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Canbank Venture Capital Fund (CVCFL) Picks Up Stake in Bioneeds India Pvt. Ltd., (Bioneeds) Bengaluru

* Bioneeds is a OECD GLP certified and AAALAC accredited Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organization with 1,10,000 SFT of world class Vivarium and supporting laboratories at Bengaluru.
* Bioneeds has strong research oriented scientific manpower of 150 people.
* Bioneeds services highly reputed Indian and International Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Agrochemical, Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics and Industrial chemical companies.
* Bioneeds will deploy funds in the ensuing expansion plan to broaden its service offerings which would include Discovery, Development and Regulatory service under one roof for pharma, biotech, agrochemical and medical device companies.
* Bioneeds has highly skilled scientific manpower of 150 people, several of them with Phd./Doctoral Research to their credit.

Mumbai, India, December 24th, 2015 — Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd (CVCFL) through its Fifth Fund viz., Emerging India Growth Fund has invested Rs.250 Million by way equity shares and convertibles for a minority stake in M/s Bioneeds India Private Limited (Bioneeds).

Total expansion program will lead to addition of 120,000 Sq ft of facility, of which 55,000 Sq Ft will be added immediately. This will result in total 230000 Sq ft facility consisting of Biopharma discovery labs (Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Upstream and Downstream, DPD, Bioanalytical and QC labs). NEC discovery labs (Chemistry, DMPK, Safety Pharmacology, Bioanalytical and Canine Facility) and also additional manpower of 75 scientists. With this expansion, Bioneeds will be offering full range of Discovery, Development and Regulatory services to Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device and Agrochemical companies.

Mr S Thiruvadi, Managing Director, Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd. (CVCFL) said, “Globally, Indian Scientific Community is highly respected for their ingenuity, professionalism and contribution they have done in the field of new Drug Discovery. Also, they have created positive impact in other industries in which Bioneeds offer their services. High-quality scientific manpower coupled with cost advantage of India, is a compelling business reason for many international companies to outsource their research work in India. Bioneeds has demonstrated this and is very well positioned to capture the growth opportunity with their well-qualified scientific manpower. The EBITDA and PAT margins from Bioneeds are good and CVCFL anticipates that Bioneeds with their strong customer base and progressive professional management will achieve high growth in the revenues and profitability and be able to offer significant returns through dividends and capital appreciation on exit. CVCFL from its fund EIGF has been assisting unlisted mid stage/late stage companies in the manufacturing and services sector with good growth potential and require funding”

According to independent reports, global R&D expenditure for the pharmaceutical industry in 2014 was about US$ 139 billion with significant potential for outsourcing. Penetration of outsourcing to independent CROs is estimated to be at CAGR of about 12.5%. Parameters like high quality Scientific manpower and cost advantage places India in a comfortable position to capture this business. World class facility and well established processes are additional requirements, which Bioneeds has rightly identified.

States Dr. S.N. Vinaya Babu, MD, Bioneeds, “we are a first-generation business built primarily on high quality work by our well qualified scientific staff. Our high-growth till date has been funded by internal accruals and borrowings. We have been actively looking for funds to strengthen our balance sheet and also expand our services. The funds from CVCFL shall be deployed to build additional Vivarium and Discovery Labs with state-of-the-art equipments. This will help us to broaden our service offerings and deepen our relationship with 250+ active customers we currently service. We aim to be counted among the best Global CROs offering complete range of services. We aim to become INR 1,000 million Company in next 3 years.”

Press & Media Contact:
Mitesh M Kapadia
Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd / Sentinel Advertising Services
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European Pharmaceutical Review Launches Their New Media Planner for 2016

The publication European Pharmaceutical Review today announces the official launch of their new media planner for 2016.

Brasted, United Kingdom (November 17, 2015) — The publication European Pharmaceutical Review today announces the official launch of their new media planner for 2016.

“Throughout 2015, we have seen a very successful year unfold, with visitor numbers soaring by more than 230% and website registrations up by more than 78%. These figures show that our audience is becoming more relevant and larger in size to fit our clients’ needs” Graeme Cathie, Publisher, European Pharmaceutical Review.

Responses from their 2015 industry survey confirmed that:
• 95% of their community work in pharma, biotech or academia
• More than 91% of their visitors have influential purchasing power
• They have an online satisfaction rating of over 93%
• Over 78% of their print readers are involved in the decision making process

Each of their print issues goes to the top 25 pharmaceutical and top 25 biotechnology companies as well as the leading 25 life science academic institutions. Now that advertising opportunities are nearly sold out for 2015 both digitally and in print, European Pharmaceutical Review is now selling advertising and sponsorship across its portfolio for 2016.

