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Former Uber Driver Creates Cryptocurrency Banq potentially Worth Millions

MIAMI, FL, 2022-Apr-27 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Meet Anade, he’s a Former Uber Lyft Driver turned Financial Data Scientist.

His company CryptoShare Banq is raising Funding on Wefunder below: Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare

The Raise closes April 30. This could be the last chance for people to invest!

Almost Five years removed from getting people from one place to another. He is now getting people to Build Wealth using Cryptocurrency with his company “Cryptoshare Banq”.

Website here: www.Cryptoshare.App

“In 2018, after I gave up Uber I made a decision to build Wealth and help others in the process.

Our Target Market is the Creditless, Unbanked, and Underbanked (over 25% of US and over 70% in Latin America).

Almost a 3rd of the World do not access to basic Financial tools (debit cards, loans, savings & checking accounts).” ~ Anade

Cryptoshare Banq launched on Feb 1, 2022. Presently the company has raised $200,000 USD and has nearly 200 Users using the CryptoCurrency Banq!

Web site: www.Cryptoshare.app

Invest here: www.Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare

All investments Close April 30 2022!

Cryptoshare Banq is a Decentralized Financial System

Media contact:

66 W Flagler Street STE 900, Miami, FL 33130, United States

Another £400m Into RBS’ PPI Compensation Fund, Says Missoldppiclaims.info

The Royal Bank of Scotland has earmarked an additional £400m to cover the cost of compensation and refunds relating to mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), says leading PPI Claims Company Missoldppiclaims.info.

The nationalised bank has released figures for the last quarter showing a pre-tax loss of£1.26bn, a proportion of which is due to the allocation of a further £400m to its PPIcompensation fund. In a move echoed around the banking industry in recent months, RBS now has increased its total PPI allocation to now stand at £1.7bn. However, it is unlikely to be the end of the compensation claims for the beleaguered bank.

Its recent computer problems resulted in significant numbers of RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank customers being locked out of their accounts for days, a mistake which has cost£175million so far with a further £50m of compensation put aside.

RBS is also part of an investigation by regulators in the UK, US and Asia – including the fraud division of the US justice department – over the part it played in the manipulation of the LIBOR inter-bank lending rate. With settlement negotiations imminent, the fines that could potentially be applied RBS believe could have a “material” impact on the company.

Despite the problems, RBS showed operating profits for the third quarter increased from£650m to £1bn, while bad debt fell by £159m and staff costs were 5% lower due to a 7% reduction in staff.

Stephen Hester, chief executive of RBS, said: “The extraordinary challenges which RBS faced following the financial crisis are being worked through successfully. The five year restructuring plan is now in its later stages with important work still to do, including an emphasis on dealing with reputational issues now that the bank’s safety and soundness has advanced so well.”

A spokesperson for leading PPI Claims Management Company, Missoldppiclaims.info said: “It’s good to see RBS recognising its responsibilities towards customers that were mis-sold PPI policies, in particular the responsibility to put customers first and treat them fairly. This can be seen in its decision to increase lending to its business customers even though there was a downturn in loan applications, but it would be good to see a similar helpful response to borrowing for its non-business customers with personal loans and residential mortgages.

The reputational issues Mr Hester refers to are likely to be industry criticisms that RBS customers play second fiddle to the short-term interests of shareholders and staff. As a result, RBS has relaxed its lending position towards its small and medium (SMEs)businesses, which has led to a an increase of new lending by 3% since the second quarter despite a 25% drop in SME loan applications due to the Olympics and doubts over the stability of the UK economy.

Analyst Richard Hunter, head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “There is no doubting the immensity of the task RBS has faced in executing its turnaround plan, nor indeed the progress made so far.”

Contact Details: Missoldppiclaims.info
11 Somerset Place
G3 7JT

EquityRelease.net Publishes New Beginners Guide Factsheet For Equity Release Mortgages

 The equity release resource website EquityRelease.net is pleased to announce that they have added The Essential Equity Release Factsheet to the website to provide UK residents with a concise and easy-to-read introduction to equity release schemes in the UK. EquityRelease.net is an independent equity release information resource website that provides a detailed information resource of equity release as well as free equity release advice and quotes.

Many older UK residents look forward to retirement as a time when they can engage in hobbies and activities that were not possible when they worked. Unfortunately, there is growing concern over whether people’s pension and retirement savings are enough to maintain their standard of living and spend their time as they please. As many retiring homeowners look into equity release as a means to provide the income they desire in retirement, the information website EquityRelease.net hopes to answer their basic questions with the addition of “The Essential Equity Release Factsheet” to the website.

