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Matvil Corp. Fights the Illegal Actions of the Legal System of Moldova

A case of intellectual rights dispute shreds light on the corrupt legal system of Moldova

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2019-Jun-22 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — As one of the leading online ethnic TV providers, operating in North America, Matvil Corp. discovered, there is no reliable system in place that protects legal broadcasters from dishonest competition. In their attempts to enter the US and Canadian markets, Internet pirates commit fraud and manipulate data in order to influence the corrupt legal system of Eastern European countries and try to destabilize the operation of successful companies, cause financial damage and hurt their reputation.

The case Radio Star Ltd. against Matvil Corp. is a vivid proof of such practices. On June 8, 2018, Radio Star Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Matvil Corp. in the court of Chisinau, Moldova, stating that the latter illegally broadcasted a number of Russian And Ukrainian channels on the territory of Moldova.

The evidence submitted to court in support of these false accusations were fabricated by the pretense service users: Munteanu Nicolai and Ungureanu Sergiu who accessed the service pages targeted for users based in the US and Canada while being physically present in Chisinau (Moldova). They registered at Matvil website, created user accounts and through ExpressVPN were able to use American IP-addresses.

Through these illegal manipulations they made screenshots of content available only to North American users thus creating a false evidence of copyright infringement that was later submitted to court.

This tactics of deceiving the court was a success and the judge Oxana Parfeni ruled in Radio Stars’ favor, failing to provide the reason for doing so, despite the obviously fabricated proof submitted by the Plaintiff.

This could possibly be seen as a technical ignorance hasn’t it been for the fact that the attempt to appeal the ruling that followed was denied by the Court of Appeal by the judges Marina Anton, Vitalie Kotorobay and Ion Tzurkan who explained that they denied the motion to appeal based on the fact that Matvil’s attorneys did not have the authority to represent Matvil even though previously no such doubts were raised by the judge Oxana Parfeni in trial court.

The suspicions that the judges were biased were first raised when the judge of the trial court Oxana Parfeni denied a request of Matvil’s attorney to interview technical experts who were ready to submit an undeniable proof of the fraud nature of the evidence submitted by the Plaintiff and to incorporate this evidence into the case.

The second fact that caused the suspicions was a failure of the Judge to justify her decision in the verdict.

The third evidence of the failure of Moldovian legal system to comply with the Law is the fact that when the motion to appeal was submitted into the Court of Appeal the decision to deny the appeal was not sent to Matvil’s attorneys who had to find out about this illegal decision only after it was made public thus intentionally depriving Matvil’s attorneys’ of the opportunity to appeal this decision directly in the Court of Appeal which is an outrageous disregard of the basic legal norms.

This series of failures to comply with the requirements of the Law by the very system that is designed to protect it shows that it serves interests of a certain group of people.

Using the corrupt Moldovian legal system dishonest competition is trying to destabilize the operation, harm the reputation and cause financial damage to the US and Canadian companies which have never operated on the territory of Moldova and have no intention to do so in future.

We’ll see if the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Moldova will stop these illegal actions.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Mykola Skrynnyk at nick.s@matvil.com

Mykola Skrynnyk

Jake Reisdorf and Carmel Honey Co. Selected as Small Business of the Year Honoree for California Small Business Day 2018

Jake Residorf and The Carmel Honey Co. have been selected by Assemblymember Mark Stone as a Small Business of the Year honoree for California Small Business Day 2018.

Carmel, CA, June 05, 2018 — Jake Residorf and The Carmel Honey Co. have been selected by Assemblymember Mark Stone as a Small Business of the Year honoree for California Small Business Day 2018.

Carmel Honey Co. will be honored at the Small Business Day awards luncheon Tuesday, June 19, at the Sacramento Convention Center.

California Small Business Day 2018 is the result of Assembly Resolution HR-57 that passed unanimously in 2000. The purpose of the day is to “Recognize the Contributions Small Business makes to California.” Since then the California Small Business Association has honored more than 1,500 small businesses in the state of California. The day brings small business leaders, legislators, and state agencies together to celebrate small business.

