Car Owners Benefiting From Finding Cars For Less Online

[London, UK] – March 13, 2011 – A lot of cars are coming onto the secondary market these days after a rough economic period that left many in the United States, as well as other countries around the globe, in need of low cost vehicles. The secondary market has been booming due to an increase in the cost of new cars and trucks as manufacturers meet with the effects of social pressure to change how they go about designing and building their vehicles. This has caused some upheaval, but with more and more people coming online as the access to the web spreads around the globe, more people are deciding that the time has come for them to check out selection at online sites. With so many used cars for sale which can be viewed both close to the consumers residence or at a distance, there are a lot of people thinking that they might just want to check prices over the web first. This works out for sellers, as well, who can skip the hassles and high cost of posting what they have for sale in a traditional print publication that can often have negligible results.

One web site that has become a stand out model of car sales via the net is Just Good Cars, a site entirely devoted to the buying and selling of used vehicles by owners and dealers online. This gives consumers a much wider array of potential sources of cars for sale that they can choose from. Even those interested in finding cars in other countries can do so easily via Just Good Cars which serves the international market. In addition to allowing providing car shoppers with a first class and easy to use resource, the site allows those with a vehicle they would like to place an ad for to do so free of charge. This is boosting the number of vehicles available to consumers who want to avoid popular classified ads sites that have been in the news lately for less than attractive situations that took place there. With Just Good Cars, the focus is only on vehicles and the site is maintained rather than a typical free for all type experience.

Those looking to learn more about Just Good Cars can take a look at where they will be able to find news and car reviews along with a full selection of vehicles for sale.

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Colin Mathieson, Commercial Director
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Spring is around the corner which means only one thing; blossoming flowers, sun-filled chilly evenings and perfect party atmospheres.

With the cold winter a distant memory away and the excitement of a new season, celebrate the lovely outdoors with a fantastic event and hire Lotus Food Company as your London Caterers .

The London event catering company specialise in food with an Asian flair, producing unique and beautifully presented food that is great-tasting.

Make the spring social shindig a night to remember and one to rival for the summer with exquisite menus, the very best ingredients and phenomenally presented food.

By using Lotus Food Company as opposed to other Catering companies London they can help launch an amazing event to embrace the new season alongside their comprehensive event organising and party planning service, called Lotus Events.

So if you need help in planning the party they can even provide decoration services to theme the gathering in pastel shades and bright greens and yellows to colour co-ordinate with the time of year.

Let Lotus Food Company kick off the season with unique and beautiful food packed with taste; and help your function go as smooth as possible.

With years of experience that won’t disappoint the party revellers, their team of chefs provide pure pleasure and satisfaction to the taste buds; whether it is a small private soiree or party extravaganza, speak to the experts.

Make your event successful in 2011, hire only the best; Lotus Food Company.

Name: Lotus Food Company
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Country: United Kingdom
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Secure Your Data with Server Backup

Vaultwise, 03.13.11- For all business securing your data or information is a must as it is the backbone of your business. To run your business successfully and confidently you need a reliable and secure server backup service which is the best solution for securing your data. It keeps an exact copy of each version of a file, when you every time saves or makes changes to a file. Vaultwise provides secure data storage with complete disaster recovery solution. It becomes a leader in the back up industry with its high standards and strict policies.

When a computer crashes and all the information is lost a remote server backup system is one of the best options for you. Vaultwise offers remote server backup system in that the user’s data and information is stored in a remote location which are usually located in an offsite location. Before transferring the data and information to the hardware, it was collected, compressed and encrypted by storage software. Vaultwise is currently one of the only providers to take a no-gimmick approach to providing data backup servers: no overselling, no misleading advertising and enterprise-level data backups.

The benefit of the remote backup server is that all the data will not be stored in one particular location. Hence it is important to choose a right company providing safe and secure server back up. Vaultwise is providing a secured data storage by using remote backup and online backup. Vaultwise has never raised its prices, even though it provides a premium non-oversold level of service.

Protecting the data is a vital important for the success of every business. Each company has different data protection needs. Vaultwise is adapting a few ways to save your company’s data with a comprehensive approach to offsite server backups. Vaultwise provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to capture each version of a data file saved to your hard drive hence providing you with real time dependable data backup protection. Initial creation of back is a time consuming process if you are having a lot of data, Vaultwise allows you to use the Seed Load Utility in which your initial back up will be in local removable hard disk and then saved as back up sets in small incremental files.

