The Harley Medical Group Busts Cosmetic Surgery Myths

The UK’s leading cosmetic surgery group, The Harley Medical Group, have today revealed research findings which bust some of the industry’s biggest myths and uncover what motivates people across the UK to have cosmetic surgery.

In the first ever survey of its kind, conducted across the Group’s 31 clinics nationwide on over 20,000 patients, the results challenge many of the longstanding myths that surround the cosmetic surgery field revealing over 85% of UK patients opt for surgery due to a confidence issue and that 95% will think about having a procedure for more than two years before they go ahead.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Patients who are looking into surgical options have lots of questions about their procedure and it is important that they are properly informed.

“We decided to do the survey as people often people have assumptions about cosmetic surgery, which in reality are completely untrue. One of the biggest myths is that cosmetic surgery is purely about vanity, when in actual fact it is most often a confidence issue which the patient has not been able to resolve through other means.”

Top Myths Revealed by The Harley Medical Group

All facts are according to The Harley Medical Group

Having cosmetic surgery is addictive and most people go on to have multiple procedures after their first.

95% of patients will only have one procedure that they’ve been thinking about for several years. It’s a confidence thing with many people.

Women who have breast enlargement surgery look fake and just want to have big breasts like Jordan.

Most women only go up by one or two cup sizes and the average size is a C cup. Women are now wanting a more natural look opting for a tear-drop shaped implant rather than the traditional round high contour.

Cosmetic surgery is now so commonplace; most people view it as just another beauty treatment.

Research shows that on average patients think about their surgery for two to three years before going ahead with it.

More men are now having cosmetic surgery than women!

There’s been a huge growth in men having surgery, but they still only make up 17% of patients at The Harley Medical Group.

People have cosmetic surgery to stand out.

Most cosmetic surgery patients don’t have a procedure to stand out; they have treatment to help them fit in.

Most people that book in for surgery are young girls who are over critical about their appearance.

45% of all female patients who enquire and have surgery at The Harley Medical Group are mothers looking for treatments to help combat the effects of pregnancy and regain their confidence. The Harley Medical Group have also seen a 17% increase in patients over 65, across their 31 clinics, in the UK and Ireland, between 2005 and 2010.

Plastic surgeons can make you look like your favourite celebrity.

Each patient is individual and a surgeon will work with a patient’s existing factors in order to produce a desired result – it is not possible to make one person look exactly like another.

If you are overweight you can just have liposuction to make you slim

Liposuction is not a weight loss technique and produces best results on patients that have lost weight and are looking to remove small pockets of stubborn fat. Also, it’s not just women that opt for Liposuction, 25% of Liposuction patients are male.

If you’re standing in the supermarket queue, chances are someone in that queue has had cosmetic surgery of some sort.

Only about 1% of the population have had surgery.

Most people go abroad for surgery because it’s cheaper.

Many people feel uncomfortable about travelling so far away from home when having a major operation and feel it’s more risky.

You’ll only meet sales people when you go to a big cosmetic surgery provider.

Reputable providers only use medically trained staff. Patients should always meet with a medically trained professional nurse counsellor to discuss their procedure and will always meet their surgeon before the operation.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry will be one of the first things to be hit by a credit crunch as it’s a vanity led industry and not essential.

Most patients think about and plan their surgery for many years. They are unlikely to want to put it off and instead consider it an investment. The Harley Medical Group is currently reporting a 29% YOY increase in demand for surgery, defying the credit crunch.



TV Beds Retailer Announces New Bed Range

As one of the major providers of TV beds, has just introduced an entirely innovative line of leather television beds that are of the finest quality. Thanks to the feedback that the company has received from their client base, these new beds are constructed using an ergonomically recommended framework. Utilizing only the finest in leather materials, these latest additions to start at a fantastic price of only £349.

The management of the organization wanted to provide products for their clients that are sleek in design and help to create a sophisticated living space. These new beds“are designed to increase comfort and add a sense of style. The beds are manufactured to enhance the TV viewing experience while providing an opportunity to relax in luxury. For someone seeking a showpiece, this bed is the perfect way to achieve a cosy atmosphere and design an artistic bedroom.”

It can be difficult to find furnishings that will use the space within the modern bedroom. There are a number of different furniture options for modern TVs, but many of these items are better suited for larger family rooms. In a bedroom, the space and ability to view the television are primary concerns of the home owner. It can be difficult to obtain the perfect angle that allows viewing while in bed comfortable. To solve this problem, the purchase of a TV bed allows you to install the TV directly into the foot of the bed frame. Overall viewing ability will be improved and the installation area can be hidden away to create more bedroom space.

Outfitting the modern home with a contemporary sense of elegance can provide a pleasing environment for the family to relax after a busy day. Leather TV beds achieve this objective with a variety of different contemporary styles including the original New York TV Bed. Padded headboards and foot boards improve the overall comfort level while hiding the television from normal view. Additional storage space is available underneath the bed is perfect place to hide wiring and additional audio equipment. The design of the bed complements any additional bedroom decor.

