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Stanford Student Entrepreneur Raised $800K on Kickstarter

Palo Alto, CA, April 02, 2015 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Stanford student Jerming Gu, founder of CANDY HOUSE Inc., raised more than $800,000 dollars after his product launch on Kickstarter. Sesame – the world’s first instant smart lock – reached its funding goal in nine hours when first introduced. Currently, nearly 5,000 supporters have backed the project.

Sesame allows users to lock and unlock their doors using the Sesame app on their smartphones. It is the only smart lock that syncs the movement of the lock with the phone, providing exact control of the angle to which the lock turns.

Gu is a mechanical engineering master candidate from Stanford University. Originally from Taiwan, Gu is someone who usually thinks outside the box. Disruptor, troublemaker, entrepreneur, as he calls himself.

“There has got to be smarter ways to live our life,” Gu said.

Gu said he got the idea for smart lock due to his experience living in Asia where technology is relatively less developed.

With five-patented design, Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the world. Users can install it in seconds, without replacing existing lock or removing anything. Current model is optimized for US/Canada/northern Europe Markets.

CANDY HOUSE also offers optional access point, which connects Sesame to the Internet when plugged into any nearby outlet. It lets users control Sesame wherever they are.

With Internet connection capability, users can allow guests in remotely. They can also control who has access and when. To ensure safety, the Sesame app also sends out a notification whenever the door opens or closes.

Founded and developed by Stanford University students, CANDY HOUSE, Inc. is a candy store that sells dreams, putting the joy and surprise of innovative technology in the hands of consumers, just like candy. It is also a design house, developing and manufacturing products that inspire a minimal lifestyle. It launched its first product – Sesame, the world’s first instant smart lock – in February 2015. For more information about CANDY HOUSE, Inc., visit the site online or follow it on Facebook or Twitter.

(650) 644-5681

Sesame – smart lock that changes the world

Palo Alto, CA, March 27, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Sesame, the world’s first instant smart lock, raised more than seven times of its funding goal on Kickstarter. Launched on Kickstarter on Feb. 25, 2015, Sesame has raised more than $760,000 from backers all over the world.

The smart lock, which allows users to control their door with a smartphone app, attracted thousands.

Connected to users’ phone via Bluetooth, Sesame allows users full control of the lock, even to the exact angle a lock turns. With the optional Wi-Fi Access Point that connects Sesame to the Internet, users don’t even have to be physically near Sesame. The remote control feature allows people to send access to their friends and keep track of whether the door’s locked wherever they are.

With five-patented design, Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the world. Users can install it in seconds, without replacing existing lock or removing anything. Current model is optimized for US/Canada/Singapore/Norway/Sweden Markets.

With market of Internet of Things (IoT) expanding rapidly, backers are turning more and more attention to smart gadgets that make their life easier. Founded by two students from Stanford University, CANDY HOUSE Inc. designs and manufactures products that inspire a minimal yet joyful lifestyle.

“People will carry less and less things when leave the house, that’s the trend,” said Jerming Gu, founder of Candy House.

Wallet, keys, and cell phone. People used to bring three things when they leave home. Now walltet is gradually replaced by keys. The Starbucks app pays your green tea frappuccino, you Venmo money to a friend for getting late-night pizza, you hop on a Uber without worrying about cab fare or tip.

“With Sesame, the next thing to disappear are the keys,” said Gu.

Contact-Details: CANDY HOUSE Inc.

Christmas Gifts For Your SmartPhone

Here are three applications you should have a look on to surprise yourself and your friends around the christmas time.

Bangalore, India, December 24, 2012 — You have an iPhone/Android Mobile?

Here are three applications you should have a look on to surprise yourself and your friends around the christmas time.

1. Do you wish for a real baby under the christmas tree?
Ladies can track their special days with “My Days”. This simple application already helped million of woman’s around the world to come pregnant and also to avoid pregnancy.

It is also possible to use it as a daily dairy with his notes feature, you can track your days of intimity and much more. If you don’t know that app till now, download it and give it a chance.