About European Pharmaceutical Review
European Pharmaceutical Review is the leading publication and website for information on technologies in drug discovery and manufacturing. Published bi-monthly, every issue offers a high level of technical and business contributions from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, coupled with a variety of exciting new features including interviews, updates and profiles.


For further information, please contact:
Graeme Cathie, Publisher
European Pharmaceutical Review
T: +44 (0)1959 563311
E: gcathie@russellpublishing.com
W: http://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com

Innovative Drug Discovery Business, Biosortia Pharmaceuticals, Lands Two Health Care Veterans

Kurt Dieck formerly SVP of Strategy and Business Execution at Cardinal Health, will lead early stage drug discovery business at Biosortia Pharmaceuticals. Dieck was named President and CEO in November 2012 and has quickly identified other key executives, including Dr. Guy Carter, former Natural Product head at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, as his Chief Science Officer. In conjunction, other collaboration partners have joined the team, including NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NCI (National Cancer Institute) and key universities, to strategically accelerate the development of novel drug leads in the therapeutic areas of cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation and neurological disorders. Biosortia Pharmaceuticals has seen promising early results with dozens of novel compounds having already been requested, and are under evaluation with NCI and Eli Lilly.

Dieck has spent nearly 30 years in healthcare, including 18 years at Arthur Andersen as a global equity partner and then 10 years with Cardinal Health, a Fortune 20 public company, as a senior executive; there he worked with a broad spectrum of partners, including brand pharmaceutical manufacturers, throughout the supply chain. Dr. Guy Carter has over 30 years of experience working in pharmaceutical R&D, primarily in the discovery and development of microbial natural products. He previously was the leader of natural products drug discovery at Wyeth Research, as head of the Chemical Technologies Department.

“Kurt and Guy make a great team. Their complementary Pharma experiences and backgrounds create great opportunities to accelerate Biosortia’s objective to become the premier, aquatic natural products company with a primary focus in drug discovery,” says Ross Youngs, Biosortia’s Founder and Chairman. “Kurt and Guy bring a wealth of research and business experience along with deep industry relationships in building successful Pharma partnerships. Everyone involved with this young biotech is excited about the future.”

Industry observers have commented that late-stage R&D pipelines are not providing Pharma with the desired revenue growth the market is expecting. Therefore, large Pharma is evolving the way it performs R&D in order to optimize efficiency and to boost patent cliff defenses. These changes require shifting from relying solely on in-house chemistry-based R&D to acquiring and licensing external technologies and natural products based compounds in various stages of development. Biosortia’s ability to supply novel, highly active and potent compounds with drug-like characteristics will increase the productivity and success rate for Pharma as well as reduce the overall cost of the discovery process. The cost to discover, develop and launch a new drug is estimated to reach nearly $3B per drug by 2015. Biosortia’s business model is designed specifically to support Pharma’s needs.

“With nearly unlimited microorganisms (3.7 nonillion), the aquatic environment and its consortia represent an extraordinary opportunity…a new frontier, to access extremely potent and chemically diverse secondary metabolites with drug-like properties with unique mechanisms of action never researched before,” said Dieck. In describing the opportunity, Dieck goes on to say, “Biosortia is on the cutting edge of natural product discovery
and has the capabilities to deliver on its aspiration. Our powerful natural products research team, led by Dr. Guy Carter, in partnership with NOAA’s Dr. Peter Moeller, a leader in aquatic natural products research, has the experience and know-how to decipher the complex unexplored environment in a very efficient manner leveraging all the current state of the art instrumentation. The need for more efficient and effective approaches to drug discovery has never been more important. Biosortia’s innovative technologies, deep research skills and key relationships will efficiently provide thousands of unique natural products as candidates for drug discovery at a time when Pharma is in critical need for “high quality shots on goal.”

“Aquatic microbial consortia are a rich source of metabolically active organisms including microalgae, bacteria, fungi and their secondary metabolites,” states Carter. “Owing to the competitive nature of their habitat, chemical investigations of microbial consortia reveal unique structurally diversified natural products that are responsible for signaling and self-defense that have potential as therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action. Since they have been pre-optimized by nature, these compounds are typically closer to a drug candidate than a synthetic lead, thus requiring less optimization and shorter time when found as ‘hits’ in screening programs.”

