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Spicy Organics Launches New Website Expanding Their Reach With Exclusive & Quality Products Providing Diverse Options & 40 Years Of Experience

McKinney, Texas, 2021-May-24 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Spicy Organic, the top pick for organic spices, herbs, teas and essential oils online, today announced the official launch of their website and online shop. With an abiding reputation built on innovation and reliability, the company works with their own network of hundreds of farmers to cultivate lands. More than a spice company, Spicy Organics brings customers the highest quality products and premium service, while also ensuring a sustainable future for their growers, the new website will officially launch on May 24th.

The global organic spice market is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 10% and estimated to be valued at almost 23 billion dollars by 2025. Organic farming is an agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. This type of farming uses new techniques to remove spices from bacteria, avoiding harmful pesticides. Spices are not used to merely add flavor and variety, they are also sought after for health benefits such as their antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Spicy Organic offers pure, great-tasting, high quality organic spices, herbs and more while supporting farmers and promoting organic agriculture around the world.

With a strong belief that organic food is an essential choice for personal as well as for environmental health, their products feature premier ingredients and are sourced from global brands. Unlike other spice markets or sellers, Spicy Organics maintains a traceability throughout the process so customers can easily trace their spices from farm to plate. Searching across the world for diverse flavors, the company works closely with farmers and distributors alike, to make sure each part of their supply chain aligns with their commitment to quality.

“Our story is a journey of passion and discovery – we’re enhancers of the culinary experience. Meal time is special as we congregate and share memories with friends and family and we strive to provide the products that allow you to savor those experiences.” said Sunil Kumar, founder of Spicy Organic LLC. “We are thrilled to launch the new website and strongly feel it lines up perfectly with our company core vision for growth and expansion in the future, and to support and promote organic farming.”

Over 40 years ago Kumar’s family, hailing from very humble beginnings, opened a single store in India. The family had a small farm on which they grew high quality spices and, gradually, their dedication to high standards, reliability and providing only the best to their customers grew into a sustainable retail business. Through the years, Kumar has acquired significant knowledge and understanding about organic farming, as well as selecting, growing, harvesting and processing premium organic spices and herbs.

“Spicy Organic is committed to help upgrade the standards of living, spreading awareness for increased environmental concerns and the rise in what can only be termed ‘health hazard diseases’ that come from eating nonorganic foods.” adds Kumar.

All of Spicy Organic’s products are validated through a USDA certification. They also acquire both organic and gluten free certificates, in their unwavering commitment to quality. Best selling products include turmeric, cardamom, Garlic, ginger powder, saffron and garam masala. The new website will showcase daily new arrivals and feature announcements regarding regional or local Annual Seed & Spice events – such as the State Fair of Texas – that Spicy Organics participates in. Customers can gain insights or special discounts and benefits by checking the website.

Though Spicy Organics have continued to expand through the years, they have literally stayed true to their “roots”, maintaining the same integrity the family has come to be known for.

For more information, please visit www.spicyorganic.com or email mediarelations@spicyorganic.com or call Linda Decann at (866) 256-6772

About Spicy Organic :
Founded In 1984 and based in McKinney- Texas, Spicy Organic offers a full line of organic products ranging from bulk organic spices, herbs and organic aromatherapy products. Spicy Organic is committed to deliver the highest quality organic spices and premium service to our customers while supporting and promoting sustainable organic farming and ensuring the better future of our farmers.


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Organic Fertilizer Fertiworm Gives Growers Improved Crop

With growing environmental concerns over the effects of chemical fertilizer, Ocala resident Sandra Beltran sought an ecologically friendly alternative to satisfy commercial farmers’ and home gardeners’ agricultural needs. In December 2010, Beltran introduced FertiWorm, an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner made from the digestive tracts of earthworms.

Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), FertiWorm has been recognized as a product for use in the organic production of fruits and flowers, on farms and in nurseries, at home or commercially. The vermicompost fertilizer made with 100 percent earthworms is unlike traditional chemical fertilizers that have been known to kill microorganisms contained in soil and release nitrogen particles causing groundwater contamination.

Enriched with more than two billion microorganisms per gram, FertiWorm incorporates earthworms to break down organic waste and release bio-stimulant compounds, including plant hormones such as auxins, which enhance plant growth, and gibberellic acids, which support the overall growth of the flower, the germination of seeds, and the increase in size of some fruits.

In a comparison study, plots of land treated with vermicompost fertilizer in place of chemical fertilizer generated a 250 percent increase in crop production the first year, 100 percent the second year, and 70 percent the third year. Recorded growth examples included eggplants cultivated in 65 days, tomatoes grown in 55 days, and chicory reaching 13.88 to 17.86 inches tall.

K.K. Tan, a home gardener in San Diego, Calif. decided to try vermicompost fertilizer FertiWorm, given its sustainable quality in improving root growth and boosting crop yield.

“The organic fertilizer worked great for me,” said Tan. With regard to the fall 2010 season, he added, “It helped me produce noticeably greater and larger hot peppers.”

When spread evenly over crops’ surface and watered heavily, FertiWorm integrates with the soil. Although the vermicompost’s nutritive elements produce five to six times the fertility of common manure, it may be easily combined with this element.


FertiWorm is a vermicompost fertilizer made of 100 percent earthworms. Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic production, FertiWorm offers a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and may be used in nurseries, on farms, or with plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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