Couples Can Travel To Caribbean For Under £2500

Couples who want to soak up a little Caribbean sunlight in the New Year will be interested to know that 7 night Kenwood Travel Caribbean Holidays can be had for less than £1000 a head.

Kenwood Travel, a respected name in the UK Tourism Industry with 30 years of experience, has great discounts on travel for dates in the New Year: the two of you could fly out to the Village Inn & Spa, Saint Lucia on the 10th of February for just £1949 with an Early Bird Supersaver deal. Holidays in stunning Antigua also offer fantastic savings during the same weekend, with 45% off (for a saving of almost £850) on 7 nights at the fantastic all-inclusive Grand Pineapple Beach resort, inclusive of flights (on the 10th of February).

With additional special offers on travel and hotels to the islands of Barbados, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, early 2012 is a fantastic time to experience the great cultural and natural wealth of the Caribbean. “February is the month of the traditional carnival on many islands, including Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago. Local festivals such as that at Holetown, Barbados, mean that the region has a pervasively festive feel.

“The Caribbean remains a favourite destination of travellers wanting to escape the winter gloom” observed a representative from Kenwood Travel. “With Britain battered by storms there has been talk of the mild start to winter giving away to something more severe as winter progresses. It’s a great time to get away”. Average daily highs in the north of the region are a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Closer to the equator, the Caribbean sun can provide highs of 30 degrees Celsius all year round. Swapping sludgy white roads for pristine white sands seems especially appealing with those kinds of temperatures.

For couples too, a Caribbean getaway is understandably appealing. These islands offer romantic strolls, spectacular sunsets and other memorable sights to honeymooners, question-poppers and long time partners. Yet they’re also versatile enough to offer intense night clubs, lively beaches and the best company for a meal for two along with the region’s renowned friendly service. Whether you’re an energetic or more contemplative couple, you’ll find your own paradise in the Caribbean. So book now to avoid disappointment!

Based in the UK, Kenwood Travel have been dealing with hotels and airlines directly in order to get their customers the best deal possible for over thirty years. They sell a wide range of holidays to many stunning destinations in the Caribbean, Americas, North Africa, as well as the Middle and Far East.


Copper Electric, Ohio & Kentucky’s Premium Electrical Contractor, Celebrate 65 Years in Business

It all started 65 years ago, with one employee and a few clients. Now, over six decades later, Cincinnati-based Cooper Electric enjoys a healthy business, with service vans spanning two States.

The company are now seen as one of the country’s top service-based electrical contractors for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors – including their flagship Thermographic inspection service.

They still pride themselves on their core values – quality, value and service. Strict standards are maintained, including the answers on their phones twenty four hours a day, and a requirement for each of their experienced on-site staff to have completed a minimum 4-year apprentice program. So, if your Thermographer requires inspection, you can guarantee it will be attended to promptly.

As the company’s management team explain, the key to their success has been the value they base on every one of their clients:

“Using the highest ethical standards, we promise to provide the best electrical solutions for our customers through QUALITY, VALUE, and SERVICE. We strive to implement a long term relationship with our customers, based on safety, prompt service, and anticipating our customer’s needs. To guarantee our QUALITY, we will continually invest in training and education for our work force, and will never knowingly violate the standards of the National Electrical Code” they say.

The biggest pride-call for Cooper Electric is their client return rate, which currently sits at well over 70%.

“That in itself is a testament to the importance we place on everyone we serve. We’d like to thank everybody for a wonderful first 65 years in business, as we excitedly look forward to 65 more”.



Payday Loans Company Makes Strides With Recycling Programme

Payday Express has long since recycled paper and toner cartridges and made steps towards having a paperless office, but has now expanded its recycling efforts further with a new general waste recycling program.

Disposing responsibly of waste paper was only the start of Payday Express’s efforts to minimise its carbon footprint, and it has now teamed up with Revolution Recycling, a London-based provider of recycling services for businesses.

This now means that Payday Express and their staff can further reduce the negative impact on the environment by recycling their thin card, plastic, metal cans, and glass, and staff are impressed by how easy it is to be more environmentally responsible.