The team has also focused on agreements with strategic collaboration partners as vital components to the strategy. Biosortia has recently entered into several collaboration agreements with NOAA, Analyticon and exclusive harvesting relationships, just to name a few. Several others will be advanced by the end of January. Biosortia’s cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with NOAA’s Center for Human Health Risk at Hollings Marine Laboratory provides a 5-year framework for research and development regarding the analysis and purification of novel bioactive compounds. According to NOAA’s Technology Partnerships Office, “Success will result in the commercial development of new and unique chemical compounds from the sea which have benefits to human health, either through disease prevention or new treatments for disease.”

Dr. Peter Moeller, NOAA’s Research Scientist who leads the Toxins Natural Products Program stated after analyzing fractions of Biosortia’s biomass, “Coupling NOAA’s mission of characterizing toxins affecting environmental and/or human health with Biosortia’s drug discovery focus turns one man’s toxin into another’s chemotherapeutic. The microorganisms analyzed in the Biosortia biomass identified more unique activity than I have seen in my 30 year career. The volumes achieved from a single harvest delivered an equivalent of 30 years of accumulation. This could materially change the landscape for natural products drug discovery research.”

As of December 31, 2012, Biosortia has identified more than 30 bioactive candidate compounds (hits) from a fresh water eutrophic lake consortium. Therapeutic areas of focus include treatments for cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation and neurological disorders. In addition, more than a dozen of its patent protected compounds are in initial evaluation stage within Eli Lilly’s Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program.

Dieck states, “Looking forward, it is with great optimism. We have a great team built around mutual respect, deep experience, and a desire to succeed and make a difference. We are aligning with the right partners and collaborators to execute our strategy with speed and discipline to provide Pharma with much high quality & diverse compounds vs. “me-too” drugs than they have had in the past 10 years. We are excited about what this company can accomplish, not only for its shareholders but also for the millions of people who have been diagnosed with various forms of chronic diseases who are looking for Pharma to identify better ways to help them extend their lives or live a more productive life. Biosortia can play a big role in identifying compounds that can help Pharma achieve these goals. I am looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to build an industry leading drug discovery company.”

# # #

About Biosortia Pharmaceuticals http://www.biosortia.com/: Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is a division of Algaeventure Systems (AVS). AVS is privately held company and are the inventors of the biomass harvesting technology. Biosortia has a proven and unique ability to obtain unculturable aquatic microorganism consortia from the natural environment in unprecedented quantities that allows its research team to perform direct study of vast quantities of new natural products (NPs), the foundation of most anti-infective agents such as antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections. Over 76% of cancer drugs are derived in some manner from NP.

If you’d like more information about the announcement or the company or to schedule an interview with Kurt Dieck, please call:

David Coho
Tel. 614-636-4850
Cell Phone: 614-325-9804
Email: dcoho@biosortia.com


Sprint Bioscience Strengthens Its Cancer Metabolism Portfolio

Sprint Bioscience, a Swedish company developing oncology therapeutics targeting cancer metabolism, announced today that it has raised money to strengthen its drug discovery portfolio.

The investment by Första Entreprenörsfonden and Almi Invest will enable the company to continue to build a pipeline of drug discovery projects within cancer metabolism.

“We are investing in Sprint Bioscience because we consider their entrepreneurial drive and their particular skills in drug development to be key success factors for the changing environment of the future pharmaceutical industry. Sprint Bioscience’s business strategy involves out-licensing or collaborating at an early stage of drug discovery to ensure that projects are developed with a focus on current and relevant market needs,” says Rune Nordlander, partner at Första Entreprenörsfonden.

Sprint Bioscience is a company founded by experienced drug hunters with an ambition to improve the drug discovery process. “We believe in small organisations with effective working procedures and collaborations throughout the sector,” says the company’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Anders Åberg.

“Sprint Bioscience has developed an efficient, fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) platform that can take parallel projects from initial idea to active molecules tested in cell-based systems in a very short time” Anders Åberg continues. Our goal is to align the early phase in the laboratory with pharmaceutical companies’ needs.

Targeting the metabolism in tumours provides exciting opportunities to develop drug therapies with novel mechanisms of action. This could be used to overcome the resistance that many cancer cells develop to current treatments.