“It’s a great honor to represent my District. I was super excited to learn that I’m the only beekeeper to receive this award but also the youngest person,” said Reisdorf, who founded Carmel Honey Co. when he was 11 years old and is currently attending Carmel High School. “I’m looking forward to meeting Assemblymember Stone in person, the other honorees and especially touring the State Capitol.”

About Carmel Honey Company:

Jake Reisdorf is the chief beekeeper and owner with his family of Carmel Honey Company, which he started as part of a school project where his teacher assigned professions to each student and directed them to research the profession and build a presentation on it.

While researching his assigned profession of website designer, Jake, 11 years old at the time, decided to take it one step further and actually create a real website. At that time, Jake had taken one beekeeping class with his Dad and thought it would be cool to design a website about honey bees.

Not only did Jake get an “A” on the project, it inspired him and spurred him to start Carmel Honey Company.

His passion for honey bees grew as he learned about Colony Collapse Disorder and real honey. Expanding his research and education drove Jake to learn more about honey and bees and ultimately decide it was critical to give back.

The “Jake Gives Back” program includes sharing honey bee knowledge with kids and adults of all ages. Whether he is in a classroom speaking to first-grade students, or at a corporate event talking with business owners and seasoned professionals, his passion and appreciation of how honey bees impact our world is infectious. He also “gives back” by making a financial donation to honey bee research and education organizations.

Jake currently attends Carmel High School and keeps his knowledge of apiology (the scientific study of bees) current by continuing to manage his own honey bee hives and attending industry conferences throughout the country.

Carmel Honey Company

(831) 687-8511






Marci Bracco Cain

Chatterbox PR

Salinas, CA 93901

(831) 747-7455


SMB Jumpstreet: Podcast for Technology Consultants Focused on Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Experienced Leaders Share Their Unique Brand of Dumb Advice.

Chicago, IL, USA — Peter Wolf, President of QuantaCRM, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and CRM partner, and Wayne Schulz, founder of Schulz Consulting, a Sage 100 consulting firm, chat bi-weekly about news, trends, and topics of interest for technology consultants focused on small and mid-size businesses on the SMB Jumpstreet podcast.

To listen to SMB Jumpstreet, visit http://www.smbjumpstreet.com.

“SMB Jumpstreet is the only podcast guaranteed to deliver our unique brand of dumb advice about technology news and suggestions on how to survive in today’s world of rapidly changing service models,” says Wolf of Chicago-based QuantaCRM.

“We are dedicated to serving technology and business consultants who specialize in the SMB space,” adds Schulz from Schulz Consulting in Glastonbury, CT.

Topics include:
• Tips and ideas on how to improve consulting businesses
• SMB business trends
• News about technology companies that could affect technology consultants
• Upcoming events, trade shows, and conferences

About QuantaCRM
QuantaCRM is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online reseller based in Chicago providing sales, consulting, implementation, training and technical support to small and medium-sized businesses. For more information, visit http://www.quantacrm.com or call 888.490.3190.

About Schulz Consulting
Schulz Consulting focuses on Sage 100 ERP projects, advising on all versions of supported Sage 100 as well as complementary third-party solutions. Based in Glastonbury, CT, Schulz Consulting works on a fixed-price model and guarantees its server moves, workstation reinstallations, ongoing support, upgrades and new implementations. For more information, visit http://www.s-consult.com or call 860.657.8544.

Media Contact:
Brian Dunn

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Reseller Partner

Micro-Learning Workshop Reveals Strategies to Improve Workplace Communication

Learn how to communicate more effectively with clients and colleagues.

Sarasota, FL, USA (April 27, 2015) — Training for Entrepreneurs.com (TFE), a web-based entrepreneurial Business Resource and Learning Center, is pleased to announce today that enrollment is open for the micro-learning workshop, Communicating Effectively. This Live Instructor-Led Online Workshop will take place Wednesday, May 6th at 2:00 pm EST.

The purpose of the Communicating Effectively Workshop is to equip participates with a range of tools, tactics, and techniques that will help them to communicate more effectively with clients and colleagues, making their communication more impactful, persuasive, and confident. The Workshop provides participates with the opportunity to understand how communication works and how to communicate with confidence and flair.

