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AutoAAN Launches Crowd Funding Campaign for Affordable Voicemail App

Buy It Once, and Never Pay for Voicemail Again.

Toronto, Canada, June 13th, 2014 — Today, Toronto startup Think Idea Do announced the launch of its Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for Automatic Answer And Notify (“AutoAAN”), the affordable and smarter voicemail app that aims to save subscribers from overpriced, monthly voicemail charges.

Many people don’t know it, but voicemail can cost almost $100 per year for many plans. For a limited one-time price of $5, you can get the AutoAAN app for iOS or Android and never pay for voicemail again. It works for all carriers, anywhere in the world.

Supplier: AutoAAN
Monthly Fee: $0.00 None!!!!
Max No. of Messages: Limited by available phone memory
Minutes per Message: Limited by available phone memory
Days Kept: Limited by available phone memory
Notes: Applicable carrier airtime charges may apply. Check with your plan/provider for details. See AutoAAN.com for further details

Supplier: AT&T
Monthly Fee: US $2.00
Max No. of Messages: 40
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 30
Notes: See ATT.com for further details

Supplier: Bell Canada
Monthly Fee: $8.00
Max No. of Messages: 25
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 14
Notes: See Bell.ca for further details

Supplier: Fido
Monthly Fee: $6.00
Max No. of Messages: 3
Minutes per Message: 3
Days Kept: 3
Notes: Includes Call Display

Supplier: Fido
Monthly Fee: $7.00
Max No. of Messages: 35
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 10
Notes: Please refer to Fido.com for further details

Supplier: Rogers
Monthly Fee: $4.99
Max No. of Messages: 35
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 10
Notes: Also includes Premium Voicemail-To-Text, Name Display, WhoCalled™

Supplier: Sprint
Monthly Fee: US $2.99
Max No. of Messages: 40
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 40
Notes: See Sprint.com for further details

Supplier: T-Mobile
Monthly Fee: US $2.99
Max No. of Messages: 40
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 40
Notes: See T-Mobile.com for further details

Supplier: Telus
Monthly Fee: $5.00
Max No. of Messages: 10
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 10

Supplier: Telus
Monthly Fee: $8.00
Max No. of Messages: 25
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 25
Notes: See Telus.com for further details

Supplier: Verizon
Monthly Fee: US $2.99
Max No. of Messages: 40
Minutes per Message: 5
Days Kept: 40
Notes: See Verizonwireless.com for further details

In May, AutoAAN commissioned a study to gauge the impact this could have. Over 400 people were surveyed, and the results showed that 42 percent of voicemail users didn’t know how much they were paying. On top of that, over 45 percent would switch to AutoAAN if they didn’t have to pay for voicemail again. If 10,000,000 voicemail users made the switch, they could save over $600 million a year (by replacing a $5 monthly plan.)

On top of the savings, AutoAAN has additional features that your standard voicemail is missing. There are no limits on how many messages you can store or how long they can be, and they never expire. When the phone rings, you can choose from one of 12 “contextual greetings” to play for the caller. Instead of your standard “I’m not here, leave a message,” you can let them know you’re in a meeting, at a restaurant, or watching cat videos.

Founder Daniel Feuer is a serial entrepreneur and a mentor to young entrepreneurs and his hope is that AutoAAN will end the expensive voicemail monopoly. “Our app is the first that puts the control of voicemail where it should be, with the phone owner. No longer will anyone be dependent on their carrier for an under-powered and over-priced answering machine,” said Feuer. “Aside from the practical cost savings, callers can now have context as to why they received voicemail and when the call will be returned. AutoAAN will do for voicemail what VOIP did for long-distance by providing competition and savings.”

AutoAAN’s Indiegogo campaign lasts until July 10 and is flexible, meaning that any funds contributed will go toward the project. The app is expected to be released in September 2014.

AutoAAN Site:

Indiegogo Campaign Page”

Press Contact & Media Coordinator:
Sasha Watkins
Toronto, Canada
1-800-224-5560 extension 802

nGen VidCom LLC Announces High Speed Video Service to Nigeria through a Strategic Alliance

nGen VidCom LLC, a global leader in converged video and collaborations services, today announced a new, strategic alliance with Vision Telecommunications Technologies Nigeria, a leading telecommunications hardware and services company, to bring a high speed video collaboration gateway from Nigeria to North America.

Under the terms of this multi-year alliance, Vision Telecommunications Technologies will offer its customers GlobalMeetLive (GML), a cloud-based video collaboration solution to its new and existing customers and channel partners.

“All businesses rely upon web based collaboration to conduct business in this rapidly changing economy. “nGen’s GML solution combines collaboration, true video conferencing and large scale streaming all within a single service” said Tom Clark, CEO of nGen VidCom LLC. “Our alliance with Vision Telecommunications Technologies Nigeria will allow both firms to provide full converged video collaboration communications with no latency or loss of quality between the continents”.

