Color Up The Ambience Of Your Home With Carol Chipkin Original Art For Interior Design

March 20, 2011 – Carol’s Highly Expressive Nature Paintings Abound with Texture and Intense Color, and Are Perfect for Instilling Life into Any Ambience

Contemporary artworks can establish a focal point in interior design, enrich/ complement the dominant color palette chosen for a room, or even provide the inspiration for decorating an entire home. Modern art paintings can convey a variety of moods, while instilling a more personal and intimate feel to an interior, and all that with a relatively modest financial investment.

Decorating, wallpaper and paint costs can burn a hole in your budget, not accounting for labor costs and the many hidden expenses that can add up to a huge decorating bill in no time. By contrast, a piece of contemporary art is generally affordable, extremely easy to install, by far more appealing than regular paintwork, and above all, can add a sense of originality and style in an otherwise inexpressive setting.

Original art for interior design is something that reflects a person’s personality and individuality. Depending on your intended effect, you can either have it steal visual interest with its chromatic richness, or blend sympathetically with a room’s color theme and overall design. Regardless, original art design is a great way to personalize a room and instill life into any ambience.

To make your residence feel more like home, and for an added touch of color to your decor, consider opting for Carol Chipkin’s bright colorful cheerful art. An established nature artist, Carol’s portfolio mainly consists of decorative, floral themed pieces created using a number of different mediums. Carol’s nature paintings abound with texture and intense color, and blend in original techniques – like the use of layered tissue and textured materials for creating structure and unique shading effects – with popular ones – mostly pencil, ink, and acrylic.

About Carol Chipkin

Carol Chipkin has a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg where she was born and educated. She moved to Vancouver 17 years ago and says that living in a stunning city like Vancouver invigorates her, just as the creative process does, both soothing her spirit and clearing the noise of life for hours at a time. She has always been oriented to the more decorative with a passion for color, which probably originated during the time she was a textile designer. Her work is most frequently mixed media, and the colors used are vivid and strong, but without ever being brash.

For samples of the artist’s work, please visit the Carol Chipkin art gallery online at

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Vancouver, Canada
Phone Number: 1-866-383-1657

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Many Choosing A Hotel In Samui To Hold Their Wedding Today

[Suratthani, Thailand] – March 20, 2011 – Able to boast of resorts that allow for visitors to step straight out their doors and stroll to gorgeous beach sands, Koh Samui is an island off the coast of Thailand that has a great deal to offer. Here, it is possible to find some of the most amazing sights in the world for those who enjoy the type of tropical paradise that we often see in gorgeous post cards. With so many choices for international travelers today, the type of resort Samui offers is certainly appealing to many. The proximity to sun and surf is a huge appeal, but so too is the high quality Samui hotel experience that this island is becoming known for today. This is one huge reason that a Samui wedding is now a very desirable option for people from all over the world that want to be wed in a blissful tropical setting. With its well known friendliness and so much natural beauty, as well as the high level of quality that the Samui beach resort experience is known to provide, many are choosing this island for their honeymoon, as well.

Part of the allure of this place is the gorgeous sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea in the Gulf of Thailand. Along with that, a trip right from one’s Koh Samui hotel to any of the local shops or restaurants certainly brings them into contact with many other newlyweds and also the locals who are so widely regarded for their high levels of hospitality. For couples who want a high quality beach resort Koh Samui has options and can provide clean, efficient stays that are also cost effective while still being quite luxurious. For a boutique hotel Samui has numerous choices that are going to give visitors that charming bed and breakfast experience in a tropical paradise that so many dream of one day seeing. Truly, this is an island where high quality and natural beauty come together like nowhere else on Earth today.

For those who wish to learn more about having a wedding on this island or simply booking a Koh Samui resort, a visit to Saboey Resort & Villas’ website at can show them how to book an excellent stay here.

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Koh Samui Rapidly Rising To Become Top Holiday Destination For Many

[Suratthani, Thailand] – March 20, 2011 – For years, people have been coming to Thailand to do business, to have a tropical escape or simply as a relaxing place to tour during their travels. It used to be Bangkok that everyone went to, but recently Samui travel has become a top choice for many. The island of Koh Samui provides a lot of opportunities to see gorgeous places such as the Chaweng beach. With Chaweng hotels being so easy to find now and plenty of places to stay coming up all the time, a lot of travelers are finding that this is an ideal place for them to visit. This island is well known for not only the hotels Koh Samui locals rely on to earn their living, but the friendliness of these locals who come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, living in harmony like nowhere else in Thailand. That makes this a tropical escape that is booming today, as tourists continue to discover just what magic this island happens to be home to.

With the hospitality industry being the driving force here today, it is easy to see just how this has come to be. A visit to any of the Koh Samui hotels on this island show clean, modern rooms that provide all the amenities one expects. An array of prices mean that those who want an affordable vacation will be able to experience that here, but those who are seeking the luxury hotels Samui residents rave about will also be able to find that, as well. The beauty of it is, all of the choices are close to the same gorgeous white sand beaches and incredible tropical pleasures that this part of Thailand is known for. Plus, the variety of cultures intermingling here mean that cuisine is quite a varied experience, as well. All of these factors combine to encourage travel writers from around the globe to give this island quite high marks for its ability to offer a high quality experience to travelers of all means.

Those who wish to learn more about visiting Koh Samui should certainly take time to use the web to their advantage. A quick trip to the Koh Samui Travel website at www.Koh-Samui.Travel will certainly enlighten them to their many options on the island today.

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Take Part in Memorial Day 2011 Activities

HomeFellas, 3.18.11- For most of us a memorial day is a day meant for both celebration and remembrance. In US the Memorial Day is usually observed on last Monday of May to remember the loved ones who have served their country. HomeFellas provides information regarding Memorial Day and May 30th is the Memorial Day 2011. However in New England, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of the summer travel season. You might have a Memorial Day feast like clam chowder or red hot nachos that will have your Memorial Day guests swooning. A grilled asparagus or mouth watering pasta will be a healthy option.

For some Memorial Day is a day to visit to a national cemetery or a day to watch out the local parade schedule. A lot of people won’t forget the excitement of watching a Memorial Day parade when they were kids. In some places along with parade they may have two or three day festivals filled with wonder for kids. For most of us the upcoming festivals in our local area will be a memorable day to watch out. You can also try some nice, quite memorial day activities like trying out kid friendly recipes.

HomeFellas is providing top rated listing information for local home services and educational articles along with valuable information such as when is Memorial Day and special event in Memorial Day 2011. The government will declare it as a holiday in order to honor members of the military who died in serving their country. On that important day along with the comprehensive list of events, national cemetery commemorations will take place in Washington DC. All the programs will be lively telecasted in TV.

You can have a Memorial Day weekend by having a perfect long getaway which is a best option to recharge your minds. HomeFellas provide festivals in Memorial Day week end. To enjoy your long getaway weekend you can visit any one upcoming festivals like Crawfish festival in Texas, wine testing tours in Washington and Jazz festivals in Atlanta. Sometimes you may get special offers in hotels, travel or tickets to events.

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