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Bedfont Scientific Ltd Win Medway Business of the Year

Bedfont Scientific Ltd have won Business of the Year in the 2010 Medway Business of the Year Awards.

In the hotly contested top award at the ceremony, the innovative, achievement driven approach of Bedfont made the difference.

One of the judges, Susan Jennings, Partner and Head of Corporate, Furley Page Solicitors, said: “I was particularly impressed with Bedfont Scientific which is succeeding in making life saving devices widely accessible through clever and innovative designs and international distribution networks. Bedfont has managed to transform a huge and expensive piece of machinery into a hand-held device which should have a major impact on monitoring for those with asthma. Medway should be proud to have businesses like Bedfont committed to the area and we were delighted to be able to recognise its talent and achievement in awarding it Medway Business of the Year.”

The NObreath exhaled nitric oxide monitor (ENO) was showcased as Bedfonts newest innovation and caught the judges eyes due to its complexity and ability to open up gold standard asthma management to a much wider audience.

Collecting the award on behalf of Bedfont, Jason Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, said: It is very rewarding to be apart of a company who is leading the way in developing non-invasive methods of saving and improving the quality of people’s lives. Winning this award shows that all our ward work and dedication does not go un-noticed by the outside world.

Bedfont Managing Director, Trevor Smith said: 2010 has been a huge year for Bedfont, from climbing mountains for charity, to overcoming technical challenges with our focus on product development. We have become more profitable in a harsh economy, and saving lives along the way what an incredible story of success! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings.

Established for over 30 years, Bedfont produce quality products catering to customers’ needs and are proud to be at the forefront of breath and medical gas monitoring technology.

For more information on Bedfont Scientific Ltd visit
or call the UK Sales Team on +44 (0)1622 851122

Division of Gene Medicine & Stem Cell Application, School of Medical Science Discovers Natural Bio Mechanism Of Hair Regrowth

Division of Gene Medicine & Stem Cell Application, School of Medical Science, complete the research and established completely new protocol totally recovering natural bio mechanism of hair regrowth.

The researchers, led by Lord. Prof. Dr. Daichent Otto Rie, specified protein and genom to affect internal bio mechanism to generate hair and control the level of successful growth being low which is the baldness.

The key cast of the set of the bio cycle is hair follicles, which is stem cell on head skin and effect or holding function to cure many neurotic diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s disease – Prion Disease and even Trion Disease (Post Hetero-Plastic Implantation Chronic Inflammation Syndrome; PhCIS) has absolutely unique character being retrieved absolute stem cell, which can recover the ability as stem cell after got adult. The key genom and DNA has been found through the Genom Project’s T-Protocol research developing in the government registered Genom Project since 2005. The most concentrated attention of researchers is not “what is cause” but “What protocol is best”.

The team of Prof.Daichent has successfully completed in vivo and in vivro experiment actually using voluntary patients whose types of hair loss being across over highly wide range extent to even lymphoma and cancer and finally established next genetic hair loss curing treatment protocol mainly composed of stem cell therapy and gene therapy.

Most of cases are treatable through entry level stem cell theraputic technique or HIV-1 Vector using high level technique but A20 introduction as gene therapy is required when treating patients being suffered from lymphoma, cancer or any neurotic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease – Prion Disease and even Trion Disease (Post Hetero-Plastic Implantation Chronic Inflammation Syndrome; PhCIS).

As Prof.Daichent points since 2005 being on School of Public Health of Harvard, in the treatment manual (published 2005), the key factor to overcome of lymphoma and chronic inflammation on human skin is extraordinary redundancy coding of polyglutamine DNA synthesis as the type of disease caused by pathological proteins and lack or heavy impairment of an specific DNA of A20.

Actually, the treatment protocol curing for baldness is also found through T-protocol which was essentially aimed at achieving causal and complete treatment of lymphoma, cancer, chronic inflammation and many neurotic diseases. Under control over the T-Protocol, all of clinical practitioner must always keep their eyes on the fact of using steroid is taboo over administration so being strictly prohibited. And also the technique must be under control of the competent faculty accredited by board in accordance with Europ.Gene Institute or specifically set physically area solely for research and clinical practice of nations like Switzerland, Germany, India, Hongkong, U.K. territories (NEVER inside U.K.) appointed by protocol developer and
assigned practice entity.

Absolutely the set of treatment using gene therapy of A20 injection is totally successful and contributes high degree of extension of patients’ life. As ordinary treating way in general and internal medicine, an new drug to treat chronic inflammation, lymphoma and neurotic diseases including Trion Disease has been made up and already delegated the scheme and title to produce forward a under preparation distributing for chronic inflammation and lymphoma.

An patient who hopes the treatment by T-Protocol (occasionally consulting Prof.Daichent) could be cared by referral basis.