GlobalMeetLive is nGen’s cloud-based converged cloud based collaboration solution that replaces existing collaboration services by combining HD Video Conferencing, web Collaboration and interactive streaming in one solution. Of strategic significance is GML’s “firewall traversal” technology that allows video communications to traverse the enterprise firewall without compromising security or adversely affecting network resources (bandwidth). GML users are able to conduct face-to-face meetings on all communications devices, desk & laptops, tablets and smart phones.

“This alliance will enable a clear connection between world financial centers in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia,” said Adesola Dada, CEO and Founder of Vision Telecommunications Technology Nigeria, LLC. “At this time our firms are pioneering advanced, cloud based video services between the two continents”.

About nGen VidCom
nGen VidCom is a leading provider of converged video communications services to both large enterprise users as well as small and medium sized businesses. GlobalMeetLive, our flagship product, combines video conferencing, web collaboration and interactive live streaming in a single product offering. Utilizing technology originally designed for the military, nGen has adapted and deployed this technology to the commercial sector on a global scale. nGen is unique in that our global video network ensures that intercontinental video communications are flawless and do not suffer latency from packet loss. With offices and data centers in New York, London, Hong Kong, Abuja, Los Angeles and Shanghai, nGen VidCom’s employees and partner’s practice our core values of quality service, innovation and customer focus.

About Vision Telecoms 
Visions Telecommunications Technologies Limited is a total engineering company providing B2B and B2C solutions for Teleconferencing, SMS Messaging, Video Conferencing, OEM Conferencing Hardware and Software for Mobile phone companies in Nigeria, Africa.

We are licensed by Nigerian Communication Commission for the Installation of Telecommunication Terminals, Major Network Installation (PABX’S) Telephone Exchangers INMARSAT, VSAT, and Trunked Radio Terminals. We are strategically located in Ikeja area of Lagos State is in close proximity Victoria Island where all the communication industries have their headquarters’ and operations office.

We are currently expanding our offices to Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Akure, Ondo, Ado, Abeokuta Osogbo, and Ilorin. Vision Telecommunication Technologies Limited installs and maintains the equipment in these countries which facilitates the communication technology advancement in the 21st century.

Contact Details: Andrew J Pickard, President & Founder, 113 Wellington Avenue, Short Hills, NJ, 07078, 973-454-3283, ndrew.Pickard@nGenVidCom.com,


Yamgo set to unleash superfast TV as 4G services roll out across the UK

Leading mobile TV provider Yamgo has unveiled an updated technology platform ready to deliver high quality TV streams to mobile phones on Britain’s new superfast 4G networks.

The Yamgo mobile TV service will capitalise on the superior speed of 4G to deliver sharper looking video and improved audio, bringing UK consumers in line with the enhanced mobile TV experience that’s become so popular in the USA, South Korea and Scandinavia.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) EE becomes the first UK Operator to launch 4G LTE services, with consumers in 16 cities due to be connected by Christmas this year.

Yamgo makes it easy to watch over 100 channels of TV on a mobile or tablet using phone based applications or mobile web pages to launch the service.

4G will make data services like mobile TV and music mainstream due to the ultra-fast connectivity, making it quicker than most home broadband connections.

Yamgo’s proprietary technology platform enables it to dynamically adapt video streams, maximising compatibility across mobile network operators and devices. Although Yamgo services work well around the world on slower 2.5G services, it’s the lightning speed of 4G that will make watching TV on mobiles mainstream.

Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins stated, “The launch of 4G is the tipping point for services like Yamgo. When all the networks have 4G rolled out across the country, it will quickly become second nature for people to watch TV on their mobile.

“The ability to use digital entertainment services like Yamgo has been available for years, but I think we all agree that with the new smartphones, 4G and the proliferation of Wi-Fi, we’re now going to see the market explode.

“We’ve seen the effect 4G has had on the use of data services in the US and I expect it to be exactly the same here. We’re pleased for all the viewers of Yamgo TV who will get a faster, better service over 4G LTE and with the benefit of our new platform.”

The news from Yamgo comes on the back of a major announcement last week that four of the UK’s largest mobile service providers have joined forces to accelerate the timetable of the 4G rollout across the country. In conjunction with communication regulator Ofcom and the UK government, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere (EE), Three and O2 have come together to form ‘Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd (DMS).

DMS will be focused on co-ordinating operations for the roll-out of 4G on the 800MHz spectrum while ensuring that the UK’s digital television and Freeview services are not affected.

DMS will be funded by successful bidders in the upcoming 4G spectrum auction. The auction will offer a welcome boost to the UK economy, with expectations suggesting income of £2-4bn will be generated.