My Days – Period & Ovulation
iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-days-period-ovulation/id470179308
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chris.android.mydaysfree

2. The never-ending laugh, talk to your friends as a chipmunk
Designed to repeat what you say, chippy will repeat all your words right back to you. When you start laughing and chippy repeats, you will not be able to keep yourself back and laugh even more. Also there are several pre-recorded soundboards that are just fun to listen. Not just Kids love “Chippy the talking Chipmunk”

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talk-with-chippy-free-edition/id383093364

3. Don’t eat pork instead have virtually fun with them
Fred is an extraordinary pork. He looks like a punk and you can interact with him in several ways. Touch his belly to make him laugh or press the bomb icon to shoot him into sky. Best, you can individualize his prerecorded soundboard with your own voice.

Talking Fred
iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talking-fred-for-ipad-free/id388628642

My Advice, check out this applications for Christmas and New Year.

Press & Media Contact:
Christian Albert Mueller
Bangalore, India
+91 901-905-9696

Go Mobile With The Prestige Group

Prestige Group launches India’s First Real Estate Developer App.

Bangalore, India, Saturday – June 23rd, 2012 — In keeping with their motto of creating lifestyle developments, Prestige Group, one of South India’s leading Property Developers, recently announced the launch of a mobile app for iPhone & iPad users.

The app, which has been designed to reach out to existing and potential clients, allows users to view Prestige’s latest property developments and displays the properties available for rent.

Mr. Irfan Razack – CMD, Prestige Group, said, “In this digital age it is essential to respond to the new needs of our clients. We can now offer our clients the convenience of researching new developments and keeping track of their existing properties while they are on-the-go with the help of the Prestige Mobile App.”

The app has a dedicated client section where existing Prestige property owners can login to keep track of their properties with the help of development photos, a record of their EMIs and a dedicated customer service agent to address all property related queries.

Prestige App owners will also receive a host of other benefits like exclusive pre-launch offers, special party invites and other exciting features.
So, go ahead and click that download button on The App Store to Add Prestige to Your Life! And if you’re not on the iOS Platform, the good news is that the Prestige Group App is coming soon to Android as well as the Blackberry market.

Details on the App can be found on the company website or by using this link in the address bar: http://www.app.prestigeconstructions.com/iphone.html.

About Prestige Group:
Synonymous with innovation, the Prestige Group has in recent years expanded its presence across several cities in South India including Chennai, Kochi, Mangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Goa, apart from Bangalore.

Over the years, Prestige has created a distinctive mark on the skyline across South India and its people, as a leading real estate developer. Prestige Court on K.H. Road in Bangalore set the pace for the Group’s rapid growth which now stands at over 163 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of over 46.97 million sqft. It also has another 33 ongoing projects comprising around 36.7 million sqft & 31 upcoming projects totalling 16.18 million sqft., which include Apartment Enclaves, Shopping Malls and Corporate Structures. The trailblazing success of the business can be attributed to Prestige’s corporate philosophy of “under promise and over deliver”. A leap that has been inspired by CMD Irfan Razack and marshaled by his brothers Rezwan Razack and Noaman Razack.

The Prestige Group is the only developer from Bangalore to receive the reputed FIABCI award for their software and residential facilities. The Prestige Group has been on a winning spree for the last two years and has received several international and national awards for their various developments.

For more information, please visit http://www.prestigeconstructions.com

Press & Media Contact:
Urmila Biswas / Lakshman Babu
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Bangalore, India
Ph: 98860 99736/ 98457 06155

Digital Printer Lets Customers Customize their Apple iPhone/iPads with Text and Photos

iGEARUnlimited.com, a premier digital printing company, is giving consumers a unique opportunity to personalize their Apple iPhone and iPad with their own photos and text.

Chicago, IL (USA), March 24, 2012 — iGEARUnlimited.com, a premier digital printing company, is giving consumers a unique opportunity to personalize their Apple iPhone and iPad with their own photos and text. The company has launched a new line of fully-customizable iPhone cases and iPad skins that allow people to enhance their electronic devices with a personal touch.

“Anyone can create a fully customized iPad or iPhone case in minutes,” said Jimmy Sun, president of iGEARUnlimited.com. “They can include their own photo, artwork, design, and text and place it anywhere within the printing area.”

Personalizing an iPhone or iPad case is easy with the company’s advanced HTML5-based online editor. To customize an iPhone case, for example, customers simply have to upload an image, and the image will be printed on the back of a thin-profile slider case made of two separate pieces. Comprised of rigid rubberized material, the case fits snugly around an iPhone and is scuff and scratch resistant with normal handling.