This Workshop is suitable for those individuals who want to express themselves more effectively and maximize their impact in front of an audience.

The Communicating Effectively Workshop is a micro-learning event that provides training in a short – 90 minute — digestible, bite-sized unit that is readily accessible via devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers. This micro-learning event helps to address the problem of dwindling attention spans and provides next-gen workforce training with a less time-consuming, less-costly, more laser-focused learning experience than traditional training methods.

“We’re thrilled to be opening enrollment for our Communicating Effectively Workshop which is one of a series of nine (9) soft skills training workshops that we are hosting in 2015,” states Terry H. Hill, Co-Founder, and the Chief Business Mentor of Training for Entrepreneurs.com. “This May 6th Workshop addresses four common communication challenges: listening in communication, communication in teams, lateral communication, and communication during organizational stress.”

Learn more about this live, online event and to reserve a seat for this May 6th 2:00 pm EST Workshop, visit http://www.trainingforentrepreneurs.com/communicating-effectively-workshop.

About Training for Entrepreneurs.com
TFE is a web-based business resource and learning center that works in three primary areas: Facilitators of a web-based entrepreneurial development community, Creators & Publishers of educational content for small and medium-sized businesses, and Trainers & Mentors of live online Soft Skills Workshops, live Virtual Mentoring Programs, and live onsite Workforce Training Seminars. For more information, call 941-556-1299 or visit http://www.TrainingforEntrepreneurs.com.

Contact Information:
Dolly A. Stevens, Executive Director
Training for Entrepreneurs.com
Telephone: 941-556-1299
Fax: 941-866-1953
Email: media@trainingforentrepreneurs.com
Website: http://www.TrainingforEntrepreneurs.com

Unique Alternatives to Traditional Gift Cards – TFE e-Gift Cards

Sharing the gift of knowledge with employees, co-workers, business associates, and friends!

Sarasota, FL, USA (November 19, 2014) — Rapidly growing online training and development website – Training for Entrepreneurs.com is making holiday gift giving easier with its TFE e-Gift Cards… the unique alternatives to traditional gift cards.

Stumped on a gift for the budding entrepreneur in your life? Why not give the gift of business training and mentoring? Training for Entrepreneurs.com (TFE) makes it easy to help your friends, co-workers, business associates, and family gain critical business knowledge with our TFE e-Gift Cards.

TFE Certified Master Mentors train and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives through our virtual mentoring programs, e-learning courses – including customized courseware – and live-onsite and live-online training workshops.

With the TFE e-Gift Card, you can share the gift of knowledge with a business owner who might need the timely help our business mentors and coaches can provide. This gift might mean the difference between success and failure for that business.

TFE e-Gift Cards are:
• Affordable: Numerous options are available that are reasonably priced. Better still, there are no added fees.
• Convenient: We send the TFE e-Gift Cards directly to your recipients via e-mail within 3 days of purchase.
• Personalized: You have the option of including personalized messages with your TFE e-Gift Cards.
• Secure: Our site uses technology to ensure your personal and payment information is kept secure and confidential. Secure payments are made via PayPal. No PayPal account is needed.

TFE provides many learning and mentoring opportunities for the entrepreneur, including Soft Skills Workshops; 1-to-1 Mentoring Sessions; Start-Smart Mentoring Program; and our Brand-Smart Mentoring Program.

For your first purchase, you might consider the e-book, “How to Jumpstart Your Business,” written by Terry H. Hill, co-founder and chief business mentor of TFE.

About Training for Entrepreneurs.com
Training for Entrepreneurs.com (TFE) creates, develops, publishes, and facilitates web-based business skills training, e-learning, and mentoring courses/programs in entrepreneurship, management, strategic planning, leadership, and practical instruction for starting and growing small businesses.