EE is due to launch Britain’s first 4G service tomorrow (October 30th) and expects to have reached one third of the UK’s population by the end of 2012.

The 4G services will initially be in four cities – London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham – with 12 others to follow: Belfast, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Sheffield and Southampton.

All the UK mobile phone operators are expected to launch 4G services early next year.

—————————- END —————————-

Ryan Davies-Marketing Manager at Yamgo TV
E: ryan@yamgo.com
T: 01792 614 691
www.yamgo.com www.yamgo.mobi
Yamgo Ltd
214 Technium Digital
Singleton Park

About Yamgo Ltd

Yamgo is a mobile TV network that delivers live television and video clips to mobile phones worldwide. Enjoyed by millions of viewers across the globe Yamgo allows consumers to watch TV for free on almost any mobile device and share the experience with friends. Some of the biggest brands worldwide including Sony, RT, Fashion TV and many more use Yamgo’s unique and end-to-end mobile TV solution to ingest, host, manage, optimise, deliver and monetise live TV and video on any IP enabled device.

Yamgo’s technology platform has been designed to maximise the compatibility across networks and phones. It does this by dynamically adapting video streams to address the different needs of more than 1,000 mobile devices and networks from 2.5G, 3G and 4G to Wi-Fi and broadband. Yamgo delivers the experiences of live television, primetime programming and video-on-demand services on all major device platforms including Java, Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and more.

Founded in 2005 by Ian Mullins, an expert in mobile TV technology and publishing, Yamgo has evolved from a small team producing made-for-mobile video clips into a developer of carrier grade mobile TV technology, specialising in the delivery of real-time linear TV. His vision is to deliver free live TV and video to mobile phones around the globe and empower consumers with access to their favourite TV shows anytime anywhere. Yamgo has offices in Swansea and London and a team of experts from the mobile, IT and TV industries.

For more information about Yamgo managed end-to-end services and hosted content delivery technology and solutions, please visit: www.yamgo.com

Help Spot and Avoid a Fake Mobile Phone for WCRD 2012

On World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2012, consumers worldwide are reminded that they have the power to make the right choice and avoid fake or knock off mobile phones.

“People can inadvertently purchase a fake or sub-standard phone, through no fault of their own, by trying to find a cheaper price for a phone – especially on the internet,” said Michael Milligan, Secretary General of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF).

“Everyone wants to be able to buy a product at a good price. But unscrupulous suppliers are exploiting that desire for a bargain to sell products that are not what they claim, or that are just poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. To help consumers identify and avoid these fake or knock-off phones, genuine manufacturers have created the www.spotafakephone.comwebsite.”

Most fake phones are counterfeit copies of genuine handsets, which steal intellectual property such as designs, technologies and trademarks to deliberately deceive consumers. Fake phones are also produced without government approval, safety testing or certification and are sold illegally on the world’s black markets.

“The global black market for fake handsets has grown rapidly over the past few years and is estimated to be in excess of 200 million devices every year,” Mr Milligan said.

“With counterfeiters imitating all facets of a phones appearance, including labeling, design and packaging, it can be hard to spot whether a phone is fake or genuine, so the mobile industry developed this website to help consumers identify fakes and make the right choice.”

“Often it is the sub-standard components, low quality manufacturing and poor performance that impact on consumers after they have already purchased a fake, especially in the area of consumer safety, and usually the consumer has no recourse with the supplier.”

“Another important benefit of buying a genuine phone is that original manufacturers stand behind the quality of their own products and provide important product warranties to consumers should problems arise after purchase.” Mr Milligan said

Consumers can do their part in helping to identify, report and avoid fake or knock off phones by going to: www.spotafakephone.com.


Fellow Consulting AG announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android

Munich, July 2011 – /RTPR/ – Fellow Consulting AG, leading CRM solution provider and first Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany, today announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android.

CRM Gadget 2 Go is an offline client for Oracle CRM On Demand that allows usage of CRM data online, mobile and offline. As a result, users can access all their CRM information while travelling or in customer meetings, and can also maintain CRM data offline and synchronize it with Oracle CRM On Demand when they are back online again. It enables the quick and easy input of data from customer meetings, sales and service operations, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

Now CRM Gadget 2 Go is also available as Android, IPhone and IPad App. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, from Windows over Mac and Linux to WeTab, Galaxy Tab and last but not least iPhone and iPad. This enables companies to have their mobile users connected on each device.

Latest features of CRM Gadget 2 Go include for example capturing of customer signatures on touchscreen or signature pad, integration of barcode scanner, and many more.

Increase your sales effectiveness, combine the cost advantages of a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application with the availability for mobile and offline usage, and maximize your return on investment.


For more information, please visit http://www.crm-gadget.com.

