VisitMobileTM Launches Visit Cherry Creek North Mobile ConciergeTM

Just in time for the holidays, new Mobile Concierge technology helps guests make the most of their visit

Boulder, Colorado, December 01, 2011 – VisitMobile is proud to announce the launch of the Visit Cherry Creek North Mobile Concierge. Mimicking a real destination concierge, the Visit Cherry Creek North app is more than just an online visitor’s guide or optimized mobile website. It delivers real-time shopping, dining and visitor advice with insider knowledge for guests when they need it most – during their visits to the District. The app includes GPS technology with localized expert content, multimedia to help guests find specific merchants, easy access to phone numbers for quick restaurant reservations, access to special offers and deals and much more.

“With the advancement and dependence on mobile technology, this app is a great addition for both our guests and our merchants,” said CCNBID President and CEO Julie Bender. “Cherry Creek North is a magical place to shop, dine and visit, and this resource will make the experience even more interactive, convenient and meaningful for consumers and businesses alike.”

In addition to customizing and fulfilling Cherry Creek North’s mobile strategy, VisitMobile’s Mobile Concierge platform will provide the BID with an ongoing revenue stream through in-app enhanced listings and numerous advertising opportunities. Mobile Concierge also allows Cherry Creek North to easily demonstrate the value they are delivering to their merchant partners and BID members through measurable metrics and detailed usage reports. VisitMobile’s innovative approach to destination mobile marketing is so revolutionary, it garnered the prestigious Platinum Adrian Award from the HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) in January 2011, as well as a 2011 Platinum MarCom award from Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) for Napa Valley’s Mobile Concierge.

Mobile Concierge is fundamentally different than simply creating a destination guide application or a mobile optimized version of an existing website. Visitors who are already in the BID need information in a completely different format than those who are planning a future visit. Mobile Concierge uses a powerful GPS Relevancy Engine loaded with expert local content and multimedia to help the in-market visitor find retail shops that match their needs, make restaurant reservations, access insider deals and decide what to do next.

With the recent surge of unofficial destination apps and mobile search engines, research shows that less than 20 percent of visitors return to the destination’s website for local information after they arrive. Mobile Concierge is a dream solution for BIDs, CVBs, resorts and even college campuses looking to take back control of the conversation.

“BIDs spend tens of thousands of dollars on mass media and websites to attract guests to their destination, but they lose control of the guest’s experience once they arrive,” explained VisitMobile CEO Jeff Kohn. “Mobile Concierge will offer Cherry Creek North a unique competitive advantage; the opportunity to continue interacting with their visitors in a way that benefits the guest and maximizes revenue for their merchant partners.”

Cherry Creek North is known nationally as a premier retail, dining, and mixed-use area located just 5 minutes from downtown Denver. More than 350 businesses that make up the neighborhood are independent to international brands, featuring a broad range of unique fashion, jewelry and home furnishing stores, spas/salons, art galleries and restaurants. In addition to retail businesses, the District is also a national and regional office center, home to two hotels, and has a growing number of residents. In combination with the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, CCN is the number one visitor destination in Colorado, according to the Longwoods Study conducted for Visit Denver Inc.

To download the free app, people can go to or visit their phone’s app store and search for “Cherry Creek North.”

Even better than a stationary hotel concierge desk, the trusted Mobile Concierge is always on hand as the guest explores the BID, and is ready to answer their question, “I’m right here, now what should I do?” Mobile Concierge bridges GPS map-based navigation and time-based, hyper-local content to help both leisure and business visitors discover nearby and timely events, attractions, dining, shopping, special offers and more. Whether a visitor has an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device, Mobile Concierge is available for every platform.

Mobile Concierge is not just affordable; it’s incredibly easy to manage. With the added benefit of trackable metrics for merchants and opportunities to create offset advertising revenue for the BID, Mobile Concierge is a “win-win-win” for BIDs, merchants and visitors.

