, a registered broker-dealer and member firm of FINRA. DST Market Services today announced its plan to launch a new phone application designed to put the benefits of investing into the hands of a wider investing audience, including those who have never invested before.

Available soon as a free download from the App Store™, TreeSwing is built on the idea that even the smallest contributions add up over time. With no brokerage fees, no minimum balances, and no required monthly investment, investors can contribute any amount they’re comfortable with—as little as $1 at a time, as often as they like.

TreeSwing will allow investors to select from a marketplace of professionally managed mutual funds offered by some of the top names in the industry. By keeping the marketplace purposefully small, using plain language, and providing independent data from Morningstar, TreeSwing aims to give investors an easy way to make informed choices.

According to Brian Smith, Design and Product Manager for the TreeSwing application, the app was created specifically to serve the millions of Americans who aren’t currently investing.
“I believe we’ve built something that will lower the financial, behavioral, and emotional barriers to the investment process,” says Mr. Smith.

TreeSwing will occasionally send encouraging notifications to users’ phones. These reminders are designed to keep users on track by focusing on investing behaviors, not market fluctuations, and by making investing part of life on a weekly, even daily basis. Optionally connecting an investor’s foursquare® account allows for location-specific pushes that help investors make mindful consumer decisions.

In developing TreeSwing, DST Market Services is able to leverage the considerable experience and infrastructure of its parent, DST Systems, a behind-the-scenes leader in the mutual fund industry since 1973. From its rigid adherence to mobile security best practices to DST’s state-of-the-art data facilities, the TreeSwing development team made protection of personal information its top priority.

TreeSwing will make its first public demonstration at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX on March 8, 2013.

About TreeSwing
DST Market Services, LLC is a registered broker-dealer and member firm of FINRA. It is the sponsor of TreeSwing. TreeSwing is a brand name for a mobile brokerage service designed specifically for consumer-focused investing. The goal of TreeSwing is to bring the benefits of mutual fund investing to new and emerging investors by lowering or removing many of the financial, behavioral, and emotional barriers to entry. Leveraging DST’s financial industry experience and infrastructure, TreeSwing designers and developers have extensive experience building software and service solutions for the mutual fund industry.

DST Market Services, LLC is not affiliated with Morningstar or foursquare. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. With regard to online and mobile trading, market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.

A fund’s prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing.

Laura Parsons
DST Systems, Inc.
333 W. 11th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105

ProMarketing Leads Now Offers an Automobile Database To Customers

ProMarketing Leads LLC is pleased to announce the addition of automobile database information that includes millions of records about various details of owner information and is the largest available Automobile Owners database in the industry.

PAPILLION, NE, November 30, 2012, 10:01 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — ProMarketing Leads adds an automobile database that includes millions of records and is the largest available Automobile Owners database in the industry. It is compiled, updated and verified through transactional information each month.  These are known automobile owners.

Don’t get fooled into using data that is outdated and inaccurate.  We dare you to compare us to the competition. Pro Marketing Leads promises to save you money and increase your ROI. Our file consistently outperforms other Automobile files for accuracy, counts and response rates.

This Automobile Owner Database is not derived from state motor vehicle and therefore not subject to the Shelby Act/Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 2000.

ProMarketing Leads automobile database offerscustomers…

Aftermarket Promotions:  Auto dealers, manufacturers and specialty stores target consumers based on automobile make/model/year and owners age and/or income information. ProMarketing Leads offers an integrated database of consumer, vehicle, email, and telephone information. This comprehensive database is able to generate great  marketing lists.

Service Center Programs: Dealer repair centers, specialty service centers and independent service centers can market customers based upon make, model, year, and address criteria.

Extended Vehicle Warranty Programs: Consumers are holding onto vehicles for a longer period of time, and may need additional insurance against future service repairs. Taylor Direct makes it easy to find vehicle owners based upon age of the vehicle, mileage and address information

Dealer Trade-In Programs: Many dealers seek specific vehicles based on trade-in values and demand.  Our true owners file allows dealers to target make/model/year that are currently owned within a certain radius of their dealership and base an offer on this information.

Key Features: 200 Million VINs, 160 Million Current Owners, 180 Million Addresses, 82 million telephone numbers, Select by Year, Select by Make, Select by Model, Select by mileage, Select by Engine type, Select by Auto Class, Fuel Type, Style, Income Gender, Home Ownership, and Many more selections available…ask!!

About ProMarketing Leads
ProMarketing Leads LLC is a leading broker and online marketplace for telemarketing listsand business mailing lists. The user-friendly website connects buyers using only the very best targeted marketing lists from a dependable source making them the most reliable avenue to increase the efficiency of an organizations direct marketing campaign’s return on investment. With literally thousands and thousands of mailing lists available in the United States and Worldwide and combined with their comprehensive professional services and unprecedented reliability, ProMarketing Leads’ value-added service empowers direct marketing success! To learn more about ProMarketing Leads SMS lists, please visit:http://www.promarketingleads.net/text-message/marketing/ 

ProMarketing Leads LLC provides clients with much more than just sales leads. Their lists and data are constantly updated to ensure a wide selection of prospects that can be targeted using multiple integrated direct marketing methods.

As millions of marketing dollars are spent on a monthly basis worldwide, ProMarketing Leads LLC helps organizations market to pre-qualified, opted-In professionals; and because of this daily interaction, it is integral that lists are kept fresh and current.

Topcone to Become the Fastest Growing B2B Marketplace

Topcone is the leading B2B marketplace online. It features leading industrial suppliers and buyers spanning a wide range of industries exchanging goods and services. The platform is distinguished by its unique ease of member use and search features.

