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PayPerHead Releases Premium Casino Platform

San Jose, Costa Rica, 2020-Nov-11 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Payperhead.com, the world’s leading bookie software provider has released one of the most advanced digital casino platforms in the per head industry. Called the Premium Casino, the company expects the newest addition to their current suite of bookmaking platforms to help customers ride the growing online casino gaming wave.

In 2007, 24% of U.S. citizens had visited an online casino. By 2016, that number had grown to 64%. Just last year, the U.S. online gambling market, counting sports betting, casino wagering, bingo, and miscellaneous betting games, had grown to $53.9 billion. From 2020 through 2027, Gaming analysts expect that number to grow by a compound annual rate of 11%.

Digital casinos saw a sharp increase in the first half of 2020 after major sports leagues like the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League shut down their seasons. Also, the NCAA canceled their annual basketball tournament which had become the most wagered on sports event in the United States, even surpassing the Super Bowl. Because of the lack of available betting options, players turned their attention to online casinos and the variety of entertainment they bring.

Many of those players continue to make wagers in digital casinos. Gaming platforms like PayPerHead’s premium option provides advantages that other types of online digital casinos don’t at the moment. The company’s Premium Casino offers more blackjack tables, high-definition 3D games, and is mobile compatible with every available operating software including Android and Apple.

According to Payperhead.com Product Manager Nate Johnson, the company didn’t have to find a new casino platform to offer their clients. PayPerHead’s customers were happy with the live dealer casino option as well as the current online digital casino, but after seeing how much action both had driven during the coronavirus pandemic, the organization decided to provide new offerings.

“We’ve added a new live dealer casino about a month ago. And now, with the Premium Digital Casino, our customers can offer their players even more with hundreds of additional games. When our bookie agents do that, they make more money,” Johnson said.

Johnson also added that PayPerHead’s goal has always been and will always be to help their customers to be as successful as possible. “We get paid when our pay per head agents succeed. If they fail, we fail, which is why we are always looking to add features and tools and profit-making platforms like the new Premium Casino.”

About PayPerHead:
Founded in 1997, PayPerHead is the leading choice for serious bookies. The company’s Agent Payment Solution (APS) is the only proprietary platform in the pph sportsbook industry that allows for online collections and payments. Bookies can offer their players two live dealer casinos, a new premium casino and digital casino games, live in-game betting, a poker room, wagering options on 80+ sports leagues, and horse racing. PayPerHead also has the best in industry referral program so agents can add to their profitability and prides itself on providing industry-leading, top-class customer service with over 20 plus years of experience.

For more information, visit https://payperhead.com or contact:

PayPerHead Agents See Huge Uptick in Online Casino Gaming

San Jose, Costa Rica, 2020-Jun-10 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — PayPerHead.com, a sportsbook technology leader, wanted a grasp of how the sports shutdown affected online casino gaming.

The company’s revenue results showed that sports bettors turned to casino gaming in droves. Overall casino revenue rose from March 11, the day the NBA shut down their season, to the end of May.

The most significant percentage surge came via live dealer casinos. From January to May, PayPerHead.com’s live dealer casino segment saw a revenue increase of 317%. The growth percentage dwarfs the digital casino revenue increase of 185%.

The numbers suggest that live dealer casino play is growing on an accelerated trajectory. What could account for the difference in revenue growth percentages?

PayPerHead’s Product Manager Nate Johnson spoke about how live dealer casinos bring “Vegas-like excitement.” Per Johnson, “Sportsbook software allows players to stream live dealer games on their tablets and mobile phones. Digital casinos use animation, and its cool animation. But many casino players still crave the human element.”

“Numbers don’t lie. If you’re a PayPerHead agent that doesn’t offer a live dealer casino, add it to your offerings. Las Vegas may never be the same. And, I’ll put our dealers up against any dealer you find in a brick and mortar casino,” Johnson said.