“Our goal as always is to help older UK residents understand how equity release in their homes actually works, and the new infographic reduces our voluminous information contained on the website to its most basic terms, primarily using graphics to explain how equity release works,” said an EquityRelease.net representative.

As an introduction to equity release, the fact sheet begins by explaining the basic nature of home equity release. The equity of a home is the current value on the open market minus the debts held against it. Equity release allows the homeowner to obtain cash for this value without having to move out of their home. Equity release is for individuals over the age 55 who own property valued at around £70,000 or more, and most schemes also stipulate a minimum and maximum amount that can be released.

A common question answered by the fact sheet is who can take advantage of equity release. The new infographic shows the general profile of people that routinely take advantage of equity release as well as the eligibility requirements that they must meet to qualify. Many people have a fear of losing their home with equity release schemes so the fact sheet explains the limited risk of losing a home and how it can be avoided.

When it comes to the basics of releasing equity, readers will learn about its two forms, which include lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans, which are both approved and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). While the Essential Fact Sheet infographic is meant to be an introduction to equity release, readers can find far more detailed information on the website about all aspects of equity release. Website visitors can also take advantage of free advice and a quote provided by one of their specialists. For more information, please visit http://www.equityrelease.net/

About EquityRelease.net
EquityRelease.net is an independent UK-based resource, providing information and guidance to help homeowners learn more about the pros and cons of releasing equity in their home. The website contains detailed information on all aspects of equity release regulating bodies as well as alternatives to equity release. Visitors to the site can also take advantage of free equity release advice from one of their professionals and obtain a free quote.

Contact Details: Daniel Smith
275 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EL England

“Money is the Motivation” for the Founder of Boss Family Entertainment

Jim Jones and Nipsey Hussle joins Bliz on his Debut Mixtape

Trenton, NJ, August 27, 2012 – During the Summer of 2012, Founder/CEO Bliz (www.Twitter.com/BlizBF) and his Boss Family Entertainment movement, dotted all ‘i’s and crossed every ‘t’. Bliz himself, is the first artist to be released on the Boss Family Entertainment imprint. And his gravitational pull on the Streets is evident with the release of his Debut Mixtape “Money is the Motivation”, a gritty, ambitious 16-track street-compilation.

“Money is the Motivation” was released on July 18th; a year in the making. As an artist, Bliz’ unique cadence and adroit wordplay seamlessly links one song to the next. As a businessman, Bliz sought out to cover both East Coast and West Coast collaborations. Bliz brought on Harlem’s own Jim Jones and Sen City for ‘Loaded Up’, a solid street anthem equipped with solid one-liners and lyrical chemistry between Bliz and Jim. ‘Loaded Up’ has over 70,000 views on Youtube with positive comments supporting it.

On the title track for “Money is the Motivation”, Bliz enlisted the West Coast Underground threat, Nipsy Hussle to anchor the aggressive heart of this project. Also pay attention to Local Trenton artists Apollo the Great and T Dot Illdude on ‘Action, Action’.

Bliz is currently constructing the campaign for ‘Hollywood’, a song walking you through a night at the Stripclub with the CEO. While making his presence felt, Bliz meets his match in an electrifying private dancer named ‘Hollywood’.

“Money is the Motivation” is available for free download on Bliz’ website www.BlizMusic.com

Check out “Loaded Up” featuring Jim Jones and Sen City: http://youtu.be/lLT-KFX_N7c

For High Resolution photographs, interview opportunities and all other inquires, contact Boss Family Entertainment at BlizBF@gmail.com

Darnell Clark
Image Makers Media Group, LLC
646 Antone Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

Godfather Pawn, Orlando’s Best Pawn Shop has 10% Pawn Loans at Their Two Orlando Locations

Pawn your items at Orlando Pawn Shop – Godfather Pawn for only 10% at both East Colonial Drive and Florida Mall and Orange Blossom Trail locations. Stop by and sell, pawn, or buy at great prices from Godfather Pawn.

Orlando, FL (USA), Saturday – August 18th, 2012 — Pawn your items at Orlando Pawn Shop – Godfather Pawn for only 10% at both East Colonial Drive and Florida Mall and Orange Blossom Trail locations. Stop by and sell, pawn, or buy at great prices from Godfather Pawn.

