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Matthew S. Miklasz Promotes Authenticity as a Key to Living an Impactful Life

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media.

San Antonio, TX, USA, November 7, 2018 — Pastor Matthew S. Miklasz has witnessed the power of authenticity first-hand, drawing from both his theological training and his thirty years of coaching experience, where he has worked with both athletes and other pastors.

With four children of his own, Miklasz is well aware of the pressure the next generations face to conform to societal expectations, whether iterated on the television or through pervasive social media. To deal with these social pressures, Miklasz encourages people to turn to God and find their “normal.”

“Being the ‘normal’ that God created you to be is an incredible step towards realizing your full potential and positively affecting the people who surround you. Great freedom and confidence emerge when we live according to who God created us to be,” Miklasz explains.

“I want people to discover the deep conviction that God created them uniquely and that He loves them very passionately,” says Miklasz. “When we live with these two convictions, it allows us to impact lives in greater ways. The more authentic we are, the more authentic our worship is, the more authentic our relationships are, especially the deep inner relationship with God.”

With the encouragement of his eldest daughter Angela, Miklasz decided to share this message with the world by penning his first book, “A Normal Guy.”

On his book, Miklasz comments, “I hope to share what I really believe, my deepest convictions. Through my Christian walk, I have journalized many impactful moments about insights and teachings from God that informed my writing process,” comments Miklasz.

“This is such an important read today and for future generations,” adds Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “We should each be able to embrace our ‘normal’ selves, and Miklasz is equipping readers with the tools to do this.”

The book launch events will be held at the following dates and locations:
Saturday, December 1st, Holiday Bazaar Thorp High School – Thorp Wisconsin 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Saturday, December 8th, The Grounds Coffee Shop – Cokato Minnesota 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
Friday, December 14th, Dassel Public Library – Dassel, Minnesota 10a.m. – 12p.m.

For more information about Matthew S. Miklasz visit www.halopublishing.com. “A Normal Guy” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million in Paperback for $13.95 and as an e-Book for $6.95.

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa Michelle Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176,
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647

National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Association announces Regional Championships locations and National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Association Rankings

Winners of Southern Regionals to earn free flight to the National Championships in Long Beach, CA this summer. The National Champions will earn a berth in the final NVL professional event of the year, with $150,000 in prize money. All participants receive the sport’s inaugural NCBVA Collegiate Beach Volleyball Rankings and USA Volleyball collegiate ranking points.

Los Angeles, CA, May 05, 2011 — The Original King of the Beach, Pro Beach Volleyball Star and two-time NCAA Champion UCLA alum Sinjin Smith is spreading royalty to Collegiate Beach Volleyball, with the NCBVA Regional Championships, here at Atlanta Beach and the National Championships in Long Beach, California. The events are open to men and women.

“On May 21 at Clayton County International Park – site of 1996 Olympic Beach Volleyball, the Southern Regional Championships will be hosted – a historic occasion for Collegiate Beach Volleyball ( http://www.collegebeachvolleyball.com ), as access to the NCBVA – (the National Governing Body) and its resources is now available to the athletes, companies wishing to support student athletics, and dedicated regional tournament promoters,” exclaimed Smith, World Champion, Olympian and NCAA MVP.

“Any athlete currently enrolled in a College or University anywhere in the country is eligible to play in the NCBVA Regional Championships, and the winners will receive free airfare to play in the Nationals – broadcast on ION Sports Network.”

Athletes from hundreds of schools participate in over 12 Regionals Championships around the country along with dozens of State Tournaments and Invitationals. Phil Bush, 2011 Regional Championships Director, announced, “We are very proud to have our community and team be selected to host and produce the NCBVA Southern Regional Championships.”

The top four teams in each Regional Qualifier receive an automatic berth in the Championships. The National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship ( http://www.collegebeachvolleyball.com ) is held in Long Beach, CA on July 16-17, 2011. For entry details about how you can participate in or sponsor the Regionals, please visit collegebeachvolleyball.com.

Please contact Dave Behar at 310.721.7017 or dave@ions.com for more information, photos, video or to schedule interviews with Sinjin Smith or active collegiate athletes. Also refer to the NCBVA Fact Sheet for more information.