Contact Information:
Dolly A. Stevens, Executive Director
Training for Entrepreneurs.com
Telephone: 941-556-1299, x-102
Fax: 941-866-1953
Email: director@TrainingforEntrepreneurs.com
Website: http://www.TrainingforEntrepreneurs.com

Three Free Promotional Kindle Download days – Sunday, June 2 through Tuesday, June 4 for: Your Cash Flow Connection

An exciting, educational and informative guide of little-known funding methods for small business owners for when the bank says No! These methods have been used by big business forever but are now available to small business owners as well! If you’re a small business owner, YOU NEED to read this book!

Baton Rouge, LA, June 01, 2013 – DL Benton is proud to offer small business owners the latest version of Your Cash Flow Connection which outlines alternative funding tools for them for three (3) free Kindle download days from Sunday, June 2 through Tuesday, June 4.

This is an exciting and informative book for small business owners that teaches about highly successful and effective, non-traditional funding options to help you fund your business’ growth and daily working capital needs without giving up equity in your business and we all know how important this is!

It teaches you how to leverage your liquid assets to self-fund your business and helps when the bank says No! These tools are flourishing in use by start-ups as well as seasoned businesses alike as the traditional funding options continue to be a challenge (especially in today’s environment) for the small business owner.

Fortune 500 companies have used these tools for years and now it is the small business owner’s chance to do so too!

Every serious small business owner should have this enlightening book on their reference shelf.

Contact Information: Debra Bendily

Publishers: Amazon Kindle Publishing and CreateSpace (paperback)
Contact person: Debra Bendily, debilbm@cox.net

DL Benton is a certified cash flow consultant who counsels small businesses and sometimes individuals on turning virtually every type of cash flow, income stream, debt instrument, or private paper asset into cash.

She is available to assist small business owners with the purchase or sale of any negotiable paper instrument. Consultations are always no obligation and free.

Website: Your Cash Flow Connection ; Blog: Small Business Funding Alternatives

Debra Bendily
Your Cash Flow Connection
Baton Rouge, LA

Publicity PR System Launches, Helping Small Business with Online Marketing Promotion

The press release publicity experts at SuperSimplePR have created a super simple system which teaches people to write perfect press releases quickly. The newly released PR training is available now on the company’s web site.

Bradenton, FL, February 23, 2012 (Straight Line PR) — Two online PR and publicity experts have joined forces and launched the PR Publicity Guide to teach small businesses how to capture more traffic and more customers. “While tens of thousands of press releases are written and submitted daily, most miss the target,” says Harald Anderson, co-developer of the course. “The purpose and objective of our course is to help small business owners learn how to quickly write press releases so that they capture more attention and more traffic.”

Anderson explains, “If you look at the online landscape today, customers are driving the conversation. Merchants who ignore this basic reality do so at great risk.”

“Most press releases are written to glorify the company. Because of this, the word PR has negative connotations to most consumers,” Anderson continues. “The public is very aware of spin doctors who manipulate perception and perpetuate what they consider to be enlightened despotism. PR by many is akin to propaganda, image building, market manipulation and damage control.”

The new “social media” have actually evolved from the goals set forth by the press release industry. Those original aims are described as:

1. Connecting with the audience
2. Building value
3. Drawing more attention

Anderson says, “In our offices we have the Facebook Mission Statement ( http://www.supersimplepr.com/what-does-the-facebook-mission-statement-have-to-do-with-me/ ) pasted on every computer monitor:”

Give People The Power To Share And Make The World More Open And Connected.

“Why? While this is Facebook’s goal, it is ideally the goal of all media that you produce.” Anderson points out, “We have done this to make people realize that what gets shared gets shopped. Today, more than ever, eCommerce is quickly becoming Everywhere Commerce. And this is why our ‘PR Publicity System’ was created.”

While traditionally reserved for company news, corporate announcements, and other public communications, press releases are now the main tool for creating traffic and publicity, as well as informing the media and the public about exciting, important news.

But the problem today, according to Anderson, is that online PR has become all but synonymous with spam. To elaborate, most online press releases are irrelevant, poorly-written, unsolicited, mass-distributed commercial advertising that offers little to no value to the reader.

