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Consumer Loan Market Is Growing

New York, NY, USA, 2018-Jul-03 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — During last ten years, there were significant investments in the personal loans market. It was possible due to the inflow of capital and innovative technologies, which caused a doubling of the market.

Although, according to many financial websites, originations of personal loans are falling. It started with refusals to borrowers with a credit rating below 600, which didn’t take place since 2012.

Despite the decline in the origination of loans, all other data shows an increase of interest of the borrowers to this bank product.

The market for unsecured loans grew by 10.8% in 2017. And financial analytics are talking now about a great prospect for the development of this market segment.

According to statistics in 2017, 10% of respondents applied for a personal unsecured loan, a greater interest was shown to credit cards (65%) and auto loans (26%).

Banking CEOs are Concerned About FinTech

The lending market has a long history and now it is experiencing one of the most historical phases.

One of the biggest changes became a rapid development of FinTech (financial technologies).

Several years ago banks and other traditional financial structures were skeptical about online loans. Now 81% of banking CEOs are worried about such fast FinTech development.

Such concerns are reinforced by the fact that financial Internet structures have become quite competitive. Applying to a lender online, via a certain website connecting the customers with the direct service providers, the borrower gets a wide choice: unsecured personal loans, same day loans, debt consolidation etc. In addition to this sophisticated credit models and new anti-fraud mechanisms makes online financial services more attractive than banks.

The Most Popular Loans

According to the last statistic data, the most popular loan products are unsecured personal loans and installment loans. These loans are the most convenient and profitable for the borrowers. Same day payday loans are also popular, but they are most often used in urgent cases when money is needed for a short period of time. In such cases, 24/7 loans are more convenient, since it is easy to get and the money is being accrued to the bank account of a borrower in short period of time.

The thing that makes personal loans one of the most attractive types of financial products is its uniqueness. It can be used for any purpose: making a big purchase, paying for a wedding or vacation, etc. However, the most common reasons for obtaining a personal loan currently are:

1. Debt consolidation (35%).
2. Household expenses (19%).
3. Medical expenses (9.9%).

Statistic data shows that the purpose of the loan doesn’t affect the chances of the borrower to get approved.

Summing up, the consumer credit market is experiencing rapid growth. Personal loans are attractive to the borrowers because of the affordable interest rate and quick receipt of funds. FinTech is developing and expanding, thus the number of lenders increases and the borrowers have a wide choice.

Equities First Holdings, LLC Repatriates IQE plc Transaction, Returns All Underlying Collateral To Borrower

EFH Concludes Another Successful Financing Transaction, Returning Collateral Valued at More Than £20 Million.

London, UK — Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH), a global lender and a leader in shareholder financing solutions, is pleased to announce that Dr. Drew Nelson, chief executive of IQE plc, has concluded a financing agreement into which he entered with EFH in 2014.

EFH has returned all underlying collateral to Dr. Nelson, which at repatriation are valued at more than £23.5 million, a 780% increase in value from when the transaction was executed in October 2014.

Background on the transaction
On 14 October 2014, IQE notified the AIM market that Dr. Nelson had pledged 18 million shares to EFH in return for a cash loan of £1.865m. The proceeds were used to purchase additional shares of IQE and satisfy tax and National Insurance payable on the exercise of share options. The 18 million shares were worth £23,580,000 at repayment.

“This is exactly what Equities First is here to do for its clients,” said EFH Founder and CEO Al Christy, Jr. “By offering market-leading terms at a fair margin and a fixed three-year timeframe, EFH borrowers can access capital against their stock to meet immediate capital needs without forfeiting future economic opportunity. For the past 15 years EFH has delivered these types of opportunities to clients around the globe, and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients in the years to come.”

Background on EFH loan structures
EFH is a specialist lender which provides competitive value cash loans to publicly quoted company shareholders collateralised by portions of their holdings. The loan term is typically three years, which allows EFH to manage the position for value over a reasonable time frame. EFH contractually pledges not to lend out or short sell during that time, and all market activities are executed to have no impact on stock price or trading volumes.

When the loan matures and is repaid, EFH returns the shares, allowing the borrower to keep all the upside growth in the share price during the period. The loans are non-recourse, which means that the borrower does not provide security in respect to their other assets.