Administrator Kristina Winch said that the company-wide approach to improving awareness of what could be done was paying dividends.

“We have gone from strength to strength as a company in the way we have changed how our staff are encouraged to think about the environment”, she said.

“This new set-up will help us all play a bigger part in our ongoing efforts to protect the environment.”
And Payday Express, operations manager Sarah Carroll added: “Expanding our recycling policy is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.

“Hopefully, now that they can see how easy it is to play their part, staff will take the recycling message home with them and put it into practice there too.”



Luxury Travel Vietnam Ltd Seeks Bigger Growth from the UK Market

Vietnam’s First Luxury Tour Operator to Expand in the UK and Launch Its Website for British Holidaymakers.

Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, December 21, 2011 – Vietnam’s First Luxury Tour Operator to Expand in the UK and Launch Its Website for British Holidaymakers.

As the National Assembly Chairman of Vietnam, Nguyen Sinh Hung, paid an official visit to the UK and Vietnam Airlines has launched its first ever direct flights to the UK, Luxury Travel Ltd has launched just launched its website catering to sophisticated British travelers.

Luxury Travel Ltd (a long established specialist in luxury privately guided and fully bespoke holidays in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand) is expanding its reach with the launch of a new website for UK holidaymakers.

The move follows increasing interest by travel agencies, partners and consumers who are visiting Luxury Travel’s site to learn about city tours and attractions in Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand.

The new website highlights the best buys, luxury hotels deals and theme tours for British travelers. The prices on the website have been quoted in UK pounds and the site contains rich content about destinations in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. This is a B2C model website, aiming to promote retail tours, flights, hotels and resort accommodations to suit all tastes. Even rail connections can easily be booked on line and documents can be printed out at home via the traveler’s own PC.

Ha Pham, CEO and Founder of Luxury Travel said: “The UK is a great market for us, we have beautiful products and target the right clients. We have observed that an increasing number of British holiday makers choose exotic Vietnam for their vacations. Now that Vietnam Airlines offers 4 direct connections per week between Getwich – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, travelling is so convenient and easy. We have expanded and expect to stay strong in the UK as we have just joined ABTA and established a rep office in London. We hope more British travelers come experience our beautiful country and we are targeting 30% growth from this market for 2012. Luxury Travel is regarded as a reliable luxury tour operator to Indochinese destinations, as well as Thailand and Myanmar.”

“Some British luxury travelers reach us via travel agent networks. Others also come directly to us online. Vietnam attracts more UK travelers who want to discover the beauty thatthe country has to offer. We do hope our website helps to attract sophisticated British travelers. I am pleased to launch the new tourism website that deals with luxury tours in Vietnam and Southeast Asia countries. As holidaymakers, you can book and pay online with security with us,” said David Nguyen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Luxury Travel Limited.

A member of ABTA, VITA, VNAT, ASTA, PATA, the company has handled around one per cent of the 100,000 or so UK travelers to Vietnam last year, a 20 per cent increase over 2010.

Luxury Travel CEO Pham Ha said the company earned 23 billion dong (US$1.1 million) in revenue last year from this market — a 20 per cent increase over 2010. “We expect 30 per cent growth this year, and to reach 30 billion dong in 2012.”

Opened in 2004, the Luxury Travel Company Limited has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and serves thousands of high-end travelers every year, while experiencing 30% growth annually. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance, including the most recent award: “Best Luxury Tour Operator in Vietnam.”

For more information, visit

David Nguyen
Luxury Travel Group Ltd
5 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi

Congressman Mike Coffman’s Vote to Block Bipartisan Payroll Tax Cut is Unacceptable and Dangerous to Economy

Joe Miklosi Says End the Partisan Extremism and Pass the Payroll Tax Break Extension

Greenwood Village, CO, December 20, 2011 – Colorado incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman today voted to block a payroll tax cut extension compromise that overwhelmingly passed the Senate with near unanimous support from Republican and Democrats.