Everyone is familiar with Pawn Stars show on A&E, but a lot of people do not know how pawn shops work. A lot of the stuff on that show is setup for ratings, but when they ask do you want to pawn or sell it. Sell it obviously means selling it to the pawn shop, but Pawn it means get money for the item and the pawn shop charges you interest until you have enough money to get it back. At Godfather Pawn in Orlando, Florida, you can get a 10% pawn loan on your belongings and pick your stuff back up. This is a great alternative to Amscot or the high interest rates at pay day loan places around Orlando, Florida. So, stop by Godfather Pawn at East Colonial Drive or on Orange Blossom Trail or visit them at www.GodFatherPawn.com.

In addition to 10 percent pawn loans at Godfather Pawn, you can take advantage of great deals on electronics, musical instruments, tools, sporting goods, and much more. Do you have some of these items? Godfather Pawn wants them, so bring them in to either one of the two Orlando locations or use their state of the art Online Appraisal form on www.GodfatherPawn.com

Do you have Gold in Orlando, Florida? I’m sure you have seen the dozens of sign holders around Orlando that are spinning signs for turning in your gold for cash, but do not take your gold to a fly by night shop like that. These places are paying rent in shopping centers and have one girl at a desk who will offer you next to nothing for your gold. Godfather Pawn has launched cash4goldorlando.com and is ready to give you top dollar for your gold. Godfather Pawn has been in business for years and is experienced in buying gold before the entire fly by night gold shops launched. Educate yourself with the price of your gold and the current gold rate per ounce. Weigh your gold and let us give you a fair offer comparable to that amount. Visit www.Cash4GoldOrlando.com or www.GodfatherPawn.com or come into Godfather Pawn two Orlando Pawn Shop locations located on East Colonial Drive or Orange Blossom Trial.

Press & Media Contact:
Mark Daniel
Godfather Pawn
9421 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837 – USA

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) in Ontario


Your children’s education is no doubt one of your top priorities. Post-secondary education will make a significant difference to your children’s earning potential and standard of living. In fact, Canadians with a high school graduation certificate earned an average of $37,403, while those with a bachelor degree earned one and a half times more – $56,048 (Statistics Canada, 2006 Census). Yet, government funding to universities is dropping, and post-secondary institutions are making up the shortfall by raising student fees. By setting aside education funds for your children now, you can ensure their opportunity to attend college or university and ease the debt they may carry upon graduation.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

It is a highly effective way to maximize the money available to your children when they enroll in a full-time, post-secondary program. Although your contributions are not tax-deductible, money inside the plan will grow tax-free until it’s withdrawn by your children. In addition, the government has several grants to help you build your education savings. The Basic Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) is available to everyone. If you start saving early enough, your child might be able to get the maximum amount of grant, which is $7,200.

In addition, the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) helps families of modest income save for children born after December 31, 2003. Families who receive the National Child Benefit Supplement would qualify for the initial CLB grant of $500, and $100 for each year of eligibility until the child is 15 years old.
How to open an RESP

* Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for your child.
* Decide what type of RESP account you want to open: a family plan or an individual plan.
* Fill out application forms, in which I’m more than happy to help you with this.

Want to obtain more information about the RESP, feel free to contact me.

Samuel Li,
Investment Fund Advisor | Investia Financial Services Inc.
Sales Manager & Financial Consultant | Excel Insurance Agency Inc.
Mobile: 647-294-0702
Email: SamuelConsultant@Live.com
80 Acadia Ave., Suite 205, Markham, Ontario. L3R9V1

This article is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific personalized advice including, without limitation, investment, financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Please consult an appropriate professional regarding your particular circumstances. This article does not constitute an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorized or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such offer or solicitation. References in this article to third party goods or services should not be regarded as an endorsement of these goods or services.This article is intended for Ontario, Canadian residents only and the information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The owner of this article is not liable for any inaccuracies in the information provided.


Blogger and Entrepreneur Publishes Unique New Book: “Money Success Without Being Rich”

Ronald Louis Barbour, a military veteran turned entrepreneur and financial blogger, has published a unique new book entitled “Money Success Without Being Rich”.

Clarksville, TN (USA), Thursday – July 05 2012 — Ronald Louis Barbour, a military veteran turned entrepreneur and financial blogger, has published a unique new book entitled “Money Success Without Being Rich.” The book, which is a compilation of blog posts written by Barbour since 2009, promotes simple strategies for managing money effectively.

The thought-provoking book challenges the myth of financial freedom by maintaining that anyone can be successful with money at any income level. “By learning and applying some basic money management principles starting today, I am confident that anyone can be financially free within the next 12 months—regardless of their monthly income,” Barbour says boldly in the book.