The biggest question is whether the growth in both digital casino and live dealer casino play will continue after the pandemic. Here again, it’s good news for PayPerHead agents.

PayPerHead’s revenue stats imply that sports shutdowns didn’t cause an upward trend and that the growth in casino play won’t stop anytime soon. The uptick in digital casino handle rose from $63.519M in January to $93.323M in February. From February to March, the digital casino handle rose to $110.758M.

Handle in PayPerHead.com agent run live dealer casinos rose from $9.95M in January to $12.02M in February to $22.82M in March. The numbers imply that casino play, both digital and live dealer, should continue to rise even after regular sports return. The growth trend should remain intact well into 2021 and beyond. Johnson said that when sports return, it may help raise casino gaming revenue. “Sports bettors wager on casino games while casino players don’t always wager on sports. If anything, PayPerHead agents are likely to see an uptick in all gaming segments once major US sports return.”

About PayPerHead:
Founded in 1997, PayPerHead is the industry’s leading online sportsbook software provider. The company prides itself on being a sports betting tech leader and customer-centric organization. Currently, PayPerHead provides sportsbook software solutions to over 15,000 bookies with over 75,000 players.

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Casino-X Enters the New Year With Brand New Look

Sydney, Australia, March 26, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — As years pass by and the gambling community at Casino-X is constantly growing, lots of improvements and innovations have been added recently to celebrate a longstanding success of the online casino. Casino-x-1Primarily, the ‘Battles’ page has been rewritten, so that players can now better monitor their gambling career advancing and participating in battles available within several simple clicks’ length. Also, the tournament ladders and players’ profiles have changed their appearances, which, of course, won’t escape the regular visitors’ attention. In addition, Casino-X is working on the feedback system with an eye to allow lovers of classic online slot machines to announce their preferences as for possible betterment of the gambling experience.

New sections have been built in and the old ones have been expanded: today it is possible to plan and manage gambling activities even more effectively. In addition, the entire collection of casino games now has a description and an accurate cover for every title presented. News related to recent games’ releases and updates is now comfortably available to all users. In case there are questions or specifications that interest the player, the site offers live support accessible 24/7.

Mostly, it is the casino game service at Casino-X that has undergone the biggest refinement. Aficionados of slot machines now can switch from the practice mode to real playing just by choosing this option anytime they want to. Moreover, new and unregistered players also can access the registration function right from the practice mode and continue gambling without the necessity of interrupting the game. On the whole, whether it is a process of experienced playing or just acquainting oneself with the peculiarities of gambler’s craftsmanship, one will feel more comfortable when one chooses to visit Casino X.

Being supported and invigorated by the world’s most prominent game developers, Casino-X has also put a lot of efforts to make tournaments and contests more interconnected. Nowadays, it’s unprecedentedly easy for gamblers to take part in large-scale competitions and benefit from their reputations as well as switch between different battles.

Finally, the information board has been reorganized, and it’s definitely more convenient now to peek at valuable updates and observe the up’s and down’s of other visitors of the online casino. Sure thing, all the well-known and familiar bonus systems are worth revisiting this new year, since the improvements weren’t just cosmetic but concentrated on the balance of winning possibilities as well. All things considered, Casino-X waits for newcomers and loyal players, guaranteeing as always a great deal of interesting occasions and money to win.

Contact us at https://casino-x.com/

Lesen Sie Tipps und wie man Online-Casinospiele bei online-casino-spiele.ch spielt

Das Spiel in einem Online-Casino auszusuchen, das Sie spielen wollen, kann fast genauso viel Spaß machen wie das Spiel selbst. Wenn Sie ein Online-Casino betreten, „starren“ Sie alle Spiele and und manchmal gibt es über 300 davon!Sie müssen bedenken, dass nicht all diese Spiele für jeden geeignet sind. Ein neuerer Spieler bevorzugt vielleicht die auf Glück basierten Spiele wieOnlineSlots und Online-Videopoker, während ein erfahrener Spieler vielleicht Spiele wie Blackjack und Poker bevorzugt, bei denen Fähigkeiten gefragt sind.