“Congress can’t even agree on a tax cut they all agree with,” said Joe Miklosi, candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. “Senate Republicans and Democrats managed to negotiate a reasonable compromise and it’s unacceptable that House Republicans continue the relentless partisan bickering. The consequences of a failure to act will have major economic repercussions.”

The bipartisan payroll tax break extension was negotiated by Republican leaders and passed the Senate on Saturday by a overwhelming 89-10 vote. The Senate’s version would renew a 2 percentage point cut in the Social Security payroll tax, provide jobless benefits averaging about $300 a week for the long-term unemployed, and stop a 27 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

Without a bill to extend the cuts, payroll taxes will go up for 160 million workers on January 1st. Nearly 2 million people could lose unemployment benefits as well.

Incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman has voted along party lines over 95% of the time and is a founding member of the Tea Party Caucus. Many attribute the group to be the leading driver of the partisan bickering in Congress today.
“This is just another example of why we need real leadership in Washington, leadership that’s focused on delivering practical outcomes for families in Colorado,” continued Miklosi. “It’s time to stop waiting to the last minute. It’s time to get the job done once and for all.”
State Representative Miklosi is a proven leader who has worked across the political aisle to pass legislation designed to promote job growth and getting our economy back on track. He worked to balance the Colorado budget every year he has been in office. He worked on the bipartisan Audit Committee, which conducted 52 audits in 2010 and saved Colorado taxpayers 47 million dollars. He sponsored legislation that passed the General Assembly unanimously to eliminate conflicting government regulations and help local businesses. As a member of the state legislature, Representative Miklosi has cut his own salary.  Last year, Mr. Miklosi sponsored two job fairs to help people find a job.
“Our campaign is focused like a laser on getting our economy on the fast-track to recovery,” says Miklosi. “We believe mainstream voters will reject my opponent’s ‘do-nothing’ approach and will join us in working to get this county back on its economic feet.”
About Joe Miklosi
Joe Miklosi brings a well-rounded business and civic background to the race. In addition to three years of legislative experience working across party lines to get things done in the Colorado House of Representatives, his career includes six years of business development experience, where he helped start an Internet software company, nearly four years working at Project C.U.R.E. in Centennial, Colorado, which provides life-saving medical supplies to hospitals in 120 developing nations, and 12 years of public policy experience.
To Learn More about Representative Miklosi, visit his website,, or his Facebook page,

Dan Mahoney
3225 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

FRA reacts to article Latin American forestry

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch blog is being championed by Forestry Research Associates (FRA) as a beneficial piece for the forestry investment industry.

Bainbridge Island, WA, December20, 2011 – A recent report from the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch blog is being championed by Forestry Research Associates (FRA) as a beneficial piece for the forestry investment industry.

FRA is a research and analysis consultancy specializing in sustainable forestry and forestry investment topics. It is not a surprise, then, that its analysts welcomed the article explaining how investing in Latin American forests can be profitable during these uncertain economic times.

The article highlights the fact that forestry in the region is an up and coming asset class and that investors are learning that there are opportunities to analyse the market and invest with schemes that specialise in certain products. FRA says that many REITs offering forestry as an option outside of Latin America can focus on land coverage, rather than what the forestry projects actually produce. However, in Latin America, investors can buy up land managed by producers who focus on charcoal production, or eucalyptus crops, for example. Greenwood Management offers investors the chance to directly invest in their plantation projects in Brazil that largely focus on producing charcoal for use in the booming Brazilian steel industry and this is an area that is attracting the attention of in vestors from outside the region.

FRA supports these kinds of projects as, as well as being profitable for investors, they offer alternative sources of timber and charcoal to using native species, thus helping to reduce deforestation.

Latin American forestry is also benefiting hugely from the growth in demand from Asia and the resulting soaring timber prices. FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins added, “Timber values have increased steadily over the past few years and over the past decade, forestry investments have outperformed returns form stock markets.” He also asserted that the volatility of the equity markets are driving more and more Western investors to the relative safe havens of alternative investments.

Peter Collins
Forestry Research Associates
620 Vineyard Lane
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 316 8394