Contact Details: General Matter:
Genom Project Matter:
T-Protocol Treatment Matter: or near RMP accredited issuing referral

Make File Conversion Easy With a PDF Converter-Convert PDF to Word/Html/Image/Epub/Text for Windows

By the expansion of machinery in addition to computer, tabloid ID are hurriedly heart replaced by means of the electronic files. The popularity of the computers has additionally automated some composition processes clothed in the organization. It has ended the notebook users employ the box file formats moreover composition in the midst of dexterity as a consequence dexterity. by the superior record formats you bottle sell enormous total of information. The notebook users bottle with no trouble let somebody in on bulky total of in rank together with others. individual manipulate of the organize formats facilitates coordination of the box file formats.

Portable provide evidence layout is individual of the generally worn applications. This organize set up offers greatest safety measures features. A personality bottle encrypt the Portable record set up store by which you bottle defend the store commencing heart hampered. A client bottle be the store get hold of as well as intact commencing unlawful copying, editing, viewing or printing. The compression algorithms lessen the magnitude of the file. The slighter dimension of the organize makes the ID with no trouble transferable. all the rage this way, you bottle warm up as a consequence dispatch the ID on slightly issue representing operational plus appropriate coordination.

The gain by the PDF record layout is with the intention of it is straightforward to convert commencing individual provide evidence layout to another. A personality bottle compose manipulate of some types of word to PDF convertera> tools. These are the notebook programs with the intention of submit greatest flexibility in addition to compatibility to the users. A personality bottle do ‘batch conversion’ popular which you bottle convert manifold store hooked on a desired or chosen box file format. complex tools make possible a client by aptitude to elite the compulsory numeral of pages to be present converted hooked on some additional format. This story is called ‘partial conversion’. The hottest machinery based notebook programs and equip a client to merge a numeral of Portable record layout store together. You bottle convert a lengthy record hooked on a record record representing convenience. additional notebook programs submit a client by a trait to crack a lengthy record hooked on convenient chunks. These programs submit a client by capability to encrypt the converted store in the midst of safety measures features. A client must assessment the usability of the notebook plan in the past creation a purchase. It must ensue straightforward to sell as well as hitch your gait of working.

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Smiler enjoys writing about PDF Conversion. She works in software development since 2000s and knows very well about the importance of PDF to Word and pdf converter conversion tools in business industry.Read more:

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The 7 Effects of Cloud Computing on Analytics

ABIBA Systems recently conducted a workshop on ‘Advanced Analytics & Cloud Computing’ which was attended by engineering students, faculty and research scholars from all over India. During the work shop, Senthil Nathan, Marketing Manager, ABIBA Systems mentioned that Gartner has listed Cloud Computing and Analytics as the top 2 strategic technological areas for 2010. Analytics implementation in organizations will undergo a paradigm shift due to cloud computing.

Senthil Nathan further discussed about the impact of cloud computing and analytics. As per his discussion analytics landscape would undergo the following changes due to cloud computing

  • Increased Analytics Adoption – More users who could not deploy analytics because of its high infrastructure costs will now start to embrace it .
  • Reduced project timelines – Increased Accessibility to infrastructure like high speed RAM, increased memory for large data storage
  • Increased ROI – Reduced capital expenditure due to pay as you use mode and reduced project duration.
  • Opting for Analytics Software – More companies who were outsourcing analytics to service providers because of the high software costs will now opt for analytics software in SaaS model.
  • Rise of Domain specific BI & Analytics Software – Domain specific software will have an advantage over generic BI & Analytics software since customization is costly over the cloud.
  • Size advantage will diminish – Cloud computing increases accessibility for small and large BI & Analytics software vendors alike. Hence the size advantage will diminish.
  • Paradigm shift in Analytics Methodology – Some procedures which were earlier carried out due to the limitation in infrastructure for e.g. sampling might see their prominence diminished.

Post the workshop the students were briefed about the expectations from the IT industry and were advised on how to equip themselves to meet the rising expectations. The workshop was well received by the audience.

About ABIBA Systems

ABIBA Systems is a BI & Analytics Software company from Bangalore. ABIBA has chosen to tread the path of developing pre-built BI and Analytics products for Telecom with the objective of improving the business performance of our clients. It’s product portfolio includes ChampionTM, TeleViewTM, TeleRASTM and TIMSTM . ABIBA helps its clients to enhance their decision making capabilities through its domain led consulting approach.

More information about ABIBA is available on the Internet at:

Media contact:

Senthil Nathan R.,

Mobile : +91-99720-97824

Landline : +91-2679 6810


‘Drug Discovery On Demand’ Service Launched By David Leahy and Vladimir Sykora From Molplex

England, November 5th 2010 – An innovative new online “drug discovery on demand” platform has been launched by Molplex, a company specializing in products and services for the life sciences. Designed to help drug discovery groups working anywhere in the world, it aims to eliminate the high start-up costs and minimize the financial risks traditionally associated with inventing new medicines.