These leather TV beds come in a number of different colour palettes and styles to fit unique tastes. Headboards can be customized to match existing looks or create new stylist elements. Lee Ritchie, owner of the company invites you to try out the selection by stating “utilizing the various tools available on the Internet introduces our product to a whole new marketplace. These marketing efforts complement a traditional approach toward superior customer service and offering the best quality products available on the marketplace today. Our web store is meant to add a level of convenience for the modern shopper.”


Retail Industry Finding New Ways To Contribute To A Greener World

[West Palm Beach, FL] – December 2, 2011 – Consumers today are far more concerned over the state of the environment than at perhaps any other time in history. Today’s shopper wants to know what the companies they do business with are doing to help contribute to a cleaner, greener world and businesses across multiple industries have stepped up their efforts to see to it that they take an active role in making commerce more sustainable and ecologically sound. In the retail industry, huge strides are being made in reducing waste with reusable grocery bags being a top way that stores are cutting down on pollution. Plastic bags might not appear terribly menacing, but the threat that they pose once they enter the world’s waterways is substantial, according to many scientists who study these locations. As awareness of the strangulation of sea creatures due to plastic bags continues to rise, more people are demanding that retailers take action. In addition, fewer plastics ending up in landfills also serves to help reduce the number of toxins entering the soil. Since bags that can be reused are a cost effective solution, many businesses are relying on them as a way to prove their commitment to the environment and their sales are rising in response to this.

Generic bags can certainly help with the environmental concerns the public has, but they do very little to promote a businesses brand. With solutions for reusable bags provided by Custom Grocery Bags, stores are able to provide the same branded look that engages their customers and helps to serve the purpose of marketing far more effectively. Since these bags cost less than ever before to order with customize graphics and color schemes, many companies are deciding that this is the ideal way for them to convert customers to this type of bag from the old plastic and paper based alternatives that were less sturdy and caused so many problems. Consumers are proving themselves quick to adopt use of these new bags, as well, with polls showing that the bulk of consumers appreciate the ability to use a better constructed bag that is also easier to carry.

Those interested in learning more about Custom Grocery Bags and the variety of products they offer should visit to explore the possibilities their store has open to them. Or they can call 1-888-234-1657 to speak with someone over the phone.

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Investing in Real Estate IRA: Rollover May Come in Handy

The rise interest rates resulting from the recent financial crisis has caused a lot banks to foreclosure real estate properties. Banks, anxious to liquidate these foreclosed assets, has caused a goldmine to be found in real estate. Those who were lucky enough to have the cash on hand bought property almost at bargain prices and can now sell them at almost double what they originally spent.

There is no way to go but up as far as real estate prices are concerned. This has been determined a long time ago. But it is good to keep in mind that real estate is a long term investment and that such price appreciation does not happen overnight. If what you need is retirement fund investments, you cannot go more long term than real estate. IRA rollover can be the solution because it offers a wider choice of investments and also the tax free nature of withdrawals.

To illustrate: if you now have a 401K, you are availing of tax benefits by way of tax exemptions on your contributions. The tax benefits you currently enjoy in a 401K include being taxed for distributions from your retirement fund only as regular income even if the fund includes all income generated by your investments. In contrast, qualified distributions from your IRA account when you retire is tax free. In addition, an IRA account allows you to invest in non-traditional assets.

If you care to make investments in real estate IRA rollover can provide you with the key to such endeavour. The rollover can be accomplished in 2 ways, to either make direct transfers of all your 401K assets into the IRA account or divest your account of stocks and the cash directly transferred into your IRA account. But if you intend to buy real estate, IRA rollover of the latter option would be the obvious choice. Just remember to make the rollover directly to another custodian because check transfers are subject to a 20% withholding penalty. Once this has been accomplished you can proceed with investing in real estate IRA, rollover funds readily available.

When investing in real estate IRA, rollover funds can even be more at your disposal if you make the transfer to a checkbook IRA. A checkbook IRA allows you to have complete control over your account, direct where investments are made, the assets to buy and so forth. However, the responsibility of ensuring that you are not in violation of any IRS rules regarding investments lies completely on your shoulders. Further, managing a retirement account’s assets coupled withthe activity of scouting for profitable investment options requires a lot of your time and patience. Therefore, a checkbook IRA account may not be suitable for everyone.

However, this fact cannot diminish the reality that real estate as an investment asset for retirement accounts provides income opportunities that make your secure retirement an eventuality. Within an IRA account, your assets grow tax free from real estate investments. Real estate IRA investing allows the generation of income from either from rentals or capital gains when you buy, improve and then sell the property. And when you make qualified withdrawals when you retire all of these come out tax free. This is surely a way that a comfortable and worry-free retirement can be ensured.

