ANACORTES, WA, MARCH 31, 2011: The award winning horticulturists Sharon and Andrew Cooper from Queensland, Australia go public with their top secrets on how to easily grow a vegetable garden that provides maximum nutrition at a minimum price. Their newly released book, Our Vegetable Garden Secrets, is a simple, practical and complete source of information that provides all you need to know about preparing soil, caring for plants, protecting from disease and pests, and as a result, growing vegetables that are 40-60% more nutritious than their supermarket alternative.

Our Vegetable Garden Secrets has the support of the highly regarded Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, and in his foreword its executive director Professor Robert Graham writes: “Our Vegetable Garden Secrets marries the joy of gardening and the benefits of growing your own produce – a real plus for anyone wishing to take control of their health and help reduce the risk of contracting serious illness”. A portion of the proceeds of the book will go to support the Foundation’s life-saving research.

As parents, as well as people touched by serious illness in their own family, Sharon and Andrew Cooper share the universal concerns about nutrition, risks such as obesity and diabetes and the effects of chemicals on future generations. “We want to share hundreds of strategies, perfected over years of professional experience, for everything from soil preparation and natural pest control to the selection of your Superfoods for planting,” says Sharon. “We show you how to grow nutritious food without special tools or ingredients and how doing this reduces your chances of heart attack, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other degenerative diseases ”.

This book gives practical ways to protect the health of your loved ones by reducing chemicals and increasing antioxidants in their food. Gardeners of every skill level can benefit from Our Vegetable Garden Secrets, but the most benefits will be reaped by the first time gardeners. They have to make a lot of choices, need to learn a lot about gardening as their plants grow, get sick, need their attention, and the amount of information can be just overwhelming at first. Now they can confidently follow the path that Sharon and Andrew drafted for them, and get all necessary information from one source, on time, and on budget. With over 130 color images Sharon also provides free garden designs and after-purchase support to her clients.

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