Porter Ranch, CA, November 17, 2011 – Topcone Inc, the leading B2B marketplace online, has officially launched its industry leading B2B portal, providing a unique solution for buyers and suppliers to match, search and exchange goods and services online. Topcone’s leading ease of use and business matching software provide the greatest solution for businesses to access and manage business demands on an open marketplace.

“Topcone’s B2B market helps businesses of all size, from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, trade products and services, populate listings, generate news and provide critical analysis for their own businesses and partners,” said Ramesh R, CEO of Topcone.

Topcone provides the option for suppliers to seek vendors and distributors to strengthen their business presence globally. Topcone provides a medium for buyers and suppliers to list their products and services and provides a cost effective way to increase their branding. Its members list their requirements for buying, list their products to sell and request bids for competitive pricing.

Topcone is enabling their members to communicate with each other using Topcone’s sophisticated B2B platform. Topcone reduces the time for businesses to search for prospective customers by automatically assigning related listings per the member’s preference.

Topcone.com is poised to become the leading B2B marketplace where every organization can list goods and services for demand or sale, thereby bringing the B2B industry under one roof. By minimizing search and optimizing ease of use for its members, Topcone provides the most convenient and reliable B2B platform on the market.

Topcone’s Key Advantages for Buyers and Suppliers:

• Multiple User Creation: Creating specific users and assigning them to aelling and / or buying roles, increase business presence inside the portal and expands it across the global network.

• Notifications: Member ability to receive and manage product listing notifications via email or within the application based on preferences.

• Cost effectiveness: Topcone is more cost effective than high cost advertising online or traditional media.

• Listing: The variety of listing categories enables focused global exposure and search.

• Business Networking: Topcone provide the option to systematically exchange information between other members within its secured environment.

• Excess Inventory: Topcones business to list their excess inventory and special deals enables them to move the goods quickly to the market.

For more information contact: NAME: Ramesh R, CEO, TopCone Inc., EMAIL : info@topcone.com
PHONE 818-453-2704, Web Site: http://www.Topcone.com

Ramesh R
TopCone Inc.
19360 Rinaldi Street #304
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Mark McCool-Founder/CEO of Live Smart 360 Creates Company That Gives Customers and Associates 21st Century Products to Enhance Health and Well-Being

From his position as one of the Co-founders of this fast growing company, McCool has a vision of 360 degrees of perfect health, wealth and well-being for America.

Sarasota, FL, April 18, 2011 — Live Smart 360 brings an offer of potential financial success, good health and masterful living to clients and Associates alike.

Understanding the timing is perfect for a company that offers products that not only enhance health and introduce an avenue for creating additional income for the American public when the economy is in dire straits is key to Mark McCool’s vision.

Network Marketing has finally found its way to mainstream America. There is virtually no other way the average American can start a home based business for very little initial outlay and with their own efforts, earn as much as they desire. Naturally there are no guarantees of income since only the work ethic of the individual will prove how much they are able to earn.

The absolute value in the business and system is the level playing field. Even seasoned Network Marketers ( http://www.markmccool.com ) begin from the bottom and must work their way up. A “newbie” has as much opportunity as a veteran in the Industry. Of course they will need to learn the business and use the products so they can feel passionate about what they are offering the public, yet there is nothing holding anyone back from success should they go full-on and engage in the business and commit to actively working and building their own business and client base.

“Knowing our opportunity is huge for the right people who truly desire financial independence is very exciting. Watching new Associates climb the ladder to success and potential financial freedom is extremely rewarding” stated McCool.

Mark McCool Available for comment:
Mark McCool has been an industry innovator who envisions the hot products of the future and a super-excited Leader who pioneered IT-based Network Marketing as far back as the 1990’s. Over the past 11 years he built a successful company from the ground up into a multi-million dollar business that generated over $200 million in revenue with over 2 million product orders and over 300,000 distributor and customer accounts. He is the mastermind behind some of the most unique wellness products in the Industry. Today he’s set to completely revamp the way Network Marketing works.

Press & Media Contact:
Mark McCool
Sarasota, FL

Mark McCool Founds Live Smart 360

Live Smart 360 is considered to offer the most innovative new product line in the marketplace with Mark McCool as Founder/CEO.

Sarasota, FL, April 10, 2011 — Live Smart 360 is a brand new concept in the Network Marketing Industry. Their vision of living smart in every aspect of your life, or 360 degrees of success in your health and wealth could very well be the most important company to be unveiled in the Industry.

For those tired of being broke in a chaotic economy while chasing one dead-end road after another, Live Smart could be the answer to your dilemma of how to create that extra income so necessary to make it through the rough financial road ahead. Mark McCool and his Team have put together an amazing opportunity.

Of course Network Marketing has gotten a bad rap over the years; usually from those who join a company yet never seem to get off the sofa long enough to even begin walking the road to success. Even Donald Trump himself says the only way for the average American to make it through this economic downturn is by getting into a good Network Marketing company.

“Our Associates let us know on a daily basis how much fun and excitement they feel both in using our products and in sharing the products and opportunity with everyone they know” stated McCool.

Mark McCool Available for comment:
Mark has been an industry innovator who envisions the hot products of the future and a super-excited Leader who pioneered IT-based Network Marketing as far back as the 1990’s. Over the past 11 years he built a successful company from the ground up into a multi-million dollar business that generated over $200 million in revenue with over 2 million product orders and over 300,000 distributor and customer accounts. He is the mastermind behind some of the most unique wellness products in the Industry. Today he’s set to completely revamp the way Network Marketing works.

For more details visit: http://www.markmccool.com

Press & Media Contact:
Mark McCool
Sarasota, FL