Press & Media Contact:
Press Contact Name: Phil Bush
College Beach Volleyball
Atlanta Beach – Clayton County International Park
Atlanta, GA 30319

Tsunami Group Inc Launches Sports Division

Best-known for working with some of the music industries’ heavyweights and Hollywood celebrities, Tsunami Group Inc has launched their sports division.

New York, NY, February 19, 2011 — Best-known for working with some of the music industries’ heavyweights and Hollywood celebrities, Tsunami Group Inc has launched their sports division. Combining their knowledge and the resources that catapulted them to the top of the PR and marketing world, they have set their sights on working with athletes.

Headed by CEO CJ Robinson and Associate Tangi Davis, the Tsunami Group team’s philosophy is, ‘the locker room meets the boardroom’, the locker room signifies where game plans are created and the boardroom where such game plans are executed.

“I saw there was a need to assist these amazing athletes to promote themselves, their brand and products to the world and we want to be the team that does just that”, says CJ Robinson.

Working with top agents in the industry, Tsunami Group ( http://www.tsunamigroupinc.com ) has set out to make their mark. Services offered will included scheduling of interviews and events, marketing groundwork, publicity campaigns, foundation sponsorships, special appearances, camp promotion, and endorsement deals to name a few. Strategic planning comes into play for after athlete’s career and Tsunami Group will assist in those areas as well.

“We can help these guys get where they need to be and set up projects for after their athletic career is done and they can then move onto the next step of their career”, says Tangi Davis.

Tsunami Group Inc is an East Coast based firm and their website is http://www.tsunamigroupinc.com and can be reached via email at inquiry@tsunamigroupinc.com and via phone at 856.269.9518.

Press & Media Contact:
CJ Robinson, President
Tsunami Group Inc
New York, NY

Safe and Effective Training To Win Basketball Games

The ability to do a really high vertical jump has always been one of the greatest advantages that few athletes truly enjoy in sports such as basketball, tennis, football and volleyball. Back in the day, how high one could jump was usually associated with the height of the athlete, which is only partially true. This is probably the main reason behind extremely tall athletes being favored in professional sports such as basketball, but this does not mean that shorter athletes do not stand a chance. Height will certainly affect how high you can reach, but it does not dictate how high your vertical explosion is.

This ability is innate in most athletes. Some discover it by accident, and are capable of astonishing feats, but aren’t really aware of how they do it. You could say this is natural talent. In others this ability lies dormant and needs to be ‘awakened’, and this is why we are here today.

A lot of athletes find themselves failing and giving up, and partly to blame in this is the media and false advertising. A lot of marketers and affiliates choose to promote products developed by coaches who simply aren’t experts, but are most profitable for them. Failure to deliver the results promised can lead to disheartenment on the part of dedicated athletes, thinking that they simply do not have what it takes. This ends here and now!

The guys at WinBasketball.com understand the dilemma from which far too many of the world’s devoted athletes now suffer, and have made it their mission-in-life to provide truthful, and scientifically proven methods to improve their overall competitiveness. It is of the utmost importance that athletes stay on top of their game, both physically and mentally. Wrongful marketing can not only harm the physical aspect of an athlete’s training, but can also have serious ramifications on morale, hampering an individual’s true potential, and destroying careers before they have had their chance to prove their worth!

This is why WinBasketball.com supports the men and women who have dedicated their lives to giving athletes a truly safe and effective chance to be competitive, absolutely no BS – backed by results and proven scientific methods!

This is the best online resource for players and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking for quality guides to improve your game or simply seeking to understand principles, techniques, methods and exercises that your favorite athletes put into practice, WinBasketball is the place for you. You will find that a lot of the methods contained herein are applicable not only in basketball, but many different sports in general.

After all the skepticism created by irresponsible marketers, finally here’s a place that dares to say ‘NO MORE NONESENSE!’, featuring materials from professional athletes and coaches from many different disciplines and backgrounds.

So stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on high quality guides and training material that will not only keep you in shape, but help the millions of athletes worldwide unlock their abilities, and win the game of their lives!

About www.WinBasketball.com
A ‘NO NONSENSE!’ site created by dedicated fans and enthusiasts, seeking to provide talented basketball players with invaluable information on scientifically proven safe methods that will truly unlock their talents and potential.

‘We recognize the importance of having fresh and upcoming talents to ensure the survival of competitive sports for future generations’ – WinBasketball Team

Contact Details: Matthew Winters