Bee Holder Ramps Up

Steve Lee Jones and his Bee Holder Productions banner is taking on the most poignant stories around -the true ones! You might recognize Bee Holder as the company that recently teamed with HBO on two very powerful films, “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK” and “KEVORKIAN.” After hitting the Hollywood scene hard from the corporate world, Jones is quickly growing Bee Holder Productions with is his right arm, Dan Fugardi. Fugardi, a former Naval Nuclear Engineer, is now second in command at Bee Holder, heading up development for Jones as they push forward on a slew of iconic film and television projects.

Jones is smart, fresh and fearless. A gutsy new producer on the block not scared to take risks. He’s now made topical one of America’s most controversial subjects; euthanasia, with his Golden Globe and Emmy winning biopic, “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK.” When he first announced his documentary film “KEVORKIAN”, the Christian right called him “a new brand of clueless Hollywood producer.” Ultimately his fair and unbiased portrayal of the Dr. sparked praise from both sides of the issue. He has since gone on to locking up some of the most sought after and elusive life rights, the likes of which well established film producers only dream of. It’s his brash brand of honesty at all cost, and bravado, that is loosening the clutches which hold close to the vest epic stories that both enlighten and entertain. While the studios haggle over the next comic book hero’s rights, Jones is the new kind of Hollywood producer that America needs and wants, bringing us telling and powerful stories that Hollywood seems to have set aside for X-ray vision and 3D space ships.

Now Jones is shedding some piercing light on divisive, explosive iconic characters and topical issues like: John Z. DeLorean, the bad boy of auto moguls; The real Godfather of Porn; Lawyers when they first started advertising like carpet salesman; America’s oldest paramilitary organization; and the first modern American Ponzi Scheme perpetrated by hillbillies. This year, Jones has teamed with industry names like Barry Levinson, Tom Fontana, John Romano, Tony To, Mike Myers, and this last year’s Emmy winning writer, Adam Mazer. Fugardi is associate producing on all fronts.

Dan Fugardi shares Jones’ passion for true stories. Fugardi started in entertainment by sporadically working on Hawaii based productions in between top secret submarine patrol ops out of Pearl Harbor. Fugardi’s eclectic following years included flight school, and then metropolitan redevelopment of downtown Los Angeles, all while he managed to keep his hand in entertainment. His years of relentless work in multiple arenas always included some form of filmmaking education or experience, but were not limited to the film side of entertainment. He parlayed his industry affiliations and background in nuclear plant electrical systems into an initiative that he and a partner created called “Artist Plug-In.” During this time Fugardi worked closely with major music artists, prominent electric companies and political figures to produce programs that promoted the growth of the electrical car movement by incorporating them in high profile music industry events. During his period of entertainment activism, his initiative brought celebrity driven all-electric cars to the BET Music Awards for the first time in history. In 2009, Fugardi came to work with Steve Jones at Bee Holder where they now fight endlessly to bring important, meaningful stories to the screen, big and small.

Bee Holder is a unique brand, and a force to be reckoned with. Just around the bend are the announcements of their many fascinating film and TV projects…including collaborations of the highest caliber.

Bee Holder Productions, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Stay tuned…

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10023 Westwanda Dr.
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
Phone: 310-860-1005
Fax: 310-860-1007

Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter for Share video to website on Mac and Windows

Make your unique home movies on cooking, gardening or other interesting things to share on website, is it a good idea? It is not a difficult thing if you really want to have a try. A camcorder and a media editor for editing video can help you to finish the home movie.

Shot video with your camcorder then import video to the media editor to adjust video or add effects then to upload to your website or blog. All things will be done in a few minutes if you have the videos.

To edit the video, if you have no idea on which tool to choose, Doremisoft video to flash converter is deserved to have a try. It is a professional video converter for converting video format and editing videos both in Video to Flash Converter for Mac and windows. If you want to share video to website, it can assist you to convert video to flash video format which is the most popular video format on website and generate a HTML for you to embed video on website.