Molplex CEO David Leahy said: “As the pharmaceutical industry changes, a new ecosystem of small, flexible teams operating as “Micro Pharmas” is emerging. Molplex will provide the services they need to succeed at inventing better medicines at lower cost”.

The first version of the new Molplex system launched today offers free access to sophisticated drug design systems, high quality assay-ready stock chemicals and high content biological screening at

Editor’s Note

For more information contact:, Tel: US:
1-408-905-2900 Europe: 44-191-211-1965

About Molplex
Molplex was created by David Leahy and Vladimir Sykora to help anyone anywhere in the world invent new medicines by making sophisticated drug discovery information and laboratory systems available on-line and on demand. CEO David Leahy previously founded Cyprotex PLC, now the world’s largest ADME Tox service supplier. COO Dr Vladimir Sykora has extensive drug discovery experience and has developed sophisticated software systems for automated drug design. They are joined as VP for Asia-Pacific by Dr Brian O’Keeffe who has considerable commercial and senior management experience in drug development including President of Asia-Pacific for Quintiles.

Contact Details: i6, Charlotte Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 4XF US: 1-408-905-2900 Europe: 44-191-211-1965

Scientific Breakthroughs in Mental Health Diagnoses | Northam Psychotechnologies

Ottawa, Ontario – The National Mental Health Association reports that over 65 million Americans suffer from some type of mental illness. By 2020, mental illness is projected to be the leading cause of the disease burden in North America. That obviously is a problem of staggering magnitude, with total costs to society in the hundreds of billions every year. Northam Psychotechnologies, an Ottawa, Ontario-based company holds the North American patent pending to futuristic technologies that provide a profoundly powerful solution to this problem.

Semantic Stimuli Response Measurement (SSRM) is a powerful psychological screening tool. It is the world’s first technology designed and utilized to meticulously measure the response of the subconscious mind outside of a laboratory setting. Internationally renowned brain researcher, Dr. Semyon Ioffe, has adapted this technology, which is the direct result of a worldwide body of scientific knowledge, to accommodate the North American conglomerate. He states, “We are the first testing and teaching Technology Company in the areas of Mental Health, and are able to effectively test for and detect early stages of mental disorders. We also test the effectiveness of medical or psychological treatment for mental disorders, and teach patients, on a subconscious level, to free themselves from drug and alcohol addictions, phobias, suicidal tendencies, PTSD and so much more.”

SSRM Tek can effectively enhance treatment accuracy and efficacy by determining the root causes of mental afflictions. Treatment times are significantly reduced. The necessity of follow-up procedures is diminished greatly. Unnecessary treatment methods are eliminated. And the results generated are virtually error-free. “SSRM Tek easily obtains invaluable information from a source that never lies: the subconscious mind.” Dr. Ioffe states further, “This technology has been in development for over five decades. It has surfaced strongly now and is the future of mental health care standards.”

SSRM Tek can determine the effectiveness of the treatment being provided to patients. Concurrent testing and re-testing can determine if the treatment is having positive effects on the patient and is able to follow up on the progress of the treatment. As the world’s first technology to measure the response of the subconscious mind outside a laboratory setting, this precise psychological screening tool can be used broadly in a multitude of fashions. Dr. Ioffe concludes, “We want everyone to feel very confident in requesting more information about SSRM Tek and encourage them to do so freely.”

About Northam Psychotechnologies: Ottawa-based Northam Psychotechnologies is an integrated solutions provider that utilizes SSRM Tek as the key tool to provide solutions for mental health issues. It is a registered Canadian company with shareholders. Northam Psychotechnologies, which holds both the US and Canadian patents pending, is owned by Dr. Semyon Ioffe. Dr. Ioffe, an internationally renowned brain researcher, is widely published and esteemed. A strong band of experts complement the SSRM Tek team, which is fully committed to helping keep North Americans safe and healthy.

Northam Psychotechnologies | Detection | Identification | Treatment

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Real Time Press Release Distribution

In today’s Internet the real time information is already playing a significant role in how businesses and people access and consume the information online. Technologies online have emerged up to the point where 2 minutes may sometimes be the difference between having tens of thousands of people not only seen your PR announcement, but creating a long tail of reactions across the vast real time online space adding up to your overall online presence/reputation and your message being buried down among millions of other identical pieces of information.

Considering how crucial the real time information for the average business and web user appears to be, one can only imagine how great the impact of the real time information flow over the public relations business online can be.

That’s why we think it is about time for — real time press release distribution online.

In a nutshell is a do-it-yourself publishing platform for real time press release distribution. It’s free and you can instantly have your press release published on as well as released via the Web, the Blogosphere and the Twitter. Having spent almost 2 decades within the PR industry, and currently engaged with EPR Network, one of the largest press release distribution networks online, it’s been just a matter of time for us to realize how vital a real time press release distribution service online is.