IIMSAM Official Dr. Naseer Homoud Elected For Two Prestigious Awards in Jordan

The Goodwill Ambassador and Middle East Director of Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM), Dr. Naseer Homoud has been declared elected for the prestigious Man of the Year Award-2010 in Jordan by Akhbarna. The nomination to award was held by voting on internet and by mobile text messages. Dr. Homoud bagged a total of 90,297 votes defeating his nearest rival Mr. Abdul Hameed Shoman, Chairman of Arab Bank by a huge margin of 4,636 votes. The voting was concluded on 28th of February and the results were declared on March 1, 2011 by Akhbarna, which is now also available on the news channel website.

Akhbarna announced the results adding that very soon a facilitation ceremony would be organized to confer the award for Dr. Naseer Homoud which will be attended by several high profile and eminent personalities from the entire Middle East Region. Akhbarna announced that under different categories a total of 720,000 people participated in polling and Dr. Homoud received the highest votes in Man of the Year Award category.

In another landmark achievement Dr. Homoud also received the prestigious award of “Economic & Social Personality of the Year-2010” by Zaid Jordan. The award was conferred under the high patronage of the Prime Minster of Jordan Dr. Marouf Suleiman al-Bakhit. In a glittering ceremony held in Amman, the award was conferred recognizing the works of Dr. Homoud in supporting Jordan in all spheres. Other awards were also conferred in the ceremony and the honorees includes former speaker of Jordanian parliament Mr. Abdul Hadi Majali who bagged the political person of the year award; Jordanian Minster of Culture Mr. Tarek Masarweh; Jordanian Minster of Information Mr. Taher Al-Adwan; President of Royal Court Dr. Khalid Al- Karaki; renowned businessman and Mayor of Amman Engineer Omar Maani; former minister Ms. Maha Khatib and parliamentarian Ms. Remm Badran, who were conferred award under various categories.

The news agency in a statement mentioned that this title is seldom awarded and only after a very carefully examination, as the receivers are leaders of the century, there work all thou concentrated in a year is reflecting decades of actions and achievements with positive influence over peoples and countries. The Award came as recognition of Dr. Homoud’s many achievements and unique vision and support which has paved the way for several milestones in philanthropy. Dr. Homoud is a person who really deserved this award. His works are exemplary and was the best choice for us indeed, said the statement.

Commenting on the honor, Dr. Homoud declared “I am honored to receive two prestigious awards. However, credit for my winning this award must also go to my team at IIMSAM, as well as my Jordanians brothers and sisters for whose support I am very grateful”. He further added “these are the most gratifying awards I have received so far, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart”.

Dr. Naseer Homoud is a renowned and well known philanthropist of the Jordan being known across the world for his humanitarian, charitable and social activities apart from his utmost support for sports.  Widely acclaimed for his activities and social works Dr. Homoud has achieved several accomplishments in his life in acknowledgement of his work. The present award is the 3rd prestigious award being conferred to him in series of 3 consequent years. In 2008, he received award for man of the year in Jordan and Most Influential Person of the year award in 2009. He is also known for his commitment and support towards sports.

Dr. Homoud though genuinely humbled by this great honour, is truly proud to be counted among his countrymen. Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Homoud said “I am honoured to get these awards .I feel that these awards are the call for more and sustainable action towards the united goals. I dream to convert this world free from hunger and malnutrition; I dream to eradicate poverty but I know that such works need collective efforts and I request all of you to join hands for ultimate benefit of mankind on this planet”.

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Organic Fertilizer Fertiworm Gives Growers Improved Crop

With growing environmental concerns over the effects of chemical fertilizer, Ocala resident Sandra Beltran sought an ecologically friendly alternative to satisfy commercial farmers’ and home gardeners’ agricultural needs. In December 2010, Beltran introduced FertiWorm, an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner made from the digestive tracts of earthworms.

Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), FertiWorm has been recognized as a product for use in the organic production of fruits and flowers, on farms and in nurseries, at home or commercially. The vermicompost fertilizer made with 100 percent earthworms is unlike traditional chemical fertilizers that have been known to kill microorganisms contained in soil and release nitrogen particles causing groundwater contamination.

Enriched with more than two billion microorganisms per gram, FertiWorm incorporates earthworms to break down organic waste and release bio-stimulant compounds, including plant hormones such as auxins, which enhance plant growth, and gibberellic acids, which support the overall growth of the flower, the germination of seeds, and the increase in size of some fruits.

In a comparison study, plots of land treated with vermicompost fertilizer in place of chemical fertilizer generated a 250 percent increase in crop production the first year, 100 percent the second year, and 70 percent the third year. Recorded growth examples included eggplants cultivated in 65 days, tomatoes grown in 55 days, and chicory reaching 13.88 to 17.86 inches tall.

K.K. Tan, a home gardener in San Diego, Calif. decided to try vermicompost fertilizer FertiWorm, given its sustainable quality in improving root growth and boosting crop yield.