Destinations and clients already experiencing success with VisitMobile’s Mobile Concierge include Napa Valley, Steamboat Ski Resort, Keystone Colorado, Destination Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Flatiron Meal Plan, the student meal plan for University of Colorado, Boulder. Other VisitMobile clients that are in the process of deploying their custom Mobile Concierge are Visit Aurora (Colo.), Downtown Denver Partnership, Southern Idaho Tourism, Boulder Weekly (Colo.), and Rocky Mountain Meal Plan (Ft. Collins, Colo.).

Amy Larson, CSG | PR

About VisitMobile
VisitMobileTM ( is the Mobile ConciergeTM smartphone app for tourism and shopping destinations. VisitMobile serves as an on-the-go trusted advisor helping visitors discover nearby attractions, businesses, and events through a patented GPS Relevancy EngineTM. Mimicking a real concierge, VisitMobile uses expert local content and multimedia to help visitors make instant reservations or ticket purchases, access insider deals, or see what’s around them to answer the question “what should I do next?” As the official Mobile Concierge of the destination, VisitMobile allows the destination marketing organization to maintain control of the conversation and in turn, maximize revenue for destination partners.

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Family Doctors to Highlight their Importance at the ‘South Asia Conference of Family Doctors’ to be held in Mumbai from 16th Dec to 18th Dec 2011

In the age of ‘specialist doctors’, the conference aims to create awareness of the fact that only Family Doctors can Provide Accessible, Cost Beneficial And Equitable Healthcare.

Mumbai, India, Tuesday – November 29th, 2011 — In an age where people are used to rushing to specialists for every small ailment, the Federation of Family Physicians’ Associations of India [FFPAI] has organized the “WONCA FFPAI South Asia Conference of Family Doctors – Mumbai 2011” to highlight the indispensability of Family Doctors and to create awareness on the yeoman service provided by Family Doctors. To be held from December 16th to 18, 2011 at the Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel, Powai, MUMBAI, the conference is hosted by FFPAI and General Practitioners’ Association-Greater Bombay [GPA] in collaboration with Academy of Family Physicians of India and under the patronage of the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. (or Wonca or World Organization of Family Doctors.)

General practitioners/family doctors are personal doctors, primarily responsible for the provision of comprehensive and continuing care to every individual and due to repeated contacts are aware of the physical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of the individual.

With advances like genome mapping, changing disease patterns, newer fertility treatments born daily, the world needs to revisit the benefits of primary care physicians’ significance in making healthcare accessible and affordable. The Medical practice will change drastically than ever before. The conference seeks to equip doctors – young and old – meet these challenges and to create a strategy to adapt to the anticipated changes. The first of a kind conference shall have presentations and white papers from leading doctors from across the globe. The main theme of the conference viz. ‘Only Family Doctors can Provide Accessible, Cost Beneficial and Equitable Healthcare’ endeavour’s to create awareness about the role of General physicians in the overall well being of individuals.

The plenary sessions will comprise of case studies, clinical trials, surveys, issues of family practice, rural health, topics of relevance to primary care or interesting cases. Amongst the issues to be discussed will be Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs, Bioethics, Communication skills, Education on General Practice, Emergency Medicine & Care, Family Medical Care, Family Studies, Food and Nutrition, Gender Topics, Health Administration, Injury and Emergency, Health Services, Maternal Health, Mental Health, Occupational Health and safety, Patient, Health Education/Promotion, Referral System, Research in General Practice, Rural Health, School Health Education and Service and HIV/AIDS. There will also be Hospital Visits & CME (Continuous Medical Education) Program for All delegates.

Says Dr Ramnik Parekh, Conference Executive Chairman, “A physician’s continuing professional development is critical to keeping up with advances in medicine ”

WONCA President Dr Richard Roberts, Prof Michael Kidd, WONCA World President Prof. Chris van Weil and Dr. Preethi Wijegooneverdene, WONCA Regional President for South Asia are a few dignitaries who will be attending the conference. Over 1000 Indian, Asian and international family physicians are expected to attend the South Asian Conference of Family Doctors.

FFPAI is made up of Medical Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians of India concerned with the academic and other aspects of general family practice. The association has 40 member units in India with a total membership of over 8000 general practitioners/family physicians.