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All editing and conversion will be finished in clicks with video to flash converter for Mac and windows users. More information:

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Located in Shenzhen, Doremi Software Co., Ltd. has extended its business worldwide and is consistently dedicated to satisfy customers with diversified consumer software products and services. Ever since its foundation, Doremiosft has become one of the world’s leading multimedia software providers of digital video and audio conversion solutions.

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Boots Hearing Care offers a Wide Range of The Latest Digital Hearing Aids

Technology is constantly evolving, and hearing aids in 2011 are more like mini digital computers producing more natural hearing than ever before. Gone are the days of hearing aids that simple amplify all sounds – making them louder but not necessarily clearer. Today’s hearing aids enhance important sounds like speech, whilst reducing background noise for ultimate clarity and comfort. “As technology progresses manufacturers can add more sophisticated functions and features to hearing aids. Hearing aids can now be tailored to the individual demands of the user, taking into account the type of hearing loss and the environments regularly faced by the user.” answers an expert about how do they do this?

1. They focus on important sounds: Most hearing aids now include multiple microphones which enable them to focus on specific sounds whilst reducing background noise. That means if you’re in a busy restaurant amongst lots of hustle and bustle you’ll still be able to hear the conversation at your table.
2. They analyse your environment: Many of today’s hearing aids can analyse the sounds in the environment and automatically adjust to the most appropriate settings so you enjoy the best hearing you can.
3. They learn: Modern hearing aids track your usage patterns and learn your preferences and then automatically apply them when you are in a similar situation.

And even better, just like with today’s computers and telephones this technology can be packed into increasingly smaller microchips. That means wearers get all the power of a larger hearing aid in a much smaller, more discreet package. Boots hearing care offers a huge range of the latest hearing aids that provide high quality amplification and excellent sound reproduction. Digital Hearing aids from Boots are not only discreet but are also packed with all the latest functions designed to help you to hear better in all aspects of your life. More details can be found at the website

Black Women Have the Highest Pulmonary Hypertension Caused Mortality Rate

March 25, 2011 – Scientists have discovered that Black women are the demographic group most affected by idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH). It seems that pulmonary hypertension mortality and morbidity have different rates, according to the race of the patients. Among all the groups, the Black women group has been pointed out as the one with the highest mortality rate.

While the cause of idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension is still unknown, the way scientists understand this disease is changing and improving thanks to this recent discovery. An intriguing fact about this study is that while the largest group reporting idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension cases is the Caucasian women demographic, the group with most deaths caused by IPAH is still the Black women group. This concludes that the idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension disease affects preponderantly certain races and genders as well as citizens at the extremes of the age spectrum. The discovering doctors hope that clinicians will take into account this statistic when assessing the demographics for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension. Until recently, it was considered that the demographics with frequent IPAH cases were the middle aged Caucasia women.

About Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and ExpertCollege

Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension is a disease responsible for the increased pressure within the pulmonary arteries. T he blood vessels within the lungs are directly affected by this rare condition. ExpertCollege is the most prominent top medical eLearning company that offers a brand-new groundbreaking eCourse for those interested in pulmonary physiology. The students who enroll in this online medical course are given the possibility to get a specialized hospital education, focused on all pulmonary physiology key elements. Should you be interested in finding out how to diagnose and relieve the symptoms of IPAH such as shortness of breath or chest pain, taking the online medical course offered by ExpertCollege is the simplest, easiest and most cost-efficient path towards training in medical.

It is estimated that in the United States alone more than 1100 new cases of idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension cases are diagnosed each year. The ExpertCollege online medical course is of great aid if you want to be able to help the correct diagnosis of the people that are prone to being affected by this disease. In addition, training in medical offers immense possibilities to work. Not only hospitals, doctor’s offices and diagnostic centers need pulmonary physiology specialists, but also outpatient care centers, colleges and universities, research laboratories and government facilities.

Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension is very difficult to correctly diagnose. By completing the online medical course in pulmonary physiology offered by ExpertCollege, you will be proficient in interpreting lung function parameters, identifying the factors that have a role in the normal lung function such as alveolar gas exchange, oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, ventilation-perfusion matching and the physiologic dead space as well as becoming able to recognize respiratory disorders. Such a hospital education provides any student who finds training in medical appealing with technologically advanced teaching methods such as interactive exercises, Flash animation and colorful graphics with instant feedback. No expense is spared to make sure that every student gets the highest hospital education in the hope that they will once contribute to a more accurate identifying and management of IPAH for certain demographic groups. The rewards that an online medical education offers for the graduates are what should motivate you to sign up now for an online medical course with the most relevant eLearning company, ExpertCollege.

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Telemedical ECG Interpretations Save Lives, Time and Money

March 24, 2011 – The way patients receive cardiac medical care has been forever revolutionized. More than 150,000 ECG interpretations have been successfully made outside hospitals and clinics by third party ECG telemedical services providers. As of lately, of all the ECG interpretations made by private ECG telemedical service companies on the telephone, only about 10% are redirected towards hospitals or diagnostic centers, fact which represents an improvement in more than one area. This service is available non-stop, all year long in local GP surgeries, walk-in centers and minor injuries units (MIU). Without it, almost all patients would skip their local GP surgery and would be referred to hospitals, thus costing the national healthcare system money and resources with consequences such as delaying more urgent cases.

Should you be interested in working in ECG telemedical field,, the top eLearning company puts at the disposal of those interested in training in medical a new online medical course called e-Xpert ECG that is the perfect medium to prepare for correctly interpreting ECGs. Learn how the ECGs are interpreted, why they are interpreted that way and perfect your hospital education in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner only with ExpertCollege.

About ExpertCollege and ECG Interpretation Courses

The telemedical process consists in evaluating diagnostics over the phone and accurately identifying the heart problems or pre-existing conditions. The next step is to advice the patient whether or not it is suitable for him or her to receive a full 12-lead ECG test locally, at the GP surgery in the shortest time possible or the need to go to a hospital exists. If all goes smoothly, it can only take a few minutes to correctly diagnose the heart problem. By these means, patients avoid having to wait for an appointment for almost 3 weeks and the hospitals and diagnostic centers are less crowded. Also, the national healthcare system saves hundreds of thousands in care costs by offering a quicker, simpler and accurate way to get a diagnosis. It is a win-win situation for both patients and the sanitary system.

The system is also helpful with cardiac monitoring, diagnosis and care at GP level, which increases the patients’ overall health. If this kind of job description sounds appealing to you, the good news is delivered thanks to the miracle of the Internet. The e-Xpert ECG online medical course from offers all the information one needs to know for gaining expertise in matters of cardiovascular system, the electrophysiologic mechanisms involved and the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. This is the perfect opportunity to learn online medical information about the cardiovascular system and how the ECG must be read to as to lead to correct diagnosis whenever you have time and wherever you might be. There is no need to spend all that money and get bored in classrooms to finish your training in medical fields.

The e-Xpert ECG online medical course for a hospital education is the way of the future concerning training in medical from home through a simple, yet effective technique. The highly interactive 12 lead ECG animations are meant to provide the knowledge and explications needed to correctly interpret an EGC. The online medical course does not require time, money and effort from the students. It is in fact at the decision of each individual in how long he or she graduates, due to the liberty of setting their own learning pace. Keep in mind that graduating from an online medical course and your life will be exposed to possibilities you have never dreamt of!

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Oklahoma!, One of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Best Musical Theater Collaborations Ever

[Orlando, FL] March 24, 2011 – Central Florida Performing Arts’ (CFPA) a musical theater group for kids in Orlando, FL will perform the student adaptation of Oklahoma! in May 2011, where the content has been edited to better suit younger performers, but still retains all the elements that make this show a classic!