To personalize an iPad skin, customers can upload a photo, scale/crop on the fly, add custom text if desired, and then watch their photo turn into a beautiful skin. Like the iPhone cases, the iPad skins are designed for durability. They’re constructed of a heavy-weight decal with Tough Guard film lamination that features an air release adhesive. This allows the skins to be installed without air bubbles and removed later without leaving sticky residue.

Customized iPhone and iPad coverings are the ultimate accessories for high-tech, style-conscious consumers. iGEARUnlimited.com offers a variety of products, including custom iPhone 4 cases and skins and custom skins for the iPad 3 and 4. “They’re great for protecting your iPad and iPhone while showing off your design,” Sun said.

Every iPad skin order at iGEARUnlimited.com automatically comes with a free set of customized iPhone 4 skins. And for a limited time only customers can receive two-for-one deals on all items. As a company, iGEARUnlimited.com is leveraging the popularity of the iPhone and iPad with consumers’ appeal for custom products. This fits nicely with its cordial corporate slogan: “Enjoy life. Personalize.”

For more information about the customizable skins and cases for iPads and iPhones, please visit www.igearunlimited.com. Or contact Jimmy Sun directly at 773-599-9117 for further details.

About iGEARUnlimited.com:
Established in 1988, iGEARUnlimited.com is a premier digital printing company that employs the latest technology to stay ahead of the pack. The company utilizes the most advanced equipment and technology, including UV flatbed printing and digital die-cutting, to create high quality products. iGEARUnlimited.com’s customized skins and cases for iPads and iPhones capture the important moments of people’s lives on electronic accessories. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.

Press & Media Contact:
Jimmy Sun, President
Chicago, IL – USA

iWonder Pro Enterprise Offers Device Surveillance and Management for Schools, Hospitals and Businesses for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Schools and businesses that issue iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices to their students or staff now have a way to control where those devices can go on the internet, monitor where they have been, and lock them down to only appropriate sites.

Life Record Technologies, creators of the consumer based iWonder Pro application to control and monitor children on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, releases the first enterprise level surveillance and control software for schools, hospitals and businesses.

“With the release of iBooks 2 featuring text book support by Apple Inc. its inevitable that schools will now start issuing iPads to students and staff as regularly as they issue text books today.”, says Michael Pike, Chief Software Architect of Life Record Technologies. “We’ve also noticed a lot of healthcare facilities deploying iPads to their staff, and our software allows all of the devices to be managed, observed and secured with ease.”

iWonder Pro Enterprise allows schools and businesses with as little as one iOS device, with up to 10,000 devices to manage them all in one place, including profiles to let certain types of users go to certain types of sites while restricting the others while using any Wifi or cellular network. iWonder Pro Enterprise is the first and only enterprise level surveillance system designed specifically for iOS.

iWonder Pro Enterprise is available now in the Apple App Store starting at $99.99.

More information can be obtained from the iWonder Pro Enterprise website at http://www.iwonderpro.com.


The Hottest Full Scale 3D Action Adventure Role Playing Game to Hit iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

Game Scorpion Inc. enters the App market with their first video game titled Melina’s Conquest, a 3D Role Playing Action Adventure Game that’s not only fun and challenging but also won’t break the bank!

Easy, Fun, Budget Price, Graphics, Music – As prices of mobile devices have been falling, more and more people have been purchasing apps for their new devices. What was not possible on mobile devices just several years ago has now become a reality. 3D graphics and high quality gaming at a budget price for the masses was once a dream on these small pocket gadgets. Many new developers usually did not stand a chance against console style games, but the new app markets have changed that completely to allow for mobile developers to create their games for the masses. Now the mobile app gold rush has been booming and jumping onto that band wagon is newcomer Game Scorpion Inc. with their first offering called Melinas Conquest, a full 3D action adventure role playing game (RPG) for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

“We developed Melinas Conquest with one thing in mind…FUN!”, says Abhinav Gupta, Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc.

“Gameplay was a major item that we looked at with this game. I have personally seen many games out there that have high end 3D graphics and look ‘pretty’ on the screen, but when it came time to play the game, it was either boring or very confusing to play.”

Melinas Conquest features easy to use controls and an easy to manipulate camera. A single button is given for attacking enemies and a simple timer and ranking system.