Wonca has 120 member organizations in 99 countries with a total membership of over 250,000 general practitioners/family physicians. Wonca represents and acts as an advocate for its constituent members at an international level where it interacts with world bodies such as the World Health Organization. For further details please contact on or log onto / /

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Gymnastike and Ludus Tours Join Forces to Offer Experiential Gymnastics Packages for London the London Summer Games

Ludus Tours and Gymnastike have joined forces to create Gymnastike Tours Packages that offer opportunities for gymnastics fans to be a part of the 2012 Summer Games in London.

San Diego, CA (USA), Wednesday – November 30th, 2011 — Ludus Tours ( ) and Gymnastike ( ) have joined forces to create Gymnastike Tours Packages that offer opportunities for gymnastics fans to be a part of the 2012 Summer Games in London. Gymnastike Tours packages will provide fans with unprecedented experiences and behind the scenes access that no other tour can match.

By taking part in the the 2012 Gymnastike Tours Summer Games Fan Package, gymnastics enthusiasts will see the Olympics from Gymnastike’s point of view. Exciting interviews, live shows, athlete activities, parties and more will be accessible and enable fans to feel like they are a part of the Games. Gymnastike’s comprehensive coverage and Ludus Tours’ incredible hospitality will provide fans with an incredible experience.

“Gymnastike shares many of the same values as Ludus Tours – reaching out to fans and athletes to create relationships and providing clients with unforgettable experiences. Gymnastike is an ideal partner for us, and we are excited to grow our relationship to create unique opportunities for their followers to have an amazing experience at the world’s largest sporting event,” said Adam Dailey, Managing Director of Ludus Tours.

“We are ecstatic to partner with Ludus Tours to create memorable experiences for gymnastics enthusiasts at the London Olympics. Now fans will have the ability to travel with Gymnastike, see everything from our perspective, meet their favorite athletes and be a part of our live shows. It will be a blast to let gymnastics fans into the our world. Ludus and Gymnastike will bring the best Gymnastics experience in London,” said Mark Floreani, Co-Founder of Gymnastike.

Gymnastics at the London Summer Games will take place from July 28 through August 11, 2012, and Gymnastike Tours packages are offered for full and partial durations. Packages include happy hours, banquet dinners, parties with other Gymnastike fans, access to special events, hotel accommodations, daily breakfast, swag, tour excursions, athlete meet and greets, swag, and more!

About Ludus Tours:
Ludus Tours provides complete travel, tour and hospitality packages to the world’s premiere sporting and cultural events, including Oktoberfest, the 2012 Summer Games in London, the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow and more. Ludus is the Official Hospitality and Accommodation Provider for many National Governing Bodies including USA Track & Field, USA Wrestling and USA Triathlon, among others. In addition to their travel services, Ludus Sports offers corporate branding, marketing and retail opportunities within each of their events. Ludus Tours is based in San Diego, CA with offices in London, UK. For more information, please visit

About Gymnastike:
As the leading gymnastics media source in the world, Gymnastike is where the gymnastics community lives. They provide unparalleled coverage of gymnastics at every level and constantly create original video content. Gymnastike’s mission is to promote the sport of gymnastics and cultivate a strong, passionate community. For more information, please visit .

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New Book Teaches Some Good Old Fashioned Manners

Author Maryann B. Sawka says her new book about manners not only teach the rules for good behavior in a social setting, but also helps readers gain confidence and poise.

Houston, TX (USA), Wednesday – November 30th, 2011 — Author Maryann B. Sawka says her new book about manners not only teach the rules for good behavior in a social setting, but also helps readers gain confidence and poise.

“Good Table Manners Made Easy teaches people of any age how to feel comfortable in a variety of social dining situations,” Sawka says.

An educator and mother of two girls, the author said she sees in our society a general “disregard for basic social kindness.” She embraces the notion that good manners are stylish and timely in every situation and founded Charming Manners, a training company that educates all ages seeking self confidence.”If you have confidence, you can handle many things.”