Delisa Dean, director and owner of CFPA, for the past 13 years, and graduate of the Juilliard School in New York City, had this to say about the G2K (“Getting to Know”) Oklahoma! musical adaption, for younger students, “Rogers & Hammerstein were the most successful team ever to write for the musical theater genre and Oklahoma! was considered one of their best and a milestone in the way that it told its story through drama, comedy, music and dance. This G2K version is a perfect way for our Star Kids group ages 4th grade and up to experience performing one of the greatest musical theater shows ever!”

Set in a Western Indian territory just after the turn of the century, the high-spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys provides the colorful background against which Curly, a handsome cowboy, and Laurey, a winsome farm girl, play out their love story. That they will succeed in making a new life together we have no doubt, and that this new life will begin in a brand-new state provides the ultimate climax to the triumphant OKLAHOMA!

Performances will be held at Skye’s the Limit Theater in Winter Park (2721 N. Forsyth Rd., Suite #410) on Friday, May 6 at 7:30 pm, Saturday, May 7 at 2:30 and 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10. Shows frequently sell out in this small black box theater, so reserve your tickets ahead of time by emailing

Delisa a soprano for over 15 years with Disney’s Voices of Liberty (EPCOT Center in Orlando, FL) started CFPA in 1998 had this to say about her musical theater group for kids,

“CFPA is a non-auditioned group because we wanted to provide all children in the Orlando area an opportunity to grow and develop in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting while building confidence and self-esteem through performing. We have programs for ages 3 to teen.”

It seems the idea has been a success, the group has performed such musicals as The Music Man Jr., Annie Jr., Aladdin Jr., The King and I, Willy Wonka Jr., Seussical Jr., High School Musical Jr., Guys and Dolls Jr. and Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Delisa still performs herself and had a short part in the recent movie, Letters to God. She also sings with Re’Gen Again directed by the well-known arranger and producer Derric Johnson.

Summer Programs in 2011 will include camps for kids age 5 to 18. “We love summer camps because we get to spend several hours a day teaching the children the elements of musical theater, such as audition tips, improvisation games, singing and dance techniques all with the goal of putting on a show for families and friends at the end of the week,” says Delisa. “This year we will have several Disney professionals come to speak with the kids at each camp!”

Summer Camps for CFPA start June 13th and fill up fast.

For more visit:

Contact Info:
Central Florida Performing Arts
2585 Anaconda Trail
Maitland, FL 32751

Youreka ‘s Summer Camps 2011 Schedule is out now

Youreka launched its 2011 Summer camps schedule on its newly revamped website. The Camps starting from April 10th onwards cater to children aged 9 year and above .The website lists the complete schedule for all 3 campuses as per the age groups and the respectivelocation. It also allows parents to book camps for their children online.

The new website, created by Go Blend, a specialist interactive agency, has been a big hit with Youreka’s target audience and has already resulted in big increase in traffic on to the website.

Nalini Dhariwal, Partner, Idiscoveri commented “We are very excited to launch our new website and have seen tremendous applause and excitement amongst our target audience with new changes. We have noticed over 50% increase in traffic on to our website. There has also been a considerable jump in online bookings for our 2011 Summer camps, which we attribute to our greater engagement and interaction with our target audience via the big strides we have made in online space.”

Youreka’s new website and its other online initiatives is its endeavour to have a better user experience and leverage the growing use of online space by its target audience. Talking about how Youreka has managed this leap, Aditi Kumar, CEO, Go Blend said “Youreka is very close to hearts of its target market- children. We extensively used social media to drive engagement and were able to not only add on to Youreka’s already large existing friends circle on Facebook but also able to drive meaningful engagement with them. Children are very receptive to online and we were able to record and measure the passion and excitement of our target audience. It was a great exercise in brand building and creating a long term brand equity for the Youreka brand.”

“Youreka plans on building its online presence and is excited on the opportunities in this space for our brand” concluded Nalini.

Youreka is India’s largest adventure based learning program provider in India. With over 14 years of experience and having worked with more than 35,000 children of varied age groups from across Asia and Europe, Youreka is committed to providing meaningful and unforgettable adventure experiences for children.