Viele Online-Casinospiele basieren auf Glück. Das bedeutet, dass Sie keinen Einfluss auf die Ergebnisse haben. Viele Spieler lassen sich von den glücksbasierten Spielen in die Online-Casinos locken, da diese eine enorme Auswahl an tollen Casino spiele haben. Der Grund dafür ist, dass Sie einfach nichts am Ergebnis des Spiels machen können. Sie lehnen sich einfach zurück und genießen die Fahrt und Sie können sich auch nicht selbst die Schuld geben, wenn Sie nicht gewonnen haben.

Spielen bei denen Fähigkeiten benötigt werden, funktionieren anders als reine Glücksspiele. Diese Spiele setzen voraus, dass Sie eine richtige Strategie verwenden, um erfolgreich zu sein. Ein berühmtes Beispiel dafür ist Poker. Um Poker zu spielen, müssen Sie die Unterschiede der verschiedenen Blätter verstehen und wie Sie Ihre Auswahl maximieren können, um das beste Blatt zu bekommen und zu gewinnen. Blackjack ist ein weiteres Beispiel eines Spiels bei dem man das Ergebnis beeinflussen kann, indem man Fähigkeiten einsetzt.

Egal, ob Sie sich für Geschicklichkeitsspiele entscheiden oder für Spiele bei denen Sie nur Glück benötigen, Sie müssen mutig sein. Wenn Sie das gleiche Spiel über mehrere Wochen gespielt haben, sollten Sie etwas Neues ausprobieren. Haben Sie keine Angst zu verlieren (natürlich nur das, was Sie sich leisten können), wenn Sie sich in einem Online-Casino an die Geschicklichkeitsspiele wagen. Es kann sehr unterhaltsam sein, langsam eine bessere Strategie in einem Kartenspiel zu entwickeln oder eine spezielle Technik zu lernen, die es einfacher macht zu gewinnen. Der Spaßfaktor ist viel wichtiger als die Höhe Ihres Gewinnes.

Kontaktinformationen: Dave Smith
Breitenstrasse 43
4052 Basel
+ 061 992 56 81

MansionCasino.com Provides Largest Selection of Online Roulette Games

MansionCasino.com, a world-class online casino in Australia, unveils a huge collection of online roulette games for beginner and advanced online gamers.

Sydney, Australia, November 20, 2012, 11:13 am — /EPR NETWORK/ — Players looking for a comprehensive collection of online roulette games need to search no further than Australia’s top online casino, MansionCasino.com. Here players will find a selection of online roulette games that represent the finest versions of the classic game from around the world.

This large selection includes:

•  3D Roulette
•  European Roulette
•  American Roulette
•  French Roulette
•  Mini Roulette
•  Premium Roulette Pro
•  Mini Roulette

…and many more!

One of the benefits of choosing to play roulette at MansionCasino.com is that the site provides expert instructions and tips on each and every game. (The same goes for online blackjack and other game categories). The site also promotes community playing with the unique, state-of-the-art live roulette games.

MansionCasino.com mission is to accomplish three goals regarding its site. First, it should contain all of the games that online game players are seeking – this includes the new, contemporary games, as well as the old classics. Second, it should be a resource for beginner players, as well as advanced, players. And third, it should be a community in which players from around the world unite to play their favourite games together.

When it comes to online roulette, MansionCasino.com accomplishes all three of these goals: They offer a huge selection of online roulette games; they feature online tools for learning how to play roulette like a pro; and they allow players to play together with their online live roulette games.

About MansionCasino.com Australia
MansionCasino.com is Australia’s most popular online casino. It offers clients top games like online pokies, online roulette, online blackjack, and others, as well as VIP programs, sign-up bonuses, and promotional events. Players can play games in practice mode, real money mode, or live with live dealers at partner casinos.