She developed Good Table Manners Made Easy because she wanted to offer a simple guide her students could refer to after completing class. The new book, published through Halo Publishing International, offers quick tips for all ages. It not only teaches the proper rules for civility, but offers an explanation as to why it is important for us to follow them.

“Maryann’s new book introduces good manners with a fun, engaging approach that makes the quest for knowledge an enjoyable experience,” said Halo International Publisher Lisa Umina ( ).

“This easy-to-read book filled with helpful tips is an excellent resource for both children and adults who will benefit from the lessons for the rest of their lives,” Umina said.

Sawka, a native of Brownsville, Pa., a small town south of Pittsburgh, earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education from the California University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s degree in reading and literacy from Walden University. She and her husband, Eli, will soon celebrate their 10th anniversary and have two children, Megan, 8, and Sarah, 4.

Sawka is promoting her new book through schools, libraries and other public venues and hopes to get Good Table Manners Made Easy into the hands of as many readers as possible.

“I think having good manners helps to build strong character, something we desperately need to see more in our society,” says the author.

To reach author Maryann B. Sawka, call 724-689-3102, or e-mail her at For information about her classes, visit To order Good Table Manners Made Easy, visit

Press & Media Contact:
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The Danish Rock Band Dead Smiling Pirates Release a New Single from the Upcoming Album

Dead Smiling Pirates Release the New Single “By The End Of” on December 2th.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Wednesday – November 30th, 2011 — Dead Smiling Pirates used in autumn 2011 focus groups from SoundOut to determine the quality of the tracks for their upcoming album “Harvest On A Hype.” Focus groups identified three potential singles. The band has chosen to release one of them as the first single. “By The End Of” is going to be released on December 2th.

Dead Smiling Pirates hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. The three pirates set sail on the musical oceans for a life of music piracy in 2006 and released a debut album in 2007. This power packed trio plays catchy alternative rock filled with an eclectic mix of influences highlighted by lots of tight breaks, trashy guitar riffs, and punk influenced vocals. They back up their sound with attitude focusing on the irony of life, and lyrics about egoism, ethics, and beyond.

The leadsinger Kim Burmeister says “Dead Smiling Pirates plays alternative rock and sounds like something between Paramore, Blink-182, Linkin Park and Metallica”.

Their motto “Release Your Inner Pirate” gives a hint of their ironic and challenging mindset. This take on life is bound to appeal to young and old alike, with the prerequisite being your own punkrock like attitude and undying nonconformist view of life itself with dead aim at the modern day corporate establishment. If you feel this way join the club and give this indie band a good listen. You are invited to take a voyage on their private ship of musical delights.

Listen to the single “By The End Of”

Watch the music video “By The End Of”

Press & Media Contact:
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Dead Smiling Pirates
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DNA Brands Reports Record Revenue in Third Quarter of 2011

New Agreements With Walgreens, Race Trac, Circle-K, and Select Budweiser, Miller/Coors and Former Red Bull Distributors Drive Up Revenues 22.9% YTD

Boca Raton, FL, November 30, 2011 — DNA Brands, Inc. (OTCBB:DNAX), holders of the prestigious “best-tasting energy drink award” at the 2010 World Beverage Competition, and producers of DNA Energy Drinks® and DNA Meat Snacks sold at 3,000 plus locations, today announced third quarter and YTD 2011 operating results:

During the third quarter ended September 30, 2011, DNA recorded record revenues of $467,337 compared to $165,151 in revenue during the third quarter ended September 30, 2010. For the nine month period ended September 30, 2011, DNA recorded revenue of $1,155,415, a 22.9% improvement over the same period in 2010.

Loss per share for the quarter ended September 30, 2011 was ($0.02) compared to ($0.08) during the third quarter ended September 30, 2010. For the nine month period ended September 30, 2011 the loss per share was $(0.08) compared to ($0.25) in the same period in the prior year.