Youreka has its own campuses at Yercaud in Tamil Nadu, Sitalkhet in Uttaranchal and Sai Ropa in Himachal Pradesh. At these campuses various engaging and learning activities for kids such as Mountain Biking, Water Craft, Rock Climbing, Riverside Backpacking, Wilderness Backpacking, Bush Craft and Outdoor survival are provided.

For more info visit:

A9, Savitri Marg,
Greater Kailash Enclave – II
New Delhi – 110048
Tel: 01140801100

Web Business should adopt the eCommerce Trend

March 23, 2011 – Recent surveys and statistics show that of the total number of active web-based businesses that operate in the United States, almost 45% are also engaging in direct eCommerce activities. Another conclusion reached by the business specialists that conducted the surveys and analyzed the statistics is that the eCommerce world is still dominated by medium and large-sized companies, with the large companies being three times more numerous than those of medium size. As for the small web business companies, not even 5% of them are active in the domain of eCommerce. This finding comes a surprise, given the recent talks about the relative cost advantages and the level playing field surrounding the eCommerce field of activity.

Not only is the United States the strongest country in this domain, considering that more than 7 million of small-sized web-based business companies that are also conducting eCommerce activities come from this state. Not only that, but the United States is also thought to be responsible for the biggest portion of the eCommerce revenues in the last decade, in spite of the clear evidence that point out the fact that not even 5% of the business that conduct eCommerce activities become profitable in less than 18 months since their first operation. The electronics web businesses are playing an increasingly bigger role in the eCommerce business. However, of the Top 100 companies only a few have profitable eCommerce activities.

If you want to expand your business and add eCommerce operations to the portfolio of the company, then you most definitely need an eCommerce designer. Lehigh Valley website design companies are perfect for an efficient design for the eCommerce part of your business.

About Designz23 Web Design

Designz23 is a web design and search engine marketing solutions company with a wide spectrum of services. Among those, the web design, eCommerce, programming, databases, Flash websites and Actionscript, 3-D modeling, logo creation, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, reservations systems and custom applications are the most relevant and sought after services that Anyone who is searching for a professional eCommerce designer or database web designer will be more than pleased to learn that Designz23 is the company that can put at their disposal exactly what they are looking for.

Nowadays, the web design aspect of your business cannot be left at chance. If you want a professional looking, highly competitive, profitable website that accurately describes the products and services that the clients can enjoy, contacting a Lehigh Valley designer is the best choice you can make. An eCommerce designer is able not only to make the website of your business unique looking, but also appealing and remembering worthy to potential customers.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the website design is to make it user-friendly. After ensuring a catchy motto, a simple name and a professional overlook, you have to give attention to the way the eCommerce designer makes the structure of the site and organizes the content. A Lehigh Valley designer knows exactly how to make your website noticeable and pleasant for the potential clients. The Lehigh Valley website design option is the best choice any business owner can make for his or her company.

For additional details about the company, as well as its offer of products and services, please visit

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Designz23 Web Design
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All kids love a booger! Launching in the UK May 2011 Gorilla Boogers is created for young children and adults following a healthy lifestyle who have a conscience and a sense of humour!

Gorilla Boogers is all about sweet juicy Raisins! Gorilla Booger raisin bags, Gorilla Booger cereal bars, chocolate coated Gorilla Boogers, Gorilla Boogers oats and boogers cookies and Gorilla Booger breakfast cereals with each product promoting the work of The The Gorilla Organization via a fun brand that appeals to children and adults alike.

Gorilla Boogers is a firm supporter and funder to the charity The Gorilla Organization which is an international charity led by experienced African conservationists dedicated to saving the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction.

You only need to watch the film Gorillas in the Mist to understand its work and why the charity must continue to exist.

A game app for iPad called ‘pick, roll, flick, goal’ specifically aimed at both children and adults is in creation with all proceeds being donated to The Gorilla Organization.

Media Contact Information

Name: Gorilla Boogers
Phone: 08456437373
Country: United Kingdom