Contact Details: Linda Cardigan
Mansion Gibraltar
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Casino.com Offers Online Gamers the Fastest and Most Reliable Casino Technology

When online gamblers are searching for the perfect platform to play their favorite online casino games, they always look, first and foremost, for an online casino site that features fast connections and high tech capabilities. An online casino could have the best games in the world, but if its page load time and graphics are slow or fuzzy, then it will quickly turn players away.

To attract players and then to keep them happy and playing, online casinos must ensure that the actual gaming experience runs smoothly and efficiently. There’s only one way to do this: to stay completely up-to-date with the current online casino technology.

At Casino.com Australia, utilising cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology is a priority. This priority is an unwavering tenet of the Casino.com philosophy. The company’s technical staff works around the clock to ensure that its online casino runs flawlessly for its clients. Not only do they work to update and improve the casino online performance, but they also make themselves available to answer client queries and to address any technical concerns a player has – on the end of the client or the company.

Some of the other measures Casino.com Australia takes to improve the gaming experience of each and every player include:

•  Constant updating of online games – Casino.com makes sure that the site always features the newest games, in addition to the classics. For example, they are always adding new and modern online pokies games to the always-expanding slot machine collection.

•  Attentive customer service – The company’s friendly customer service agents are available to assist clients 24/7.

•  Exciting VIP and promotional opportunities – Players enjoy their casino games when they’re playing with others in a fun, cohesive community. Casino.com Australia frequently runs special events to help build community.

About Casino.com Australia
Casino.com Australia is the AU’s premier online casino featuring one of the world’s largest collections of online casino games, including Aussie favourite, online pokies. Casino.com Australia offers secure payment options, as well as sign-up bonuses, VIP programs, and promotional events.

Contact Details: Linda Cardigan
Mansion Gibraltar
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Casino Lunch Adds 4 Exciting New Slots

Casino Lunch Continues to Expand its’ Range of Games for Players

Valetta, Malta, November 16, 2011 – Casino Lunch, one of the newest online casino sites on the World Match gaming platform, is proud to announce the addition of 4 new slots games.

The new slots increase the total number of games offered by Casino Lunch to 71, including 12 variations of Roulette and more than 25 different Slots games. The site is open 24/7 for both fun and real money play, and is in English, Polish, and Russian, with additional languages coming shortly. New players are offered €1,200 in deposit bonuses, and the site has a very player-friendly VIP program in place.

Casino Lunch dedicates its new Multi-Line slot Aquarium to the stunning beautifulness of the sea world and to its lively fishes and sea creatures, which will involve the players into exotic and colourful adventures.

Diamond Croupier is a new Multi-line slot, presenting a classic graphic background, with a setting inspired by the traditional world of Casino and Table Games. The symbols on the wheels and vivid colours of the setting recreate the prestigious and stylish atmosphere that characterizes the live gaming experience at the tables of a real casino.

Love potions? Coup de foudre spells? Potions of true passion? Your heart cannot resist the sweet magical atmosphere of Love Lab multi-line slot, the laboratory where every emotion can be created and where Dr WM, together with his sex bomb assistant, will provide you with a unique gaming experience!

Will you be able to win your fear and get into the arena like a real gladiator? Will you be so brave to challenge the most skilled fighters? With the new Maximum multi-line slot the players will feel the excitement and adrenaline of the ancient Roman gladiators from the comfort of their home!

“The new slot games are so much fun to play that I’m getting less work done!” said Casino Manager Nick Adams. “We are thrilled that our software provider keeps providing us with world-class games to offer our players.”

In addition to the great selection of casino games, the site will be adding a new poker room shortly on the Euro Cake Network, providing poker player with world class action on an established and recognized network.

Both the casino and the pending new poker room are fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) in Malta, a recognized and respected online gaming licensing regulatory body. Casino Lunch provides online casino gaming to players from all countries except the U.S.