For more information about Real Estate IRA Rollover and other important business topics and for legal consultation, please visit our Real Estate IRA Rollover website at or call us at 866.683.5228

Real estate IRA Self Directed IRA Alternative

Because of the fiasco caused by the Madoff case – including some unpublicized cases – many retirement account owners have shifted to self directed IRAs. This is considered as a safe investment strategy because it gives owner total control over the administration of the account. It should, however, be noted that the majority of investment advisors and brokers have produced good, if not exceptional results for their advisees. These fund advisors, brokers and administrators, being in the industry of investments, make it their business to be always kept abreast of profitable ventures. This dilemma is what faces owners of self directed IRA accounts because the accounts require a great deal of research and leg work.

Lately, however, in real estate IRA, self directed retirement accounts owners have found in its investment very promising prospects because of its non-traditional nature and flexibility. Real estate IRA investing allows the account owner to purchase for the account a wider variety of instruments such as tax liens, mortgages, personal loans, raw land, foreclosures, homes and rental properties. This is opposed to the traditional retirement fund investments in the traditional retirement accounts that are limited to stocks and bonds as well as the money market.

Also in real estate IRA, self directed retirement account owners are able to realize profits inside the fund with the benefit of untaxed income. For instance, an account owner purchases a foreclosed property with the account’s cash at a rock bottom prices. This is the time to do it because banks, at this point in time, are anxious to liquidate their foreclosed properties. After the sale has been consummated and the property, say a commercial building, is transferred into the account, the account owner can commence leasing out the commercial spaces. All of the rental income collected from the lease agreements go back into the account. Similarly, all expenses related to the maintenance as well as other incidental expenses are taken from the account. All of these transactions, while reported to the IRS, are untaxed simply because they are done in the retirement account.

Evidently, when investing in real estate IRA, self directed retirement accounts have the advantage of security of investments. Comparing it with stocks, bonds and the money market, real property is a tangible proof of your investment and has always established its capability to appreciate in value over time. However, real estate IRA investing is for long term because although price appreciation is almost always assured, such does not happen overnight. In contrast, the traditional retirement fund investments can double its value over a span of days and just as quickly fall. Real estate IRA is obviously the choice for retirement funds that have a many years to go before withdrawals are made.

When investing in real estate IRA, self directed retirement account holders need to remember to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the IRS or they lose their tax benefit. The most important thing is that real property investments could not be used for personal consumption by the account owner or his immediate family, ascendants or descendants. The acquisition of real property in IRA is therefore for the sole purpose of generating income for the account. Violating these rules will make you liable for regular tax rates which can set your retirement back considerably.

For more information about Real Estate IRA Self Directed and other important business topics and for legal consultation, please visit our Real Estate IRA Self Directed website at or call us at 866.683.5228

Voltage converter transformer – Few tricky questions answered

A voltage converter transformer changes the voltage of the incoming current from wall outlets so that it can be used for various electrical appliances that require different voltages. Voltage transformers are widely used for small appliances of personal use like hair dryers, MP3 players, DVD players, coffee makers and cell phone chargers.

Gadgets are designed to work only for a certain voltage or voltage range. If the incoming voltage is too high, it will destroy the equipment and if the incoming voltage is low, the gadget will not work at all. So, a voltage converter ensures that the voltage supplied to the gadgets is within the safe limits. In most countries of the world, this range is from 220 volts to 240 volts but in North America and few other countries, it is 110 to 120 volts.

Step up and step down transformer

A step up transformer will step up voltage from one level to the next, i.e. from 110 volts to 220 volts while a step down transformer will step down the voltage from a higher reading to a lower one, e.g., from 220 volts to 110 volts. You may have to set the converter accordingly for step up or step down function, but a high end voltage converter will sense the voltage requirement of the electrical appliances and will do the needful automatically.

Do I need several voltage transformers for various appliances?

No. Use a surge protector to connect your several appliances with a single voltage transformer. However, you need to do a little mathematics at your end. Add up the wattages of all appliances and ensure that it is never more than what your voltage converter transformer may deliver as output. This way, you will ensure that you voltage converter and electronics are not damaged.

Should I purchase a voltage converter or a voltage regulator?

It largely depends upon the appliance you would use. A voltage regulator does the job just like a converter but at the same time it stabilizes the current to about 4 percent higher or lower of the standard voltage. So, if your appliance can tolerate current fluctuations, then you may safely use voltage regulators also.

Which one to buy? Step Up or Step Down?

You should purchase a voltage converters which has slightly higher wattage ratings than your appliances so that it can perform well with them. Take note that if you are moving from a country that has low voltage standards (110V) to a country that has higher voltage standard (220V), you will have to use Step Up transformer. In the opposite scenario, you will have to use Step Down transformer . Note that actual output voltage may vary from 75V to 130V where domestic voltage standard is of 110 volts, and from 180V to 260V in the countries where the standard voltage is of 220V.


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