“Clients in the U.K. and Europe have accessed funding from EFH for a wide range of purposes,” said Jeff Smith, Senior Managing Director of Equities First Holdings, LLC. “The key for them is the ability to retain their interest in the underlying shares and full exposure to any upside. EFH has a perfect track record of returning borrower collateral on maturity and repayment, regardless of how much the shares have increased in value.”

“On the back of arrangements such as these, EFH has seen attractive growth in the European markets, led through our London office,” continued Christy. “As European clients become increasingly familiar with the EFH methodology we expect to see a further increase in the number of transactions we conduct here.”

About Equities First Holdings
Since 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided clients with innovative financing solutions, supplying capital against publicly traded stock to enable clients to meet their personal and professional financial goals. EFH provides capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the world while offering clients competitive loan-to-value rates and low costs of capital. Over the past 5 years, EFH has completed more than 500 transactions and deployed more than $1.4 billion (USD) to clients across the globe.

EFH is a global company with offices in 10 countries, including wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. For more information, visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com.

This release is intended for professional investors use only, and does not constitute an offer, stated or implied, of any type. Equities First Holdings, LLC and all of its subsidiaries work exclusively with individuals classified as Professional or sophisticated investors. The Equities First Holdings platform is not intended for retail investors.


Media Enquiries – Brandon Russell, +1 317 429 3500

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees A Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

As Banks and Financial Institutions Tighten Lending Criteria, Stock-Based Loans May Offer Some Investors an Attractive Alternative to Raise Capital.

Indianapolis, IN, USA — Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH, http://www.equitiesfirst.com), a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is seeing more traction in margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate where banks and other institutions have tightened lending criteria. For borrowers who need to raise capital quickly or who may not qualify for more conventional credit-based loans, equities lending is gaining popularity as an alternative.

While some options still exist for these individuals, recently, many banks have cut their lending options for borrowers, tightened loan qualifications, and increased interest rates. Al Christy, Jr., Founder and CEO of EFH, sees loans collateralized by stocks as an innovative borrowing alternative for individuals seeking working capital. Stock-based loans typically have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans and offer a fixed interest rate, providing certainty throughout the life of the transaction.

“During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide a hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market,” said Christy. “Most stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature that allows a borrower to walk away from a stock loan at any point, even if the stock’s value depreciates. The borrower is able to keep the initial loan proceeds with no further obligation to the lender.”

As Christy notes, some consider margin loans and stock-based loans to be synonymous. Although both forms of financing use securities for collateral, there are marked differences.

With a margin loan, the borrower must be pre-qualified, as with a conventional bank loan, and may require the money to be used for a specific purpose. The interest rates are variable and the borrower can expect loan-to-value ratios between 10 and 50 percent. In addition, the lending firm may liquidate the borrower’s collateral without warning in the event of a margin call.

With stock-based loans, borrowers can expect a fixed interest rate between three and four percent and a loan-to-value ratios ranging from 50 to 75 percent. There also are no restrictions on the loan, so the money can be used for any purpose. In addition, most stock-based loans are non-recourse, so borrowers can walk away without obligation, even if the value of the collateral stock has decreased.

“Any form of financial transaction has some risk associated with it,” said Christy, “But stock-based loans have been historically ignored as a viable borrowing option largely because a number of unscrupulous lenders have unceremoniously dumped borrowers’ collateral into the open market, failed to return stocks upon transaction maturity, or failed to address other concerns. We have built our business on a code of integrity and transparency and we rely on leading legal, regulatory, and trading institutions for counsel. Our mission is to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk so our customers can meet their personal and professional financial goals.”

About Equities First Holdings
Since 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has provided clients with alternative financing solutions, supplying capital against publicly traded stock to enable clients to meet their personal and professional goals. EFH provides capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the world. The company has completed more than 650 transactions worth more than $1.4 billion to date, offering customers high loan to values at low fixed interest rates.

EFH is a global company with offices in nine countries, including wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. For more information, visit, http://www.equitiesfirst.com.

This release is intended for informational use only, and does not constitute an offer, stated or implied, of any type. Equities First Holdings, LLC and all of its subsidiaries work exclusively with individuals classified as sophisticated investors. The Equities First Holdings platform is not intended for retail investors.

