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New Book Release – Fractured Idols, by Kevin Austin

Fractured Idols, by Kevin Austin, is a tale of Interior Designer Sebastian Cartwright as he emerges from the financial chaos of the Great Depression into a world still dominated by corporations.

London, UK (October 8, 2015) — Kevin Austin’s Fractured Idols is a snapshot of the lives of wealthy Metropolitans who inhabit London’s super-rich Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This is the world of Sebastian Cartwright, top International Interior Designer and friend of the great and the good. His larger-than-life chums include Magda, a glamorous Hungarian émigré, her lover Phillip, Viscount Brampton, scion of an Aristocratic English family and trusted confidant, Karim, a Moroccan Architect who commutes between Marrakesh and Amsterdam with his Dutch partner Christiaan.

But Sebastian Cartwright is angry. His career as an Interior Designer took a hit during the Credit Crunch in 2008 and has never recovered. He feels adrift in a world that has changed beyond his recognition; his whole being fractured. A classicist in style, his old-fashioned values have also suffered at the hands of what he feels to be a Media-led destruction of all he holds dear. His world-view, influenced by his innate Christianity, is affronted by the idolatry he sees around him.

Magda introduces him to Madeleine Armitage, an avaricious, antipodean corporate wife and Sebastian’s life is turned upside down. His deep antipathy towards her is put aside during a weekend house party in rural Southern Spain where a significant person from his past appears and he is forced to confront a panoply of emotions buried deep in his soul.

A timely and humorous look at the issues of Big: Government, Banks, Media, and Religion, Fractured Idols reinvents a well-worn idiom: “Hell hath no fury like a Homosexual scorned”.

Author Bio: Kevin Austin attended school and University in Perth, Western Australia before moving to London in 1987. Experience working in the City of London, Television Production, and as co-owner of a Boutique Hotel in Spain gave him the background for this, his first novel. He co-owns British Society Salon EQUUSHAIR with his partner Geoffrey and they live in Kensington with their Labrador Charlie.

Fractured Idols is the first of two parts. Goliath and the Kitten Factory will be published by First Edition in March 2016.

Genre – Politics, Government, Religion, Drama, Fiction

The ebook version of Fractured Idols ISBN 9781622879540, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 154 page print book version, ISBN 9781622879533 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Media Contact:
Kevin Austin

Becrypt Announces New US Engineering Services Division to support Growing Customer Base

Award winning cyber solutions provider employs more US based staff to provide responsive local services to customers

McLean, VA, March 08, 2012 — Becrypt, supplier of cyber security solutions to Government, federal agencies, defense and the wider public sector has expanded its Engineering Services division to support a growing number of US customers. The company has employed highly skilled software development engineers to provide dedicated service to customers based in locations across the US. The move marks the company’s commitment to the American market where several large organizations have deployed its cyber security solutions in recent times.

This growth in customer numbers and infrastructure follows announcements of several new solutions developed by Becrypt to support secure mobile working for federal and commercial customers. A new Mac version of its Trusted Client solution has been developed for customers with mixed operating environments, enabling staff to work remotely and share information securely with a single secure remote access device (USB stick) for employees, whatever hardware they use. Becrypt has also announced its collaboration with Fujitsu to provide a modified version of its DISK Protect encryption solution for use on rugged tablet PCs that meets the needs of both federal and state organizations to support a mobile workforce requiring access to sensitive data.

Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt said; “This expansion in our Engineering Development Services demonstrates an undertaking to our US customers and is a significant milestone in our growth in the marketplace. We already have a strong foothold and count several US organizations among our customers who have successfully deployed and are using our cyber security solutions. Further investment in local knowledge and expertise means that our North American customers will be assured of a timely, responsive service as we see greater take up of Becrypt products in new areas and across different industries.”


About Becrypt

Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative Information Assurance solutions and services, providing secure, feature-rich, out-of-the-box products that are government-certified and suitable for all industry sectors. Becrypt products protect customers in key government areas including: central, federal, state and local government, the defense sector, law enforcement and transportation.

Becrypt’s Cryptographic Library has been certified through the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) at FIPS 140-2 Level 1. The Cryptographic Library provides support for all of Becrypt’s data security solutions requiring assured cryptographic functionality and services which means that the full range of innovative Becrypt products are available for the U.S. and Canadian Federal governments and organizations requiring a FIPS compliant solution.

Through technology and OEM partnerships Becrypt enables third-party solutions with encryption and other data security capabilities.

Becrypt has offices in McLean, Virginia, USA, London, UK, and Sydney, Australia serving clients worldwide.

For more information please visit: www.becrypt.com

For Media Resources including high resolution image downloads please visit: http://www.becrypt.com/news-events/news

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Keith Ricketts
Marketing Director
+44 (0) 7809 391 037

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Global Spaceflight Services for Small Payloads

Seattle, WA / Delft, Netherlands – January 18, 2011: Spaceflight Services (Spaceflight) and Innovative Space Logistics BV (ISILaunch) announced today that they have teamed to create a global spaceflight services provider for small and secondary payloads.