“The organic fertilizer worked great for me,” said Tan. With regard to the fall 2010 season, he added, “It helped me produce noticeably greater and larger hot peppers.”

When spread evenly over crops’ surface and watered heavily, FertiWorm integrates with the soil. Although the vermicompost’s nutritive elements produce five to six times the fertility of common manure, it may be easily combined with this element.


FertiWorm is a vermicompost fertilizer made of 100 percent earthworms. Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic production, FertiWorm offers a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and may be used in nurseries, on farms, or with plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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ixDownload.com announces the launch of their antivirus software guide

Just like their natural counterparts, computer-based viruses evolve quickly. Early versions were relatively localized and obvious. These were often created by nerds and geeks to show off their technical prowess. Nowadays, viruses are more insidious and malicious. Not only are contemporary viruses harder to detect, they also spread more rapidly due to the Internet. Contemporary viruses are also mostly commercial in nature. The number of locations and methods where users can get infected have also multiplied and evolved. Up to the early 90s, infection was generally restricted to swapping infected floppy disks or infected files in a LAN. With the rise of the Internet, infections take many forms ranging from malicious email attachments, suspicious search results, spammed email links, instant message links, and many others.

“The game has definitely changed when it comes to viruses”, says Oliver Thompson, ixDownload’s Media principal. “The old guarantees of security, however tenuous they were, are completely gone now. Networks and individual PCs’ security are determined on a day to day basis.” Thankfully, as viruses evolve so do antivirus programs. “There is an ongoing arms race out there between virus coders and antivirus companies. The consumer must keep pace with the changes or risk getting overtaken by increasingly creative and malicious viruses,” adds Thompson. To meet these challenges, ixDownload.com, the Internet’s leading software review and applications authority, has released an antivirus resource page that helps prospective antivirus program buyers pick the best package.

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ixDownload is a highly reliable source of software downloading guides, tips, and information on the web today. ixdownload also provides quick access to different products on their site to download software. This software review website guide aims to provide assistance to software customers and users, so they can make smart choices, whether in the download of trial products or making actual software purchases. Those who are planning to purchase Kaspersky Antivirus by Kaspersky Lab may check out the buying guide and downloading tips on the site. Now, software buyers can easily check which systems are best suited for their designing and creative needs, just by checking out reviews and information published on ixdownload.

How to convert flip video to iPad 2 on mac OSX

Apple may push through its iOS 4.3 ahead of the iPad 2 hitting store shelves March 11, according to reports. Officially, iOS 4.3 is scheduled for that same date.
With iOS 4.3, Apple has tweaked AirPlay to stream content to an HDTV via Apple TV, sped up Safari’s performance and included iTunes Home Sharing, which lets users play their iTunes content on various devices over a shared WiFi network. Those using the iPhone 4 will now have the option of a personal hotspot, which can connect up to five other devices over WiFi, Bluetooth and USB.

The iOS 4.3 update will be supported by the iPhone 3GS and GSM-based iPhone 4 (the latter available on AT&T’s network), the third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch, and both versions of the iPad.

Flip camcorders has become popular for its easy-to-use and hd videos. It’s a disappointment that iPad 2 doesn’t support the mp4 videos from the flip camera. Because Flip cameras produce H.264/AAC files in an MP4 wrapper while other use advanced profile MPEG-4 in an AVI wrapper. So Doremisoft Flip Video to iPad 2 Converter is your best bet that is one available conversion applications to create compliant clips for iPad 2 user.

Flip video to iPad converter for mac can convert flip Mino/Ultra video to MP4, MOV, M4V and MPEG-4 compatible with your iPad on mac. This mac flip video to iPad converter has beautiful interface and powerful conversion speed, you can load many flip files at one time to save your time and trouble, besides, it can merge all the loaded flip one into a big successive one.

How to convert flip video to iPad with flip video to iPad converter for mac OSX

Step1: Download and mount flip video to iPad converter for mac, then launch it.

Step2: Load flip files to this mac flip to iPad converter,you can load many files at one time to save your time and trouble.Click “ Merge” button, you can merge all the loaded files into a succesive one

Step3: Set an iPad supported video format as the output format.

Step4 : Edit your flip video :Flip video to iPad converter mac has powerful build-in edit function, such as clip video length, set the start time and the end time,this programe provides you clip many times, crop your video by deleting the unwanted parts, set effects by changing Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, or add some artistic effects, like Old film, Emboss, Gray.

Step5: Start flip video to iPad conversion.

Flip video to iPad 2 mac converter is also a good flip video editor which can edit flip video in all direction, like crop, clip flip video and add effect to flip video. And Flip video to iPad 2 converter mac can change video resolution so as to meet iPad’s video resolution requirement. It is a powerful and easy to use app which assists flip video and iPad 2 user to enjoy flip video with iPad.

if you are windows user, you can view Flip Video to iPad Converter

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