Media Enquiries
Nick Adams

About Casino Lunch
Casino Lunch (www.CasinoLunch.com) offers online players a delicious menu of licensed and regulated casino games, including roulette, slots, video poker and table games. Providing a no-download experience and attractive promotions, Casino Lunch focuses on creating the best VIP player experience online. Casino Lunch accepts players worldwide, except for those from the United States, and operates 24/7/365. Players are welcome for both free and real money action.

Nick Adams
Casino Lunch
Level 2, Centre Point Building
Dun Karm Street
Malta BKR 9037
(00356) 21 445 991

Play iPhone Casino Games Today

The iPhone casino continues to grow on popularity as smart phones, and particularly the iPhone, gain users. iPhone casino games are even more convenient than online games.

London, UK, March 23, 2011 — The iPhone casino continues to grow on popularity as smart phones, and particularly the iPhone, gain users. iPhone casino games are even more convenient than online games.

Play iPhone Casino Games Today:
As an increasing number of people begin to move from their desktop computers to mobile devices, the iPhone casino is ready to answer the increase in demand for top quality iPhone casino games. Recent studies have indicated that there will be more smart phones on the market by the end of the year than there are laptop computers. And the undisputed leader in mobile gaming is the iPhone casino. It not only offers the largest number of games but also the highest quality gaming experience. A number of top slots games have been converted into iPhone casino games with no drop in the playing experience. The high quality iPhone screen has proven to be capable of presenting all of the necessary images that people expect from online casino games. Some games even play better on the mobile device because the screen helps focus the images in an optimal way.

The iPhone Casino Leads the Charge to Mobile Gaming:
Online casino games, which began to appear in large numbers less than a decade ago, helped revitalize the casino industry, giving people the chance to experience the thrills of casino action without forcing them to travel to Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. People responded to the convenience of playing in the comfort of their homes or offices in record numbers, forcing game developers to innovate newer and better games. The new demand led directly to the creation of dynamic five-reel slots games that have become the norm in most online casinos. The next level of development, which has made games even more convenient and even more accessible, is the creation of the iPhone casino. With iPhone casino games, you can take a few spins on the slots whenever the mood strikes, since the game is literally in your hands, or within reach, at all times.

A Wide Range of Games at the iPhone Casino:
While slots games have received a significant amount of innovation online, poker and blackjack games remain immensely popular with the public. The iPhone casino has games that satisfy all tastes, and cater to the different moods that people may have during the course of the day. Some of the most popular iPhone casino games include Royal Derby, which is version of a horse racing game, and Roulette, which looks as though it were designed for the iPhone screen. Of course, there are massively popular slots such as Thunderstruck and Major Millions, to keep the slots fans happy. New games are constantly under development, so check out the iPhone casino today.

Press & Media Contact:
Ruth Rogers
iPhone Mobile Casino.com
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London, W1S 1DX – UK

Online casino tension is a billion dollar travail

Online casino tension is a billion dollar travail.c. In many cases if expert is going to show a dispute in the payment, it is stir to be a difficult worry for the player to travel all the way to the country in which the casino’s post is actually located. That can be bewitching impractical because in many cases the money that is to factor owed subjection be strikingly less when compared to the cost of traveling to the tract.

When there is an apprehension about the riches reliability of a site, which can equate anything from the privacy of the singularity information, privacy of the money transacted in the online casino, privacy of the bereavement incurred in the casino, fear of the hangout information institute being hacked and lot more, the energy consign not be developing. And so much money would not act for transferred at integrated. When the same plight is replaced by “security” then the situation is reverse, which means able are going to be more number of players besides the happening entrust flourish.

When de facto comes to the grill of whether online casino security is real, then the answer to it is going to be a bulky yes. Let us bequeath technological proof, let us move the combat of security from the real results achieved by a casino site. Typically when you are looking in to the unique needle counter of the casino site you will be able to view a few thousand players in efficient. If at anterior individual of them complained about insecurity in the site, thereupon the others would spread the erudition like forest combustion and the business cede workout down. The practice that the multitudinous players continue playing in the site by itself is a contact that the online casino longing system is true.

The actor traffic is a real proof of the goodness of the online ambition processes adore SSL encryption, firewalls, transaction archive, password controls, verification norms also much more.

The big money casino guys are interested in having the business being up also going through terribly along time. So, undiminished of them are joining together, also some of them have already joined hands to form gambling authorities which consign safeguard the RNGs as being truly unpremeditated along with the investigation of the applicable encryption technologies there in.

So, if you distrust the security system of the US online casino site you are trying to play at, you will have to check the certifications which they have got. Well, when graphic designing is so easy, further with the ample accommodate of screen attempt software available in the market, with the prevalent number of domain redirections available stow away hyperlinks, spammers answerability easily mimic even certifications. So, it is important you bring about sure the site is genuine by several references from forums, reviews and of quest from real time players. Verify their customer support number to see how it works too!

For more Info Visit: http://www.usa-casinos.us

Online Gambling Website Skyrockets to Extreme Popularity

People love to intertwine technology into their every day lives. From enhancing our communication levels with friends, family members, and colleagues, to maximizing our beloved leisure time, the internet plays an incremental role in our regular functionality. With the internet serving as a connective medium for people, worldwide, it has come as no shock that the realm of online gambling has become one of the most beloved pastimes. With a plethora of online casino websites, there are a number of options for people to immerse themselves in. With different tastes and interests pulling people in different directions, towards different casino websites, it is shocking to know that onlinecasino123 is giving people everywhere and interactive selection of gaming sites to choose from; thus, adding a new level of simplicity to gambling online.

December 07, 2010 – The name Onlinecasino123 is causing heads to turn for online gamblers everywhere. This inclusive and creative casino online website embraces the universal love for gambling that people share, while simultaneously giving visitors an easy-to-navigate selection of different online casino websites that are all accessible through one convenient location. Flooded with online casinos and poker rooms, people are falling in love with the simplicity associated with going to one location on the web in order to immerse themselves in a variety of related casinos.

The public is buzzing about the opportunity onlinecasino123 has given them to narrow down their casino search, based on specific criteria, pertaining to their personal taste. People love connecting by means of interactive hobbies that allow them to share their mutual love for gambling with one another, so it comes as no surprise that onlinecasino123 has become one of the prime locations rooted in allowing people all over the world to maximize their profits, communicate with peers, and win real jackpots consisting of real money. With so many options that outweigh the quality and desire of their competitors, onlinecasino123 is leading the way, on the web, as the most inclusive, diverse, and amusing online casino websites to turn to for constant enjoyment.

With so many features geared towards people’s unique gambling needs, onlinecasino123 will give you what you want in terms of casino selection and accessibility. No matter what your favorite aspect of gambling is, this one-of-a-kind casino online site will undoubtedly satisfy a broad spectrum of gambling desires and put you in touch with all of the online casinos you love with just a few simple clicks of your computer mouse. By readily expanding their website and adding new and acclaimed casinos to their database, onlinecasino123 allows you to maximize your time spent gambling on the web. Onlinecasino123 truly is a website, jam-packed with innovative, trend setting ideas; thus, making them a staple amongst online gamblers all over the world.

With traffic to their website increasing steadily, the impact that onlinecasino123 is having on the online gambling community is clearly visible through a number of internationally based lenses. From Italian gambling websites, to French casinos, to UK casinos online, onlinecasino123 is bringing people together through a way of universally recognizable online gambling entertainment. Through a creative gambling environment that embraces the qualities of gambling that people love, onlinecasino123 is gaining momentum as one of the most unstoppable growing forces of gambling desires on the web.

About the Company:

Company Name: Onlinecasino123
Phone Number: 61422135437
Email Address: adelawwad@yahoo.com