Spaceflight and ISILaunch currently offer spaceflight services on a variety of orbital and suborbital vehicles for small and secondary payloads, with operations centered in the United States (US) and Europe respectively. Under this joint marketing agreement Spaceflight and ISILaunch will provide a global spaceflight service for the launch of small and secondary payloads by jointly marketing a combined set of products and services to prospective customers.

Spaceflight will be the lead organization for integrating prospective orbital and suborbital payloads flying on US launch vehicles and suborbital platforms. In addition, Spaceflight will be the primary interface for US companies that want to fly on non-US launch vehicles.

ISILaunch will be the lead organization for integrating prospective orbital and suborbital payloads flying on non-US launch vehicles and suborbital platforms, as well as be the primary interface for non-US customers that want to fly on US vehicles.

Jason Andrews, President and CEO of Spaceflight Services, said, “We are very pleased to team with ISILaunch Services and provide a global service offering. They are a demonstrated leader having contracted more than ten payloads in the past years and successfully launched four satellites in 2009.”

Abe Bonnema, Managing Director of ISILaunch Services, said, “By joining forces with SpaceFlight Spaceflight Services we have created the unique opportunity to connect the dots between the different customers and flight opportunities worldwide.”

Continued Andrews, “The commercial rideshare approach Spaceflight and ISILaunch offer provides truly revolutionary global space access at significant savings compared to purchasing a dedicated vehicle. For certain payload sizes this is an entirely new capability at a compelling price point.”

Spaceflight and ISILaunch are currently offering orbital flight opportunities to Low Earth Orbit starting in 2011 and flight opportunities to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and Low Lunar Orbit in 2014. For a full list of pricing for CubeSats, NanoSats, MicroSats and ESPA spacecraft, please visit Spaceflight Services at www.spaceflightservices.com or ISILaunch at www.isilaunch.com.

About Spaceflight Services:
Spaceflight Services was established in 2009 by Jason Andrews, President and CEO of Andrews Space, to revolutionize secondary payload flight services for fixed and deployable cargo and transport. More information about Spaceflight Services and specific flight opportunities can be found on the company’s website: www.spaceflightservices.com

About Innovative Space Logistics BV:
Innovative Space Logistics was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of ISIS – Innovative solutions In Space, a leading nanosatellite company from the Netherlands. ISIS recognized the need for regular commercial access to space required for responsive small satellite missions, essential to its own turn-key mission solutions as well as for third parties that want to fly their missions. More information about the ISILaunch Services and specific flight opportunities can be found on the company’s website:www.isilaunch.com

Contact Details: Jason Andrews,
3415 S. 116th St,
Ste, 123 Seattle, WA 98168,

How To Do Business With The Government And Take Your Company To New Heights Via Federal, State And Local Government Contracts

Princeton, NJ – Each year the US Government issues contracts worth over a trillion dollars to small and mid-sized businesses. In fact agencies are required to establish contracting goals with at least twenty three percent of government buying targeted to small firms.

Many people associate government contracts with things like vehicles or missiles. The truth is that the US government buys not only common commodities such as IT services, medical/pharmaceutical, transportation and safety products, but every product or service you can imagine. In fact, name a product or service and the government will usually have a need for it.

The gamut runs from sign language interpretation to paper clips and geese chasers! Why then does only about one percent of the over 22 million small and mid- sized firms in the US participate in any type of government contract bidding? The answer lies in the fact that doing business with the government isn’t exactly like doing business with any other customer.

Navigating through the process of identifying and procuring a contract may be a daunting proposition. The cost of hiring or training a staff member to secure contracts is too high and then there is the worry about employees being “stretched too thin” by wearing too many hats at once. Enter BH SKY, a Princeton, NJ firm founded by Michelle Hermelee who has over ten years of devoted experience in procuring and negotiating government contracts with federal, state and local government agencies. BH SKY helps companies to realize increased sales opportunities by identifying, securing, negotiating, managing and marketing government contracts.

The result is a low cost, high yield solution to taking companies to new heights! “My passion is in helping you secure that government contract consulting you never dreamed you could achieve!” – Michelle Hermelee

For more information and details about the company and its services, please visit the website or use the contact details below: http://www.bhskyassociates.com

Real Time Press Release Distribution

In today’s Internet the real time information is already playing a significant role in how businesses and people access and consume the information online. Technologies online have emerged up to the point where 2 minutes may sometimes be the difference between having tens of thousands of people not only seen your PR announcement, but creating a long tail of reactions across the vast real time online space adding up to your overall online presence/reputation and your message being buried down among millions of other identical pieces of information.

Considering how crucial the real time information for the average business and web user appears to be, one can only imagine how great the impact of the real time information flow over the public relations business online can be.

That’s why we think it is about time for RealTimePressRelease.com — real time press release distribution online.

In a nutshell RealTimePressRelease.com is a do-it-yourself publishing platform for real time press release distribution. It’s free and you can instantly have your press release published on RealTimePressRelease.com as well as released via the Web, the Blogosphere and the Twitter. Having spent almost 2 decades within the PR industry, and currently engaged with EPR Network, one of the largest press release distribution networks online, it’s been just a matter of time for us to realize how vital a real time press release distribution service online is.