“The goal of the game is simple, you just need to run from one end of the level to the other side without getting killed by all the various traps and enemies that pop up. At the same time along the way you will have to defeat major bosses and can follow along with an interesting storyline that ties into our future games.”

So what makes this game different from others in the market? “Price, levels and gameplay!”, says Gupta, “Many games that feature 3D graphics in the App Store or the Android Marketplace usually go for around $4.99 for their full versions. We are at a mere $2.99 price and offer 20 levels of gameplay which in most cases is far higher than what others are offering. We also make our game easy for players to play. You get value for your money and a high quality game at the end of the day that will satisfy even the most frugal shopper! Also, no two players will play the game the same way as the levels are auto-generated.”

It took Gupta and his team approximately six months to develop the game from the ground up. “There were times where I even thought we were not going to be able to get the game done…it was 16-20 hour days for myself every day for the past six months, praying daily hoping that our game would release and would be successful.”

A lot of small independent game developers like Gupta do not earn any money during development. This can be quite a challenge to have no income hoping that an app will hit off. In this market, apps can be made over a weekend and make millions or can take months and make nothing at all. “It’s a coin toss”, says Gupta, “but I personally believe that if we focus on quality games, sooner or later our players will pay for that quality and our games will start to increase in popularity.”

As a Computer Science Graduate from Ryerson University Gupta took the leap of faith into the app world at the beginning of 2011 and has finally made that dream come true. “It was a lot of hard work, a lot of faith in God and a great team behind me. Lots of support from my wife and family really helped out.”

Melinas Conquest is now live on the Apple App Store and on the Android Marketplace and can be purchased as of October 15th, 2011, for just $2.99.




Fellow Consulting AG announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android

Munich, July 2011 – /RTPR/ – Fellow Consulting AG, leading CRM solution provider and first Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany, today announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android.

CRM Gadget 2 Go is an offline client for Oracle CRM On Demand that allows usage of CRM data online, mobile and offline. As a result, users can access all their CRM information while travelling or in customer meetings, and can also maintain CRM data offline and synchronize it with Oracle CRM On Demand when they are back online again. It enables the quick and easy input of data from customer meetings, sales and service operations, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

Now CRM Gadget 2 Go is also available as Android, IPhone and IPad App. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, from Windows over Mac and Linux to WeTab, Galaxy Tab and last but not least iPhone and iPad. This enables companies to have their mobile users connected on each device.

Latest features of CRM Gadget 2 Go include for example capturing of customer signatures on touchscreen or signature pad, integration of barcode scanner, and many more.

Increase your sales effectiveness, combine the cost advantages of a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application with the availability for mobile and offline usage, and maximize your return on investment.


For more information, please visit http://www.crm-gadget.com.

About CRM Gadget 2 Go
CRM Gadget 2 Go, the mobile client for Oracle CRM On Demand, is a product of Fellow Consulting AG.

About Fellow Consulting AG
The Fellow Consulting AG which is based in Munich is an approved technology and solution partner in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With one of the most experienced teams of Oracle/Siebel certified consultants in Germany and Europe, Fellow Consulting as first Oracle Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany supports numerous customers of various industries and sizes from concept to implementation of their CRM projects. Based on the long-term experience of the company’s consultants, Fellow develops cutting edge products like the CRM 2.0 toolset CRM-Gadget, the Oracle CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go and the ideas management tool Ideas On Demand.
Contact Details: Fellow Consulting AG
Ludwigstr. 21/Theresienstr. 6-8
80333 München

Tel.: +49 89 28890 571
Fax: +49 89 28890 45
Email: daniel.jordan@fellow-consulting.de


Wordle is Now Available for Android Too

May 17, 2011 /RTPR/ – GeniusWave announces Wordle for Android. The word play anagram game, is now available in over 10 Android App Stores Worldwide. The highly popular iTunes app brings the exciting and fast pace game that you can play solo or with a team, in three or thirty minutes to Android devices. The new version also enhances the 3500 puzzles and built in dictionary, making it even easier to pickup, play and learn. A great family game for both kids and adults, this anagram game comes with different levels and is quick to learn and play. Kids and adults alike build vocabulary, improve spelling and have some competitive fun along the way. Watch out, the challenge can be so addictive. Simply combine six letters on a shelf to make as many words as a player can build in three minutes.