About provides information about the reliable and secure server backup service offered by Vaultwise. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the remote backup server and data backup can be obtained from this website.

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Boots On The Roof Solar Training – The Launch Pad For Individuals Seeking A Career In The Solar Energy Industry

March 2011 – Boots on the Roof Training Programs Help Solar Energy Adepts to Pursue Successful Careers in the Solar Energy Industry

The Solar Energy industry currently abounds with opportunity and the prospects for a stable and rewarding career in the field are exceptional. However, despite the clear interest for Solar Energy technologies registered in the market, the solar industry is unprepared for a large jump in solar production demand. Moreover, the gap in supply and demand for the solar labor market is still quite large, which hinders the progress of solar energy adepts towards their desired careers.

In response to this problem, the Boots on the Roof school encourages people to attend their specialized programs, offering them access to the hands-on solar education and training they need to pursue a career in the Solar Energy industry. Numbering among the pioneers and fervent promoters of alternative sources of energy, the experienced Boots on the Roof team holds comprehensive solar training programs on a regular basis. The programs are targeted at General Contractors, Licensed Electricians, Solar Energy Entrepreneurs and other business professionals in the renewable energy sector.

Now also an approved NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) testing center for the Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge of PV Systems exam, Boots on the Roof provides “boot camp style”, instructor-led solar training programs for solar energy professionals at their California, Philadelphia, Portland and other nationwide locations. Their two-day, six-day and four-day solar panel training courses are extremely popular, drawing a large number of attendees from all over the country.

Here is what Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President, declared for the press after launching the Boots on the Roof educational program in 2009:

“The important thing to understand is that solar panel installation isn’t conducive to a ‘do-it-yourself’ technique. People need to be aware that they’re dealing with energy, with electricity, an unforgiving element. To be able to harness the immense opportunities in the solar energy sector, the most efficient method would be to partake of training from a reputed solar school such as Boots.”

About Boots on the Roof

Boots on the Roof is a reputed solar training school specializing in training Career changers, entrepreneurs and construction professionals on how to make the renewable energy business their business. Using an engaging mix of classroom instruction and realistic hands-on lab exercises, Boots on the Roof’s popular Master Certificate in Renewable Energy teaches not just design and installation, but also the financial, sales and marketing aspects of renewable energy.

All programs are taught by experts in the field. Boots on the Roof offers courses in Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Commercial Solar and Wind Energy at their campuses in Fremont, CA, Los Angeles, CA and Newark, NJ, with more locations to open soon.

To learn about how solar training can expand your business, or for additional information on current training programs, visit the expert resource guide on Renewable Energy Training,

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4670 Auto Mal Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
United States
Telephone: 888-893-0367
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A recently launched membership-based website developed further to enable Smartphone users to access the site from their handset, becoming the first fully mobile natural family planning website.

The objective of the site is to help women grow their families or practice natural birth control using the ‘sympto-thermal’ method. starts by teaching women how to chart their fertility signals to determine when they are fertile or not. Now, with new up-to-date technology, it is possible to use the website with a Smartphone. For iPhone and iPad devotees this means that they can view everything, including their fertility charts, via their handset.

The sympto-thermal method is a natural technique whereby women graph their temperature upon waking and monitor other symptoms (like the quality of their cervical fluid, etc.) for indications that they are nearing ovulation. How that information is used by the member is up to them. If members are trying to become pregnant, they can time intercourse to when they are the most fertile. If members are trying to avoid a pregnancy, they can abstain from intercourse during that fertile period. differs from the standard terrain of fertility charting in a few significant ways, starting with the design of the website. Founder Kimberly Racic sought the help of Truro-based whose clients include Bat For Lashes and The Gorillaz to bring some edginess and creativity to the visual aspects of the project.

The website, and mobile technology, has a unique way of displaying the temperature and cervical fluid graphs together in the same charting space so that their members can see how the two attributes relate and most importantly better recognize the beginning of a fertile phase.

As users interact with Fertility Flower, they learn about the transformation that their bodies go through during the course of a cycle as well as what’s normal for their particular case. Knowledge of this nature demystifies fertility for women, which minimizes or eliminates the need for expensive fertility procedures or chemical birth control, putting the control back into their hands.

