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PayPerHead Releases Premium Casino Platform

San Jose, Costa Rica, 2020-Nov-11 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — Payperhead.com, the world’s leading bookie software provider has released one of the most advanced digital casino platforms in the per head industry. Called the Premium Casino, the company expects the newest addition to their current suite of bookmaking platforms to help customers ride the growing online casino gaming wave.

In 2007, 24% of U.S. citizens had visited an online casino. By 2016, that number had grown to 64%. Just last year, the U.S. online gambling market, counting sports betting, casino wagering, bingo, and miscellaneous betting games, had grown to $53.9 billion. From 2020 through 2027, Gaming analysts expect that number to grow by a compound annual rate of 11%.

Digital casinos saw a sharp increase in the first half of 2020 after major sports leagues like the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League shut down their seasons. Also, the NCAA canceled their annual basketball tournament which had become the most wagered on sports event in the United States, even surpassing the Super Bowl. Because of the lack of available betting options, players turned their attention to online casinos and the variety of entertainment they bring.

Many of those players continue to make wagers in digital casinos. Gaming platforms like PayPerHead’s premium option provides advantages that other types of online digital casinos don’t at the moment. The company’s Premium Casino offers more blackjack tables, high-definition 3D games, and is mobile compatible with every available operating software including Android and Apple.

According to Payperhead.com Product Manager Nate Johnson, the company didn’t have to find a new casino platform to offer their clients. PayPerHead’s customers were happy with the live dealer casino option as well as the current online digital casino, but after seeing how much action both had driven during the coronavirus pandemic, the organization decided to provide new offerings.

“We’ve added a new live dealer casino about a month ago. And now, with the Premium Digital Casino, our customers can offer their players even more with hundreds of additional games. When our bookie agents do that, they make more money,” Johnson said.

Johnson also added that PayPerHead’s goal has always been and will always be to help their customers to be as successful as possible. “We get paid when our pay per head agents succeed. If they fail, we fail, which is why we are always looking to add features and tools and profit-making platforms like the new Premium Casino.”

About PayPerHead:
Founded in 1997, PayPerHead is the leading choice for serious bookies. The company’s Agent Payment Solution (APS) is the only proprietary platform in the pph sportsbook industry that allows for online collections and payments. Bookies can offer their players two live dealer casinos, a new premium casino and digital casino games, live in-game betting, a poker room, wagering options on 80+ sports leagues, and horse racing. PayPerHead also has the best in industry referral program so agents can add to their profitability and prides itself on providing industry-leading, top-class customer service with over 20 plus years of experience.

For more information, visit https://payperhead.com or contact:

Casino-X Enters the New Year With Brand New Look

Sydney, Australia, March 26, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — As years pass by and the gambling community at Casino-X is constantly growing, lots of improvements and innovations have been added recently to celebrate a longstanding success of the online casino. Casino-x-1Primarily, the ‘Battles’ page has been rewritten, so that players can now better monitor their gambling career advancing and participating in battles available within several simple clicks’ length. Also, the tournament ladders and players’ profiles have changed their appearances, which, of course, won’t escape the regular visitors’ attention. In addition, Casino-X is working on the feedback system with an eye to allow lovers of classic online slot machines to announce their preferences as for possible betterment of the gambling experience.

New sections have been built in and the old ones have been expanded: today it is possible to plan and manage gambling activities even more effectively. In addition, the entire collection of casino games now has a description and an accurate cover for every title presented. News related to recent games’ releases and updates is now comfortably available to all users. In case there are questions or specifications that interest the player, the site offers live support accessible 24/7.

Mostly, it is the casino game service at Casino-X that has undergone the biggest refinement. Aficionados of slot machines now can switch from the practice mode to real playing just by choosing this option anytime they want to. Moreover, new and unregistered players also can access the registration function right from the practice mode and continue gambling without the necessity of interrupting the game. On the whole, whether it is a process of experienced playing or just acquainting oneself with the peculiarities of gambler’s craftsmanship, one will feel more comfortable when one chooses to visit Casino X.

Being supported and invigorated by the world’s most prominent game developers, Casino-X has also put a lot of efforts to make tournaments and contests more interconnected. Nowadays, it’s unprecedentedly easy for gamblers to take part in large-scale competitions and benefit from their reputations as well as switch between different battles.

Finally, the information board has been reorganized, and it’s definitely more convenient now to peek at valuable updates and observe the up’s and down’s of other visitors of the online casino. Sure thing, all the well-known and familiar bonus systems are worth revisiting this new year, since the improvements weren’t just cosmetic but concentrated on the balance of winning possibilities as well. All things considered, Casino-X waits for newcomers and loyal players, guaranteeing as always a great deal of interesting occasions and money to win.

Contact us at https://casino-x.com/

Bettingtips101 com Best place to get gambling tips

Beverly Hills, Ca (December 6, 2010) – Bettingtips101.com is a boon for all those who are fond of online gambling. This website offers newest and as well as most helpful online gambling tips. Whether you want to know how to play poker or how to play roulette; this website can abet you in both and more. No wonder this website is so recommended.

Bettingtips101.com is a knowledge house when it comes to gambling online. Enlightening details offered by this website helps it to draw numerous visitors each day.Bettingtips101.com also has many job openings for all those who want to make a career in this field. This website has grouped posts under different categories. The betting systems category features posts like tips and strategies to employ in online gambling, getting to the top in sports betting, your future in horse racing and handicapping may depend on making money on your bets and more. The blackjack category has posts like most commonly played online casino games and how to count blackjack cards online. The gambling help category has posts like online gambling addiction, how gambling is bad, consequences of underage gambling plus more. The online casinos category features posts like the gambling industry, types of casino gambling games online, things to consider before gambling in online casinos and more. The online gambling category features posts like gambling online illegal, is online gambling legal in U.S., internet gambling facts and more. The poker category has posts like how to play poker, how to play 7 card stud poker, how many people play online poker plus more. This website has made the entire process of gambling quite easy all thanks to the huge information it provides. This website also has certain great videos on gambling.

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By using information offered by Bettingtips101.com you can undoubtedly enhance your gambling abilities. This website also tells about top gambling destinations in the world. Tips offered by Bettingtips101.com on each and every card game are truly inimitable. This website can definitely work wonders for all gamblers. Extensive information offered by this website clearly portrays how much expertise it has in the field of gambling. One thing I really appreciate about this website is that all its posts are crafted in an easy-to-understand language.

About Bettingtips101.com
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