“With the growth in popular of Android devices, we have had a lot of requests to bring the popular app to Android,” says Greg Dierickse, Founder and CMO at GeniusWave. Greg also adds, “We love the early reaction from our Android users, especially ones where Moms and kids have commented that is a much better use of time, than playing games where you destroy zombies, bunnies or birds. “Not only did we bring it Android we want to put the app in multiple stores, including stores worldwide. A worldwide availability also helps kids and adults learning English as a second language have access to a fun way to improve their vocabulary”, says Erwin Chiong, Founder and CTO at GeniusWave.

The key features of the game that users have fallen in love with:

Building a vocabulary is fun:
• Play 3500 puzzles and tens of thousands of words to help you build your vocabulary
• View definitions of words you are not familiar with
• Play for 3 minutes, 30 minutes or whenever a player has a spare moment. Games are saved automatically upon exiting or receiving a call

Instant family game or high score competition:
• Team up and play a fast round where ever players are: in the car, at a restaurant, or waiting in line
• Compete against online high scores, or share scores with Facebook friends
• Mix it up – play games that exercises the brain, not just destroying things.
Wordplay gives a mental workout, builds vocabulary and helps achieve learning goals. Kids can work on spelling lists or those learning English as a second language, can enhance their studies.

A mobile challenge:
• Built for mobile wordplay, players can easily play on the go, uses 3 or 30 minutes
• For people who like Sudoko, Soltaire, or Scabble, you’ll love how easy it is to squeeze a game in
• Don’t leave home without it, “I’m addicted, there’s nothing quite like the speed and excitement of a good, frenetic round of Wordle. I don’t leave my house without it” Heather R, Danville, CA.

GeniusWave is a mobile application publisher, providing marketing and publishing services to help developers bring their app to market, including Android, iPad, iPhones, and other devices. GeniusWave services help developers target their customers, connect with them and raise awareness through high impact marketing. The result is breakthrough revenues for the developer. GeniusWave is located in Pleasanton California, Shanghai China, and the Philippines. www.geniuswave.com

Contact Details: www.geniuswave.com/wordle
4900 Hopyard Road, Suite 100
Pleasanton, CA 94588


Play iPhone Casino Games Today

The iPhone casino continues to grow on popularity as smart phones, and particularly the iPhone, gain users. iPhone casino games are even more convenient than online games.

London, UK, March 23, 2011 — The iPhone casino continues to grow on popularity as smart phones, and particularly the iPhone, gain users. iPhone casino games are even more convenient than online games.

Play iPhone Casino Games Today:
As an increasing number of people begin to move from their desktop computers to mobile devices, the iPhone casino is ready to answer the increase in demand for top quality iPhone casino games. Recent studies have indicated that there will be more smart phones on the market by the end of the year than there are laptop computers. And the undisputed leader in mobile gaming is the iPhone casino. It not only offers the largest number of games but also the highest quality gaming experience. A number of top slots games have been converted into iPhone casino games with no drop in the playing experience. The high quality iPhone screen has proven to be capable of presenting all of the necessary images that people expect from online casino games. Some games even play better on the mobile device because the screen helps focus the images in an optimal way.

The iPhone Casino Leads the Charge to Mobile Gaming:
Online casino games, which began to appear in large numbers less than a decade ago, helped revitalize the casino industry, giving people the chance to experience the thrills of casino action without forcing them to travel to Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. People responded to the convenience of playing in the comfort of their homes or offices in record numbers, forcing game developers to innovate newer and better games. The new demand led directly to the creation of dynamic five-reel slots games that have become the norm in most online casinos. The next level of development, which has made games even more convenient and even more accessible, is the creation of the iPhone casino. With iPhone casino games, you can take a few spins on the slots whenever the mood strikes, since the game is literally in your hands, or within reach, at all times.

A Wide Range of Games at the iPhone Casino:
While slots games have received a significant amount of innovation online, poker and blackjack games remain immensely popular with the public. The iPhone casino has games that satisfy all tastes, and cater to the different moods that people may have during the course of the day. Some of the most popular iPhone casino games include Royal Derby, which is version of a horse racing game, and Roulette, which looks as though it were designed for the iPhone screen. Of course, there are massively popular slots such as Thunderstruck and Major Millions, to keep the slots fans happy. New games are constantly under development, so check out the iPhone casino today.

Press & Media Contact:
Ruth Rogers
iPhone Mobile Casino.com
124 New Bond St
London, W1S 1DX – UK