Barbour describes financial freedom as a time when a person’s monthly bills are easily covered by their monthly income; they are not living paycheck-to-paycheck; they can take care of all of their financial needs and many of their desires and they have enough money in savings to cover emergencies, help family and friends and donate to charitable organizations. Barbour is passionate about helping family members, friends and others gain control of and stay on top of their finances. “It’s hard for me to sit back and watch people get their utilities turned off, cars repossessed, homes foreclosed on,” he says. “I can’t stand seeing people lose so much because they don’t handle their money properly.”

“Money Success Without Being Rich” offers a simple, but effective solution. It takes a no-nonsense approach to how one should think about and handle money. The book encompasses 174 pages grouped into four areas for easy reading: Covering the Basics, Improving Your Thinking, Improving Your Situation and Getting Ahead. There’s also a Recommended Reading page featuring Barbour’s top 12 books for improving your finances and life.

“Money Success Without Being Rich” isn’t just another financial improvement book. It takes some of the complex concepts surrounding the utilization of money and puts them in plain terms that the average Joe can understand. In short, the book shows how anyone can use his/her income—regardless of the source and amount—in the most effective way possible. “Money Success Without Being Rich” is packed full of interesting and helpful topics, including:

* Four Basic Areas of Finances
* Good People Getting Bad Results
* Prosperity Is a Responsibility
* A Job Is not Enough
* 3 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Bad Economy
* Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Cut It
* Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living Is Dangerous
* The Less We Know, the More We Pay
* There’s a Solution to Every Money Problem
* How to Always Have an Income
* Three Ways to Improve in 2012

With a considerable number of Americans experiencing job loss, eviction/foreclosure, bankruptcy and financial frustration, “Money Success Without Being Rich” is an extremely timely book. It seeks to counter economic challenges with a much-needed message of empowerment and encouragement. It’s a must-read book for anyone who wants to improve his/her financial perspective and wellbeing. “Money Success Without Being Rich” is currently available online at www.lulu.com.

About Ronald Louis Barbour:
Ronald Louis Barbour is a real estate investor/entrepreneur, former guest newspaper columnist, and an avid blogger. A highly motivated individual who is constantly striving to improve, he holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Occupational Education/Corporate Training and Development from Wayland Baptist University. Barbour is also a retired U.S. Air Force training manager and recruiter who has garnered some of the military’s top honors, including Training Manager of the Year, NCO of the Month, and numerous Overachiever and Excellent Performance awards. He resides in Clarksville, Tenn., with his business partner/wife of 23 years, Tracy.

Press & Media Contact:
Ronald Barbour, Author
RightResponse eMarketing
Clarksville, TN – USA

Payday Loans Paid Enter the UK Payday Lending Market

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk has entered the payday loans online market in the United Kingdom. With a team of financial experts who bring with them an inordinate amount of experience in the unsecured loans sector in the UK, they aim to bring something different into the challenging internet, payday lending sector.

Head of online operations, Jenny Statham explained, ‘’Many payday loan applications are declined from a number of the main lenders in the United Kingdom due to their reliance on passing one application. Our payday loans are slightly different in that we can use our strong relationships with some of the payday lenders to ensure the majority of the applications are approved.”.

Payday loans are a somewhat sensitive subject and have featured heavily in the mainstream British press in recent times, but it appears they could be featuring in the UK lending sector for some time. With some APR’s of payday loans surpassing 4 figures, they have – in some quarters – been rightly criticised. Jenny Statham added, ‘’ we try to make sure any potential applicant are fully aware of the associated costs that come with the payday loan agreement they enter into.  Our advice to people who are considering entering into a payday loan agreement with  a lender they have sourced through Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is to primarily focus on the repayment terms, if they are unable to meet the repayments costs then it is important they do not take on the payday loan.”

With a plethora of payday loan operators frequenting the internet it can be difficult to decide what lender to choose from.  Jenny Statham advised, ‘’if you are looking to secure a payday loan, it is important not to use the first lender you find. Spend some time researching the different providers to ensure you get the very best deal. As there are so many in competition with each other now, there could be some great deals to be found out there”.

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is one of countless payday loan lenders in the United Kingdom in what some commentators are calling a ‘’saturated market”. They hope, however, to hit the ground running with an easy to use online portal, quality customer service and modest acceptance rates for new applications. Jenny concluded, ‘’we hope to attract people to our online portal who may not have used a payday loan, but have the capacity to service the loan, as new applications will typically have a greater chance of being accepted for a payday loan through our approval system”.­­­­­


About Paydayloanspaid.co.uk
Paydayloanspaid.co.uk are an online payday loans brokerage. They provide small, short term cash loans for people who are resident within the United Kingdom. They have an online application portal that facilitates new and existing payday loan applications.