Media Contact:
Brandon Russell

Refinancia: “The AuraPortal BPM solution has made us more efficient and competitive”

The AuraPortal BPM software has given Refinancia an agile and flexible solution to aid decision-making related to customer credit loans.

Woburn, MA, July 07, 2014 – AURA (www.auraportal.com), a global provider of AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced that its partner in Colombia, SQDM SAS, has successfully implemented a corporate Business Process Management strategy at Refinancia financial institution, optimizing the correct operations based on established guidelines.

AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

William Olegario Méndez Mora, Manager of the Office of Research and Technology Unit at Refinancia, comments, “After identifying our current business needs and the need to integrate and automate the processes, we saw a great opportunity to jump on the BPM bandwagon with AuraPortal.

Given the dynamism of our business, we needed an agile and flexible solution to aid decision-making related to customer credit loans.

The BPM solution proposed by SQDM with AuraPortal perfectly aligns with our core business making us more efficient and competitive. Much of our business will be supported on AuraPortal and it will be a strategic part of business for years to come.”

About Refinancia:
Refinancia provides alternatives to individuals seeking specialized credit solutions. Through refinancing options, credit cards, and guarantees of loans from banks and commercial establishments, the company offers products designed fairly and respectfully for each one of its customers. Refinancia’s solutions integrate the financial industry, the commercial industry and individuals to contribute to the credit access process.

Refinancia has a team of over 800 collaborators in Colombia and Peru.

ABOUT AURA (http://www.auraportal.com)
AURA is a global BPM (Business Process Management) software provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AURA has a presence in 40 countries with more than 300 customers including, among others: Walmart, Toyota, General Motors, Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Danone, INCAE, Kimberly-Clark, Yamaha, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries. All of these customers benefit from maintenance contracts.

It is headquartered in Europe and has an executive branch in North America (Florida). It also has offices in several countries and a vast network of partners who locally attend customers throughout the world.

Cristina Siscar
400 Trade Center
Woburn, MA 01801-7472

Payday-loansuk.org.uk Reveal New Mascot – Jackson the Dog

Payday loans, the often derided side to personal finance, have been gaining in popularity for quite some time in the UK.

What was once a small, niche related business, has now become a multi-million pound industry. The demand for the product seemingly growing thanks to the lending patterns of major lenders and banks.

Established within that market is the company Payday Loans UK. Formed by two ex-bankers, the firm base it’s ethos on delivering cash advances to those refused elsewhere.

In keeping with this innovative spirit they have revealed a new mascot to go along with the usual payday loans product.

The aim of this ‘talisman’ is more of a symbol than a novelty as Nick Cox from the company explains;

“We came up with the concept of Jackson as more of a multi-functional device then an un-purposeful icon.”

“Our initial aim for Jackson is to have him implemented as an online helper on our website. He will be on-hand if the customer runs into trouble with any detail. There will be a knowledge base attached to the interface and an online operator for 2nd level queries.”

“After that the sky’s the limit really, we could have him as the spearhead for ad campaigns or even as acting CEO for the day!”

The company hopes that Jackson will bring some much needed cheer into what can be an often depressing situation.

Cox is under no illusion as to how customers feel when accessing his site;

Payday loans suck. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to take out a loan and when they do they’re not going to be happy about it. Hopefully this will put a smile on their face.”

The company’s aims for Jackson the dog are still be sketched out and he has not yet been implemented into the user experience on the website payday-loansuk.org.uk.

The whole process is being strategically mastered as if re-homing a pet. Payday Loans UK expect the first wave of Jackson mania to start at the end of this month.

Payday Loans UK are a fast online payday loans service aimed at those refused elsewhere. Loans are approved instantly and deposits can be as fast as 15-minutes straight to customers’ UK bank accounts.

Contact Details: 66 De Beauvoir Road
N1 4LN

0871 919 0140


Business Loans Bad Credit A Thing of The Past!

If you are a registered business or sole proprietor with business loans bad credit hanging around your neck like a mill stone that’s preventing you from receiving unsecured lines of credit, there’s good news from Business Loans Advisory Service.

Sinnamon Park, Queensland, July 19, 2012 – If you are a registered business or sole proprietor with business loans bad credit hanging around your neck like a mill stone that’s preventing you from receiving unsecured lines of credit, there’s good news from Business Loans Advisory Service.