SuperSimplePR has set out to change that. And customers are enthusiastic about the successes they have had with the “PR Publicity System” which is available exclusively at http://www.SuperSimplePR.com :

“Purchased your course and love your teaching style. The videos really make this very easy to do and follow.” – Mary V. Austen, Millburn, NJ

“I was tasked by my boss to write and distribute some press releases for our company, which I found to be very intimidating. I followed your simple advice and guidelines and was amazed when I saw our press release on the first page of Google. Thank You.” – Mark Specht, Los Angeles, CA

“I started my online business several years ago and it has been very frustrating getting traffic and interested visitors to come to my website. Your system really showed me very quickly what I was doing wrong. I wish I would’ve found you several years ago. Love your material. Highly recommended.” – Jim Allen, Tampa, FL

Successful companies are the ones which have mastered the fine art of self promotion. Now, more than ever before, business leaders need to understand that the Internet fragments and broadcasts a company’s message via text, graphic media, audio, and video. The opportunities are nearly infinite, but for those who are new to the party, getting overwhelmed is very easy.

For a quick video overview of the “PR Publicity System”, visit http://vimeo.com/32247326

Anderson adds, “The most important question an entrepreneur should be asking is, ‘One month from today, where do I want to be with my business?’ And that’s where our PR Publicity System can make all the difference.”

Most business owners know the power of publicity, but many have not learned how to create it when they need it. The “PR Publicity System” system shows entrepreneurs exactly how, by:

1. Boosting website exposure
2. Increasing website traffic
3. Building brand credibility
4. Creating publicity whenever it’s needed

It’s now much easier to accomplish those four goals, just by using the SuperSimplePR system, and following the step-by-step process taught in the online course.

To learn more, visit http://www.SuperSimplePR.com to sign up for their free newsletter. The “PR Publicity System” course is only $97.00, and includes written course materials, more than a dozen training videos, podcasts, case studies, 30 days of the PressReleaseNation premium press release submission service, and more.

About SuperSimplePR:
SuperSimplePR was launched in early 2012 by Harald Anderson and Mark Alan Effinger, to help busy business leaders learn how to write online press releases quickly, easily, and painlessly. In the process of running the online press release distribution site PressReleaseNation.com, Anderson and Effinger discovered that quite a few of the press releases being submitted were simply not going to get the job done. To help resolve this problem for their clients, they created SuperSimplePR as a way to teach anyone how to create online buzz for their company, or their clients, by following an easy-to-learn system. For more information, visit http://www.SuperSimplePR.com or e-mail info@SuperSimplePR.com

Please contact http://www.PressReleaseNation.com for corrections or updates.

David Lockman
9734 Lincoln Lane
Blaine, WA 98230

New “The Dragon’s Fyre” Web Site Launched

Mach 1 Web Design, a small business web design company, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Dragon’s Fyre Jet Truck.

Lake Zurich, IL, February 17, 2012 – Mach 1 Web Design, a small business web design company, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Dragon’s Fyre Jet Truck.

The Dragon’s Fyre is a Twin Lakes, Wisconsin based Jet Exhibition team whose sole purpose is to produce a mind-blowing experience for their fans with their custom jet-powered 1940 Ford pick-up truck. Even though David Modder, the Owner/Driver of “Dragon’s Fyre”, and his team, are not in the jet exhibition business for fame, Dave’s famous truck has been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports, Hot Rod Magazine and IHRA Drag Review, just to name a few TV and print media. Dave and his team are still seeking additional sponsors so if you are interested in promoting your business with the team, get in contact with them today!

If you ever wanted to see a fire-breathing one-of-a-kind Ford truck with a General Electric J-85 jet engine with an afterburner, you are in luck: Dave has just announced an exciting Summer 2012 Event Schedule! Team Dragon’s Fyre will be making a lot of noise, and a showing off a very fast moving red object. The meticulously maintained and shiny 6000-lbs-of-thrust Ford truck will be blasting down a track near you soon. The Jet Truck has scheduled appearances at the Nostalgia Nationals in Cordova, Illinois and will also be wowing crowds all over the midwest! An up to date schedule is available online at http://thedragonsfyre.com/events.html.

If you are interested in a great looking website as a small business owner, Mach 1 Web Design offers reasonably priced web design packages, as well as web hosting and webmaster services. If you are interested in improving your small business’ marketing clout visit Mach 1 Web Design at http://mach1webdesign.com/.