2011 and Recent Highlights. Over the past nine months the Company has realized the following:

Since the first quarter of 2011, gross margins have improved from 32.0% to the current level of 46.1%

Introduced DNA Diet CRANRAZBERRY and a new taco flavored meat product

Entered into a new promotional agreement with the Miami Dolphins

Expand the operations of the Company’s Grass Roots subsidiary to seek representation for new product lines

Expanded distribution to include all 800 plus Walgreens locations

The Company’s complete product line approved for sale by the Naval Command Exchange Service (NEXCOM)

Darren Marks, DNA’s CEO stated, “We continue to make significant progress in expanding the DNA brand, increasing revenues, improving gross margins while at the same time carefully managing expenses and our liquidity. We remain focused on our objective of attaining profitable operations and on increasing shareholder value.”

Mel Leiner, DNA’s Executive Vice President stated, “During 2011 we have expanded our presence in Florida and geographically to include California and Wisconsin. We are very excited by the results achieved last quarter while only commanding 10% of the points-of-distribution (POD) available to us. We are confident that our goal of 50% plus POD penetration will be achieved in 2012. Our long term goal is for DNA to be a national brand. Our intermediate goal is to replicate the Florida program in 10 markets with similar demographics as Florida by 2014. Additionally, I am encouraged by our progress and response of first time and ongoing users of DNA products.”

About DNA Brands, Inc.

DNA BRANDS make DNA Energy Drink®, the award-winning, best-tasting energy drink at the 2010 World Beverage Competition, and DNA Beef Jerky™ and DNA Shred Stix™. DNA Energy Drink® is a proprietary blend of quality ingredients in four flavors: Citrus, Lemon Lime, Sugar Free Citrus and CRANRAZBERRY. DNA is a proud sponsor of many action sport teams consisting of top athletes from Motocross, Surf, Wakeboard and Skateboard, and has received tremendous TV and media coverage.

Independent retailers throughout the state sell the DNA Brand products as well as national retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Race Trac and Circle-K.

True to its action sports roots, DNA BRANDS, INC., has earned national recognition through its title sponsorship of the DNA SHRED STIX STAR YAMAHA RACING TEAM where it competes on a world-class level in Supercross and Motocross, reaching millions of fans. DNA Energy Drink® can also be found in other action sports such as Surfing, BMX, Wakeboarding and Skateboarding and its athletes are recognized stars in their own right.

For more information about DNA Energy Drink, its athletes and sponsorships, please visit

Darren M. Marks, President
(954) 970 3826

Safe Harbor Forward-Looking Statements

To the extent that statements in this press release are not strictly historical, including statements as to revenue projections, business strategy, outlook, objectives, future milestones, plans, intentions, goals, future financial conditions, future collaboration agreements, the success of the Company’s development, events conditioned on stockholder or other approval, or otherwise as to future events, such statements are forward-looking, and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The forward-looking statements contained in this release are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made.

Suzanne Holbrook

Darren M. Marks
DNA Brands, Inc.
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(954) 970 3826

Jack O’Ryan Teaches How to build a Profitable Internet Home Based Business so that most anyone can Generate Massive Income

Jack O’Ryan has been in the marketing business for over twenty years then went full time with online marketing in 2003.

Sacramento, CA, November 30, 2011 – Jack O’Ryan Teaches How To Build A Profitable Internet Home Based Business So That Most Anyone Can Generate Massive Income.

Jack O’Ryan has been in the marketing business for over twenty years then went full time with online marketing in 2003. As he continued with Internet Marketing he was saddened to learn that 97% of the people that tried to make money online failed. Jack O’Ryan feels that he has found a excellent money making vehicle to go along with his teaching methods to help anybody make money online and not fall into the 97% failure category.

Jack says, My main focus is to help people make money online with their internet home based business and surprise them by telling them that they DO NOT need to continue to by more “stuff”, they just need to follow my training.

Jack also says, People are tired of the same old salesman, guru routine. Where they are always asked to “pony up” for more cash that most people just don’t have. I have streamlined the marketing method so that anybody can do it. teaches anyone five simple steps that if followed can lead to a profitable internet home based business.

If you are interested in learning more about how Jack O’Ryan can help you Mr O’Ryan can be reached at 916-747-7104 or visit him online at

Jack O’Ryan
The Empower Network
Sacramento, CA