According to a company’s spokesperson, whether you are seeking startup business loans or already weighted down in bad credit, there’s now a way out to securing not just $5,000 in unsecured lines of credit without the usual personal guarantee, but you can now also receive up to a whooping $250,000 in Government grants that you’ll never have to pay back.

“If you want to know just want needs to be done to get up to $300,000 in business startup loans in as little as 7 days without paying application fees, backend fees, origination fees and success fees without the personal guarantee, you need not look any further than us here at the Business Loans Advisory Service,” said the site’s owner.

With their business loans bad credit and grant package, the spokesperson said you can access a 100 per cent small business loan for free, and it includes:

* 13 things your business needs for funding

* Itemized list of High, Medium and Low

* Different types of loans & grants

* Free credit application for 24 h approvals

* Location of where to email the applications

“There are only so many funds allocated to small businesses for grants and time is of the essence,” the source said, but added that the reason businesses get declined for the loans is because they don’t do the things they need to do to qualify in the first place.

“If you follow the step-by-step instructions in our small business loan package you will very likely have up to $300,000 of which up to $250,000 is in grant money you never have to pay back,” noted the site’s owner and business loans bad credit will be a thing of the past.

The company’s source also pointed out that the grant office will not be accepting new applicants in the next three months, therefore interested business persons and entrepreneurs have to make their submission as soon as possible.

For further information contact: http://businessloansadvisoryservice.com/

Paul Wright
Business Loans Advisory Service
97 Sinnamon Road
Sinnamon Park, Queensland 4073

Payday Loans Paid Enter the UK Payday Lending Market

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk has entered the payday loans online market in the United Kingdom. With a team of financial experts who bring with them an inordinate amount of experience in the unsecured loans sector in the UK, they aim to bring something different into the challenging internet, payday lending sector.

Head of online operations, Jenny Statham explained, ‘’Many payday loan applications are declined from a number of the main lenders in the United Kingdom due to their reliance on passing one application. Our payday loans are slightly different in that we can use our strong relationships with some of the payday lenders to ensure the majority of the applications are approved.”.

Payday loans are a somewhat sensitive subject and have featured heavily in the mainstream British press in recent times, but it appears they could be featuring in the UK lending sector for some time. With some APR’s of payday loans surpassing 4 figures, they have – in some quarters – been rightly criticised. Jenny Statham added, ‘’ we try to make sure any potential applicant are fully aware of the associated costs that come with the payday loan agreement they enter into.  Our advice to people who are considering entering into a payday loan agreement with  a lender they have sourced through Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is to primarily focus on the repayment terms, if they are unable to meet the repayments costs then it is important they do not take on the payday loan.”

With a plethora of payday loan operators frequenting the internet it can be difficult to decide what lender to choose from.  Jenny Statham advised, ‘’if you are looking to secure a payday loan, it is important not to use the first lender you find. Spend some time researching the different providers to ensure you get the very best deal. As there are so many in competition with each other now, there could be some great deals to be found out there”.

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is one of countless payday loan lenders in the United Kingdom in what some commentators are calling a ‘’saturated market”. They hope, however, to hit the ground running with an easy to use online portal, quality customer service and modest acceptance rates for new applications. Jenny concluded, ‘’we hope to attract people to our online portal who may not have used a payday loan, but have the capacity to service the loan, as new applications will typically have a greater chance of being accepted for a payday loan through our approval system”.­­­­­


About Paydayloanspaid.co.uk
Paydayloanspaid.co.uk are an online payday loans brokerage. They provide small, short term cash loans for people who are resident within the United Kingdom. They have an online application portal that facilitates new and existing payday loan applications.

Further information – paydayloanspaid.co.uk

General enquiries – support@paydayloanspaid.co.uk

Paydayloansavailable.com Aiming to Decrease Application Times

Paydayloansavailable.com is the latest online payday lender to have adapted an online lending portal to service UK residents who may be in need of an unsecured lending facility. With the onset of broker style lending,  payday loans are now being processed online in the UK by many service providers using state of the art ‘’Pingtree” technology, working in unison with the UK’s leading payday lenders, and the application facility now being operated by Paydayloansavailable.com is certainly no exception.