About CRM Gadget 2 Go
CRM Gadget 2 Go, the mobile client for Oracle CRM On Demand, is a product of Fellow Consulting AG.

About Fellow Consulting AG
The Fellow Consulting AG which is based in Munich is an approved technology and solution partner in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With one of the most experienced teams of Oracle/Siebel certified consultants in Germany and Europe, Fellow Consulting as first Oracle Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany supports numerous customers of various industries and sizes from concept to implementation of their CRM projects. Based on the long-term experience of the company’s consultants, Fellow develops cutting edge products like the CRM 2.0 toolset CRM-Gadget, the Oracle CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go and the ideas management tool Ideas On Demand.
Contact Details: Fellow Consulting AG
Ludwigstr. 21/Theresienstr. 6-8
80333 München

Tel.: +49 89 28890 571
Fax: +49 89 28890 45
Email: daniel.jordan@fellow-consulting.de


Inlet Technologies Wins 2010 Small Technology Company of the Year at NCTA’s Prestigious 21 Awards

RALEIGH, NC – (Nov. 16, 2010) – Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, today announced it has been selected as company of the year in the category of small technology companies in the 2010 North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) 21 Awards. Winners were recognized at the annual awards gala on Wednesday, November 10th.

The NCTA 21 Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in North Carolina. This annual showcase honors companies and individuals in 21 categories who represent the best and brightest in technology and business. Wednesday’s award adds to several awards Inlet has won this year, including the Inc. 500|5000, the Red Herring 100, and the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s “North Carolina Companies to Watch.”

“We are honored to be recognized by NCTA,” commented Don Bossi, CEO of Inlet Technologies. “Through consistent leadership, strong partnerships and first-to-market innovations, we are redefining the broadband and mobile video experience. The NCTA award is another tribute to the hard work of the Inlet team.”

“This year’s 21 Awards truly showcase the best technology and innovation that our state has to offer,” said Brooks Raiford, president and chief executive officer of NCTA. “We couldn’t be more pleased to congratulate Inlet as a company that is leading North Carolina’s technology industry, and we are proud to recognize them as the winner of the small technology company of the year award.”

About NCTA

The North Carolina Technology Association’s mission is “Making North Carolina #1 in Technology and Technology #1 in North Carolina.”  The organization does this through three main focus areas: executive engagement, public affairs, and enabling member transition to a technology-enabled workforce.  For more information, visit our website at www.nctechnology.org.

About Inlet Technologies

Inlet Technologies is redefining the online video experience with innovative solutions for media preparation that combine striking video quality with surprising simplicity and reliability, enabling content owners to expand their audience and realize greater value from their content. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, NBC Universal/Vancouver Winter Games, Yahoo!, France Télévisions and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technical prowess and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations. For more information, please visit www.inlethd.com. Follow us on Twitter at InletTech.


NCTA Media Contact:

Michelle Perkins

DPR Group, Inc.



Inlet Technologies Media Contact:

Shawn Ramsey

Crossroads Public Relations

+1 919-621-0737


Rapidsoft Technologies is showing new opportunities in Enterprise Mobility

Gurgaon, India, 03 Sep, 2010: Gurgaon based Rapidsoft Technologies is coming up with Mobile Report Management Solutions for small and medium level enterprises. Being committed to the customized and cutting-edge software services, they are going to introduce fully scalable and dynamic implementation approaches in forward-looking Enterprise Mobility solution.

In today’s competitive corporate world, both reporting managers and mobility workers want to access real time information for the enhancement of smooth workflow process. As the industries are under tremendous competitive force to offer better services, Rapidsoft Technologies is delivering a true Mobility solution in a bold move that will bring them at par with the established industry leaders and will change the game for enterprise mobility.

While commenting on their upcoming Mobile Report Management Solution, Palak Biswas, Senior Manager, Business Development, Rapidsoft Technologies, said, ‘Our Mobile Report Management solution can provide a comprehensive framework that is totally controlled by our Dynamic Server with Pre defined & Customizable web based form templates. Such an optimal time management solution can be applied for different verticals and sales force requirement with option to add/edit/update forms with Individual access based on the business activity.’ He further added, ‘Reporting Managers can take instant decisions while on the go with the help of such a cost effective mobility initiative that draws on our extensive experience and significant expertise.’

About Rapidsoft Technologies

Rapidsoft Technologies Rapidsoft Technologies is an offshore custom development company in India and is a one of the market leaders in custom software services and solutions for mobile and web and enterprise solutions. To know more about Rapidsoft, one can drop an e-mail to info@rapidsoft.co.in. To talk to their sales guys, email sales@rapidsoft.co.in or call +91 999 966 4452.

For more information about the upcoming news from Rapidsoft Technologies, visit www.rapidsofttechnologies.com