Eli Hudson
Owner/Lead Designer
Mach 1 Web Design, Inc.
PO Box 933
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

U.S. Company Turns to BRAZIL to Advance New Technology

We Don’t Make the Smartphone…We Make it Smarter, Safer, Courteous and Compliant.
With a registered bill on the table, U.S. based Try Safety First (TSF) is deploying time, talent and resources into Brazil to advance its new mobile phone protocol technology. With its white paper being published in more than twenty-four countries across the globe, it is Brazilwhere TSF is looking to launch.

When asked why Brazil , TSF CEO John Fischer said, “TSF is eager to work with all governments and strategic partners to advance our patent-pending protocol technology. But to date, it is the congressional leaders of Brazil who have demonstrated the greatest desire and responsiveness to tackle the serious cell phone problems in their country.”

According to the World Health Organization, environment specific (prisons, court rooms, classrooms, in flight and behind the wheel) cell phone problems are costing theworld’s top industrialized countries between one and three percent of GDP. Fischer agrees societal cell phone problems are dynamic, devastating and very costly. But he also expands the statement by saying they can easily be eradicated with the implementation of TSF protocol technology.

TSF is the world leader for mobile device protocol development. According to Fischer, the advancement of TSF’s protocol technology will provide an optional tool for parents, teachers, judges, wardens, pilots and employers to easily eliminate cell phone problems within their respective environments. TSF’s primary objective is to establish a uniform global standard throughout the wireless industry to increase the functionality of mobile devices to provide simple solutions to remedy grand societal problems.

For more information on TSF technology or for investment opportunities, please visit http://trysafetyfirst.com.


Contact Details:

Try Safety First, Inc.
Address: 1948 Miniball Ridge Marietta 30064 GA USA .
Phone – 770-652-4517
Email – admin@trysafetyfirst.com

Web Site (URL) – http://trysafetyfirst.com
Facebook – http://facebook.com/cellphoneprotocols
Twitter – http://twitter.com/tsfprotocols


Unique Designz – specializing in business cards, flyers, web design, customized logo creation and promotional items

Ramsey, New Jersey, December 23, 2010 – Unique Designz, a full service graphic design and print company specializing in business cards, flyers, web design, customized logo creation and promotional items, has showed incredible growth since the company’s inception in 2006. Owner Henry Kaminski, Jr. has single-handedly transformed Unique Designz into a top notch graphic design business, with a prominent client base that includes the Jon Bon Jovi Fan Club and BonJovi.com, DJ A-list Unique, the Benjamins, Rise in Lodi, NJ, Tiffany’s Restaurants (multiple locations) and DJ Johnny Budz/Elite Sound Entertainment.

While Kaminski prides himself on his strong work ethic,fast turnaround time and close client relationships, he says the best part of his success has been his ability to give back to the local community. Kaminski has worked with and continues to support the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center through charitable giving.

“Unique Designz is by far one of the best graphic design companies in the area,” says Gary Yip, owner of Vision Entertainment. “Anyone looking for quality work will certainly find it if they choose to work with Henry.” Long-standing clients include 46 Lounge in Totowa, NJ, 84 Park in Stamford, CT, EYE to EYE Entertainment, SO GOOD Entertainment, Black Bear Saloon (multiple locations), Franklin Steakhouse in Nutley, NJ, and The Hot Shotz.com. In 2010, Unique Designz added Wicked Wolf Tavern in Hoboken, NJ and Sizzle Tans (multiple locations) to its impressive following, and recently expanded its client base overseas, with the addition of international house DJ Raffi Lusso, of Zurich, Switzerland.

2011 shows much promise for Unique Designz as it enters into the niche wedding market with customized save the date stationery and magnets. Unique Designz offers highly competitive pricing, excellent quality and superb customer service. For more information visit www.uniquedesignz.net.

Contact Details: Henry M. Kaminski, Jr., Owner/Graphic Designer
Email: uniquedesignz1@yahoo.com
Web: uniquedesignz.net

Follow Unique Designz on Facebook.