The application harnesses secure technology to enable new and existing applicants to push their details through to a panel of lenders after submitting one application form online. The details are transmitted through to the lenders via the application and the subsequent decision is made by one of the chosen payday loan lenders. Jenny Davis, applications manager at Paydayloansavailable.com explained, ‘’we have decided to integrate a Pingtree style application within the site to give applicants a credible opportunity to access funds. The main advantage we have is that all of our applications are submitted to different lenders. The payday providers will then either accept the loan application based on the data that has been submitted, or it will be declined. Either way there is a reduced time implication which can only serve to benefit our customers”.

Online payday lenders are now entrenched within the UK’s unsecured finance sector and it is evident the increased competition has not always culminated in an improved service provided. But, Paydayloansavailable.com aims to at least serve their customers quicker than ever before, as well as giving them increased opportunity to secure short term, unsecured funding online. Jenny Davis added, ‘’there is still a real need in the UK for short term loans and unfortunately there is not the availability of funding through the mainstream lending channels. Whilst we do not condone irresponsible lending, it is important to acknowledge there is a need for credit and we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for finance”.

Paydayloansavailable.com is aiming to make an impact on the lending sector in the UK. Despite their relatively short time operating online, by implementing cutting edge technology into their service provision, they may well be making a positive statement of intent.



247 Payday UK Launches New Payday Loans Website with a Conscience

Payday loans website, 247 Payday UK launched at midnight on April 24th 2012. The message is clear that this new online lending facility wants to be ”a little bit different” in comparison to other payday lenders currently operating in the somewhat saturated payday loans market within the United Kingdom.

With a new website fresh out of the wraps, a dedicated marketing team and an ethical approach to lending, it is hoped that the future could be bright for 247 Payday UK.

Richard Painter, 247 Payday UK’s operations manager explained, ”from the outset we have wanted to be clear with our customers around issues such as payday loan repayment costs and implications of taking on this type of loan arrangement”. Although the website is in its infancy 247 Payday UK has focused on transparency, providing a payday loans guide that Richard added, ”will continue to be built upon and developed over time to ultimately create a hub of information for new and existing customers”.

Richard has over 5 years’ experience within the UK payday market and stated that he has seen a shift in recent times to a more competitive sector, but would like ”more transparency and openness between the lender and the customer”.

His involvement with various payday loans operations all over the UK has enabled Richard to see the positive and negative aspects of the industry. Richard is clearly excited at being part of the new team and explained, ”we have sourced some experienced payday loan specialists, with a blend of youth and experience, to hopefully create a winning formula in helping to promote our fresh and innovative payday site”.

With 247 Payday UK coming into an already tough financial sector, it may well be a bumpy road ahead for Richard and his team. It is however evident that they are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but to be open and honest with their potential customers and this could ultimately be a winning formula.


Email – richardpainter@247paydayuk.co.uk
General enquiries – customerservice@247paydayuk.co.uk
Website – http://www.247paydayuk.co.uk


Blue Asset Management LLC to offer Loans for sale in New Jersey

Blue Asset Management LLC, a real estate management and asset disposition company operating in New Jersey and Florida, is offering in $15 million+ in performing and non performing first mortgage loans collateralized by properties in New Jersey.

Wayne, NJ, April 05, 2012 – Blue Asset Management LLC, a real estate management and asset disposition company operating in New Jersey and Florida, announced it is offering in excess of $15 million in performing and non performing first mortgage loans collateralized by properties in New Jersey.

According to Charles Blumenkehl, managing partner at Blue Asset Management, “We are very bullish on the future of real estate in New Jersey, and believe these loans we are offering to the local market will bring solid returns collateralized by investment caliber real estate. We have loans ranging in size from $100,000 to over $1 million, and are excited for the opportunity to enable local investors and operators to assist in the real estate recovery in our local New Jersey markets while at the same time bringing properties back to marketability helping both the occupants and surrounding properties.”

Blumenkehl said the properties would be offered both through his office and is working with and exploring various disposition channels to achieve distribution of the assets. For more information about the loans, contact Charles Blumenkehl at Blue Asset Management LLC in New Jersey at 973 835-1400 or log onto the company’s website at www.blueassetmanagementllc.com

Charles Blumenkehl
Blue Asset Management LLC
2282 Hamburg Tpke, Ste. B
Wayne, NJ 07470
(973) 835-1400 ext. 234