Further information – paydayloanspaid.co.uk

General enquiries – support@paydayloanspaid.co.uk

Paydayloansavailable.com Aiming to Decrease Application Times

Paydayloansavailable.com is the latest online payday lender to have adapted an online lending portal to service UK residents who may be in need of an unsecured lending facility. With the onset of broker style lending,  payday loans are now being processed online in the UK by many service providers using state of the art ‘’Pingtree” technology, working in unison with the UK’s leading payday lenders, and the application facility now being operated by Paydayloansavailable.com is certainly no exception.

The application harnesses secure technology to enable new and existing applicants to push their details through to a panel of lenders after submitting one application form online. The details are transmitted through to the lenders via the application and the subsequent decision is made by one of the chosen payday loan lenders. Jenny Davis, applications manager at Paydayloansavailable.com explained, ‘’we have decided to integrate a Pingtree style application within the site to give applicants a credible opportunity to access funds. The main advantage we have is that all of our applications are submitted to different lenders. The payday providers will then either accept the loan application based on the data that has been submitted, or it will be declined. Either way there is a reduced time implication which can only serve to benefit our customers”.

Online payday lenders are now entrenched within the UK’s unsecured finance sector and it is evident the increased competition has not always culminated in an improved service provided. But, Paydayloansavailable.com aims to at least serve their customers quicker than ever before, as well as giving them increased opportunity to secure short term, unsecured funding online. Jenny Davis added, ‘’there is still a real need in the UK for short term loans and unfortunately there is not the availability of funding through the mainstream lending channels. Whilst we do not condone irresponsible lending, it is important to acknowledge there is a need for credit and we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for finance”.

Paydayloansavailable.com is aiming to make an impact on the lending sector in the UK. Despite their relatively short time operating online, by implementing cutting edge technology into their service provision, they may well be making a positive statement of intent.



Pensioners Suffering As The Money Runs Out, Says Debt Solutions Company Trust Deed Scotland

A new report reveals that pensioners across the UK are being left penniless as their money disappears every week in a whirlwind of bills, says Debt Solutions Company, Trust Deed Scotland.

An income of £207.15 per week is typical for most pensioned couples, but a report by Standard Life shows it goes straight back out the door as £207.24 is spent on food, fuel, housing and transport.

The report highlights rising inflation as the reason why the average pensioner has difficulties making ends and are being hit hard – many are having issues even affording a new pair of shoes, a holiday or a present for a grandchild.

While the Consumer Price Index remained the same in September at 4.5%, the Retail Price Index was hovering at 5.2% and threatening to rise again. Pensioner have a fixed income that doesn’t change from month to month, and that combined with inflation and large energy rises from utilities companies means turn some have turned towards credit cards to make ends meet.

A spokesperson for Scottish Debt Solutions Company, Trust Deed Scotland, said:
“According to Age UK, British pensioners are the fourth poorest in Europe, with the worst off set to lose up to 22% of their household income because of cuts to local authority services and changes to the tax and benefits system. This report highlights the dire position our parents and grandparents are in. At a time when they should be relaxing after a lifetime of working, they are pinching pennies and worrying about what the future will hold for them.”

The day before Standard Life published its report, the Institute of Fiscal Studies issued a warning about how ‘real’ inflation was hitting pensioners much harder than younger age groups.

“The Insolvency Service reported the fastest rising group of people claiming insolvency is pensioners,” said the spokesperson. “They are six times more likely to go bankrupt or take out a debt solution such as a Scottish Trust Deed or Debt Arrangement Schemethan they were just a decade ago. The number of people entering retirement with unpaid debts has increased, and when combined with increased life expectancy, the recession and limited options to increase income when you retire, it adds up to a lot of older people in real trouble”.

According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service the average unsecured debt of newly retired pensioners is £21,370 and few have any savings at all. Once all the bills have been covered, there’s just £85 left at the end of the month.

“There are numerous reasons why pensioners are entering retirement in debt,” said the spokesperson. “Previous good house values led to many people remortgaging for home improvements or to loan to children or grand children for house deposits. There’s also the issue of divorce, where one partner will often buy the other out of their share of the property by extending their mortgage. And then some people are marrying and having families much later in life or having second families in their fifties.”

“For many life as a retiree in today’s world is just as expensive as it was when they were working, but now they have less income to live on.”