For further information, please contact:

Anne-Marie Wenthzel, Director Business Development, Sprint Bioscience AB
Tel: +46-8-411 44 55
Cell Phone: +46-739 399 330
E-mail: amw@sprintbioscience.com

Anders Åberg, CEO and co-founder, Sprint Bioscience AB
Tel: +46-8-411 44 55
Cell Phone: +46-762 738 777
E-mail: anders.aberg@sprintbioscience.com

Contact Details: Sprint Bioscience
Teknikringen 38A
S-114 28 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8-411 44 55

Division of Gene Medicine & Stem Cell Application, School of Medical Science Discovers Natural Bio Mechanism Of Hair Regrowth

Division of Gene Medicine & Stem Cell Application, School of Medical Science, complete the research and established completely new protocol totally recovering natural bio mechanism of hair regrowth.

The researchers, led by Lord. Prof. Dr. Daichent Otto Rie, specified protein and genom to affect internal bio mechanism to generate hair and control the level of successful growth being low which is the baldness.

The key cast of the set of the bio cycle is hair follicles, which is stem cell on head skin and effect or holding function to cure many neurotic diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s disease – Prion Disease and even Trion Disease (Post Hetero-Plastic Implantation Chronic Inflammation Syndrome; PhCIS) has absolutely unique character being retrieved absolute stem cell, which can recover the ability as stem cell after got adult. The key genom and DNA has been found through the Genom Project’s T-Protocol research developing in the government registered Genom Project since 2005. The most concentrated attention of researchers is not “what is cause” but “What protocol is best”.

The team of Prof.Daichent has successfully completed in vivo and in vivro experiment actually using voluntary patients whose types of hair loss being across over highly wide range extent to even lymphoma and cancer and finally established next genetic hair loss curing treatment protocol mainly composed of stem cell therapy and gene therapy.

Most of cases are treatable through entry level stem cell theraputic technique or HIV-1 Vector using high level technique but A20 introduction as gene therapy is required when treating patients being suffered from lymphoma, cancer or any neurotic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease – Prion Disease and even Trion Disease (Post Hetero-Plastic Implantation Chronic Inflammation Syndrome; PhCIS).

As Prof.Daichent points since 2005 being on School of Public Health of Harvard, in the treatment manual (published 2005), the key factor to overcome of lymphoma and chronic inflammation on human skin is extraordinary redundancy coding of polyglutamine DNA synthesis as the type of disease caused by pathological proteins and lack or heavy impairment of an specific DNA of A20.

Actually, the treatment protocol curing for baldness is also found through T-protocol which was essentially aimed at achieving causal and complete treatment of lymphoma, cancer, chronic inflammation and many neurotic diseases. Under control over the T-Protocol, all of clinical practitioner must always keep their eyes on the fact of using steroid is taboo over administration so being strictly prohibited. And also the technique must be under control of the competent faculty accredited by board in accordance with Europ.Gene Institute or specifically set physically area solely for research and clinical practice of nations like Switzerland, Germany, India, Hongkong, U.K. territories (NEVER inside U.K.) appointed by protocol developer and
assigned practice entity.

Absolutely the set of treatment using gene therapy of A20 injection is totally successful and contributes high degree of extension of patients’ life. As ordinary treating way in general and internal medicine, an new drug to treat chronic inflammation, lymphoma and neurotic diseases including Trion Disease has been made up and already delegated the scheme and title to produce forward a Euro.Pharma.co. under preparation distributing for chronic inflammation and lymphoma.

An patient who hopes the treatment by T-Protocol (occasionally consulting Prof.Daichent) could be cared by referral basis.

Contact Details: General Matter: genemed.science@vistomail.com
Genom Project Matter: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
T-Protocol Treatment Matter: medinfo@vistomail.com or near RMP accredited issuing referral

Real Time Press Release Distribution

In today’s Internet the real time information is already playing a significant role in how businesses and people access and consume the information online. Technologies online have emerged up to the point where 2 minutes may sometimes be the difference between having tens of thousands of people not only seen your PR announcement, but creating a long tail of reactions across the vast real time online space adding up to your overall online presence/reputation and your message being buried down among millions of other identical pieces of information.

Considering how crucial the real time information for the average business and web user appears to be, one can only imagine how great the impact of the real time information flow over the public relations business online can be.

That’s why we think it is about time for RealTimePressRelease.com — real time press release distribution online.

In a nutshell RealTimePressRelease.com is a do-it-yourself publishing platform for real time press release distribution. It’s free and you can instantly have your press release published on RealTimePressRelease.com as well as released via the Web, the Blogosphere and the Twitter. Having spent almost 2 decades within the PR industry, and currently engaged with EPR Network, one of the largest press release distribution networks online, it’s been just a matter of time for us to realize how vital a real time press release distribution service online is.