Fertility Flower is flexible enough to accommodate women throughout their reproductive years. There are three sections: Seed, Sprout and Bloom, names that are in line with the gardening motif that runs throughout the website. While apparently three distinct sections, they flow together seamlessly. Seed members who become pregnant automatically move into the Sprout section and after giving birth, into Bloom. Thus, Fertility Flower has the capacity to carry women through their entire reproductive years.

Finally, the Fertility Flower project leveraged the full power of social media under the direction of Cheltenham-based Intranet Future, building those elements into their operations even prior to launch such that when Fertility Flower launched their test of the website in August 2010, they were already the #1 charting website on Facebook.

Ms. Racic, whose first miscarriage brought her to the sympto-thermal method in the first place, had this to say:

“The devil is in the details with fertility charting. So, having more information available to our members is always better than having less. Unlike a classic mobile application which provides users with a limited version of the website, members can access the entire website in its totality giving them the opportunity to maximize their chances of spotting their fertile phase.”

She continued,

“Fertility Flower is primarily about educating women, and the fact that it is now more easily accessible on smartphones should make the process easier. There are only a few days a month when it’s physically possible for a woman to get pregnant and knowing when it is or isn’t possible will put women (and couples) back in charge of their fertility.”

Since releasing the mobile aspect of Fertility Flower, mobile users have become the fastest growing segment of their membership profile which is now over 1,000 strong.

For more information,

Media Contact Information
First Floor, Millennium House
Victoria Road
Isle of Man
United Kingdom

The End of the Middle Class and the Emergence of a Planetary Society of Control

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 12, 2011 – Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta was born in 1957 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Beginning in childhood, the architect, urban planner, and musician traveled, as his father was an important inventor and industrial businessman. After 1987, he lived between New York City, Switzerland, Portugal, and Brazil. In 2003, inspired by the last thoughts of the economist John Kenneth Galbraith, he started an unexpected journey: to discover the common elements of social transformation on a planetary scale. Would it be possible? It seems so, according to his book, “Low Power Society: Continuous Hyperconsumption and the End of the Middle Class in a Hyperurban Planet,” now launched at

What would exist in common between Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States? “We penetrated a worldwide scale of interactions that made it possible to identify common patterns,” Pimenta said. And how could those discoveries impact the daily lives of people living in large cities in the United States or even in the countryside of Europe? “In many aspects,” replies the author, “everything seems to follow a coherent pattern, changing standards of education, references of personal development, like the future of some professions, strategies for money investment, and so on. Everything is quickly changing. If you are thinking of your future or the future of your family, surely this book will be of interest.”

In the book “Low Power Society,” Emanuel Pimenta describes an astonishing scenario that includes technological tools of social control, new forms of world conflicts, different kinds of statistical data, and the establishment of a new bureaucratic aristocracy.

“The book is not pessimistic. I never make any judgment of value,” he said. “It simply is powerful research conducted around the world. It is a book that can help people to better understand what is really happening on our planet. Many times I’ve met people perplexed with the fast transformations of our societies. Many times people ask me where one could find a good place to live. This book helps people understand what is happening.”

Corrado Bianchi Porro, journalist chief of the famous Swiss newspaper “Giornale del Popolo,” from the canton of Ticino, wrote the book’s introduction. The preface was written by the legendary American journalist Jon Rappoport, from California.

Emanuel Pimenta is member of the New York Academy of Sciences, of the Council of Architects and Engineers of Brazil, and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“Low Power Society” can be purchased at, at, or can be ordered in any bookshop all over the world.

The book has two different editions, in English and in Portuguese.

About the Book:

“Low Power Society: Continuous Hyperconsumption and the End of the Middle Class in a Hyperurban Planet”
List Price: $27.00
5.06″ x 7.81″ (12.852 x 19.837 cm)
Black & White on White paper
596 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1456594916
ISBN-10: 1456594915
BISAC: Political Science / General
Location: New York NY
Contact: Emanuel Pimenta
Phone: +41 91 7913911
Web Address:

About the Author: Biographical information about Emanuel Pimenta can be found at

For an interview or more information, please contact Emanuel Pimenta by phone at +41 91 7913911 or by email: